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NetPhone Delivers Internet Solution For Savings
NetPhone, Inc., has announced the NetPhone Connect IP telephony gateway and NetPhone Connect IPBX, together, providing an end-to-end, fully integrated IP telephony gateway solution. The gateway and IPBX are designed to enable corporate users to place long-distance calls between offices over their company's intranet, avoiding long-distance tolls and providing a platform for high-value intranet telephony applications. The solution features interoperability with legacy PBXs, allowing customers to continue using analog phones instead of requiring users to purchase new, proprietary phones. Available in Q1 1999, the solution is scalable to meet needs of small and large companies. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.netphone.com.

ADT Intros Client/Server-Based Line
American Digital Telecommunications, Inc., (ADT) has announced its iGate series of high-performance, high-capacity, industrial-grade IP telephony servers and gateways - based entirely on a client/server model. Ranging from 24 to 1008 ports (simultaneous calls) per system, the iGate series is designed to provide phone-to-phone, computer-to-phone, and computer-to-computer voice communications via the Internet. The client/server model can provide improved routing via the fastest, least-congested Internet routes, accurate transaction accounting, and improved settlement of costs and fees associated with each call. Multiple clients (gateways) may be deployed to provide communications access, while a centrally located server provides routing, accounting, and settlement functions for the gateways. For more information, contact the company at 714-449-8702.

POINT Extends Management Solution
POINT Information Systems extended its TeamPOINT Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solution to the Web with WebPOINT, a customizable component of TeamPOINT software. It is designed to help organizations reduce costs and improve customer service by providing an unassisted Internet-based channel directly to centralized sales, marketing, and customer care groups. WebPOINT is expected to meet most common business demands from Web-enabled call centers, including Call Me, Send Me, and Register Me functions. WebPOINT runs on Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or NT Server 4.0 systems and Internet Information Server 4.0. For more information, contact POINT at 781-416-2710.

Whistle, .comfax Offer Internet Fax
Jointly, Whistle Communications and .comfax, Inc., will offer Whistle InterJet customers Internet faxing capabilities designed to reduce traditional small business faxing costs by up to 50 percent. InterJet small business customers will be able to fax from their desktops over .comfax's global network of Internet fax servers, bypassing long-distance networks. The service marks the first of several new customer-requested add-on features and services Whistle is creating for the InterJet, enabling small businesses to take full advantage of all communications capabilities available on the Internet. The faxing software can be downloaded from the .comfax/Whistle Web site, at www.comfax.com/associates/whistle, onto a PC and will work with any InterJet model. For more information, visit Whistle's Web site at www.whistle.com.

Cyclades Releases Compression For Frame Relay
Cyclades Corporation has announced the availability of data compression over frame relay links for its PR3000 router. The use of data compression is expected to allow savings on communication costs for ISPs and corporate customers. The router's performance makes inexpensive, software-based data compression possible for the small to medium user. Based on the PowerPC MPC860MH, the newest integrated router chip by Motorola, the Cyclades-PR3000 can offer high performance under demanding conditions. In addition, the router is expandable and flexible, with a built-in Ethernet LAN interface and three fully configurable expansion slots. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.cyclades.com.

InnoMedia Delivers VoIP Gateway
InnoMedia, Inc., has released the InfoGate Internet Gateway, designed as an innovative VoIP solution to speed the proliferation of next-generation telcos, gateway services, and other emerging businesses which provide VoIP services. Created to provide new voice quality, reliability, and scalability for an analog solution, a four-port analog card and Gateway and GateKeeper software comprise the system. The expected results are reduced costs of implementation and quicker time-to-market. For more information, contact the company at 408-562-3535.

Compatible Adds Windows 98 To Servers
Compatible Systems Corp has added Windows 98 client software to its IntraPort family of VPN Access Servers. Windows 98 joins existing clients for Windows 95, NT, Linux, and MacOS to provide a wide range of client support of any VPN vendor. IntraPort VPN Access Servers include unlimited user licenses to all client platforms. The IntraPort servers are designed for small offices, branch offices, and enterprises. Owners can add new clients to their remote access mix via simple software downloads from Compatible's Web site. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.compatible.com.

