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September 1999


VMIC Intros VMICPCI-7697
VMIC has introduced its Pentium II processor-based CompactPCI bus peripheral slot CUP, the VMICPCI-7697. This board complies with the high availability provisions of the PICMG 2.1 Rev 1.0 standard for CompactPCI Hot Swap This means that in addition to being able to remove and replace the board with the system operating, processing can automatically be switched to a second backup board already installed in the system in the event of failure in the primary processor. This board brings the Intel embedded Pentium II module with MMX to the CompactPCI bus, offering processor speeds of up to 333 MHz.
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Tellabs Intros VERITY 3300
Tellabs has announced VERITY 3300, a new voice quality enhancement system, which helps wireless and long-distance carriers improve voice quality and network efficiency. The new VERITY 3300 DS3 broadband echo canceller and voice quality enhancement system is the first product introduced in Tellabs' new VERITY family of voice quality enhancement solutions. The VERITY 3300 system is a high-density, low-power system providing Tellabs' next-generation echo canceller technology and voice band enhancements (VBE) at a standard DS3 (45 Mbps) interface. The 3300 system increases the efficiencies of cabling, power distribution, and set-up while putting more channels of echo cancellation the same amount of space previously needed.
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Tellabs To Acquire NetCore Systems
Tellabs and NetCore Systems have announced an agreement for Tellabs to acquire the Wilmington, Mass.-based developer of innovative carrier-class IP routing and ATM switching solutions for the new public network. The all-stock deal is valued at about $575 million. It is anticipated that the effects on earnings per share will be one to two cents dilutive in 1999, with a neutral to slightly accretive effect in the year 2000. The acquisition of privately held NetCore will accelerate Tellabs' ability to help services providers build the new public network - a next-generation, multiservice network that integrates data, voice, and video.
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Lucent Intros System-On-A-Chip Echo Canceller
Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group has announced a four-channel programmable communications semiconductor chip, combining echo cancellation and coding/decoding (codec) functions, that provides a ten decibel improvement in telephone line echo return loss performance compared to traditional echo cancellation methods. The system-on-a-chip solution, called the T8533 has the potential to reduce total system costs compared to traditional network echo cancellers, while providing flexibility and convenience. Lucent's integrated chip complies with the International Telecommunications Union G.168 and G.712 standards for echo cancellation and codec technologies. The chip can be located on the telephone subscriber's premises; at the gateway to an ISP's voice-over-IP (VoIP) network; or at the point in a local exchange where voice traffic is digitized or packetized.
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Centigram Delivers Standards-Based PrePaid Solution For Carriers
Centigram Communications has introduced C-PrePaid, a cost-effective prepaid solution that offers reliability, scalability, and flexibility for carriers worldwide. C-PrePaid is designed to allow wireless landline and Internet service providers to target new market segments and provide convenience to subscribers while also reducing service costs. At the same time, the company introduced a new scalable enhanced services hardware platform, a new application server the complements the company's flagship Series 6. The new platform hosts the C-PrePaid database, and will support additional enhanced services applications in the future. With C-PrePaid-based services, users are able to place and receive billed calls, receive Internet information, and perform advanced communication tasks, such as messaging or call routing without having to call a special access number, or waiting for prepaid authorization or lengthy connect times.
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Franklin Telecom Announces Typhoon
Franklin Telecom has announced the development of the Typhoon Data Voice Gateway (DVG). The Typhoon is a high-density carrier class solution designed to deliver over 1,300 IP telephony ports in a typical telephone company central office equipment rack. The low power, low profile, rack mounted Typhoon supports upwards of 120 digital telephony ports per chassis. The ADI DSP design is implemented with plug-in modules (similar to the computer industry standard memory SIMM strip) for telco interfaces. The digital telephone line interfaces options T1, T1-Primary Rate ISDN, E1, E1-PRI, E1-R2, and optionally 24 analog central office or telephone device lines.
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Compaq To Install MediaRing's Internet Voice Communication Software
Compaq and Internet voice specialist MediaRing have agreed to a deal to provide PC users with enhanced communication tools on their desktops. The agreement means that MediaRing's voice communication software will be pre-installed on Compaq's Presario desktop computers, enabling users to make voice calls over the Internet. Under the agreement, Compaq will prominently place MediaRing's Internet voice communication software, MediaRing Talk, as a shortcut on the Presario desktop computers sold throughout Europe, introducing Compaq's range of Internet voice-enabled PCs onto the market. In addition, Compaq's easy-access Internet keyboard will include a button to link users straight to a joint Compaq/MediaRing Web site.
