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This month, Customer Interaction Solutions® speaks with Jon McNaught, CEO of Davacord.

CIS: First of all, you recently incurred a name change from VoiceLogger to Davacord. Can you speak briefly to what prompted the change?

JM: Our product has evolved way beyond merely logging phone calls. We felt the name VoiceLogger, while descriptive of one of the main functions of our product, was actually quite restrictive in its description of what our complete solution offers customers. DigiVoiceXE is an advanced, feature-rich technology tool that enables people and businesses to capture relevant and extremely important data, and then easily access and use those data to help them with their business. Updating the name VoiceLogger to Davacord was an important step in allowing our company name to be more representative of our solutions’ capabilities.

CIS: How has the quality monitoring process changed in the past few years? How has Davacord, as a company, had to alter its offerings to accommodate legislation, restrictions, the legal environment, and the centralization of all forms of customer contact media (a particularly tricky prospect, I’m sure)?

JM: The key changes in the quality monitoring process have been driven by changes in technology and associated costs. In the 1990s and the early part of this decade, companies had to make a decision — quality monitoring for only a selection of their staff, or recording everyone and everything. It was an either/or decision based on completely different hardware and software architectures and the need for expensive investments in storage, interface technology, integration with complementary products and so forth.
Today, especially in the case of DigiVoiceXE, advances in hardware and software, along with significant cost reductions in many hardware components of recording solutions, have allowed the creation of solutions that can perform many different and varying functions within an organization. Our offering, with its design as a converged recording solution for both quality assurance and full-time recording needs, inherently accommodates the wide variety of state and federal recording requirements, at the same time maintaining the flexibility customers need to run their business.

CIS: We all know that call recording systems are only as good as the technologies that allow users to search, track and issue reports from the data (a pile of data is just a pile of data, until you do something with it, after all). What steps has Davacord taken with its tracking and reporting capabilities to make users’ lives easier?

JM: This question goes to the heart of what our solution is all about — providing to the masses a powerful, robust technology tool that is easy to implement, affordable and simple to operate. Not only is a pile of data of little value if it isn’t easily accessible and decipherable; but a recording customer has to be able to provide that tool to its employees, and the employees have to embrace and use that tool to make their jobs easier. One of the advantages of DigiVoiceXE which differentiates us from other providers of similar technology tools is that our solution is so easy to use and understand. It is intuitive, and any employee who uses a computer can be utilizing the most challenging aspects of DigiVoiceXE’s capabilities within a few minutes, with very little training. In order to be successful in today’s challenging recording environment, the technology MUST be powerful, affordable AND simple to operate. That third differentiator is probably what separates our product from those of many of our competitors. It is unusual in this environment to find a powerful, affordable technology tool that is simple to operate. We believe that we have engineered such a product.

Specific to tracking and reporting, DigiVoiceXE takes into account two important principles — capture relevant data, and make those data available in various ways for review and analysis. Davacord designed the DigiVoiceXE platform to not only record, but capture important call information that can be attributed to the call, ranging from simple caller I.D. information and DNIS all the way to unique data from a customer’s CRM application via our API. Beyond that, our integrated reporting package allows a myriad of information-rich reports to be run at the click of a few buttons, providing those valuable data back in an easy-to-understand format. We’ve listened to our customers when designing our reports for their use, as well as made the ability to export our report data or integrate the data with other reporting packages easier than ever.

CIS: How, specifically, does ROI result from implementing up-to-date recording and monitoring applications?

JM: ROI flows from efficiency. The more efficiently a company can operate, the better the return on [its] investment of people and resources. This includes the removal of manual processes, automation of performance evaluations, simplified reporting and so forth. The most important set of data to any company is the communications between its employees and their customers. The ability to capture and analyze all of those data is the key to identifying and creating efficiencies, and then better managing those processes to make [its] business more efficient.

CIS: Please explain how products such as DigiVoiceXE can be customized to meet what I assume must be the wildly varying needs in recording and monitoring from industry to industry. Can you talk about how some of your customers are using DigiVoiceXE?

JM: DigiVoiceXE is extremely flexible. It was engineered that way to allow both us and our customers to perform many different and varying functions. The open architecture and flexible and programmable search and playback capabilities allow our solution to change with the environment according to the specific needs of the customer. Because of the inherent flexibilities within DigiVoiceXE, it can be applied to most any vertical market or application that a customer demands, regardless of industry. Our solution is currently being utilized in every “traditional” recording market application, including Public Safety (Police, Fire, Emergency 911); many different applications within the financial markets (banking, brokers/trading, financing); the traditional contact centers; and many general business applications. It is this last category that I believe holds proof of our product’s capabilities. Many “non-traditional” recording markets in the general business sector are realizing what a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use data- capture tool can do to dramatically improve their businesses and their bottom lines.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our product and its application within a very demanding and exciting technology market.

CIS: Thank you for speaking with us.

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