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September 1999

Compare And Contrast - Kicking The Tires

The trade show experience offers different things to different people. But perhaps the main reason that most people attend industry events is to compare and contrast the products and services being offered by the participating vendors. Where else can potential customers see all the options and differentiating factors within a particular product category of interest? Under one roof, no less.

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC™) has years of experience in putting together trade shows that cater to the needs of vendors and attendees alike. TMC's Exhibit Hall always features special attractions offered nowhere else, such as free Learning Centers, actual operational call centers making and taking calls on the show floor, and so much more. And, at the premiere of Internet Telephony EXPO, the same holds true: We are proud to unveil ConvergeNET, an overlay of the show network that will showcase the interoperability of various vendors' products and solutions. Furthermore, our conferences are still the most highly respected in the industry. No one else can offer an unbiased, truly educational experience like we can. No one else has the full backing and mind share of the editors and engineers of Internet Telephony� magazine, CTI� magazine, and TMC Labs. No one else offers the breadth and depth of tracks and special features, such as the ITXC-sponsored "How To Become A Next-Gen Telco" track.

And so, the first ever Internet Telephony EXPO is upon us. Finishing touches are being put on the inaugural event, which will be held at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado, just across the bay from San Diego, CA. So if you haven't yet made your plans for October 6-8, don't hesitate! Sign up now at www.itexpo.com.

There will be so much to do and to see at Internet Telephony EXPO. There's no better place to come and "kick the tires" of the industry's latest and greatest Internet telephony products. The Exhibit Hall at this show will be the only place to come and compare products from the industry's leading vendors- all in a lavish hotel setting.

Beyond the Exhibit Hall, the editors of this magazine, together with the editors of CTI Magazine and TMC Labs' engineers, have put together a conference program that simply cannot be missed. There is just no better place to get the education you need to make informed decisions about the next generation of telecommunications. Our conference will span a full three days and will offer a vast array of information on topics ranging from implementation strategies to educational developer seminars, from the business case for Internet telephony to the legal ramifications of doing business as a next generation service provider. The conference tracks have been broken down to appeal to the greatest number of attendees, whether you are a service provider, a developer or reseller, a corporate/enterprise end user, or just interested in learning more about the fast-moving, exciting world of Internet telephony.

We’ve even worked with ITXC to come up with a fantastic day-long educational opportunity available only at Internet Telephony EXPO. ITXC is sponsoring a special conference workshop aimed at educating attendees and teaching them what it takes to become a next-generation telco.

This special Internet Telephony Expo event will provide an introduction to IP telephony technology and its applications. It will provide a wealth of market analysis including the projected size of the industry, where it is today, what the analysts say, which service provider business models are working (and not working) today, and what service providers need to be exploring in terms of future models and offerings. The workshop will take place from 8 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on Thursday, October 7th, and will feature the following sessions:

  • IP Telephony Industry Overview
  • Choosing The Hardware You Need For Offering IP Telephony Services
  • Evaluating The Long-Term Plans Of An IP Telephony Gateway Vendor
  • How To Calculate Termination Prices And Retail Prices
  • Billing, Customer Management, And Settlement Issues
  • Choosing An Exchange Carrier/-Clearing House

It promises to be an exciting, informative event.

Another exciting event scheduled to make its debut at the show is ConvergeNET. This interoperability proving ground is another TMC first.

IP-based data networks have gained widespread popularity as the unifying platform to carry voice, video, fax, and data. IP telephony gateways have emerged as cutting-edge devices that allow the packetization and transportation of voice over IP, and also serve to bridge the gap between the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and IP-based data networks, allowing voice calls to traverse voice and data networks seamlessly.

One of the considerable challenges facing the IP telephony industry is a lack of standardization and interoperability among different vendors’ products. The ITU’s H.323 protocol is the frontrunner in the standards space, but there are also a number of other specifications competing for industry mind share. ConvergeNET is a TCP/IP-based network that will bring IP telephony gateways and gatekeepers together in a proof-of-concept environment. The ConvergeNET platform will provide the means to interface various gateways and gatekeepers and examine their degree of standards compliance and interoperability.

