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Concerto, Aspect To Merge In Billion-Dollar Deal, Aspect Releases Updated Uniphi Suite
Concerto Software Inc. and Aspect Communications Corp. announced an agreement to combine the companies. The deal is valued at approximately $1 billion. According to Aspect, the transaction will form the largest company solely focused on contact center products and services. Aspect shareholders will receive $11.60 in cash for each share of common stock, representing an approximate 15 percent premium to the average closing price during the 30 trading days prior to the July 5 announcement. (Please see the cover story in this issue of Customer Interaction Solutions for an exclusive interview with Concerto CEO James Foy.) In other Aspect news, the company has announced the latest release of its contact center operating environment, Aspect Uniphi Suite. The new suite offers businesses the flexibility and functionality needed for contact center application convergence, including ACD, CTI and IVR, on a single, centrally managed, switch-agnostic platform. Version 6.1 aims to simplify application development, system administration and management, while also doubling the number of agents supported by last year's release. Aspect's offering is a convergence platform combining communication routing, data integration, advanced speech and reporting and analytics applications into an open standards-based software format that supports both PSTN and IP switches. Aspect Uniphi Suite interacts with existing enterprise applications; provides a centralized cross-media view of a customer's entire service experience; and supports contact center growth. Uniphi Suite version 6.1 includes support for up to 500 agents (blended and voice-only), Microsoft .NET and Windows, Aspect Call Center, Cisco Call Center Manager, Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and eGain Service. The software is built on core standards, such as VXML, SOAP/Web Services and SIP.

Left Bank Solutions Unveils Monet WFM OnDemand
Left Bank Solutions has announced the upcoming release of Monet WFM OnDemand, a hosted version of the company's Monet Workforce Management System. Leveraging Monet WFM 4.0, this on-demand version can help contact centers of all sizes harness the full benefits of an enterprise-class WFM application without the large up-front investment for hardware, software licensing and installation. Customers will pay 'a small up-front cost and will then be billed monthly or quarterly based upon service usage and the number of agents and supervisors,' according to a company announcement. Target markets include the following:

' Small to midsized companies unable to afford to buy their own workforce management system outright;
' Midsized to large contact centers that don't currently have the budget to implement workforce management software immediately;
' Companies that experience seasonal peaks;
' New or regional contact centers that don't have the in-house IT expertise to support a premised-based workforce management system; and
' Contact centers with older workforce management software and that don't want to pay large upgrade license fees.

Monet OnDemand further aims to simplify the ability to ramp up from 20 to several thousand seats. As well, customers will be able to seamlessly transition from Monet WFM OnDemand to hosting their own version of Monet Workforce Management System on site.

Macromedia Integrates Breeze, Captivate 1.01 Macromedia, Inc. has announced the integration of e-learning products Macromedia Breeze and Macromedia Captivate 1.01, enabling one-click publishing and full tracking of engaging interactive training simulations within Breeze virtual classes and self-paced training courses. Captivate and Breeze are designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of software skills instruction, corporate software rollouts and help-desk applications. Trainers and meeting presenters can control Captivate playback within a Breeze meeting, either reviewing simulations with all participants at the same time or selecting 'un-sync' mode to allow each participant to independently interact with the simulation. Interactions with Captivate simulation quizzes are fully tracked within the Breeze system for reporting or in-depth analysis. Captivate 1.01 enables users to create professional-quality, interactive simulations and software demonstrations. Users can automatically record on-screen actions, including editable mouse movements, text captions and scored click boxes, and add e-learning interactions such as data-entry fields and customizable quizzes. Macromedia Breeze 5 enables the creation, management, deployment and tracking of online training. Breeze offers self-paced courses and virtual classes within a common curriculum, and it provides tracking and reporting at both the learner and content/question level. Along with incorporating Captivate content, the Breeze system can manage a range of content types, such as content created with Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Authorware.

LOMA Introduces Bilingual-Agents-Selecting Tool LOMA, a provider of selection assessments for the financial services industry, announced the release of LOMASelect REPeValuator Bilingual. The Web-based simulation assesses critical skills of contact center candidates who are seeking positions that require communication in both English and Spanish. LOMASelect REPeValuator Bilingual is designed to measure skills such as managing customer relationships, providing complete and accurate information and managing call time. The LOMASelect REPeValuator Bilingual simulation determines how well candidates deal with customers using Web chat and phone interaction. Candidates face different scenarios from customers asking about product support and service termination.

