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  Fulcrum Biometrics Debuts FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle
Fulcrum Biometrics, a provider, distributor and integrator of biometric systems and devices, will begin providing Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein sensors along with FbF Palm Vein bioServer and developer tools.
  VoiceVault's Voice Biometric Mobile App Deployed Simultaneously in 40 Countries
With identity theft and fraud on the increase, the financial and healthcare industries have been looking for newer products that will offer that extra layer of protection; and, VoiceVault's voice biometrics solution appears to have provided the security that these institutions are looking for.
  Fingerprint Biometrics Improve Workflow for Papa John's in China
DigitalPersona U.are.U Fingerprint Readers with NCR Advanced Restaurant (formerly Compris) point-of-sale (POS) software have been deployed by more than thirty company-owned Papa John's restaurants across northern China. The software will allow the restaurant chain to record employee time and attendance, and will support authorization of overrides and discounts.
  Fingerprint Cards Becomes the New Participating Member of GlobalPlatform
Fingerprint Cards, a Sweden-based company developing and marketing biometric components, has become the latest participating member with GlobalPlatform, the organization for standardizing the management of applications on secure chip technology.
  Danish Police Pick Steria for Biometric Fingerprint ID
Danish Police have selected Steria, provider of IT-enabled business services for an eight-year biometric fingerprint identification program that aims at improving the accuracy and speed of fingerprint authentication by moving to 100 percent digital processes.
  Allam Marine's Prestigious Office Implements ievo Biometric Readers
ievo biometric fingerprint readers have been chosen by Allam Marine to be installed in its latest $6.7-million office building in East Yorkshire. Access to the building will be managed by ievo biometric fingerprint readers, which advantageously use the Lumidigm multispectral imaging sensors.
  Department of Defense Picks MorphoTrust to Maintain Biometrics System
MorphoTrust, a Morpho company part of the Safran group and a provider of identity solutions to federal, state and local governments, signed a contract to maintain the central biometrics platform of the DoD.
  Fulcrum Biometrics Signs Reseller Deal with IriTech
Fulcrum Biometrics will sell IriTech's IriShield iris recognition scanner systems online following a reseller deal between the two countries. IriTech's compact and low-cost systems will simplify the implementation of biometric iris recognition technology, in a range of applications such as mobile banking systems and voter registration.
  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Invests In New Morpho Automated Biometric Identification Solution for Improved Public Safety
Thanks to a contract with MorphoTrak, part of Morpho, TBI is on its way to modernize its fingerprint identification system. As part of the contract, MorphoTrak will upgrade TBI's existing fingerprint system. The upgraded system will feature the Morpho Biometric Identification Solution (MorphoBIS) and is expected to produce the top matching accuracy comparable to the FBI's NGI system.
  DigitalPersona Fingerprint Readers Wins STQC Certification for UIDAI Program in India
Recently, Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate, an office of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt. of India, granted STQC certification to DigitalPersona, Inc's DigitalPersona Eikon Touch 500 with TouchChip TCS1 Sensor, and U.are.U 4500 Reader UID edition USB-based single fingerprint scanners.
  Microsoft Verifies VoiceVault's Voice Biometric Solution that Scales to 1 Billion Authentications a Year
VoiceVault, a private voice biometric company is pleased to announce that their voice biometric identity verification solution is verified by Microsoft as having the ability to handle at least 1 billion authentication sessions per year.
  Neurotechnology Announces the Release of MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0
Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, has released the latest version of its multi-biometric software and hardware solution, MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0, with enhanced features and improvements.
  Digiflare Unveils Cardign iPhone Contact Manager
Your face is your passport into the digital world. With the advent of digital security solutions, face detection technology is increasingly being used as an identification method in various instances. Face detection technology is less intrusive compared to other forms of biometric identification technologies like an individual's iris, finger print and palm print.
  Neurotechnology Launches SkyBiometry
The rapid growth of cloud technologies is creating opportunities for developers and integrators to deliver better products faster than ever before. The flexibility and scalability of the SaaS delivery model, together with trusted and proven computer vision technology, creates unique advantages in helping to solve customers' business needs.
  Precise Biometrics Partner, Good Technology, Debuts New Secure E-mail Solution for iOS Devices
Precise Biometrics has announced that Good Technology has introduced its Good Vault app, which can be used with Precise Biometrics' Tactivo Smart Card & Fingerprint Reader for the iPhone. Tactivo is a smart card and fingerprint sensor created for the iPhone, providing unprecedented strong authentication options in a convenient smart casing.
  realtime North America's BioLock Software Now Supports Fingerprint Readers From Lumidigm
Lumidigm recently announced that the bioLock software from realtime North America Inc. will now be supporting its unique fingerprint readers. realtime North America is a certified SAP Software partner and a provider of biometric security and identity management software systems.
  DigitalPersona Introduces New Range of Biometric Fingerprint Sensors for Identifying Mobile Devices
DigitalPersona, Inc. recently announced the introduction of a new range of biometric fingerprint sensors. The latest offering from DigitalPersona has been developed for the expanding mobile identification devices market.
  FTC Report Recommends Best Practices in Facial Recognition Technology Usage
The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a staff report to help companies protect consumers' privacy as they leverage facial recognition technologies to develop new commercial products and services.
  Obama Wins Second Presidential Debate Based on Facial Recognition Technology
Poker players know the face tells it all. Or at least tells a lot about their opponents and the cards they are holding. So why not apply it to politics - another high-stakes game of chance?
  Accu-Time Launches Workforce Management, Time and Attendance Terminals
The new terminals - FLEXpoint, PEOPLEpoint, and SMARTpoint, feature large color touch displays (10" or 7" widescreen), faster processors, rugged keypads, and various card and biometric reader options.
  Oberthur Technologies Partners with Zvetco Biometrics
Oberthur Technologies has announced a partnership with Zvetco Biometrics to provide strong authentication solutions to clients. According to the company, this partnership will integrate Oberthur Technologies ID-One PIV smart-card and Zvetco Biometrics Verifi fingerprint readers.
  Revolutionary Concepts Awarded Patent to Enhance its EyeTalk Communicator
Revolutionary Concepts, a development stage company specializing in the design and development of the "EyeTalk Communicator," has received a U.S. Patent for features related to new smart technologies. According to officials, the new patent will augment the capabilities of the company's smart camera platform, optimizing the EyeTalk Communicator for wireless applications.
  Intel Wants to Replace Passwords with Biometric Technology
Intel is developing a new method to replace passwords with biometric technology. It would be aimed at such fields as online banking, social networks and e-mail.
  TeleSign Partners with Deepnet Security
TeleSign, a company engaged in Internet fraud prevention and Intelligent Authentication solutions, recently announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Deepnet Security, a company that provides multi-factor authentication and identity management solutions.
  FBI Employs $1B Next-Generation Identification (NGI) Program
Identification tools make it possible for law enforcement organizations to verify the identity of a suspect so the wrong person doesn't get detained or convicted. Previous technology only allowed a picture and fingerprint to be used to identify someone. A new NGI program by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence uses many different types of biometric information to provide reliable and accurate information in the correct identification of a suspect, giving their past criminal history and any related information.
  CAIXA Deploys Lumidigm Fingerprint Sensors in ATMs
Lumidigm is a company that collects and processes biometric images in a way that makes fingerprint authentication and identification more dependable, more inclusive and more reliable than other fingerprint sensors, which are vulnerable to numerous conditions including the presence of topical contaminants, moisture, and bright ambient light.
  Market Research Predicts Biometric Technologies Market to Reach $14 Billion by 2017
For some years now, Biometric technology has caught the attention of the general public with its unique offerings of advanced techniques for the identification of humans, based on their characteristics or traits. These traits can be face, fingerprint, iris, voice, signature, palm, vein, and DNA.
  International Money Transfer Made Easy with Digicel Biometric Identification System
Sending money from one country to another country has become easy with Digicel Mobile Money (DMM), a service used in five countries in the Pacific. Digicel Pacific Limited, a mobile network company across the Pacific and a division of Digicel Group, is installing biometric-enabled payment systems into stores in New Zealand to offer its Digicel Mobile Money customers a more convenient way to send money home to the Pacific.
  Tobii Technology and Cedrus Join Forces to Release StimTracker for Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker
Tobii Technology, a company specializing in eye tracking and eye control, has recently collaborated with Cedrus, the provider of stimuli and response hardware for psychological studies, to launch the StimTracker for Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker.