ConvergeNET will be a network that we construct (or more correctly, an overlay of the show network), allowing exhibitors to connect with other exhibitors for the purpose of proving that their Internet telephony products interoperate with others. Interoperabil-ity is crucial in the Internet telephony field and ConvergeNET will be the proving ground. (For more insight into the state of interoperability, check out this month’s Round Table.)

Another measure of the tremendous impact of Internet Telephony EXPO is the class and quality of its keynoters. Eric Giler, President of Brooktrout Technology, Bob Schechter, President, CEO, and Chairman of Natural MicroSystems, and Rick Lane, Vice President and General Manager of Multiservice Networks of Motorola Internet Networking Group will address the crowd on Wednesday starting at 5:15 p.m. These speakers, and the companies they represent, are all well respected leaders in the exploding field of Internet telephony.

Speaking of industry leaders, a quick look at the show sponsors reads like a who’s who of the industry: Corporate sponsors Motorola and GTE Internetworking play a leading role in the development and delivery of products and services that make up the cutting edge of this fast-growing industry. Also, Cisco and Quicknet Technologies have come onboard as sponsoring vendors.

If you think the list of sponsors is impressive, then you’ll really be excited to see who will be showcasing their products and services on the show floor. Following is a list of the companies who are exhibiting at Internet Telephony EXPO. I urge you to stop by their booths (booth numbers in parentheses), and compare the products and services that they have to offer. Ask some tough questions, get some straight answers, and most importantly learn what they can do to help you build your business. Kicking tires? There’s just no better place than Internet Telephony EXPO.

3Com (67)
3Com connects more people to information in more ways than any other networking company. 3Com delivers innovative information access products and network system solutions to large, medium, and small enterprises, carriers, and network service providers. 3Com’s SuperStack II was singled out for honors in the 1998 Internet Telephony magazine Product of the Year awards. For further information, visit 3Com’s Web site at www.3com.com.

Artisoft (6)
Artisoft is an industry leader in providing computer telephony, communications, and networking solutions designed for small and medium businesses. The company’s solutions include: TeleVantage; Visual Voice; Visual Fax; InfoFast; LANtastic; i.Share; ModemShare; ConfigSafe; and CoSession Remote. Artisoft’s core company focus is to deliver innovative computer telephony software applications to small businesses and corporate departments, while offering a wide range of affordable solutions, which improve communication and increase productivity. Artisoft has received more than 100 industry awards in all facets of product design, production and servicing, including CTI Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Platinum Award and the Spring 1999 Best of CTI EXPO™ award. For more information, visit Artisoft on the Web at www.artisoft.com.

AudioCodes (21)
AudioCodes designs, develops, and markets enabling technologies and products for voice-over-packet networks. AudioCodes’ product line includes a selection of signal processors, VoIP communication boards, communications software, and custom modules for OEM customers. AudioCodes is a voice compression leader and a key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for IP telephony. The company has received multiple awards from Internet Telephony magazine, including Editors’ Choice and Product of the Year. Visit their Web site at www.audiocodes.com.

BreezeCOM, Inc. (16)
BreezeCOM is a worldwide technology leader, developing and manufacturing wireless access products for data and voice applications. These products are targeted at private enterprises and public operators such as ISPs or Local Exchange Carriers (LECs). BreezeCOM is active in the field of indoor/outdoor wireless LAN, wireless Internet access, and IP broadband wireless local loop. Visit their Web site at www.breezecom.com.

Brooktrout Technology (42)
Brooktrout Technology, a Brooktrout Company, provides enabling technologies for customers to deliver voice, fax, and data solutions for the electronic communications market. Brooktrout Technology’s high-performance, high-quality products include voice, fax, remote access, and WAN access cards; application development tools; and voice systems. Brooktrout is also a winner of the 1998 Internet Telephony magazine Product of the Year. Brooktrout President Eric Giler will deliver his keynote address on Wednesday October 6. Visit their Web site at www.brooktrout.com.

Catapult Communications (10)
Catapult’s mission is to assist customers in meeting their goals by delivering test solutions that combine state-of-the art software and hardware technologies with world-class technical support. Offering multi-protocol, multi-user capabilities in a single solution, Catapult test systems simultaneously perform multiple testing applications, which include simulation, verification, stress and load performance, and conformance testing. See Catapult’s new H.323 and MGCP (VoIP) protocol modules for testing VoIP entities, simulating gateways, gatekeepers, and call agents. Visit their Web site at www.catapult.com.

