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Customer Inter@ction Solutions News
June 2001

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Epsilon Offers Marketing Solution For Credit Issuers
Epsilon Data Management Inc. is offering what it describes as a high-performance prospect database marketing platform supporting the massive data requirements and complex needs of credit issuers. Its proprietary platform, Strategic Credit Opportunity Recognition Engine (SCORE), allows credit issuers to more rapidly test, analyze and execute large-scale customer acquisition campaigns using direct access to prospects' credit history while complying with stringent Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines. SCORE is designed to enable credit issuers to better identify prospects (and existing customers) most likely to accept/use credit products, reduce time-to-market for customer acquisition campaigns, provide marketing users with direct access to vast credit bureau-sourced prospect data and ad-hoc external data sources, use all available consumer data attributes while maintaining FCRA compliance and combine prospects and customers into a single repository. www.epsilon.com / Ph: 800-225-3333

Light-Weight Earset Debuts
ArialPhone Corporation announced its company launch as a provider of wearable, wireless earset communications devices and voice-enabling software applications. Its signal product, the ArialPhone, weighs about an ounce and is a hands-free device that fits onto the user's ear and makes use of speaker-independent voice recognition technology. The ArialPhone offers communications within a 150-ft. range, even through walls. A single "action button" alerts the ArialPhone base station, attached to a PC, to listen for user voice commands. Users can perform automated functions (e.g., voice dialing by name, call screening, PC and Internet operations) while walking around the home or office. It requires no customization or PC integration and is ready to use out of the box. The earset can be used as a wireless microphone for software applications utilizing voice input. ArialPhone consists of an earset and a base station that works in concert with a PC for telephone calling, contact management access, Internet calling and other operations. www.arialphone.com / Ph: 847-573-9925

GeoExpress: Hosted E-Learning Solution
GeoLearning, Inc. has released GeoExpress, a streamlined learning management system intended to meet the needs and budget constraints of mid-sized organizations. Designed to launch, track and manage online training, the solution can be implemented in 30 days or less. The GeoExpress learning management system includes a built-in courseware authoring tool, test and survey creation engine and real-time chat, scheduling and communication features. The system's 3D user interface imitates a "brick and mortar" learning environment that each company can customize to match its corporate look and feel. Additional modules, such as live Webcasting, a product library system, class scheduler and e-commerce capabilities can be added to the system for enhanced functionality. GeoExpress is a thin-client solution hosted on GeoLearning's application service provider model.
www.geolearning.com / Ph: 800-970-9903

A Solution For "Do Not Call" Woes
CallCompliance.com, Inc. released Teleblock, a service to help prevent telemarketers from erroneously completing outgoing calls to numbers on state and proprietary Do Not Call lists. Teleblock connects to telemarketers' phone lines and automatically blocks numbers dialed that appear on Do Not Call lists. The service does not require upgrades or modifications to existing telephone systems and is designed to help telemarketers attain compliance as painlessly as possible. As part of the service, CallCompliance automatically updates state Do Not Call lists as they become available from each jurisdiction. Telemarketers also can log on to their Web site and block additional numbers of individuals who make such requests to the company directly. www.callcompliance.com / Ph: 888-674-6774

Kabira Introduces Business Accelerator
Kabira Technologies Inc. has announced the Kabira Business Accelerator, a set of advanced frameworks and software engines that support dynamic business process control, network service creation and workflow management directly from UML activity diagrams. The Business Accelerator was designed with direct input from customers building 2.5G and 3G wireless services, bandwidth-on-demand over optical fiber networks, hybrid fiber/coaxial (HFC) and multiservice operations (MSOs). The product allows providers of convergent services to quickly create new offerings that can scale to millions of users using visual modeling tools. Kabira Business Accelerator is a suite of frameworks and pre-compiled modules running on the Kabira ObjectSwitch server platform. Detailed features and specifications for the Kabira Business Accelerator include industry-standard modeling and interfaces, design and runtime flexibility, real-time business process performance, and user access and system interfacing. www.kabira.com / Ph: 415-446-5000

