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August 1999


Alcatel To Acquire Internet Devices
Alcatel and Internet Devices have jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Alcatel will acquire Internet Devices for approximately $180 million. The acquisition of Internet Devices, together with the technology developed at Xylan, Packet Engines, Assured Access, and Alcatel's Internet Access Division, provides Alcatel with a strong platform to address the emerging market for intelligent IP-based platforms. IP-based Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) allow service providers and business customers to manage and protect intranets and extranets across the Internet, offering the same services, quality, and protection as on current private corporate networks. Alcatel will market Internet Devices' existing standalone products and will also integrate the technology into its portfolio of Internet products and solutions.
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Catapult Supports H.323 Interoperability Testing
Catapult has announced a new H.323 Protocol Module for its test systems. This enhancement will help developers and manufacturers of gateways, gatekeepers, MCUs and H.323 terminal equipment ensure interoperability between all entities of the H.323 system. Customers worldwide can benefit from using Catapult test systems to create scripts which simulate various H.323 entities, without actually purchasing a number of H.323 terminals for testing. In addition, customers can also simulate the switched circuit network side (for example, ISDN and ISUP), which is of key importance when testing gateways.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Nuera Intros Open Reliable Communications Architecture
Nuera Communications' Open Reliable Communications Architecture (ORCA) integrates voice, fax, and telephony signaling and services over next-generation networks. Primary components of the ORCA system include gateways based on embedded systems designed and developed by Nuera, scalable Unix-based softswitched call processing control systems, and Microsoft NT-based applications server and network management systems. The ORCA product line offers superior quality voice and fax over IP, frame relay and ATM, leased circuit, satellite, and fixed wireless links. It features access to state-of-the-art 1600 MIPS DSP resources for every voice/fax channel, and also offers patented E-CELP vocoder technology for efficient delivery of high-quality voice in packet environments.
No. 503, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

EMS Announces itelfacs
Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS) has announced its itelfacs family of Internet-enabled fax products and services. Organizations using the itelfacs family of products can reduce long-distance charges, improve document security, send and receive fax documents to and from any individual employee's computer, and remotely retrieve faxes from anywhere in the world. itelfacs products function like a fax manager. They intercept all incoming faxes and route them to the appropriate individual's PC wherever they are located at that time - in-house, at their home office, or travelling around the world. itelfacs also intercepts all outgoing faxes and determines how to route the fax most cost effectively. In addition, itelfacs products operate transparently to users, can be remotely configured and maintained, are automatically updated, and can generate reports on costs, usage, and calling patterns.
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Tekelec Intros IP7 Product Suite for Telcos, ISPs
Tekelec has announced a new line of products designed to enable the convergence of voice and data networks. The IP7 product line delivers flexible Signaling System 7 (SS7) and Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity and features to allow carriers and service providers to seamlessly link the public switched telephony and IP networks. Tekelec's products couple the command and control functions of the SS7 network with the speed and economy of the IP network, and include IP maintenance, monitoring, and diagnostics. The initial product offering includes IP7 Secure Gateway, IP7 Edge, IP7 NP (number portability/number pooling), and IP7 Sentinel. Capabilities include signaling for voice over packet, Internet access, remote access, savings in point code allocation, immediate value-added new service deployment, and dial offload solutions
No. 505, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ericsson Announces IPT 1.6
Ericsson Datacom has announced its IP telephony solution version 1.6 (IPT 1.6), a high-capacity, SS7-interoperable platform that gives carriers the ability to offer worldwide IP telephony services such as call forwarding, call waiting, and toll-free calling. IPT 1.6 can hold up to 780 channels in one chassis with a maximum of six chassis to a rack for a total of 4,680 channels. In addition, Ericsson is able to provide increased network efficiency due to the addition of lower bit-rate codecs, which translate the analog signals of the public telephone network to digital signals for the IP telephony network, and vice versa. These industry standard, lower bit-rate codecs, G729.A and G723.1, allow for greater voice quality and lower bandwidth requirements.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