Cisco Systems (27, 28)
Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco’s networking solutions connect people, computing devices, and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place, or type of computer system. Cisco provides end-to-end networking solutions that customers use to build a unified information infrastructure of their own, or to connect to someone else’s network, while providing a common architecture that delivers consistent network services to all users. Cisco solutions have received a number of awards including the coveted Editors’ Choice and Product of the Year from Internet Telephony magazine. Visit this show sponsor at www.cisco.com.

Crystal Group (36)
Crystal Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fault tolerant computers specializing in the design and manufacture of space-efficient computer systems for the fast-paced networking and communications market. Crystal’s fault tolerant computer systems perform mission-critical applications while occupying as little as one-sixth the space of traditional offerings. Crystal’s computers are designed for high-density computer installations maximizing flexibility, reliability, serviceability, and space efficiency. Crystal has won many honors, including Product of the Year. Visit their Web site at www.crystalpc.com.

deltathree.com (17)
Founded in 1996, deltathree.com has capitalized on the advancement of Internet telephony technology and now manages one of the world’s largest networks dedicated entirely to the transport of VoIP. deltathree.com’s mission is to use their redundant Internet Telephony Global Network as a backbone to offer customers a full suite of personalized, Web-based, communications services. deltathree.com is a subsidiary of RSL Communications, Ltd., an international facilities-based carrier with operating offices worldwide. deltathree.com has received the 1998 Product of the Year award from Internet Telephony magazine. Visit them at www.deltathree.com.

Dialogic Corporation (1)
Dialogic Corporation is a leader in the manufacture of open, high-performance, standards-based, telecommunications and computer telephony components. You’ll find systems built with Dialogic products reliably managing billions of telephone, facsimile, and multimedia calls answered by computers over wireless and wireline networks worldwide. Recently Intel has agreed to acquire Dialogic. Dialogic has received tremendous industry recognition, including the Internet Telephony magazine Product of the Year. Visit their Web site at www.dialogic.com.

dynamicsoft (51)
dynamicsoft is a leading supplier of Java technology-based software solutions that enable communications equipment manufacturers and service providers to deliver enhanced applications in converged networks. dynamicsoft’s Java technology-based jVoIP Framework combines a standards-based open architecture with innovative technologies, which are scalable, reliable, and enable seamless interoperability. The company has received a number of industry honors including a Product of the Year award from Internet Telephony magazine. Visit them on the Web at www.dynamicsoft.com.

elemedia (43)
elemedia, one of the first venture companies launched by Lucent, markets software platforms used in the development of carrier-grade systems and applications for IP telephony. elemedia’s focus is on providing the highest-quality software for transport, network management, and intelligent network features in the IP domain. The elemedia family of products is based on Bell Laboratories research. Lucent Technologies designs, builds, and delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications systems and software, data networking systems, business telephone systems, and microelectronic components. Both elemedia and Lucent were honored in the 1998 Product of the Year listing. Visit elemedia at www.elemedia.com.

Ericsson WebCom (66)
Ericsson WebCom, formerly TouchWave, Inc., is focused on converged voice/data communications systems for the enterprise. The flagship WebSwitch product, is a turnkey IPBX and gateway that can be networked across the LAN, the WAN, or the Internet. The WebSwitch is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and remote and branch offices in larger businesses. Using the WebSwitch as a voice-over-IP access device, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and ISPs can provide IP-based voice services to their customers. The product was honored with a Product of the Year award and an Editors’ Choice award from TMC Labs. Visit www.ericsson-webcom.com   for more information.

The Fantastic Corporation (65)
The Fantastic Corporation is a global provider of end-to-end broadband multimedia solutions. Their solutions are designed to enhance sensory experience by merging the quality, emotion, and reach of television with the interactivity and smarts of the Internet. Based on Internet standards, its proven solutions enable packaging, managing, broadcasting, and viewing TV-quality content over broadband. Fantastic opens the content creation process allowing any content — including text, audio, video, graphics, pictures, animation, and software — to be supported by any high-speed network, such as satellite, xDSL, cable, mobile, wireless, fiber, and digital terrestrial, to any fixed or mobile device. Fantastic’s “IP anywhere” model drives broadband content — any content, any way, anytime. Visit them on the Web at www.fantastic.com

GTE Internetworking (39, 40)
GTE’s IP Telecom Group delivers innovative IP-based communications services — IP fax, unified messaging, Internet call manager, and VoIP. These services integrate the capabilities of today’s leading communications platforms with the flexibility and scalability of IP network technology. GTE IP Telecom offers these services directly to enterprise customers or, through resellers, to other end users. GTE Internetworking is a corporate sponsor of Internet Telephony Expo. Visit their Web site at www.bbn.com.