Call Interactive Christens Customer Care Suite
Call Interactive introduced its Call Interactive (CI) EasyServe suite of customer service products. Designed to automate a variety of customer service functions, CI EasyServe products feature next-generation technology for phone, Web and wireless access. Call Interactive's multichannel approach allows customers to access the functionality of the solutions through both touch-tone and conversational speech recognition technologies. Through advanced Web integration technology, Call Interactive clients are able to use one database for both Web and IVR customer service solutions. Call Interactive's initial EasyServe releases for specific industries include: MarketTalk (brokerage), CardServe (financial) and BenefitServe (insurance). All CI EasyServe solutions are "modular" in design for easier addition of new features and rapid implementation. www.callit.com / Ph: 800-428-2400

Compaq R1500 XR Debuts
Compaq Computer Corporation has released the new UPS R1500 XR, a high power density solution designed for customers who want to provide power protection in space-constrained rack environments. A "refresh" of its existing R1500 UPS, it brings increased power density and enhanced features, including easier configuration via an enhanced front panel display, independently controllable load segments and remote monitoring of UPS devices on a network. The UPS R1500 XR can be connected to up to two optional Extended Runtime Modules (ERM). Customers can increase the run-time on their UPS R1500 XR by using this ERM. The Compaq UPS "XR" denotes "eXtended Runtime capable" models.
www.compaq.com / Ph: 800-345-1518

Mindmaker Unveils FlexAnswer Service
Mindmaker, Inc., a developer of intelligent assistants and other artificial intelligence technologies, recently presented FlexAnswer, an automated, Web-based question answering service. FlexAnswer utilizes next-generation natural language processing technology, helping companies to provide improved, Internet-based customer service for technical support, sales support and eCRM. It incorporates spelling correction, morphological forms, grammatical structure, as well as semantic, pragmatic and dialog information. The result is a highly logical representation of the question designed to provide more accurate and useful responses to customer questions. FlexAnswer can learn from previous questions and answers, thus allowing the service to automatically improve over time. The solution also provides a number of features useful to project supervisors, including knowledge management, service customization and performance monitoring. The solution is offered as a fully hosted Web service. www.flexanswer.com / Ph: 408-467-0458

TechExcel Help Desk Solution
TechExcel Inc. has released TechExcel HelpDesk, an integrated suite of products designed for managing all aspects of internal IT support. HelpDesk is designed to optimize internal help desk processes by integrating a Web interface with wireless and client/server applications. The solution consists of ServiceWise, which manages the technical support process and provides workflow and process automation features (routing, escalation, notification, etc.) based on fully definable criteria; AssetWise, an asset management package; and FormWise, a Web-based forms automation solution. www.techexcel.com / Ph: 800-439-7782

FrontRange Fires Asset Tracking HEAT Missile
FrontRange Solutions Inc. introduced HEAT Asset Tracker, a new module for IT help desk inventory control. Designed to work with HEAT 6.0 help desk software, Asset Tracker is designed to enable the automatic location, identification and management of an organization's IT assets from one central location. Three major components of the solution are: InfraTools Desktop Discovery, which automatically scans and captures hardware and software data; Tracking Manager for managing inventory, software licenses, upgrades, changes, repairs and equipment retirement, etc.; and Asset Details, which displays asset information on every user for technicians responding to calls. The solution also provides a variety of customizable reports. www.frontrange.com / Ph: 800-776-7889

Teradata's LDM Version 5.0 Available
Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, recently released Teradata Communications Logical Data Model (LDM) Version 5.0. The Communications LDM is the strategic customer relationship management enabler and data model foundation for a Teradata data warehouse. It ties together all of the information about a communications company's customers, relating customer events, status, accounts, contracts, product/service offers, sales channels, revenue, usage, network and campaign information to address business questions on customer acquisition, retention and growth. It recognizes critical points of integration between customers, product usage and events, making it possible for applications to answer difficult business questions. Enhancements in Version 5.0 include: the ability to integrate with the Teradata Communications Fraud Management system; integration with the Teradata Performance Measurement and Management system; and integration with Teradata CRM Solutions for Communications. www.teradata.com / Ph: 937-445-2667

