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Customer Inter@ction Solutions News
November 2001

New Products

New Products

Quescom Offers Incremental VoIP Solutions
The French company QuesCom has made available its NextBX IP Telephony Architecture, a suite of software applications and services designed to enable a business to leverage its existing investment in PBX technology. It is an open architecture that takes advantage of businesses' existing PBX systems to enable them to run voice over IP (VoIP), and helps ISPs offer more cost-competitive solutions for long-distance voice communications. NextBX' architecture consists of SmartIAD (Integrated Access Devices) servers, an IP enabler for PBX systems and NextBX IP Telephony Services. As IP Telephony enablers, the QuesCom 500 and 600 SmartIAD (integrated access devices) servers convert telephone communications from traditional PSTN networks to IP packet-based infrastructures, with the 600 capable of handling up to 120 voice calls per server. These are designed to allow progressive migration of current communication systems to tomorrow's unified systems. Both the 500 and 600 models receive input as data and voice stream. Data are delivered by the local data infrastructure via a router or by taking IP packets directly from a LAN, using QuesCom's routing features. Voice is transmitted from the local PBX in digital or analog format from the opposite end.
www.quescom.com/+33 4 97 23 48 48

KANA Releases New iCARE Suite
KANA, a provider of external-facing eCRM solutions, has announced the release of its integrated iCARE suite. KANA iCARE (Intelligent Customer Acquisition and Retention for the Enterprise) is a Web-architected J2EE and COM eCRM suite that was designed to provide organizations with a scalable, external-facing contact center solution. The KANA iCARE suite is available as a complete suite or as individual products. The suite is a complete and fully integrated eCRM solution that includes a scalable contact center solution, an inbound and outbound e-mail management system, a robust knowledge base for self- and assisted-service and sophisticated marketing and analytics.

Authentify Enables Safer Online Transactions
Authentify, Inc., a provider of Internet identity solutions, has released Authentify|Register 2.0, as well as two new products, Authentify|Transact and Authentify|Telephone Data Services. Authentify|Register 2.0 is an automated authentication solution that enables organizations to perform real-time, two-factor user authentication during an Internet session via a standard Web browser and telephone line. During an Internet session, Authentify|Register places an automated, outbound telephone call to the user. Once connected, Authentify synchronizes the phone session with the Web session, and can capture a voice recording to strengthen the audit trail. Authentify has introduced Authentify|Transact as an automated transaction authorization tool.

Authentify|Transact verifies the identity of a user during a transaction such as credit card payment processing, online banking transactions or online trading, among others. During the transaction, Authentify|Transact places a phone call to capture an audit trail of the event. Both Authentify|Register and Authentify|Transact provide stronger audit trails than 'mail a PIN' processes or data entry alone. This is accomplished by demonstrating control of a valid phone number and enabling interactive, out-of-band confirmation coupled to the transaction. As an automated service, the process is completed at a lower cost than a live operator attempting to verify user information and without the risks of human error or social engineering. Authentify|Telephone Data Services, or TDS, is a complementary add-on service to Authentify|Register or Authentify|Transact. Authentify accesses a series of third-party databases, including Acxiom's InfoBase TeleSource, to complete a reverse lookup on the telephone number, and provides information regarding the provisionary characteristics and geographic location of a phone. TDS enables Authentify customers to appropriately manage the risks of establishing new relationships via the Internet.

Centerwheel Releases Enhanced Version Of Peer Support Solution
Centerwheel, a provider of Web-based collaboration and knowledge-sharing solutions, has announced the release of Centerwheel Resolution 2.0, an enhanced version of its peer support solution, which helps companies improve their support operations by enabling users to help each other rather than engaging company agents. Centerwheel Resolution 2.0 builds upon earlier releases by making it easier for users to find answers to their questions and for support administrators to monitor the resolution of user issues. Resolution 2.0 also offers increased flexibility for integrating the collaboration environment with other support systems, such as e-mail or call centers. Centerwheel Resolution 2.0 was designed to act as the first line of defense for technical support, letting users help themselves and each other find topical information and answers to all their questions. By implementing Centerwheel Resolution, companies can build a reusable knowledge base of questions and answers, which helps reduce the volume of incoming user inquiries that need to be handled by support representatives, which can result in cost savings and improved operational efficiencies. Centerwheel Resolution also offers competitive advantages in developer communities, where knowledge sharing and collaboration are critical to attracting and supporting active application developers. Centerwheel Resolution enables companies to build thriving developer communities that promote loyalty and application development.

