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This Is The Best Thing EVER! ... Don’t Tell Anyone
David R. Butcher, Assistant Editor, Customer Interaction Solutions

In the accompanying article by West’s Steve McCoy, the question is proposed: “Why hasn’t this revolution fully happened yet?” Also noted is, “despite the fact that large corporations are typically the earliest adopters of new technologies for enhancing productivity and reducing costs, many companies are reluctant to swap...” The question and the statement both are posed regarding VoIP technology, but both are relative to numerous other technologies in this industry.

Speaking with technology-products providers on a constant and consistent basis, it’s come to pass that one learns things about companies that they wish not to be made publicly known. Example: A software company develops a fantastic and reliable product; it is used for a large corporation’s online self-service; and that corporation has been pleased with the implementation and results; but due to the corporation’s strict secrecy within itself, or just years of traditional company policy, this complete satisfaction with the product and its results cannot or will not be made as public as it could; public as in reaching all companies in the market (i.e., potential buyers).

And yes, smaller companies do shy away from technologies they don’t yet fully grasp in understanding. But once an influential company announces it actually uses this technology with satisfactory results, others will follow, as if after the proverbial Pied Piper. This is not to say companies should implement a technology based on popularity, but consider that it may be popular because it IS so good.

At trade shows and in press releases, there is more validity to a product, to editors at least, if there is a presence of someone who uses the product and is willing to offer a first-hand show of satisfaction. We know the company that created the product thinks it is the best; but what of the day-to-day user; a representative from a company that actually uses the product and is genuinely pleased with it?

Sure, there are plenty of case studies for us as resources of customer experiences, but for major corporate entities using the technologies to go out of their way, stand up and very publicly address their pleasure, be it at trade shows or in press releases or the provider’s statements...well...it doesn’t happen as often as it should. If you’re the Piper, don’t let the end users down by slowing progression and adoption because of bureaucracies and fears of perception.


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