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December 1999

Tundo Intros IP Developers Kits, DOT-Client Software
Tundo has introduced the Tundo Network Telephony System Developers Kit. This solution allows qualified developers, independent software vendors, and system integrators to enable legacy telephone application for use over data networks and to develop new VoIP applications. Based on the Windows NT platform, Tundo's Network Telephony System offering provides an open and scalable migration path from legacy voice systems to IP and network-based systems. The Tundo design utilizes open standards such as H.323, H.450, HTTP, CSTA, and SNMP to support components from multiple vendors, system inter-working, and applications integration. Tundo has also announced a royalty free version of embedded software for IP telephone manufacturers. The Tundo Distributed Open Telephony-Client (DOT-Client) software performs the messaging functions required for the next generation of business telephones that connect to packetized data networks, rather than the traditional circuit switched telephone networks.
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EMS Intros itelfacs
Enterprise Messages Services (EMS) introduces itelfacs, an Internet-enabled business fax solution that turns installed faxed machines and PCs into an Internet-enabled fax send and receive device. By bypassing the PSTN, itelfacs products and services virtually eliminate a long-distance fax charge. The itelfacs solution enables users to improve fax security, create and maintain an online address book, broadcast fax messages to multiple recipients, and turn a desktop PC or laptop into a personally address Internet fax station.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ICS Advent Announces Hot-Swap, 400W Redundant Power Supply
ICS Advent, formerly Industrial Computer Source, has announced the availability of a new hot-swappable, 400 Watt, redundant power supply option for its 7520 Series of 20-slot rackmount chassis. The -44HR power supply option ensures overall system uptime for high availability computer telephony, process control, telecom, and other mission-critical applications in which operational reliability and downtime avoidance are important concerns. The -44HR power option provides an added failsafe to system operation in the form of a second 400 Watt supply in an N+1 configuration, in which both supplies equally share the system's load during normal operation Should either power supply fail, the other would assume the full 400 Watt system load.
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Spike Announces Availability Of PRIZM BDS 3000
Spike Technologies has announced that its PRIZM Broadband Delivery System 3000 (PRIZM BDS 3000) for point to multipoint communication in frequency bands between 3.4 and 3.7 GHz, is available and now shipping. The PRIZM BDS 3000 enables point to multipoint communication in a wireless configuration that will support high bandwidth data, voice, and video applications. The PRIZM BDS 3000 is an extension of Spike's flagship product, the PRIZM BDS 2000, which operates at frequency bands between 2.1 and 2.7 GHz. The PRISM BDS 2000 series has already been deployed in the United States and Venezuela. The PRIZM BDS 3000 will allow LECs, PTTs, ISPs, and other competitive operators to deploy fixed wireless access systems in countries where these frequencies have been allocated for two-way wireless communications by regulatory agencies.
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SBS Technologies Develops K2 CompactPCI Board
SBS Technologies has announced the availability of K2, a 6U CompactPCI board targeting high performance communications applications requiring hot-swap, system/non-system slot functionality and versatile I/O with dual PMC slots on a single card. SBS is integrating multiple PMC modules onto K2 for specific customer requirements, including dual Ethernet, T1/E1, ATM SAR (OC#), and they expect T3/E3 availability in the future. K2 is configured with an IBM 366 to 500 MHz PowerPC 750 processor, 1MB L2 cache, and 128 MB to 1 GB of SDRAM (with ECC). It offers 2 MB of Flash Memory, 16 MB to 32 MB of IDE Flash Memory and a Y2K ready 32 K NVRAM/RTC.
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Nortel Rolls Out Preside Policy Services Software
Nortel Networks has introduced Preside Policy Services, new software that will provide an understanding of customer preferences, deliver tailored services specific to each customer, and leverage new self-service tools. With Preside Policy Services, service providers can consolidate customers' service information, provide rapid service activation and delivery, and customize service packages and billing to meet individual business and consumer needs. Preside Policy Services is the first product announced in Nortel Networks service-enabling software portfolio designed to help service providers unlock the revenue potential of the Internet.
