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July 2001

New Products

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Strategic Alliances

New Products

Siemens Enhances HiPath 5000
Siemens Enterprise Networks LLC announced Release 3.0 of its HiPath 5000 family of IP (Internet Protocol) communication products. HiPath 5000 Release 3.0 enhancements include PBX features based upon the H.450 standard; native IP functionality; up to 1000 users per domain with networking functionality for systems accommodating more than 1000 users; interoperability with legacy systems and support of many third-party PBX integrations; and support for both Siemens and third-party applications, such as call center solutions and unified messaging.
www.hipath.com / Ph: +49-89 722-47228

VIPCenter 2.3 From Kovair
Kovair Inc. released version 2.3 of VIPCenter, its collaborative Web-based platform that connects the people, applications and processes for managing strategic cross-company relationships. Enhanced features include integrated desktop publishing; content support for folder hierarchies; MS Explorer-like navigation; simpler and faster wizards; faster switching between multiple VIPCenters with a new drop-down chooser; fully indexed and searchable help, customized to each user's role in an account; and integrated, roles-based access to CRM, ERP, third-party and enterprise applications with a single sign-on.
www.kovair.com / Ph: 877.621.6200

Responsys Opens The Gateways
Responsys, Inc. recently introduced its Responsys Gateway family of products, designed to allow marketers to unify customer data from disparate sources and apply that knowledge to highly customized online marketing campaigns via Responsys Interact, the company's interactive marketing application. The intended results are online campaigns with higher response rates that can be optimized on the fly based on customer interests, response behavior and other marketing variables. Four solutions comprise the product family: Gateway for Websites integrates Web site activities; Gateway for Data automates synchronization of different customer data sources and interactive marketing data; Gateway for Publishing merges personalized user profiles and preference data with online interactive marketing data; and Gateway for E-Commerce provides marketers with immediate access to purchase or conversion data resulting from a promotional campaign. 
/ Ph: 888-219-7150

Intel Constructs Converged Communications Platform
Intel Corporation announced general availability of the Intel Converged Communications Platform 2100. This open standards-based, application-ready platform supports a broad range of compatible telephony and business software applications, peripherals and services from multiple vendors on a single system, allowing small to medium-sized companies to rapidly and cost effectively expand their business communications capabilities at any time. This provides companies with an open migration path to more easily and cost-effectively upgrade and scale their communication solutions as business needs evolve. The platform has an intuitive user interface and capabilities for remote system management that can reduce administrative costs and increase productivity of system administrators. The platform is also easy to install -- simply plug it in and get a dial tone. The CT Media server software at the core of the platform also enables customers to migrate to voice over IP (VoIP) networking.
www.intel.com/network/iccp / Ph: 800-884-8337

Aspect On VoIP For Contact Centers
Aspect Communications Corporation's Aspect IP Contact Suite debuted recently. A suite of pure Internet Protocol-based contact center products, it is designed to enable businesses to conduct all customer communications from voice and data networks over one merged network. The new platform is geared for helping businesses reduce infrastructure costs, reduce toll charges, improve throughput and, as a consequence, improve customer service. Practical ramifications of the suite include the elimination of dedicated telephony lines for remote sites/users, rapid deployment of new contact centers without the need of additional ACDs, central administration and easier integration of other channels in the move toward next-generation applications, such as streaming personalized video to customers.
www.aspect.com / Ph: 408-325-2200

Epicor Bolsters ePortal Information Gateway
Epicor Software Corporation released the next generation of its ePortal product, Epicor ePortal 4.0, a Web solution designed to allow customers access to critical business data found in the e by Epicor suite using a browser. ePortal is intended to provide customers with a consistent and streamlined Web gateway to aggregated information that resides both within the enterprise (e.g., order status, financial records and support calls) and beyond. This allows customers to help themselves and lowers support costs by reducing phone calls and e-mails into support centers. Pre-built queries to Epicor's eFrontOffice and eBackOffice Distribution and Financials are designed for easier creation of a personalized portal site. Common Internet tools allow tailoring of Epicor ePortal to reflect a corporate identity and extend a brand to the Web, and an enhanced, role-based login for each customer helps protect sensitive data. Epicor ePortal 4.0 also features Microsoft technology-based architecture designed to provide seamless integration with enterprise data. 
/ Ph: 949-585-4000

