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Industry News
May 2001



Tellme Gets Commitment From Enterprises
In just six months of network operations, enterprise customers have committed to purchase more than one billion minutes of Tellme's voice application network. Customers buy minutes on the Tellme Network to run voice applications and services that improve how they communicate with customers over the telephone. Tellme's voice network runs applications for customers over its carrier-grade telephony infrastructure and VoiceXML platform.
www.tellme.com / 800.555.TELL

Move Your Business To The DarkSite
Crystal Group, Inc. introduces the DarkSite remote management appliance for servers. A platform-independent tool that monitors the health of servers and notifies users of potential problems before they cause an application to fail, DarkSite eliminates the need to visit data centers to perform routine administration, and can be configured to send alerts to myriad endpoints.
www.crystalpc.com / 800.378.1636

Audibit Introduces USB Phone: The U160
The U160 is intended to be used in homes, offices, and public environments as a terminal device for VoIP systems. When a computer is used as a telephone terminal, the U160 provides a convenient and familiar user interface for telephony. It is capable of producing an audible alarm for incoming calls as well as providing high-quality, echo-fee audio properties.
www.audibit.com / 358.2.2364340

Telephony@Work -- Trick Your Boss!
CallCenter@nywhere 4.0 includes a complete suite of browser-based supervision, provisioning, and report generation interfaces to provide thin-browser based computing and enable, contact center supervisors and system administrators to perform all tasks from anywhere in the world using any computer equipped with a Web browser. Just don't tell your boss...
www.telephonyatwork.com / 858.410.1600

Verascape Announces Speech Platform
VeraServ, the flagship family of voice server platforms, can scale from small lab systems to larger portal systems to carrier-class models, and enables ASPs, enterprises, or carriers to host multiple, simultaneous voice applications with one fully integrated platform. The VeraServ products easily integrate with existing IP network and PSTN equipment, and allow developers and application hosts to quickly add voice support to existing Web-based content.
www.verascape.com / 847.919.0873

AudioCodes Introduces New Enhanced Services
The high-performance IPM-128 board supports 128 channels that process media by using a large variety of coders and algorithms, such as: G.168 compliant echo cancellation, G.723.1, MS-GSM, PCM, ADPCM, and G.729A. The media processing variety of functions enjoys full flexibility in the mixture of interfaces that can be selected, including: mixture of E1/T1, VoIP/RTP, and TDM bus. The basic configuration includes a dual 100-baseT packet interface and an H.110 interface. An optional quad E1/T1 trunk interface is also available. AudioCodes expects that the IPM-128 will be available for Beta trials in late April 2001 and generally available in the third quarter of 2001.
www.audiocodes.com / 408.577.0488

CompactPCI Ruggedized For Military Use!
Carlo Gavazzi Mupac, Inc., is proud to announce a new series of CompactPCI enclosures, the 709 Series, that are designed to meet the MIL-S-901D Navy Shock Standard and the MIL-S-167 Navy Vibration standard, as well as ten other military standards for harsh environments and the shock that is often present in military applications. The 709 Series cPCI provides a small, lightweight system that requires less power and accepts many pre-existing software packages.
www.carlogavazzi.com / 508.588.6110

Clarent Launches VoIP local Access Solution
Clarent OpenAccess is a software-driven VoIP solution that enables service providers to offer traditional and advanced telecommunications (both voice and data) services over the last mile of any communications network, independent of network type. As a comprehensive and ready-to-deploy solution, OpenAccess allows service providers to integrate new services while reducing capital investments.
www.clarent.com / 650.306.7511

WaveSmith Networks Announces WaveCore Operating System
WaveSmith will be offering the WaveCore Operating System with the company's soon-to-be-released multi-service switch. The WaveCore OS runs all software processes in separate memory regions. It is a microkernel architecture in which any process can be upgraded or repaired independently of the others while the system remains running.
www.wavesmithnetworks.com / 978.929.9100

A New Fiber Optic A/B Switch/Converter From Electro Standards Laboratories
The Model 4185 Fiber Optic Switch/Converter allows the user the capability of accessing two separate fiber optic 100 Base FX ports (ports A and B) from a 100 BaseT Fast Ethernet port. Fully compliant with the 802.3u 100 Base TX/FX standard, the Model 4185 is a great solution for conversion and fallback applications.
www.electrostandards.com / 401.943.1164

