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February 2003

Media Servers

aTelo Media Server (aMS)
aTelo, Inc.
2107 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 301
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel.: 703-276-9000

The aTelo Media Server (aMS) is a packet-based, software-only media processor designed to simplify the development and deployment of next-generation telephony services. The aMS provides a full set of media processing functionality, including recording, playback, DTMF, speech recognition, text to speech, and conferencing. All aMS functionality can be accessed using standard Web development tools, allowing the large community of Web developers to leverage their skills to create feature rich telephony services. The software-only design of the aMS, its HTTP-based application programming interface, and the fact that it is a fully functional SIP endpoint afford a number of advantages, including:

� Easy application development;

� Freedom from proprietary hardware requirements;

� Deployment flexibility;

� Cost-effectiveness;

� Carrier grade scalability and reliability; and

� Customizable functionality.

aTelo believes that its software-only approach to media processing is the direction in which the industry must migrate as it leverages advances in VoIP technologies and CPU design to deliver more powerful media processing.


Cognitronics Exchange Series

Cognitronics Corporation

3 Corporate Dr.

Danbury, CT 06810

Tel.: 203-830-3400


The Cognitronics Exchange Series is a family of scalable, standards-based media servers, designed to deliver the full range of voice and media services solutions in both traditional circuit switched networks and the most advanced VoIP and ATM packet switched environments.

CX Series Network Media Servers are NEBS compliant, carrier class platforms, delivering high levels of performance and reliability. CX Series systems provide N+1 redundancy at the component and system level providing a zero downtime environment in properly configured redundant systems installations. The CX Series offers a flexible and affordable growth path in a wide range of circuit switched and packet network environments. The CX Series can grow with a network�s performance, capacity, and reliability needs, and features:

� Multiple simultaneous switch interfaces;

� Standards based interfaces;

� Packet network support;

� AIN Intelligent Peripheral support;

� Multiple network interfaces;

� Multiple simultaneous applications;

� Advanced network management;

� Affordable, scalable family of products; and

� N+K redundant components and systems.

Application Services Broker 3.0
Ubiquity Software Corporation
3 Lagoon Dr., Ste. 345
Redwood City, CA 94065
Tel.: 650-413-7100

Ubiquity Software recently unveiled SIP application server support for 3G mobile networks with its latest offering, Application Services Broker 3.0 (ASB 3.0). The new version enriches the platform�s service creation toolkit and extends support to the mobile marketplace by implementing the 3GPP standards-based ISC interface. These new capabilities enable the ASB to serve as the application server for 3G mobile networks, enabling cost-effective, efficient deployment of IP multimedia services over both mobile as well as fixed-line networks.

ASB 3.0 also brings forth new application development tools that enable delivery of services such as Programmable IVR and Rich Media Conferencing, in addition to the rich set of tools already available such as Presence Management and Instant Messaging to enable developers to quickly build real world converged applications.

IPmedia 2000

AudioCodes, Inc.

2890 Zanker Rd., Ste. 200

San Jose, CA 95134

Tel.: 408-577-0488


AudioCodes� IPmedia platform is designed to allow OEMs to provide sophisticated content and services that create revenue streams and customer loyalty. The IPmedia platforms interface both IP and switched-circuit telephony modules, saving footprint and slot space while providing voice and fax processing capabilities to enable an architecture for development and deployment of services.

AudioCodes� IPmedia 2000 is the entry-level member of the AudioCodes family of market-ready, standards compliant media server systems. The IPmedia 2000 addresses the cost sensitive lower end of service deployments with flexible densities of up to 480 ports. It is capable of supporting a variety of media processing functions such as DTMF, prompts and announcements playback, audio recording, conferencing, transcoding, and speech recognition. As such, the IPmedia 2000 is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of VoIP applications in a 1U chassis at a competitive price point.

The IPmedia 2000 ranges in densities from 64 ports to 480 ports and is controlled by a variety of control protocols including SIP, MGCP, and Megaco. In addition, extensive media processing functions are supported including DTMF, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), T.38 and T.37 fax, conference mixing, transcoding of various vocoders including G.723, G.726, G.729, GSM, AMR, EVRC, QCELP, and audio playback and record.


Convedia CMS-6000

Convedia Corporation

4190 Still Creek Dr., Ste. 300

Vancouver, BC

Canada, V5C 6C6

Tel.: 604-918-6300


Convedia�s CMS-6000 Media Server is a carrier-class VoIP enhanced service media processor designed for use in a broad range of traditional and emerging enhanced services delivered over cable, wireline, and wireless networks. Designed specifically for next generation packet networks, the CMS-6000 gives service providers a modular, softswitch compliant platform for delivering media-intensive, real-time enhanced services such as multimedia conferencing, speech processing, interactive voice response, unified messaging, voice portals, IP Centrex, and announcement services. Delivering up to 18,000 ports in a single shelf, Convedia�s CMS-6000 offers unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability.

Total cost of ownership is reduced by consolidating the functions of traditional announcement servers, conference bridges, interactive voice response units (IVR/VRU), messaging platforms, and speech platforms onto a single, scalable platform purpose-built for IP media processing. Convedia�s CMS-6000 acts as a shared media processing resource controlled by softswitches or application servers in a voice over packet next generation network. Functionality is controlled using industry standard control protocols including MGCP, SIP/VoiceXML, PacketCable NCS, or Megaco/H.248.


snom 4S Media Server

snom technology America

ABP International, Inc.