Netkey Creator 5.0 Released
Netkey, Inc. unveiled Netkey Creator 5.0, a new version of its software suite for kiosk application design, security and integration. It offers an enhanced development interface, "drag and drop" integration with kiosk peripheral devices, and robust support for complex multimedia graphics and video. Interactive application features in Netkey Creator provide URL restriction and control, operating system and keyboard lockdown, touch-screen user interfaces, multimedia welcome screens and controls incoming and outgoing Web access. It includes an enhanced application programming interface for more rapid creation of kiosk applications. Developers can now access JavaScript configuration tools, text editing features and pop-up keyboard functions with the click of a button. Netkey Creator also contains a tree-view for properties of objects and for visibility of the content being modified for the kiosk environment. A 30-day free trial of Netkey Creator 5.0 is available for download from the Netkey Web site.
www.netkey.com / Ph: 800-443-7924

ACE*COMM Corporation recently debuted the "rapid-deployment" version of N*VISION, its data management and warehousing platform. The new product, N*VISION Go!, targets service providers and offers a rapid install time of one to four weeks. N*VISION Go! is based on ACE*COMM's N*VISION product, and uses relational database, client/server and multi-tier technologies, and real-time data acquisition and analysis infrastructure for providing access to valuable marketing information such as traffic flow statistics, service profitability, usage patterns and grade of service. Features include GUI-based entry for all system parameters, configurables and real-time tracking of call records; graphical representation of traffic pattern statistics using data-mining GUIs and reports; multiple statistical views for analysis and reporting; alarm infrastructure that defines and generates traffic-based threshold, system and call alarms; and standard relational database management in a multi-tier architecture with easy access through the corporate WAN or Intranet.
www.acecomm.com / Ph: 301-721-3000

Quicknet Offers USB VoIP Phone
Quicknet Technologies, Inc. recently presented "My Internet Phone," a USB telephone for Voice over IP. Users can make and receive calls while they are online. The phone is equipped with a dial pad, a microphone/speaker and Quicknet's Internet SwitchBoard 5.0 software. Other features include enhanced sound quality, compatibility with the latest Microsoft Operating systems and the ability to work behind firewalls. Telephony characteristics include automatic gain control, software volume control, G.711, G.723.1, PCM, H.323 audio, support for international ring tones and is compatible with all MicroTelco carriers.
www.quicknet.net / Ph: 415-864-5225

Connect-Care Adds Wireless
Connect-Care announced the wireless feature of its mobile CRM Get Connected services. The mobile CRM suite includes multiple points of connection for customers needing to access CRM software on the move, enabling users of laptops and PDAs to interact with CRM data offline through Connect-Care's synchronization feature. It provides a Web interface for enabling Connect-Care's clients to offer data to their customers and support personnel via secured Internet access, providing real-time access to CRM data across multiple geographic locations and allows the mobile workforce access to CRM data anytime, on any Palm OSR device.
www.connect-care.com / Ph: 800-680-6292

CELLIT Increases Flexibility Of CIM Solution
CELLIT Technologies Inc. recently unveiled its thin client interface to complement its existing browser-based customer interaction software, ContactPro. Using ContactPro's thin client application, contact center professionals can create campaigns, launch new services, manage operations, monitor and coach agents, create reports and administer all aspects of the center from any local or remote location. Businesses are not required to load software onto each individual agent's desktop, since the software is platform independent and is accessed via the LAN, WAN or Internet using any standard browser. The thin client platform has the capacity to integrate with CRM and other context applications in either the server environment or at the desktop, so businesses can obtain a complete view of the customer at all touch points. Companies can leverage real-time customer information and dynamically deliver a personalized, consistent customer experience across all interaction channels.
www.cellit.com / Ph: 305-436-2300