Hammer Technologies (41)
Founded in 1991, Hammer Technologies is a leader in computer-telephony integration (CTI) application testing. Hammer’s Windows NT-based family of products includes the Integrated Telecom-munications (Hammer IT) and Integrated Stress Generator (ISG). Hammer products provide a complete solution for load, feature, regression, and in-service testing of integrated telecommunications systems and services. System test capabilities include voice, data, T1, E1, ISDN, WWW, TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, SS7, facsimile, speech recognition, and other related technologies. Hammer has been on the receiving end of much industry attention, and has garnered many awards including Best of CTI Expo™, Editors’ Choice, and Product of the Year. Visit them on the Web at www.hammer.com.

Hypercom Network Systems (37)
Hypercom Network Systems’ (a division of Hypercom Corporation) IP.Tel Internet telephony gateways provide infrastructure to telephone carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver phone, fax, and data communications services over IP or frame relay. Hypercom is a global leader in electronic payment, networking and electronic commerce. With two decades of vision and innovation, Hypercom consistently focuses on increasing customer profitability through technological solutions that deliver greater functionality and scalability. The company has garnered many industry awards, including Best of CTI EXPO and Internet Telephony magazine’s Editors’ Choice. Visit their Web site at www.hypercom.com/netsys.

iBasis (26)
iBasis (formerly VIP Calling, Inc.), is a leading facilities-based carrier utilizing the Internet to provide wholesale international telecommunication services. Founded in 1996 to provide reliable, quality IP telephony service to telecommunications carriers around the globe, the company has deployed the iBasis Network, a network of high-capacity points of presence (POPs) strategically located across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Quality and reliability are assured through the use of fully redundant systems, iBasis’ proprietary Assured Quality Routing (AQR), and a sophisticated 7x24 Network Operations Center (NOC). For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.ibasis.net.

iFace.com (31)
iFace.com (formerly Interface Altern-ative) was established in 1992 with a mission of developing and implementing new communication solutions for the computer telephony and telecommunications service provider marketplace. The target was, and will continue to be, innovative revenue-producing applications and enhanced services for these markets, and leveraging evolving technologies to this end. Today, iFace.com is taking this experience and applying it to new e-commerce telecommunication, focusing on enhanced services for the converged voice and data network. Solutions encompass traditional telecom switching applications, VoIP, FoIP, integrated circuit-to-packet switching with real-time billing, data, and ATM networking technologies. iFace.com is also a recipient of a Best of CTI EXPO Spring 1999 award. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.iface.com.

ICS Advent (35)
Founded in 1985, ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) manufactures and stocks PC platform solutions supporting Intel processors and compatible operating systems. The company specializes in rackmount computers, chassis and enclosures, single board computers, custom and ruggedized computers, and chassis. ICS Advent products are targeted for IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing, broadcasting/convergence, ap-plied computing, medical, and industrial automation industries. The company was awarded the Internet Telephony magazine Product of the Year award for 1998. Visit their Web site at www.icsadvent.com.

Inter-Tel (20)
Inter-Tel is a full service provider of digital business telephone systems, call processing software, call accounting software, IP telephony software, computer-telephony integration (CTI) applications, and long-distance calling services. Inter-Tel’s products and services include the Axxess and Inter-Tel Axxent digital business communication software platforms, the Axxessory Talk voice processing platform, the Inter-Tel IP telephony family of products for the enterprise and carrier markets, and Inter-Tel.net, an IP telephony packet-switched long-distance service. The company also provides maintenance, leasing, and support services for its products. Inter-Tel has won many awards in the past two years, including a Best of CTI Expo Spring 1999 and an Internet Telephony Editors’ Choice in 1998. Visit their Web site at www.inter-tel.com.