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GoDigital Increases DSL Services Reliability In Suburban, Rural Areas
GoDigital Networks announced that it has added support Automated Loop Testing (ALT) to the GoDigital family of DSL infrastructure products. ALT support helps communications service providers remotely diagnose copper line drop problems to optimize customer service while minimizing testing and repair costs. GoDigital's family of products allows communications service providers to multiply and expand the reach and reliability of service offerings, regardless of the subscribers' distance from the central office. With support for ALT, GoDigital enables communications companies to remotely diagnose drop problems to businesses and residences on extended loops and in remote areas. This eliminates the need for communications technicians to travel to resolve common line problems.
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Mustang.com Releases Message Center Version 3.0
Mustang.com has announced the release of Mustang Message Center v3.0. With an increasingly advanced architecture, expanded scalability and additional functionality, the software platform extends itself into the e-mail management segment of the e-service infrastructure market. The Mustang Message Center e-mail management platform allows for ease of integration, intelligent workflow management, and dependability for mission-critical e-service applications. Mustang Message Center v3.0 includes additional feature that translate to increased customer satisfaction, including support for the Oracle database platform, a new administration and configuration interface, Mustang Manager, designed as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in, and Windows NT event logging capabilities.
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Quicknet Intros Internet PhoneCARD
Quicknet Technologies has announced the Internet PhoneCard, a standards-based PCMCIA card with hardware compression designed specifically for enhanced VoIP. The Internet PhoneCARD features full-duplex operation and Quicknet's hardware-based audio acceleration, which reduces audio latency by performing multiple audio processing functions in parallel. The on-board DSP also offloads the CPU for maximum system performance. The full-duplex audio system allows users to talk and listen at the same time. The Internet PhoneCARD includes Quicknet's Internet SwitchBoard H.323 single line Internet telephone gateway software. A full H.323 client, Internet SwitchBoard enables users to place calls to other H.323 applications and popular Internet telephone clients, including Microsoft NetMeeting bundled with Windows 95/98, Net2Phone, and others. The Internet PhoneCard is H.323 audio compliant, and provides G.723.1, G.711, G.729a, and TrueSpeech audio compression in hardware.
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Ameritech Offers IP Telephony Services
ITXC and Ameritech announced that Ameritech will provide IP terminating service for Internet telephony calls carried over ITXC.net - ITXC's global Internet telephony network. Callers served by ITXC customers place their calls on standard telephones. These calls are routed to gateways, which convert the calls from circuit-switched form to IP. The gateway operator hands the calls off to ITXC for delivery to their destination. ITXC's WWeXchange Service routes most calls over the public Internet. Calls destined for Ameritech territory are routed to Ameritech for termination where the RBOX translates the calls back into circuit switched voice format and completes them over its network. Ameritech is paid to terminate calls routed to it by ITXC as it is paid to terminate long distance and international calls by traditional carriers.
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HP Adds VoIP Test Capabilities With Telegra VQT
Hewlett-Packards has introduced the Telegra VQT (Voice Quality Tester), an end-to-end analyzer for developing, deploying, and operating next-generation voice network devices and services. Unlike standard voice-load generators, the Telegra VQT provides users with detailed information that can be employed to identify and rectify voice-quality problems. Users can identify system or network problems through detailed voice-quality analysis and determine voice-quality parameters for network clarity and delay. The Telegra VQT providers users with an objective voice analysis through its perceptual speech-quality measurement (PSQM) system, which determines the distortion of a speech signal using a model based on how humans perceive and process speech. The Telegra VQT is the fourth addition to the recently introduced Telegra line of fax- and voice-test equipment.