Copernic Enhances B2B Info Management Product
Copernic.com launched a new version of its software solution for businesses, Copernic Aggregator, a data management platform that aggregates and integrates, in a single location, diverse information sources from the Internet, Intranets, Extranets and company databases. The solution is integrated with the security model used by the Windows NT and 2000 operating systems and is designed as a development platform that preserves standard security norms, confidentiality of information and the existing architecture. Designed for rapid installation and seamless integration, it is entirely customizable -- from the information sources to be queried, to the user interface. The administration tool included with the platform is used to configure automatic search queries and to create groups and user profiles for personalizing the experience of each user. All this is accomplished using a Web interface.
www.copernic.com / Ph: 418-527-0528

Zedent Provides Distribution CLASS
Zedent Systems, Inc. introduced Distribution CLASS 2.0, an enterprise-level customer interaction and business management system. The product is designed to integrate financial operations functions (accounting, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, etc.) with customer interaction elements (quotes, credit information, customer trouble tickets, return/exchange orders, etc.). The Web-based software is designed for any business with rigorous customer care and financial tracking requirements. The integrated solution includes modules for customer interaction, logistics, accounting, supply chain activities and service. It offers Web functionality for access and partner collaboration, a range of security functions and is designed to replace legacy systems with smooth data conversions that are included in the cost of implementation.
www.zedent.com / Ph: 800-516-0037

Fujitsu's Small Call Center Solution Debuts
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems introduced the IntelliCenter/CMS (Call Management System) Lite, a scaled-down version of its IntelliCenter Call Management System. It is designed for call centers with up to 30 active agents, providing call routing, real-time agent monitoring, supervisor control and reporting attributes for managing incoming call volume. Through its route table configuration and control features, the system enables sophisticated call routing and handling. Supervisors can control up to 1,000 agent profiles and 30 skills groups. On-demand and historical reporting features help call centers monitor and analyze their call routing procedures and their agent resources. The system offers a wide range of user-defined summary reports on an agent, skill group or pilot basis. Historical reports can be automatically scheduled and generated at intervals appropriate for the call center.
www.fbcs.fujitsu.com / Ph: 800-553-3263

[email protected] Strengthens Contact Center Solution With Data Polling
[email protected], Inc. announced a major enhancement to its [email protected] 4.0 contact center solution. New Multi-Host Data Polling enables ASPs and enhanced services providers offering contact center services to poll their clients' databases through firewalls in order to prioritize their subscribers' customers in queue for every form of communication (phone, fax and Internet) based on each customer's attributes and each subscriber-company's priority routing rules. By eliminating the need for subscriber data to reside in the carrier or ASP network, companies can maintain control over their customer data while providing their service provider with dynamically updated information about each customer's priority level. Service providers can obtain the data they need for the purposes of customer priority determination without impacting on the privacy concerns of the subscriber company. Multi-site enterprise call centers can obtain customer priority and routing information from databases without firewalls blocking access to customer data, and single site enterprises can poll and display data on agent desktops obtained from third-party databases that live behind firewalls.
www.telephonyatwork.com / Ph: 858-410-1600

Call Center School In Session
The former management team and senior faculty of Call (Contact) Center University, Penny Reynolds, Maggie Klenke and Pamela Trickey, recently announced the formation of The Call Center School. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, The Call Center School will focus on the development and delivery of training for call center managers, supervisors and staff. The company will provide standard call center courses, customized educational programs and general call center consulting. Courses will be provided through classroom training, electronic instructor-led training via the Web and "on demand" Web-based courses. Initial course offerings run from introductory call center topics to recruiting, hiring and workforce management concepts. 
www.thecallcenterschool.com / Ph: 615-812-8400