InterSoft Technologies, Inc. (2)
InterSoft Technologies is a leading services and products provider specializing in signaling and processing. InterSoft offers specialization in the following categories: Network Management Solutions (SNMP, CMIP, TMN); Switching Software (SS7, ISDN, ATM, and more); Billing Systems (Telecom Wireline, Wireless); Call Centers (Distributed and Centralized); Database Solutions; and Data Communications. InterSoft’s VirConn product family enables implementation of distributed call models and services in heterogeneous networks, including specialized SS7 security modules targeted at the application and interface layers. For more information on InterSoft, visit their Web site at www.sourcess7.com.

ITXC (52)
ITXC Corp. is a tier 1 carrier of Internet telephony. ITXC develops and sells services to its network of originators and terminators. The first service, WWeXchange Service, provides wholesale call completion at exceptional prices and with consistent quality to any phone in the world using a combination of Internet telephony and traditional PSTN. The company’s customers and affiliates are traditional telephone companies, new competitive carriers, ISPs, prepaid calling card companies, call back companies, and newly formed Internet telephony service providers. ITXC is sponsoring a special day-long conference track on How to Become a Next Generation Telco. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.itxc.com.

Mapletree Networks (5)
Mapletree Networks specializes in high-density universal access communications products for the next generation of access equipment. Mapletree Networks offers access solutions that integrate multiple applications such as ISDN, modem, data, fax, and voice into a package that significantly increases density over existing solutions. This enables telcos, large enterprises, and service providers to integrate more services into a single box. At the core of Mapletree’s technology is their UniPorte Architecture, a software-based access design built on high-performance RISC and DSP processors and proprietary MTN software and ASICs. For more information on Mapletree Networks’ products and services, visit their Web site at www.mapletreenetworks.com.

MATRAnet, Inc. (44)
MATRAnet is a global software industry leader focused and committed to developing, distributing and implementing secure and proven electronic business solutions over the WWW. MATRAnet believes the key to electronic business success is based on the quality of a company’s customer service and the security of their network. As a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), MATRAnet’s entire product offering is designed to fully conform to Internet security standards, ensuring compatibility and optimizing performance. The company’s M>WebTouch product was singled out by the editors of CTI magazine, earning a Best of CTI EXPO Fall 98 award in San Jose. For more information visit www.matranet.com.

Motorola (32, 33)
Motorola’s Internet and Networking Group (ING) focuses on making networks more responsive to the demand for integrated, personalized access. Through Smart Access Technology, Motorola takes a unified approach to both wireless and wireline networking to address the rapidly changing market as it moves from regulated telecommunications to a new market driven by the Internet, deregulation, and digital/packet networks. Motorola’s products have won numerous industry awards including Product of the Year and Editors’ Choice from Internet Telephony magazine. Sean Parham, Director and General Manager of Motorola’s Internet Products Operation will be a featured keynote speaker at the show. Visit this corporate sponsor on the Web at www.mot.com/internet.

Motorola Computer Group (64)
Motorola Computer Group is a leading supplier of telephony platforms to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The company’s embedded computing platforms are integrated by OEMs into a wide variety of products and solutions — including telephony switching systems that regularly impact consumers in their everyday lives. Motorola Computer Group plans to feature the latest additions to their CompactPCI family of systems, designed to deliver high availability and high line density for telecom and datacom applications. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.mcg.mot.com.

Natural MicroSystems (25)
Natural MicroSystems is a technology leader in open telecommunications, providing hardware and software technologies, and consulting and support services for developers of high-value telecommunications solutions. The company’s state-of-the-art technology and services and support enable a growing international network of Alliance partners to reduce time to market, leverage development resources, and offer truly global communications products. Natural MicroSystems’ enabling technologies are used in high-value computer telephony systems, such as voice and fax over IP, Web-enabled call centers, network-based enhanced services, integrated voice response (IVR), speech recognition, wireless, SS7, and CompactPCI. Bob Schechter, the company’s President and CEO will be addressing the crowd at Internet Telephony Expo in his keynote on Wednesday evening. For more information, visit Natural MicroSystems on the Web at www.nmss.com.

