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Industry News
July 2001



Nortel Networks Introduces Passport 8600 10GigE Capability
Passport 8600 is designed to deliver IEEE 802.3ae specifications�based, 10-Gigabit Ethernet to provide customers a faster, more cost-effective scalable solution. In addition, it will also offer a new NEBS-3 compliant central office chassis and split-MLT functionality to drive five-nines reliability and enable multiple site redundancy.
www.nortelnetworks.com / 905.863.0000

Intel's Converged Communications Platform 2100 Now Available
An open standards-based, application ready platform, the Converged Communications Platform 2100 supports a broad range of compatible telephony and business software applications, peripherals, and services from multiple vendors on a single system, allowing small-sized to medium-sized companies to rapidly and cost-effectively expand their business communications capabilities at any time.
www.intel.com / 973.993.3000

The iQ4000 IP Service Edge Switch
The iQ4000 switch is an ideal entry platform for network service providers to introduce revenue-generating intelligent services such as secure Internet access, private Intranets and extranets with QoS, managed network firewalls, and more. The iQ4000 IP Service Edge Switch is optimized for delivering advanced IP services in community Central Offices and Points of Presence, optical-Ethernet Metropolitan Area Networks, Multi-tenant units, and major-enterprise WANs.
www.quarrytech.com / 781.505.8300

Altigen Ships 22,000 Phone Lines In Second Quarter Alone
Altigen Communications, who manufactures IP-PBX phone systems for small and mid-sized businesses has announced that it has shipped over 22,000 phone lines of capacity to its small business customers in the first calendar quarter of 2001. A full 15 percent of these lines were VoIP for customers to take advantage of the cost savings and virtual call center capabilities associated with AltiGen's IP PBX phone systems.
www.altigen.com / 510.252.9712

SRS Labs' WOW And VIP Now Available
SRS Labs' two new eXpressDSP compliant algorithms, WOW and VIP for Texas Instruments' new TMS320C55x DSP for the coming wave of cost sensitive, portable-Internet products are now available to end customers. The availability of these technologies on TI's DSP platforms provides powerful audio and voice enhancement capability to portable imbedded devices.
www.srslabs.com / 949.442.1070

Mitel Unveils Three New Communications Solutions
Mitel's March Networks 3100 and 3300 Integrated Communications Platforms, and March Networks 6530 speech-enabled unified messaging solution were unveiled for use by small business to large enterprises. The 3100 and 3300 will deliver fully-featured hybrid communications applications, while the 6530 allows users to access, review, manage, and respond to messages in their Microsoft Exchange 2000 Inbox using their voices.
www.mitel.com / 613.592.2122

Spectrum Unveils 2,016 VoIP And VoATM Channels In A Single Slot
The roadmap for Spectrum Signal Processing next-generation aXs products, which include softswitch media gateways, trunking gateways, broadband access gateways, high-capacity enterprise gateways, and wireless base station transcoders, will include the processing of 2,016 voice channels (an OC-3) per slot to meet next-gen requirements.
www.spectrumsignal.com / 604.421.5422

IP Unity Offers Harmony To Voice Response
The IP Unity platform allows service providers to quickly and economically deploy enhanced next-gen services that are driven by voice and speech response. Services such as unified messaging, tele-browsing, call activation, and Web-conferencing utilize a carrier-class, open, and standards-based hardware and software platform.
www.ipunity.com / 408.957.0800

Optical IP For Radio One From Yipes
Yipes Communications' gigabit optical IP networks now supply Internet access to the Denver-based Westwind Media division of Radio One Networks, a streaming media provider with customers such as Lycos Radio, BET.com, and iVillage.com. Yipes currently delivers 50 megabits per second of bandwidth to Westwind Media over multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones.
www.yipes.com / 415-901-2000

Avaya Increases Capacity For ECLIPS
In order to increase capacities and functionality for customers using the ECLIPS portfolio of telephony applications, newly upgraded call processing software increases the number of IP ports on the Avaya Internet Protocol Communications Server from 400 to 600, enabling as many as 450 IP telephones. This allows companies to grow numbers of IP users quickly and easily.
www.avaya.com / 908.953.6000

