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May 2004 Issue Editorial Highlights
Losing Money By Spending Less
When Outsourcing Customer Service Doesn't Make Business Sense: A Case Study

Web.com is a medium-sized Web hosting and Internet services provider located in Brookfield, Connecticut. We've been in business since 1996 and pride ourselves on two things: offering flexible and customizable solutions and being a completely customer-focused organization.

VoiceXML Versus SALT: Selecting A Voice Application Standard
By George T. Platt, Intervoice
When it comes to speech application standards, it seems we've been asking all the wrong questions. The VXML versus SALT debate is currently a hot topic in the IT conference rooms of organizations that rely on efficient, cost-effective contact centers.

Speech Recognition For The Contact Center
By Ken Waln, Edify Corporation
In today's competitive marketplace, contact centers everywhere are installing speech recognition systems to improve their responsiveness to customers. Should you deploy a speech solution in your contact center? The following questions may help you decide.

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns Make A Local Call
By Richard Hagerty, IMPAQT
In today's market, online visibility is crucial for many businesses. In the call center industry alone, more than 675,000 Internet searches were executed for terms related to call centers and help desks in February 2004. Many companies rely on Internet traffic for lead generation, e-commerce or branding, making top search engine rankings critical. However, knowing the best way to get in front of your target audience is far from easy.

Automating Contact Centers To Support Regulatory Compliance Efforts
By Paul Logan, Contact Solutions
Corporate America is facing ever increasing controls over how it deals with customers and manages business. Wide-sweeping regulations have been passed in the last decade that affect nearly all businesses. If you are managing an organization that provides inbound or outbound telemarketing, you are painfully aware of the additional efforts required to ensure your company is complying with the appropriate regulations.

Publisher's Outlook
By Nadji Tehrani
In 1982 when this publication was launched in a pioneering act as Telemarketing' magazine'we called it 'The magazine of electronic Marketing and Communications.'

High Priority!
By Rich Tehrani
You would think that after spending over $400 for a Blackberry, I would be considered a premium purchaser of some sort. This is apparently not the case if you are a Verizon customer. I must say that without a doubt, Verizon has the best U.S. wireless network, bar none. Equally incredible is the stupidity they employ in their customer service policies.

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