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Industry News
April 2001


Cisco Introduces New Level Of IP+Optical Strategy
With the introductions of the Cisco 12400 series Internet routers and the Cisco ONS 15327 metro edge optical transport platform, Cisco continues to improve high-speed interfaces, flexible platforms, and cutting-edge IP+Optical integration to service providers. Together, these offerings can create a next-generation infrastructure for the delivery of profitable services today and into the future.

Hammer CallMaster 2.5: Test Your IVR Apps
Empirix announces a new version of Hammer CallMaster, a testing tool for customer-facing telephony applications in contact centers, including IVR. With Hammer CallMaster 2.5, combined with the Hammer IT test platform, test development and execution time for new or modified IVR applications can be reduced by as much as 90 percent, making it possible to thoroughly test frequently changing IVR applications prior to deployment.

Versatility and Reliability In Your Backplane
The Carlo Gavazzi Mupac CompactPCI backplane allows 64-bit operations, hot swapping, and bridging with right-, left-, or center-justified CPU slots. Constructed using a combined stripline and microstrip technique with 100 percent level 3 testing, they are compliant with IEEE 1101.10 and 1101.11. Available in 3U, 4U, 6U, and 7U and ranging in height from 5.25" to 12.25", these backplanes can be configured with two to 16 slots.

AudioCodes To Market Clarent ThroughPacket
In order to reduce network congestion for companies providing IP-based communication services, Audiocodes has been licensed to market Clarent ThroughPacket technology on a worldwide basis. The agreement will enable basic interoperability of Clarent's VoIP gateways, and will allow users of AudioCodes TrunkPack boards to take advantage of interoperability with Clarent's ThroughPacket technology. 

Natural MicroSystems Teams With SpeechWorks
Natural MicroSystems's HearSay telephony platform and the SpeechWorks 6.5 speech recognition engine will be integrated at the API level. The integrated platform will provide a feature-rich and robust base for the increasingly popular array of speech-driven applications that allow a company's customers to do business using everyday language over the phone.

Enhanced Lumos TelecomManagement Server
Lumos proudly introduces the Element Manager Edition of their popular TMS for network equipment vendors. TMS incorporates a scalable, distributed framework and offers standardized services for topology management, fault management, provisioning, logging, and device discovery. As a run-time configurable telecom management server, and with 100 percent Java implementation, it is an easy and quick route to system management.

Performance Technologies Introduces IP Network Alternative to Dedicated SS7 Links
Segway, PTI's new SS7/IP interworking device, enables wireless and wireline operators to offload the growing amount of long-haul SS7 traffic currently carried over costly, dedicated SS7 links to lower-cost IP networks. Already deployed in several locations, Segway allows an economical and reliable solution to SS7 traffic.

Alcatel Pushes VoIP Into Branch Offices
Alcatel has unveiled the new and improved OmniPCX 4400, an IP-based private communications exchange that brings remote branch offices lower communications costs, enhances services, and improved voice quality over IP, can scale from 50 to 50,000 users, and is based on five-nines reliability.

BellSouth And IBM Team Up
BellSouth and IBM have formed an alliance to deliver turnkey e-business solutions to small and mid-sized companies throughout the Southeast. The alliance extends BellSouth's e-Platform strategy and state-of-the-art hosting centers in Atlanta and Miami, and builds on IBM's strength in the e-business marketplace to bring reliable and cost-effective e-Business Infrastructure solutions to new markets. The alliance includes sales, marketing and business development initiatives that will leverage IBM's and BellSouth's extensive network of distribution partners who sell to businesses in the region.

APEX Voice Communications and Globalstar de Mexico Team Up
APEX Voice Communications, a leading supplier of enhanced services and billing solutions for network service providers worldwide, today announced that Globalstar de M�xico, part of Globalstar's international consortium and the first satellite telephony service provider in Mexico, has selected the APEX Billing, Prepaid and Messaging Systems for its network, after evaluating some of the industry's leading solutions. In addition to increasing its current billing capacity, the APEX platforms will enable Globalstar to add prepaid calling and unified messaging to its service offerings, with unified messaging offered on both a prepaid and postpaid basis. The APEX platforms will integrate with Globalstar's existing SS7-based network.

VirtualComSuite Gives New Customers To Service Provider
VirtualComSuite, by VirtualCom combines the power of the Internet with telecommunications to offer enterprises a unified communications service that will dramatically increase productivity by making technology easier to use while at the same time providing significant cost savings. VirtualComSuite includes: Uni-number, which controls call-receiving with one-number access to home, work, mobile, fax, and pager; unified messaging; unified calling and unified enterprise services.