Quick Eagle Provides New IP Access Platform
The 5800 IP Access Platform extends the bandwidth delivery capability of the IP access lines to 12 Mbps when eight T1 connections or six E1 connections are aggregated in a multilink bundle. The platform is designed to offer both multilink frame and multilink PPP standards-based services.
www.quickeagle.com / 408.745.6200

AP Engines Fires Up AP Billing Mediation Platform Availability
The AP Billing Mediation Platform for VoIP is now generally available for service providers to begin implementing VoIP networks, enabling them to automatically collect accurate usage information from new network elements without change to existing core networks and OSS investments. It is built upon a scalable, reliable, and flexible platform.
www.apengines.com / 401.438.0614

Quicknet Solves Firewall Issues
Quicknet is proud to release the upgrade of Internet Switchboard 5.0, which enables customers to make toll-quality calls from their PCs with the ability to operate behind firewalls and support a new, user friendly service for PC-to-PC calling via Quicknet's MicroTelco System. Some of the new features include a customizable graphical user interface, automatic fax detection, and auto-call connect which is a rollover feature that connects your call using the next available carrier when the preferred carrier is unavailable.
www.quicknet.net / 415.864.5225

Single Channel Power Over LAN Device From PowerDsine
The PowerDsine 4001 mid-span device, which connects between any standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port and wireless LAN access points or base stations, enables the supply of data and power to be delivered through a single line. The 4001 sends power over the unused portion of the commonly used standard Category 5 twisted pair (LAN) cables. The device includes a data input connector linked to a standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet data port and a unified data and power output connector linked to a Power over LAN Enabled endpoint.
www.powerdsine.com / 972.9.775.5118

Vpacket And VocalData Prove Interoperability
Interoperability testing with VocalData's VOISS VoIP softswitch and the Vpacket 6100 Series voice/data router creates a partnership that will broaden service provider options by permitting integration of existing PBX, key systems, and analog devices into an all IP network infrastructure. This will expand carriers' ability to service all segments of the market. "Standards based interoperability enables service providers to deliver best of breed, carrier-grade voice services, enhanced applications, and access solutions and allows them to build multi-vendor networks," said Kathy Meier, vice president of marketing for VocalData.
www.vpacket.com / 408.571.7900
www.vocaldata.com / 972.354.2100

New GRICdial 3.0 Delivers Enhanced QoS
"GRICdial 3.0 delivers added versatility to global business travelers who need to connect to the Internet or to their home network," said Kristin Steinmetz, GRIC's senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing. "GRIC has unsurpassed global network coverage, along with the most cost-effective, secure and reliable way for an enterprise to empower its mobile workforce." GRICdial provides the customizable, easy-to-use remote Internet access client software.
www.gric.com / 408.955.1920

AT&T Offers Converged Public Telephones
The AT&T Public Phone 2000i hardware is based on the NCR Web Kiosk platform with a 12-inch touch screen and a payment module that accepts credit cards or cash. In addition, the unit incorporates user interface and system monitoring software from NetNearU. The software can provide usage-related data including transaction logging and revenue information. NetNearU's software also supports remote monitoring of each kiosk, providing operability information and initiating alerts if a unit needs service. The Public Phone 2000i offers high-speed access to the Internet, e-mail, and other online services, while also allowing simultaneous phone calls. Installation of about 25 phones is already complete at Atlanta-Hartsfield, Dallas-Fort Worth, and JFK International Airports. Additional installations are scheduled for the remainder of 2001 in Phoenix, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Newark, N.J.
www.att.com / 800.288.3199

iMagicTV and ViaGate Partner
iMagicTV has announced a partnership agreement with Viagate Technologies, a supplier of VDSL platforms. This enables iMagicTV to take advantage of this powerful technology in delivering high-speed and improved quality video over broadband to multiple televisions. iMagicTV is working with companies like Viagate and Inovia/ECI to deliver its open platform for television over VDSL, in addition to ADSL, Ethernet, wireless, fiber to the home, or any other IP-based access technology. With this announcement, iMagicTV continues its commitment to work towards interoperability with best of breed solutions and with
technologies that make the most sense for service providers and their residential customers.
www.imagictv.com / 919.678.9989
www.viagate.com / 877.842.4283