Vodafone UK Signs Jacada Fusion Enterprise License Agreement Jacada Ltd. a provider of solutions for simplifying business processes, has entered into an agreement with Vodafone UK, a member of the world's largest mobile network, which has purchased an enterprise license and will implement Jacada Fusion in more of its UK contact centers and retail outlets. The software license agreement is expected to yield several million dollars over the coming quarters. Vodafone implemented Jacada Fusion to simplify how contact center agents in its SAVES group access and use applications across different computing platforms, as multiple problems resulted from having agents accessing two separate systems with no real-time data exchange or updates. With Jacada Fusion, agents can access and utilize the separate systems through a single user interface.

InVision Software Launches U.S. Subsidiary European workforce management software provider InVision Software launched a U.S. subsidiary in Chicago that will service the U.S. and Canada. Additional locations are planned for the West and the South. The InVision Enterprise WFM is a Web-based solution designed to enable businesses to forecast, schedule and control their workforce in real time to match requirements with capacity. The company has 12 international subsidiaries and a customer base that includes ABN AMRO, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and IKEA. www.invisiononline.com

Kinetic Data Enters Canadian Market Via Partnership With Kifinti Solutions Kinetic Data, Inc., a provider of software for users of BMC Remedy Service Management software, and Kifinti Solutions Inc., a software provider focusing on service management and call centers, have announced a partnership that marks the entrance of Kinetic Data into the Canadian service management market and gives Toronto-based Kifinti Solutions the exclusive right to distribute and support Kinetic Data's Kinetic Survey in Canada. Kinetic Survey is designed to put sophisticated surveying capabilities in the hands of non-IT call center, help desk, marketing, sales and other department managers. Kifinti Solutions focuses on service management, call centers, help desk, asset management, change management and customer service management. St. Paul, Minnesota-based Kinetic Data provides tailored and packaged BMC Remedy Service Management solutions.

Teltronics, Valor Systems Partner Teltronics, Inc., which specializes in emergency communication solutions, has partnered with Valor Systems, Inc., which provides Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile and Jail Management, to offer an emergency suite of products. ValorCAD can operate as a stand-alone emergency data collection product or integrate with Teltronics' CallQuest ANI Controller to capture 911 caller information and facilitate appropriate response actions. Teltronics' CallQuest ANI Controller supports full administrative telephony for an emergency call. While CallQuest ANI Controller handles the administrative functions of a 911 call, ValorCAD retrieves details about the incoming number and identifies emergency personnel best suited to respond to the situation. The exact position of the caller is located as well as whether the emergency call originates from a mobile phone or a land line. The call records from each emergency call are stored in ValorRMS, allowing detailed reports, crime statistics and history to be retrieved at any time. CallQuest ANI Controller and ValorCAD are appropriate for state and local government, private security facilities and large school districts and colleges. Valor's products also integrate with Teltronics' Telident LogLink IP powered by HigherGround, an emergency call audio recording software.

iCode Upgrades Business Application Suite For SMBs iCode, Inc., a provider of business application suite solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, launched Everest Advanced 2.1, the latest version of the company's flagship offering. The new features include enhancements in accounting, inventory management and e-commerce. Everest Advanced 2.1's new capabilities include the following: third-party integration; enhanced compatibility with third-party technologies such as Crystal Reports 10 and Starship; more robust accounting capabilities (as payment terms can be determined based on criteria included in credit memos, invoices, new orders and credit invoices); enhanced order fulfillment and inventory management capabilities, such as automatic stock assignments, real-time credit card processing and batch payment processing; and improved POS support and e-commerce options.

Citrix, BMC Software Partner Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., has announced a new partnership with service management firm BMC Software, Inc. As a result of the partnership, Citrix GoToAssist has achieved validation status for its remote support integration with BMC Software's Remedy Action Request System (AR System). The validated solution enables support organizations to implement a best-practices solution that reduces call-resolution time and ensures session data capture directly from within an AR System. For managers, the integration between Citrix GoToAssist and BMC Software's Remedy AR System offers a unified view of an organization's support operations to better analyze data. For support representatives, it streamlines data input, eliminates repetition and simplifies the process of viewing, diagnosing and solving problems. With this solution for BMC Software's Remedy Help Desk, Remedy Customer Support and custom-built Remedy AR System applications, organizations can capture and maintain all of the remote session data, such as the customer Web site entries, times, representative information, resolution statistics, chat transcripts, remote diagnostics and session recordings in AR System forms. Customer sessions can be reviewed from the Remedy support ticket. All Citrix GoToAssist session information is saved in the AR System and associated with the corresponding support ticket. The customer is not required to pre-install software, and the representative does not need to know the IP address to launch a session.

