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Special Focus: Product Of The Year Awards
January 2002


Special Focus: Product Of The Year AwardsIt hardly seems possible that another year has passed us by. 2001 will forever be remembered not just as a year of unimaginable tragedy, but also a year in which people of widely varying backgrounds found cause to stand together in the face of common adversity.

It was also a year in which the fortunes of many telecom vendors took a turn for the worse. Layoffs, missed financials, or worse � the wholesale shuttering of doors � became an all too common story as 2001 waned. According to various sources online, the number of layoffs since the beginning of the recent decline on Wall Street neared a total of a million people. Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, and all the rest of the �poster children� for the heady days of �irrational exuberance� all experienced precipitous drops in their stock prices as the overall markets tanked. As we write these words, Dialpad Communications, one of the darlings of last year�s Product of the Year list, is awash in rumors of impending demise.

But there was still much to be optimistic about in 2001. Growing pains notwithstanding, the Internet telephony industry seemed suddenly mature, and shed � once and for all � its hobbyist image. Marketing types stopped hyping the tired �technology wars� (IP versus ATM; H.323 versus SIP; etc�) and focused instead on the truly encouraging message of 2001: Customer success stories. Vendors of all stripes went from limited beta trials to general availability of a tremendous number of products. Market research studies declared the share of international phone-to-phone traffic sent over IP networks increased to an estimated six percent of the world�s total in 2001. Internet telephony service providers now talk in terms of billons of billable minutes annually.

And so, the editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY� are proud to present the best of 2001. This list should be construed as a starting place for those of you looking to take the plunge into the world of next-generation packet telephony. While hardly exhaustive, this list is a great place to begin your search for the solution that will ultimately serve to fill your unique needs. We remind everyone to do their homework, research these companies thoroughly, follow up, and most importantly: Check out those customer references! 

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Billing/Mediation XACCT Network2 Business Platform
  digiquant IMS 4.0
  Openet Telecom FusionWorks
  Convergys Atlys 7.0
  Apogee Networks NetCountant
Class 5 Alternatives Telica Plexus 9000
  Clarent Clarent Open Access
  MetaSwitch  VP 3000
  Taqua OCX
Customer Interaction Solutions Cisco  IP Contact Center (IPCC)
  Prairie Fyre CyberACD Suite
  VocalCom Hermes Pro
  Cosmocom Cosmocom Universe v4
  [email protected] CallCenter Anywhere 4.0
  Cintech NetVIA Integration Facility
  Vocalscape VocalConnect
Development Tools Brooktrout   TR2020
  NMS Communications  PacketMedia 
  RADVision  SIP Toolkit 
Industrial Computers/
High Availability Platforms
I-Bus  IBP 2901 
  GNP   Continuant Cluster Suite
  Motorola Computer Group  MXP 
  SBS Technologies  CP61016 
  Axiom  AX6113
  Elma  9U 2.16 CompactPCI Development Chassis 
IP Phones  Unidata  IPW 2000 
  Avaya  4600 IP Phones
with PDA Dialer 
  Siemens  OptiPoint 400 
  Hippo  250EP 
IP PBX System Alcatel  OmniPCX 4400 
  Vertical Networks Instant Office 
  Shoreline   Shoreline 3 (Advanced Call Manager)
  Ericsson  Enterprise MD 110 Compact
  3Com  NBX 25 Communications System 
  ESI  ESI-IP 200 
Media Server IP Unity  Harmony 6000 
  Mockingbird Networks  NuvoStream Media
Services Gateway 
  Cognitronics  CX 4000 
  Convedia  CMS-6000 
Multimedia Conferencing  Voyant Technologies  ReadiVoice IP 
  Starbak Communications  Torrent CE 
  Eyeball Networks  Eyeball Chat 2.0 
  VCON  Media Xchange Manager 
"On the Edge� Integral Access  PurePacket Compact 
  Telco Systems  EdgeLink T5Pro 
  Unisphere Networks  ERX-1440 
  Vpacket  6100 Series Voice/Data Router 
  Mediatrix  MediaTrix 1124
Performance Monitoring/
Network Management/QoS 
Brix Networks BrixWorx 1.2 
  Kagoor Networks  VoiceFlow 
  NetIQ  VoIP Assessor 
  Acterna  CycloneVoIP 
  Visual Networks  Visual IP Insight v5.5 
  DMC Stratex Networks  ProVision 2.1 
Power Protection/Management  APC  MX06-100 
  MGE UPS Systems  Comet EXtreme 
  Astec Power  Breaker Interface Panel 
Service Creation Broadsoft  Broadworks 
  net.com  SCREAM 100 
  APEX Voice  OmniVox 4.1 
Service Providers iBasis  The iBasis Network 
  ITXC  ITXC.net 
  Anyuser.com  Anyuser CyberTelco 
Single-Board Computers  CG Mupac  CSBCP2BX370 Series 
  Trenton Technology  CPLE 
  Technoland  TL-SBC 8000 
Softswitch  Coppercom   Local Exchange Softswitch
  Oresis  ISIS 700 
  VocalTec  Vocaltec Softswitch
Architecture Series 3000 
  Convergent Networks  ServiceWorks 
SS7 Products  Performance Technologies  MicroLegend Signaling Blade 
  Tekelec  IP7 Secure Gateway 
  Intel  DSC310
Testing Tools  Catapult  DCT 2000 
  Agilent  NgN Analysis System 
  Delta Information Systems   EM 323 Emulator/
Call Generator 
  Empirix  Hammer Real Streamer 
  Net Test  SIP  Conformance Suite 
Other Innovative Products/Services Telstrat  IDVR 
  InnoMedia   BuddyTalk
  ICS Advent/Caldera  Business Critical Linux Platform 
  Indigo Software  Indigo PIM Client 
  Vbrick Systems  EtherneTV 
  Aravox  Network Services Platform 
  Interactive Intelligence  Service Interaction Center

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