Net2Phone (58)
Net2Phone is a leading provider of voice-enhanced Internet communications services to individuals and businesses worldwide. Net2Phone enables people to place low-cost, high-quality calls from their computer, telephone, or fax machine to any telephone or fax machine in the world. Net2Phone’s Easysurf.com, an Internet shopping portal powered by Internet telephony, was honored with an Editors’ Choice award soon after it made its debut. The portal integrates voice, graphics, and ultimately video and push technology to enhance the online shopper’s experience. For more information about Net2Phone’s products, please visit www.net2phone.com.

NetPhone, Inc. (18, 19)
NetPhone, Inc., provides high-availability telecommunications products that combine telephony, computing, corporate networks, and the Internet. This convergence enables new telephony applications while reducing operating and management costs. NetPhone’s unique Always Up! patented architecture and intelligent PSTN fallback provides users with dependable dial tone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Always Up! architecture guarantees NetPhone users access to the public switched telephone network regardless of the state of the server or LAN network. NetPhone provides solutions that increase productivity while driving down the cost of communications. The company has won several prestigious awards including Editors’ Choice and Product of the Year from Internet Telephony magazine. Visit them at www.netphone.com.

NeTrue Communications (34)
NeTrue Communications, founded in 1996, is among the leaders of IP telephony, enabling the convergence of data, voice, and fax. Targeting next-generation telcos, callbacks, and corporations, NeTrue has introduced a complete line of Internet telephony gateway products including Internet fax/voice messaging and IP phone/fax gateways. Its IPT Back Office, an IP telephony operations support system (OSS), allows next-generation carriers to effectively provision, settle, bill, and manage IP telephony services. NeTrue’s demonstrated core technical competencies include quality of service (QoS) management, traffic management, and clearinghouse technology in IP telephony networks. Winner of several awards, including Product of the Year, NeTrue can be reached on the Web at www.netrue.com.

Nokia IP Telephony (3,4)
Nokia IP Telephony, formerly known as Vienna Systems, is one of the pioneers in the now rapidly emerging global marketplace for IP telephony solutions. Nokia’s suite of IP telephony solutions supports voice, fax, and multimedia processing and transmission over IP networks, and provide interfaces to traditional telephone networks. Nokia solutions enable service providers to increase revenue and profit margins by offering new value-added services to customers, develop new markets and geographies, reduce network and administration costs, and increase revenue and profit margins. Nokia’s hardware and software solutions allow service providers to deploy end-to-end IP telephony networks easily and cost-effectively. Nokia gateways ensure reliable, high-quality phone-to-phone and PC-to-phone communications. For more information, visit them on the Web at www.nokiaiptel.com

Nuera Communications (45, 46)
Nuera Communications is the leading provider of high-quality packet voice communications systems and technology for voice/fax/data/video networking over IP, frame relay, and circuit-switched networks. A cofounder of the Voice over IP Forum and member of the Frame Relay Forum, Nuera serves carrier, corporate, and OEM customers with industry-leading DSP-based solutions that optimize bandwidth utilization while maintaining communications quality for voice, fax, data, signaling, modem, and video traffic. Nuera has won a multitude of industry awards, including Internet Telephony magazine’s Product of the Year. For more information, visit their Web site at www.nuera.com.

Odin TeleSystems Inc. (29)
Odin specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of OEM subsystems and test equipment for the telecom industry. The company provides a telecom development platform with interchangeable software and hardware building blocks for a wide variety of applications, such as switching systems, customer premises equipment, network access devices, and test equipment. Odin will exhibit its OTX (Odin Telecom frameworX) CT development platform consisting of a modular adapter family for PCI/H.100 and Compact PCI/H.110 systems as well as of a variety of protocol stacks and DSP software modules. OTX enables rapid implementation of a variety of CT applications, such as voice-over-IP systems. A winner of the Best of CTI EXPO Fall 1998 award, Odin can be reached on the Web at www.odints.com.

Portal Software (62)
Portal Software provides software that links services, customers, and revenues for Internet and emerging next-generation communication services. The company’s real-time customer management and billing software enable service providers to rapidly develop, price, and provision new services while effectively managing customer usage and billing. Portal’s real-time, flexible technology allows providers to generate revenue and be competitive by enabling them to bring new services to market quicker than ever before and by establishing innovative ways of supporting customers’ needs.