Ixia Wants You To Meet Their New BERT
Ixia announced its new Bit Error Rate Tester for OC-192c optical SONET/SDH interfaces. The Ixia OC-192 Bert is available in either a single port or two port configuration, and offers high port density, with up to 16 ports within an Ixia 1600T chassis. The BERT interface is aimed at developers who require an automated verification tool for system test, integration, and manufacturing.
www.ixiacom.com / 818.871.1800

NMS' Fusion 4.2: More Development Features For Network Gateways
The Fusion 4.2, from Natural MicroSystems, includes MGCP support, Clarent ThroughPacket technology to enable efficient use of IP bandwidth, CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) readiness, Linux support, high-capacity CG 6000c support, support for in-band DTMF carriage, and SNMP Realtime Transport MIB. The Fusion 4.2 will be available in July 2001.
www.nmss.com / 800.533.6120

The VMICPCI-7755 is a single-slot Pentium III PGA 370 socket processor-based SBC with 133 MHz front side bus. It features dual PMC sites, a processor speed up to 933 MHz, and Intel's Next Generation 815E chipset, providing a combination of performance and features. Up to 512 Mbyte PC133 SDRAM using one 144-pin Sodimm module, and remote Ethernet booting are among the included features.
www.vmic.com / 256.880.0444

Metasolv Whistling "Oh Canada!"
Bell Intrigna, a provider of IP-based communications services in Western Canada, has implemented the Metasolv Solution as a key component of its operations support system. Bell Intrigna uses the Metasolv Solution software to automate order processing and service fulfillment, network inventory and design, trouble resolution, and work-flow management functions for its next-generation network.
www.metasolv.com / 800.747.0791

Cisco Delivers Complete Diffserv Solution
Cisco announces the availability of Diffserv, the IETF-defined architecture for provisioned QoS, to help resolve the challenge of managing application guarantees end-to-end in IP networks by servicing multiple classes of traffic. QoS enabled by Cisco IOS software, is a set of techniques for managing network resources and ensuring consistent, predictable performance for business-critical applications such as VoIP.
www.cisco.com / 408.527.6388

Convedia Offers Free Tools To Accelerate Development
Convedia Corporation has introduced two software tools designed to allow telecommunication application developers to speed the development and introduction of media rich, packet-based voice applications and services. The new tools, the Media Service Emulator and the Media Server Controller, are available free of charge to qualified developers.
www.convedia.com / 604.918.6300

Liebert Offers Next Gen Surge Protection
Liebert announces the Interceptor II, the newest of its surge suppression (TVSS) line with a durable and flexible design for almost any application or environment. The Interceptor II is ideal for such applications as telecom, wireless,
and broadband systems, including sensitive equipment housed in remote or unmanned shelters. It offers 50ka to 800ka surge capacities, low clamping voltages and high true surge protection.
www.liebert.com / 800.877.9222

CUseeME Enables Enterprise Voice and Visual Communications
A new end-to-end software solution called CUseeME Videoware, a complete rich media communications environment that interfaces with existing messaging and collaboration environments, is now shipping. The product includes both client and server technologies for enterprise-wide deployment of Web-based voice and video communications and group collaboration to the desktop.
www.cuseeme.com / 603.886.9050

ComStruct Wireless Platform Provides Increase In 3G Channel Density
Blue Wave Systems is proud to announce the ComStruct CPCI/C6800 to enable 3G developers to realize a four-times increase in base station transceiver channel density, thereby enhancing network capacity and accelerating rollout. The open architecture of the CPCI/C6800 enables it to be closely coupled with a customer's ASIC technology.
www.bluews.com / +44.(0).1509.634444

IBM Introduces WebSphere Voice Server For Dialogic Platform To Drive New Voice Apps
IBM is pleased to announce that it is integrating its WebSphere Voice Server with ViaVoice Technology and the popular Dialogic voice portal reference system, easing the creation of applications in VoiceXML and Java for Dialogic's existing and future customers. IBM WebSphere is Internet infrastructure software/middleware that enables businesses to develop, host, run, and integrate e-business applications.
www.ibm.com/software/voice / 404.238.1234
www.dialogic.com / 973.993.3000

RS-100-1U Ultra Compact e-Server
With powerful features in a 1U box, the RS-100 is suitable for use in any high-density application. With an Advantech-designed server board that provides high-powered processing with support for up to two Intel FC-PGA Pentium III CPUs running at speeds up to 866 MHz, in single or SMP configurations, the RS-100 from Advantech is ideal for variable density applications such as ISP/ICP/ASP, co-location, server farms, and telephony.
www.advantech.com / 858.623.0838