TOPCALL Provides Enhanced Convenience For Computer-Telephony
TOPCALL International AG, parent company to TOPCALL Corporation in the Americas, has enhanced the functionality of its CTI module with the introduction of TOPCALL Snapware 4.0. The CTI solution now offers additional features like call tracking I.D. and chat functions, as well as incorporating a presence management server (PMS). The current version of TOPCALL Snapware was designed to combine convenience with functionality and facilitate the integration with CRM, ERP and messaging applications, or any other required business application. The new presence management server function helps ensure optimized customer management, allowing companies to automatically forward incoming calls to virtually any number. Incoming calls are no longer held in a queue or transferred to the switchboard, but processed automatically on the basis of individually defined profiles.

The software provides standard profiles (lunch break, vacation, meeting, etc.), as well as offering users the option of creating cyclic profiles. Once set up, the profile will then be applied at all times. Users can create a cyclic profile, whereby incoming calls are routed to a predefined number during a designated period of time. Alternatively, call diversion of incoming calls for individual members of staff can be set up through a number of different procedures. All incoming calls are automatically identified on the basis of predefined phone numbers. The new chat function offers advantages by enabling users to use a chat window to send quick messages to colleagues while they are on the phone. The call tracking I.D. function enables the call handler to trace each caller's particulars. Instead of a caller having to repeat the reason for the call, details of the call can now be stored through screen-to-screen transfers. The integration of a new partner bar in the CTI software offers users the option to set up workgroups and display the current staff status by means of icons. This shows, for instance, if a call center agent is in the process of making a call or talking to a customer.

France T'l'com Develops Multimedia Scarf
France T'l'com's research and development department has recently announced the development of a prototype multimedia communications scarf that offers many of the services expected with the new generation of mobile telephony (UMTS) systems. Housing a touch screen linked to a mini Web cam, the scarf functions as a permanent interface for receiving and sending spoken, written and visual information. In this way, everyone is able, at any time, to create a private space for themselves. Simple actions trigger different operations. When the collar of the scarf is raised, concealed earphones are positioned at ear level, while wrapping it around the neck places a microphone discreetly in front of the mouth. It is then easy to have a telephone conversation or, for the first time, a videophone conversation. Earphones also make it possible to listen to music. At this stage of development, the scarf is worn over a jacket that conceals in its lining a mini computer keyboard and a GSM phone. In the future, miniaturization will allow complete integration into the scarf, which will make it an ideal consumer product. Viewing films downloaded from the Internet, surfing favorite Web sites, sending e-mail or distributing photos instantly are additional benefits. Eventually, the scarf will act as a complete (and discreet) portable office, enabling wearers to be able to remain connected to their company network and access files, Intranets and other programs.

Avaya Offers IP Telephony To Small And Mid-Sized Businesses
Avaya, a provider of corporate networking solutions and services, has announced a new converged voice and data communications solution that aims to further demonstrate the company's commitment to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping to provide them with the networking and communications applications -- such as unified messaging, contact center services and Internet protocol (IP) telephony -- that large companies are using to drive sales results and improve communications. The new Avaya IP Office is optimized for up to 100 end users and/or 50 contact center agents, with expansion up to 180 end users or 75 agents. The new solution joins Avaya's Enterprise Class Internet Protocol Solutions (ECLIPS) portfolio of products, applications and services, and was designed to bring the sophistication of big-business voice and data communications to small and mid-sized business customers at an affordable price. Avaya IP Office is an 'all-in-one' voice, data and applications solution that can be tailored to suit the customer's needs. IP Office can function as an IP- or circuit-switched-PBX, complete with office communications applications for a single site; a compact remote office solution ideal for stand-alone branch office locations; and as a small, integrated contact center.