ARESCOM Enhances ISDN Router
ARESCOM Inc., has announced its upgraded and feature-rich Apex 1100 ISDN BRI access router. The Apex 1100 now is designed to provide organizations with a choice of local or remote management at no additional cost. The product offers an unlimited number of Ethernet LAN users with access to WAN via a single ISDN line. Targeting SOHO businesses and larger businesses' workgroups and remote offices, the Apex 1100 is an all-in-one package geared to deliver a cost-effective Internet/remote access solution. Its components include an integrated ISDN BRI terminal adapter, router, bridge, and Internet gateway. For more information, contact the company at 510-445-3638.

Trenton Upgrades SBC Bus
Trenton Technology Inc., has announced the TR-P2BX, a high-performance line of 350 MHz and 400 MHz Pentium II Processor-based SBCs with 100 MHz system bus and SDRAM. Available in five performance models, the full-featured SBC features Trenton's flush-mounted processor design, which saves valuable backplane slots and integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet, Ultra Wide SCSI, and AGP SVGA interfaces. Its onboard 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface provides required connectivity for today's applications. "The TR-P2BX is not only 20-percent faster than previous 333 MHz SBCs but can produce up to a 50-percent increase in system and memory bandwidth, using Intel's 100 MHz system bus," said Trenton Sales Vice President Bill Bowling. For more information, contact the company at 800-875-6031.

Adtech Ships Upgraded Modules
Adtech, Inc., is now shipping its Version II line of test modules for its AX/4000 Broadband Test System, formerly the AX/4000 ATM Test System. The Version II line modules are designed for testing broadband networks and switching equipment, now providing full-rate operation at speeds up to 155.52 Mbps. The enhanced modules offer high-density FPGAs for automatic hardware upgrades and for enabling the modules to test multiple transmission technologies. They support live tests of ATM and frame relay. In addition, Version II modules are fully compatible with all existing AX/4000 systems and features. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.adtech-inc.com.

Selsius, Active Voice Unveil IP Mail
Active Voice Corporation and Selsius Systems' "software-only" solution combines Active Voice Unity, its new NT-based unified messaging solution, with Selsius' H.323-based IP-PBX. The integration attempts to demonstrate a complete communications solution poised for voice and data convergence, as one of the industry's first IP-PBX with unified messaging, able to be managed and run off a standard Windows NT server with no need for additional hardware. IP-phones and IP-PSTN gateways connected by 10Base-T LANs, along with Selsius CallManager software, comprise the IP-PBX. The Selsius TAPI Service Provider and companion Microsoft MCI/Wave audio driver complete the integration of Unity by simply installing software. For more information, contact Selsius at 972-855-8200.

PulsePoint Trials Unified Messaging
PulsePoint Communications realized unexpected success from two unified messaging market trials earlier this year, with users willing to pay double the price of current network-based voice mail for the company's solution - PulsePoint Unified Messaging, designed to allow users voice mail, fax, and e-mail management via an Internet- or phone (wired/wireless)-connected PC. GTE - targeting its Internet and wireless residential, SOHO, and small business customers with PCs running Windows 95 - and Concord Technologies, using mobile professionals employing its fax and broadcast services, reported "anytime-anywhere access to messages" was the solution's most significant plus. For more information, contact PulsePoint at 805-566-2000.

Ericsson Releases H.323 Gatekeeper
Ericsson's available, industry-standard H.323 Gatekeeper System for carrier-grade systems is designed to enhance Internet telephony network management and ensure future interoperability with other vendor equipment. Internet telephony industry players can optimize technology by advancing value added services for networks, securing current VoIP investments, enhancing carrier-class VoIP network management dependability, increasing network reliability with the gateway-independent Gatekeeper, and utilizing least-cost routing options for increased network and cost efficiencies. The Java-written, UNIX-based system is geared for large-scale applications and is available commercially on Windows NT or SUN Solaris platforms. For more information, visit Ericsson's Web site at www.ericsson.com.

Hypercom Network Integrates Voice-Switch
Hypercom Network Systems has developed its IP.Tel VoiceSwitch Module to help next-generation Internet telephony providers reduce or eliminate investments in standalone voice switches and increase reliability in traffic switching. The company has integrated the new module into its IP.Tel 6000 Internet Telephony Gateway. The module connects Hypercom's internal circuit-switched bus to telco circuit-switched voice telephony networks using a T1 or E1 physical interface and, then, switches DSO voice channels to an alternate T1 or E1 voice circuit or the internal VoIP gateway voice compression modules. For more information, contact Hypercom at 602-866-5399.