Avanade Picks Shoreline For MultiNational Deployment
Shoreline is proud to announce that Avanade Inc., has chosen their IP voice system to help manage Avanade's global convergence. Avanade made the enterprise-wide decision to move away from the legacy PBX in favor of Shoreline's IP voice communications system for their global implementation.
www.shoretel.com / 877.80.SHORE

ZettaCom Announces TDM Service Processor For OC-192 Cross-Connect
Enabling vendors to quickly develop highly-scalable, reliable, multi-protocol systems, the ZEN-TSP provides flexible virtual tributary handling for Sonet/SDH OC-192/STM-64 applications down to STS-1 level granularity in a highly integrated package. The ZEN-TSP is a component of ZettaCom's Universal Switch Architecture, providing an easy interface to legacy transport while enabling a seamless migration path to data services.
www.zettacom.com / 877.938.8226

Vodavi Technology's New Discovery VoIP Card
The Discovery VoIP Card seamlessly bridges voice communications over an IP network, such as an internal LAN, the Internet, or a WAN, and reduces phone bills by decreasing the cost of making long-distance calls between remote offices for business users of Vodavi's STARPLUS TRIAD and infinite DVXplus key telephone systems.
www.vodavi.com / 480.433.6000

"Yipes! That's Fast"
University of Maryland, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Virginia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, and Worchester Polytechnic institute selected Yipes for optical IP connectivity to their GigaPOPs. Yipes' regional networks will facilitate light-speed access with an Internet2 core infrastructure.
www.yipes.com / 415.901.2000

Sears To Roll Out Symbol Headsets
In order to improve customer service and productivity, Sears will be implementing next-generation, in-store wireless mobile computing solutions for the retailer's 860 U.S. full-line stores. The SPT 1740 wireless handheld mobile computers will help perform critical in-store, browser-based applications so that employees can find the right size Roebucks jeans or Craftsman box wrench ever quicker.
www.symbol.com / 800.722.6234

CyberTel Offers The CyberCOM-SC 1.0
CyberCOM-SC-1.0 offers a highly scalable software platform that enables carriers to deliver a comprehensive suite of enhanced IP telecommunications services over any network. By supporting the high reliability and availability of Solaris operating environments, Cyber-SC achieves high QoS, as well as massive scalability and deployability to flexibly support any customer base.
www.cybertel.com / 732.796.1000

EdgeNet's ARC IV Call Server
The ARC IV Call Server offers convergence capabilities to carriers of voice and data traffic and has the ability to be scaled from six to 48 processors. It will support the full convergence of transport, signaling, and applications management. This will allow carriers to offer their subscribers a broad range of services including voice, data, video, broadcast, and Web provisioning.
www.encc.com / 650.347.1260

Trillium Digital Systems' New SIP Software
Trillium's SIP stacks, in conjunction with Trillium's other IP telephony software solutions and its Quick!Start service program, empower communications equipment manufacturers to quickly build and deploy IP telephony network elements that exceed the performance requirements of next-generation networks. Take a look at Trillium if you are looking for high-performance, carrier class IP telephony solutions with a path to interworking with SS7 and ISDN protocols, distributed fault-tolerance, and high-availability.
www.trillium.com / 310.442.9222

NSCBoard Development Kits Version 2.0
Version 2.0 of the NSCBoard Development Kit offers a world-class, cost-effective, compact, and easy to integrate ASR solution. The NSCBoard provides a scalable and cost-effective Automatic Speech Recognition solution for voice driven services of wireless, Internet, and wireline telephony infrastructure vendors and application developers.
www.nsc.co.il / 972.3.951.9779

Diversified Technology Introduces New 1U And 2U Platforms
The CRM120A and CRM 220A are high-performance configurable rackmount server building blocks used by OEMs and next-generation system integrators addressing the telecommunication infrastructure market for applications like Web servers; VPN gateways; and cache, policy, and firewall servers. Based on the PICMG PCI/ISA open standard, the 1U/2U family provides a highly configurable and customizable platform set to match customer requirements.
www.dtims.com / 800.443.2667

RADVision Unveils SIP Toolkit
The Express SIP toolkit is part of RADVision's complete SIP solution which addresses the requirements of lightweight SIP-enabled applications. This nuclear SIP toolkit is ideal for developing products that require full User Agent functionality, but are limited in resources, particularly memory, such as wireless, handheld devices.
www.radvision.com / 201.529.4300

Bridgewater Systems Addresses Top Challenges Facing Wireless Service Providers
NetProfile Carrier Edition (CE) is a carrier-grade, profile-based solution that lets wireless service providers add new premium data and content services to their network quickly and easily, while enabling them to generate revenue from these new data services. The NetProfile CE software helps solve the three main challenges facing wireless service providers today: Increasing average revenue per user (ARPU); reducing customer churn; and adding additional, competitive value-based services.
www.bridgewater.com / 613.591.9104

