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Products & Services Selection Guide
January 2002


Workforce Management Solutions Roundup

With the following list, the editors of Customer Inter@ction Solutions' have compiled a comprehensive directory resource of the U.S. and worldwide companies that offer solutions to workforce management issues. These companies represent a broad spectrum of products to address your company's individual needs. The best fit of products to practical application is achieved when your company is familiar with its needs, people and processes. Efficient management of the workforce is a vital component of world-class CRM (as anyone who has tried to call his or her insurance company lately and waited, gathering dust, for an ultimately incorrect answer knows). We hope this resource provides you with valuable input and allows you to make the most of this most crucial of business processes.

Aspect Communications
Larry Skowronek
[email protected]

Product: eWorkforce Management Product Suite

Baydon Solutions
Sales dept.
[email protected]

Product: Assistware

Blue Pumpkin
Jeff Schmidt
[email protected]
Product: Director ' Enterprise

Call Center Associates, Inc.
Wayne Shaw
[email protected]
Product: Call Center Scheduler

Jim Rembach
[email protected]

Product: eResourcePlanner

CenterForce Technologies, Inc.
Manuela Hensman
[email protected]
Products: CenterForce Planner, CenterForce Optimizer, CenterForce Analyzer

The cti4 Group, Inc.
Alan Braslow
[email protected]
Product: RightForce

Delhum Technology & Service Corp. (Reseller)
Jeff Chang
[email protected]
Product: Blue Pumpkin Direct Enterprise

eePulse, Inc.
Theresa Welbourne
[email protected]
Product: Measurecom

eLabor Inc.
[email protected]
Product: eLabor Workforce Management Suite

Expert Solutions International
Lior Ben-Tsur
[email protected]
Product: OptiWise

Fused Solutions
Sales dept.
[email protected]
Product: Support Management System (SMS)

Product: Genesys Workforce Management

GMT Corp.
Ed Starke
[email protected]
Products: GMT Planet-Jupiter Edition, GMT Planet-Mercury Edition

HTL Telemanagement, Ltd.
Product: HILLS-B Optimizer

IEX, a Tekelec company
Lisa Ashton
[email protected]
Product: TotalView Workforce Management

Intecom, an EADS Telecom Company
Product: Centergy

InVision Software AG
+49 (0)2102/728-0
[email protected]
Product: Staff Planning System Release 4 (ISPS)

Iontas, Ltd.
Zal Hassan
781- 685 4916
[email protected]
Products: Agent Focus, PC Focus

[email protected]
Product: Irene

Sales dept.
Product: Journyx Work Optimizer

Susie Bodine
[email protected]
Product: Accelerate

Nextair Corp.
Sheldon Hebert
[email protected]
Products: AIRIX, DispatchForce, mdispatch.com

Norstan Communications (Reseller)
Chris Orr
[email protected]
Products: Blue Pumpkin Software (Director Essential and Enterprise)and Aspect (eWFM)

OdySoft Inc.
Gilles Plourde
450-646-4774, ext.230
[email protected]
Products: Calabrio, Concerto, Adesio, Calabrio WEB Desktop

Performix Technologies, Inc.
Product: Emvolve Performance Manager

Pipkins, Inc.
Jim Hogan
314-469-1124, ext. 245
[email protected]
Product: Maxima Advantage Vantage Point

PointServe, Inc.
Guy Waterman
[email protected]
Products: ServiceLogic, ServiceXchange

Pyderion Contact Technologies, Inc.
514-344-4843, ext. 4005
Product: eContact Center Server Software (eCCS)

Rex Partners Oy
+358-9-2517 5455
[email protected]
Product: Smartrex ' Contact Center

Sales dept.
[email protected]
Product: RightForce

Rockwell Software
Vivek Bapat
412-741-3727, ext. 533
[email protected]
Product: Arena Contact Center Edition

Soffront Software, Inc.
Nadeem A. Minhas
510-413-9000, ext. 105
[email protected]
Products: TRACK, TRACKWeb

Sytel Ltd.
[email protected]
Product: Oceanic

TechExcel, Inc.
Darin Burek
[email protected]
Products: TechExcel FrontOffice, TechExcel HelpDesk

Teclan Eng. Software Ltda.
Fernanda Daura D. Silva
+ 55 (48) 239-4500
[email protected]
Product: Teclan Workforce Management

Telcordia Technologies
Product: Work And Force Management Suite

Telecorp Products, Inc.
Kathleen Norton-Schock
[email protected]
Product: CentrEE Calabrio

Telution, Inc.
Rob Kunzler
[email protected]
Product: Communication Exchange (COMX)

ThoughtWare Technologies
Trish Vassar
[email protected]
Products: People Search, Performance Coach, Learning Manager and Career Planner

Timera Inc.
[email protected]
Product: Enterprise Workforce Management (EWM)

Glenn Martin
[email protected]
Products: ViryaNet Service Hub, Service Contract, Service Supply Chain, eRepair, Workforce Management, Voice Portal, Service Scheduler

Witness Systems
Sales dept.
Product: The eQuality Suite

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Buying Tips For Workforce Management Solutions


Product features are obviously important when evaluating a workforce management solution, but there are other essential criteria to consider. In varying degrees, all of the factors below affect the ultimate success of a solution. Be sure to ask questions up front and do not be hesitant to dig into technical details. Remember to insist on references from organizations of similar size and operation to your company.

Features and functionality. Ensure the features of the product reflect the way your organization operates, or plans to operate in the future. Do your agents bid on schedules or are they assigned to them? Do you handle multiple channels (i.e., e-mail, chat, etc.) of customer contacts? Does your operation employ a skills-based routing methodology? If you run multiple sites, are they managed centrally, locally or a mixture of both? Understand your requirements and make sure the system you put into place has the features to handle them. Staff planning and budgeting tools are also a valuable aid in improving long-term performance and goal-setting.

Support and training. If your center operates only eight hours a day, you do not want to be paying for round-the-clock support. A range of support plans allows you to tailor services to your specific needs and accommodates changes of needs in the future. Look for training programs that emphasize real-world situations and include up-to-date training concepts. On-site classes, using your 'live' data, prepare you and your staff for a quick and successful start better than training delivered in a classroom or lab environment.

System integration. In addition to ACD interfaces, look for systems that integrate with multimedia servers, e-learning and quality monitoring systems. Even if you do not have these types of products currently deployed in your operation, chances are good that you will in the future. Look for open interfaces as they can help reduce your reliance on professional services from the vendor of the product.

Product and vendor direction. Make sure your vendor of choice has the staying power to be operating in the future when you need them. In addition to sound financial planning, a long-term plan for product direction and strategic vision provides you a sense of where a vendor is headed. If you expect your operation to grow substantially, you need to understand product migration paths and potential upgrade costs.

Brian Spraetz is marketing director of IEX Corporation.

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