Presenter Presents iPresentation Suite 3.0
Presenter, Inc., announced shipment of its business knowledge delivery software application for enterprisewide deployment. Previously offered as a hosted solution, the iPresentation Suite 3.0 application is designed for installation on a company's IT infrastructure. The product is a modular solution for producing, managing and delivering business knowledge via video or voice-narrated presentations, and is intended to help enterprise-level organizations maximize the selling capabilities of their sales force, increase overall revenues and worker productivity, and reduce training and traveling costs. The application requires only MS PowerPoint, a network connection and a telephone to create on-demand presentations. No proprietary plug-ins, Java applets or Active X controls are needed to create or view the voice-narrated presentations. iPresentation Suite 3.0 also offers playback options via the Web, on mobile devices (Pocket PC) or through the telephone.
www.presenter.com / Ph: 408-536-0510

Primary Knowledge Expands Hosted Analytics Platform
Primary Knowledge, Inc. released DIRECT ACCESS, designed to extend the functionality of the company's hosted analytics platform by enabling clients to access their Primary Knowledge data warehouse using any third-party decision support or database marketing application. Primary Knowledge integrates critical data from various customer touchpoints (e.g., e-mail services, ad servers, Web sites, transaction databases, etc.) into a central data warehouse, providing a unified view of customers. The product is designed to allow clients to access their customer data via a secure Internet connection using a wide variety of popular software packages, including data mining tools (such as SPSS and SAS) and campaign management systems. The platform enables clients to read, query, or extract data from the tables in their data warehouse and ensures the security of those data by encrypting all DIRECT ACCESS connections.
www.primaryknowledge.com / Ph: 212-233-2110

Contacteam Takes The Field
Contacteam, Inc., a provider of specialized call center recruiting services, recently debuted. Contacteam was established to provide recruiting and employment solutions to call centers in both product- and service-oriented industries. It recruits professionals for inbound, outbound and blended call center positions such as customer service representative, order entry representative, team leader, supervisor, director, trainer and dispatcher. By specializing in the call center industry, Contacteam is able to provide teleservices clients with specific recruiting and employment services to meet their dynamic needs. Some of Contacteam's service offerings include specialized sourcing, customized employment solutions, customized training, human resources management and benefits administration.
www.mycontacteam.com / Ph: 410-540-7000

Get-It From Peregrine For Employee Infrastructure Access
Peregrine Systems, Inc. expanded its Employee Relationship Management (ERM) solution with real-time access to the corporate infrastructure and knowledge base. At the core of Peregrine's ERM solution is the new Get-It 2.0, designed as a comprehensive application suite delivered through a personalized Web portal. The solution connects employees to the corporate infrastructure via a single point of access at the desktop or on an array of mobile devices. The secure, role-based access and event-driven workflows in the Get-It product suite eliminate administrative functions and automate transaction processes, enabling employees to gain access to what they need to do their jobs. The suite includes: Get-Resources, an employee access requisitioning and e-procurement solution with catalog management and approval workflow; Get-Services, a self-service application that extends the help desk and empowers employees to report/resolve technical and non-technical issues; Get-Answers, a knowledge management solution; Get-Reservations, a reservations system that manages the use of common-use enterprise resources and services (conference rooms, offices in remote locations, etc.); and Get-Chargebacks, a chargeback application that provides fiscal management of enterprise services and assets.
www.peregrine.com / Ph: 858-481-5000

Upgraded Version Of E.piphany E.5 Features New Sales Component
E.piphany, Inc. announced Version 5.5 of its integrated CRM solution, the E.piphany E.5 system. Version 5.5 introduces E.piphany Sales, a direct sales application that combines extensive operational sales functionality with real-time analytics. The solution is designed to enable sales personnel and managers to obtain real-time customer information to accomplish several critical tasks, such as accurately forecast sales revenue, qualify leads, identify trends in the pipeline, prioritize sales opportunities based on value and identify cross-sell opportunities. Configured for both connected and disconnected modes of operation, E.piphany Sales is accessible via Web browsers, remote laptops, wireless telephones, Palm devices and other PDAs. The solution also synchronizes with several popular contact management systems, such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. E.piphany Sales is available in a zero footprint Web application for connected users and a mobile Web client version for remote users. 
www.epiphany.com / Ph: 877-764-4163

Mergers & Acquisitions

ETC Data Under CustomerLinx Banner
CustomerLinx Corporation, a company specializing in Web-enabled, multimedia eCRM services, recently acquired ETC Data Services, a provider of custom solutions for customer service, fulfillment, database development and data entry services. ETC Data Services now operates under two separate divisions: CustomerLinx of New York and CustomerLinx of Connecticut. The acquisition broadens and reinforces CustomerLinx's total interactive customer care service offering.

