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Publisher’s Outlook
In the Worldwide Madness of Going Digital, the Tendency is Doing Everything Digitally; However, There is No Substitute for the Personal Touch!
By Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher,
Technology Marketing Corp.

In many of these editorials, I have often stressed that companies live or die from repeat business. Repeat business, naturally, comes from customer care, customer satisfaction and overall customer relationship management (CRM).

High Priority!
FrontRange Makes A Strong Showing In The SMB Marketplace
By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief,
Technology Marketing Corp.

FrontRange Solutions has a reputation for being a dynamic organization. The company is a market leader in IT service management, customer relationship management (CRM) and voice applications for the mid-market and distributed enterprise. It has never been one to sit still and let the industry evolve around it.

Customer Inter@ction News™

By Ozzie Fonesca

Contact Center: New Applications Address Excellence in Customer Service

By Sandra M. Gustavsen, Analyst, Access Intelligence LLCelecommunications vendors were focused on the contact center environment. Database publisher and analyst group TelecomTactics finds that new solutions for the contact center topped the list of newly announced applications, followed by mobility, unified messaging and new collaboration solutions such as video telephony and conferencing.
Read the full article at

Playing It Fair With Predictive Dialers
By Stefania Viscusi, TMCnet Assistant EditorIn the call center space, the "playing fair" concept can be the difference between remaining profitable, or not – between having legal headaches and giant fines, and celebrating the higher road to compliance.Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/574.1

SaaS Users Willing To Pay More, Survey Says
By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing EditorIn music to some companies' ears, SaaS customers value application uptime enough to pay significantly more for increased uptime guarantees. Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/575.1

Last Call

Speech Self-Service Encroaches On Carbon-Based Life Forms
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
When I first heard someone mention that someday, self-service would replace humans in the call center, I think I snorted coffee out my nose. It was almost a decade ago, and my skepticism on the topic was high.

The Nine Circles of The IVR Inferno
By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing Editor
There are lots of reasons to make your IVR (interactive voice response) system as efficient and customer-friendly as possible. You can rattle
off most of them: 'Yeah, yeah, improved customer satisfaction, better efficiency, blah, blah, costs savings, yada, yada, heard it all before.'

Outbound Technologies Roundup
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Call centers are ever on the alert for new ways to increase efficiency, keep costs down and at the same time improve the customer experience.

First Call Resolution: Good For You, Good For Your Customers
By Tracey E. Schelmetic Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions
It's a generally accepted piece of conventional wisdom that in the call center, what's good for you ' lowering call handle times, offloading more live calls into indifferent, inexpensive and generic self-service, replacing skilled agents with anything that can be loosely considered a carbon-based life form with a pulse, offshoring customer care to foreign lands where call center workers are happy with less salary than it would take for a U.S. agent to feed the cat with ' is not good for the customer.

Twenty-Second Annual Top 50 Inbound Teleservices Agency Ranking
This is the twenty-second year Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine brings you its "Top 50" Teleservices Agency Ranking. In this issue, we're presenting the "Top 50" inbound portion of the ranking. (The outbound portion of the ranking was highlighted in the March 2007 issue.) Since its inception in 1986, our "Top 50" ranking has been used as the benchmark for choosing large-capacity/sized teleservices agencies.

Routing: The Foundation For Contact Center Optimization
By Katrina Howell, Genesys
Increasingly, contact centers are shifting focus from cost-containment to strategic goals such as improved customer loyalty, superior quality
and revenue generation. To realize these objectives, contact centers must first gain greater visibility into their customer base.

Building A Distributed Call Center: Three Things To Look For In A Virtual Phone Solution
By Greg Brashier VirtualPBX
It's no secret nowadays that one of the greatest challenges to running a contact center is complying with demands from executive company management, which usually involve trying to find a way to increase call center efficiencies and reduce costs while raising customer service quality to increase customer retention and loyalty.

With Tim Passios, Director of Product Management, Interactive Intelligence
There seems to be a lot of talk about the benefits of using at-home or remote agents as additions to the physical contact center. Are those benefits tangible? Is the technology available to effectively implement a remote agent strategy? Are companies deploying remote agents successfully?

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