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CIS December 2005


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Flush with 'I's' Innovation...A Conversation With Interactive Intelligence Inc.
Since the company's founding in 1994, Interactive Intelligence has in many respects been a leader in technology innovation for contact center automation and enterprise IP telephony. Devoting 23 percent of spending on R&D last year is one big contributing factor, yet how does Interactive Intelligence stay out in front of the technology wave?

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25 Years Of Leadership And Commitment To Excellence
2006 represents the 25th anniversary of the birth of this publication. We started in 1982 as Telemarketing' magazine and after a couple of issues, we literally ran out of things to write. The reason is that the industry did not exist at that time.


Our First-Ever Award Determined By Readers
TMC and Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine are proud to announce that the results have been tallied for our first-ever 'Best in Class' rankings. Rather than having a panel of editors and engineers determine the winners, we decided to let some other subject matter experts pick the winners: the end customers of the solutions and services.


Ran To The Store For Milk, Came Home With Workforce Management
December ends another year, and brings our annual Buyers' Guide issue in the mail. It's a resource we hope you'll refer to throughout the calendar year, particularly when your 17-year-old call center reader board spontaneously combusts, setting off the sprinklers, which in turns ruins all your headsets. Not that we're hoping you experience a scenario like that, but hey'you never know.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Arrives
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
Microsoft Corp. is announcing that its new CRM release, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, is actually currently in use in 'a cross-section of its worldwide customer base,' including 'small businesses, midsize companies and large enterprises,' and representing both ...

Real-time Data Before, During And After The Call
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Interaction Solutions
In order to achieve the increasingly popular and efficient 'one and done' method of customer service (the problem resolved on the first contact with the customer), call center agents are increasingly in need of...

The 10 Commandments Of IVR
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
Paul English has recently listed major U.S. companies who, according to English, 'design their IVR systems poorly and make it difficult for callers to speak with a live agent.' You scofflaws know who you are, no point further humiliating the guilty here. The good news is...

Next-Gen Voice Product Revenue Shows Significant Growth
TMCnet News
According to the Service Provider Next Gen Voice Equipment report by Infonetics Research, the third quarter of 2005 showed significant growth in all segments of the next-gen voice market except session border controllers and media gateways.

NACC Says Global Call Centers In 'State Of Growth'
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
The National Association of Call Centers has released its second report on the state of the call center industry with the zingy title 'The State of the Industry Report: Call Center Market Share and Employment Growth by Industry Sector 2002-2005.'

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