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June 2002

When Is A Phone Not A Phone?


VoIP phones are all the rage, and for good reason � the features they provide, the easy-to-use interfaces, and the flexibility they offer is outstanding. The large number of phone manufacturers is another hint � VoIP is here, and we have the phones to prove it.

So what should you be considering when it comes to purchasing a VoIP phone? Interface, usablity, ease of configuration, and flexible deployment are all key factors. Is the phone visually pleasing? Hey, it matters if you will be staring at it for long, long periods of your work days when on teleconference or just plain doing business.

Make sure to keep in mind that many other manufacturers offer VoIP systems that may include dedicated VoIP phones. We have included a small sample of those systems in this Technology Selection Guide in order to try and give you a more inclusive list of VoIP hardware.

Hi-Phone WorlDialer
Way2call Communications Ltd.
7 Giborey Israel St.
Netanya, Israel

Connect any regular home/office telephone, including cordless telephones to your PC. Simultaneously handle and conference VoIP and PSTN calls with Caller ID and CID-on-Call-Waiting. Maintain the real telephony experience including dial and ring tones, use the telephone keypad and memories to dial, and have your telephone ring for incoming IP calls.

B.P. 96 - Z.I. La Bergerie
Avenue de Savoie
F - 74133 Bonneville Cedex
+33 450 97 84 84

Swissvoice IP15 Phone offers the same looks and the same functions as a standard telephone, as well as new IP technology features: An integrated Web server to configure and manage the telephone, power from the LAN, quality of service mechanisms, various voice codecs. IP15 is based on the MGCP protocol in order to guarantee a large interoperability with various IP solutions and support a large array of services.

TeleSynergy Research (USA) Inc.
3777 Stevens Creek Blvd., #330
Santa Clara, CA 95051

IP-100 is a H.323V2 compliant IP phone. IP-100 is connected to TeleSynergy�s IP-PBX, TelePCX, through the Internet by DSL or cable modem, and works as an IP-based remote extension that is administered by TelePCX server at the main office. Businesses can extend their office extensions to anywhere through the Internet. Combined with the client screen phone � User Console, users can have the full-featured IP phone device using the cost-effective IP-100 phone set.

iPrimo IP Telephone 
Comdial Corporation
106 Cattlemen Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34232

Part of Comdial�s Converged Telephony, the company�s iPrimo Telephone is identical in form, function and voice quality to the company�s other business phones. Consequently, IP technology is transparent to users. Standard iPrimo features include DHCP support, multi-line and intercom busy lamps, user-programmable buttons for speed dial and other functions, advanced dialing options and hands-free communication. Also, Comdial�s iPrimo Telephone has FCC Class B certification for residential use.

IP Solutions
Valcom, Inc.
5614 Hollins Rd.
Roanoke, VA 24019
The initial IP Solutions offer three models: VIP 800, Audio Page Port Adapter; VIP-810, Station Port Adapter; and VIP 820, Trunk Port Adapter. For 25 years, Valcom, Inc., has been a world leader in providing quality American-made communication solutions to businesses. 

GN 8110-USB 
GN Netcom, Inc.
77 Northeastern Blvd,
Nashua, NH 03062

The GN 8110-USB features Digital Signal Processing which provides clean, distortion-free sound, and Adaptive Echo Control eliminates distracting repeat effects. SmoothStream digital audio correction reduces annoying clicks and pops. Plug-and-play with no software installation required, and compatible with PCs and Macs. Connects to any GN Netcom headset. List price is $89.

snom 100 VoIP Phone
snom technology AG ABP International, Inc.
1203 Crestside Dr.
Coppell, TX 75019

Snom technology AG sets new standards regarding flexibility and interoperability with its snom 100 VoIP phone. The phone is compatible with every VoIP-gateway and gatekeeper based on the open standards SIP and H.323/H.450, which makes it easy to integrate into an existing LAN/WAN environment. With Linux as the underlying operating system, stability and security are not an issue for the snom 100. Able to handle both H.323/H.450 and SIP protocol suites and software updates, the snom 100 is ready for the future � no matter which protocol stack will prevail or might come up, the snom 100 is a safe investment. In addition, CTI applications such as HTTP, TAPI, and LDAP integrate the phones with the rest of the IT infrastructure. This makes applications possible which were not economically feasible with traditional technology.