1203 Crestside Dr.

Coppell, TX 75019

Tel.: 972-831-0280



The snom 4S media server is a turnkey solution for handling media in SIP environments. Using the SIP protocol the media server can be used with software solutions like Microsoft Messenger or with a variety of hard phones like the snom 100 and 200. The media server can be used with the snom 4S SIP Proxy/Registrar as well as with other SIP proxies, registrars, and location servers. It is able to play and record audio, to react on user input, and to control the calls.

Its behavior is controlled with XML files, which make it a flexible solution to a wide range of requirements. The media server detects both inband and out of band DTMF (RFC2833). Callers can use different codecs like G.711 and GSM (G.729A in preparation). Both Windows and Linux operating systems based on Intel 386 compatible CPUs are supported.

Experienced users can extend the functionality of the media server by recording new WAV audio files and by setting up own account types in XML files. This way functions like wake up services and calling card can be implemented. Using the media server together with a forking proxy like the snom 4S Proxy/Registrar, call distribution can be implemented. The media server can be used in a server farm for maximum scalability. It supports DNS SRV, loose routing, and TCP transport layer for maximum compatibility with other SIP components.


Harmony 6000

IP Unity

475 Sycamore Dr.

Milpitas, CA 95035

Tel.: 408-582-1100


The Harmony6000 media server is designed for high-speed, high-volume media processing. The carrier grade platform is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of delivering services such as interactive voice response (IVR), conference bridge, tones, announcements, recording, automated speech recognition, transcoding, text-to-speech, fax, and the like, on a single platform. The Harmony6000 consists of a multi-slot NEBS-compliant chassis with redundant controller and media-processing cards.

The Harmony6000 media server communicates using industry standard protocols and can be controlled by any softswitch or application server. The Harmony6000 media server is a stateless platform that facilitates implementation of third-party development without additional changes to the software framework and promotes customization for enhanced services. IP Unity�s Harmony6000 is designed for central office environments; the unit meets or exceeds all applicable NEBS Level 1-3 and other regulatory requirements, as well as provides the 99.999 percent reliability that is truly carrier class.


Interactive Multimedia Server

Nortel Networks

8200 Dixie Road

Brampton, ON

Canada L6T 5P6

Tel.: 905-863-0000


Nortel�s Interactive Multimedia Server (IMS) is a carrier-grade application server designed to run on an open computing platform. The IMS supports true carrier-grade reliability, scalability, and manageability. SIP-based services delivered from the IMS are largely independent of the accessing technology -- giving users the option of delivering services across wireline, wireless, carrier, and enterprise networks.

The Interactive Multimedia Server is designed to enable a vast array of new services that enhance personal productivity, mobility, and personalization. Collaborative services, such as multimedia conferencing and screen sharing, increase productivity. �Anywhere� access to services -- independent of location and network type -- enhances mobility and freedom. A simplified Web interface, customizable by the user, personalizes the communications experience. Specific functionality includes session management, user authentication, subscriber databases, user agent management, system management, and a programmability toolkit.



SnowShore Networks

285 Billerica Rd.

Chelmsford, MA 01824

Tel.: 978-367-8400


The SnowShore N20 media server is a carrier-class, IP optimized media processing platform that enables service providers to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage multiple enhanced services in next generation networks. Capable of supporting single or multiple application servers, the SnowShore N20 is a core element of the emerging service-ready network.

The N20 Media Server features a carrier-class, purpose-built hardware design, open protocols, flexible software architecture and unique media processing resources. It is a future-proof platform that enables service providers to deploy traditional enhanced telephony applications, such as conferencing and messaging, as well as next generation converged services, such as voice portals and network gaming.

The N20 supports multiple control protocols including SIP, VXML, and MGCP enabling carriers to rapidly deploy multiple, innovative applications from best in class third-party developers. Because the N20 IP interfaces are compatible with a wide range of access gateways, these applications can be deployed across heterogeneous access (wireline, wireless, broadband) networks, realizing the IP promise of any service to any subscriber anywhere.


InnoVox 4000

Voyant Technologies, Inc.

1765 West 121st Ave.

Westminster, CO 80234

Tel.: 303-223-5000


InnoVox 4000 extends the capabilities of ReadiVoice, Voyant�s on-demand reservation-less conferencing application, to provide customers with a large capacity solution in the most space-efficient footprint.

InnoVox 4000 offers up to 4,032-port capacity per single bridge, occupying less than 30 percent of a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Customers can also deploy multiple bridges to achieve up to 20,000 ports in a single system, using Voyant�s SS7 call routing technology. Since ReadiVoice supports both non-routed and routed calls, customers receive optimal performance, increased reliability and maximum uptime from each and every system. ReadiVoice is completely compatible with all of Voyant�s existing conferencing media servers, including the latest InnoVox 4000 and previously released InnoVox 480. Therefore, customers can select the most appropriate media server based on their needs, which will allow for greater flexibility in each deployment of ReadiVoice. In addition, InnoVox 4000 will offer a wide range of connectivity options (DS3, T1, E1, J1 and IP) and a 95 percent reduction in cable complexity, creating a more serviceable, reliable, cost-effective system.

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