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Products & Services Selection Guide
January 2001


Inbound Routing Products Roundup

The Internet e-commerce juggernaut is transforming both the way you sell and the timeframe in which you deliver your products and services. E-commerce opportunities are directly linked to your ability for providing timely, efficient customer interaction and service. While it is important for you to have the means for customers to contact you via one or more channels (e.g., the telephone, e-mail, Web chat and callback, etc.), it is most critical that your inbound contacts get to the right person at the right time. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of companies to aid you in ensuring that customers and potential customers can get in touch with you regardless of the contact channel they use.



B: ACD Software
C: Standalone ACD
D: Customer Interaction Management Software
E: E-mail ACD

F: E-mail Management Solutions
G: Web Callback
H: AIN/Telco Platforms
I: VRU/Voice Recognition
J: PC-PBX Software
K: Skills-Based Routing Software

Inbound Routing Products Roundup List

Altitude Software
Phone: 512-514-6699
Categories: D, E, F, G, K
Apex Voice Communications
Phone: 818-379-8410
Categories: H, I
Apropos Technology
Phone: 877-APROPOS
Category: B, F
Aspect Communications
Phone: 408-325-2200
Category: B, J
Avaya Inc.
Phone: 604-904-6600, x 3009
Categories: D, G
Banter, Inc.
Phone: 415-247-2600
Category: F, G
Braxtel Communications
Phone: 978-264-1992
Categories: B, D, J, K
Brightware, Inc.
Phone: 415-884-4740
Categories: D, F, K
BSA Voice Processing &
Call Management
Phone: +54-114963-9600
Categories: A, D, J
Calltrol Corporation (formerly Buffalo Int'l.)
Phone: 914-747-8500
Categories: C, J
Caprisma AB
Phone: +46-8-4593700
Categories: A, J, K
CELLIT Technologies
Phone: 305-639-2267
Categories: A, B, D, E, F, G, J, K
Chadbourn Marcath, Inc.
Phone: 312-915-0300
Category: B
Chordiant Software, Inc.
Phone: 408-517-6100
Category: F
Cintech Solutions
Phone: 800-833-3900
Categories: A, B, E, F, G, K
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Phone: 877-903-9703
Categories: B, D, F, G, K
Phone: 480-902-6068
Categories: A, B, D, E, F, G, I, K
Commnett Caribbean Ltd.
Phone: 868-623-4455
Categories: B, D, E, F, G, I, J, K
Phone: 631-940-4310
Category: B, D, K
Phone: 403-670-0891
Categories: D, K
Phone: +886-2-87730600 ext. 1331
Categories: D
Davis Software, Inc.
Phone: 214-758-3642
Category: B
Davox Corporation
Phone: 978-952-0200
Categories: D, F, G
Phone: 514-362-7117
Category: B
EchoMail, Inc.
Phone: 617-354-8585
Categories: D, E, F, G, K
eGain Communications
Phone: 408-212-3426
Categories: D
e-Mail Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 800-233-8811
Category: F
Emrys Solutions
Phone: 972-852-8600
Categories: D
eOn Communications Corp.
Phone: 770-423-2200
Category: C
eshare communications
Phone: 888-eshare4
Categories: D, F, G
FrontRange HEAT Division Inc.
Phone: 800-776-7889
Categories: D
Phone: 888-Genesys
Categories: D, F, G, K
Global Management Technologies Corp.
Phone: 770-559-6211
Categories: B, D, K
Gordano Ltd.
Phone: 877-292-1142
Category: F
Hi-Link Computer Corp.
Phone: 203-975-9335
Categories: K
Phone: +972-9-7670730
Categories: D
IEX Corp., a Tekelec Co.
Phone: 972-301-1300
Categories: B, D, K
Innings Telecom Inc.
Phone: 905-470-7070 ext. 265
Categories: A, C
Phone: 770-921-5433
Category: D
Phone: 800-468-3945
Categories: B, D, F, G, K
Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Phone: 317-872-3000
Categories: A, B, D, F, G, I, J, K
Iwatsu America, Inc.
Phone: 800-974-5070
Category: B
MCK Communications
Phone: 617-454-6100
Category: B
Microlog Corp.
Phone: 301-428-9100
Categories: D, E, F, G, I, K
Mitel Corp.
Phone: 613-592-2122
Category: B
NCR Corp.
Phone: 212-943-5858
Categories: D
Phone: 800-536-9048
Category: B
Portal Connect, Inc.
Phone: 800-274-5676
Category: F
Phone: 508-653-4000
Categories: D, F
Phone: 703-437-9002
Categories: D, F, K
Siebel Systems
Phone: 800-273-9913
Category: F
SoftBase Systems, Inc.
Phone: 828-670-9900
Category: B
SOTA Technologies Inc.
Phone: 740-623-2662
Categories: J, K
Stratasoft, Inc.
Phone: 800-390-1157
Categories: A, B, C, E
Talisma Corp.
Phone: 425-897-3281
Category: F
Telecorp Products, Inc.
Phone: 248-960-1000
Categories: B, C
TeleDirect International, Inc.
Phone: 888-430-6440
Categories: D, G, K
Telephony@Work, Inc.
Phone: 858-410-1600
Category: B
Phone: 408-626-6800
Categories: B, D, H, I, K
Teloquent Communications, Inc.
Phone: 978-671-5211
Category: B
Phone: 877-650-THIN
Categories: B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K
TouchStar Software
Phone: 877-798-7900
Categories: A, B, C, D, F, K
Phone: +39-0220564444
Categories: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
VivoCom, Inc.
Phone: 760-751-2053
Categories: B, D, E, F, G, K
Phone: 877-309-4CTI
Category: B
Phone: 301-360-3325
Category: B

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