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August 1999

INTERNET TELEPHONY Honors The Voice/Data Leaders Of The Best Of CTI EXPO Spring '99

We are pleased to announce the Best of CTI EXPO Spring '99 award winners. The following companies exhibited products directly related to the field of voice and data convergence at CTI EXPO Spring '99 in Washington, DC, which took place May 25-26. Editors from INTERNET TELEPHONY� ,CTI� and C@LL CENTER Solutions magazines, along with TMC Labs' engineers, met with vendors, tried out new products, and sorted out the very best of CTI EXPO Spring '99. Judging was based on overall contributions to the datacom/telecom industry, with an emphasis on technologic innovation, product feature sets, and an ability to work with standards. Forward-looking products that will aid in the development of the next generation of Internet telephony products and services were also awarded. The products featured below are directly related to Internet telephony - for a complete list of winners, please see the August issue of CTI� magazine, or visit the TMCnet - Web site at www.tmcnet.com.

NBX 100 Communications System
The NBX 100 Communications System from 3Com provides a means for businesses to consolidate both voice and data on one network infrastructure, providing a single point of browser-based administration

and management. The system's features include a multi-line business telephone set with caller ID, auto attendant, voice mail, LAN/WAN connectivity, and CTI built
into every system. The NBX 100 operates in shared 10Base-T Ethernet environments and is compatible with switched Ethernet and 100Base-T Ethernet networks. The system operates in any network operating system (NOS) environment and supports telephone software applications written for existing telephony APIs. For more information, contact 3Com at 978-749-0000 or visit the company's Web site at www.nbxcorp.com.

Aculab, plc.
Clipper Media
The T1 Clipper PCI Half Card from Aculab is designed to process up to 48 channels of voice with an optional speech processing resource. A single daughter module based on Aculab’s Prosody platform may also be added to the card, providing a DSP for support of conferencing, tone detection and generation, and call record and playback. The card has support for two T1 interfaces, each supporting 24 voice channels at up to 64 Kbps, using the T1 robbed bit channel associated signaling (CAS) protocol. The H.100, MVIP-90, and SCBus CT interfaces are supported, and the card can also interwork with various types of legacy resource cards within the same system. For additional information, call Aculab at 850-763-9281, or visit the company’s Web site at www.aculab.com.

Artisoft, Inc.
TeleVantage 2.1
Featuring simple administration, and Web-based or phone-based call management, Artisoft’s TeleVantage 2.1 PC-PBX product offers the features of a legacy phone system over a LAN. TeleVantage can scale up to 48 trunks and 144 stations, and features long-distance, least-cost routing for optimum call management. End users can manage calls through a simple Windows-based GUI, and the system features automatic call distribution, as well as call control, contact management, and graphical voice mail management. Other features include multi-line call control, call and message screening, e-mail and paging integration, call forwarding, and personalized call handling. The system runs on a Windows NT 4.0 server. For more information, contact Artisoft at 800-914-9985, or visit their Web site at www.artisoft.com.

AC48412N-S Half-T1 Voice over Packet Signal Processor
AudioCodes recently announced a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) suite that delivers half-T1 single-chip port-density for the Internet telephony market. Utilizing the Texas Instruments TMS320C5420 high-performance DSP platform, the AudioCodes AC48412N-S package transports 12 independent channels of compressed voice, fax, or modem communication over any IP, ATM, or frame relay network. AudioCodes will start shipping the AC48412N-S to beta customers in mid-1999, and general availability of the product is expected in the third quarter of the year. In addition to standard ITU codecs, the AC48412N-S offers AudioCodes’ NetCoder, a proprietary voice codec and quality of service (QoS) management product. For more information, contact AudioCodes at 408-577-0488 or visit the company’s Web site at www.audiocodes.com.

The Live, Multimedia Blended Call Center co-sponsored by CellIT at CTI Expo was a tremendous success. Throughout the two-day exhibit period, 12 agents (provided by C.R. Dynamics & Associates, Inc. of Ellicott City, MD) called attendees and invited them to the show. In just two days, these agents made and took over 8,000 phone calls! That’s pretty remarkable, especially when you consider that the call center was set up in just a matter of a little over a day.

At the heart of it all was CellIT’s CCPRO, a product suite that includes a standards-based client/server telephony platform with predictive dialing, inbound automatic call distribution with integrated recorded announcements, blending, interactive voice response, monitoring/recording, services, fax services, and integrated reporting. The suite now supports Internet telephony as well. For more information, contact CellIT at 305-436-2300 or visit their Web site at www.cellit.com.

