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Customer Inter@ction Solutions Product Of The Year

Customer Inter@ction Solutions Products Of The Year

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Customer Inter@ction Solutions' magazine heartily congratulates the Product of the Year 2000 Award recipients. Technological evolution and application refinements are reflected in these companies' offerings; their labors provide us with an exciting array of products and services that just a few years ago were only available to enterprises with deep pockets. For example, the power of "enterprisewide solutions" has been extended to small- and mid-sized concerns: a market segment that until recently was generally neglected. We have witnessed the dynamics of the Internet inexorably shape the direction of customer relationship management and service. In a sense, however, we have returned to the point of our departure: how to fulfill, service and retain customers. Given that enabling technologies have provided powerful platforms upon which to develop competitive and efficient e-businesses, a not-too-subtle realization has emerged that (to paraphrase a past political campaign) it's the customer, stupid! Even with the fits, starts and reversals of dot com fortunes, the Internet is not going away, and neither are customers who value its convenience. As evidenced by our award recipients' products, the tools to facilitate optimizing customer interactions are spread across the workbench. And what a toolkit! A brief sampling: customer analytics, call management, unified messaging, workforce management, CRM and CIM solutions, computer-telephony integration, marketing campaign management, IVR, security, contact center and CTI platforms, and Web-based sales channels. There are products to address the selling complexities of business-to-business, multichannel/multimedia interaction, speech recognition, call logging and monitoring and e-mail management.

We are pleased to present to you, our readers, products that, in our judgment, represent the best of 2000. As is our wont, we also encourage you to do your homework(!) so that you ultimately select those technologies that best satisfy your business plan, keep you connected with your customers and ensure the success of your venture.


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Active Voice Unity Enterprise 2.4 unified messaging
Acxiom Corp. AbiliTec Web-based customer analytics software
Alcatel OmniTouch Contact Center IP-PBX
Alliance Systems, Inc. I-Series Family communications servers/platforms
AltiGen Communications, Inc. AltiServ OE 4.0 CTI server
Altitude Software, Inc. uCI 2000 contact center platform
amcat - American Computer & Telephone Web Agent Web/call center integration
American Power Conversion PowerChute Inventory Manager UPS management/reporting software
APEX Voice Communications APEX Switch Manager control processor/ACD call router
Applix, Inc. iEnterprise Version 8.0 eCRM software
Apropos Technology Apropos Version 5 CIM software
Artisoft TeleVantage 3.5 PC-PBX
ASC Telecom L.P. Inspiration agent training /evaluation software
Aspect Communications eBusinessIP Remote multimedia over IP software
Assessment Solutions Inc. REPeValuator agent training/evaluation software
Authoria, Inc. Authoria HR 3.0 HR communication/issues management software
Avaya Communication CRM Central 2000 CRM platform
BackWeb Technologies BackWeb e-Accelerator desktop messaging software

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Blue Martini Software Customer Interaction System CIM software
Blue Pumpkin Software PrimeTime 3.0 workforce management/analysis software
Braxtel Communications Fluency Communications Suite CIM software
Brightware, Inc. Brightware 2001 eCRM software
BroadVision, Inc. BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise e-commerce application platform
Brooktrout Software Show N Tel application generator
CallCenterTechnology, Inc. Power! for Prism
monitoring/performance management software
Calltrol Corp. Object Telephony Server network telephony platform
Caprisma AB
Caprisma Telecom Server PC-PBX platform
CaritaSoft, Inc. CaritaSoftCustomer Value Management Suite v 2.0 Web-based customer analytics software
CELLIT Technologies Contact Center Professional 4 CIM platform
CenterForce Technologies, Inc. CenterForce Optimizer Release 6.0 outbound contact software

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Certicom Security Builder
platform security software
Cisco Systems, Inc. E-Mail Manager 4.0 e-mail management/messaging
Clarify (A Nortel Networks Co.) eFrontOffice eCRM software
Comverse Infosys
e-Cording monitoring/performance management software
CosmoCom CosmoCall Universe contact center platform
Crystal Group Inc. RIA Rackmount Server integrated applications server
CuseeMe Networks, Inc. and Siemens France Click'n Tchatch
VoIP click-to-talk
CustomerSoft, Inc. ESP v 3.7 CIM software
Davox Corp. Ensemble 2.0 CIM platform
Decisif Software Solutions, Inc. Contact eCRM software
Delano Technology Corp. Customer Velocity eCRM software
Dialogic CT Media 2.0 communications application generator
Digisoft Computers, Inc. Telescript 5.2 campaign management software
dynamicsoft, Inc. Session Management Suite 1.0 network management

