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First Quarter 1998



Introducing Level 3 Communications
Kiewit Diversified Group has announced that it has changed its name to Level 3 Communications, Inc., reflecting a change in the company's business focus. Level 3 intends to provide a full range of information and communication services, primarily to businesses, over the first end-to-end network designed and built specifically for Internet Protocol (IP)-based services. The company expects to offer services over interconnected local and long-distance networks that it is building across the United States. It is reported that Level 3 has received initial financing of up to $3 billion.

According to President and CEO James Q. Crowe, formerly of MFS Communications, "We are building a network from the ground up incorporating Internet technology. We are optimizing the network for IP. As far as I know, we are the only organization with that kind of business plan. So, our customers will fully benefit from the many advantages of Internet technology and packet switching."

"There is a fundamental shift occurring today - as fundamental as the shift from the telegraph to the telephone or the mainframe computer to the PC - that is the shift to Internet technology and IP-based communications," says Crowe. "What will continue to drive that shift is economics. These new networks are simply less expensive - a lot less expensive - than the traditional hundred-year old, telephone networks."

For more information, contact Josh Howell at 402-536-3677.

Ericsson And Sun Target IP Services
Ericsson and Sun Microsystems, Inc., announced that the companies are combining the Ericsson IP Service Platform and Sun's deployment of network computing platforms to provide carrier-class solutions for Internet Service providers, telcos, and enterprise customers. These solutions enable such organizations to rapidly deliver differentiated services such as virtual intranets and extranets, IP telephony, and "content hotel" distribution and retrieval of information.

Ericsson and Sun are targeting growing requirements for increased dependability, scalability, and Quality of Service for IP services, the qualities traditionally found in telecom networks. Ericsson's IP-based Service Platform, which provides the service infrastructure for packaging, brokering and differentiating IP services, including strong security functions, resource management, and flexible charging tools, is combined with Sun's development of network computing platforms. These solutions also enable faster deployment of value added services and business critical applications. For further information, please contact Teresa Camera (Sun) at 650-786-8832 or Maria Lonnberg (Ericsson) at 650-853-4316.

Aplio Enters IP Telephony Market
Aplio has announced its entry into the U.S. market with its first product, a standalone Internet telephone. The Aplio/Phone does not require a PC to operate on the Internet and offers users the convenience of a regular telephone, but at greatly reduced long-distance charges. The Aplio/Phone connects to a standard telephone, much like an answering machine. Users simply place a call, then press a single button for activation. The Aplio/Phone then connects the callers to the Internet, usually with 45 seconds, according to estimates. The product is designed with high-quality voice communications in mind, and offers full-duplex G723.1 voice compression and a full-duplex speaker phone. The product is expected to cost under $200.

In order to benefit from Aplio's product, both parties to a call must be using the product and maintain an ISP connection, however the product does not require a PC, browser, or Internet telephony gateway. Aplio expects to offer H.323 compatibility sometime in Q1 98, which will allow communication between the Aplio/Phone and PC-based Internet telephony solutions. For more information, contact Olivier Zitoun at 650-794-2760.

Kenwood Bundles Video Conferencing Solution
Kenwood USA Corp. is offering a single-box solution, the Kenwood Video Conferencing Toolkit, providing laptop or notebook computer users with everything they need to conduct real-time video or audio conferences over the Internet, a local-area network, or standard POTS phone lines. The kit also enables users to capture video from any source for use in multimedia presentations. The package comes complete with the PCMCIA Kenwood ConferenceCard, an analog CCD camera, a headset with boom microphone, and a CD-ROM containing several software programs including Microsoft's NetMeeting and Internet Explorer. The kit retails for $495.

The centerpiece of the toolkit is the Kenwood ConferenceCard, a PCMCIA Type II card for laptop and notebook computers. Featuring plug and play installation and compatibility with the Internet and regular phone service, the ConferenceCard is designed for use with popular video conferencing software to allow mobile conferencing from virtually anywhere. For more information, contact Kathleen Burton at 310-639-9000.