Small Business Voice Processing Assistance
Vodavi Technology, Inc. has introduced MiniVoice, the newest member of its voice processing product line. A nonproprietary, entry-level solution designed to streamline business communications, MiniVoice provides business users of Vodavi's STARPLUS, STARPLUS TRIAD and Infinite DVXPlus key telephone systems with a low-cost, analog voice mail system with auto attendant features and message storage. Targeted at small businesses, MiniVoice is a 4-port voice processing system with 32 mailboxes and up to 1.5 hours of message storage. An optional expansion board delivers an additional 3 hours of storage and 32 more mailboxes. Straightforward to use, features include time and date stamp, password protection, message wait light and message routing. Users can retrieve messages and change their voice mail parameters from any touch-tone phone, and the product can be programmed to send pager alerts when users have a new voice mail message. www.vodavi.com / Ph: 800-843-4863

Customer Interaction Center Solution From PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft Inc. announced availability of the PeopleSoft CRM Customer Interaction Center, a scalable solution designed to manage customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, across all customer-facing functions (sales, marketing and service) and all customer communication channels (Web, voice, e-mail, fax or wireless). Intended to extend the effectiveness of traditional call centers with functions to assist agents in quoting accurate prices, it can also accelerate the processing of customer orders and serve as a single point of contact for overseeing the entire customer relationship. The solution features an integration platform for accessing back-office information, a prebuilt order entry system, integrated configuration and workflow systems for improved order accuracy and processing and a simplified user interface to support reduced training costs and higher employee retention. www.peoplesoft.com / Ph: 800-380-SOFT

Outbound Workforce Management From CenterForce
CenterForce Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of CenterForce Planner Release 2.0, a companion application with CenterForce Optimizer, developed to assist managers of outbound and blended contact centers to balance campaign productivity with human resources availability/expenses and to forecast the optimal number of phone agents needed for outbound calling campaigns. Using outbound phone contact history and additional variables, CenterForce Planner calculates the most effective and efficient staffing configuration for each hour of the day. The forecast details the number of agents required on phones at each hour to maximize productivity as well as the revenue benefits of staffing in the optimal calling hours. The system also shows the financial expectations of this forecast and the ramifications of deviating from it. Users also have the ability to model different scenarios and tailor hourly forecasts to agent availability. www.cforcetech.com / Ph: 301-718-2955

Expanded Reporting From Centergistic
Centergistic Solutions released AgentView Enterprise "C" Expansion Module, a new interface designed to provide call center managers with additional historical reporting capability. The "C" Expansion Module includes a report viewer, enabling customers to create a set of historical reports that are customized to their needs. The user can then add to them or change them using Crystal Reports. This addition to AgentView Enterprise is intended to provide a robust dual reporting option for customers who desire greater flexibility in the design and content of reports for their contact centers. The AgentView Enterprise engine collects real-time data from single or multiple site data sources and relays critical information to employees. It displays current queue statistics, messages and the results of user-defined calculations to wireless devices and display wallboards. www.centergistic.com / Ph: 800-852-9249

MetricStream Enhances Management Suite
MetricStream, Inc. announced availability of its Enterprise Business Management (eBM) Suite Release 2.41. MetricStream's eBM Suite is designed to help executives and managers improve the management of business operations within and across distributed enterprise applications. Using MetricStream's Web-based eBM Suite, executive and IT management can proactively monitor the performance and integrity of all business processes via customizable dashboards that provide real-time access to exception-based business process information. MetricStream's eBM Suite addresses a range of back-office operations (shipping, invoicing, procurement, manufacturing and distribution) and front-office processes such as customer interaction and sales force automation. Other features include multilevel visibility and analysis of business processes, rules-based problem resolution and Web-based management and reporting tools. www.metricstream.com / Ph: 408-982-8667

e-FORCE 3.1 Features Multichannel Enhancements
Interactive Software Systems unveiled e-FORCE 3.1, the newest version of its workforce management product suite. The latest release is integrated with e-mail and CRM technology providers (such as Kana Communications and eshare Communications), allowing the solution to utilize these systems' servers to forecast and schedule employees to respond to e-mail, fax and live Web agent demand, and use this information to model demand across the entire customer contact chain. e-FORCE 3.1 also includes: e-FORCE EmpowerTools, employee self-service tools; e-FORCE Employee @ccess, a self-service Web application that allows employees to view and bid for schedules, request schedule changes and trade schedules with other employees over the Web; e-FORCE Vacation Planner, to assist in forecasting and managing time-off for employees; and e-FORCE MessageNet, an employee messaging and polling solution that facilitates more efficient communication between administrators and employees. As a hosted ASP solution, the e-FORCE workforce management suite resides on a centrally managed server. www.intersoftsys.com / Ph: 954-717-0180