Primus To Gain AnswerLogic
Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc., a provider of knowledge-enabling software, has reached an agreement to acquire AnswerLogic, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based software development company. With the acquisition of AnswerLogic's natural language processing technology, Primus expects to strengthen its position in providing software solutions for assisted service and Web-based self-service. Under the terms of the agreement, Primus will purchase AnswerLogic for 750,000 shares of common stock.

NuVox Acquires WebBizApps
NuVox Communications, a facilities-based integrated communications provider, acquired the 50 percent interest in WebBizApps held by NuVox's joint venture partner, Quilogy, Inc. WebBizApps is an applications service provider that offers outsourced Web-enabled business applications and IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses. WebBizApps will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of NuVox.

Baydon Attains Human Dynamics
Dublin, Ireland-based Baydon Solutions, a provider of software for the training and support industry, reported the acquisition of Human Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) of Overland Park, Kansas. HDI will serve as Baydon's U.S. service provider. HDI began creating interactive technology-assisted training in 1994. The companies have been business partners for four years, Baydon providing the technology and HDI the associated services. The companies' existing customers are expected to benefit as Baydon integrates its Assistware technology and consulting services into one consolidated offering.

SR. Teleperformance Gains Market USA
SR. Teleperformance, a provider of multimedia CRM contact center solutions, has acquired Market USA, Inc. from the Halo Industries Group. Market USA specializes in outbound and inbound contact center services, eCRM and market research, and operates 18 contact centers in the United States and Canada. Its client base includes enterprises in the insurance, financial and telecommunications sectors. With this acquisition, SR.Teleperformance continues to strengthen its presence in North America, now operating 67 contact centers in the region.

Alcatel Purchases IBM Technology
Alcatel and its subsidiary, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., announced plans to acquire IBM Corporation's CallPath assets. CallPath is computer-telephony software that integrates voice and data communications in contact centers. Genesys and IBM also announced an expanded relationship that includes a joint solutions blueprint for contact centers. Under the agreement, IBM CallPath employees located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, will be offered employment with Genesys. Genesys intends to grow operations in this location and open a development site in Research Triangle Park to work more closely with IBM. Genesys intends to continue support for CallPath customers, while IBM remains the first point of contact for service under existing agreements. Both companies will collaborate to provide service and support for CallPath products. IBM and Genesys will also dedicate resources to offer current CallPath customers new contact center capabilities through the IBM/Genesys solutions blueprint, which describes an architecture for contact center solutions using IBM products for unassisted service and Genesys products for assisted service.

Platinum Completes Williams Deal, Forges New Company
Platinum Equity Holdings LLC, a private equity firm active in the acquisition and growth of technology companies, completed its acquisition of Williams Communications Solutions (WCS). Platinum will integrate WCS and Milgo Solutions, another Platinum Equity company and provider of networking solutions. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, the combined companies will operate under the new name of Nextira and focus on the deployment of converged data and voice solutions. The operation will deliver services and solutions to enterprises, equipment manufacturers, carriers, network service providers and government agencies. The Milgo office in Sunrise, Florida, will remain as a solutions support center and perform sales, marketing and administrative functions.

Call_Solutions Closes OnPoint Transaction
Call_Solutions.com, Inc. announced the acquisition of OnPoint, Inc., a subsidiary of Platinum Equity Holdings, LLC. OnPoint is a supplier of outsourced, multichannel CRM solutions to clients in the travel, financial services, government, consumer products and healthcare industries. This is the sixth acquisition for the company, formed by George D. Dalton in August 2000. With this acquisition, annualized revenues for the company more than double, approaching $80 million. The company employs approximately 3,000 people with over 1,700 workstations in 18 U.S. locations. Through its Partnership Center network, Call_Solutions supports high-volume outbound/inbound customer service calls, fax, e-mail and Web response services. Steve Zollo will continue as president and chief executive officer of the OnPoint Call_Solutions business.