PulsePoint Intros Newest Generation Enhanced Application Platform
PulsePoint Communications has announced the addition of two new members to its family of PulsePoint Enhanced Application Platforms (EAP), based entirely on Microsoft Windows NT Server, using CompactPCI technology. These products, introduced as PulsePoint eap.1000 and PulsePoint eap.2000, deliver carrier-class applications in a standard Windows NT environment to carriers who require central-office packaging and extraordinary reliability of their enhanced services. The EAP can be used in high growth markets, scaling to accommodate the needs of carriers, using common platform architecture. PulsePoint and Unisys also have announced that they have signed an agreement for Unisys to acquire PulsePoint in a tax-free, stock-for-stock merger, with a value of approximately $100 million on a fully diluted basis.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ulticom Launches Nexworx Product Line
Ulticom, which recently changed its name from DGM&S Telecom, has announced the new line of Nexworx software solutions components. Nexworx products provide the necessary software elements to build a next-generation network. Nexworx Signaling Gateway offers seamless connectivity by bridging the new data technology employed by IP with existing SS7-based voice and wireless network services. Nexworx Media Gateway Controller manages calls with voice, data, and video network components. Nexworx Application Server reduces the costs of in-network services. Nexworx Programmable Network Server opens the world of enhanced revenue services to third party developers via the Parlay API. Nexworx incorporates Ulticom's SignalWare technology and is software-driven, employing open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to address the need for service portability between telecommunications network signaling (SS7) and IP-driven networks.
No. 508, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MIL3 Delivers OPNET Modeler 6.0
MIL 3 has announced the availability of OPNET Modeler Version 6.0 with an enhanced model library that makes it the first commercial software with the ability to verify quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities for devices designed to carry voice and multimedia traffic over ATM, frame relay, and IP networks. OPNET Modeler projects the real-word performance of proposed systems to quickly asses their ability to support QoS specifications, such as ATM ABR (available bit rate), IP ToS (type of service) and WFQ (weighted fair queuing), required to carry time-sensitive packet transmissions. OPNET Modeler Version 6.0 supports HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Microsoft Windows NT natively. Models can be shared freely between the operating systems.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Adax Introduces Channelized Controller
Adax has introduced an eight-port channelized HDLC protocol controller for the industry-standard Compact PCI (cPCI) bus that delivers increased call capacity for wireless applications, mobile IP, and large billing systems. Adax's ACT 4/8-cPCI board is designed to meet the growing demand in telecommunications and data communications for higher port densities. The ACT 4/8 board can support Frame Relay, voice, wireless, X.25, and data applications all on the same platform. The ACT 4/8 accepts up to eight fully channelized T1 or E1 trunks in a single cPCI slot and its scalable architecture allows the installation of up to eight boards on a single cPCI backplane. It supports up to 2,048 DS0 connections in an eight-slot cPCI chassis, and increases call capacity resulting in a lower price per port.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Alcatel Intros New Integrated Platform
Alcatel has announced an integrated platform for delivering scalable, feature-rich voice, fax, and data services over the new public network. The integrated product enables service providers to provision voice-over-IP services - with many of the advanced calling features found only in today's circuit switched voice network - using the same physical interface as data and fax services. The integrated voice, fax, and data product is composed of five key components, including Assured Access' NEBS level-3 compliant Universal Access Gateway, a highly scalable product that supports voice, fax, and dial-up data (V.90, ISDN) on the same physical interface, enabling service providers to provision all three services in a cost-effective manner. The other four components are: Alcatel's 1135 Service Management Center/Gatekeeper, the Alcatel Call Signaling Gateway, and Alcatel's IN 1400 Service Control Point and Service Creation Environment.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