NextNine Remote Troubleshooting Assistance
NextNine, Inc. (formerly RTview) introduced NextNine R&D, a software infrastructure for remotely troubleshooting and debugging embedded devices throughout their lifecycles, from integration and beta testing through ongoing field use. Targeted at telecom/datacom vendors who make routers, switches, cellular base stations and other mission-critical devices, NextNine R&D allows developers to view application code and operating system data without the need of direct access to the device. NextNine R&D analyzes performance under actual conditions and automatically collects/stores/analyzes data throughout the life of the system. The NextNine R&D solution includes five software components: an embedded Agent, an R&D viewer and three server components that reside at customer and vendor locations. NextNine R&D is scheduled to ship this summer. www.nextnine.com / Ph: 617-547-2560

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Cerillion Gains CACI Unit
Customer care and billing specialist Cerillion Technologies announced the purchase of the IBAS Interconnect and Carrier Management product business from CACI Information Systems, a provider of software development and systems integration services to the telecommunications sector. The IBAS product offers interconnect rating, billing and settlement to telecommunication operators and service providers, and delivers management tools to maximize the profitability of interconnect business through advanced least-cost routing. As part of the transaction, all of the staff employed within the IBAS division have moved to Cerillion Technologies, which will take over support for all existing IBAS users. Louis Hall, Cerillion's managing director, expects the acquisition to give them an "enhanced capability in the wholesale interconnect market."

Kana And Broadbase Plan Merger
Kana Communications, Inc., a provider of enterprise relationship management (eRM) solutions and Broadbase Software, Inc., a provider of customer interaction solutions, announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement. The merger is expected to close in the third quarter of this year. The combined company will be called Kana Software, with Chuck Bay, current president and CEO of Broadbase, as president and CEO and Jay Wood, presently chairman and CEO of Kana, as chairman of the board of directors.

eYak Hooks Brooktrout
eYak, Inc., a provider of Internet Protocol (IP) media server software and solutions for voice applications, announced the acquisition of Brooktrout Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. Brooktrout Software provides open, standards-based communication software and services for the enterprise. The acquisition combines eYak's SoftTelephony technology with Brooktrout's graphical application development environments (Show N Tel and ActiveCall) and consulting services, and allows eYak to deliver voice technologies, products and services to a wide range of customers including channel partners, enterprises and service providers. The combined offerings extend eYak's reach into the rapidly emerging voice services market. David Friend, eYak's co-founder, will be the chairman and chief executive officer of the combined company, and Mark Flanagan, the former president and CEO of Brooktrout Software, has been named president and chief operating officer. Jeff Flowers, eYak's other co-founder, will be the combined company's chief technology officer.

Quintus Asset Deal Completed
Avaya Inc., a global provider of business communications solutions and services, announced completion of its asset purchase agreement with eCRM solutions provider Quintus Corporation. Avaya acquired substantially all of Quintus' assets for approximately $29 million and has assumed certain Quintus liabilities up to an additional $30 million. Avaya expects the acquisition to strengthen its presence in the customer relationship management market by enhancing its ability to offer a broad, multivendor, multiplatform portfolio of software solutions. Avaya also announced it will focus its CRM solutions portfolio in three areas: interaction management; solutions for implementing enterprisewide dynamic business processes; and business intelligence solutions.