  AuthenTec Extends Its Eikon USB Fingerprint Reader Family with the New Eikon Mini
AuthenTec recently announced the introduction of the new "Eikon mini", which is the smallest USB fingerprint reader available in the market. AuthenTec has effectively expanded its Eikon USB fingerprint reader family with this relatively inexpensive offering and has now set a new standard in size, cost and security of USB readers.
  BIO-key International Wins $500,000 Contract to Deliver Fingerprint Software to SSBC
BIO-key International, Inc. has won a $500,000 contract from Shared Services BC (SSBC). BIO-key will provide its fingerprint biometric technology to SSBC, the division responsible for providing the B.C. government and the public sector with support services for Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. The company is a premier provider of fingerprint biometric identification solutions and mobile identification technology.
  Neurotechnology's VeriEye Recognized as Fast, Accurate Iris Recognition Algorithms by NIST
The VeriEye iris recognition algorithm, created by Biometric solutions provider Neurotechnology, is a fast and accurate algorithm among over 86 algorithms by the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST. Neurotechnology specializes in high-precision biometric fingerprint, face, iris, palm print and voice identification algorithms, object recognition technology and software development products.
  Neurotechnology Unveils Latest SDKs for Biometric and Object Recognition Technologies
Biometric solutions provider Neurotechnology announced the latest versions of its Software Development Kits (SDKs) for biometric fingerprint, face, iris and voice identification and object recognition.
  Ghana Hopes to Eliminate Voter Fraud with Biometrics
Ghana has a history of tension and disagreement when it comes to election results, mainly due to bloated registration and identity fraud. A biometric voting system is being put into place in attempt to clear up some of the confusion, although the problem of underage and multiple voters cannot be solved simply through biometrics.
  Internal Investigation by the UKBA Slows Immigration for Non-EU Nationals
Due to an ongoing investigation by the UK Border Agency, London's busiest airport, Heathrow, may not get its facial recognition technology in time for the Olympics as previously planned, according to the Financial Times.
  Biometric Associates' Alliance with SteelCloud to Market First Department of Defense approved Bluetooth Headset
SteelCloud, Inc. a leading developer of secure mobility appliance and VMware solutions, has partnered with Biometric Associates, a leader in secure wireless communications devices, to market the first and only Bluetooth mobile headset approved for use by the Department of Defense.
  Ceelox Unveils Biometrics-Based Ceelox ID Online
Looking to provide a secure login to cloud applications, Ceelox has announced a biometrics-based solution.
  Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Partners with ADI Time
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a provider of security technology solutions under the brand name "Schlage," has signed a partnership with ADI Time of Warwick, R.I., to sell Schlage Biometrics' full product line, including F-Series and the new GT-400 HandPunch terminals.
  Methode Data Solutions Group Introduces LockTalk Biometric Security
Methode Data Solutions Group, a unit of Methode Electronics, has introduced its LockTalk Data Center Security Access Control System, saying that it's the latest innovation in access authorization and control.
  VoiceVault Unveils VoiceVault Fusion Voice Biometric System
VoiceVault, a provider of voice-based biometric identity verification solutions and services, announced the launch of its core biometric product, VoiceVault Fusion.
  Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies to Sell Schlage Biometrics' Product Line to ADI Time
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a provider of security technology solutions under the brand name "Schlage," has signed a partnership with ADI Time of Warwick, R.I., to sell Schlage Biometrics' full product line, including F-Series and the new GT-400 HandPunch terminals.
  Ingenico and IL&FS ETS Launch Biometric Financial Inclusion Solution
Ingenico and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Education Technology & Services Ltd. (IL&FS ETS), one of India's infrastructure development and finance company, have partnered to launch of smart card based biometric financial inclusion solution. The solution, biometric BIO930 G wireless series, which was rolled out by Ingenico, caters to various financial transaction needs of the common man. It ensures that all kinds of financial institutions, even the smallest, can carry out inclusive banking.
  National ID Cards Enter the Digital World with Russian Project Leading the Way
Universal and multi applications cards will be the main trend on the electronic identification (eID) market for the coming years, and the market is growing rapidly in Europe, says a report from market analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.
  Imprivata Inks Deal with Teradici for Enhanced Desktops
Imprivata, an independent vendor focused on simplifying and securing user access via identity management solutions, has signed a strategic partnership deal with Teradici, a provider of PC-over-IP(PCoIP) technology, which enables the practical consolidation of all IT resources into a data center.
  Biometric Technology, It's What's for Dinner or Rather Will Tell You What's for Dinner
An answer to your overbearing responsibilities? Perhaps yes for all those working moms and wives, who drive home only to face second shift. Kraft and Intel's new-to-market biometric "Meal Planning Solution," solution center kiosks in a possible grocery chain near you, could help those on the go, with little meal planning time, find new recipes during quick grocery runs on the commute between home and work.
  INSIDE Secure Brings Biometric Authentication to NFC Solutions
To enable manufacturers of mobile NFC devices to provide enhanced, two-factor security and greater personal privacy for a variety of mobile applications, INSIDE Secure, a semiconductor solutions provider for secure transactions and digital identity, has released biometric on-card matching capabilities for its SecuRead system-in-package NFC solution.
  Lumidigm's Multispectral Imaging Biometric Solutions Guard VU Amsterdam Facilities
Lumidigm, a company specializing in multispectral imaging biometrics solutions, announced that it is offering the Venus Series multispectral imaging sensors for fingerprint readers at Free Amsterdam University (VU), one of Europe's most prestigious colleges.
  Lumidigm, i-Evo Using Enhanced Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Now you won't have to take off your gloves to get a fingerprint reading on cold days anymore. According to officials of Lumidigm, i-Evo, located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, is using the company's multispectral imaging sensors "to produce a line of extremely versatile fingerprint readers that can be used both indoors and outdoors, including in harsh environments that render most biometric readers inoperable."
  Fingerprint, Iris, Facial and Palmprint Biometrics Integrated in One High-Performance SDK
Neurotechnology is one of the well known providers of high-precision biometric identification technologies. The company recently announced the release of MegaMatcher 4.0, a multi-biometric software development kit (SDK) that integrates fingerprint, iris, facial and palmprint biometrics in a single, high-performance SDK that requires no add-ons.
  Automatic Facial recognition Now Available on Facebook
What would you do with Facebook if you could automatically identify your friends through facial recognition? The social networking giant is relying on facial recognition software to enable users to identify friends, according to an AFP report.
  MyChoice Speaks Biometrically for Individuals During Emergencies
Unfortunately, emergencies don't herald their arrival, and inaccessibility to vital medical information can prove fatal. Emergencies can range from fire to drug and alcohol related incidents to accidents on the road. Making sure that first responders and hospital staff are equipped with all the information that they require prior to treatment during an emergency will determine the outcome.
  Genesis Healthcare System Deploys BIO-key's Fingerprint Biometrics Solution
BIO-key International, a provider of finger-based biometric identification solutions, announced it has successfully deployed BIO-key's biometric identification for the staff of Genesis HealthCare System, based in Zanesville, Ohio.
  New York City Police Use Hand-Held Devices to Photographs Irises of Suspects
New York City Police Officers have begun photographing the irises of arrested defendants in an effort to prevent escapes of suspects as they move through the criminal court system.
  Neurotechnology Announces Latest Version of Multi-Biometric Solution
MegaMatcher Accelerator 3.0 is a new packaged multi-biometric software and hardware solution for high-volume, high-speed fingerprint and iris identification announced by Neurotechnology.
  Ears Could Be the Next Biometric Frontier
According to research published by the University of Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science in the UK, scientists have discovered a way to identify people by their ears with 99.6 percent accuracy. According to the researchers, Professor Mark Nixon, Dr. John Carter and Alastair Cummings, a technology called image ray transform can highlight tubular structures of people's ears, which are unique to individuals, making it possible to identify them with a high rate of accuracy.
  Promising U.S. Biotech Sector Lost 25 Percent of Companies in Past 3 Years, Report Shows
Some 100 U.S. biotechnology companies have been acquired or have ceased operations since the end of 2007 - a 25 percent drop in the number of publicly-traded, active companies, said a report cited by Bloomberg News.