Bloophone Handset
Bloophone S.A.
96 BD Sebastopol
Paris, France

Bloophone designed the first VoIP/Bluetooth Handset. In fact, this wireless terminal makes not only voice and data convergence on the same IP network, but also voice and data convergence on the same wireless network using Bluetooth Access Points (Bloophone has partnered with Inventel Systems, Blue2space, and plans others...). This handset�s main advantage is the optimization (price and network point of view). The compression (G.723 & G.729) is done in the handset, while the VoIP stack is running in the Bluetooth Access Point. �One IP Access allows seven simultaneous wireless voice Communications.�

InnoMedia MTA 3308 IP Phone 
90 Rio Robles, Ste. 100
San Jose, CA 95134
The MTA 3308 is ideal for broadband service providers looking to deliver new voice services to business customers with minimal capital or operational expense. Offers all the features you would expect in a business telephone and supports industry standard protocols � PacketCable NCS 1.0, MGCP 1.0, and SIP 2.0. It supports QoS IEEE 802.1 p/Q and TOS tagging for optimum voice quality, and it's easy to install, and auto-provision simplifies deployment and upgrade of equipment.

i2732 IP Telephone 
6900 Avenue K
Plano, TX 75074
The i2732 IP Telephone offers a cost effective VoIP network terminal for Cisco AVVID Networks. This voice/data terminal offers professionals Cisco standard model 7940 and 7960 network terminal operation with enhanced telephony functionality available only on the i2732 when used in conjunction with the Cisco Call Manager/AVVID networks � such as 16-Line/Speed keys, do-not-disturb, and parsing of soft features to fixed feature keys for simplified, single-glance-and-press, operation.

Eclipse IP PhonePlus
1615 South 52nd St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
The IP PhonePlus is a premium IP phone with a complete, high-end PBX feature set, on-screen programming, built-in Web browser and extra PC LAN port for shared network access. Client-initiated architecture allows plug and play deployment over the Internet without compromising security. It works across remote firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) devices without the need for a VPN or special proxy services providing hassle-free mobility for remote users.

Pingtel Corp.
400 West Cummings Park
Suite 2200
Woburn, MA 01801
The Expressa phone supports the needs of integrating applications on the phone with PCs and servers on the net, such as Embedded PersonalJava VM; Pingtel Java application framework for phone control; JTAPI and Pingtel STAPI to call control and audio systems; (Java API to monitor and modify SIP messages � R2); xpressa Window Toolkit (xWT) with GUI widgets and user interface style guide; Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) and Java Database Connector (JDBC) for directory and database integration; Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for distributed apps; Java security and internationalization support; programming support by Java visual development toolkits; and Java API for call-history database (R2).

SipTone Ethernet Phone
ipDialog, Inc.
1762 Technology Dr., Suite 124
San Jose, CA 95110-1307
The SipTone Ethernet Phone is a low-cost-of-entry VoIP phone that combines high-end legacy telephone functionality with the benefits of phone/computer integration. Based on the widely deployed SIP standard and fully tested for interoperability with third-party equipment vendors, the SipTone phone has a Web-server interface for ease of installation. Designed to meet the needs of systems integrators and service providers, it is customizable, and its flash-upgradeable design ensures fast, painless field reconfiguration as features or protocols are added.

Avaya MultiVantage 
Avaya, Inc. 
211 Mt. Airy Rd. 
Basking Ridge, N.J. 07920 

Avaya MultiVantage hardware and software includes Media Servers, Media Gateways, MultiVantage call processing software, the VisAbility Management Suite of software and Avaya IP hardphones and softphones, including the Avaya IP Softphone for Pocket PC. With standards-based architecture, top-tier scalablity, reliability, and redundancy supporting any type of network environment, this modular set of IP telephony solutions allows customers to choose a logical migration path to IP telephony by selecting the hardware components they need to design a flexible converged network.

i2004 Internet Telephone
Nortel Networks Corporation 
8200 Dixie Rd., Suite 100
Brampton, ON L6T 5P6

This new Internet Telephone joins Nortel's full range of desktop devices that includes fully featured traditional digital telephones, IP phones and software clients running on a PC, all designed to meet diverse customer needs and enrich people-to-people communications in Unified Networks. The i2004 will evolve to include new value-added services, such as corporate and personal directory services and user-based customization of their communications desktops. Services provided on the i2004 can be customized to specific business needs using any of the open interfaces on Nortel Networks Communication Servers.

NetVision Data Phone
Symbol Technologies
One Symbol Plaza
Holtsville, NY 11742-1300

The Symbol Technologies NetVision Data Phone makes mobile workers more productive, enables complete data-sharing, and streamlines enterprise operations. Combining voice communication, text messaging, voice intercom, data capture, bar code scanning, an embedded thin client, and an 802.11b-compliant radio in an ergonomically designed, lightweight, handheld mobile device, the NetVision Data Phone can be integrated with the Symbol Spectrum24 High Rate WLAN to provide scalable, dynamic in-building connectivity or into existing phone systems to provide lower-cost.

.Audio 60 
Plantronics Computer Audio System Division 
345 Encinal St. 
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Plantronics, a world leader in communication headsets with over 40 years of experience manufacturing and designing headsets recently launched a new line of PC headsets called .Audio. The headsets are easy to use and plug right into a computer sound card. The .Audio 60 Stereo PC Headset is a lightweight and comfortable headset and has excellent stereo sound and convenient inline volume and mute controls. The noise-canceling microphone is great for Internet chat/telephony and video conferencing.

