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Customer Inter@ction Solutions
July 2007 - Volume 26 / Number 2
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The IP Contact Center Technology
Pioneer Awards

By Tracey Schelmetic
Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions realizes that technology is the key to the success of any call center, as we have been editorially covering call center technology for 25 years. We also realize that with new products and new categories of products in the call center space, it can be strenuous and difficult for our readers to keep up with the latest and greatest products and services. This is why we launched the IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Awards, so we can highlight for readers the best of the best in this emergent technology that is saving call centers all over the world a great deal of time, effort and capital. We've chosen as winners the products with the most admirable feature sets and the best track records of dramatically improving the operations of today's call centers.


detailing its target market, its product's unique or distinctive features, its competitors and, of course, a list of customer references of organizations that have deployed the solution.

Following is the full list of IP Contact Center Pioneer Award winners. To all of the recipients, congratulations.

— Tracey Schelmetic

Altitude Software
Altitude IP Contact Center
Altitude IP Contact Center is a complete contact center suite, based on SIP, which includes flexible inbound and powerful outbound dialing algorithms, call classification, unified supervising, universal queuing and built-in business routing.

Amcat (News - Alert)
Amcat Enterprise Interactions
Amcat Enterprise Interactions drives business revenue by delivering on a true “contact center without boundaries” model. Compared to traditional call centers, the next-generation model eliminates traditional boundaries found in most contact centers and gives users abilities to optimize customer traffic, enable the use of true anywhere/anytime resources and increase per-contact revenue. Amcat Enterprise Interaction leverages a direct path to IP, which enables rich media usage, provides for enterprisewide first-party call control and builds on existing contact center investments through hybrid and pure VoIP configurations.

Arcosoft, Inc.
VONaLink TeamRecord
VONaLink is call recording and productivity software designed to work with Voice over Internet (VoIP) phone systems. With traditional phone systems, companies recorded calls using an analog system and, in a corporate environment, were limited to expensive and proprietary products from the phone company. With the latest VoIP systems built on open, standard protocols, VONaLink software delivers features that were, until recently, cost-prohibitive.

Aspect Software (News - Alert)
Aspect Unified IP
Aspect Unified IP incorporates an ACD, voice portal, quality management and recording, a predictive dialer and Internet contact. It also provides unified reporting, routing and administration functionality and hosted capabilities with multitenancy while running on the customer's transport of choice. These transport options include open-source IP-PBX (News - Alert) solutions such as the Asterisk Business Edition package offered by Aspect Software at significantly less than the cost of traditional IP-PBX, closed-source IP-PBX offered by companies like Cisco, Avaya and Nortel (News - Alert), any session initiation protocol (SIP) 2.0-compliant PBX and traditional voice telephony.

Autonomy etalk
Qfiniti Observe
Qfiniti Observe, Autonomy etalk's call and desktop recording product, enables organizations to record interactions for regulatory compliance, risk management and quality monitoring. Qfiniti Observe supports call recording on a pure VoIP or TDM-IP hybrid network. VoIP logging is performed by network “sniffing,” the interception of traffic passing over a digital network, or the use of a SPAN port to mirror or copy traffic sent to a destination port. Autonomy etalk also supports call recording for remote agents using VoIP phones that connect to the organization's existing network.

Cisco (News - Alert) Systems
Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD)
Cisco Agent Desktop keeps agents productive and enforces best practices by automating transaction workflows, enabling team collaboration and unifying agent productivity tools in a services-oriented architecture. Cisco Agent Desktop integrates call information (CTI (News - Alert)), call control, screen pop, third-party applications, Web services, e-mail, agent dashboards and alerts, presence and chat tools, soft phone, phone books, agent schedules (WFM), task automation and training into a common, easy-to-navigate interface that eliminates keystrokes, minimizes the number of applications an agent must touch to complete a transaction, and provides agents with a common view of the customer.

Cistera Networks (News - Alert) Inc.
Cistera Convergence (News - Alert) Server v1.7
Based on open standards and a server technology foundation, the Cistera Convergence Server enables customers to create a robust and scalable environment that is flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs over time. The CCS platform scales up to support organizations with thousands of users and scales down for offices with fewer than one hundred users, making it a viable alternative for a broad range of organizations.

Citrix Online
Citrix GoToAssist 8.0
GoToAssist is a remote assistance solution designed for contact centers and outsourcers, consulting and IT professionals to instantly help customers, anytime and anywhere. Now in its eighth generation, GoToAssist is a managed service offering that provides ease-of-use, quality of service, availability, security and capability. With its suite of new features, including enhanced collaboration functionality, system administrator access, manager silent monitoring and annotation tools, GoToAssist 8.0 can help transform remote support into competitive advantage.

CosmoCall Universe 5
CosmoCall Universe (CCU) 5 is the fifth generation of the company's IP-based contact center technology. CCU was designed to leverage emerging IP-based convergence to unify customer communications across all channels, including voice, video, e-mail and Web sessions, across all locations, and across all knowledge workers in the enterprise. CosmoCall Universe 5 expands on its roots, introducing a number of new tools that simplify contact center operations and provide enhancements to messaging infrastructure, call flow, reporting and security.