  Anti-Terrorism Agencies Reportedly Used Voice Print Technology to Uncover Terrorist Plots
The discovery of an alleged European terror plot revealed this week apparently owes at least some of its success to voice print technology, according to the Associated Press. Cutting-edge voice print technology enables law enforcement to electronically match voices to owners, allowing for investigators to not only listen to the content of terrorist "chatter," but actually identify some of the operatives.
  India Launches Project to ID 1.2 Billion People
India has started a national identification project in which it will assign a unique 12-digit number to each of its 1.2 billion people.
  Facial Recognition Company Receives Funding from Russia's Largest Search Engine
Facial recognition technology, it would appear, is hot property. Yandex, the operator of Russia's largest search engine, today announced it has invested in a Tel-Aviv-based facial recognition technology startup called
  Fulcrum Biometrics Provides Identity Management Solution to Bergen County, N.J. Department of Human Services
The Bergen County, N.J., Department of Human Services has been given a biometric management solution by Fulcrum Biometrics, a provider, distributor and integrator of multiple biometric identification systems.
  Reducing Human Error with TruDonor Biometric Identification Technology
BIO-key TruDonor biometric identification technology has been deployed by the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, through its LifeSource and Central Blood Bank business units.
  Apple Rumored to Have Bought Facial Recognition Company Polar Rose
Apple "Rumor du Jour" today is that the company has acquired Swedish facial recognition company Polar Rose. Neither company has confirmed the deal, and Polar Rose CEO Carl Silbersky was quoted as saying, "I do not know what this is about."
  AOptix Technologies Partners with Aware Inc. to Combine Biometric Face and Iris Capture System
AOptix Technologies, Inc., the largest developer of advanced iris biometrics products and long-distance wireless optical communications solutions, have announced that both AOptix and Aware, Inc. will come together to demonstrate a prototype dual-factor iris and face biometrics system in the AOptix exhibition booth at the upcoming Biometrics Consortium Conference and Technology Expo. The event will be held in Tampa from September 21 to 23.
  VoiceVault Intros Smartphone Developer Program for Development of Voice Biometric Applications
VoiceVault, a provider of voice-based biometric identity verification solutions, has announced a new voice biometric Smartphone Developer Program for VoiceVault Enterprise.
  BSI Proves Effectiveness of Using BioSig-ID Biometric Student Authentication Solution
Biometric Signature ID announced the results of a study which involved the use of "biometric only software for student authentication."
  Apple Filing James Bond-Style Biometric Security Applications
Bringing us another step closer to a James Bond techno-world (bring your own Agent "Q"), Apple is seeking new patents for technologies that may (some day) use advanced biometrics to protect i-devices.
  Fulcrum Biometrics Launches FbF Timeclock in Coordination with Legiant
Fulcrum Biometrics, a premier international biometric technology provider and system integrator, has introduced FbF Timeclock, a new desktop biometric time and attendance system developed in partnership with Legiant, a major player leader in workforce management software.
  BIO-key Signs Another Large-Scale Fingerprint Biometric Contract
BIO-key International, Inc., a firm that offers finger-based biometric identification solutions, announced it has been awarded another contract for a fingerprint biometric identity solution built on the fusion of BIO-key and MorphoTrak algorithms.
  Voice Authentication for Apple Products Signals the Future of Voice Biometrics
Voice biometrics is on the threshold of offering a unique and acceptable solution to address the security concerns of identity. It is slowly making inroads into systems that require authentication of identity, and it is only a matter of time before it is ubiquitously accepted.
  VALid-SVP launched by Elephant Talk Communications to Improve Secure Authentication
The launch of VALid-SVP or Speaker Verification Platform has been announced by Elephant Talk Communications, Inc.
  Aware Supplies Biometric Software for U.S. Federal Government Agency
Aware, Inc., a provider of imaging and biometrics software, announced that it has supplied client- and server-based software products for the "PIV" employee credentialing system of a large U.S. federal government agency.
  BIO-key to Intro First Ever Mobile Biometric Identification and Authentication Platform
BIO-key, a developer of advanced identification solutions to commercial and government enterprises, has claimed it is going to release the first ever mobile biometric identification and authentication platform.
  Aware Supplies Biometric Software for U.S. Federal Government Agency
Aware, Inc., a provider of imaging and biometrics software announced that it has supplied client- and server-based software products for the "PIV" employee credentialing system of a large U.S. federal government agency.
  BI2 Technologies Implements Biometric Offender Recognition and Information System
Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies (BI2 Technologies) has implemented Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System (MORIS), a groundbreaking Biometric Offender Recognition and Information Device.
  Oklahoma Blood Institute Deploys BIO-key's TruDonor Biometric Identification Technology
BIO-key International, a provider of finger-based biometric identification solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced that the Oklahoma Blood Institute will deploy its TruDonor biometric identification technology to enhance the convenience and security for blood donors later this year.
  Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Debuts New Enhanced Schlage GT-400 HandPunch Terminal
Users can upgrade the device remotely i.e. download new firmware and application functionality through an Ethernet connection, without removing the GT-400 from the wall and disrupting productivity. Also the antimicrobial coating embedded in platen, keypad and plastics restrains the growth of bacteria.
  Minnesota Department of Public Safety Deploys BIO-key's WEB-key Fingerprint Biometric System
The statewide expansion of the state of Minnesota's eCharging pilot has been announced by BIO-key International, Inc., a major player in finger-based biometric identification solutions.
  TIE Technologies Launches BIO Metrics and Intelligent Video Research and Development Project
There is a critical need for an effective security and monitoring system as is highlighted by the following announcement by the New York City Police Department- "Although traditional access control systems may effectively mitigate the threat to buildings from 'outsiders,' history has demonstrated the potential for 'insider' exploitation of building vulnerabilities and sabotage."
  Smartlinx e-Governance Application Launched with Fijitsu Technology
Fujitsu's Vein Authentication technology is incorporated in the SmartVM application and will be used by Smartlinx for developing a pilot biometric based voting system for the Forest Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.
  Biometric Accuracy Improved by More Than 23 Percent: NIST
BIO-key International has announced that the test results published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have shown a 23 percent increase on the DHS2 Dataset.
  Biometric Systems to Help Positively ID Inmates before Release
The iris is a strong physical feature for biometric identification because unlike the fingerprint, for example, the iris does not change over time so positive identification is always guaranteed.
  NTT DOCOMO's Fujitsu Smartphones Integrated with AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensors
AuthenTec, a provider of smart sensors and solutions, has stated that the new Fujitsu waterproof smartphones offered by NTT DOCOMO have been integrated with AuthenTec AES1711 fingerprint sensor. The two waterproof smartphones that come packed with AuthenTec multiple touch powered features are the PRIME series F-01B and SMART series F-03B mobile phones. Both Fujitsu's F-03B and F-01B will incorporate the AES1711 fingerprint sensor for enhancing touch-powered features of the phone by giving users full navigation capabilities as the ability to quickly and securely lock and unlock the phone with the simple swipe of a finger.
  MorphoTrak Receives Win in findBiometrics Year Review
The findBiometrics 2009 Year in Review has acknowledged MorphoTrak in its recent survey, the company has announced. MorphoTrak has received this recognition for its creation, the FBI Next Generation Identification, or "NGI," program win, and the unveiling of contactless "finger on the fly" technology.
  OKI's New Automated Gate Systems Ease Immigration Process at Japanese Airports
Tokyo, Japan-based telecommunications manufacturer OKI Electric Industry reportedly announced that it has delivered a "Next Generation Automated Gate System" to the immigration bureau.
  Fulcrum Biometrics Offering New EikonTouch USB Fingerprint Readers from UPEK
EikonTouch fingerprint readers utilize UPEK's one-touch, placement sensors to deliver highly accurate fingerprint authentication, compliance with government standards, and a very simple and friendly user experience.
  Lockheed Martin Team Delivers First ATWs for FBI
The Lockheed Martin guided Next Generation Identification team has reportedly presented the first Advanced Technology Workstations as part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's new state-of-the-art biometrics system. The new NGI workstations are being installed to provide enhanced potential for the FBI's service sources and analysts and to phase out the currently used old systems.
  BIO-key Intros TruDonor ID
BIO-key International, Inc., a company specializing in finger-based biometric identification solutions, has reportedly launched TruDonor ID, a fully hosted identity solution designed to address the needs of the blood collection industry. "This is a huge breakthrough not only for blood centers but for the biometric identification industry as well," Mike DePasquale, CEO at BIO-key International, said "Offering TruDonor ID as a SaaS solution eliminates one of the biggest hurdles faced by every blood center - costly IT expenditures on equipment, staff and maintenance. With TruDonor ID, blood centers have secure [around the clock] access to their donor database on a superior computing environment supported by expert technicians."