F5 Labs' BIG/ip2 Server Array Controller
F5 Labs has released a new version of its BIG/ip2 server array controller that allows traffic prioritization for ISP rate shaping and e-commerce applications, supports real-time audio and video and other UDP-based protocols, and permits IP packet filtering for enhanced security. The new version also expands the product's content verification capabilities and permits logical grouping of interdependent services. The dedicated server array controllers intelligently allocate Internet and intranet service requests across an array of network servers to provide high availability for client connections.

Residing between the Internet routers and the server array, BIG/ip2 continually monitors each server for application performance and availability, then automatically routes incoming queries to the most available server. For more information, contact Kristina O'Connell at 206-447-1817.

Zoom/Video Cam Now Shipping
Zoom Telephonics is currently shipping the Zoom/Video Cam, an affordable full-color, full-motion video camera for computers running Windows 95. The camera is being hailed as a complete solution for video mail, video phone, video meetings, and still image capture. It plugs into the included ISA capture card or directly into the video jack on any Zoom/Video-ready fax modem. Real-time, full-motion video can be sent through the dialup telephone network or over the Internet with any V.80 compatible modem, including many popular 33.6 or 56K fax modems.

The Zoom/Video Cam comes with everything users need to get started including a microphone and a CD-ROM containing SmithMicro VideoLink and BoxTop iVisit software. VideoLink provides videomail, real-time video over the Internet (H.323), dial-up networking (H.324), and still image capture; iVisit provides the capability for multi-user video chat. For more information, contact Ray Zamagni at 617-423-1072.

ANS Uses NetCentric's FaxStorm For IP Faxing
ANS Communications, Inc., has announced that they are launching a new Internet fax service based on Netcentric's FaxStorm technology. The service will be implemented through an international deployment of fax servers, starting with the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The ANS Internet fax service is designed to allow users worldwide to send and receive fax documents over the Internet using desktop client software, e-mail and traditional fax machines.

NetCentric's FaxStorm Internet fax system enables Internet network operators to offer their customers a simple way to both send and receive documents from their desktop directly over the Internet. Because inbound faxes are captured in electronic form, users can forward faxes to others directly from their inbox. NetCentric's fax-to-e-mail feature allows faxes to be delivered to desktop computers as e-mail attachments. For more information, visit the companies on the Web at www.ans.net or www.netcentric.com.

Linkon Gateway Available For Sun PCI Servers
Linkon Corporation and Sun Microsystems recently announced the availability of Linkon's LinkNet IP Telephony Gateway designed for Sun's PCI-based servers, including the Netra T 1100 and Sun Enterprise 450 computing platforms. The LinkNet IP Telephony Gateway will provide integrated voice/fax communications over Internet and intranet networks. LinkNet for Sun's Sbus servers has been available for over 6 months, since July 1997.

The PCI-based LinkNet Gateway uses Linkon's Maestro system foundation switching card for the Sun PCI bus, supporting a full range of computer-telephony integration (CTI) and IP telephony applications, including voice over IP, Internet fax, and call center automation. At present, the LinkNet IP Gateway can support from four analog ports to multiple E1/T1 digital circuits, providing up to 90/96 full-duplex digital communications channels. Linkon has also announced its support of the H.323 standard. For more information, contact Marc Robins at 203-319-3123.

Symbol, Cisco Team For Wireless LAN Phone System
Symbol Technologies and Cisco Systems are teaming up to provide a complete wireless local-area network (LAN) telephone system based on voice over IP technology. The system is composed of the NetVision wireless telephone handsets and the Spectrum24 wireless LAN infrastructure from Symbol, and a gateway connection to the PBX, key system, T1 line, or other PSTN connection using Cisco's recently released 3600 voice/fax modules.

With the new system, users can place or receive calls between wireless handsets or PC-based telephones at other sites over their company's internal TCP/IP network at no cost, worldwide. Using the Cisco gateway, outside or internal telephone calls can be placed or received in the normal manner. Normal telephone charges apply to these gateway calls. The system conforms to the ITU's H.323 standard. For more information, contact Doug Picker (Symbol) at 516-738-4699.

$0.05 Domestic Rate For Net2Phone Direct
IDT Corporation, a provider of low-cost international telecommunications announced the availability of Net2Phone Direct, the company's phone-to-phone Internet telephony service to consumers and small businesses at a reduced rate of $0.05 per minute from New York City and Chicago to any telephone in the United States. Net2Phone Direct is currently available to consumers and small businesses for telephone calling at a domestic rate of $0.08 from local numbers in over 50 U.S. cities.