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Ariel Intros New Access Architecture
Ariel has announced a new access architecture that simplifies the design, integration, and upgrade of multi-function PCI and CompactPCI cards. Known as the Ariel Access Architecture (AAA), this new virtual-slot technology overcomes traditional PCI limitations, enabling OEMs to take advantage of multi-mode devices that combine diverse functions such as line card interfaces, modems, Internet telephony, and call control. AAA leverages PCI bridge, API, and firmware designs that virtualizes the connection between host drivers and on-board functions, whether integrated on a single device or spread across multiple devices. AAA eliminates the need to write complex monolithic drivers and arbitration software by creating a virtual link between host drivers and physical devices that enables multiple driver to be mapped to the same physical device.
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Telstra Unveils Development In Network Strategy
Telstra has revealed a development in its network technology strategy, designed to meet customer demands for Internet and data services. These developments, including the selection of suppliers for Telestra's core data network and network management systems are the first outcomes from a project named the "Data Mode of Operation" (DMO). This project was initially established to consolidate Telstra's multiple data and Internet based networks and supporting systems into a single, new generation low cost network, supported by an enhanced service managed capability to meet the growth in data and Internet products. The project identified the major business drivers in the data environment and the changing skills that Telstra will require to operate in the future.
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Wi-LAN Launches High Speed Wireless Networking Product
Wi-LAN has announced the launch of I.WiLL - a wireless access point capable of speeds of 30 Mbps. The I.WiLL Access Point is designed to meet the industrial-strength demands of large telecommunications providers. I.WiLL's wireless technology advantages include low-cost, rapid installation and scalability. The I.WiLL Access Point will act in networks as both the access point and the remote device, until Wi-LAN launches the lower cost customer premise version of I.WiLL. At three times the speed of the popular 10 Mbps Ethernet networks, I.WiLL operates in the 2.4-2.4835 GHz license-exempt ISM band, allowing telecom suppliers to provide wireless networking connectivity at a fraction of wire, cable, or fiber networking costs. Network operations can also use I.WiLL to extend high-speed wireless internetworking data devices to business parks and small office/home offices not served by landlines.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Crystal Group Intros GX Embedded CPU Card
Crystal Group has introduced the GX Embedded CPU Card, which includes the 180 MHz Cyrix GXi processor, integrated video, PCI controller, two IDE channels, two compact flash sockets with up to 256 MB of on-board storage, up to 128 MB of RAM and 10/100 Ethernet. This CPU card can be installed so that it occupies only one slot over its entire length, making higher density telephony solutions easier. It is also designed to be a lower cost alternative to similar class telephony cards.
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Tdsoft, ADC Complete Interoperability Testing
Tdsoft Communications and ADC Telecommunications have announced that they have completed successful interoperability testing between ADC's Homeworx Cable Telephony System and Tdsoft's IP Proxi family of products. The successful testing demonstrated the interconnection of HFC telephony networks via ADC's Homeworx and a voice-over-IP (VoIP) network via Tdsoft's IP Proxi access gateways. The interoperability testing was used for telephony applications between a standard HFC network and a VoIP network. Tdsoft's IP Prox AccessGate is an access gateway that connects circuit switching access network equipment to IP datacom networks. The IP Proxi SwitchGate is a gateway that allows VoIP calls from the IP access network to be transferred via the standard telecom access network.
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

DTI Intros New CompactPCI Fault Tolerant System
Diversified Technology has announced the release of its latest industrial CompactPCI platform, the FTC620. It provides fault tolerant support for a system comprising power, drivers, cooling, and a card cage. The FTC620 is designed for mounting in standard 19-inch equipment racks. The FTC620's power subsystem is designed to support a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of applications. Input to the power subsystem can be 110 to 220 VAC or -48 VDC. The power subsystem is made up of multiple 150-watt modules that can be used to provide 300 to 900 watts of power with N+1 redundancy. A failing module can be replaced without shutting down the system or generating a power glitch.
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SOYO Announces Motherboard
SOYO has announced a new motherboard for Super 7 (Socket 7) CPUs that is loaded with six ISA bus expansion telecommunications applications. SOYO's new AT footprint, SY-5SSB motherboard - with six ISA slots - solves a number of design problems and costs associated with building telephony network servers, voice-mail systems, and Internet/router servers for switched local and private networks. With its sic full-length ISA expansion slots, two 32-bit PCI Bus Mater slots, and embedded 64-bit SVGA graphics chip, SOYO's SY-5SSB provides businesses and system integrators with flexibility and cost savings. SOYO's SY-5SSB supports a wide range of plug in Super 7 processors, including Intel Pentium/Pentium MMX, IBM/Cyrix to 233 MHz, IDT WinChip, and AMD's K5/K6 CPUs to 400 MHz.
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Best Data Line Intros BDL Fax
The French firm Best Data Line, better known as BDL Telecom, is now offering a range of solutions for protected fax routing over the Internet under the name BDL Fax. This service targets North American companies that send a high volume of international faxes. BDL Telecom solutions use any existing group 3 compatible fax machine or computer generated faxes. When a fax message is sent, it is rerouted to the closes BDL telecommunications system. This platform the sends the fax over the Web using a private BDL protocol, while keeping all fax characteristics. In this way faxes become less expensive when compared to standard telephone charges.