  Bank Leumi Launches PerSay Voice Biometrics eBanking Password Reset Service
PerSay a Telaviv, an Israel-based provider of advanced biometric speaker verification products reportedly announced it launched the first of its kind eBanking Web site that uses Voice Biometrics to reset clients' passwords.
  LG Iris Technology Division Operating as New Company
The new company focuses on iris recognition research, development and production and will take over all of the business activities including rights and obligations of existing business of the former LG Iris Technology Division.
  Data Management Inc. Intros New Schlage Biometric HandPunch GT-400
Data Management, Inc. a company that develops time and attendance solutions for employee labor tracking has reportedly introduced new, Schlage biometric HandPunch GT-400 terminals, which belong to its integrated time and attendance solutions.
  New VeriLook and MegaMatcher Biometric Tools Boost Security
The firm has released two new upgrades in the company's core product line: VeriLook 4.0 Software Development Kit or "SDK" for facial recognition and MegaMatcher 3.1 SDK for large-scale multi-biometric and automated fingerprint identification systems "AFIS."
  Sarnoff Selected by Global Animal Management for Equine Iris ID System
Sarnoff Corporation has reportedly been selected by Global Animal Management, Inc. to develop the first portable equine iris capture and identification system to help identify and track horses. GAM offers products and services for individual or group animal identification, storage, processing, analysis and reporting.
  Neurotechnology Releases Multiple Biometric ID SDKs
Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, reportedly announced it has released new versions of the company's core product Software Development Kits (SDKs) - VeriFinger 6.1 for fingerprint ID, VeriLook 3.3 for face ID, VeriEye 2.1 for iris ID, and MegaMatcher 3.0 for multi-biometric identification.
  GetFugu Develops Face Recognition Technology for Mobile Phones
GetFugu Inc., which is set to launch a new mobile search tool on Sept. 9, has revealed that its laboratories have seized upon an advanced technology that achieves facial recognition, which will be embedded in its software and eventually be made available to mobile phone users around the world.
  Biometric Signature Authentication for the Information Age
The prevalence of financial fraud has become a scary trend in today's world. According to Javelin Strategy & Research approximately 8.1 million adult Americans are victims of identity theft, resulting in $45.3 billion in personal losses in 2007. The significance of these crimes has resulted in a renewed interest in advanced security means. Institutions are increasingly demanding more reliable, less costly authentication and authorization for everyday activities, such as performing financial transactions, boarding an aircraft, entering a secure physical location or crossing international borders.
  InterAct Acquires Bio-Key's Law Enforcement Division
InterAct Public Safety Systems has reportedly purchased the law enforcement division of New Jersey-based Bio-key International. InterAct said the acquisition will make it the world's largest public safety software company as the deal adds 2,000 more customers across three continents. The Winston-Salem-based InterAct has agreed to pay $11 million for the division of Bio-key. The transaction, however, is subject to customary closing conditions, the companies said in a press release.
  Evermedia Biometrics Signs Teaming Agreement with BAL
Evermedia Biometrics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Evermedia Group, Inc., has signed a teaming agreement with Biometric Associates, LP (BAL) to pursue several upcoming contracting opportunities, including work related to the development of Match on Card (MOC) technology.
  Neurotechnology's Biometric Technologies Used for Indonesian Passport Issuance
By combining fast algorithms and high reliability, biometric technologies can be used for access control, computer security, banking, time attendance control and law enforcement applications.
  ImageWare Awarded $12 Million Project for Biometric Border Management
Company officials said that the project consists of four task orders and is expected to generate in excess of $12 million in revenue over the initial eighteen month completion period if all the task orders are issued.
  U.S. Marine Corps Selects Expand Networks WAN Optimization Technology
The optimization technology has been deployed to improve the performance of critical applications over satellite links used in the operations in Iraq and has helped to successfully support the U.S. Marines relocation from Camp Fallujah to Al Asad Air Base.
  Biometric Iris Recognition System Being Tested by Schiphol Airport
Iris scanning is a popular form of biometric technology that analyzes a person's pupil and matches it for accurate identification.
  Biometric Technology Detects Faces on Video Surveillance Cameras
As security breaches and other public threats plague today's world, facial biometrics are also being used to identify crime suspects and authorized users in various locations.
  Datastrip's Hand-Held Biometric Terminals Chosen for U.S. Coast Guard
The program, which requires up to 300 handheld terminals equipped with Codebench's TWICCheck and PIVCheck software, includes a $2.3 million contract. With the DSV2+TURBO devices it will be possible to read biometric data on TWIC cards for verification of identity by the coast guard at the nations' ports.
  West Interactive Boosts Customer Care with PerSay Voice Biometrics
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are key to helping businesses improve customer satisfaction while also reducing costs. Because the need for secure communications also plays a role in the advancement of these solutions, biometrics offer customers the ability to continue using the services without fear of risking their identities.
  Neurotechnology Selected for Bangladesh Voter Registration Project
Lt. Col. Md Mostafizur Rahman, staff officer Grade - 1 (Information Technology Directorate) for the Bangladesh Army indicated that MegaMatcher SDK has enhanced the technological capabilities of their system and he also finds the cost-per-unit for the SDK to be cost-effective.
  BIO-key Intros Next- Gen WEB-key Identification Solution
First launched in 2001 as a Web-based authentication system, BIO-key's WEB-key fingerprint biometric identification solution has evolved into a broad and comprehensive identification solution that can be deployed in applications ranging from large scale national ID systems to simple time and attendance solutions.
  Swisscom Awards SEK 2.4 Million Order to Precise Biometrics
Based on Precise BioMatch, Precise Biometrics' software solution utilizes Precise BioKeyboard as well as laptop-integrated fingerprint sensors.
  Report: Biometrics Gaining Traction in Consumer Market
Biometrics is beginning to enter the consumer market, ABI Research reported.
  Indian MFI Cashpor Improves Financial Reach with ClassifEye
ClassifEye's scalable, secure solutions leverage camera-enabled mobile phones and eliminate any additional hardware to allow rural Indians to access services that were previously out of their reach. Cohen pointed out that a number of vendors and merchants will now be able to access new markets of hundreds of millions of people. The services offered by these providers will change the lives of these people and also provide new opportunities for microfinance and commerce throughout the developing world.
  Luxand Debuts Face SDK 1.7
The new library can be used to design biometric applications, security and access control systems and includes a unique facial recognition tool that can detect facial features of each face and can compare faces feature by feature.
  AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensors Now Shipping in Centrino2-based Laptops
AuthenTec's fingerprint sensors are now being installed on Intel Centrino2 processor-based laptops and ultra-portable PCs.
  Suprema Intros BioStar Software for Biometric Access Control Systems
Suprema, a provider of biometric solutions, recently unveiled BioStar, a software application for distributed access control systems. BioStar makes it possible for systems integrators and installers to build access control systems, by combining the software with biometric instruments.
  Government of India Awards Passport Service Project to Tata Consultancy Service
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the IT services wing of Tata Group, has signed a deal with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India for the Passport Seva Project (PSP) valued at more than Rs 1,000 crore (approximately $210 million).
  Motorola Intros Mobile Biometric Identification for Handheld Computers
Motorola has unveiled a biometric attachment for its MC70 and MC75 enterprise digital assistants (EDAs).
  Verity Technologies Unveils Biometric Authenticator
Enterprises and individuals have been demanding for the best technologies for making secure payments over mobile phones and other devices.
  eXtremeDB Fusion DBMS and TI's DaVinci Technology Enable New 3D Face-recognition Product
The enterprise access control division of L-1 Identity Solutions has revolutionized the architecture of its 3D face reader product with the help of eXtremeDB Fusion DBMS from McObject and DaVinci Technology from Texas Instruments (TI).
  Health Club in U.S. Picks Interlink Electronic Signature Solution
Interlink Electronics has been picked by a U.S.-based health club to build an electronic signature system.
  New Fingerprint Door Locks for Homes and Offices Introduced
BIOLOCK USA has announced it now offers safer, more convenient security to residences and private offices with the launch of their fingerprint recognition locks.