CommWorks Adds IP Support
CommWorks Corporation is adding support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) to its line of Total Control 100 enhanced gigabit routers. The routers will support native IPv6 over a 2.4-Gigabit per second (OC-48c) line interface. Total Control 100 enhanced gigabit routers with IPv6 support are available today for customer trials, with general availability scheduled for the third quarter of 2001. By supporting the IPv6 protocol across the entire line of gigabit routers, CommWorks is offering service providers a broad range of line interfaces and more feature-rich functionality. These routers are designed to meet service providers' needs for reliable and efficient routing of higher densities of packets through their networks. The routers compliment other key elements of the CommWorks architecture, the company's flexible, carrier-class solution that allows service providers to scale their infrastructure and deploy next-generation, enhanced services.
www.commworks.com / 800.638.3266

Cirronet Offers Component In VitalCom's PatientNet System
Cirronet Inc., a broadband wireless Internet access equipment company, announced that its wireless technology also is a key component of VitalCom's successful PatientNet system. VitalCom is a leading provider of real-time wireless patient information solutions for healthcare enterprises. VitalCom's PatientNet system creates a wireless infrastructure that distributes patient information from multiple healthcare locations to a central station, where it is analyzed. The system provides caregivers with critical access to real-time patient information, including electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms. Cirronet's patent-pending frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) wireless technology was selected by VitalCom for the PatientNet system. In addition, it is used for Cirronet's own WaveBolt last-mile Internet access product.
www.cirronet.com / 678.684.2000

Cisco Expands ASP and Outsource Programs
Cisco announced an expansion of its Cisco Powered Network program for ASPs and outsourcers who are delivering/hosting CRM solutions based on the Cisco customer contact software platform. Four customers: BG Ignite, InfoNet Services, National Support Center, and West Corporation, have received Cisco CPN designations. I have attached the announcement below for your reference. With this new designation, eCRM ASPs and outsourcers can now differentiate themselves from their competition using the Cisco Powered Network certification to validate their secure, reliable, high-performing service, for a broader range of customer contact applications. Adding to pre-existing validation services for the ICM (intelligent contact management) component of Cisco's customer contact software platform, Cisco now offers validation for the Email management and Web collaboration components of the platform as well.
www.cisco.com / 408.526.7208

Symbian Enhances Wireless Internet Offering With Opera
Symbian and Opera Software today announced an agreement to include Opera as the default browser in Symbian's reference designs for Communicator devices. Symbian's reference designs for Communicators enable a wide range of pen and keyboard based devices to be developed by Licensees, combining voice and data communications with powerful Internet and data capabilities, the first one scheduled to ship being the Nokia 9210 Communicator which will be available in the first half of 2001.
www.symbian.com / 650.598.4747
www.operasoftware.com /

The Alliance
PictureTel, First Virtual Communications, and CUseeME Networks announced an agreement for a strategic technology, marketing, and distribution alliance that is expected to deliver rich media collaboration solutions for enterprises and service providers. By combining the three companies' audio, video, Web collaboration, application server, multipoint server and client technologies, this strategic alliance is expected to create a most scalable and functional rich media communications solution.
www.picturetel.com / 978.292.5000
www.fvc.com / 408.567.7200
www.cuseeme.com / 800.241.7463

Sonofon And Spike Ally To Deploy Huge Network In Denmark
Under the terms of this agreement, Spike, a leading provider of carrier-grade, fixed broadband wireless access solutions, will work together with a major international systems integrator to provide SONOFON with more than $335 million in fixed wireless equipment. "SONOFON has a long history of achieving profitability and success through innovation. This is most evidenced by both our pioneering work in Denmark with the first mobile GSM deployments and now with the largest fixed wireless deployment in history," said Ulrik B�low, CEO of SONOFON.
www.sonofon.dk / +45.80 29 29 29

Telephony@Work Enhances CallCenterAnywhere Platform
New Multi-Host Data Polling, among the new features of the CallCenter@nywhere platform, enables ASPs and enhanced services providers providing contact center services to poll their clients' databases through firewalls in order to prioritize their subscribers' customers in queue from "up in the network" for every form of communication based on each customer's unique attributes and each subscriber-company's unique priority routing rules.
www.telephonyatwork.com / 888.854.4224