RightNow Web eService Center 5.0 Available
RightNow Technologies, a provider of Internet customer service solutions, has announced the latest release of its flagship application, RightNow Web eService Center 5.0. RightNow Web eService Center was launched as a complete solution for assisting customers via Web self-service, e-mail, live chat and phone. It aims to deliver a common knowledge base across all communications channels, helping enable companies to leverage a single support information repository. RightNow's self-learning knowledge base technology, which builds content based on customers' actual inquiries and interactions, can help reduce call center workloads by empowering customers to quickly find 75 to 90 percent of the answers to their questions online. This online self-service paradigm can result in substantial, quantifiable cost savings and service improvements for companies without requiring extensive up-front investments of time and effort. In addition to automatically building its knowledge base from day-to-day interactions with customers, the new release of RNW eService Center also automatically organizes that knowledge base into a logical, hierarchical structure based on the search and query terms that customers actually use. This user-driven structure makes it easier for customers to see what information is available online and lets them browse even the largest knowledge bases to quickly pinpoint the answers they seek. RightNow considers its automated structuring an improvement over conventional approaches to self-service content. RNW eService Center automatically creates browsable content areas that are labeled with the same words and phrases that customers themselves use. Additionally, it automatically re-structures content areas as required over time without requiring manual intervention by site managers or support staff.

Sound Advantage Releases New Version Of SANDi
Sound Advantage has announced the availability of SANDi 2.1, the latest version of Sound Advantage's speech-enabled unified communications solution. SANDi 2.1 incorporates enhancements and new features designed to improve the caller experience and provide greater efficiency for users in small to mid-sized companies. With SANDi 2.1, users will increase live call connections and avoid the 'voice mail jail' and phone tag that plagues business. From the employee perspective, SANDi can enable mobile workers such as salespeople, field technicians, delivery personnel and traveling business executives to always stay connected. SANDi helps encourage one-call access with speech-activated advanced call processing, plus the ability to send, receive and reply to voice mail, e-mail and faxes, all by voice. SANDi 2.1 facilitates live call connections through the use of the 'Locate' feature often referred to as 'Find Me/Follow-Me.' SANDi 2.1 aims to increase productivity, require little maintenance and integrate with legacy PBX and KTS systems.

Inter-Tel Announces General Availability Of Software Version 5.3
Inter-Tel, Inc. has announced the production release of Version 5.3 call processing software and Basic-Rate ISDN S/T and U-interface hardware for its Axxess and Eclipse communication platforms. The new software and hardware were designed to provide existing and future customers with new ISDN and system features to enhance single-site systems, multisite systems and call centers. All new systems will be shipped with the Version 5.3 software. Existing Axxess by Inter-Tel and Eclipse by Inter-Tel owners may add additional application value to their multilocation enterprises or domestic and global call centers by upgrading to this latest version of software. The Version 5.3 software and hardware release is another enhancement that aims to provide new features and capabilities to existing customers, thus adding value to and preserving their Inter-Tel platform investment

ServiceWare Introduces eService Accelerator Packages
ServiceWare Technologies, Inc., a provider of intelligent service applications, has announced eService Accelerator Packages that are designed to meet customers' needs for an aggressively priced, low-risk entry point for customer self-service and call center productivity. Based on its eService Suite product line and complemented by its professional services teams, ServiceWare's Accelerator Packages can help organizations address current market needs by achieving rapid success while minimizing costs. Based on ServiceWare's flagship eService Suite product line, which enables businesses to develop and manage a repository of knowledge to more effectively answer customer inquiries, the eService Accelerator Packages offer the strength of ServiceWare's MindSync search technology while using a reusable, templated services model, offering reductions in time and costs. AnswerSite is a self-service solution that can quickly and inexpensively provide customers and employees with access to knowledge-based service and support FAQs over the Web. AnswerCenter can help turn a company's call center into a knowledge-enabled contact center while leveraging existing investments and establishing a platform for growth across the enterprise. Answer360 provides a suite of self-service and call center interaction tools which were designed to help companies see measurable results immediately.
www.serviceware.com/ 800-572-5748