GDC Announces New Convergence Switch Family
General DataComm has announced its NexEra convergence switch family for IP, data, and telephony. This carrier-class edge platform offers rapid start up, high profitability, and new business opportunities based on features including variable bit rate, toll-quality packetized voice; advanced voice and broadband signaling features; high port densities; and extensive international protocol support. NexEra also offers advanced traffic management, including Multi-Tier Traffic Shaping (MTS). NexEra is designed to meet the needs of new-generation networks, and it enables carriers to offer Virtual Private Networks for voice and data, "last mile" ATM and IP services, subscriber aggregation and switching for DSLAM access networks, and national and international voice backhaul, bypass, and switching.
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Telogy Announces V/FoIP Software For TI TMS320VC5402 DSP
Telogy Networks has announced the availability of Golden Gateway voice and fax over IP (V/FoIP) software for Texas Instruments' low cost, low-density TMS320VC5402 digital signal processor (DSP). Golden Gateway currently runs on TI's 'C548, 'C549, and 'C5420 processors, delivering a broad range of voice, fax, and data over IP capabilities for enterprise-gateway and carrier-class equipment. Support for the new 'C5409 gives Telogy customers a solution for one- to four port client products. Texas Instruments has announced that it will acquire Telogy. The acquisition is being made through a stock-for-stock transaction, and TI expects to issue 4.1 million shares in connection with the transaction worth about $435 million.
No. 513, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel Intros Next-Gen Internet Telephony For Enterprises
Nortel Networks has unveiled an Internet telephony strategy for enterprises, including 11 new products and enhancements to classic products that unify the worlds of telephony and data. Nortel's strategy provides enterprises with new solutions founded on its Internet Communications Architecture (Inca) - an IP architecture based on open standards. Nortel has introduced its portfolio of open, IP-based telephony solutions for unified voice, data, and video applications based on Inca. Several new products are scheduled for availability within the next year, including the Inca M10 Communication System, which will be built on a policy-based network infrastructure and on an industry standard Windows NT Server. The M10 connection manager will support both classic analog telephone sets and Nortel's new i2004 Internet Telephones and H.323 softphone clients.
No. 517, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Force Computers Launches Centellis 8000 Series
Force Computers, a Solectron subsidiary, has introduced the Centellis 8730 - the first of its new Centellis 8000 Series of high-reliability, eight-slot CompactPCI servers. The Windows NT-based Centellis 8730 brings redundant components and extensive hot-swappability options to mid-range CompactPCI computing. Powered by an Intel 333 MHz Pentium II processor-Low Power module, the Centellis 8730 provides customers with a cost-effective development and easily upgraded runtime environment for Windows NT-based applications. Eight CompactPCI slots and five storage bays enable customers to deploy precisely tailored solutions for a wide range of communications, C3I, and industrial control applications. The Centellis 8730 also supports the CompactPCI full hot swap specification for I/O boards. This enables users to add, remove, or exchange CompactPCI I/O boards without taking their Centellis 8730 server offline.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

White Pine To Support Linux For IP Conferencing Solution
White Pine Software has announced plans to support the Linux operating system for its MeetingPoint conference server. White Pine has joined as a Developer Partner with Red Hat, and will work with their support to develop a robust IP conferencing server solution for the Linux platform. MeetingPoint is currently available for Windows NT and Sun Solaris operating systems. White Pine has the flexibility to develop for dynamic new operating systems such as Linux because MeetingPoint is a software-based server solution. Other video conferencing suppliers operate on proprietary hardware platforms, making future Linux support problematic. MeetingPoint for Linux will give ISP and carrier providers the opportunity to provide a new service on their existing hardware, and to take advantage of the stability and performance of the Linux operating system.
No. 519, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MiTAC Intros New 19-Inch Chassis
MiTAC Industrial has introduced the MCH-502, a new configurable 19-inch rackmount chassis with built-in 10.4-inch flat panel display. This space-efficient unit is engineered to fit today's market demands for an easy-to-use operator interface with optimal performance in a seamless rack-mountable or desktop chassis with a motherboard or passive backplanes. With a passive or active matrix color LCD, this 14-slot steel constructed chassis has optionally redundant hot-swappable power supplies. The MCH-502 provides a high performance motherboard or industrial SBC solution with backplane in a variety of choices from 14-slot ISA or 13-slot PCI to configurable 13-slot PICMG (7 ISA, 4 PCI, 2 PICMG slots), 14-slot PICMG (8 ISA, 4 PCI, 2 PICMG slots), or 140slot PICMG (6 ISA, 7 PCI, 2PICMG).
No. 520, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