Usage-Based Billing For Content
Apogee Networks' NetCountant Web Hosting Billing solution enables customers to easily define new services and rapidly create new pricing plans that identify content by type and bill for it based on usage. Additionally, flexible content definition that utilizes business rules supported by the solution enables the creation of complex pricing plans in hours or days as opposed to weeks or months.
www.apogeenet.com / 201.368.8800

Shunra Welcomes The New Storm
The new STORM STX-100 WAN Emulator will add Gigabit Ethernet support to the product line, enabling enterprises to evaluate IP applications and solutions by recreating WAN and Internet conditions on a LAN, making it possible to thoroughly investigate performance prior to costly deployments.
www.shunra.com / 201.634.8787

Centrinity Partners With Telus
Centrinity, which develops and markets unified communications and collaborative groupware technologies, announced that it has signed a letter of intent with TELUS Enterprise Solutions to enter into a definitive three-year agreement to offer its FirstClass Unified Communications solution to TELUS's small- and medium-sized enterprise customers across Canada.
www.centrinity.com / 888.808.0388

iConverse Offers Mobility Platform
The mobility platform offers a solution that enables companies to develop and deploy an enterprise-wide mobile initiative that provides a rich, interactive experience for the end-user, regardless of device; enables companies to establish a competitive differentiation by streamlining business processes that drive revenue and increase worker productivity; leverages existing investments, such as Web developer skills and implemented enterprise infrastructure, including data sources and business applications; maintains mobile initiatives with little effort, by providing immediate compatibility to new devices as they become available; limits the amount of time spent on developing the applications, even by non-experts, freeing-up more time to develop the business; and creates a low cost of ownership due to easier application management and device updates.
www.iconverse.com / 781.622.5050

MapBOSS Introduced For Web Storage Issues
MapBOSS from AM Communications, is a Web-based storage system that allows secure, multi-location, remote access to HFC design map information across enterprise or worldwide data networks. MapBOSS contains a collection of auto-extraction engines that intelligently "crawl" the maps, extracting the inventory data, the number of homes passed in any network segment, miles of plant in any segment, and most importantly, detailed topology information. MapBOSS builds and stores a topology database that contains every active and passive element between any home and the headend. This information is essential to advanced network management functions such as root cause analysis and event correlation.
www.amcomm.com / 215.538.8700

Push To Talk Boosts E-mail Responses
ITXC's Push To Talk adds a unique response option to e-mail marketing and enables recipients to take action immediately with one push of the button over phone or computer. Group Lotto, The Venetian Resort-Casino-Hotel, and YesMail have successfully used ITXC's product to increase the effectiveness of e-marketing campaigns.
www.itxc.com / 609.750.3388

nStor Provides New Storage Options
The NexStor 802S and 1202S are JBOD storage systems that provide tremendous storage capacity in a very compact space. The NexStor 802S can support up to eight 1" or 1.6" drives, providing up to 1.44 TB of storage capacity in only 3.5" (2U) of rack space when utilizing 180 GB drives. The 1202S can support up to twelve 1" drives, providing a total of 432 GB of storage capacity in the same 2U form factor. To keep the disk drives (10,000 or 15,000 RPM) cool in such densely packed storage systems, nStor's patent-pending 2U enclosure provides excellent airflow to keep drive temperatures well within recommended ranges.
www.nstor.com / 858.453.9191

Cisco At The Enterprise
Cisco has introduced seven new software and hardware IP telephony products to the Enterprise market, which work within AVVID. The new software solutions include Cisco Personal Assistant, Cisco Unity 2.46 unified messaging, Cisco IP Integrated Contact Distribution (IP-ICD), the Cisco IP Phone Productivity Services (PPS) applications suite, the Cisco CallManager 3.1 call processing system, and an innovative Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRS Telephony) feature that is now part of the Cisco IOS Software. On the hardware side, Cisco is introducing the Catalyst 4224 Voice Gateway Switch platform.
www.cisco.com / 800.553.6387

congruency Teams With Sonus To Offer Service To Carriers
congruency, Inc. has announced that it has joined Sonus Networks' Open Services Partner Alliance (OSPA). Members of the OSPA provide solutions to carriers and service providers that are complementary to Sonus' product line. congruency will contribute its CNS 3200 Enhanced Hosted Communications Platform and i.Picasso 6000 IP phone. "The successful interoperability of our software platform and IP phone with Sonus' product line will give our customers increased flexibility when deploying congruency's VoIP and enhanced service creation solutions," states Ralph Hayon, president and CEO of congruency.
www.congruency.com / 201.712.5590