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Echopass Corp. Echopass Communications Services contact center platform (ASP)
eGain Communications eGain Live 3.0 eCRM software
enhansiv inc. enhansiv eCRM Suite eCRM (ASP)
Envision Telephony, Inc. Click2Coach
agent training/evaluation software
eOn Communications Corp. eQueue Communications System CIM software
ePeople Talkback remote diagnostics software
Epicor Software Corp.
eFrontOffice eCRM software
E.piphany E.piphany E.5 System CIM software
eshare communications, Inc. NetAgent 4.0 CIM software
e-talk Corp. e-talk Connect CIM platform (ASP)
Expertcity.com DesktopStreaming diagnostics/support software
FaceTime Communications FaceTime Instant Customer eCRM software (ASP)

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FirePond, Inc. SalesPerformer Suite sales/marketing software
Flexion Systems, Inc.
Business Guardian X300 integrated communications platform
FrontRange Solutions, Inc. (Goldmine) Goldmine FrontOffice 2000 eCRM software
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems
Infinex IP-PBX
Global Management Technologies, Corp. GMT Planet-Mercury Edition workforce management/analysis software
Gordano, Ltd. GL Communicator e-mail campaign management
HearMe.com, Inc. Internet voice service Web call-through
Hewlett-Packard HP E-VUE Web-based customer analytics software
Hiho Technologies, Inc. Hiho WMS workforce management/analysis software (ASP)
Hipbone, Inc. Internet Co-Navigation service Web-based CIM solution
Hyperion Solutions Corp. Hyperion Customer Interaction Center Web-based customer analytics software
IEX, a Tekelec Company TotalView Version 3 workforce management/analysis software
Ignite Sales MoneyMatch financial planning/marketing software

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Imagine USA Visual Meeting CIM software
Incentive Systems, Inc. Incentive v3 incentive management software
Infinium Software, Inc. Infinium CRM Web-based customer analytics software (ASP)
InstantService.com InstantService Web-based CIM software (ASP)
Intecom PointSpan call management software
Interactive Intelligence, Inc. Customer Interaction Center 1.3 CIM software
Interactive Software Systems e-FORCE workforce management/analysis software
IslandData Corp. ExpressResponse 5.0 inquiry management system
Iwatsu America, Inc. ADIX Software Version 6.3 ACD software
JBGL Technological Innovation Group, Inc. Radio1 WOHN message on-hold network
Kabira Technologies, Inc. ObjectSwitch e-commerce infrastructure platform
Kana Communications Kana 6 eCRM software
Kanisa, Inc. Kanisa 2.0 eCRM software
Knowlagent KnowDev @nswer agent training/evaluation software
Learnout & Hauspie, Dictaphone Solutions Freedom QMS logging/monitoring software
lightflow, Inc. lightflow Customer Interaction Platform Web-based CIM software (ASP)
Lightning Rod Software Lightning Rod Interaction CIM software
Lipstream Networks, Inc. Live Voice VoIP click-to-talk
LivePerson, Inc. LivePerson Customer Interaction Suite eCRM software

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Magic Software Enterprises Magic eService eCRM software
ManagedOps.com, Inc. RapidSuccess eCRM (ASP)
MarketSoft Corp. eOffers relationship marketing portal
MCK CommunicationsII PBXgateway  remote PBX/IP integration gateway
Mercom IntellAgents 2000 logging/monitoring software
MessageMedia Inc. UnityMail 4.0 e-mail marketing software
Microlog Corp. uniQue 2.1 contact center platform
Mobius Management Systems, Inc. ViewDirect document management software
Mode Office Systems SMART Station ergonomic workstation
MoonFire Corp. DialVision 4.5 Web/call center integration (ASP)
Motivation Online, Inc. Employee Relationship Management system agent training/evaluation software
Motive Communications, Inc. AnswerWeb self-help/support solution
Motorola Timeport P935 wireless communications/information management device
Multima Corp. NetKeeper Captain CRM v7 helpdesk software
mynetsales.com mynetsales.com sales force automation (ASP)
NativeMinds, Inc. NeuroServer 2.0 CRM/CIM software
NEC America, CNG CCDesign
CIM platform
NewChannel, Inc. NewChannel Internet sales channel (ASP)
NexTone Communications iEdge 1000 applications server
NICE Systems Customer Contact Analyzer Web-based customer analytics
Noochee Solutions, Inc. Market Support Solutions Suite Web-based sales/marketing software
Nuance Communications V-Builder 1.0 voice XML graphical development tool
NUASIS Corp. NuContact Service eCRM (ASP)

