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April 2003
Knowledge Management: From Nebulous To Necessary For Customer Service
By Jessica Jordan, ServiceWare Technologies
CRM Solutions have been widely accepted by global enterprises seeking to improve customer satisfaction and retention. But is takes more than just technology to maintain customer relationships. It takes improved business processes and a method for providing customers with the information that they demand in an efficient and effective manner. This is where knowledge management (KM) comes in to play.

Using Analytics To Drive Knowledge Management For Better CRM (sidebar)
By Chris Eldredge, SAP
How, in this frenetic pace of global competition and endless choice, can companies set themselves apart? The answer lies in knowing one's customers and anticipating their every need. The so-called "engaged business model" allows companies to anticipate customers' needs in a time-critical manner, and offer the information in a media-adaptive way that suits their communication channels and available tools.

CUSTOMER INTER@CTION Solutions (TM) Magazine's Eighteenth-Annual Top 50 Outbound Teleservices Agency Ranking
This is the eighteenth year Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine brings you its "Top 50" Teleservices Agency Ranking. In this issue, we're presenting the "Top 50" outbound portion of the ranking.

Help Yourself: Proven Methods Of Maximizing Customer Self-Service
By Sean Forbes, RightNow Technologies
Most customer service managers already know the Web can be a great channel for self-service. With a good online knowledge base, they can give their customers immediate answers 24/7 and eliminate expensive call center and e-mail interactions.

Six Steps To Delivering Better Self-Service Applications (sidebar)
By Toffer Winslow, Empirix, Inc.
The performance of your company's Web-based self-service applications has a growing impact on how much business your customers choose to do with you. As a result, developer, QA engineers, and IT operations teams have an unprecedented opportunity to improve their company's bottom line by enhnacing customers' quality of experience (QoE).

Averting A Call Center Collision: Balancing Automation And Empowerment
By William Blundon, Extraprise
Ask most call center or contact center executives two questions and they will usually respond the same way. Would you like to standarize your call center interactions? Do you need to empower your call center representatives to provide personalized customer service? The answer will almost always be "yes" to both; but the questions highlight conflicting goals in the call center.

Monitoring For Quality Across Multiple Customer Touch Points
By Jim Park And Jackie Wiedner, NICE Systems
It is quickly becoming the industry standard today to record calls that come into the organization's contact center. Companies use these calls to identify areas where agents need additional traning to improve customer service and boost efficiency in the contact center as well as to mine for business intelligence and glan valuable customer insights. 

Quality Monitoring And Customer Interaction Recording: Using Proven Traditional Technologies In New Ways To Bring Greater Business Value
By Oscar A Alban, Witness Systems
Customer interaction recording - or quality monitoring - has emerged as the contact center's most basic system of checks and balances. However, there's much more invested in a quality assurance program than meets the eye.

Where Are The High-Tech Locatoins In The U.S.?
By James Beatty, NCS International

April 2003 Customer Inter@ction Solutions

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