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IP Relay Expands Nokia End-To-End IP Telephony Solution
Further extending its family of IP telephony products, Nokia announces IP Relay, the first two-line personal gateway network peripheral that allows a connection from an IP network to the SPTN or an existing PBX. IP Relay is a compact cost-effective way of bridging an IP network to a company's existing PBX. Because remote users appear to the corporate PBX as extensions, they have access to all the PBX's extension features, such as dial-0 for operator, extension dialing, access to voicemail, etc. IP Relay can also act as a two-line personal IP Telephony gateway to the PSTN offering local calling access while still being connected to the corporate IP telephony network. IP Relay is a user installable device designed for the global market. It is easy to install, and maintain, it does not require a PC as it connects directly to Ethernet, and it is remotely upgradable and configurable using the Nokia IP Client central administration server.
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APEX Announces Media Gateway For Enhanced Services
APEX has announced a media gateway for enhanced services on next generation networks. The media gateway, utilizing OmniView Service creation tools, allows network service providers worldwide to generation their own custom services or to use APEX's service-ready solutions such as unified messaging, prepaid, and Web-enabled e-mail for their IP-based network. APEX media gateways are available for H.323 and TCP/RTP supporting H.245, G.711, and G.729A in various configurations. OmniVox provides a powerful service development, runtime, and management environment. OmniView, the service creation tool within OmniVox, offers full drag-and-drop development facilities with database access, automated speech recognition, text-to-speech, and open programming capabilities.
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VoIP Leaders Adopt TimesTen
TimesTen Performance Software has announced availability of the latest release of its in-memory database, TimesTen 3.5. As the VoIP market evolves into a fast-growing segment within the telecommunications industry, TimesTen 3.5 is being used by such VoIP vendors as Cisco Systems and Jetstream Communications. These market leaders chose TimesTen for its real-time performance, high availability, standards-based interfaces, and embeddable footprint - a combination that enables the rapid delivery of new, carrier-class solutions. Other leading vendors in IP communications, including Aspect Communications, Bridgewater Systems, and Ericsson have also adopted TimesTen to deploy next-gen network applications like CRM, policy management systems, and directory services. TimesTen's features are enabling network solution providers to deliver next-gen products in ways that either were not feasible or cost-effective before.
No. 514, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

3Com Unveils CommWorks IP Telephony Solution
3Com has unveiled its strategic vision for the newly named CommWorks IP telephony solution for service providers worldwide. The CommWorks name applies to all 3Com IP telephony products and services. CommWorks offers 3Com's service provider customers a strategy for migrating their voice traffic onto their IP-based networks to increase revenue opportunities. As new enhanced services are developed and deployed, they can be introduced into the service provider's CommWorks IP telephony network - protecting their investment and removing the need for "forklift upgrades."
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CMG Enhances WAP Service Broker
CMG has enhanced its WAP Service Broker product with the capability of provisioning WAP handsets "Over The Air" with all configuration information that is required to access a specific WAP gateway. This capability enables mobile operators to provision WAP handsets from a central point in their customer care organization and therefore shorten the activation time for new subscribers to WAP services. "Over The Air" (OTA) provisioning works for "out-of-the-box" handsets and makes use of Short Message Service (SMS) to send the configuration information by the mobile user. Anticipating the WAP Forum standard for OTA provisioning, the WAP Service Broker will support the provisioning protocols of individual handset vendors as they are introduced onto the market.
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Marconi Unveils Wireless Internet Protocol Local Loop System
Marconi Communications' new Wireless Internet Protocol Local Loop (WipLL) system uses the language of the Internet to provide advanced single-platform integration of voice, data, and multimedia transmissions. WipLL was developed by engineers at Marconi's division in Israel, which was known as RDS Communications before its acquisition by Marconi. Marconi has designed WipLL for both established network operators needing to enhance legacy systems and new operator want to deliver voice, high-speed data, and multimedia services in deregulated markets. At the heart of the WipLL system are frequency-hopping CDMA (FH-CDMA) spread spectrum radios, as well as an air protocol supporting bandwidth-on-demand (BoD), and time-bounded services (TBS).