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Datapoint Transformation
Datapoint Group, a firm specializing in customer interaction solutions, was launched in the United States. (In July 2000, CallCentric, a company in the United Kingdom, acquired Datapoint Corporation of San Antonio, Texas. The Datapoint name was retained because of its worldwide recognition.) Datapoint Group announced details of its U.S. plans, including new sales and management offices in Beverly, Massachusetts. The company also announced two new members joining the U.S. team: general manager for U.S. operations Robert Sharp and vice president of professional services Mary Hart. John Perkins continues in his role as vice president of operations. According to David Berger, CEO for U.K.-based Datapoint Group, the market (particularly in the U.S.) for customer interaction centers is growing faster than any other sector of the IT industry, yet the market is underserved. The company expects to gain market share by exploiting new technologies, leveraging existing relationships and strong financial backing.

Octave Secures Siemens Certification
Octave Communications, a developer of next-generation conferencing products, announced that its OnSemble platform received Siemens Ready certification for interoperability with Siemens Enterprise Networks LLC's Hicom 300 H and Siemens International Platform Hicom 330 communication systems. Testing and certification were conducted as part of Siemens' Developer Support Program.

IT Certification Program Set To Launch
This month Pink Elephant Inc., a provider of information technology education and service management, introduces its IT Executive Management Certification program. The four-level program, targeted at chief information officers and senior IT managers, is a formal, structured curriculum designed to assist them in understanding and implementing the strategic business elements of information technology. Part of the curriculum is built around the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a public domain set of best practices for IT service management to promote business effectiveness, developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) in the United Kingdom. Pink Elephant is not affiliated with any hardware or software vendor and is accredited by the Examination Institute for Information Science, the Information Systems Examinations Board and the CCTA. At press time, the inaugural session was slated to commence on June 20th in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit its Web site.

French Firm Garners COPC Laurel
Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. (COPC), a performance management organization for the customer contact industry, has awarded certification of the COPC-2000 Standard for the first time in continental Europe. COPC awarded certification to the Paris facility of ClientLogic Corporation, a provider of customer management services, for its inbound customer services and outbound customer contact management offerings. COPC-2000 is an independent certification standard for operational performance. It includes performance metrics, processes, people, planning and leadership. The Standard was developed in 1995-96 by representatives from customer-focused companies concerned with the level of service quality provided to customers by customer service organizations. More than 200 locations in 30 countries are using the standard to improve performance.

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Magic Software Enterprises announced it has been awarded a contract to deliver a Web-based Juvenile Tracking System (JTS) for the Office of the Administrator of the Courts (OAC) for the State of Washington. Magic will be working with its solutions partner, Stephenson Computer Consulting, to design and implement the solution. The JTS to be delivered under the contract will replace an existing COBOL-based mainframe application. It will be integrated with OAC's existing applications and will be deployed using browser-based clients in order to minimize remote systems management.

Segue Enhances Silk Support
Segue Software, Inc. has implemented Segue TechNotes, its online resolution database for customer support. The new search offering is a 24/7 service giving customers real-time answers to over 1,000 potential scenarios. Along with Segue's customer service and support center, TechNotes supports the company's Silk products, reliability applications that model e-business environments and simulate the stress presented by up to tens of thousands of concurrent Web site visitors. Segue's e-business solution set includes a comprehensive suite of scalability, performance, monitoring, reliability and verification methodologies. The company also expanded its support hours -- from 15 to 18 hours per day.

Tundo Initiative Announced
Tundo Corporation has implemented a company strategy to target the fast-growing IP contact center market. This initiative leverages Tundo's existing expertise in providing IP contact center solutions to large enterprises and outsourced call centers. Tundo's IP Contact Center initiative builds upon its carrier-grade media control platform, the Tundo DOT Server. Tundo's solutions for call center customers include Tundo Boundless Call Center, which provides multimedia capabilities for managing e-mail and Web contacts and voice, and the Tundo HomePort, which allows clients to extend their contact centers' voice and media to remote and home-based agents. Timothy B. Steele, recently appointed president and chief operating officer, will lead Tundo's new initiative.

Stream In MS Gold Program
Stream International, a CRM outsourcing and support services provider for technology companies and e-businesses, announced it has been named a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Support Services, due to its proven competence on the latest Microsoft technologies. Membership in the program will provide Stream with early access to product information, advanced training, backup support, etc., enabling it to deliver high-quality technical support for Microsoft solutions and ensure that Stream's technical support personnel have evaluated, tested and are using the latest Microsoft solutions. Additionally, enhancements such as the new peer-networking opportunities will allow Stream to expand the types of solutions and services it offers to customers.