Noble Launches DCR 4.0 Contact center technology solutions provider Noble Systems Corp. has introduced Noble DCR 4.0. Noble Systems provides a package of real-time online tools for managing programs and reporting on activities and results, allowing centers to direct call activities. Noble DCR 4.0 offers managers a graphical interface to set up and manage agents, lists and programs, and to access real-time reports based on agent status, performance statistics and campaign summary data. Features include reporting tools, such as Excel-based reporting for real-time data on inbound and outbound programs, agents, call history and callbacks, campaigns, lists, IVR statistics, call transfers and more. The open database design also supports on-demand, query-by-example custom reports and exports to third-party tools using open database connectivity standards. Administration tools include 'wizards' for common tasks such as agent setup, campaign management and monitoring, compliance, list administration, voice messages and manager access. Wizards guide managers through the administration features in step-by-step processes. Additional management tools include online features that give users control of system activities and resources with tools to manage lists, monitor agent stations and phone lines, perform data imports, use digital recording and quality assurance programs, create IVR (interactive voice response) menus, manage skills-based routing and log errors.

Traxi Expands Volcrum Product Line Traxi Technologies, LLC, a provider of enterprise communications products and services, has announced the expansion of its Volcrum product line. Volcrum is a tool set that integrates enterprise phone systems with enterprise applications. The newest tool, Volcrum Voice, is a Web-based application that provides additional capabilities to a VoIP phone system, such as call recording, call storage and call reporting. Volcrum Voice contains a call recording component that allows calls to be archived for subsequent searching and playback. This application can be used in customer service departments, contact centers and regulated entities. Volcrum's core technology design allows it to integrate with any application, from packaged software to proprietary applications. The product suite provides a set of tools that allows companies to manage, integrate, control and administer an IP phone system (VoIP) or traditional phone system with the rest of its technology infrastructure. "Volcrum Voice dramatically increases the value and return on investment of a new phone system," said Lou Person, president of Traxi Technologies, LLC, in a company statement. 'We are seeing a tremendous amount of companies replacing, or upgrading, internal phone systems and applications. Over half of those making the change are moving to VoIP because they are interested in the additional applications VoIP provides, such as phone and data integration.'

Symon Releases Digital Appliance For Video Networks Symon Communications, Inc., a provider of employee and corporate communications and enterprise performance, workforce and productivity management solutions, announced the general availability of its Symon Digital Appliance (SDA-500). The SDA series of advanced network-manageable products delivers digital signage and a wide variety of broadcast content to visual displays such as televisions and plasmas. 'A major feature our customers will benefit from is the consolidation of numerous broadcast functions into one appliance, eliminating the need for multiple third-party hardware and software products to display professional broadcast content,' said Charles Ansley, Symon Communications president and CEO. The SDA-500 is an IP/Ethernet network-addressable device that can be collocated with the display signage for 24x7 operations. Being LAN-connected enables the SDA-500 software to receive content, scheduling and other instructions from a seamless integration to the Symon Enterprise Server (SES) single control site. Multiple display systems can be controlled and monitored from this central location, including proof of play with confirmation. Each SDA-500 has a large-capacity hard drive for storing multiple messages for playback according to schedule. The SDA controller is built on open standards and supports a wide variety of PDPs, LCDs, CRTs and projectors with pre-installed drivers, and it integrates with a multivendor networking environment. The SDA-500 supports a broad range of standard screen resolutions. A wireless option is available for locations where a wiring infrastructure is not available for Ethernet network connectivity. The SDA can control broadcast and digital signage in various applications for the business enterprise, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, transportation centers, schools, financial institutions, manufacturing, distribution centers and more.