According to IDT president Jim Courter, Due to increased demand from our customers in New York and Chicago, we're reducing the rate to give them the greatest cost savings. We've had tremendous success with Net2Phone Direct thus far, and look forward to expanding our network and offering this service both nationwide and internationally."

For more information, contact Sarah Hofstetter at 201-928-2882.

ZipLink Selects Bay Hardware For Major Build-Out
Bay Networks, Inc., announced that ZipLink, a provider of Internet backbone and access services for the WebTV Network, and the exclusive Internet and one-number telecommunications service provider to MTX Paging Products, has selected Bay's System 5000-based model 5399 carrier-class Remote Access Concentrator for its Internet connection requirements. ZipLink also chose Bay Networks' Backbone Concentrator Node, a routing solution for its new network backbone requirements. In a market that demands high reliability Bay's 5399 Remote Access Concentrator meets ZipLink's requirements for scalability and high port density by providing support for more than 2,300 simultaneous dial-in users in a standard 8-foot cabinet.

ZipLink president, Christopher Jenkins said, "We chose Bay Networks because they have the best end-to-end solution...as well as a clear migration path to future IP technologies such as voice/fax and multimedia." For more information, contact Matt Burke (Bay) at 978-916-1320 or Ronald C. Lipof (ZipLink) at 978-551-8911.

Summa Four, e-Net Sign VoIP Agreement
e-Net, Inc., announced it has signed a letter of intent with Summa Four, Inc., a provider of open, programmable switching platforms, to jointly integrate e-Net's Data Telephony system for voice over IP (Telecom 2000) with Summa Four's VCO Series of open programmable switches. The result of the partnership will be a new, high-capacity, carrier-class voice over Internet gateway.

e-Net and Summa Four will port and enhance e-Net's voice over IP technology to run on Summa Four's recently announced Service Platform Card (SPC) which contains up to 32 Texas Instruments TMS 320C548 series Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). By combining SPC cards with Interface Controller Cards (ICC) which support up to 16 T1/E1 spans, it will be possible to scale gateway capacity to support in excess of 1,000 simultaneous calls in a single-shelf, carrier-certified chassis. For more information, contact Peter Carlino (Summa Four) at 603-625-4050.

RADVision Licenses H.323 GateKeeper
RADVision has announced the availability of its GK-323 GateKeeper, a stand-alone, H.323 standards-based software application for IP telephony and multimedia conferencing product developers and solutions providers. RADVision's software provides network managers with the control they need to:

  • Preserve the integrity of IP networks.
  • Control total resource usage.
  • Inject system administration policy into the H.323 system.
  • Induce call routing.
  • Support application-specific supplementary services.
  • Interface to user applications for billing, call detail reports, ACD functions, and the like.

A gatekeeper defines and manages all activities in a "zone." A zone is that part of a network consisting of any number of H.323 entities such as terminals, MCUs, gateways, and so on. RADVision's GK-323 GateKeeper is available in source code and object code for multiple operating systems. Pricing for the stand-alone GateKeeper package includes a licensing fee, annual maintenance, and a one-time prepaid royalty for each "runtime" GateKeeper according to zone capabilities. For more information, contact Marme Van Leuvan at 201-529-4300.

InfoBlazer Improves Internet Access And Telephony Applications
InnoMedia, Inc., announced the availability of the InfoBlazer ISDN terminal adapter, to provide improved access for Internet, remote access, and PC-to-PC communication services. The InfoBlazer family offers ISDN modem functionality for improved data access and mini-PABX features for voice management over standard telephone lines.

InfoBlazer supports Multilink Point-to-Point-Protocol (PPP) providing digital high-speed Internet access up to 128 Kbps by combining two B channels (2 x 64 Kbps). While using both B-channels for data communications, InfoBlazer's Dynamic Voice Override feature will assign one B-channel automatically to an outgoing voice call and transparently return the channel to the data application when the voice call is completed.