Catalyst 5000 Series
The Cisco Catalyst 5000 series features a gigabit Ethernet and ATM-ready platform offering users high-speed trunking technologies including Fast EtherChannel and OC-12 ATM. The Catalyst 5000 series also features a redundant architecture, dynamic VLANs, complete intranet services support, and more. Recent enhancements to the Catalyst series enable wire-speed IP, IPX, and IP multicast switching across subnets, gigabit connectivity, intelligent Layer 3 and 4 services and full multiprotocol routing, as well as enhanced QoS features. This functionality allows multimedia traffic (e.g., video and voice) to be intelligently and efficiently distributed throughout the network. For more information, contact Cisco at 408-526-4000 or visit the company’s Web site at www.cisco.com.

Impact Group

The Impact Group of call-processing software from Comdial creates a powerful, desktop telephone by moving traditional phone functionality to the PC. The software enables call transfer and conferencing, as well as group monitoring, and caller ID — all through an easy point-and-click application. The software also integrates with an existing phone database for call preview information. The Impact Group will run on Windows 95 or NT, and uses the NetBIOS, TCP/IP, or IPX/SPX protocols. For more information, call Comdial at 804-978-2200, or visit their Web site at www.comdial.com.

Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS)
The new itelfacs line of IP-enabled fax products and services from EMS allows companies to reduce long-distance fax charges and improve fax features and functionality. The products include itelfacsENVOY, a transmission system that enables companies to fax over IP, itelfacsANYWARE, a service that allows retrieval of incoming faxes through the Internet, and itelfacsDISPATCH, software for sending IP or PSTN faxes through a PC. The products intercept all incoming and outgoing faxes from PCs or fax machines, and route them through the most cost-effective means. Users can also maintain their own bank of fax numbers and distribution lists through itelfacs. For additional information, call EMS at 877-EMS-5050, or visit the company’s Web site at www.emessages.com.

Ericsson’s April 1999 acquisition of Touchwave gave Ericsson an IP PBX system that supports voice over IP (VoIP), wireless LAN terminals, and more. Specifically, Touchwave’s WebSwitch 1608 IP networked PBX is a phone system with integrated VoIP functionality. It includes an integrated VoIP gateway that supports four to 16 IP channels.

The WebSwitch 1608 IP provides a full suite of PBX functions, including full PBX call handling features, as well as an auto attendant and voice mail. These features can be controlled from a regular phone or from any Windows-based computer on the network. For more information, contact the company at +46 8 422 2424 or 650-210 9434, or visit their Web site at www.touchwave.com.

Flexion Systems
X300 System
The startup solutions provider Flexion Systems offers the X300 system for integration of communications tools into one unit, with easy access from the desktop. The solution is geared toward small companies with eight to 64 employees, and offers Internet access, voice switching and PBX capability, remote and central administrative access, voice and data messaging, and remote support. Other features include call logging and monitoring, message access from home or the office, and easy setup and configuration. Virtually any type of message may be accessed from the desktop, via phone or e-mail. System monitoring is provided through Flexion’s IT Guardian tool. For additional information, call the company at 650-378-1306, or visit Flexion’s Web site at www.flexion.com.

The ChannelGauge from Genoa will generate and analyze voice and fax transmissions over multiple digital lines for multiline telephony testing. The product includes an easy-to-use GUI for creating and organizing test scenarios, and users will easily be able to determine if channels interact, and how much voice and fax traffic can be supported by an application. They can also monitor how the application holds up when queues are full and call volume increases. ChannelGauge can also run voice and fax simultaneously over all channels, and can compare the quality of fax images on the sending and receiving ends. For more information, call Genoa at 805-531-9030, or visit their Web site at www.gentech.com.

Hammer Technologies
Hammer Technologies announced the Hammer LoadBlaster series of bulk call generators at CTI EXPO in Washington, DC. Both the Hammer LoadBlaster 500 and 300 models use the revolutionary Hammer TestBuilder user interface (UI) for test creation and results reporting. The new Hammer TestBuilder provides an environment so tests can be set up quickly and intuitively, without programming, using stimulus/response icons. The Hammer LoadBlaster 500 scales to 12 spans in one system and with one master controller can handle up to 60 spans in one view. That translates to 1,800 E1 channels with a busy hour call rate in excess of one million calls per hour. For more information, contact Hammer at 978-694-9959, or visit the company’s Web site at www.hammer.com.