VoiceObjects Integrates Loquendo Technology, Loquendo Unveils Linux-Supported VoxNauta Speech technology company Loquendo and voice application management systems firm VoiceObjects announced the interoperability between Loquendo's multilingual VoiceXML platform VoxNauta and VoiceObjects X5. With VoiceObjects X5, customers can create, test, deploy and analyze voice application services through a single, tightly integrated environment, providing unique voice application server technology with full, multiservice, multitenant capabilities and cluster management. VoiceObjects X5 users can use Loquendo's VoxNauta platform, which includes Loquendo's speech engines; Loquendo TTS (text-to-speech) software, with features such as emotional expressivity, mixed language support and audio mixer; and Loquendo ASR automatic speech recognition software, currently available in 16 languages. The certified VoiceObjects Speech Platform Driver is the interface between Loquendo VoxNauta version 6.0 and VoiceObjects X5. Loquendo has also announced that the Linux version of the VoxNauta platform will be available based on Linux Red Hat 7.3. The extended support to the Linux Operating System complements Loquendo's existing support of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The Linux release of the VoxNauta platform is based on the VoiceXML standard and the software-only implementation of the SIP-RTP protocol. It provides a software voice platform that incorporates the latest generation of Loquendo's speech technologies: Loquendo TTS and Loquendo ASR. The VoxNauta platform allows customers to experience Loquendo ASR and TTS technologies without additional effort regarding integration activities.

RightNow Acquires Convergent Voice, Launches Voice-Enabled CRM Effort RightNow Technologies, a provider of on-demand CRM software, has announced the completion of its acquisition of voice automation company Convergent Voice, Inc. This acquisition positions RightNow as 'the only CRM solutions provider with packaged voice applications,' according to company officials. RightNow acquired Convergent Voice's intellectual property, its core development team, accounts receivable and contract rights. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. RightNow has partnered with Convergent Voice since 2002. The acquisition also signals the launch of RightNow's Voice-Enabled CRM Initiative, RightNow Voice. Voice-enabled CRM will integrate the full spectrum of voice-based automation functions, including intelligent speech recognition, interactive voice response and synthesized speech as well as marketing and customer service processes. RightNow has announced the availability of eight modules, including the following: voice access to the knowledge base; voice incident management system; location finder; order status; repair tracking; refund status password reset; and customer surveys. Select RightNow clients are already in full production with these modules. www.rightnow.com

LumenVox Announces v6.0 Speech recognition technologies provider LumenVox has announced version 6.0 of the company's Speech Recognition Engine and Speech Platform. The Speech Recognition Engine, which performs speech recognition on audio data from any audio source, is speaker- and hardware-independent. The Engine is part of LumenVox's Speech Platform, and as such, the same enhancements and features translate across products. The Speech Recognition Engine introduces new supported features, including the following: server-side grammars, which offers clients 'a more efficient way to support large grammars, by pre-loading grammars onto the server'; n-best results from the Speech Engine, for allowance of flexible error handling; and MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) support, which allows developers to work with a common language for seamless management of diverse media resources (e.g., text-to-speech, voice verification, etc.). Both the n-best results, wherein the engine can confirm several likely results instead of only the top-scoring result, and the MRCP support, according to the company, 'further establish LumenVox as one of the most viable vendors to provide a high-quality, robust speech recognition engine.' In addition to the premiered new features, LumenVox also offers further improvements to its Speech Recognition Engine and Speech Platform. Included improvements offered: an improved Out-of-Vocabulary filter; barge-in and end-of-speech detection; confidence scoring; and increased speech recognizer search speedup.

Exstream Announces Dialogue v5 General Availability Exstream Software, Inc., a provider of personalized customer communications, has announced the general availability of version 5.0 of the company's Dialogue enterprise personalization software for the creation and delivery of customer communications through print/mail, real-time and Web-based channels. Dialogue v5 has more than 250 enhancements, including seven new modules and Dialogue Anywhere for Marketing ' a Web-based design interface that allows users to create and test rules-based marketing messages over the Internet for incorporation into documents at run time. Dialogue v5 also includes enhancements to its interactive document environment, WebVerse, which allows companies to build and deploy all types of interactive document systems.