Nortel To Integrate IP Into Switch
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has announced it will integrate an IP interface into its Meridian communications system, allowing routing of real-time voice and fax calls over IP data networks rather than over the public telephone network. The Meridian Integrated IP Telephony Gateway is expected to help organizations send increased traffic over IP networks for reduced costs, as it would reduce the number of required lines supporting voice and fax traffic. The Meridian Gateway, specifically, will focus on routing calls over intranets, which offer a higher QoS with easier manageability than the Internet. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.nortel.com.

Telstra, NetSpeak Trial VoIP
Telstra has chosen NetSpeak Corporation's capabilities for its public VoIP trials within Australia and internationally. The phone-to-phone service is designed to allow users in Sydney to call London, via the Internet, without a computer. NetSpeak has been involved in Telstra's VoIP services, offering its gateway technology, along with Siemens' VoIP platform, to seamlessly bridge conventional circuit-switched telephone systems and IP-based data networks. NetSpeak President and COO Robert Kennedy said, "The Telstra application reinforces NetSpeak's commitment to providing reliable, carrier-grade IP telephony solutions for telecommunications companies around the world." For more information, visit NetSpeak's Web site at www.netspeak.com.

Natural MicroSystems Unites IP Platforms
Natural MicroSystems announced that a new alliance will employ its Fusion-based Inter-Tel VocalNet IP telephony gateways to unite regional IP networks in North America, Europe, South America, and Japan into a seamless global network. The alliance will offer a managed QoS network supporting up to 15,000 ports of voice and fax over IP by the end of this year. Inter-Tel, Glocalnet, Telba Telecomunicacoes, and NTT International comprise the alliance, which uses Natural MicroSystems' Fusion platform - suited for the high-value enterprise and service provider markets with its scalable design. Developers can build gateways with configurations ranging from eight ports to multiple T1s/E1s in a single chassis while avoiding increased latency or decreased performance. For more information, visit Natural MicroSystems' Web site at www.nmss.com.

Black Ice To Support Commetrex Boards
Black Ice Software, Inc., has announced support for the Commetrex Corporation's PowerFax M-Series multiline fax boards. Black Ice will support the boards in all its Windows NT-based fax products. In addition, Commetrex will offer a 30-percent discount on its M-Series boards purchased by licensees of Black Ice software, until December 31. PowerFax M-Series boards are designed to provide top performance at lower prices than those from competitors: the M-4, with four loop-start interfaces, at $2,100; the M-8, at $3,500; the M-T1, with 24 ports and an integrated T1 interface, at $9,500. For more information, contact Commetrex at 770-449-7775.

Fujitsu, NetSpeak Offer VoIP Link
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems, Inc., announced the availability of IntelliCommerce, the company's first product to link the Web with customers' call centers via a single telephone line. Jointly developed with NetSpeak Corporation, IntelliCommerce is designed to enhance business Web sites by allowing Internet users to speak directly with a business' live representative with "point and click" ease. The product improves Internet telephony call handling by automatically delivering a screen pop to the agent's PC, based on customer-entered information. IntelliCommerce leverages NetSpeak's gateway, CTI link, and client technology. For more information, contact Fujitsu at 800-553-3263.

PakNetX, Aspect Unveil Internet ACD
Aspect Telecommunications will resell PakNetX's PNX ACD H.323/T.120 software for Internet-based audio, video, and data call management. The application is designed for enhanced personalized and interactive customer service as a single-customer contact. Together, the software and Aspect Call Center process, queue, deliver, and manage H.323/T.120 phone calls. Windows NT-based, the PNX ACD software runs on any multimedia PC with a Web browser and Internet connection and requires a desktop camera and H.323-compliant Internet phone for video. The PNX switch provides both the basis for queuing sessions and firewall proxy function, agent, supervisor, and management features for unique security measures. For more information, contact PakNetX at 603-890-6616.

FNet Activates Switch
FNet Corp., a subsidiary of Franklin Telecom, has activated a Harris 20-20 LX switch at its Westlake Village, Calif., headquarters, enabling FNet status as a global telecommunications service provider this year. The switch is fully operational, carrying commercial traffic. FNet services are available for consumers via calling cards and reseller programs. FNet CEO Jim Magruder said, "Activation of the switch gives FNet the ability to terminate calls in at least 250 countries and is consistent with our strategy to provide a carrier-class hybrid network, incorporating both IP and standard telephony technologies." For more information, visit FNet's Web site at www.ftel.net.