Do You Measure Up? Measure-X Can Help
Measure-X, a customer service consulting firm, has entered the contact center and customer care industries. Measure-X addresses customer service needs through initial measurement of service levels, customized employee training, employee recognition programs and ongoing performance measurements to determine if desired service levels are reached and maintained. Through customer service evaluations, or "mystery shops," calls are placed to the call center to see how well a customer's needs are met. Measure-X also surveys existing customers to determine why they do or do not return to conduct more business.

Sonexis Takes Off
Sonexis, Inc., a new company created through the combination of eYak, Inc. and Brooktrout Software, Inc. (recently acquired by eYak), announced its launch. Combining eYak's SoftTelephony technology with Brooktrout's communication software products and services, Sonexis will focus on delivering next-gen voice solutions to enterprise customers and service providers. Sonexis-powered applications include voice portals for access to public information (e.g., weather, stock quotes, traffic information, etc.) and Intranet voice portals for corporate information; enhanced self-service applications; and voice-enabled CRM applications used in most large enterprises.

"Top Of The World, Ma!"
ServingMinds, a Kathmandu, Nepal-based outsourcing call center, recently added new contact management applications designed to deliver reports on incoming and outbound calls, call blending, queuing agents for chat, automatic call distribution, Web callback and inbound screen pops. The 50-seat call center recently implemented Rockwell Electronic Commerce's Transcend and Contact Interaction Manager products to meet its ongoing service and support requirements. The platform also provides multiple language support. The facility, slated to expand to 200 seats, currently services clients such as Thompson Nepal and Nepal Lever.

Nuance To Provide Design, Production Services For Voice Apps
Nuance, a provider of speech recognition, voice authentication, text-to-speech and voice browsing products, unveiled a comprehensive set of design and production services aimed at helping businesses build world-class voice applications. The services range from user and "persona" design to audio production and recording services, and are intended to help companies better understand user needs and create applications that directly address those needs. These improvements lead to shorter calls, lower costs and higher call completion rates. The persona provides the consistent character for the application, including the voice, linguistics and non-verbal audio cues that aid the user in navigating voice-enabled applications. Personas can range from very businesslike and formal (for applications like banking and stock trading) to informal and conversational. They also provide the basis for establishing or extending corporate brands into customer interactions via the telephone.

Natural MicroSystems Name Change
Natural MicroSystems has changed its name to NMS Communications (NMS). NMS supplies essential technologies for high-value communications systems, including voice Web services and voice portals; eCRM applications; packet voice and broadband access services; and IP media servers for next-generation enhanced services. NMS stated its mission is to lead in the design, development and distribution of hardware and software for the communications industry's most advanced solutions.

New Identity For Interactive Software
Interactive Software Systems, a provider of workforce management solutions, changed its name to RightForce (www.rightforce.com). The new name was adopted to reflect the company's commitment to providing workforce management solutions across the spectrum of multichannel applications, including voice, e-mail, the Web and enterprise activity. e-FORCE, the company's forecasting and scheduling software, will also transition to the new corporate brand with its release as RightForce 3.1. Citing revenue growth in the workforce management software to $1.2 billion by 2004, RightForce president Howard Glass commented, "With our new brand, our latest software release and the value we create through our network-based platform, RightForce is well-positioned to succeed in this market."

Menzies To Work Magic For Web-Enabled Distribution
Magic Software Enterprises, a provider of application development technology and business solutions, announced it has been selected by John Menzies Distribution (Menzies), a distributor of newspapers, magazines and periodicals in the United Kingdom's news industry, to help develop Continuum, Menzies' new Web-enabled distribution system. Menzies controls approximately 25 percent of the United Kingdom's wholesale media distribution market. Continuum will integrate Magic with Oracle Data Structures running on Sun Solaris to provide enhanced quality service to Menzies' publishers and retail partners, from Internet-based customer inquiries through administrative systems to a new communications network designed to support Menzies' complete technological infrastructure. In addition, Menzies plans to add facilities for customer relationship management and Web-based retail education.