Apptastic.net Completes Fully Integrated CRM System With New Features Apptastic.net, a provider of complete shareware registration services, has announced the release of several new features for its shareware registration service offering. New features to the Apptastic.net control panel include: RSS (XML) connectivity; POP e-mail integration; an end-user e-mailing application; a test-ordering system; revamped accounting reports; and order form and support request customization. Apptastic.net's control panel includes sales tracking, piracy defense, end-user support management, order processing, search engine optimization and on-demand CD burning.

SmartCompany Releases Flagship Version 4.0 SmartCompany, Inc., provider of a Web-based business platform that integrates CRM and ERP, announced the release of SmartCompany v4.0, offering productivity improvements for SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). Enhancements include new e-mail integration that allows SmartCompany users to not only compose and send e-mail and e-mail attachments from within the SmartCompany application, but also to attach e-mail to accounts, contacts, projects, opportunities or orders, and send e-mail blasts to designated groups of contacts in support of marketing activities. Also enhancing SmartCompany's e-mail options is a merge feature that supports customization of sales and customer service correspondence. All merges can be stored as part of a sales and marketing team's template repositories.

Daffodil Enhances CRM Solution With v1.2 Daffodil Software, a provider of database products and synchronization solutions, has announced the release of Daffodil CRM v1.2, the newest version of its contact/leads management solution targeting the small and midsized enterprise segment. Version 1.2 has been enhanced with reporting and export facilities without any additional cost. Along with customizable views, the reporting feature in v1.2 allows users to generate different views of data available within the software. These views can be printed with the help of the Export to Excel and Printable Reports facility provided in the new version. The reporting feature acts as an input for evaluation and will also come into use in the decision-making process in organizations. Other features of Daffodil CRM software include the following: campaign facility; application of quick filters; automatic mail attachment; summary view of latest interaction; efficient leads management; lead-history tracking and recent action/interaction; built-in database availability; data integrity and security; and support for B2B and B2C functions.

Microsoft Skips CRM 2.0 For CRM 3.0 Microsoft Corp. has finally previewed the latest version of its CRM solution, dubbed Microsoft CRM 3.0. The long-delayed release, aimed at the SMB market, will introduce on-demand functionality and a new subscription-based licensing model. As well, Microsoft will add a Small Business Edition to its CRM line, but that version is designed for only small businesses that concurrently use Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition also. Similar to its industry peers, Microsoft's CRM 3.0 platform will provide marketing, sales and service capabilities. The company has unified the user experience behind its Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook UI. Plus, Microsoft said it added extensive new configuration, customization and integration capabilities to address lower TCO. The company said because both the hosted and on-site versions use the same code, customers can more easily change their preferred deployment model as their business and IT needs change. For Microsoft's partners, CRM 3.0 reduces the time and complexity in creating prepackaged vertical applications, in building integrations to other applications and data sources, and in helping to ensure fast implementations with a low TCO. The software development kit for Microsoft CRM 3.0 will be available to Microsoft partners later this year via the Microsoft Developer Network. Microsoft said that many non-English languages won't be immediately available when CRM 3.0 is finally released; however, the company is offering the newest version with 23 total languages. (Microsoft CRM 1.2 is available in only 16 languages.) Microsoft CRM 3.0 will be available to customers licensed to use previous versions of Microsoft CRM in the fourth quarter of 2005, and will be generally available in the first quarter of 2006.

Avaya Offers Enhancements To Contact Center Express Avaya Inc., a provider of business communications applications, systems and services, is targeting its new Contact Center Express enhancements at medium-sized businesses. The software enhancements to Avaya Contact Center Express, which is tightly integrated with Microsoft applications, include a new Microsoft CRM connector that identifies incoming calls received by the contact center and provides an appropriate pop-up with customer history on an agent's screen. The Microsoft CRM connector also enables agents to click a button on their Microsoft CRM screen to place outgoing calls. Contact Center Express now also handles and routes instant messages from customers using Microsoft Messenger. Other enhancements include simplified management tools, easier e-mail handling and spell-checking, greater customization capabilities and more detailed reporting. Contact Center Express provides a multichannel (inbound and outbound voice, e-mail, Web chat and Microsoft Messenger for instant messaging) contact center solution, with rich desktop interfaces for agents and supervisors. Additionally, Avaya announced that preparations are underway in Germany to ready the converged voice and data infrastructure that will connect local FIFA organizers, stadiums, media, officials and thousands of volunteers during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Avaya Inc. is the official converged communications provider of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. With Avaya products already in place in half of 2006 FIFA German Local Organizing Committee venue offices, the remaining six sites will be completed over the next month.