Hypercom Corporation
e-Telephony Solution
The e-Telephony Solution from Hypercom integrates VoIP with e-commerce and electronic credit card payments for a complete solution to system integration. Working in conjunction with Hypercom’s IP.tel Internet telephony gateway, the solution handles calls placed from phones or PCs using calling cards. Calls are routed based on a centralized authorization system that checks for sufficient funds, then transmits the calls through IP.tel, which packetizes and compresses voice for routing over an IP network. Customer service, billing, and account renewal are all administered through the e-Telephony solution. For more information, call Hypercom at 800-577-5501, or visit the company’s Web site at www.hypercom.com.

USS-I Version 2.0
iFace.com released Version 2.0 of its USS-I switching software, a platform-independent application suite, at CTI Expo. Version 2.0 adds VoIP, VoATM, support for the Oracle DBMS, and a number of other new features. These additions enhance the functionality of the iFace.com middleware and application suite that include static and dynamic LCR, multiple rate table, and reseller support. The application suite currently features pre- and post-paid calling cards, tandem switching, ICB, 1+, and click-to-call. Version 2.0 supports up to 20 spans of T1 or E1 telephony in a single open systems platform. For more information, contact iFace.com at 732-398-1600, or visit the company’s Web site at www.iface.com.

INFO Systems
Talkie Globe
Talkie Globe is an integrated international callback, prepaid calling card, single hop, and long-distance reseller system. The system offers support for analog or digital, T1 or E1 lines, and scalability of up to 96 lines per PC. Other features include network support for greater number of lines on multiple PCs, three-way calling, and prompts in up to nine different languages.

Also, INFO Systems now offers the ability to deliver calls via the Internet, through regular carriers or through leased lines, all within the same platform, the Talkie IG2. Talkie IG2 is a carrier-class Internet telephony solution that, when combined with the Talkie Cybernet network, guarantees QoS. For more information, please contact the company at 1-800-TALKIE-4 or visit their Web site at www.talkie.co.il.

InterPrise 3200D
Inter-Tel’s Internet telephony enterprise gateway, the InterPrise 3200D, is an integrated voice and data router that can handle transmissions from any PBX, key system, or central office switch and convert them to data packets. The InterPrise offers easy integration with existing systems, and users may place calls or send faxes using an existing phone over a WAN, or through Inter-Tel’s virtual phone application using a multimedia PC. The gateway offers 24 ports of T1 connectivity, or 32 ports of E1, and supports a variety of protocols and compression algorithms. Other features include GUI-based local or remote management, and configuration using IP, a console port, or modem access. For more information, contact Inter-Tel at 602-961-9000, or visit their Web site at www.inter-tel.com.

Definity IP Solutions
Lucent Technologies’ Definity IP Solutions are designed to bring the benefits of Internet Protocol (IP) applications to mid-sized and large businesses. The solutions allow businesses to send voice and fax communications over their LANs, intranets, WANs, and the Internet. The Definity IP Solutions software operates as both an IP gateway and a gatekeeper. As a gateway, it converts voice traffic to data for transmission over IP networks. As a gatekeeper, it provides IP endpoints with secure access to the Definity system.

The solution will enable IP telephones to communicate with analog, digital, and ISDN phones on the Definity network, and allows support for the H.323 protocols as well as standard application programming interfaces, including TAPI, TSAPI, and JTAPI. For more information, visit Lucent’s Web site at www.lucent.com.

Mapletree Networks, Inc.
2100 PCI Card
Mapletree Networks offers the 2100 Series Digital Modem Card for Internet telephony and network access applications. This low-power, universal port PCI adapter card was built using the company’s UniPorte Architecture, featuring per-port power consumption of 21 watts for the 120-port version, with heat dissipation of 71.65 BTU per hour. The 2100 can connect up to five T1 or four E1 lines per card, and can handle from 12 to 120 voice, fax, analog modem, or ISDN real-time transmissions simultaneously. It is available in nine models, and uses the ECTF’s H.100 time-division multiplexed interface to transmit data between network interface adapters and call-processing adapters. For additional information, call Mapletree at 781-461-4405, or visit their Web site at www.mapletreenetworks.com.