Portal’s Infranet IPT — a platform for real-time management of IP telephony services — was the recipient of the June 1999 Internet Telephony magazine Editors’ Choice Award. For more information on Portal Software, visit them on the Web at www.portal.com.

Quicknet Technologies, Inc. (22, 23)
Integrated with the leading IP telephony applications and gateways, individuals and small businesses can make high-quality, low-cost, PC-to-Phone, PC-to-PC and Phone-to-PC calls with Quicknet’s award-winning products: The Internet PhoneJACK, Internet Line-JACK, and the new high-performance H.323 Internet SwitchBoard low-density gateway software. Quicknet markets to individuals and small businesses with low-density Internet telephony needs. Compatible with the existing base of Internet telephony applications, Quick-net’s products enable the home-, small office-, and LAN-based or Intranet user to cost effectively boost their Internet telephony call quality and ease-of-use. Quicknet has won many industry honors, including Internet Telephony magazine’s Product of the Year and CTI magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice. For more information on this show sponsor, visit www.quicknet.net.

SBS Technologies Industrial Computers (57)
SBS Technologies Industrial Computers is a leader in providing fast, low-priced custom industrial PC and CompactPCI designs and integration solutions for mission-critical applications where quality and performance come first. Since 1987, SBS Technologies has been providing standard-bus, board-level embedded computer components to the companies who design and build systems based on embedded computers. SBS provides high quality, easy-to-use “building blocks” that system designers can mix and match to create an embedded computer solution specific to a company’s unique application — applications that range from large central office switching equipment to intelligent controllers to digital video control, switching, and transmission. Visit SBS on the Web at www.sbs.com.

ShelCad Communications Ltd. (16)
ShelCad develops state-of-the art innovative client base CTI, intranet and Internet telephony products. ShelCad’s Hi Phone PCMCIA solutions address the crucial need for an interface between a phone and VoIP, wireless local loop, cable modem, satellite, and other forms of nontraditional communication technologies. The company’s developments include Voice-over-IP technologies, PCMCIA products, Ethernet solutions, and ASIC-Voice-over-Packet technology. ShelCad has a clear mission to multiply the power to communicate to its customers; thus bridging the gap between standard telephones (the way most people communicate) and other technological vehicles for voice communication. The company has received two Best of CTI Expo awards, one in the Fall of 1998, and one in the Spring of 1999. Visit the company’s site at www.shelcad.com.

VocalData, Inc. (54, 55)
VocalData has developed a complete solution for delivering voice services over IP networks. IP*Star enables service providers (ISPs, CLECs, ILECs, and VARs) to provision fully functional voice services and Internet/data services over IP packet (T1 and xDSL) infrastructures. With IP*Star, service providers can now offer small and medium businesses complete solutions, tapping into the one-stop-shopping trend, while enjoying the cost advantages of operating packet-based networks and leveraging investments in xDSL and Internet platforms. The company offers a variety of solutions including IP local voice solutions; IP Centrex; IP-Ethernet telephones; advanced PBX features; and multi-tenant applications. Visit the company’s Web site at www.vocaldata.com.

VoCAL Technologies, Ltd. (59)
VoCAL Technologies, Ltd., is the only single stop for complete modem/facsimile/telephony/voice/video communications source code. The company’s products include support for the latest standards such as voice-over-IP, V.90, V.34FAX, T.38 real-time fax, H.323, MGCP/SIP/SDP, and G.723/G.729A. VoCAL’s software can be executed as a separate task allowing a DSP to be used for concurrent customer applications as ADSL and ATM. Target products are voice/fax over IP, modem banks, consumer modems, standard fax products, fax-relay equipment, and advanced telephony products. For more information on VoCAL Technologies, please visit the company’s Web site at www.vocal.com.

VocalTec Communications (38)
VocalTec Communications develops and markets end-to-end communications solutions for service providers, corporations, and individuals. The company’s systems are used worldwide for voice, video, data, and fax communications over the Internet, telephony networks, and private networks to improve productivity and reduce telecommunications costs. VocalTec is recognized as a founder of the voice-over-the-Internet market, for its ongoing technical innovations, and for its leadership in industry standards. The company’s pioneering role has earned it numerous industry awards including the 1998 Internet Telephony magazine Product of the Year award. Visit the VocalTec Web site at www.vocaltec.com.

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