Intervoice (News - Alert)
Intervoice IP Contact Center (IPCC)
The Intervoice IP Contact Center is a new approach to routing and responding to customer inquiries. It combines the capabilities of self-service applications software with live agent assistance to provide companies with improved flexibility when responding to customers. The system intelligently routes any type of customer contact - phone calls, e-mail, Web chat, voice messages, and fax - in a consistent manner on a single system. It is a system of choice for mission-critical call centers over legacy ACD, IVR and CTI systems.

KNOVA Software
KNOVA 7 is the latest version of a suite of Intelligent Customer Experience applications designed to reduce service costs, increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction. Built on a next-generation search and knowledge management platform, KNOVA 7 applications include KNOVA Contact Center, KNOVA Self-Service, KNOVA Forums, KNOVA Field Service, KNOVA Guided Selling and KNOVA Knowledge Desk.

Mitel (News - Alert)
Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions
The Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions set is a two-tiered offering that encompasses the Contact Center Enterprise Edition and Contact Center Business Edition. The new offering allows organizations of any size the flexibility to implement a contact center solution for their unique service requirements. The Enterprise Edition supports all forms of communication including voice, e-mail, Web chat and fax. The solution combines robust communications platforms, automatic call distribution and a modular suite of Web-based applications for streamlining contact center management and enabling advanced multimedia customer transactions.

NICE Systems (News - Alert)
NICE VoIP Solutions
With NICE's unified-software-only approach to VoIP recording, along with advanced applications for quality monitoring, liability and interactions analytics, the contact center can expand advanced capabilities to all branches and remote locations and improve overall business performance. The result is increased agent productivity, seamless business continuity, mission-critical reliability and IT investment protection.

Nortel IP Contact Centers
Nortel's IP Contact Centers give call centers the power, flexibility and geographic independence by using their IP network to support agents and managers almost anywhere, allowing organizations to use open, standard interfaces between software components of the contact center. Nortel's Contact Center Solutions enable personnel to work from virtually anywhere with an IP-based Thin Client Agent Desktop. With Smart Client Technology from Microsoft (News - Alert), client applications are always up to date. This allows clients to load “new from the server” each time the application is run, ensuring the thin client can be maintained on the server and the changes are in effect with the next sign-on.

Plantronics (News - Alert)
Plantronics VistaTM M22 Amplifier with SupraPlus Wideband
Ideal for VoIP users, the Vista M22 amplifier delivers precise levels of listening comfort, hearing protection and audio performance. The Vista M22 includes Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP. The amplifier includes near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones, as well as ergonomically designed volume, headset/handset and mute controls. The Quick Disconnect feature between the amplifier and headset allows users to move away from their phones without removing their headsets or disconnecting the call.

Toshiba (News - Alert) America Information Systems Inc.
Strata ACD IP Call Center Solution
Toshiba's Strata ACD is an IP call center solution designed for small to medium-sized enterprises or larger corporate users with multiple sites. Compatible with Toshiba's Strata CIX IP family of business communication solutions, which range from a few to hundreds of ports, and larger with multiple systems networked together, the Strata ACD provides an IP call center solution that can be customized to meet the needs of each enterprise.

Transera Communications
Seratel, delivered as a service, enables organizations to globalize, diversify and grow call center operations to deliver exceptional customer care with no infrastructure investment required. With Seratel, organizations of any size can rapidly deploy a feature-rich call center with agents located anywhere in the world, including in-house, outsourced, remote, branch offices or at home - a browser, a phone and an Internet connection is all that agents require.

UCN (News - Alert), Inc.
InContact Workforce Management Software (WFM) helps companies manage workforce scheduling, forecast demand, report real-time adherence, and simulate, analyze and optimize staffing in the call center. Companies can use the simulation module to predict employee occupancy, service levels, abandon rates and queue times, and use a break/lunch optimization wizard to improve staffing efficiency. Call centers can offer employees a Web and a phone interface to review their schedules, report in sick or late, set up their availability and preferred schedule, request time off and swap shifts with other agents.

Witness Systems (News - Alert)
Impact 360 IP Recording
Impact 360 IP Recording is a proven, reliable system for capturing, indexing and retrieving customer/caller interactions in IP, traditional and mixed telephony environments. It captures 100 percent of interactions and provides the performance organizations need to meet their IP recording requirements. Impact 360 IP Recording supports occasional recording on a single channel and around-the-clock recording in high-volume, multi-site environments with equal reliability and resiliency. Full integration with a wide range of VoIP systems (including Avaya (News - Alert), Cisco, and Nortel) and the new session-initiated protocol (SIP) enables it to capture additional information such as call date, duration, call ID and more, right out of the box.

Zeacom, Inc.
Zeacom Communications Center v4 SP2
Zeacom ContactCenter is a scalable contact center solution that offers high-end functionality at an affordable price. Zeacom ContactCenter dynamically reacts to caller demands and organizes incoming calls based on parameters set by users. Whether they arrive by telephone, e-mail or the Web, contacts can be managed and reported on in a single centralized environment. Using its sophisticated CTI-based routing features, callers can be directed to the right agent every time.

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