Shoreline Makes VoIP Easier Than Ever
The Enterprise Starter Kit For IP Voice Communications is now available from Shoreline Communications. The suite of applications that ships with the Enterprise Starter Kit includes voice mail, automated attendant, personalized desktop call management, unified messaging, and single-point Web-based management.
www.goshoreline.com / 877.807.4673

Avici Systems Provides MPLS/IP Traffic
Avici is proud to announce the successful completion of ongoing interoperability tests of its TSR scalable core router's MPLS capabilities at George Mason University's Advanced Internet Lab. The tests validated the interoperability of Avici's MPLS offerings, which enable carriers to use MPLS traffic engineering and VPNs to roll out revenue generating, differentiated IP services.
www.avici.com / 978.964.2000

Rave's 4UAX2200 Now Available
The Rave Systems Redundant RackMount-4UAX2200, features Sun's newest next generation technology, the power of UltraSPARC-III integrated into a compact 4U-form factor, rackmountable chassis. Rave Systems Redundant Rackmount 4U-AX2200 comes equipped with redundant power supplies and hot-swap capable front accessible drives. Its 4U-form factor fits in any standard 19" rack, which is just right for those applications where a tremendous amount of power is required in a small space. This new Rave Systems compact server offers a wide range of expansion options in a 4U enclosure, with the ability to add up to two 750Mhz UltraSPARC-III processors; up to 8GB of memory; a variety of 5.25" tape, CD-ROM or DVD options, and 3.5" FC-AL or LVD SCSI disk drives.
www.rave.com / 800.966.7283

ADC Launches Unified Messaging Portal
Web- and phone-based interfaces will provide access to voice, fax, and e-mail through ADC's new Unified Messaging Portal application, part of its Broadband Services Platform. The UMP delivers test-to-speech services which enable subscribers to listen to e-mail and send e-mail attachments to a fax number. While on a PC, subscribers will be able to record a message using the UMP reply-to-voicemail plug-in and send it back to the caller via their Internet connection.
www.adc.com / 952.938.8080

Ridgeway VX System Enables IP Video
Ridgeway's VX Communications System provides a high level of security by managing video traffic through firewalls, and sending that traffic to a determined, trusted IP address. InView has incorporated the VX System into its existing H.323 service package to allow InView the ability to provide secure connectivity to multiple endpoints from a variety of enterprise environments by overcoming Network Address Translation and firewall issues.
www.ridgeway.com / 512.231.7300
www.inview.net / 773.867.7052

Polycom Announces Availability Of End-To-End Communications Solutions
Polycom's end-to-end solution combines industry-leading communications products in video, voice and network access and unites them through a single network infrastructure that will continue to support IP, ATM, ISDN and new, evolving networks. The Polycom architecture offers a single platform for multiple networks and a modular design that is hot-swappable, contains self-configuring modules, redundant power supplies, total resource-sharing capabilities, and high-quality of service.
www.polycom.com / 800.765.9266

InterVoice-Brite Enables E-Plus German Wireless
German mobile operator, E-Plus, is now offering customers natural language access to a range of information and other services. The new E-Plus Voice Assistant, "E.V.A.," uses the Omvia product line from iVB Network Solutions, a division of InterVoice-Brite, to provide E-Plus customers with a single point of voice access to a variety of services. These include live and stored multi-media content, voice management (of personal address books, for instance) and voice-activated service management activities such as telephone bill status and message access.
www.intervoice-brite.com / 972.454.8000

WaveSmith Welcomes New Product Family: DN4100 & DN2100
The DN product family delivers several unique multiservice innovations: Form factor, the Distributed Optical Backplane and High Speed Serial Core, the WaveCore OS, and the Open Call Model. The DN4100 is designed for deployment in carrier central offices. The DN2100's small form factor was built to be rolled-out in space constrained collocation/data center facilities. The DN4100 and DN2100 will be in beta in June 2001 and FCS in Q4 2001.Pricing will start at $28,000 for a fully functional system.
www.wavesmith.com / 801.531.8250