Blue Wave Grows With 3G Swell
Blue Wave Systems, Inc., recently launched the ComStruct CPCI/C6800, which is designed to enable third generation (3G) developers to realize a greater than four times increase in base station transceiver (BTS) channel density, thereby enhancing network capacity and accelerating 3G rollout. Blue Wave is the first company to announce a commercial off the shelf CompactPCI platform based on the recently launched TMS320C6415 and TMS320C6416 digital signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments.

Qpass and SkyGo Team To Add Commerce Functionality
Qpass, a leader in digital commerce services, and SkyGo, a wireless marketing team, announced an agreement to provide merchants with an end-to-end solution for wireless marketing and m-commerce. This alliance will help unlock the revenue potential of the wireless Web by driving and facilitating m-commerce transactions from promotion to fulfillment. 

Ariel Announces High Density CompactPCI Solution: RS4200C
"The RS4200C is ideal for technical OEMs and integrators who are building carrier-class network access systems for ISPs, CLECs and other service providers," said Ned Viands, product manager for technical OEM products at Ariel Corporation. "The RS4200C is hot-swappable, provides easy access to rear-panel I/O, and features an industry standard H.110 interface, all of which are essential to building a scalable, high-density, high-availability, telco-grade network access solution."

Synergex Selects iConverse to Provide Wireless Access
Synergex International Corp. has selected the iConverse wireless application platform to mobilize its professional services, sales force automation, and financial enterprise applications, giving its employees the ability to interact with the enterprise when in the field.

Avanade Picks Shoreline Communications For Voice Deployment
Shoreline's IP voice communication system fits seamlessly into Avanade's distributed network and provides a flexible, powerful, and future proof communication solution that enables Avanade's expansion and global integration. Avanade has made a conscientious enterprise-wide decision to move away from the legacy PBX in favor of Shoreline's IP voice communications system. 

NeTrue Launches VoIP Solution For Pre-Paid Industry
The integrated solution incorporates models from the N-Solution Series (including billing, call-authentication and authorization services) in a Web-based customer care solution. The hardware and software integration is pre-performed, providing customers with a solution that is operational immediately upon installation.

TreNew Joins Forces With Bustronics And Elma
The two backplane companies will combine several facets of their operations; including production capabilities, engineering resources, volume purchasing, and shared product lines. The acquisition was officially completed on January 1, 2001. Over the next few months, the companies will work together implementing the resource sharing plans.
www.bustronic.com / www.trenew.com / www.elma.com

Voice Enabled E-Mail Access Available From LogicTree
LogicTree Corporation is happy to announce that its Voxmail solution for providing voice access to e-mail over any phone is ready for general release. By dialing a designated number, Voxmail users can completely manage their existing e-mail accounts with no infrastructure or equipment upgrades needed for the ISP. The solution is open architecture standards based, and allows ISPs to develop custom applications with the same relative ease of developing a Web page.

ePUREDATA Is Gigabit, Fiber Ready
The new gigabit Ethernet backbone switch from ePUREDATA will provide a 64 GBPS backplane fabric for mission-critical networks using hardware-based Layer 3 switching technology to offer complete IP routing, IP multicast, and QoS functionality. The switch is capable of routing up to 20 million packets per second. The cost of these solutions, available in six and 12 port packages, are very competitive for budget driven and bandwidth sensitive businesses.

Shunra Unleashes New STORM
Shunra's new STORM model ST2-002, designed for smaller enterprises that require advanced WAN emulation, contains the same software and features as the enterprise level STORM, but with two 10Mbps ports instead of four or eight ports. Shunra created WAN emulation software for companies to test and analyze their IP-based applications early in the development cycle in order to troubleshoot specific WAN-related issues.

Wireless LAN/WAN VoIP From Cirillium
Cirillium announces a VoIP solution for wireless LAN and WAN infrastructures. The wireless capability is an enhancement to Cirillium's current Power~Suite IP telephony product line. Cirillium's wireless solution allows mobile workers to make and receive telephone calls over a shared wireless infrastructure using the 802.11b standard.

Glenayre Technologies Partners With GroupServe
Through this relationship, @ctiveLink module users will benefit from added functionality of GroupServe's GroupPort solution, providing teams with an easily-managed, centralized location for data and information that can be accessed via any wireless device, such as PDAs and WAP-enabled phones. "Our alliance with GroupServe provides Glenayre @ctiveLink module customers with an effective business tool for information management," said Jim Kelly, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Glenayre.

