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First Quarter 1998

This month's winners:
VocalTec's Internet Phone Release 5
White Pine Software's MeetingPoint
Catelle's FaxPress Gateway 4.0
Chassis Plans' Model 717-BP20
NeTrue Communications' NeTruePhone
OutReach Technologies' CONFERease 900

Internet Phone Release 5

VocalTec Communications Inc.
35 Industrial Parkway
Northvale, NJ 07647
Ph: 201-768-9400;

Fx: 201-768-8893
Web site: www.vocaltec.com
E-mail: [email protected]

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Internet Phone Release 5 is the fourth generation of VocalTec's award-winning Internet telephony software program. In addition to being a standalone product, Internet Phone is a key component of VocalTec's corporate and carrier Internet telephony client/server solutions.

New features include:

  • Enhanced Audio and Video Quality: Faster frame delivery and larger video picture, new packet loss reconstruction algorithms, and better delay handling for improved audio.
  • ITU H.323 Support.
  • PC-to-Phone Calling: Direct online links to Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) allow users to sign up for phone service. Thereafter, users simply enter standard phone numbers to call regular phones from their PCs.
  • Community Browser: Serves as a virtual neighborhood on the Internet. The Community Browser lets people meet and speak with others around the world with similar interests.
  • Audio Conferencing: Allows up to 100 people to participate in an audio conference when used in conjunction with the VocalTec Conferencing Server.

Internet Phone supports live-motion video, so you can see the person you're speaking with. No additional hardware is required to receive video. Full-duplex capability enables users to carry on real-time, two-way conversations. Cross-platform capabilities let Macintosh and PC users talk to one another.

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White Pine Software, Inc.
542 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063
Ph: 603-886-9050;

Fx: 603-886-9051
Web site: www.wpine.com

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White Pine's MeetingPoint provides a complete client/server solution for real-time group conferencing and collaboration over IP networks, the Internet, and corporate intranets. MeetingPoint is standards-based server software, which allows ISPs and others to offer group audio, video, and data conference services to their customers. MeetingPoint can be tailored to different users: service providers interested in offering conferencing services to their customers; consumers interested in conferencing for business, education, or fun; and businesses or organizations who need complete conference solutions.

The MeetingPoint conference server software supports the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) H.323 standard for conferencing over packet networks, which enables users of Microsoft's NetMeeting, Intel's Internet Videophone, White Pine's CU-SeeMe, and any other standards-based client to participate in full multi-point group conferences.

With MeetingPoint, corporations will be able to utilize their existing network infrastructure for real-time group conferencing. MeetingPoint is available for Windows NT and the Solaris platform. Pricing in the United States will range from $1,995 for a 10-user license for corporate intranets to about $35,000 for a 100-user license for NSPs. Specific pricing is dependent on the number of simultaneous users.

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FaxPress Gateway 4.0

3255-3 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Ph: 800-289-7555;

Fx: 408-492-1964
Web site: www.castelle.com
E-mail: [email protected]

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Castelle's FaxPress Version 4.0 is a fax server for Windows NT and NetWare networks that works over the Internet, intranets, and extranets to reduce fax communication costs. Castelle's FaxPress supports Microsoft Active Directory, which reduces administration costs.

FaxPress provides an optional e-mail-to-fax connection for all popular e-mail packages, including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and cc:Mail. These software add-ons enable e-mail users to send and receive faxes from within their e-mail applications. FaxPress also integrates with Hewlett-Packard's Network ScanJet 5 scanner, Cardiff Software's TELEform data collection products, and Castelle's InfoPress Fax-On-Demand system.

FaxPress comes in 3 models:

  • OfficeConnect Fax Server, an entry-level fax server for small networks of 50 users or less, offered in partnership with 3Com. Available in a one-line configuration. List prices start at $1,695.
  • FaxPress 1500-N, a cost-effective fax server for small to medium networks. Available in one- or two-line configurations. List prices start at $2.995. Maximum 100 users.
  • FaxPress 3500, a high-performance fax server for medium to large networks. Available in two- or four-line configurations. Various units can be cascaded for a maximum of 24 lines. List prices start at $4,695 for unlimited user licenses.