Advanced Fibre Communications Announces New Packet-Powered System
"AccessMAX System 8 provides AFC customers with a cost-effective, seamless migration from today's TDM-based network to the evolving packet-based network," said Mehmet Balos, senior vice president of global marketing and North America sales for AFC. "All of our AccessMAX systems overcome distance limitations usually associated with broadband deployment. Now, AccessMAX System 8 delivers broadband services to any subscriber, anywhere, any time."
www.afc.com / 707.794.7700

96 "911" Calls Per Minute Over The Year 2000
The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association officially released 2000's wireless emergency service calls � totaling over 51 million for the year, nearly 140,000 a day - equating to 96 calls per minute. These calls ensure that emergency responses to life-threatening situations are expedited and that drunk, impaired, and aggressive drivers are reported to the police and taken off of America's streets and highways. "Wireless phones are the greatest safety tools since the development of 911," stated Tom Wheeler, president & CEO of CTIA. "Wireless phones give individuals the upper hand in emergencies. �Time is tissue' and wireless phones have helped save time and tissue in emergency situations."

Sprint And Hey Anita! Team To Offer Enhanced Mobile Services
Sprint PCS has announced the nationwide availability of voice-enabled, Web services through Sprint PCS Voice Command. Sprint PCS Voice Command customers will be able to listen and respond to email, access news, stocks, horoscopes, traffic reports, and TV updates for both soap operas and prime time shows as well as a whole host of other services just by pressing *TALK and speaking into any Sprint PCS Phone. The new content is an expansion of Sprint PCS Voice Command and is available at no additional charge and requires no additional set-up. Current Sprint PCS customers can conveniently access the information using the same Voice Command steps that they utilize today -- just press *TALK; after the "Ready" prompt, simply say, "Call Weather," "Call Traffic Reports" or "Call My e-mail."
www.heyanita.com / 800.44.anita
www.sprint.com /

New Management Suite From Lane 15
Lane15's Management Suite is a vendor-neutral solution designed for InfiniBand hardware and OS vendors. With Lane15, these vendors receive the reliable and extensible fabric management software they need to meet their immediate needs and accelerate the industry adoption of their InfiniBand products. In addition, Lane15's software is equipped to accommodate new hardware, applications, value-added features, and major updates to the InfiniBand specification as technology matures.
www.lane15.com / 512.233.1515

Motorola's New MPC7440
With a core voltage of 1.5V, the MPC7440's typical power dissipation is 11.4W at 600MHz. With integrated 256K L2 cache, the MPC7440 includes an advanced seven-stage pipeline. While maintaining the 60x legacy bus, the MPC7440 also implements Motorola's high bandwidth MPX system bus, which is designed to achieve sustained bandwidth performance of 1064 MB/sec., providing up to four times the bus performance over earlier G3 generation processors. Additionally, a significant increase in performance can be achieved through simply optimizing existing software to run on the MPC7440's AltiVec vector-processing engine. Third party automatic vectorization tools are now available to facilitate this software optimization without having to write custom AltiVec code.
www.motorola.com/smartnetworks / 512.933.7753

Bustronic and StarGen Unveil New 21 Slot StarFabric Hybrid Backplane
The 21-slot StarFabric hybrid backplane comes in a 7U form factor, compatible with standard 6U cards, with 1U of power connections on the bottom. Featuring a 12 layer controlled impedance stripline design, the outside layers are ground for EMI protection and suppression. The signal layers are alternated with power and ground layers to minimize crosstalk and control impedance. Power and ground planes use two ounces of copper for superior power distribution. The differential pairs were carefully routed as close together as possible and kept on the same board layer.
www.bustronic.com / 510.490.7388
www.stargen.com / 508.786.9950

BeVocal Foundation Platform For Telcos
The BeVocal Foundation Platform is designed to be easy to deploy, manage, and maintain, resulting in a faster time to market and a lower total cost of ownership for carriers. BeVocal Foundation simplifies and accelerates the deployment of new voice-enabled services that generate revenue, reduce costs, and attract and retain customers. In addition, BeVocal's advanced tools and worldwide speech developer community enable carriers to customize and differentiate their service offerings with a broad range of high-quality voice applications that provide a seamless user experience for callers.
www.bevocal.com / 408.907.3200