Unisphere Networks Pushes Service To The Edge
The newest version of the Unisphere Management Center Service Selection Software delivers an integrated service creation and management system that gives service providers a new set of tools designed to enhance subscriber service management and improve delivery, reliability, and time to revenue for new service offerings. By pushing these services to the edge of the network and decoupling them from the underlying infrastructure, the SSC's customer portal empowers end-users to select and manage a variety of carrier-defined services.

AT&T Launches VoIP Business Portfolio
AT&T announces its first VoIP retail services for business, available immediately with two of AT&T's managed router services. The new VoIP option allows businesses to combine voice, fax, and data traffic on a single integrated IP connection, managed by AT&T, who plan on adding VoIP to its entire portfolio of managed network services over the coming year. Available now is the Managed Internet Service and the Managed Router Service.

Advantech's High-Performance Pentium III SBC
The PCA-6180 provides dependable and stable performance for a variety of sophisticated Internet, telephony, and telecommunications applications, as well as for rugged system implementations. Using the Intel 815E chipset and a Socket 370 Pentium III processor in the flip-chip package, the PCA-6180 has full support for dual 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX networking via the onboard Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet controller.

COMGATES Protocol Mediator
The CVPM4500 Protocol Mediator, a new product designed to provide IP telephony carriers with interoperability between the ever-increasing number of VoIP protocols and platforms, was developed for next-generation carriers who are solely in the IP universe and require "Multi-Protocol on-the-fly" capabilities and interoperability between the various flavors of H.323 and SIP.

Mind CTI and CTI2 Team To Deliver MIND-iPhonEX
MIND-iPhonEX and W.W.Office systems, are now available to service providers to enable the deployment of new personalized service packages accessible for any communication device, over any communication environment, from anywhere in the world. The joint solution enables service providers to deploy and bill for innovative, value-added services personalized for their subscribers, such as IP-based unified messaging, instant messaging, presence management, e-/m-commerce, and information services.

Rapid5 Networks Introduces Convergence Platform: RCP-700
The RCP-700 Rapid Convergence Platform provides Internet traffic offload, multi-service gateway functionality and broadband access capabilities, which are all key steps in the creation of the all-packet, next generation network, without requiring forklift NGN changeovers.

VMIC Introduces CompactPCI SBC With Rear I/O
The VMICPCI-7715 brings the Intel FC-PGA Pentium III processor to the CompactPCI bus, offering processor speeds up to 850 Mhz, all in a single-slot system controller featuring a rear I/O-based design. With up to 512 Mbyte SDRAM, on-board Fast Ethernet, 16550-compatible serial ports, and a variety of system support options, the VMICPCI-7715 comes complete to help cover all the killer apps of the coming age.

AP Engines Unveils AP Quicklink
The AP Quicklink, AP Engines' newest usage mediation adapter program, is designed to meet the needs of softswitch, Internet offload switch, and peripheral device vendors so that they may collect usage information from the network elements needed to support new services.

Nuera's ORCA SSC Softswitch Interoperates With Legacy Equipment
Worldquest Network is employing the ORCA SSC to handle the call control and signaling services in a network of Nuera's ORCA GX-2312 and F200SIP gateways. The Softswitch communicates with the gateways using industry-standard MGCP and SIP. The result is a fully integrated legacy/next-generation network running live using an open protocol.

I-Bus/Phoenix Introduces The GP1013X
CompactPCI SBCs are the business these days, and I-Bus/Phoenix enters the fray with a single or dual slot Pentium III or Celeron CPU, 12-slot CompactPCI backplane, flexible, full hot-swappable development system -- the GP1013X. The GP1013X is easily migrated from a system development to a production product.

Compaq To Promote AVVID
Compaq will promote the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data), which provides enterprises with pre-tested, integrated, open systems networked solutions. The alliance enables Cisco and Compaq to jointly work to ease a customer's transition from legacy PBX systems to the new AVVID-based IP Telephony solution.

Avaya Extends Business Reach With New IP Protocol Apps
A new innovative service offering from Avaya provides new and enhanced applications for the ECLIPS (Enterprise Class Internet Protocol Solutions) portfolio of IP telephony and multi-service networking products, applications, and services, which will help enterprise customers to extend their ability to reach, and be reached by, customers.

Centillium Supports VoIP and VoATM For The Enterprise
Centillium has launched a set of chips with various channel densities which are ideally suited for iPBX devices and IADs for enterprises. The Entropia product is a truly complete system-on-a-chip, making it easy and economical for customers to integrate voice and data functionality in one compact and convenient piece of equipment. Voice over Packet (VoP) allows flexibility and field-upgradability for future voice coders, network protocols, and other features.

congruency's VoIP Platform and i.Picasso 6000 IP Phone
congruency, Inc. announces the commercial availability of its VoIP communications software platform, infrastructure services, and touch-screen i.Picasso 6000 IP phone. By providing advanced end-to-end services for broadband service providers, congruency offers a scalable and complete VoIP solution.