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ON!contact Software Corp. eCMS eCRM software
Onyx Software Corp. Onyx 2000 eCRM software
Page Digital, Inc. Synaro e-commerce software
Parlance Corp. NameConnector speech recognition/directory search
PAR3 Communications, Inc. Intelligent Response Platform alert and response platform
Pegasystems Enterprise CRM CRM software
PeopleSoft, Inc. PeopleSoft 8 eCRM software
Performix Technologies, Inc. Acumen Performance Manager enterprise performance management software
Persay Ltd. Orpheus 2.0 voiceprint verification software
Philips Speech Processing SpeechMania 2000 speech recognition platform
Phonetic Systems, Inc. Phonetic Portal speech recognition/voice access to Web content
PipeLive.com PipeLive Web Interaction Center Web/call center CIM software
Pivotal Communications Pivotal eRelationship 2 e-commerce software
Point Information Systems, Inc. e-point 5 eCRM software
Portal Connect, Inc. Call Processing System 6.0 call management system
PossibleNow.com, Inc. DNCSolution list management/compliance (ASP)
PrimeResponse, Inc. Marketing Mission Control relationship marketing portal
Primus Primus eServer 4.0 Web/call center integration
Pro Tech Communications, Inc. Trinity Headset headsets
Pulse Software & Consulting, Inc. PIVR Call Center v2.90 IVR software

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Quintus eContact Suite eCRM software
Racal Recorders, Inc. Agent Quality Management monitoring/performance management software
Rainmaker Systems Contract Renewals Plus Web-based sales/marketing service for contracts
Rapid Performance Systems Sherpa Learning Web-based training software
RealCall, Inc. RealCall Alert Web-based click-to-call customer service solution
RightNow Technologies RightNow Web 3.2 Web-based service/support
Rockwell Software Inc. Arena Contact Center Edition call center simulation/analysis software
Rockwell Electronic Commerce Transcend e.Commerce Edition CIM software
royalblue technologies royalblue HelpDesk helpdesk software
SAS Institute SAS Solution for E-Intelligence Web-based customer analytics software
Sedona Corp. Intarsia eCRM software
Selectica Selectica ACE 4.5 Internet selling system solution
Servicesoft, Inc. Servicesoft 2001 Web-based service software
ServiceWare Technologies, Inc. eService Suite 3.0 Web-based service/support
Sideware Corp. Enterprise Interaction Suite eCRM (ASP)
Siebel Systems, Inc. Siebel eBusiness 2000 e-commerce software

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Siemens ICN, Inc. HiPath integrated IP/communications architecture
Simtrex Corp. Star Trainer agent training/evaluation software
SIMUL8 Corp. SIMUL8 2000 call center simulation/analytics software
SmartServ Online, Inc. SmartServ Solution transaction management (ASP)
SoftBase Systems, Inc. NetLert 2.0 desktop messaging software
Softeng (GoWeb1.com) ClickCall Web Call Center Web call-through
Solant, Inc. EBPP electronic bill payment
Sound Advantage SANDi CRM voice access technology
Spanlink Communications ExtraAgent 2000 Web/call center integration
Speechworks International, Inc. Speechify text-to-speech engine
StayInFront, Inc. Visual Elk 8.0 CRM software
Stratasoft, Inc. StrataDial-The Global Dialer predictive dialer/ACD system
Support.com, Inc. eSupport Suite Web-based service/support
Swallow Information Systems CHARTER continuum CRM software
Sybari Software, Inc. Antigen for Microsoft Exchange antivirus/security solution
SYMON Communications Inc. DeskView desktop messaging software
Synchrony Communications, Inc. Synchrony 2.0 eCRM (ASP)
synTelate Corp. synTelate 1.0 call flow management software
Syntellect, Inc. Vista Speech Enabled Directory voice-activated call routing

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Talisma Corp. Talisma Enterprise Edition eCRM software
Taviz Technology, Inc. eIntegration Suite 2.0 content/data integration software
Telamon, Inc. TelAlert 5.1 messaging platform
TelAthena Systems LLC TelAthena 4.4 scripting/lead management software
Telephony@Work, Inc. CallCenter@nywhere contact center platform
Telera Telera Connect Web IVR (ASP)
Telrad Networks, Inc. S-1000 Version 7 digital phone system
ThinAgent.com LLC ThinCRM eCRM (ASP)
ThinkDirectMarketing.com, Inc. DigitalData Solutions SDK data integration SDK
TradeAccess, Inc. Dynamic Agreement e-commerce negotiation software
Trango Software Canada Corp. MessageStream desktop messaging software
TriVium SimpleRM eCRM software
Ubiquity Software Corp. Helmsman SIP application services platform
Ulysses Learning Corp. CallMentor agent training/evaluation software
UniPress Software, Inc. FootPrints v.4.5 helpdesk software
Ventaso Inc. Ventaso SC front-office sales effectiveness system (Web-based)
Vertical Networks InstantOffice integrated communications platform
Vividence Corp. Vividence Solutions Web site analysis service
VOCALCOM Hermes Pro contact center platform
VocalPoint Technologies VoiceBrowser voice browser
Voyant Technologies, Inc. ReadiVoice IP-based conferencing platform
Web Dialogs WebInteract Service CIM software
White Cross Systems Ltd. WX/ASP customer analytics (ASP)
Witness Systems, Inc. eQuality Now agent training/evaluation software
YellowBrick Solutions Visitant customer analytics software
YOUcentric YOUrelate eCRM software

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