IMTC Becomes Home For iNOW! Initiative
The International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC) and ITXC have announced that an IMTC Activity Group specifically focused on enhancing and furthering real world interoperability enabled by the iNOW! Profile has been established. The current version of the iNOW! Profile will be the initial input into the new activity group, forming the basis for study under IMTC's formal processes, with the goal of publication of an approved IMTC interoperability agreement. In addition, the IMTC will work with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) TIPHON and ITU-T Study Group 16 to make sure the iNOW! Profile is harmonized with their specifications.
No. 521, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent To Trial Technology That Brings Wireline Voice Quality To Wireless LAN
Lucent Technologies has announced that it will conduct market trials of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology that enables wireless local area networks to carry voice calls with QoS for unlicensed wireless IP networks. The technology developed by Bell Labs will allow businesses to deploy converged voice and data applications on wireless IP networks without sacrificing voice quality. The Bell Labs technology enables voice to travel over Lucent's WaveLAN wireless local area networks - or any compatible IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN - without the loss, delay, or poor voice quality that might be experienced as voice calls move over LANs.
No. 522, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

iFace.com Releases V. 2.0 Of USS-I Switching Software
iFace.com has announced the general release of Version 2.0 of USS-I switching software, a platform independent applications suite. Version 2.0 adds VoIP, VoATM, support for the Oracle DBMS, and a number of new features including Post Call Taxing. These additions enhance the functionality of the iFace.com middleware and application suite that inlcude static and dynamic LCR, multiple rate table and reseller support. The application suite currently features pre- and post-paid calling cards, tandem switching, ICB, 1+, and click-to-call. This release supports up to 20 Spans of T1 or E1 telephony in a single open systems platform. Multiple platforms can be linked together with ATM to create a system of unlimited size. iFace has also announced their support of the iNOW! interoperability initiative.
No. 523, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

TollBridge Technologies Announces Multiline Voice Over DSL For CLECs
TollBridge Technologies has introduced an IP-based solution that allows Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to deliver all current voice services over DSL or any broadband access technology. TollBridge's TollVoice system works with any Class 5 switch and acts as a simple, end-to-end overlay to broadband access networks. Designed for LEC bypass, the TollBridge product set consists of three elements: TB50, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that converts voice samples from multiple calls into a single IP packet, and prioritizes voice and data traffic for transmission over any broadband access network; TB200, a carrier-grade voice gateway that translates packets back into voice and connects to Class 5 switches using the Bellcore GR-303 protocol; and TB-EMS, a graphical Element Management System for end-to-end configuration, troubleshooting, and performance management of up to 100 TB200 systems from HP OpenView or Solaris platforms.
No. 524, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Tellabs Intros Next-Gen Voice/Data Switch
Tellabs has announced a next-generation switching system that enables service providers to consolidate circuit-switched and variable bit rate data services over a single, broadband network. The AN2100 Gateway Exchange (GX) system dynamically routes circuit-switched, time-division multiplexed (TDM) traffic over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Internet Protocol (IP) networks under Signaling System 7 (SS7) control. With the AN2100 GX system, data, voice, and video services can be delivered over ATM or IP backbones. The AN2100 GX system incorporates media adaptation, call processing, SS7 signaling, and service creation functions into a flexible, scalable platform, which enables service providers to reduce costs and create revenue-generating services faster than traditional methods.
No. 525, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NeTrue Releases QoS Monitoring Software For VoIP Industry
NeTrue Communications has announced the release of NeTrueQoS 1.0, a real-time IP network QoS monitoring software product. NeTrueQoS provides IP telephony service providers and next generation carriers (NGC) with the technology to monitor and manage their mission-critical IP-based operations. NeTrue QoS monitors all elements of the connection's performance, including throughput, latency, jitter, lost packets, and bandwidth usage. NeTrueQoS measures performance and displays the results in real-time through a graphical user interface. NeTrue QoS provides monitoring reports on the performance of remote connections on the network, to offer a complete QoS network analysis. This report can be compiled to depict the history of a network's QoS, providing statistical analysis of the QoS parameters.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Voice Density Doubled For the Praxon PDX
Praxon has announced a new 32-port voice module for the Praxon Phone Data eXhance (PDX) that doubles the port density and decreases the per-port cost of the Praxon solution. The company also announced that the PDX now supports personal information management (PIM) software, which streamlines voice communications for busy professionals. The new 32-port voice module doubles the density of its predecessor voice card. When configured with two 32-port voice modules, the Praxon PDX can support a total of 64 on-premises users and an unlimited number of off-site virtual extensions. The 32-port voice module can also be mixed in the same chassis with an existing 16-port card for incremental upgrade at minimal investment.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

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