The product also provides a very-high-speed data connection into the ISDN network that can operate simultaneously with calls to or from the telephone network. Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVD) utilizes three user ports - one for connecting to a personal computer and two for use with standard phones, fax machines, or other analog modems. InfoBlazer is ideal for remote users who require high-speed access to the Internet or corporate LAN with simultaneous use of either their phone, fax machine or modem over the same phone line. For more information, contact Jay Blazensky at 408-562-3535.

Ingram Micro To Distribute Vocal'Net Gateway
Inter-Tel, Inc., and Ingram Micro, Inc., have entered into a distributorship agreement under which Ingram Micro will distribute Inter-Tel's Vocal'Net Internet telephony gateway. Ingram Micro will distribute Inter-Tel's Vocal'Net turnkey systems, boards, and software, as well as installation and service contracts administered by Inter-Tel. Ingram Micro currently has Inter-Tel's IP Telephony products in inventory for distribution to domestic and select international resellers.

The Inter-Tel Vocal'Net allows organizations to bypass traditional public telecommunications networks and reduce long distance costs by providing a gateway between circuit-switched phone systems and packet-switched Intranets or the public Internet. As a result, organizations can maintain their current phone system, while choosing to route long-distance calls across the same network they use for data communications. The Vocal'Net is available in multiple port sizes. Vocal'Net will interact with telephone systems that support standard telecom interfaces such as T-1, E-1, ISDN, and analog single lines. Planned applications for the Inter-Tel Vocal'Net include virtual telephone networking for multi-location companies, telephony-enabled Web pages to connect users to a call center agent from a company's Web site, and virtual office applications for traveling employees. For more information, contact Inter-Tel at 602-302-8900.

Dialogic's DM/IP2000 Improves Performance, Scalability
Dialogic Corporation recently announced an addition to their DM3 IPLink family of products, the DM/IP2000. Billed as the first enhanced IP telephony platform with an integrated high-speed Ethernet interface, the DM/IP2000 is designed to significantly reduce latency while increasing scalability and system reliability for developers. Based on Dialogic's DM3 mediastream resource architecture, the new offering provides H.323 call control, DSP-based G.723.1 standard coders.

The Ethernet interface is the data network interface used to connect to networks of other computers located within the same building, campus, intranet, or over the Internet. The DM3 IPLink is fully compatible with Microsoft's NetMeeting, Vocaltec's Internet Phone, and Intel's Internet Video Phone. The product family supports G.723.1, G.729.a, G.711, GSM and Voxware RT24, and high-performance fax over IP. For more information, contact Jane Mazur at 973-993-3000 x6118.

Interactive Distance Learning From One Touch Systems
One Touch Systems, Inc., has announced Front Row, a Web-based application that delivers real-time audio, video, and Web knowledge to Interactive Distance learning (IDL) students at their desktops via corporate intranets. Front Row minimizes the impact of traffic on corporate networks by incorporating the latest compression and transmission standards. Delivering 15 fps video while using less than 3 percent of the bandwidth of a typical 10Base-T Ethernet network, Front Row employs H.263 video compression and G.711 audio compression in the Intel MDS streaming multimedia framework.

Front Row is just one element of the complete IDL solution introduced by One Touch. The others are One Touch Network Management System, a database application which simplifies the administration and maintenance of classroom products; and One Touch interactive objects for Microsoft PowerPoint, which permit instructional designers to use PowerPoint to author presentations. For more information, contact Howard Green at 408-436-4607.

Vista Imaging's ViCAM Digital Camera
Vista Imaging, Inc., announced the availability of ViCAM, a high-speed, high-resolution desktop color digital video camera for IBM PC-compatible computers. The ViCAM interfaces to a standard parallel port, and produces fast 30 frame-per-second video in full color in support of motion video applications, and features high-quality, 24-bit true color still image captures with resolutions ranging from 160 x 120 to 640 x480. The camera also offers support for up to 16.8 million True Colors and 256 gray scale formats. Furthermore the ViCAM includes an IEEE-1284 compatible parallel port pass-through device that allows printing from the same parallel port without the need to disconnect the camera to access the printer.

The product operates without requiring an add-in card, and is completely powered by the PC, making it an ideal solution for laptops or in moving desktop systems in a busy office. The suggested retail of the camera is $199.95, a price which includes a copy of MGI VideoWave SE+ desktop video publishing software, MGI PhotoSuite SE PC photography software, Microsoft NetMeeting, and a trial version of Visionics' FaceIt face recognition software. For more information, contact Vista Imaging at 650-802-9685.