Net2Phone, Excite Enable Cheaper Service
IDT Corp.'s Net2Phone division is reducing rates on PC-to-phone service to 10 cents per minute to most of Western Europe and is dropping international rates by up to 60 percent to the 25 countries most frequently called. In addition, Net2Phone's two-year agreement with Excite Inc., allows Excite customers throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, and Sweden to place low-cost calls - pricing set by IDT - to any telephone worldwide via the Internet. Users' calls are routed directly to traditional phones, allowing recipients to be offline. The Net2Phone icon will be integrated throughout Excite's channels, enabling "one-click" access to users for downloading the service, subscribing, and placing calls anywhere. For more information, visit Net2Phone's Web site at www.net2phone.com.

Siemens Will Resell RADVision Gateway
RADVision's OnLAN L2W-323 Gateway will be offered as part of Siemens' Hicom Xpress IP Video product, which is designed to enable LAN-connected, PC-based multimedia calls among LANs and ISDN systems. With RADVision's Gateway, the Hicom Xpress provides benefits including multimedia communication, collaborative computing, and application sharing across geographic, organizational, and protocol boundaries that will allow enterprises to achieve greater productivity through improved workflow, accelerated project completion, and faster time-to-market. The RADVision OnLAN L2W-323 is a RISC-based network device, translating between H.323 and H.320 protocols and converting multimedia information from circuit switch to IP packets. For more information, visit RADVision's Web site at www.radvision.com.

Tadiran Subsidiary Upgrades Status
Tadiran Telecommunications subsidiary, InnoWave, (InnoWave Tadiran Telecommunications, Wireless Systems, Ltd.) has assumed a leading supplier's position in the Russian Wireless Local Loop (WLL) market for fixed solutions. InnoWave is continuously increasing its installed Russian base, with 12 Russian telecom providers implementing the company's MultiGain Wireless (MGW) system. MGW is transparent both to the local exchange and customers, as it is designed to provide advanced solutions for the fast implementation of state-of-the-art telecom services. MGW Systems offer toll quality voice, high-speed data, fax, and migration to ISDN services. For more information, visit InnoWave's Web site at www.innowave-ws.com.

TIS Extends E-Commerce Line
Transaction Information Systems, Inc., (TIS) has announced the availability of NetCollaboration, its latest addition to the HumanActive line of e-commerce products. The Java-based, two-way push software is built to combine benefits of personal selling with the power of the Web, enabling corporations to increase sales and enhance customer service across ranging uses, including brokerage/sales, call center, retail sales, distance learning, product training, and help desks. NetCollaboration allows the provider, the "expert," on the phone to exchange any information instantly with consumers on computers, TV sets, or any JAVA-supported device. The new release requires only a browser, not special client-side software, and offers firewall compatibility. For more information, contact the company at 212-962-1550.

ITXC Claims Largest Network
ITXC Corp announced it is routing customer calls not only to every phone in the United States but, possibly, to every phone in the world using a combination of PSTN and its 34 certified affiliate gateways located in 15 countries. ITXC claims the network has allowed the company to become the operator of the most extensive international wholesale Internet telephony network. Through a combination of Internet telephony and traditional PSTN, the company can complete calls to every phone in the world. ITXC will add five to seven sites per month, along with extra capacity at existing sites, throughout the rest of the year and projects to have over 100 international gateway sites by the year's end. For more information, contact the company at 732-940-4333.

NKO Launches Phone Cards
NKO, Inc., has begun its IP Telephony Phone Card Program and is marketing the first of several cards. Customizable, the cards route traffic over the company's IP-based network, the NKOnet. Specifically designed to carry voice, fax, and data over a single network, the NKOnet operates as a least-cost network in which bandwidth and routing are dynamically managed. The expected result is carrier-grade quality at rates below those offered by competitors. Cards released include those offering both low rates to and from countries where NKO has a POP such as Brazil, Australia, Korea, and Israel, and competitive rates to all countries. For more information, contact the company at 904-730-0050.

NetXchange, FaxSav Extend Fax Access
NetXchange Communications and FaxSav have agreed to jointly design a special software module to seamlessly link Internet Xchange for Fax (IXF) partners' services with FaxSav's Internet Fax Network. NetXchange is providing FaxSav partners with (IXF), enabling them to offer Internet-based fax-to-fax services in areas previously without access. Via easily deployed, smaller-scale NetXchange IXF nodes, it is now possible for FaxSav and its partners to expand these services in lower traffic areas than the 26 major international business centers currently served by FaxSav's own carrier-grade nodes. For more information, contact NetXchange at 408-248-6200.