  Over 7 Million AuthenTec Enabled Symbian Phones Sold
AuthenTec, a provider of fingerprint authentication sensors and solutions to the high-volume PC, wireless device, and access control markets, has said that they joined the Symbian Partner Network and have surpassed the 7 million shipment landmark for AuthenTec-enabled Symbian phones.
  Web Cams Go Biometric
As the use of Web cams become more prevalent today, many computers are beginning to be equipped with built in cameras that make it more convenient for users to communicate with others via video.
  International Biometric Group to Conduct New TSA QPL Testing
International Biometric Group (IBG) will reportedly conduct formal Qualified Product List (QPL) Testing of biometric access control systems for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The QPL testing will begin in September 2008.
  Pearson VUE Enhances Secure Testing Framework Solution
Pearson VUE, a provider of secure high-stakes testing, announced that it is introducing several key enhancements to its Secure Testing Framework, including the implementation of palm vein recognition technology.
  Sagem Morpho Intros Biometric Reader for Transportation Worker IDs
Sagem Morpho has launched the MorphoAccess 521 TWIC compliant biometric reader. This first smart card access device has been designed to meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implementation requirements for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program.
  Fujitsu's FOMA F906i Ultra-Thin Phone Integrates AuthenTec's Security and Navigation Features
AuthenTec, a provider of fingerprint sensors and solutions has announced that Fujitsu's new FOMA F906i ultra-thin world phone has integrated an AuthenTec fingerprint sensor for Power of Touch features. These features include security, convenience, personalization and navigation.
  OKI Releases Face Recognition Middleware for Surveillance Market
OKI Electric Industry has announced the release of a face recognition middleware suitable for the surveillance market. The "FSE (Face Sensing Engine) Ver.4" for embedded systems will be able to detect faces as well as identify specific human beings from surveillance videos.
  IdentiPHI Picked by a Major Pharmacy Benefits Manager
A major pharmacy benefit manager has chosen IdentiPHI SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition to boost biometric authentication and security access across its network. The SAFsolution, in conjunction with fingerprint readers from IdentiPHI's partner, Zvetco Biometrics, will provide several benefits to the pharmacy benefit manager.
  Vascular Biometrics: Strengthening Security in a Number of Environments
Biometrics are becoming important today as the need for security increases rapidly. Biometric technologies that measure fingerprints, voice recognition and other features of an individual offer an enhanced level of security because they measure a unique physical characteristic of a person that doesn't change.
  AuthenTec Reveals TouchStone Technology for Waterproof Biometrics
AuthenTec claims to be the first biometric products provider to introduce fingerprint authentication in waterproof cell phones.
  Neurotechnology Intros Highly Accurate VeriEye Iris Recognition Technology
Neurotechnology announced the release of new VeriEye SDK that facilitates development of reliable and economical biometric Iris recognition systems. This new SDK is said to be one more addition to the company's suite of biometric identification algorithms and software development products.
  Credicorp Bank in Panama Deploys US Biometrics' Products
Panama City-based Credicorp Bank has deployed the US Biometrics' control system, including hardware and software, to become the first institution within Panama to implement a wide spectrum of US Biometrics' multi-factor authentication products.
  Sagem Securite Reports on Success of its IRIS System for Identifying U.K. Travelers
Sagem Securite announced this week that that since January 2006, the IRIS (Iris Recognition Immigration System) delivered to the United Kingdom has identified more than one million passengers. The IRIS is an automated biometric border crossing system.
  L-1 Advances Iris Recognition Technology
Biometric technology provider L-1 Identity Solutions, has announced the latest release of its iris recognition algorithm in a bid to improve iris recognition in real-world applications.
  Large Corporations Upgrading Security with Biometrics
Austin, Texas-based IdentiPHI Inc. says that a handful of larger corporations already are using its new so-called "SAFsolution 5" software, including Fortune 100 companies in the fields of telephony, pharmaceuticals, banking and manufacturing.
  IdentiPHI SAFsolution Enterprise Edition 5 Secures Global Enterprises
The SAFsolution 5 offers robust architecture that allows unparalleled scalability and configuration support for biometric and smart card authentication deployments. As a result, it is uniquely suited for supporting large multi-site or multi-national organizations.
  Intelli-Check - Mobilisa Launches New Product
Intelli-Check – Mobilisa has announced it will soon launch its latest product, the IM 2700 - Transportation Worker Card Reader.
  AuthenTec Purchases Software Assets of EzValidation
AuthenTec, provider of fingerprint sensors and solutions, has acquired the software assets of EzValidation. The acquisition includes EzValidation's EzPassport fingerprint authentication software.
  AuthenTec Acquires EzValidation, Provider of Authentication Software
Florida-based AuthenTec Inc., a provider of fingerprint sensors and solutions announced that it has acquired the software assets of EzValidation, a California-based provider of fingerprint sensor authentication and user interface software. This transaction will further strengthen AuthenTec's complete end-to-end offering.
  IdentiPHI Offers Biometric and Smart Card Authentication Methods to Enterprises
IdentiPHI offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise security solutions and consulting services.
  Voxeo and VoiceVerified Announce Partnership
Voxeo Corporation, a provider of premise and hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and VoiceVerified., a provider of voice biometric verification technology and services, have announced a partnership to deliver VoiceVerified's voice authentication technology to new and existing customers using Voxeo's hosted IVR service.
  Duos Tech Partners with Animetrics for Facial Recognition
Animetrics and Duos Technologies have announced they entered into a strategic technology and marketing partnership. As per the alliance, Duos applications and solutions will make use of Animetrics core software engine for facial recognition.
  Biometric Security Solutions Company Cyber Operations Signs Banking Deal with Divine Capital Markets
Cyber Operations has entered into a strategic investment banking agreement with Divine Capital Markets of New York. The deal calls for Divine Capital Markets to provide Cyber with banking, consulting and merger and acquisition expertise.
  Motorola Biometric Identification System Selected by West Virginia State Police
Motorola's latest BIS solution features new algorithms for improved analysis of multi-modal biometric data delivering tenprint, latent, palmprint and facial images.
  ROO Media Player Gets Enhancement from Viewdle
ROO Group has decided to integrate Viewdle facial recognition search technologies into the ROO media player environment. With its agreement, ROO will offer the Viewdle product as a white-label solution to its global network of corporate customers as a value-added service.
  NEC and Doan Launch Multi-Modal Biometrically Enabled Border System in Japan
In what could be considered record time, NEC Corporation and Daon have taken Japan's border control system from procurement to nationwide deployment in just nine months
  Universa Selects Entrust IdentityGuard Versatile Authentication Platform
Universa, a German-based private health insurance organization, has announced that it selected Entrust IdentityGuard, which is a multipurpose authentication platform, to increase efficiency and productivity of the organization between internal assets, workstations, applications and their remote workforce.
  PerSay Releases New Version Of Speaker Verification Platform
Tel Aviv-based advanced voice biometric solutions provider PerSay today announced the official release of its Version 6.0 speaker verification platform. The new version features enhanced security to address the evolving challenges of delivering remote services via contact centers and the Internet.
  Florida Law Enforcement Deploys Rapid ID for Remote Fingerprint Identification
The Rapid ID system from Sagem Morpho enables Florida public safety officers in the field or other remote locations to positively identify sex offenders, probationers, and individuals with Florida criminal records in less than 15 seconds.
  BIO-key Releases New Version of Software for BlackBerry Smartphones
PocketCop enables secure access to federal and state law enforcement and motor vehicles databases from handheld devices. According to BIO-key, with PocketCop, officers on foot, motorcycle, bike, marine and mounted patrol, and also investigators and command-level staff, can identify a wanted person or stolen vehicle directly from a BlackBerry smartphone.
  Lenovo Launches ThinkPad X300 Notebook PC
Lenovo has launched its ThinkPad X300 notebook PC which is ultra thin and ultra portable and measures less than three-fourths of an inch at the thinnest part and weighs only 2.9 pounds.
  xyzmo Combines with SIGNificant for Biometric e-signature Product Line
Boston-based xyzmo SIGNificant Group has claimed that its shareholders have acquired all remaining shares of Austria –based SIGNificant Signature Solutions from its Israeli founding partner Wondernet.
  Sagem Morpho Passes NIST Fingerprint Algorithm Testing with Flying Colors
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently announced the results of the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX) II Performance of Fingerprint Match-On-Card (MOC) Algorithms.
