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CIS July 2005


Cross-Pollinating Customer Service Across All Channels
By By Tom Tobin, Knova
When you ask an agent to confirm if the information you read on the Web site is correct, nothing is more frustrating than when that agent responds with 'Sorry, that's not right,' or worse yet, 'Gee'I don't know.' So, instead of solving your problem and perhaps even upgrading you to a product or service that meets your needs, you end up feeling under-served ' which you are.


An Exclusive Interview With James Foy: Concerto CEO Discusses The $1 Billion Aspect Deal
By Glenn J. Kalinoski, Executive Editor, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Foy described the combined entity as the world's largest company completely dedicated to the contact center. "We have no distractions," he said. "None of the wannabes in the industry can even begin to measure up now to the range of the solution portfolio we have."

A Special Editorial Series Sponsored By Telephony@Work

IP Contact Center Technology: Eliminating The Risks (Part VII)

By Eli Borodow, Telephony@Work and Kevin Hayden, TELUS Communications Inc.

A Special Editorial Series Sponsored By Interactive Intelligence

Seeing The E-Services Big Picture: Online Self-Service Can Pay Huge Dividends, But Requires
More Than Simple Automation

By Peggy Gritt, Interactive Intelligence

Self-Service Is Not For You, It's For Your Customers
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions


Performance Optimization Solutions For Better Efficiency And Productivity
By Bob Kelly, Concerto
At the heart of every contact center are its agents, who are the gatekeepers of your company's customer relationships and are a contact center's most valuable ' and costly ' resource. Whether your contact center focuses on collections, customer service or sales and telemarketing, it is essential that you maximize your agents' efficiency and productivity while both ensuring the highest levels of agent retention and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Vacation Scheduling Without Pain: Automating Holiday Leave Planning
By Dennis Cox, Pipkins UK
Even at its easiest, scheduling vacations for call center agents can be more challenging than a game of chess. The majority of agents typically want to take at least some of their vacation days during the summer and winter holidays when their children are out of school and when family get-togethers tend to occur. In most cases, those are the precise times when call volumes are at their highest.


Addicted To Data? Today's Real-Time Electronic Display Technologies Feed Your Need
By Bob Brittan, Symon Communications
As business professionals, how do we communicate the important bits of information that are crucial to our business? Telephones and e-mail are still mainstream technologies for getting information out, but voice mail and e-mail often are deferred activities. By the time I get around to my e-mail and voice mail, the urgency may have already passed, turning into a lost opportunity.

Group 1 Software President Christopher Baker Teaches Us A New Acronym: CCM
By Glenn J. Kalinoski, Executive Editor, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Group 1 Software President Christopher Baker had only been on the job for a few days when he was asked about how he would spur growth at the wholly owned subsidiary of $5.1 billion giant Pitney Bowes Inc. His answer: partners.


Wales For Your Business: A Bit Of Work, A Bit Of Play, A Lot Of Promise
By David R. Butcher, Assistant Editor, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Quick recap of what is widely known of Wales: it's the homeland for Dylan Thomas. It produced singers Tom Jones and Charlotte Church and actors Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones. But what of Wales outside of literary and pop culture contributions? What of Wales' business opportunities?


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Romania: The 'India' Of Europe?
By Tracey Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Currently, Romania is experiencing economic stability, high growth and low unemployment. It's a democratic republic whose capital, Bucharest, is home to 2.3 million people, or about 10 percent of the population. And it's caught the call center industry's eye...

SAP's Hosted CRM: Ten Things You Need To Know
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
Sizing up SAP's plunge into the hosted CRM market.

Going Beyond CTI For True Customer Intelligence
By Christopher Baker, Group 1 Software
Customer communications management (CCM) integrates call centers with back-office data and applications.

Listening To Customer Interactions: Is Our Focus Misplaced?
By Bill Durr, Witness Systems
Quality measurement processes and vendor technology to support them are undergoing an amazing transformation

Raising The Maturity Of Contact Center Performance Management
By Richard Snow, Ventana Research Performance Management Columnist
Call centers have a checkered history. From both a business and a customer point of view, they are generally viewed as not being very successful...

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