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CMG Telecom, Esat Digifone Launch Mobile Internet Service
Esat Digifone, an Irish GSM operator, launched their new mobile Internet service, "Dot digifone-on-line." Esat Digifone is one of the first mobile operators to enable the Internet over GSM. This has been made possible due to the choice of CMG's WAP Service Broker. Using CMG's WAP Service Broker product, Digifone can provide the personalized Internet-based content their mobile subscribers require. The WAP Service Broker enables secure, managed, targeted services and makes these services intuitive to employ and easy to customize. It enables service directories to be created, allows authorized content providers and Digifone to access the platform, and lets their users configure and personalize the services they require.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Solect Provides Carrier Grade Billing For IP Telephony
Solect Technology Group has announced the latest release of IAF Horizon with a new GUI and enhanced features. IAF Horizon supports pre and post-paid billing, and can improve IP management capabilities for service providers, while being easy to use and providing rapid implementation of additional IP services. The IAF Horizon modular architecture supports virtual services and subscribers while managing and tracking billing and customer data for multiple branded ISPs. Other IAF Horizon customer care and billing features for service providers include the ability to create flexible product pricing models, incorporating new IP services, and leveraging existing legacy systems.
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Clarent Announces ClearView
Clarent has announced Clarent ClearView, a suite of network management products for large-scale IP telephony networks. These products represent the first products compliant with the Clarent Open Network Environment (ClarentONE) architecture that was also announced. Clarent ClearView is build on a Java-based client-server platform that is designed to work with the networks of Clarent's service provider customers. These products should permit communication over the IP network with Clarent gateways and the Clarent Command Center and are intended to provide a significant advancement in the management of VoIP networks.
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Ericsson and Symbol Ship Corporate Wireless IP Telephony System
Ericsson WebCom has announced the availability of a wireless IP telephony solution for corporate retail, healthcare, and education customers to provide mobility and point of presence communication across in-building and enterprise campus sites. The joint solution consists of Ericsson WebCom's WebSwitch 2000 VoIP Gateway and the Symbol Technologies' NetVision phones. Available now, the joint solution can network a department store or other in-building environment, with the ability to have sales staff communicate with other employees from anywhere on the store floor for improved efficiencies.
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Comverse Announces Tel@GO
Comverse Network Systems has announced its Tel@GO services, a portfolio of voice activated solutions for personal communications. Tel@GO applications enable service providers to increase subscriber loyalty and optimize service revenue by offering their subscribers an intelligent, intuitive voice interface through a portfolio of voice- and Web-based services. The Tel@GO applications complement other Comverse enhanced services offerings, including call answering, voice controlled voice mail (VCVM) and unified messaging, and the InfoPeeler wireless Internet portal, delivering scalable and customizable services, designed to address the dynamic needs of the global market for IP- and voice-based voice controlled personal communications.
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RADVision Announces V.2.5 H.323 Protocol Stack
RADVision has announced Version 2.5 of its award-winning H.323 Protocol toolkit. RADVision's Version 2.5 offers performance enhancements, options for smaller memory footprint, multithread protection, expanded support for Windows CE platforms, and added functionality including H.245 tunneling, overlapped sending, alternate gatekeeper support for native ATM, and more. Version 2.5 also supports optional add-on modules for H.450 supplementary services and H.235 security. RADVision's H.323 core protocol enables the creation of real-time voice and video H.323 calls over IP networks. All H.323 entities require an embedded H.323 protocol stack. Designed to be platform independent, the RADVision H.323 protocol toolkit is available for numerous operating systems including various Unix versions, real time OSs for embedded systems, as well as Windows NT and Windows CE.
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Ziatech's Sapphire Series Features Highly Integrated Chassis
Ziatech introduced Sapphire, a new series of CompactPCI development systems designed to speed the implementation of telecommunications and Internet applications. The new development system family is based on a new chassis designed by Ziatech to bring higher levels of integration to its CompactPCI systems. Enhancements included increased power supply capacity to 400 Watts, and simplified serviceability through a new fan tray design. The first product in the new series is the Sapphire 1008 Development System, which provides system builders with a pre-configured, ready-to-run, CompactPCI computer. The Sapphire 1008 is housed in a 10U, 19-inch, rack-mountable enclosure with a choice of eight-slot CompactPCI backplanes. One model supports the H.110 computer telephony bus, while the other features industry standard rear I/O.