Microprocessor Pioneers Feted
Last month, the three men credited with the invention of the microprocessor were honored by the American Computer Museum in Bozeman, Montana. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the invention of the microprocessor by Dr.Ted Hoff, Dr. Federico Faggin and Mr. Stan Mazor at the then small and little-known company called Intel. Their invention has impacted the global economy from computers, to telephones, to entertainment devices to countless numbers of other modern devices. Messrs. Hoff, Faggin and Mazor were presented with the coveted George R. Stibitz Computer Pioneer Award. Previous honorees include Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer; Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit; Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web; and Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn, co-inventors of the Internet.


Capital Infusion Spurs Growth, Name Change
ASC Billing Solutions Inc. announced a new name, Sentori, market expansion into Europe and Asia and a new president, John Bennett. Named after its convergent billing and customer care software system, the company has built a customer base among IP- and circuit-switch-based communications service providers. Chairman of the board and CEO Vincent Vu announced that Sentori's plans for expansion into Europe and Asia, along with new senior management appointments, are based on recent first round venture funding led by Edison Venture Funds. A privately held company, Sentori is expanding its employee base to ensure that market penetration and client satisfaction objectives are met.

TechExcel Opens In The Keystone State
TechExcel, Inc., a developer of integrated software solutions for optimizing business processes, announced the opening of an East Coast office to support its expanding customer base in the eastern United States. Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, TechExcel's new branch office provides sales, consulting and customer support services. The company's headquarters and primary support center remain in Lafayette, California.

Dialpad Gains Asian Presence
IP telephony solutions provider Dialpad Communications announced the opening of Dialpad Japan, Inc., an independently operated entity located in Tokyo, the first of several regional operations in Asia and Europe that Dialpad plans to open as it pursues international expansion. Dialpad's president and co-founder Hyunduk 'Doug' Ahn said that, rather than extending its infrastructure to reach a global market, it would found country-specific operations in key regions worldwide, allowing its U.S.-based team to remain focused on technology innovation. Toshimitsu Tanaka, Ph.D., was named president and chief executive officer, overseeing all aspects of the regional operation. He will report directly to Dialpad Japan's board of directors.

Core Opens Center In Fremont
Core Communications Corporation opened a new inbound customer contact center service bureau in Fremont, Nebraska. The custom-designed facility includes a new 13,500-square-foot building. The center has a capacity of over 160 stations, including 25 training stations, employing state-of-the-art service technology for voice and Internet processing and which allows clients to select various methods for customer communications and interactions. Core also has moved its headquarters to the new facility.

Help Desk NOW Opens New Office
Help Desk NOW, a North Carolina-based provider of outsourced teleservices and telesales, announced the opening of its new center in the North Atlantic province of Newfoundland, Canada. Initially, the facility will house 200 workstations and is expected to expand to over 300 seats. Help Desk NOW utilizes state-of-the-art telephony and CRM technologies to support both inbound and outbound campaigns under technical and nontechnical contracts.

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Nortel And PricewaterhouseCoopers To Provide Next-Gen Centers
Nortel Networks and PricewaterhouseCoopers announced plans to jointly develop, implement and promote a network of next-generation customer contact centers for outsourcing of business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions. The strategic alliance will leverage Nortel's Internet and communications expertise with PricewaterhouseCoopers' end-to-end business process expertise and operational capabilities to help businesses take advantage of the latest in contact center, CRM and IVR technologies. The customer contact centers will be based on a central, integrated platform for Web and voice-enabled customer interactions such as customer service and technical support. The first center is scheduled to open during November 2001 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The companies also plan to upgrade the centers over time with the latest technology to service customer needs and to showcase joint products and services.