RSL Com Chooses Rockwell ACD System
According to Rockwell Electronic Commerce and Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd., RSL Com has selected the Rockwell Spectrum ACD call center system for its Sydney-based customer service operations. RSL can use Rockwell's market-tested features such as the Telescript Graphical Editor, bringing drag-and-drop simplicity to call routing application design, and Total Recall Reports, a reporting tool using more than 1500 data elements. The new 160-agent call center is designed to allow Ericsson to leverage its infrastructure to take advantage of Spectrum's robust call routing functionality. In addition, the center is now the primary customer interface for customer service, billing, and inquiries for both RSL Com's local and international markets, including Japan. For more information, visit Rockwell's Web site at www.ec.rockwell.com.

e-Net To Sell G.723.1 Gateway
e-Net, Inc., has licensed voice compression/decompression software from elemedia, a Lucent Technologies Company unit, to allow e-Net to offer its T2000-DTI gateway with G.723.1 compliance - a speech technology standard of the ITU's H.323 specification. Now, the e-Net system can interoperate with other VoIP products able to comply with the standard. e-Net also will continue offering products, which are not compliant, for customer choice, according to
e-Net President and CEO Robert A. Veschi. "A customer will have the choice to acquire whatever is appropriate, depending on their own view of the importance of standards compliance and their compression and quality of voice demands," he said. For more information, visit e-Net's Web site at www.datatelephony.com.

Nitsuko To Market Oki Networks' Gateway
In an OEM agreement, the BS 1200 Internet Voice Gateway from Oki Network Technologies, a division of Oki America, Inc., will be marketed under the Nitsuko America brand throughout North America. The BS 1200 Gateway is designed to provide system reliability and voice quality while eliminating the need for additional software, computer boards, and wiring. The product connects existing PBX-based analog phone lines and digital data networks without requiring a separate server. In addition, the gateway provides companies with four 8 Kbps compressed voice channels and one optional fax transmission channel over the same IP link. For more information, contact Nitsuko at 203-926-5400.

Ascend Offers IP Multicast Support
Ascend Communications, Inc., has announced comprehensive IP multicast support for its IP Navigator software. The company's IP Navigator with Multicast, the latest of enhancements to the product, is designed to allow service providers to leverage potential of the Internet as a broadcast medium and enable new revenue-generating services. IP Navigator with Multicast, a carrier-class architecture, extends the architecture of Ascend's core switches so that service providers can offer leading-edge IP, frame relay, and ATM services for a reliable and scalable solution with network and service management capabilities. For more information, contact the company at 800-ASCEND4.

Stanford Telecom Gets MCNS O.K.
Stanford Telecom has announced that CableLabs, Inc., has completed its PICS Proforma conformance testing to qualify Stanford's STEL-2176 subscriber modem modulator/demodulator chip and STEL-9257 headend demodulator assembly as fully compatible with MCNS specification. The approval allows Stanford to provide a DOCSIS/MCNS compatible headend receiver and a PHY subscriber modem chip in production quantities. The STEL-9257 targets Internet applications, providing upstream capabilities from the subscriber back to the headend. The STEL-2176 offers improvement in the level of integration for the cable modem PHY function, the ASIC integrating both upstream and downstream clock plans. For more information, contact Stanford Telecom at 408-745-2660.

VIP Calling, Rimnet To Share Traffic
VIP Calling, Inc., and Rimnet Corporation have announced an agreement to share traffic between their networks in a new Internet telephony peering relationship for the Japanese market. The relationship is expected to provide the companies with both a larger presence and global network for their customers. VIP Calling President and CEO Ofer Gneezy said the move "provides consumers in Japan and those calling Japan with a high-quality, economical alternative to switch-based telephony service." For more information, visit VIP Calling's Web site at www.vipcalling.com.

White Pine, NOL Team For Conferencing
White Pine Software, Inc., and Networks On-Line, a Comtech Consolidation Group, Inc., subsidiary, have unveiled an integrated desktop video conferencing service offering available to NOL's customer base. NOL can allow integration of White Pine's CU-SeeMe, MeetingPoint, and ClassPoint products into its new Vmeeting service offerings to address market demands. Business customers can lease IP-based virtual conference rooms for internal/external meetings or virtual classrooms for training purposes, helping organizations save on costs they would have incurred by implementing servers on their own networks. NOL's hosted conference pricing is set on either an hourly, per-seat basis or an unlimited monthly fee. For more information, visit White Pine's Web site at www.wpine.com.

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