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Bell Atlantic Chooses VocalTec For Development Of IP Telephony Network
VocalTec Communications announced a contract with Bell Atlantic to take part in the development and implementation of a widescale IP telephony network. Bell Atlantic will use the network to provide wholesale VoIP services to ITSPs. VocalTec will work with Cisco Systems on the project, which will include the use of Cisco's VoIP-enabled gateways interoperating with VocalTec's gatekeepers. VocalTec and Cisco will provide and end-to-end solution for handling pre- and post-paid VoIP calling services for Bell Atlantic. The gatekeeper software will serve as the "nerve center" of the voice network, performing authentication, authorization, and accounting.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Adtech Unveils Generator/Analyzer For Full Rate IP QoS Testing
Adtech has announced its new AX/4000 mAX IP test solution. With the new mAX 1Gbps Generator/Analyzer (G/A) modules, Adtech's AX/4000 Broadband Test System can now analyze more than a half million real-time, QoS statistics at full rate and generates test traffic using up to 244 protocol encapsulations. The AX/4000 mAX IP test solution is built on hardware-based generator/analyzer pairs. The generator creates test traffic using eight live sources with separate packet interarrival and length distributed models for each source. The module provides live insertions of emulated protocols with user-defined encapsulations available, as well.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Aplio Announces Aplio/PRO
Aplio announced its first IP Phone appliance for the SOHO and small business market. Aplio/PRO is a low-cost, stand-alone device that routes telephone calls through the Internet, allowing users to make free calls anywhere in the world without a computer. Aplio/PRO connects to the Internet using any existing Ethernet connection (such as LANs, cable modems, and xDSL), and plugs into a regular telephone, delivering state-of-the-art Internet telephony with superior sound quality at an affordable price. Key benefits of Aplio/PRO include 100 percent free phone calls, instant setup and call connection, true telephone sound quality, and seamless interoperability with other IP telephony technologies.
No. 528, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Centigram Delivers Next-Gen Unified Communication Products
Centigram Communications announced a series of unified communications products that allow carriers to offer services that simplify users' lives by integrating e-mail, fax, and voice mail, voice and Inter, and wireless and landline telephone services. Centigram's new product offerings include PC-based unified messaging through a family of integrated voice mail, fax, and e-mail products; one person/one number services through Smart Forwarding call forwarding; Internet and telephony integration through a family of Web-based Internet call management products; Internet and wireless integration through a new generation of the company's Short Message Service Center (C-SMSC); extensions to the company's Series 6 service platform that supports multi-service integration.
No. 529, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Blue Wave Announces Subsystem For Wireless Test Developers
Blue Wave Systems has announced that it has developed another value-added solution to reducing the high cost and risk encountered by wireless test equipment manufacturers. By combining the ComStruct PCI/C6600 DSP board, PMC/SB3410, and extensive development tools, Blue Wave now offers a system to wireless test equipment developers that can reduce their development timescales by as much as 12 months. Blue Wave's PCI/C6600 and PMC/SB3410 subsystem appeals to test equipment developers whose timescales require their equipment to be in place and operational before the product to be tested is released to the market.
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CU-SeeMe Web Enables Live Video, Audio, Text In Web Environment
White Pine Software announced CU-SeeMe Web, the latest in a series of offerings to improve Internet communications. It is a technology that enables live audio, video, and text chat to be embedded in a standard Web browser. CU-SeeMe Web enables on-demand Visual Instant Messaging, Web-based video chat, live interactive Web events, and face-to-face, online call centers for e-commerce and support services. With CU-SeeMe Web, Internet portals and Web sites can customize their Web pages with new, interactive features that will attract more visitors to their sites and keep them there for longer periods of time. ISPs and ASPs can offer a range of value-added services to their businesses and consumer customers. E-commerce sites can offer live, personalized assistance to buyers while they are in the process of shopping online.