No. 515, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ziatech, MontaVista To Provide Linux-Ready CompactPCI Systems
Ziatech announced an agreement with MontaVista Software that provides an embedded version of the Linux operating system on Ziatech's CompactPCI development systems and single board computers. MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux will initially be available on Ziatech's ZT 5082 Development System, a completely configure, rackmount, CompactPCI platform designed to speed applications development. Hard Hat Linux combines cost-effectiveness, openness, and flexibility of Linux with the reliability and responsiveness required for embedded and applied computing applications in telecommunications, Internet, and industrial control. MontaVista will supplement the operating system's enhancements with technical support, porting, and customization services.
No. 516, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Analogic TAP-806 Doubles VoIP Port Density
Analogic has doubled the voice-over-IP (VoIP) port density of its newest telephony application processor board to 60 channels per slot. The TAP-806 offers a cost-effective solution for constructing large, enterprise-level VoIP systems that include a line interface, a codec engine, a packet engine, and a dedicated 10/100 Mb Ethernet port for $75 per port. Within a standard 19-inch chassis, the 60 channel TAP-806 provides up to 672 ports. A PCI-based DSP resource card designed for PSTN-to-VoIP connectivity applications, the TAP-806 is specified for 60 channels of G.732.1 and G.729 voice compression, and supports other standard and proprietary algorithms, including fax and data modem.
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Free Fax Machine For Internet Users
CallWave.com has teamed up with Fax4Free.com to provide a free fax service to anyone with Internet access. By using CallWave and Fax4Free, home users and businesses can now send and receive faxes without paying for a dedicated fax line, a fax machine, or long-distance charges. Fax4Free enables people to send faxes from Web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. By using CallWave, faxes can be received by any corporate of ISP e-mail account, including Web e-mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and others. The CallWave fax receiving service also enables users to save and archive received faxes on the computer's hard drive. By using the Imaging for Windows application found on most Windows 95 and Windows 98 computers, users can easily explore, annotate, and print out fax files.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

I-Bus Intros TR4 System Enclosure
I-Bus has announced the introduction of the TR4, a 4U, 14-slot rackmount or desktop enclosure. The TR4 is designed for applications that require high availability and ease of maintenance. The TR4 is highly configurable, giving the user a system that meets their specific needs. Standard features include one 400 Watt AC power supply; two front removable 49.4 CFM fans; a front removable filer; two 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch drive bays behind a locking drive door that restricts unauthorized access; shock mounted drives; dual reset switches for split backplane applications; and many different passive backplane or ATX motherboard configurations.
No. 519, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Sonus Joins Softswitch Consortium
Sonus Networks has announced that it has joined the International Softswitch Consortium. The Consortium is a group that focuses exclusively on worldwide compatibility and interoperability of multimedia IP networks and their interconnection with other networks such as the PSTN. Benefits to members include access to an interoperability test lab, direction of specification development, early use of reference software implementations, and more. Sonus is delivering a new class of carrier solutions that enabled the movement of telephony to converged packet network, and the development of a new generation of voice and data switches.
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Brooktrout Extends Boundaries Of Open Remote Access
Brooktrout Technology has extended the boundaries of open remote access with the introduction of its TR-IRAS Series. The TR-IRAS is a platform that enables software developers, system developers, and service providers to combine remote access with intelligent fax or voice applications on a single server sharing a single T1 line. Combining these applications allows companies to save money in T1 line charges, as well as server costs and floor space. The TR-IRAS hardware is based on Brooktrout's IRAS Series of remote access products. IRAS is a PCI form factor board with digital telephony interfaces and up to 30 on-board modems.
No. 521, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analog Devices Announces Internet Gateway Processor
Analog Devices has introduced the ADSP-21mod980 Internet Gateway Processor a modem, fax, and voice solution supporting a full T1 capacity in a single chip. It supports 24 universal ports and is optimized for modem and voice-over-IP (VoIP) processing. It features a 60mW/port typical power dissipation at 3.3V, and a 35-mm, 352-ball BGA package. No external memory is required, and it supports any protocol on any port.
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SoloPoint Links Internet and Unified Messaging to Residential Phones
SoloPoint has announced a new Telephony Appliance Network architecture that will enable ISPs, Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), and Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to offer residential subscribers access to e-mail, voice mail, and Internet information from anywhere in their home or office using Telephony Appliances. Called Teleputing, the Telephony Appliance Network connects a home PC to a residential phone line and in turn, to the SoloPoint Telephony Appliances, referred to as Teleporters. PC resources are then made available to the Teleporters across the existing residential telephone wiring. This home network then makes it possible to manage e-mail or voice mail from any room in the home.
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