SoundPoint IP 500 
1565 Barber Ln. 
Milpitas, CA 95035 

SoundPoint IP 500 is an easy-to-use, full-duplex, standards-based desktop phone supporting leading IP telephony protocols. SoundPoint IP 500 leverages Polycom�s voice communications heritage, and provides a feature-rich, upgradeable phone that can adapt to evolving protocols and changing business needs. It includes a two-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, a large display that supports numerous network applications, and 13 programmable feature keys to deliver dedicated, one-button access to telephony features.

Bestip 1000
Projectek Networking Electronics Corp.
5F-9, No.16, Lane 609, Sec. 5, Chung Hsih Road , SanChung , 
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan , R.O.C.

Features of the Bestip 1000 include Dial-up I. Phone device; one RJ11 FXS POTS port; Built-in 33.6K Analog Modem; 16 x 2 LCD Display; G.723.6.3k/5.3k bps; G.723.1 VAD & CNG; DTMF and Call Progress Tone Detection and Generation; G.168 Echo Cancellation; Internet Protocols IP, UDP, PPP, PAP; connect to internet within 30 seconds; free on-line upgrade; and no PC or software is required.

LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Kangnam Tower, 679 Yoksam-dong
Kangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-985, Korea

LiK-100 is �IP-Keytelephone System� providing users with as many features as available in the legacy digital telephone systems � GDK family KTS and LDK family KTS from LG Electronics. Each user will be equipped with LG proprietary IP telephone �LIP-24D/24DH� or any other H.323 standard IP phones. And this system has various gateway cards giving the interfaces with Public Switched Telephone Network (ISDN, Analog) and analog single line extensions.

Superstack 3NBX
5400 Bayfront Plaza
Santa Clara, CA 95052 
Designed for central or branch offices with up to 750 phones per location, it features fourth-generation 3Com NBX (R4.0) system software that simplifies third-party applications integration and offers extensive multisite IP connectivity options.

Grandstream VoIP product family
Grandstream Networks, Inc. 
4 Davis Ave, Suite 1C
Brookline, MA 02445

Price-performance competitive VoIP analog phone adaptors, low-to-midrange gateways and IADs, clusterable Web-integrated voice server appliance with full support for H.323 and SIP protocols, standard vocoders (G.711, G.726, G.723, G.729), comprehensive voice features (including 3-way conferencing), VoiceXML, SNMP, FTP, DHCP, Web-based administration and service provisioning. 

SyncSys, Inc.
1512 Kona Dr.
Rancho Dominguez Hills, CA� 90220

As a full-duplex PDA running on Win CE operating system. The Vovida PDA has a built-in 802.11b WLAN card allows VOVID to be used as a mobile office phone. Uses SIP protocol and has a cradle that allows you to utilize the full telephone features of the PDA, while it recharges and sync with your PC. Basic MS Pocket Office programs included and Internet Explorer and e-mail programs come standard. 

Daisy IP Phone
Blossom Communication Corp.
3F, No. 16, Alley 50,
Sec. 3 Nan Kang Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan

Daisy IP Phone is a Sip Phone from Blossom communication to brings state-of-the-art technology to voice communication solution. Daisy IP Phone uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect to Voice Over IP communication systems. Enterprises SOHO and individuals can benefit the advanced technology, flexibility, and mobility of the Daisy IP Phone.

IP Phone
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134

To the user, the telephone is the most visible component of the voice communications network. Cisco IP Telephones are next-generation intelligent communication devices, delivering the essential business communications � at a touch. Fully programmable, the growing family of Cisco IP Telephones provides the most frequently used business features.

321 Bond St.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 

The Claritel-i750 is a USB, full-featured Internet telephone and speakerphone. It is ideal for Cisco SoftPhone applications and VoIP phone calling through popular services such as Net2Phone and DialPad. Claritel provides a crystal clear digital interface to your PC and has an attractive, stylized design with all of the familiar controls that you would expect using a regular phone.

Mitel Networks 5010 IP Phone 
Mitel Networks
350 Legget Drive
P.O. Box 13089
Kanata, ON
Canada K2K 2W7

For users within the enterprise that require information about callers they handle combined with access to more advanced system and network features, applications and services. Ideal for technical support staff, office workers, sales and customer service departments.

optiPoint 400 Standard
Siemens ICN
1881 Campus Commons Dr. 
Reston, VA. 20191 
optiPoint 400 standard IP telephones bring leading non-proprietary standard protocols such as H.323, H.450 and SIP, in conjunction with support for inline power (IEEE 802.3af) and QoS (Diffserv and 802.1p/Q), to cost effective next-generation solutions. Delivering on the promise of one wire to the desktop with an integrated 10/100 switch, Siemens IP telephones interoperate with dozens of vendors� H.323, H.450, and SIP systems. Free CTI and deployment applications seamlessly integrates these products into any environment.

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