ATIO's Next Generation Internet Call Center Software
ATIO Corporation is offering its next-generation Internet Call Center software solution, CyberCall 2.5. The product provides corporate Web sites with the added dimension of personal contact with a call center agent. In addition to its Internet callback feature, CyberCall 2.5 allows businesses to directly assist customers via interactive chat, voice over the Internet,, and intelligent e-mail queuing.

ATIO's newest version of CyberCall utilizes the Web as an intelligent way to route both callers and information about them to a company's agents. Agents and customers can be linked in real-time by both phone or computer and mirrored home page screen pops. If a customer chooses, the agent can return a call at a later time, with the screen pop being saved for future use. This alleviates the inconvenience of waiting in a hold queue. For customer e-mail inquiries, CyberCall 2.5 intelligently routes and queues the e-mail so the most appropriate agent can handle the request. For more information, contact Donna Nixon at 612-931-2573.

Latitude Releases Version 2 of MeetingPlace
Latitude Communications has announced the release of MeetingPlace 97 Release 2, an upgrade to its flagship in-house conferencing system. MeetingPlace is designed to leverage a company's existing communications network to improve the process of holding productive business meetings among people in different locations.

Unlike service bureaus and traditional in-house bridging systems, the MeetingPlace conference server manages the entire meeting process, including activities such as scheduling meetings, notifying participants, distributing meeting materials, managing conferences, and archiving recordings for future access via the Web or telephone.

Key new features of the MeetingPlace 97 Release 2 server software include:

  • Voice Quick Tour, an interactive audio overview of basic system features and functions.
  • Scheduling Activity Report, which identifies all instances when a meeting could not be scheduled due to capacity constraints.
  • Internet URL Attachments, a feature which lets meeting organizers automatically point meeting participants to an Internet URL containing information relevant to a specific meeting.

For more information, contact Michael Fratesi at 408-988-7260.

Deutsche Telekom Acquires 21.1 Percent Of VocalTec
Deutsche Telekom and VocalTec have announced that pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding dating back to last August, the two companies have reached final agreement on a Share Purchase and comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement. All told, Deutsche Telekom will acquire a 21.1 percent stake in VocalTec and has agreed to purchase more than $30 million of VocalTec's products and services, $21.7 million of which will take place before December 31, 1999.

Deutsche Telekom is Europe's largest telecommunications company and the third-largest carrier in the world. They are also the first of the major carriers to develop a portfolio of Internet telephony services to supplement their existing telephony services. VocalTec's software enables audio, video, data,, text, and collaborative communications between personal computers and other devices over the Internet. For more information, contact Jo Lee (VocalTec) at 201-768-9400 or Theresa Edo (LNS Communications for Deutsche Telekom) at 617-577-9777.

Davox Offers Web-Based Application, Scripting Design
Davox Corporation announced its LYRICall application and scripting design software for call centers. The LYRICall software, the latest addition to Davox's Unison suite of call management solutions, incorporates browser technology to deliver robust, platform-independent agent applications. LYRICall will initially support Netscape Navigator 4.0, with Microsoft Internet Explorer to be qualified thereafter. Davox plans to continue to evaluate and qualify other major browsers as they become available.

The LYRICall application is based on open, Internet standards such as HTML, Web browsers, and Java computing. By incorporating these standards, LYRICall is designed as a platform-independent product, enabling application designers to create an application once and then run it on any device that supports a browser and Java script, including PCs, UNIX workstations, and network computers. LYRICall gives non-programmers the ability to quickly build and deploy application/script pages, thereby providing call center managers with an effective tool for rapidly responding to script changes and new customer requirements. For more information, contact Jennifer Cyrs at 978-952-0882.

RADLinx Serves Up PSTN To LAN Gateway
RADLINX Ltd. announced that it has released the PF-8, a multi-port PSTN to LAN gateway, the latest in the PASSaFAX product line to set the stage for the rapidly growing Internet fax market. The gateway is targeted at Fax Service Providers (FSPs) and large corporate offices, where multiple simultaneous fax transmissions are required along with simplified management.