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Telcordia, IBM To Deliver Public, Enterprise Network Solutions
Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) and IBM have agreed to team together to offer solutions that will combine their complementary products and expertise to enable communications and enterprise companies to more easily introduce and manage new services over next generation, IP-based networks. The companies will establish a joint clearinghouse for assessing new opportunities in this field, and will sell solutions on a global basis, with both companies' sales channels involved. The teaming initiative is intended to result in customer contracts that will build upon the existence of Telcordia in telecommunications services and management software, and IBM's e-business software and systems integration expertise so that communications companies can deploy these new revenue-generating services quickly and manage them efficiently.
No. 532, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

GTE Partners With Artel Video Systems For VideoConnect Network
GTE announced it is using Artel Video Systems' Vista 270 switching system to transmit pre- and post-contribution quality digital video. The Vista allows GTE to offer the high performance VideoConnect video transport and routing service through PC-based user access. VideoConnect uses high-quality, uncompressed digital facilities for on-the-fly format conversion between analog NTSC video formats and digital formats. Artel's system also lets GTE customers switch their own transmission connections using the Customer Controlled Switching service. The Vista platform includes the DigiLink 1220 single-channel, uncompressed, fiber optic transport system, for analog and digital video signal delivery at speeds up to 270 Mbps.
No. 533, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RADCOM Intros H.323 Call Generator
RADCOM has announced the introduction of a new advance in its VoIP Test Solution Product Suite. Targeted at the developer and carrier markets, the H.323 Call Generator emulates the functionality of an H.323 terminal to generate more than 2000 calls, and adheres to Version 2 of the H.323 standard. Using RAS, RTP, RTCP, H.225, H.245 and Q.931 protocols, this new product can max out three full T3 links to various devices. Actual voice traffic is sent over many established connections using a variety of voice CODECs, including G.711, G.723, G.729, and GSM. Calls can be placed on flexible generation policies that control parameters such call rate and call duration.
No. 534, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

PowersDsine Intros Power-Over-LAN
PowerDsine has introduced Power-Over-LAN, a solution for powering IP telephony systems. The Power-Over-LAN power hub is a proprietary system delivering operating power in addition to data communications to Ethernet terminals over a single, standard LAN cable. Power-Over-LAN's power solution technology meets the growing needs of both network equipment manufacturers and IP telephony application producers facing issues of IP telephony service reliability. Because Power-Over-LAN injects electrical power from a central UPS, it ensures uninterrupted operation of IP telephony even during main electrical power failures or computer operating system downtime. In addition, Power-Over-LAN's use of only one data line for both power and data eliminates the need for connecting each Ethernet terminal to both an electrical socket and a data outlet, thereby saving installation and maintenance costs.
No. 535, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

I-Bus Intros Hawkfish
I-Bus has announced the introduction of Hawkfish, a highly integrated Pentium passive backplane CPU board. Using Intel's 430TX PCI chipset, Hawkfish supports processor speeds up to 233 MMX MHz. Onboard features include Ethernet, 2 MB of video, and Ultra Wide SCSI. All components are based on industry standards to allow for the greatest driver and operating system support. The on-board Ethernet, based on the Intel 82558 controller, supports both 10 and 100 BaseT. The Ultra Wide SCSI controller supports transfer rates up to 40 Mbps using the standard Adaptec 7880 controller. The video controller uses Chips & Technology 69000, which includes 2 MB of SDRAM to work at resolutions up to 1280 * 1024 at 256 colors.
No. 536, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Lara Technology Intros Complete VoIP Switching System
Lara Technology introduced the Unified Services Exchange (USX1000), a complete carrier-grade VoIP switching systems designed for next-generation communication service providers. The USX1000 is a managed switching system that fully enables PSTN-quality voice convergence over IP networks, providing the high quality, low latency voice transport for IP networks that is critical in achieving interoperability with existing PSTN infrastructure. Lara Technology's USX1000 offers a high density Class 5 or Class 4 Carrier switch for next-generation service providers. The USX1000 system is powered by Lara's MediaExpress technology that optimizes network efficiency and enables low latency transport.
No. 537, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

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