  Telisma And PerSay Partner For Voice Authentication
Speech recognition provider Telisma and voice biometric company PerSay have announced a partnership in an effort to provide more comprehensive voice solutions for customers.
  Cross Match Acquires Labcal Technologies Inc.
Cross Match Technologies, Inc., has announced that it acquired the biometric authentication business of Labcal Technologies Inc., a Canadian-based provider of ruggedized mobile and wireless biometric solutions for identification and authentication.
  Survey Shows Consumers More Accepting of Fingerprint Sensors for Day to Day Activities
According to a consumer survey conducted by AuthenTec, a provider of fingerprint sensor and solutions, U.S consumers are finding security and convenience in fingerprint authentication.
  Privaris Adds Bluetooth to its Biometric Wireless Security Solution
Privaris, a provider of personal, biometric identity verification solutions, announced the availability of its plusID 75, a multi-function personal identity verification token that leverages Bluetooth technology for secure wireless logical access.
  LAN Gaming Gets Secure with Biometrics
Washington-based LAN Gaming HQ has enhanced security for customers who visit their retail centers to partake in LAN gaming sessions thanks to the inclusion of fingerprint biometrics to further secure their networks.
  FBI Takes Biometrics Database Proposal to the UK
While it is known that biometric technology can help police to track down criminals. Now, the FBI is trying to establish an international biometric database for tracking down the world's most wanted criminals and terrorists.
  Attendance On Demand Releases HP WebNet Employee Time Clock
Biometric time recorders reduce the incidents of time theft and buddy punching by matching the employee with a template of their hand. The HP WebNet combines this commonly used biometric time recorder with Internet-ready capabilities and additional features.
  CSS Selects EntryGuard from FaceKey to Implement Control in Real Estate Call Centers
FaceKey Corporation announced that Centralized Showing Service, Inc., has selected the EntryGuard fingerprint-based time and attendance system and access control system for several of its Real Estate Call Centers.
  SmartMetric Announces Contactless Doorway Access Control Card
SmartMetric has announced that it has successfully incorporated doorway wireless frequencies into its credit card sized portable biometric fingerprint reader card. With one SmartMetric Biometric card, users can secure entry to doorways, offices and even computer systems. The card has built in fingerprint scanner Corporations that makes all these possible.
  Precise Biometrics Delivers Precise Match-on-Card Licenses for Yet Another National ID Card Project
Precise Biometrics AB, a Swedish company which develops and sells world-leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions based on fingerprints and smart cards, has secured an important tender for national ID cards.
  FBI Intends to Build 'World's Largest' Database of Biometric Information
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, reportedly is setting out to create the world's largest database of records describing the physical characteristics of individual people.
  RI Seafarers to Get New Biometric IDs
Indonesian seamen will soon have Seafarers Identity Documents (SIDs), which will allow them to move around freely in International waters. The Indonesian government has come up with a ratification of an International Labor Organization convention, which allows the seafarers to move freely on International waters with the help of a Biometric ID.
  VAPD Deploys Wireless Public Safety Solution from BIO-key and DaProSystems
BIO-key International and its partner, DaProSystems have won a contract from the Harrisonburg, VA Police Department for a mobile data solution.
  Carlson Marketing and VoiceVerified Launch Voiceprint Technology
Identity theft is a topic of concern for many Americans. While financial institutions, credit card companies and other organizations have put measures in place to try and protect the consumer and their information, nothing is fool proof. This latest solution from Carlson Marketing and VoiceVerified may offer a more secure alternative.
  Planet Payment Selects PerSay for Voice Authentication
Planet Payment, the international multi-currency payment and data processor, has selected PerSay, provider of voice biometric solutions, to deliver voice authentication technology to be integrated with Planet Payment's product suite for the banking, financial services and retail sectors.
  Cyber Operations Releases ACL Compliance Director
Cyber Operations, Inc. has announced the general availability of the ACL Compliance Director, a patented full-function network security software tool, designed to help customers efficiently manage network access control.
  Aplix Solutions Partners with ClassifEye
Aplix Solutions, Inc., a Tokyo-based joint venture company of Aplix Corporation and Quattro Media Corporation, has signed an agreement with Jerusalem, Israel-based ClassifEye, Ltd.
  VoiceVerified's Biometic System Protects Leaco Rural Telephone Customers
Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative has deployed Verbal ID, a branded voice biometric service from VoiceVerified, Inc.
  Shell Intros 'Pay by Touch' at Ten U.S. Gas Stations
Shell is trying out a biometric payment system at ten U.S. gas stations.
  Bioscrypt's Biometric Solutions Offer Identity Verification for the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel
Looking to avoid unauthorized and illegal workers from entering restricted areas of their casino and resort, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel has partnered with Bioscrypt Inc., a provider of enterprise access control technology, for their Bioscrypt's VisionAccess 3D Face Readers and V-Smart fingerprint readers.
  LogicaCMG Demonstrates Integrated Biometric Capability at Biometrics 2007
This year's Biometrics 2007 show will be witnessing a crash course on how some of the latest biometric advances are being integrated into real-life working environments -- often challenging environments. LogicaCMG, one of Europe's leading IT and business services companies, is presenting the conference.
  AuthenTec Integrates Fingerprint Sensors into LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540
AuthenTec's fingerprint sensors are being integrated into LG-Nortel IP phone 8540 – a new device that utilizes Microsoft's Unified Communications (UC) solutions. The AuthenTec AES1510 sensor enhances the security of the IP Phone 8540 by granting access only to authorized users. The sensor also personalizes the phone for the currently registered user. These capabilities protect valuable corporate data assets and sensitive company information.
  Idling to be Identified: Reconciling Gate Access Security and Efficiency with a Biometrics-Based Fast Lane
Presenting identification to gain access to a building or board a flight is commonplace in this day and age.
  Sprint Nextel to Host DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event Promoting Biometric Fingerprint Technologies
Sprint Nextel, has announced that as a service to a local community in Michigan, it will host a DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event, endorsed, by well known crime-fighter, John Walsh to offer parents a Biometric Fingerprinting & DNA Identification Kit for their child.
  Never Worry About Your Child's Lunch Money Again
Now there is no need to provide lunch money to your child. Nor is there the need for your child to remember a PIN number or carry a personal lunch card.
  Boosting Business with Biometrics
A growing number of organizations and businesses are streamlining customer verification, service, transaction processing, reporting, and even customization with biometric fingerprint technology
  Neurotechnologija Intros Smartcard Finger-Match Add-on
To further increase the functionality of their biometric fingerprint identification engines, and to make better use of smartcard technology, Neurotechnologija, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, has introduced the Smartcard Finger-Match add-on.
  Marubun Signs Agreement to Distribute AuthenTec Biometrics Solutions in Japan
AuthenTec, a biometrics company that makes fingerprint sensors and related solutions, announced that its products will be distributed in Japan by Marubun Corporation.
  Biometrics from Cross Match Technologies Qualified for Anti-Terrorism
Biometrics are popular for their ability to replace ID cards, passwords or pin numbers as well as offer a reliable way of verifying someone's identity through recognition of unique physical characteristics such as the face, iris, voice or fingerprint.
  L-1 Identity Solutions Receives $2.5 Million in Handheld Iris-recognition Device Orders
According to a report in, L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. has received two orders from the U.S. military for its family of PIER portableiris recognition and enrollment devices, which are worth more than $2.5 million. The first order is from the U.S. Army for PIER 2.3 and PIER-T devices and the second is from the U.S. Navy Spawar Systems Center for PIER 2.3 and 2.4 devices to be fielded by the U.S. Marine Corps.
  CrossMatch to Provide Guardian Fingerprint Scanners for UKvisas Biometrics Program
In order to increase the security of their borders, the United Kingdom has announced plans to collect biometric data for all visa applicants.
  AuthenTec Adds Power of Touch to New Fujitsu Notebook
In a bid to offer enhanced security to notebook users, Fujitsu's new LifeBook U810 mini convertible notebook will include the AuthenTec AES2501B slide fingerprint sensor.
  Secure Fingerprint Recognition for SMBs
The new release is targeted specifically at SMB users, particularly companies of 75 or less and provides fingerprint-enabled, secure sign-on and password management for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2," a news release noted.