The PASSaFAX PF-8 PSTN to LAN gateway connects standard (G3) facsimile devices to the LAN. Supplementary features include internal line hunting and least-cost routing. Furthermore, the PF-8 all-in-a-box solution translates to simple management and maintenance. Corporate users can send on-line faxes over their private IP LAN/WAN or the Internet instead of using the PSTN. FSPs can offer their users a low-cost, real-time fax service with increased availability and simplified management. The PASSaFAX PF-8 allows for concurrent faxing while using the least cost routing function. This maintains the PASSaFAX's key feature of transparency to the end user, as well as tremendous cost savings. The PF-8 connects to a PABX and creates a direct connection, over a TCP/IP network, between the sending and receiving fax, thereby providing a confirmation of receipt for the user. For more information, contact Varda Lubling at 201-828-9494.

Lucent's Message Care Integrates E-mail/Fax Message Capabilities
Lucent Technologies recently announced Message Care, software which enables businesses to efficiently and effectively route, track, and respond to customer generated e-mail and fax messages quickly and easily. Message Care enables businesses to create a centralized process for managing electronic inquiries and requests through their existing call center. The software directs the flow of e-mail and fax messages, routing the requests to the call center agents who are most qualified to respond.

Lucent's Message Care software provides call center agents with tools to effectively process received messages based on the customers' needs. Agents can include the original message in their response, use a spell check option, and preview and edit their responses. Standard answers to frequently asked questions can be created and integrated into the agents' messages along with existing documents and information to speed response time and ensure consistent content. For more information, contact Andrea Papa at 212-841-4315.

ITXC Announces WWeXchange Service
ITXC Corp., announced that its WWeXchange Service will both link Internet Telephony Service Providers worldwide to each other and also connect all affiliated ITSPs to every telephone number in the world using a combination of IP and traditional telephony. The result is that callers will be able to make international calls to anywhere at a considerable savings over traditional telephony alone and Internet telephony is expected to grow much more quickly than when it was restricted to computer users and to calls completed within the network of a single ITSP.

Until now those who make international phone calls on the Internet have enjoyed low prices - but only on a very limited selection of routes. This selection is further limited by the fact that the networks of the very many small companies who offer Internet phone calls do not connect with each other so callers must deal with separate companies to call different cities. WWeXchange links the networks of ITSPs together and adds in the ability to reach every telephone worldwide.

The company made the announcement as it began open sign-ups of ITSPs who will exchange traffic through ITXC's WWeXchange Service. ITSPs include traditional telephone companies, telephony resellers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and new companies formed specifically to provide Internet calling. For more information, contact Mary Evslin at 732-940-4333.

Bellcore Launches Soliant Internet Systems
Bellcore today announced the formation of Soliant Internet Systems, a new business unit dedicated to making Internet telephony on the emerging "business class" Internet a reality. As the Internet business unit of Bellcore, Soliant will offer reliable, scalable software products, systems integration, and consulting. The business unit is targeting existing and emerging telecommunications carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers (ISPs), and Fortune 1000 enterprises with software solutions in three areas critical to the Internet's viability as a business network: Net infrastructure, Internet telephony and Net commerce.

Soliant also plans to pursue an aggressive alliance strategy to help develop the business class Internet. In fact, Sun Microsystems and Soliant Internet Systems have announced they will be jointly marketing a hardware and software solution to help speed traffic on the Internet. This new product, the Soliant Advanced DNS system, streamlines the process of finding and validating IP addresses by reducing the number of round trips required to different Domain Name Servers (DNS). For more information, contact Soliant at 888-876-5426.

e-Net Enters Voice Over Cable Market
e-Net, Inc., today announced that it has signed an agreement to provide its patented Data Telephony software to worldwide cable modem system manufacturer, Com21, Inc. Com21 will integrate e-Net's Telecom 2000 technology into the comUNITY Access System, delivering voice, fax, and data through the existing Com21 cable modem system. This will also allow cable operators the opportunity to offer voice services incrementally to their data-over-cable subscribers. Under the agreement, Com21 will pay e-Net with a combination of cash and per-unit royalties.

e-Net's Data Telephony will allow Com21 cable modems to offer standard telephone connections via cable television service featuring clear voice quality fully compatible with existing telephones, faxes, and modems. This means that customers can use their choice of standard telephone instruments, including cordless phones, modems, and fax machines. For more information, contact e-Net at 301-601-8700.