HeyAnita, Gold Partner For Voice Apps
Gold Systems, Inc., a voice and wireless Web solutions provider, and HeyAnita Inc., a voice technology company, announced an agreement to integrate HeyAnita's FreeSpeech Platform with Gold Systems' Vonetix product for development of speech-driven applications for a broad range of integrated voice response (IVR) platforms. Gold Systems will jointly market HeyAnita's voice applications and services to enterprises, Internet service providers and telecommunications service providers. The FreeSpeech Platform is a VoiceXML-compliant middleware environment that controls and manages the interoperation of telephony hardware, voice applications and speech recognition engines. Vonetix technology provides telephone access to Web-based content through its Java/XML/HTML/ XHTML interface, eliminating the need for duplicating a Web site's back-end infrastructure for automated telephone access.

AvantGo Joins Onyx In XML-Based Mobile Solutions
Onyx Software Corporation and AvantGo Inc. have partnered to deliver real-time, mobile customer relationship management solutions to large, field-based sales and services teams for wireless access to customer information. The combined solution features AvantGo's mobile infrastructure software and services with Onyx's XML-based CRM platform. The integrated solution will enable an organization's mobile professionals to manage contact information, review and update sales opportunities, access urgent service requests and view customer history using handheld devices. As a result of the alliance, AvantGo will expand the mobile CRM capabilities delivered within its existing product suite. AvantGo also plans to deploy the mobile solution internally for improved efficiency and decision making for its mobile workforce.

Austin And Davox Offer Expanded CIM Capabilities
Austin Logistics Inc., a provider of call center productivity solutions, announced an agreement with Davox Corporation, a developer of customer interaction management solutions, to jointly market its call center suite of software solutions, including OnQ and CallTech. Austin Logistics will provide ongoing development to enhance and test synergies with Davox's technology solutions, ensuring the interoperability and compatibility of Davox's outbound call management solutions and Austin Logistics' enterprise call scheduling and list management technology.

Dialogic And SpeechWorks Team For Voice-Driven Functionality
Dialogic Communications Corporation and SpeechWorks International, Inc. have partnered to deliver speech-enabled functionality for subscribers calling into cable television (CATV) customer contact centers. The addition of SpeechWorks' natural language speech recognition to Dialogic's ARU3 IVR solution is expected to expand options for greater customer service and contact center performance. CATV subscribers can handle their own routine requests for information, thereby reducing call flow to customer service agents. Freed from routine call handling, contact center agents can better utilize their talents for account management, problem solving and upselling. ARU3, a Windows-based interactive voice response solution for contact centers, automates the call filtering process. SpeechWorks provides speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions that allow people to speak into any phone to conduct transactions and receive information automatically.

Avaya And MHLL Aim For Standardized CRM Training Courses
Avaya Inc., a provider of corporate networking solutions and services, has allied with McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning (MHLL), a provider of e-learning solutions, to develop qualified CRM-focused training courseware for contact center agents. The two companies plan to establish a technology-based contact center training program and will work to establish standardized courseware for industrywide training of CRM agents. Avaya will provide expert content focused on what it takes to be successful in a customer-relationship-managed, multimedia contact center and generate sales leads through its existing customer base. MHLL will provide project funding, instructional design support, technology platform and support for disseminating content, media versioning, localization as well as a sales channel. Courses recently announced run the gamut from basic contact center skills to consultative selling practices to media functions and etiquette.

Akibia Accord With Sun
Akibia, Inc., a provider of eCRM consulting and IT support services, announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Akibia will directly provide Sun customers with support services, including technical support, hardware maintenance and service delivery consisting of creative logistics programs, professional services, education and training. Under a second agreement, Akibia was named a channel sales partner in the Sun Service Manager program, allowing Akibia to resell Sun hardware and software services directly to its customers.

AppsMall.com To Offer A Magic E-Commerce Solution
Magic Software Enterprises, Ltd., a provider of application development technology and business solutions, announced that its North American subsidiary, Magic Software Enterprises, Inc., has signed an agreement with AppsMall.com, L.L.C. to market and sell Magic eMerchant in North America. eMerchant is Magic's a customizable e-commerce template that combines an e-commerce solution with a virtual order center. Under the terms of the agreement, AppsMall will market and sell Magic eMerchant through its network of value-added resellers. AppsMall, an e-commerce portal for e-business applications, is a central source for software solutions, information and pre- and post-sale support and fulfillment for its VARs.