  AuthenTec Brings Fingerprint Biometrics to New Samsung Ultra-Mobile Portable PC
For users on the go, a portable PC is an indispensable tool, for the user on the go, the need for security is also extremely high. A PC that travels with users can be easily stolen or lost and can put the user's information and data at risk.
  BioLink Brings Biometrics to the Workforce with FingerPassIC
The new solution is a biometric terminal that includes a keypad and display as well as an optical fingerprint scanner and reader of contactless Mifare cards to allow control of physical access and recording of employee work hours by identifying them through biometrics.
  Hong Kong Police Force Selects Cogent Systems
The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) has chosen Cogent Systems for its next generation Computer Assisted Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification System (CAPFIS).
  CellMax Systems and Multitek Partner to Enhance Security in Latin American Contact Centers
CellMax Systems, Ltd. of Tel Aviv, a voice biometrics start-up, and Multitek Corp., of S.A. of Panama City, a provider of intelligent solutions in Central America, have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a five-year distribution agreement to supply CellMax Systems' identification and verification technology to the region's rapidly expanding call center sector. The value of the transaction was not disclosed.
  AccessKey and FaceKey Ponder Joint Venture
AccessKey IP, Inc., which is a leading developer, designer and producer of high-end communication and entertainment products, is at present in talks with FaceKey Corporation, a company known for manufacturing biometric-based products for access control, time and attendance and muster stations.
  Hitachi and AuthenTec Offer Biometric Cell Phone
AuthenTec announced today their fingerprint authentication sensor; AES1510 will be included as a standard feature on Hitachi, Ltd.'s new "win" series phone, the W51H.
  The Honest Truth on Biometrics in Schools
This article presents the pluses and minuses of school lunch biometrics versus more traditional technologies so administrators can decide if it makes sense for their schools.
  DigitalPersona Integrates Fingerprint Biometrics with New Ergonomic Keyboard
Growing in demand in the enterprise marketplace is the need for security for corporate data. For this, biometrics and other secure access solutions have presented a number of solutions. Now, DigitalPersona a provider of biometric authentication solutions is incorporating their fingerprint biometric solutions into an ergonomically designed keyboard to offer office environments the authentication and security they demand.
  Yankee Supply Company Chooses id-Confirm's Biometric Time and Attendance System
Yankee Supply Company recently completed its selection process of a biometric door access device with time and attendance features. The company chose a solution from Totally Managed Security, Inc., utilizing the TouchStar system from id-Confirm, Inc.
  Privaris Adds RSA SecurID Technology to plusID Universal Biometric Device
By embedding the RSA SecurID one-time password algorithm within the devices, Privaris plans to have certified interoperability between its plusID family of personal, handheld biometric identity verification devices and RSA SecurID technology.
  Study Finds Biometric Technology Essential to Improving Security Risks
Biometrics offer protection by providing secure identification and access through the use of unique physical characteristics such as, fingerprints, facial patterns and hand measurements to positively identify a person.
  SPYRUS Chosen to Continue Securing Florida Law Enforcement Systems
The SPYRUS PKI System provides authentication of law enforcement personnel accessing sensitive databases. And as information sharing grows among this and other government sectors, it is important that authentication and secure access to databases where sensitive materials appear, be protected.
  Biometrics Used in Recovery of Missing Children
According to the AmberView Web site, since 2002, when national coordination of the alert system was established, 85 percent of recoveries have occurred. While this can be a successful and much faster way of finding abducted children, adding another element of secure identification, biometrics, can further strengthen recovery efforts.
  New Embedded Mobile Biometrical Applications and Solutions Announced
Neurotechnologija, a provider of biometric fingerprint and face recognition algorithms and software development products, has made strides in furthering the development of embedded biometrical systems with the recent announcement of FaceCell Facial Recognition Embedded Development Kit and FingerCell 2.0 for Embedded Fingerprint Recognition systems.
  Study Looks at Consumer Support for Biometrics
Despite the once popular debate over biometrics and personal privacy, it seems more people want to see biometrics included in identifications. This is what a new study released by TRUSTe, an online privacy certification and seal program provider, revealed.
  No More Being Late to Work, They Have Your Fingerprints
Being a few minutes late to work in the past, may have slid by management, even having a fellow employee punch you in ahead of time, but now with biometric technology being introduced into the workplace, this will no longer be the case.
  Agency moves to tighten security at U.S. ports
The Department of Homeland Security this March will begin requiring 750,000 U.S. port and maritime workers to carry identification cards imprinted with their biometric fingerprints, despite delays in developing devices to read them.
  Safety project focuses on Isle eyes: Technology can identify missing children, elderly
Technology developed to keep track of prisoners by scanning their irises became available Thursday to identify missing children or elderly people afflicted with Alzheimer's disease in Galveston County.
  Siemens VDO Signs Agreement to Acquire Ballard Power Systems' Electric Drive Business
Siemens VDO Automotive Corp. has recently signed an agreement to acquire Ballard Power Systems Inc.’s Electric Drive Business.
  Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Partners with UPEK
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and UPEK Inc. recently introduced a reference design for USB Flash Drives (UFDs) protected by fingerprint authentication technology.
  Computer Science Corporation Selects ImageWare Systems
Computer Sciences Corporation has selected the IWS Biometric Engine to be a part of CSC’s Border and Immigration Solutions (BIS) Center of Excellence.
  Swiss Bank Installs Iris Recognition Cameras
In a bid to better secure their new headquarter office building, Pictet & Cie Bank of Geneva, Switzerland has chosen to install Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd.'s iris recognition cameras, IRISPASS-M.
  Biometrics & the Next Generation Cafeteria
Trying to calm and satisfy a cafeteria full of hungry kids can be a daunting challenge for any school system. Aside from new nutritional restrictions and guidelines, there has always been a need to make the process more efficient for school staff, food suppliers and parents alike. Now thanks to biometric capabilities, the next generation cafeteria will soon become a reality.
  ImageWare Strengthens Multi-Biometric ID System for Mexican Government
In a bid to further strengthen the multi-biometric identification system already in place since 2004, Mexico Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Secretaria de Relaciones Extreiores (SRE) has signed a contract with Imageware.
  Airport Biometrics at Heathrow Secured by nCipher
Biometric technologies offer a heightened level of security as they utilize unique individual characteristics to positively identify a person and ensure that those boarding the planes are each accounted for, and truly, who they say they are.
  Biometrics Creates Jobs for War Veterans
Recently, the VR&E entered into memorandum of understanding with Integrated Biometric Technology LLC (IBT) to provide more new employment opportunities for service-connected disabled veterans at fingerprint enrollment centers across the country.
  Biometric Authentication Combines with Point of Sale Solutions
Biometric fingerprint authentication technology is making its way into the retail industry as a quick way to manage and handle employee and POS requirements.
  Mobile Biometrics from Motorola Help Catch Convicted Murderer
Biometric Identification helps to secure appropriate identities and is increasingly being used by government and enterprises alike. The technology has enabled advancements in fingerprinting; included new solutions like facial recognition and a host of others for granting secure access or catching suspects in these intensive and critical fields
  The Biometric Door: Keyless, Safe Home Entry
One of the most frustrating things to realize it that you’ve forgotten your keys, locked yourself out of your house, had them lost or stolen, or that an intruder has broken in. These are worries homeowners and residents alike have when it comes to securing their homes
  ImageWare Systems Bags $275,000 Contract from GE Security
ImageWare Systems, Inc., a developer of identity management solutions, has received an order valued at around $275,000 from GE Security, a supplier of security and life safety technologies.
  TEAM Financial Selects Diaphonics for Voice Verification
Diaphonics’ SpikeCore voice verification technology matches a caller’s voice against a previously created voice model, or “voiceprint”. This capability confirms identity and the callers don’t need to remember passwords or PINs.
  Pay By Touch Offers Biometric Payments, Helps Spread Holiday Cheer
Pay By Touch, a provider of biometric payment solutions is keeping this holiday cheer in mind and teaming up with TV and Broadway star, Pave Davis (you may remember her form TLC's "Trading Space's") to surprise shoppers at Chicago area Jewel Osco grocery stores by paying for there groceries
  Two Million in Funding for Voice Biometrics Start-up CellMax Systems
Voice biometrics start-up CellMax Systems today announced the closing of $2 million in Round “B” funding from U.S. private investor group CellMax Vision, LLCled by Jacob and Nediva Schwarz, founders of IDS, Inc. and NS Enterprises, Inc. The funds will be used to increase the penetration of CellMax Systems’ proprietary voice identification and verification technology into the contact center market.
