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Since June 1982, when this publication, in a pioneering act, laid the foundation for the telemarketing, call/contact center and CRM industries, there have been phenomenal changes in the technology, operation and management of contact centers.

New technology developments for the call/contact and CRM center have particularly accelerated in the last five years, thus rendering many call centers obsolete and/or non-competitive. About the year 2000, along came offshore outsourcers with much cheaper labor. This development alone rendered many domestic outsourcers, as well as in-house call centers, non-competitive and forced many weaker contact centers out of business.

As I predicted in many of these editorials (in 1999 through 2002), many of the short-sighted companies that went offshore based on “cheap labor alone” ended up losing many of their customers because of very poor service, cultural problems, rudeness and language and communication barriers, among many other problems. Eventually, many of these companies that lost millions by offshoring their teleservices returned to the U.S. looking for domestic vendors. The U.S. call centers that are the beneficiaries of this opportunity (both in-house and teleservices) must meet three criteria in order to compete cost-effectively:

1. They must be early adopters of new technology;
2. They must know how to use and manage the new high-tech call centers; and
3. They must know how to use advanced technology to offer high-quality CRM and customer care services.

As the industry’s pioneers and the global online leaders (TMCnet.com with over three million unique visitors) and in print with Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the industry’s preeminent magazine since 1982 and the sponsor of Call Center 2.0, the call center industry’s leading technology conference and expo with over 1,000 call center decision makers, it is our paramount responsibility to offer the finest available training to our valued readers and trade show delegates to help them take their contact centers to the next level.

Announcing a NEW Certification Program by TMC University
In response to the real needs of the call center industry, TMC University and Customer Interaction Solutions® magazine are proud to announce three NEW certification programs as follows:

1. How to profit from SaaS (software-as-a-service)
2. IP contact center
3. Next-generation call center management strategies

The certification program will be offered at Call Center 2.0 Conference and Expo to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 16-18, 2008. For more information, please visit www.callcenter20.com.
I look forward to welcoming you to Call Center 2.0 2008. CiS

As always, I welcome your comments. Please e-mail them to me at [email protected].
Nadji Tehrani is Founder, Chairman & CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation


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