Sprint, Echopass Ally For Integrated Solution
Sprint Corporation and Echopass Corporation, a provider of integrated contact center communication solutions for enterprise customers, announced that Sprint and Echopass have entered into an agreement to deliver integrated voice and e-media (e-mail, Web chat, co-browsing, etc.) communications services to the enterprise contact center market. In support of this effort, Echopass has been accepted as a member of Sprint's Enabling ASP Program. Echopass remotely hosts and maintains the technology necessary to deploy and operate high-volume enterprise-class customer contact centers. Echopass' Echocenters, hosted integrated voice and e-media data and communications centers, are co-located on the Sprint high-speed data and voice network through which the two companies are providing the offering.

MCK/Tech Data Partnership Tarkets VARs, Integrators
MCK Communications, Inc., a provider of solutions for delivering business-quality distributed voice over existing and next-generation networks, announced a distribution partnership with Tech Data Corporation, a supplier of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services. The partnership will make MCK's portfolio of distributed voice solutions available to Tech Data's network of worldwide technology solution providers, thereby extending the reach of MCK's products to the growing channel of value-added data resellers and systems integrators.

Witness eQuality Integration With PeopleSoft
Witness Systems, a provider of customer interaction recording, analysis and e-learning software, announced both a partnership with PeopleSoft, Inc. and certification under PeopleSoft's Alliances Certification Program. Leveraging the eQuality Connect middleware, Witness' eQuality multimedia recording software now integrates with PeopleSoft CRM Support and HelpDesk, applications that link front-end CRM information with back-office data about customers, suppliers and employees. A major focus of the alliance is helping companies access critical customer information more easily, inspect vital business processes and capture specific customer interactions to ensure quality service as well as the effectiveness of their CRM implementations.

Avolent Accord With LASERCOM
Avolent, Inc. announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with LASERCOM, a systems integrator and developer of customer communications solutions in Europe and Australia. Avolent, a provider of electronic bill and invoice presentment and payment solutions (EBPP/EIPP) and interactive customer care, will provide its business-to-business billing solution BizCast to LASERCOM as part of the agreement. LASERCOM integrates electronic billing and customer communications solutions primarily in the banking/finance and telco/utilities sectors. The partnership expects to provide billing solutions that fully integrate with customer care and CRM systems, and offer customers a greater range of online interactive services.

FaceTime And Ask Jeeves Deliver The Message
FaceTime Communications, a provider of instant messaging for businesses, and Ask Jeeves, Inc., a provider of natural language navigation and business intelligence systems, announced a strategic partnership to deliver a combination of self-service and live-assistance capabilities for large enterprise customer care organizations. FaceTime's instant messaging solutions will work with Ask Jeeves' self-service question answering systems to escalate customers to live, real person assistance when they need it. By offering users live help at critical moments in the e-commerce and e-support cycles, the combined technologies are expected to help improve "look-to-book" ratios, reduce support costs and improve customer loyalty.

WhiteCross And ABCi Offer Site Activity And Behavior Data
WhiteCross Systems, an analytical solutions provider for the telecom and IP industries, announced a new initiative to offer its analytical/data mining services to the online media industry. To that end, it signed an agreement with online verification service provider ABC Interactive (ABCi), the interactive affiliate of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). The partnership aligns WhiteCross' strength in outsourced and automated data reporting and ABCi's reputation for delivering objective, credible online activity verification. WhiteCross' new focus on the online media industry stems from its current partnership with ABCe, an interactive auditor and ABC affiliate in the United Kingdom.

Primus-Motive Collaboration
Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc., a provider of knowledge-enabling software, and Motive Communications, Inc., a provider of intelligent service software, formed an alliance to deliver integrated software solutions for automated problem identification, diagnosis and resolution to hardware and software companies. The Primus Associative Search Engine enables customers or service experts via phone, e-mail, chat and Web channels to search for answers to questions submitted in nontechnical language. The Motive solution, built on the Motive ServiceNet platform, provides real-time, contextual information about a user's device, system or application to expedite the problem diagnosis and resolution process, and improve the accuracy of results presented in the Primus system.

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