3Com Adds VoIP To Total Control
3Com Corporation has announced the addition of Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities to its Total Control remote access concentrator. The list of customers currently evaluating the solution includes IBM Global Services, Siemens, and USA Global Link. In addition, the Internet solutions business unit of Siemens Telecom Networks has embraced the Total Control system as the standard platform for integration into VoIP solutions currently under development.

Supporting both the ITU standard T.120 and H.323 protocol stacks, the new Total Control VoIP system is designed toward standards-based, interactive, multimedia communications. The system implements standard G.711, G.723.1, and G.729 voice coders and decoders for ensured compatibility with standard global phone systems. The enhanced capabilities (such as VoIP) are made possible by 3Com's advanced HiPer DSP technology and programmable DSP engines. For more information, contact Philip Anast at 847-797-6576.

NetXchange Partners With KDD
NetXchange Communications has entered into an agreement with KDD America, a subsidiary of Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd. to bring NetXchange's Internet Xchange Web telephony platform to corporations worldwide. KDD America's own fax delivery and broadcast service, TeleWeb Fax, will provide connectivity to NetXchange's Internet Xchange for Fax to route fax communications over the Internet. With this partnership, KDD America has also joined the NetXchange Global Community of Internet Xchange-enabled fax service providers and will now offer fax delivery to Internet Xchange for Fax users throughout the KDD America network, as well as offer its value-added fax services such as fax broadcast to NetXchange's customers.

NetXchange provides messaging software solutions and infrastructure designed to enable service providers to offer fax communications over the Internet/intranet to their subscribers. The company's XchangeWare "software switch" technology allows users to optimize the use of the Internet, intranet, and PSTN for seamless message delivery. For more information, contact NetXchange at 408-248-6200.

elemedia Cuts Costs, Raises Quality Of Audio Conferencing
Lucent Technologies' elemedia business venture has released two software products designed to lower costs and raise the quality of audio conferencing. The CX1000S and CX2000S modules allow hundreds of participants to collaborate simultaneously, whether they are using ordinary phone lines, corporate networks, Internet telephony gateways, or conferencing software applications, such as Microsoft's NetMeeting and Netscape Conference. The two software modules are designed for environments that use compressed audio, such as the Internet, simultaneous voice and data systems, and packet-based networks.

The products were jointly developed by elemedia and MiBridge, Inc., a subsidiary of I-Link, Inc. MiBridge develops products that include DSP-based and host-based real-time software that provides toll quality communications such as voice, fax, and audio conferencing over low-bandwidth networks. The CX1000S is capable of supporting 50 endpoints, while the CX2000S runs on DSPs to support conferences with hundreds of participants. For more information, contact elemedia at 908-949-3300.

VINA Adds Local Call Routing To T1 Integrator
VINA Technologies announced support of Local Call Routing (LCR) in its integrated access device, the T1 Integrator. The T1 Integrator is designed to offer the intelligence to route local and long-distance calls to optimize the use of T1 lines. VINA's integrated access solution routes all voice and data traffic over a single T1 line while routing all 911, 411, local, and toll-free calls over telephone lines from the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC). The LCR feature of the T1 Integrator enables interexchange carriers (IXCs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), and other network service providers to offer toll service without incurring the capital cost of deploying local switches in every city.

The T1 Integrator integrates a 24-channel channel bank, a router, a T1 DSU/CSU, an Internet firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for Internet addressing, Simple Network Management protocol (SNMP) for incorporation into network management systems such as HP Open View, and HTTP for management through an Internet standard browser. For more information, contact Nancy Smith at 510-413-1315.

High-Speed Internet Access From Microsoft, ATCOM/INFO, CGX
Microsoft Corp., ATCOM/INFO, and CGX Communications, Inc., unveiled plans to collaborate on commercial trials of a high-speed Internet access service for hotels. ATCOM/INFO's IPORT product is designed to let business travelers easily access the Internet, e-mail, and private networks from their guest rooms. The service will allow users to connect their laptop computers to high-speed Internet connections at speeds up to 50 times faster than traditional data ports and dial-up modems.