  Boost Mobile and REVOK Bring Artwork to your Cell Phone
If threes one thing youth seems to like when it comes to their cell phones, its customization. Beyond just being able to use features to download music or take pictures, having a unique phone with new features, is important in the youth cell phone market. In order to meet this need, Boost Mobile has teamed up with REVOK, a graffiti artist
  Citibank Singapore Introduces the Biometric Credit Card
Imagine no longer having to flip through various credit cards, or worry about stolen account numbers, lost cards and other security breaches that could be frightening for your finances. Now, biometric technology is eliminating all that extra stuff to carry around including the worry and letting consumers instead just swipe their finger across a biometric reader to make their purchases.
  TetraGate Stops Tailgating at Building Access Points
While tailgating in traffic can create a potentially dangerous situation, tailgating when it comes to accessing a secure location, presents an even more serious problem.
  UK's Home Office Deploys Cogent for UKvisas Biometrics Program
Cogent Systems will provide software for the Initial Phase of the United Kingom Home Office’s UKvisas Biometrics Program. The solution will be used for capturing both fingerprint and facial images.
  Multiple Identity Disorder
In today's digitally-advanced world, the way we identify ourselves has changed dramatically. For example, people may choose to assume new identities in Internet chat rooms or through personal e-mail accounts. Sometimes, alternate identities are assigned to us.
  Motorola Provides Biometric Identification Solution to Aid Law Enforcement
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is utilizing a biometric tool from Motorola, the Motorola Printrak Biometric Identification Solution (BIS), to quickly and more accurately identify individuals for criminal and other civil purposes.
  Smart Card vs. Biometric Implementations
According to the reports findings, smart cards have a promising uptake in the near future over biometrics, which are on the brink of becoming fully accepted. Smart cards are easy and they can secure entry into buildings, airports and be used to avoid fraud in financial transactions.
  DigitalPersona Replaces Passwords with Fingerprints
For sometime, passwords were the most reliable way to gain secure access. But with security breaches on the rise, more users are turning to a solution that is far more reliable and easier than remembering or entering numeric and alphabetic passwords. Biometric technology, and specifically biometric fingerprint recognition technology is now offering a replacement to passwords that are easily stolen or forgotten.
  Neurotechnologija's VeriLook 3.0 SDK for Biometric Facial Recognition Now Available
Biometric facial recognition technology that is accurate and cost effective is fast becoming an important element in security systems.
  Biometric Badges to Provide Added Transportation Security for Airports
In a bid to help further strengthen security at US airports, technology provider Unisys, is working together with biometric technology developer Fidelica Microsystems Inc. and Abeo Corporation on the delivery of a biometric RFID badge that will be used to identify airplane cargo drivers.
  ABI: RFID Revenue from Airline Baggage Handling Will Grow to $27.5 Million in 2011
RFID technology has applications in a number of shipping and distribution related industries. One of those is the airline industry.
  Miami Dade Police Department Using Motorola's Printrak Biometric Identification Solution
The Miami-Dade Police Department recently upgraded its automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) to the latest-generation Motorola Printrak Biometric Identification Solution (BIS) – a move which has reportedly already paid off in improved crime-solving capabilities and, subsequently, additional arrests.
  TETRAGATE: New Biometric RFID Tracking Technology
American Barcode and RFID has created a solution they are calling the single answer to security, privacy, and efficiency and cost effectiveness for corporate, pubic and personnel security. The new technology, TERAGATE, has the ability to recognize a persons identity based on their biometric facial recognition information stored in their employee ID card--- from 60 feet away.
  VeriFinger 5.0 SDK for Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
Neurotechnologija Ltd. has announced the release of its VeriFinger 5.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) for fingerprint identification. The latest version includes faster identification, better matching and for the first time, added support the Mac OSX platform.
  Persay Ltd: The Most Accurate Biometric Speaker Verification Technology
Persay Ltd., provider of biometric speaker verification technology, is providing optimal accuracy according to a comprehensive evaluation done by the University of Canberra, Australia who rated the accuracy of their technology as number one.
  Digital Defense and AXCESS Team Up on Biometric Access Card with RFID
Digital Defense Group has integrated the ultra-thin, long-range personnel card from AXCESS International to transmit long-range, biometrically activated digital certificates. The new IronGate biocard solution enables the highest level of security as well as the convenience of high throughput capabilities thanks to active RFID.
  Biometrics for Wireless Gambling
Recently, Diamond I Inc., developer of wireless gaming devices, announced their thoughts on the positive contribution of biometrics for wireless gaming and other wireless application systems such as shopping and entertainment.
  Biometric Check-Cashing Now Available at Lowe's Pay and Save
The ability to cash your check while at the grocery store is an added convenience for shoppers. Now, new biometric technologies are letting people cash their checks quicker, and with only the swipe of a finger.
  Leaders in biometrics industry merge
Biometrics companies make devices that use fingerprints, facial and iris recognition to identify people and spot potential terrorists. The $1.4 billion global biometrics industry is expected to grow to $3.5 billion by 2008, said Rob Allen, a research analyst with business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.
  Digimarc Enhances Biometric Solution to Reduce Driver License Identity Theft
Identity theft and fraud are both serious crimes on a rapid rise. In the area of driver's license fraud, a crime is committed when someone else's identity or false documents are used to obtain a drivers license.
  The Biometric Clock
Taking a proactive approach to computer security, IBC decided to install biometric readers at all of its branches, beginning in 2005. Specifically, the company wanted to control time-clock fraud. In the process, they found that with biometric technology, they could improve productivity
  AT&T Inks Network Contract with Biometrics Co.
AT&T announced today that it inked a new network contract with Billerica, Mass.-based Viisage, a biometrics technology provider. Viisage tapped the telecom giant to deploy a virtual private network (VPN). Viisage provides services that produce driver's licenses for Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  Technology Meets U.S. Borders
As an extended security measure, the United States began issuing electronic passports to diplomats and other government workers in late 2005. These electronic passports contain a secure digital chip in the back cover that securely replicates the information printed on the inside of the document, including a digital photograph of the passport carrier.
  Comodo and iQBio Manage Portable Data with Increased Security
Comodo and iQBio Inc. will reportedly deliver to market a holistic and secured approach to managing portable data. The BioCert ClipBio Pro 1GB biometric flash drive from iQBio combined with Comodo desktop security solutions will protect the host PC.
  TMC’s BiometriTech Website Re-Launched with New Design, Added Content
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced the launch of its new BiometriTech website, covering the entire market of biometric solutions for secure access and authentication.
  Porticus Technology Provides Voice Biometric Authentication
As voice biometric authentication becomes more sophisticated, it is gaining appeal even above other biometric solutions like facial, iris or fingerprint technologies, as a viable, easy and secure way of authenticating a person's identity.
  Nuance Increases Security with Speaker Verification Biometrics
As the threat and occurrence of theft and fraud continues to escalate, especially with financial-based transactions, the need for contact centers to provide security against these fraudulent attempts increases.
  Biometric sensors let fingerprints do the talking
An evolving digital tool, biometric-fingerprint technology holds the promise of replacing or lessening reliance on everyday necessities such as credit cards, key chains and passwords.
  Speaking out for service: Phone-based biometric system touted as secure alternative to memorized numbers
Voice verification will eliminate the need for account holders who conduct business via the telephone to memorize personal identification numbers.
  New Technology Unlocks Remote Access Security Challenge
One viable way to secure access to corporate networks is through the adoption of a public key infrastructure (PKI) system.
  Biometric Fingerprint Security Replaces Passwords for PC's
Using biometric technologies, logging onto your computer requires just a quick, simple sliding of your finger across a sensor to ensure secure access.
  E-Passports Help Government Immigration Departments Authenticate Identities
The concern for better security in airlines remains vital as immigration concerns and terrorism threats require heightened monitoring from officials.
  Persay Sells CRM-Ready Contact Center Security Product For VoIP
Persay Ltd., a vendor of biometric speaker verification technology, has announced it will deploy its FreeSpeech biometric speaker verification system in Bank Leumi's VoIP contact center.
  Biometric Security in the Palm of your Hands
A common concern with using an ATM for financial transactions is the potential for stolen passwords to give thieves unauthorized access. Utilizing new biometric security that scans the palm of the hand prohibits these thieves even before they can be caught red-handed.
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