AvantGo Delivers Mobile Sales Application
AvantGo, Inc., a provider of mobile infrastructure software and services, is now shipping AvantGo Mobile Sales, a packaged mobile sales force automation application that wirelessly supports all of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, Microsoft Pocket PC-based and Palm OS-based handheld devices. The AvantGo Mobile Sales application is the first packaged mobile application from AvantGo. AvantGo Mobile Sales was designed to allow sales professionals to view and update critical sales information from leading customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Onyx, Oracle and Siebel Systems with their personal digital assistants and Internet-enabled phones. A stand-alone packaged application, AvantGo Mobile Sales provides wireless access to sales information, including opportunities, contacts, service requests and inventory. AvantGo's Mobile Sales product can help increase the ROI of existing CRM investments by allowing sales professionals to more effectively manage customer relationships while keeping sales management armed with up-to-date information, thereby boosting workforce productivity and effectiveness.

eMation Announces Availability Of Internet-Enabled SCADA Software
eMation Inc., a provider of device relationship management (DRM) solutions, has announced the worldwide availability of its next generation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, Wizcon 8.0. SCADA software is designed to provide an intelligent user interface between manufacturing, process and building automation systems and the people who operate and manage them. Wizcon 8.0 provides customers with a flexible Web-based decision support solution for controlling process and automation systems. This new release introduces new features designed to efficiently process and distribute real-time information, including advanced alarm management, enhanced security model and expanded supervisory applications. A key feature of any SCADA system is the ability to detect fault conditions and provide notification to the local operator. The new Advanced Alarm Management (AAM) system enables users to define and control alarm settings, as well as to access or receive urgent alarms and information through a variety of communications systems, such as fax, e-mail, voice mail, SMS or Web page. Logic scripts can be created to identify each alarm and send the correct message to the appropriate person at the right time. Once notified, users can access, view and control the process using a standard Web browser over an Internet or Intranet connection, without the need to install special plug-ins or additional software.

Prologue Software Introduces Web Demo
Prologue Software Group of France has announced the worldwide launch of Web Demo, a new communication software solution in the SpartaCom range. Web Demo is an Internet application that enables meeting organizers to show any application in real-time to a distant public by displaying their own screens on users' desktops over the Internet. Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or displays from any other software developed under any environment can be shown. Applications primarily concern e-conferencing, e-learning, online support for sales and online collaboration. The tool was designed for large corporations, government departments and software publishers that need to communicate rapidly with their personnel located at distant sites, clients or partners. It is particularly suited for training establishments or large companies for online e-training of staff who work at a distance from the head office. No software need be installed on remote workstations to use Web Demo. Developed by SpartaCom Technologies, a subsidiary of the Prologue Software Group, Web Demo offers a range of functions including the Viewport. This ensures the live screen broadcast and communication by voice and keyboard (keyboard chat), all in real-time. It can be used to assist Web-navigation and provides an e-whiteboarding capability with a range of annotation tools that the organizer can use on participants' screens, such as an eight-color virtual pencil and various predefined shapes. In addition, it allows rights to be delegated to a user who can in turn become the trainer.

ESI Announces New Workforce Optimization System
ESI, Expert Solutions International, has announced OptiWise, a new contact center workforce management and optimization system. OptiWise was designed to accurately forecast call volumes and automatically plan and schedule the right staff needed per shift. The system monitors the contact center operation in real-time, operating simulation tools for measuring cost savings. OptiWise adapts to changes in the business environment by automatically selecting the best-matched forecasting method for the specific contact center, out of dozens of 'built-in' methods. The product uses historical data to analyze the distribution of calls, trends and seasonal patterns. An optimal shift-planning tool automatically produces a list of optimal shifts, based on criteria such as company structure, customer types, work centers and maximum number of shifts. OptiWise offers a combined version for contact center and field service operation, a solution which is most suitable for utilities and telco companies. The optimal scheduling plan is based on the organization's policies, goals and employee preferences and breaks. The contact center manager can prioritize different organization and employee criteria. OptiWise allows employees to take part in the scheduling processes through e-Schedule, a Web-based interface. The product monitors contact center operations, comparing actual versus planned performance, creating same-day optimization and responding to ongoing changes. It monitors the costs related to the desired service level category, enabling the highest category's service level at the lowest cost, increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining customer loyalty.