Ariel Offers 240 PSTN Calls On A Single 6U Card
"The RS4100C's robust packaging, high-port density, standard interfaces, and programmability make it ideal for designers of high-density, high-availability voice and data processing systems who require E1/T1 connectivity and telco quality," said Ned Viands, product manager for technical OEM products at Ariel Corp. "In addition to packing eight T1/E1 interfaces onto a single PCI card, the RS4100C is hot swappable."

Lucid Voice Introduces IPico
Lucid Voice Ltd., has recently launched the newest addition to its IPico family of products; the new IPico supports voice and data convergence over point-to-multipoint wireless networks. IPico is an ideal solution for businesses that need to connect several sites in order to form a unified platform for voice and data services.

Toshiba's New Strata
New with Strata CS Version 4.0 are: IP telephony, expanded ACD features, enhanced client interface to improve ease of use, and compatibility with Toshiba's digital telephones. These significant new upgrades make the Strata CS 4.0 a smart choice for small- to medium-sized businesses that want their telephones integrated with their PCs to maximize communication and improve customer service.

Two Servers In 1U!
Siliconrax-Slinger announces DEMI, a scalable and cost-effective two servers in a 1U turnkey server appliance. Utilizing the latest Intel Pentium III processor technology, this high-density rackmount server offers capability up to 160 DEMI server appliances per standard 40U rack cabinet, at a very low price.

Voyant Instant Conferencing Solution
Voyant's Instant Conferencing Solution is testing and interoperating with industry leaders including Pingtel, Firetalk, telecom technologies, empowerTel, Sonus, dynamicsoft, Longboard, and Broadsoft after more than 14 months of development. The Instant Conferencing solution enables on-demand, instant n-way collaboration capabilities using SIP.

Brooktrout Technology Launches New SS7 Products
The NS700 Series of SS7 products and services provides SS7 functionality, and enables a full range of advanced technology in conjunction with the TrxStream Series and Netaccess Series. Customers can now rely on a single vendor to provide their media processing, line interface, and SS7 signaling solutions.

Syndeo Provides Class 5 Services On The Road
Syndeo's new Mobile Telephony Console, an optional adjunct to the Syion 426, is a downloadable java applet that enables all 26 of Syndeo's Class 5 services to go anywhere with the mobile user. Any convenient PSTN phone can automatically be equipped with the calling services the user regularly enjoys on his office phone, including blocking or accepting calls based on contact-based preferences and distinctive rings for specified callers.

SS8 SignalingSwitch
The SS8 SignalingSwitch is a carrier-class IP signaling transfer point for large scale IP telephony SIP and H.323 networks. Available for shipping now, the SignalingSwitch offers high-density call processing and advances route management for both SIP and H.323 networks. Combining SIP proxy server, redirect server, and SIP registrar functions with comprehensive H.323 Gatekeeper features, the platform helps set standards for reliability and scalability in IP networks.

Stream Machine Enables Digital Media Throughout Your Networked Home
Stream Machine announces a reference design that captures, stores, and streams digital media throughout the home over a home network to PCs or other AV clients connected to today's TV or stereo system. The Maestro Reference Design, available in the first quarter of 2001, is based upon the Stream Machine SM2110 video codec, an MPEG2 compression/decompression chip now in full production.

TMS320C6x DSPs To Revolutionize 3G Apps
Texas Instruments, Inc., has three new DSPs that operate at a speed of up 600 MHz, maximize channel density in communications infrastructure, and reduce time to market. Consuming one third of the power, these new chips will also feature system-level integration for reduced system costs and faster time to market.

Marconi Provides Ethernet-Based Enterprise Voice Solution
An Ethernet version of Sphericall was released by Marconi in order to deliver advanced broadband applications at a lower cost than traditional PBX solutions and can be added to most existing LANs without new investment in LAN or private branch exchange infrastructure. The Sphericall expands the choices for enterprises to reduce network costs while adding advanced telephony applications.

dynamicsoft-Powered Terminations/Origination Solution
Combining infrastructure elements from dynamicsoft and its dynamicsoft NetValue Partner Program members, the dynamicsoft-powered Terminations/Origination Solution gives carriers a comprehensive solution to routing calls from IP-based devices to the PSTN as well as to assigning phone numbers to IP devices so that they can receive regular phone calls.

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