Soffront Utilizes CosmoCom IP Technology Solution
CosmoCom, Inc., a provider of new generation call center platforms, announced that Soffront Software, a CRM service provider, will use CosmoCall Universe as the multimedia call center platform for TRACKWeb CRM, Soffront's Web-based customer relationship management application. The integration with CosmoCom's unified IP-based call center solution is expected to allow Soffront's users to manage all forms of business communication (Web, e-mail, voice, video, chat and wireless) and remote agent deployment and management.

ServiceWare Initiates Vertical Markets Strategy
ServiceWare Technologies, Inc., a provider of enterprise solutions for service and support, announced its increased focus on the telecommunications market. To maximize the market opportunity for its eService Suite, ServiceWare has identified the telecommunications market as the first of several vertical industries that are particularly suited for its knowledge management technologies for customer service and support. ServiceWare's vertical strategy includes an increased focus on internal staff with vertical expertise as well as future industry recruiting; marketing and product development for each vertical; strengthened relationships with relevant business partners; and the enhancement of customer training curricula.

AVT Selects New Corporate Identity
AVT Corporation, a provider of unified communications and mobile business solutions, changed its name to Captaris, Inc. and launched the next-generation of its Infinite mobile wireless software product line. Infinite Mobile Delivery Server extends the user's desktop by making applications and information accessible to mobile workers via wireless, Internet-enabled mobile phones and devices.

Strategic Alliances

Sutherland Named Solutions Partner By Island Data
The Sutherland Group, Ltd., a provider of Internet-focused customer relationship management professional services, has been named an Enterprise Solutions Partner by Island Data Corporation, a solutions provider for the online customer service market. The Sutherland Group will resell Island Data's Express Response online customer service solution to Sutherland customers as part of its offerings. Sutherland will be certified in the installation and customization of Express Response for providing automated response capabilities that integrate with other customer service solutions provided by The Sutherland Group to its clients, and will receive premium level access to training and support for the Express Response solution.

RightNow Integrates Solutions With eSupportNow
RightNow Technologies, Inc. and eSupportNow announced a strategic alliance that incorporates RightNow's Web self-service technology into eSupportNow's suite of integrated, multichannel customer care solutions. The companies' combined solutions are intended to allow organizations to analyze their customer data and support requirements for improved, more efficient customer service. eSupportNow will incorporate RightNow Technologies' customer support and knowledge base design into eSP, the multichannel eCRM platform supporting eSupportNow's outsourced, co-sourced and hosted customer support solutions. In addition, eSupportNow will offer solutions that use RightNow Web to capture and leverage this information within eSupportNow's Customer Analysis offerings to improve the effectiveness and profitability of support and marketing initiatives.

Motive Fuses Hipbone Connection
Collaborative browsing software provider Hipbone, Inc. and Motive Communications, a provider of intelligent service delivery software, entered into a sales and marketing alliance in conjunction with product integration initiatives. Under terms of the agreement, Hipbone has become a Motive Product Partner and will work with Motive on joint solution activities targeted at the financial services, high-tech, manufacturing and distribution and telecommunications industries.

ThinkDirect And Interactive Integrate Products
Interactive Intelligence Inc., a developer of interaction management software, signed a technology licensing agreement with ThinkDirectMarketing, Inc. (TDMI). The business-to-business applications service provider will integrate its data capture software, TDM DigitalData, with Interactive Intelligence's Customer Interaction Center (CIC). The integrated product is intended to enable contact centers to append customer information to previously unknown caller records prior to those records being "popped" by the CIC application to an agent's computer screen and provide call validation and updates for known customer relationships. Productivity is expected to increase by eliminating the need for agents to ask customers for their names and account information. TDMI will sell the integrated product to contact centers, designer/manufacturers, telecom carriers and interactive voice response and point-of-sale systems integrators. The product is scheduled for release in conjunction with the release of CIC version 2.0, expected in the second quarter of 2001.

eOn And Witness Co-Marketing Agreement
eOn Communications Corporation, a provider of unified voice, e-mail and Web-based communications systems and software, announced a co-marketing and integration partnership with Witness Systems, Inc., a provider of customer interaction recording, analysis and e-learning software. The initiative will integrate multimedia contact center solutions from eOn with Witness' solutions to help heighten customer loyalty by recording multimedia customer interactions to ensure consistent, quality sales and service across all channels.