youknowbest Announces New Product Detection Feature
youknowbest.com, Inc., a Web commerce service provider, has announced a new product detection feature for its Best Price Toolbar, part of its myList suite of tools available. The Best Price Toolbar, a free Internet Explorer browser add-on, can now recognize products on manufacturers' Web pages and provide a list of real-time prices and places to buy. The new product detection feature provides consumers using the Best Price Toolbar with the lowest price and multiple vendors for products they find at manufacturer and dealer sites. The new feature also supports youknowbest's continuing efforts to provide e-commerce tools and support for consumer goods manufacturers, allowing them to sell more products online while supporting their dealer chains. The Best Price Toolbar detects products at major manufacturer and e-retailer sites using a series of XML schema that define where the toolbar 'looks' to find relevant pieces of information on each Web page. To be detected and included in the youknowbest database, products must have four common features: a manufacturer name, model number, product name and a price. When a product is recognized on a Web page, the product name appears in the Best Price Toolbar and the toolbar begins to look for more prices and dealers. If multiple vendors for the product are found, the best price appears in red and becomes a hyperlink to a list of all dealers and their prices. If no other prices are found, the price found on the current product page appears in green and the page is added to the myList product database. Every time a Best Price Toolbar user looks at a product page not recognized by the database, a new product is added, fostering a peer-scaling environment. Initially, youknowbest is focusing on consumer electronics and computing manufacturers for product detection.

Harte-Hanks Unveils Allink Customer Data Management
Harte-Hanks, Inc., a provider of marketing database and customer relationship management (CRM) services, recently introduced its Allink Customer Data Management (CDM) solution. Allink CDM provides a blend of professional services and software tools that can help businesses take large volumes of fragmented, disparate, unstructured and inconsistent customer data and transform them into a customer-centric database that can help provide a single, complete view of customers and how they interact with a company. Allink is the Harte-Hanks suite of data-centric applications designed to paint a consolidated view of each customer across an enterprise. Allink CDM is available in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. By implementing Allink CDM, organizations can create the foundation on which to design and implement CRM programs for a competitive edge. Allink CDM combines several professional services and software products to help identify clients' CRM needs and opportunities. First, the data quality and customer matching needs of clients are addressed and enhanced with the Trillium Software System and Customer Key Manager. These Allink CDM applications provide standardized and consistent data for each customer across all back-end systems, helping to empower CRM operations, reduce internal costs and increase return on existing data investments.

LaGarde Offers StoreFront 5.0 AE
LaGarde, a provider of e-commerce software, has begun offering StoreFront 5.0 AE, its updated enterprise-level e-commerce development tool. StoreFront 5.0 AE was designed with the discriminating developer in mind and carries a host of new features, including an inventory tracking system. StoreFront 5.0 AE's flagship feature is its inventory management system, which allows merchants to manage stock levels for all products and their individual attributes, such as size or color. Merchants have the option to designate products eligible for back-order and specify whether or not the software will charge for back-ordered products at the time of checkout or when they are shipped. StoreFront 5.0 AE also enables merchants to specify minimum stock levels for each product and will notify the merchant by e-mail once that level is reached, allowing merchants to ensure that their product inventories are always kept up to date. Merchants are also given the option to indicate whether they would like stock levels to display on product pages and in search results. In addition to its inventory tracking module, StoreFront 5.0 AE adds enterprise-level functionality, including multi-tier pricing, coupon support, subcategories, gift wrapping, wish list and additional customer management tools.

Wicom Releases Wicom CSS Version 3.0
Wicom Communications Ltd., a developer and provider of communications management solutions, has released a new version of its Wicom CSS architecture. Wicom CSS 3.0 provides interoperability with H.323-compliant gateways, terminals and VoIP platforms, helping provide more flexibility in system design and configuration, and improving the management and administration of the communications management system. Wicom Enterprise Telephony 3.0 and Wicom Contact Center 3.0, based on the all-IP Wicom CSS architecture, introduces new telephony functionality and enhancements, such as conferencing, support for external agents using mobile or traditional phones and single sign-on for all applications. The user interface for Wicom Switchboard has been re-designed to provide advanced features for corporate switchboard professionals. The new line of Wicom Contact Management applications work in conjunction with all Wicom IP telephony products, helping form a more complete solution for the management of personal and corporate contacts. The features enable the management of outbound campaigns, sending of personalized messages to groups and activity recording.
www.wicom.com/+358-9-525 77 500

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