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Model 717-BP20

Chassis Plans, Inc.
4771 Vista Lane
San Diego, CA 92116
Ph: 619-521-0101;

Fx: 619-521-0676
Web site: www.chassis-plans.com
E-mail: [email protected]

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The Model 717-BP20 is a 20-slot high performance 19-inch rack-mount chassis ideally suited for computer-telephony integration and server applications. The chassis will accommodate any 20-slot backplane and provides enough drive space and power supply capacity for most demanding CTI applications. Mounting is provided for two PS/2-style power supplies that can be configured in a redundant mode or used to operate a split backplane - offering true system redundancy as two separate computers in a single chassis.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction with custom finishes.
  • Forced air cooling from three 120 cfm 4.7-inch fans.
  • Power supplies provided with independent fans.
  • Front-accessible air filter.
  • Optional N+1 power supplies to 450 watts.
  • Optional N+1 Todd open frame supplies to 1KW each.
  • Optional hot swap power supplies.
  • Two 3½-inch floppy and two 5¼-inch drives behind front door.
  • Two 5¼-inch Bigfoot hard drives.
  • Six internal 3½-inch drives.
  • Front-mounted power and reset switches behind drive door.
  • Front panel indicators for power and disk activity.
  • Fan failure, chassis over-temperature, and system watch dog alarms.
  • Swing-away lower chassis for simple power supply and drive accessibility.

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NeTrue Communications, Inc.
1400 N. Harbor Boulevard
Suite 601
Fullerton, CA 92835
Ph: 714-870-0861;

Fx: 714-870-0862
Web site: www.netrue.com
E-mail: [email protected]

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NeTruePhone is a standalone Internet telephony gateway which connects to virtually any business telephone system that supports a standard T1 interface and analog single lines. It provides a gateway or bridge between the public telephone network and the Internet or intranets.

NeTruePhone is part of NeTrue's IP Telephony solution, which also includes a proprietary network of gateways placed around the world call NeTrueLink. Once a company or service provider joins the NeTrueLink Network, calls can be placed over the Internet to virtually anywhere in the world by accessing the other nodes in the network to deliver the call. Thus a company is not limited to his private Intranet network, but now has telephone access to the world

NeTruePhone software incorporates a least cost routing path for each phone call based on the telephone network and the Internet access charges. Calls made to regions where NeTrueLinks nodes have not been installed will be routed through the NeTrueLink node that allows for the lowest transmission costs. Underlying technologies supported include Microsoft's GSM 6.10 Speech Encoder, MVIP Multi-platform Switching Architecture, TCP/IP, UDP Protocols, and ITU's H.323 standard.

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CONFERease 900

OutReach Technologies
9101 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046
Ph: 410-792-8000;

Fx: 410-792-8008
Web site: www.outreachtech.com

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CONFERease 900 is a turnkey system for real-time, business-quality voice and data collaboration. Easy to install and use, CONFERease 900 scales to accommodate up to 96 conference participants connected via existing LAN, WAN, and PSTN networks.

Advanced digital signal processing technology that works with your existing telephone infrastructure. The server accepts T1 voice connections from a PBX or PSTN, and offers a 10/100 BaseT port for connection to a data/PC network. Conference productivity is maximized by the ability to share applications or documents and make and review changes in real-time while speaking. CONFERease 900 features multi-level security options, and allows you to schedule and instantly create conferences, view conference calendars, change conference settings, eject participants, create custom IVR messages, and generate activity and usage reports from any designated network desktop. Administrator and conductor capabilities are password-enabled.

ODBC-compatible database tracks conference parameters and logs all conference activity. Overbooking control establishes percent port utilization (including up to 100 percent overbooked). Billing interface provides COM/DCOM interface to existing billing packages for user authentication and accounting. Multi-level security offers unrestricted, seat-limited, password-protected, locked, and unlisted conference choices.

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