Entellium Makes Available PRO-Activity Release 2005 Entellium has announced the commercial availability of its PRO-Activity Release 2005, a set of enhancements for the company's CRM suite. The CRM's redesign is built around sales and service representatives' need to complete their daily ' often routine, operative and pragmatic ' automation activities more quickly. Entellium claims a number of industry firsts with this release's features:

' Minimization of the number of screens, tabs and clicks to one (Activity Center for Sales and Service, Predictive Navigation), thus cutting down navigation fatigue;

' Aforementioned automation of most common tasks (activity sets, Document Automator, Report Automator), which includes generating and distributing reports at predetermined times; and

' Virtual Sales Coach, a sales knowledge base for objection handling and competitive data product information.

This newest release of PRO-Activity also includes an Activity Quota Planner feature, allowing managers to assign and track quotas on all activities that lead to results (e.g., number of cold calls, appointments scheduled, lead generation targets, etc.). Aimed at the SMB market, Entellium includes sophisticated business process automation normally reserved for enterprise- level companies. Entellium offers a complete modular suite: sales, marketing and customer service are available by module; and modules can be subscribed to individually. Further, it's hosted, and contracts are voluntary.

Interactive Intelligence Upgrades Intelligent Multisite Routing Software Interactive Intelligence Inc., a developer of business communications software, has announced upgrades to its intelligent multisite routing software, Interaction Director. Interaction Director offers network-based pre- and post-call routing to help distributed organizations with high call volumes. The upgraded product is offered as an add-on to the company's contact center automation software, Customer Interaction Center. It includes enhancements designed to increase scalability, simplify administration and improve skills-based routing and multimedia queuing. Interaction Director now offers optimized configuration updates between the Director and monitored CIC servers for better efficiency and capacity, and has increased scalability from about 1,000 to about 4,000 agents based on call volume. All Interaction Director configurations can now be accomplished using a graphical user interface tool, Interaction Administrator, which offers intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to configure interaction parameters, such as priority and in-queue timeouts, error recovery, skill assignment, pre-queue overflow conditions and more. Interaction Director now offers additional criteria that can be factored into skills-based routing. The product also can now evaluate the entire pool of waiting interactions coming from all queues on all monitored CIC servers. New e-mail queuing enables organizations to process e-mail as efficiently and effectively as calls. Other Interaction Director enhancements include improved reporting and supervisory monitoring, increased reliability and additional customization options for scoring.

SR.Teleperformance, SVP Join Forces Contact center services provider SR.Teleperformance, a Paris-based teleservices company, and European telephone management consulting firm SVP have partnered to establish a company specializing in providing public and shareholding information over the telephone. SVP now holds a 49 percent interest in the share capital of SYNERFIL, the subsidiary of SR.Teleperformance specializing in shareholding and legal information. SYNERFlL also sold its telephone management consulting activities to SVP, transferring 100 percent of its interest in its subsidiary, Business Fil. In addition, SYNERFlL acquired 100 percent of SVP MULTI INFO, the subsidiary of SVP specializing in providing the French market with public and government-related information. Operational activities will merge as a result of the acquisition. SYNERFIL MULTI INFO is 51 percent and 49 percent, respectively, controlled by SR.Teleperformance and SVP.

Telecom Legislation Shaping Outbound Dialing Markets The global market for outbound dialing is being impacted on a large scale by legislation in the U.S. and the UK, according to research from Frost & Sullivan. The U.S. do-not-call legislation and the UK's Telephone Preference Service have restricted cold-calling telemarketing. This negative impact, however, has been minimized by the increasing use of outbound dialing systems in proactive customer care strategies, credit collections and telemarketing. The ability to link outbound dialing products into CRM systems will further ensure success of outbound dialing campaigns, according to Frost & Sullivan. The increasing use of outbound dialing products in conjunction with large-scale CRM projects has proved to be an important market driver. In addition, the shift of contact centers from the U.S. to countries such as India, China and the Philippines is impacting the dynamics of the outbound dialing market. The booming economies in these regions and the exceptional success of business process outsourcing are propelling growth in the outbound communication market. Low costs and the ability to provide around-the-clock customer service is further boosting the overseas shift.

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