PeopleSoft Steps Out With Sun For E-Business
Sun Microsystems Inc. and PeopleSoft Inc. recently announced a strategic alliance to deliver a scalable, Internet-ready CRM solution intended to better serve the communications and brokerage industries. PeopleSoft CRM will fully integrate front- and back-office departments and internal processes with customers, suppliers and employees. The global alliance will offer PeopleSoft's integrated enterprise CRM solution on Sun's Solaris 8 Operating Environment (OE) and Java technology-based platforms. Sun and PeopleSoft will engage in joint sales, services and marketing activities. The companies will also collaborate on engineering efforts and work with customers in Sun's iForce Ready Center locations to create proof of concepts and develop architecture blueprints in an enterprise lab environment. PeopleSoft Consulting, Sun Professional Services and preferred system integrators will provide implementations.

CSG Taps Athene For CRM Solution Partnership
CSG Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of CSG Systems International, Inc. and a provider of customer care and billing solutions to the communications industry, and Athene Software Inc., a provider of CRM software, announced a partnership to furnish communication service providers with enhanced customer relationship management tools. The solution is designed to accurately predict customer behavior and proactively recommend actions to prevent customer defections and maximize revenues. CSG will integrate Athene's APT Churn and APT Profitability software applications into its core customer care and billing solutions, CCS/ACSR, CSG.net and CSG NextGen. The end-to-end solution is expected to offer service providers analytic solutions that leverage consumer data residing within CSG's core customer care systems.

ClientLogic, vCustomer Offer 24/7 Support
ClientLogic Corporation, a provider of customer management services, and vCustomer Corporation, a supplier of outsourced customer management solutions in India, have formed a strategic partnership to provide e-mail and live chat services from vCustomer's contact centers in New Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay), India for companies worldwide. ClientLogic selected vCustomer as a partner based on its state-of-the art contact centers, global network infrastructure and management team. vCustomer's ability to quickly scale off-shore service centers in Mumbai (Bombay) and New Delhi and provide around-the-clock multichannel support services is expected to provide a significant competitive advantage for ClientLogic's clients.

Support.Com Shines For Siebel
Support.com, Inc., a provider of support infrastructure software, has joined Siebel Systems, Inc.'s Siebel Alliance Program as a Premier Software Partner and has completed the Siebel Validation Program. Siebel formally validated the integration between Support.com's Resolution Suite version 5.0, technology and infrastructure software designed to help enterprises automate the support process, identify problems and quickly resolve them. Siebel Systems provides an integrated family of e-business applications enabling multichannel sales, marketing and customer service systems, call centers, field, reseller channels, retail and dealer networks. The integrated solution supports desktop users as well as mobile users whose computing devices are wirelessly connected to the network.

APPower! Alliance! Magic!
APPower!, a provider of dynamic communication channels inside software applications, has entered into an agreement with Magic Software Enterprises to integrate APPower!'s "user relationship management" (URM) technology within the Magic application development environment, eDeveloper. The integration is intended to create marketing, information and support communications channels for building stronger relationships with end users of the eDeveloper product by providing a combination of highly focused and consistent multimedia, information messaging and content delivery. This marks the first commercial shipment of APPower! version 3.0. The deal also includes provisions for offering APPower! to Magic Software's channel partners to take advantage of revenue producing resale opportunities in the future.

Active Voice Expands Distribution Channels
Active Voice, Inc., a provider of unified messaging and computer telephony software solutions, entered into a distribution agreement with NETXUSA, a value-added distributor of computer-telephony integration (CTI) solutions. NETXUSA will distribute Active Voice's Repartee, PhoneSoft and Lingo voice messaging systems to its reseller base.

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