Texas Instruments Announces TCP/IP Stack
In order to simplify network connections for DSP-based Internet appliances, Texas Instruments is proud to announce their new TCP/IP stack and the C6000 DSP TCP/IP Network Developers Kit, which speeds manufacturers to market with solutions and reduces the need for costly network connections by more than 50 percent.
www.ti.com / 800.477.8924

100GigE Optical Ethernet Metro Core Switch From Atrica
The A-8800 Optical Ethernet Metro Core Switch features both 10GigE and 100GigE, as well as full optical switching in a single carrier-class platform. The wavelength matrix multiplexes up to 33 wavelengths of 10GigE on a single fiber, adding and dropping a wavelength at any node. It offers full protection as well as redundant DC power and full redundancy of all common equipment in its 34-slot chassis.
www.atrica.com / 408.562.9400

Hi-File Network Attached Storage From Continuous Computing
Using Continuous Computing Corporation's high-availability middleware technology, upSuite, Hi-File features transparent sub-second fail over and transparent field system replication over TCP/IP. The result is a reliable data storage device that requires minimal amount of management.
www.ccpu.com / 858.882.8874

Universal Mode Pentium III Processor From Force
Leveraging Force's SENTINEL PCI-to-PCI bridge technology, the CPCI-735 and CPCI 736 SBCs are ideal for computer telephony, packet switching, VoIP applications, storage servers, and other demanding network communications applications. "Force's SENTINEL PPB technology enables system or peripheral slot functionality on one platform," states Jochen Saal, Force product marketing manager.
www.forcecomputers.com / 408.369.6000

New 6U CompactPCI SBC From Advantech
Advantech CT and Network Computing Division announces the availability of its new CompactPCI single board computer (SBC), the MIC-3377/M. This powerful, all-in-one computer packs extensive features in a compact 6U high, one-slot wide package. The MIC-3377/M is an ideal computing solution for today's flexible, scalable computer telephony integration (CTI) industry supporting demanding applications such as VolP servers, ACDs, UnPBX, fax-on-demand, video-on-demand, and more, without compromising performance.
www.advantech.com / 858.623.0838

Artesyn Communications Announces New DSP PMC Module For VoP
The PM/VoP 240, a new VoP media processing solution, meets the requirements of high-density applications by supporting up to 240 simultaneous voice streams on a single PCI Mezzanine Card module. The new module is ideal for media server and gateway applications requiring high port density.
www.artesyn.com / 608.831.5500

Crystal Group Partners With Plesk, Inc. To Deliver High-Density Software Appliance
The first server appliance in Crystal's RIA product line, this new .87U server appliance comes with the Plesk Server Administrator software pre-installed and configured for fast deployment and superior ease of use. It is designed to be used as a space-efficient server appliance for a variety of hosting scenarios, either in a dedicated or multi-Web site manner.
www.crystalpc.com / 319.378.1636
www.plesk.com / 703.815.5670

Efficient Networks Introduces The SHDSL Business Gateway
The 5950 SHDSL Business Gateway complies with the new International Telecommunications Union G.991.2 Recommendation that supports both upstream and downstream data rates of up to 2.3 Mbps over a single copper pair. It provides a comprehensive solution that includes business-class security, broadband data, IP voice and video, routing, high-availability, and management.
www.efficient.com / 972.852.1000

VMIC's New PMC 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
The VMIPMC-5666 is a single board, highly-integrated Fibre Channel HBA that connects a conventional PMC bus to a two-Gigabit Fibre Channel loop, fabric, or point-to-point Fibre Channel network. It provides two interfaces to the host system: The command interface and the Fibre Channel transport interface. The VMIPMC-566 incorporates ASIC which contains a 64-bit PMC host interface.
www.vmic.com / 800.322.3616

Acterna CycloneFrame Tests IP-Based Services On Frame Relay Networks
The new software option for the Acterna CycloneFrame IP Optimizer, the CycloneVoIP will provide real-time visibility and trending analysis to determine the source of VoIP network problems that include packet loss, jitter, and delay to ensure optimum network performance.
www.acterna.com / 301.353.1560

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