Pulse's DSL Voiceband Filter
Two new DSL voice band filters, the DSL Rocket, an in-line DSL phone filter, and the DSL Launch Pad, a wall-mount version, from Pulse provide high-reliability filtering that meets or exceeds the current DSL ANSI T1E1.4 standard, which will ensure clear voice quality and interoperability with phone features such as Caller ID and call waiting.
www.pulseeng.com / 858.674.8100

Pika PrimeNet
MM Provides alexis With Next-Gen Multimedia Apps
With the PrimeNet MM platform, alexis can support up to 96 users on a conference call at any time, from anywhere in the world. With the ease of drag and drop functionality, users can communicate with each other from remote locations. Pika's PrimeNet MM family of resource cards delivers all the voice and conferencing capabilities required for the rich suite of alexis's unified communications software solution.
www.pikatech.com / 613.591.1555
www.com2001.com / 858.314.2100

ePureData Offers New Gateway: The RT-22V
The RT-22V is designed primarily for SOHO markets. It comes with two FXS ports to be connected directly to phone sets or fax machines. It can also serve as a remote site agent for RT-201V when a business deploys VoIP/FoIP to its road warriors or telecommuters. The RT-24V focuses on the SMB markets and allows up to four port analog connections. The unit comes with two FXO ports and two FXS ports for users to connect to PBX or phone and fax machines.
www.puredata.com / 949.754.3142

DreamCall, Innomedia, ISAO, and Sega Launch Free Internet Calling Service In Japan
ISAO Corporation, one of the fastest growing service providers in Japan; Sega, a pioneer in the network gaming arena; and InnoMedia, a leading supplier of Internet telephony appliances, business solutions and services; have announced the immediate availability of the DreamCall Internet calling service. The service is offered through DreamCall Corporation, a joint venture among ISAO, Sega and InnoMedia Pte Ltd. "InnoMedia is proud to further its relationship with ISAO and Sega. The DreamCall Corporation joint venture allows us to deliver high-quality VoIP services to millions in the Japanese market," states InnoMedia CEO and co-founder Kai-Wa Ng.
www.innomedia.com / 408.432.5400

Ixthos Announces 3G CompactPCI DSP Board
Four AltiVec PowerPC 7400/7410 processors at 400-600 MHz, providing over 16 GFLOPs of available DSP performance, Ixthos' Common Heterogeneous Architecture for Multi-Processing (CHAMP) architecture; and seven on-board, intelligent DMA controllers combine to make this board ideal for high-density advanced video, voice, and data convergence.
www.ixthos.com / 703.779.7800

Natural MicroSystems "al'Italia"
NMS' Alliance Generation (AG) platform has been selected to handle speech recognition, media processing, and the high-capacity connections between the VoceViva Voice Portal application servers and telecommunications networks. VoceViva is expected to become the first pan-European voice portal as Tiscali extends the service to other nations served by the company's no-fee Internet access. Western Europe is considered an extremely promising landscape for voice portals with a cellular services subscriber base expected to top 300 million by 2004.
www.nmss.com / 800.533.6120

Optisphere Networks Offering Optical Cross-Connect
Based on OMM's 3-D MEMS technology, the TransXpress Optical Service Node is Optisphere's next-generation, all-optical cross-connect. The latest version of this OXC is designed for easy evolution in switching the higher volumes of traffic that will be traveling over these networks, and it helps pave the way towards all-optical switching.
www.optishere.com / 703.262.2602

Advantech PCM-9572F
With its small overall size and low power, Pentium III 500 MHz processor for data/graphics crunching capability, the PCM-9572F gives reliable, and multimedia ready service. The PCM-9572F is right at home in a wide range of dynamic, data-rich applications. With a PC/104-Plus socket, multiple high-speed PCI sockets, Advantech is excited to bring this new SBC to market.
www.advantech.com / 949.789.7178

Agilent Advisor -- Two New Test Applications
Two new test applications for the Agilent Advisor, the IP Telphony Analyzer and the IP Telephony Reporter, were designed to help network professionals quickly identify and measure voice quality across networks. The IP Telephony Analyzer automates the troubleshooting of networks suffering from jitter and packet loss. The IP Telephony Reporter brings together the system analysis into a singel report that baselines voice quality versus packet network metrics.
www.agilent.com / 800.452.4844

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