With technology developed by Microsoft Consulting Services and ATCOM/INFO, and implemented by selected system integrators, IPORT will enable hotels to compete effectively for business customers by providing a complete range of sophisticated high-speed remote access options. CAIS Internet, a division of CGX Communications, will be a major cosponsor of the trials and the primary integrator for trial hotels intending to use existing telephone wiring for the service, using its OverVoice technology. For more information, contact Mike Rothenberg (Rothenberg Communications for CAIS and CGX) at 703-820-1270.

Bay Networks, NetSpeak Sign OEM Agreement
Bay Networks, Inc., and NetSpeak Corporation have signed an OEM and joint development agreement to provide sophisticated, system-oriented voice and fax over IP solutions to enterprise and service provider customers. The agreement signifies the first phase of Application Services, a component of Bay's Adaptive Networking IP Services strategy, with the roll out of a complete voice/fax over IP solution.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bay Networks will integrate NetSpeak's voice and fax technologies into its BayStack remote access and router platforms to deliver next-generation gateway devices to convert voice/fax signals to IP. Additionally Bay will resell NetSpeak's scalable suite of IP telephony server software, which supports an array of value added services. As a major category in Bay's IP Services, Application Services are designed to provide the capabilities necessary to optimize IP applications. For more information, visit the companies' Web sites at www.baynetworks.com or www.netspeak.com.

Infonet Unveils Global Frame Relay Services
Infonet Services Corp. announced a breakthrough in global frame relay services for the global networking services market. The new services are designed to more cost effectively address the increasing use of frame relay in support of sophisticated enterprisewide software applications. Infonet has established three new levels for its global frame relay services, all three of which are available immediately via the company's global frame relay access points located in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The services are VC/interactive, VC/lan2lan, and VC/access. The VC/interactive service is designed for rapid response in legacy SNA applications as well as voice over IP; the VC/lan2lan service is for applications such as Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, Internet browsing, and other generic LAN multiprotocol traffic; and VC/access is for batch traffic where transmission delay is not a key issue, in such applications as file transfer, e-mail, and Internet access. For more information. contact Bill Principe at 310-335-2820.

MICOM, Tech Data Team To Provide VoIP Solution
MICOM Communications Corp. has teamed up with Tech Data, appointing Tech Data as a national computer-telephony integration (CTI) Master Distributor for MICOM's V/IP voice over IP phone/fax gateway products in the United States and Canada. Tech Data will sell MICOM's products through Tech Data's existing customer base, which includes VARs, integrators, and dealers serving the small to medium-size business community throughout North America.

The MICOM V/IP gateway creates an overlay voice and fax network on top of any IP network, thus allowing any user, from any telephone or fax machine, to make free, G.729 toll-quality calls over the IP network regardless of the underlying WAN. The V/IP product family consist of analog and digital voice/fax cards that plug into a singe host PC at each remote enterprise location. V/IP supports a host running NetWare, MS-DOS, or Windows 95. The V/IP interface card is compatible with any phone, fax machine, PBX, key system, Centrex, or CO trunk line. For more information, contact Stacey Doherty at 805-577-2222.

Zoom Telephonics' Access IG & IG Plus
The Zoom/Access IG product family offers a range of economical solutions for connecting LAN users to the Internet. Using a 128 Kbps ISDN dial-up or Centrex line, LAN users can share access to the Internet. The IG product family includes the Zoom/Access IG and the Zoom/Access IG Plus. The Zoom/Access IG enables up to five LAN users to concurrently access the Internet. The Zoom/Access IG Plus provides Internet access to an unlimited number of concurrent users, and includes a 15-mailbox Internet mail server that is upgradable to an unlimited number of mailboxes.

Internet access with the Zoom/Access IG or IG Plus requires installing the included ISDN terminal adapter and gateway software on a non-dedicated PC running Windows 95 or Windows NT. The gateway software automatically establishes high-speed Internet connection for LAN PC users on demand. The Zoom/Access IG product family provides a natural firewall. Since the server PC is the only machine that is running TCP/IP with an Internet IP address, none of the LAN file servers or user PC clients are accessible from the Internet. For more information, contact Ray Zamagni at 617-423-1072.


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