MCK Communications, Inc.
Branch Office EXTender 6000
For corporate PBX functionality spread over a WAN, MCK’s Branch Office EXTender 6000 is an ideal solution for existing data networks. The EXTender supports up to eight users with dual external WAN interfaces for a variety of networking options. The product uses MCK’s Remote voice protocol for compressing digital voice into data packets, and also features G.165 echo cancellation along with double-talk elimination software for optimum quality. It offers support for standard voice compression algorithms, and also offers call blocking, synchronous transmission, password protection, and network down recovery. For more information, call MCK at 888-454-7979, or visit their Web site at www.mck.com.

Mind-iPhonEX, Version 3.1
Version 3.1 of Mind-iPhonEX from MIND CTI is a carrier-grade, real-time billing system geared toward integration with major VoIP gateway and gatekeeper vendors. The system offers secure service and prepaid calling card capabilities for customers, and allows providers to manage distribution of calling cards. A backup server is included for minimal loss of service, and the system integrates with the Oracle database to handle thousands of simultaneous calls. Features in the new version include a provision to create billing cycles with automatic invoice generation, and automatic calculation of reseller commissions. The version also uses Web interfaces for registering customers, performing customer care, and verifying credit cards. Customers may use the Web to view their balance and call details, and set up payments and invoices. For more information, call MIND CTI at 972-4-993-6666, or visit the company’s Web site at www.mindcti.com.

Vanguard 6400 Series
The Vanguard 6400 series from Motorola encompasses the 6425, 6430, and 6450 voice-enabled routers. The Vanguard 6425 is a multiservice router designed for small branch offices for consolidating legacy protocols with LAN traffic over dedicated or switched X.25, IP, frame relay, point-to-point, multipoint, ISDN, and Nx64K (FT1/FE1) connections. Fax, RemoteVU video, VoFR, and VoIP analog voice can be combined with data traffic while maintaining voice and video quality levels.

The Vanguard 6430 can be configured to connect to an Ethernet network with up to 11 serial applications. When configured with an integral ISDN daughtercard, a full range of ISDN services is supported. The Vanguard 6450 addresses customer needs for small to large branch offices with higher throughput needs to regional concentration sites. For more information, contact the company at 800-544-0062 or visit Motorola’s Web site at www.mot.com/internet.

Natural MicroSystems Corporation
AG 4000 CPCI
The Alliance Generation (AG) 4000C series of CompactPCI DSP boards offers built-in scalability and the ability to process mixed media types for voice and other applications. The boards are configurable for up to four T1 or E1 interfaces, and offer DSP-based voice, DTMF/MF, and call progress functions. The AG series may be configured as one board, or as a motherboard-daughterboard combination, and the boards are available in 16 and 32 DSP versions for voice, fax, and VoIP processing, as well as IVR functionality. Each DSP can handle tasks like voice recording, playback, call progress analysis, echo cancellation, speech compression, and faxing. For more information, call Natural MicroSystems at 800-533-6120, or visit their Web site at www.nmss.com.

Netphone, Inc.
Netphone Intranet PBX (IPBX)
NetPhone’s scalable IPBX provides desktop call control, security, accounting, least-cost routing, and server-based automatic call distribution for using corporate Intranets to bypass the PSTN. The unit can support 96 extensions by linking up to
six PBX0819 boards. It can also be linked to additional IPBXs or gateways within the network, and offers PSTN fallback during Intranet failures. Other features include compliance with the H.323 protocol, as well as TAPI/TSAPI standards and VoIP IA 1.0. The IPBX supports call detail management reporting, and may be administered and managed remotely through a suite of software interfaces. It includes the PhoneMaster and VoiceMaster call management and voice mail applications for advanced CTI functionality. For more information, call NetPhone at 508-787-1000,
or visit the company’s Web site at www.netphone.com.

Network Exchange 2210
The Netrix Network Exchange 2210 provides support for IP, frame relay, ISDN, and X.25 network services. Software-selectable protocols and transmission technologies allow the 2210 to provide cost-effective leased line, public, or hybrid networking solutions for voice, data, and image applications. The 2210 offers support for a range of traffic types, including: Frame relay switching and encapsulation; LAN protocol support; ISDN support; X.25-to-frame relay conversion; X.25 packet switching and PAD support; and SNA support. In addition to extensive protocol and switching features, the Network Exchange 2210’s advanced network capabilities provide for QoS. For more information, contact Netrix at 703-793-2088 or visit the company’s Web site at www.netrix.com.

Oki Network Technologies
The BS1200 Internet Voice Gateway from Oki allows transmission of voice and fax over any IP network, while integrating with an existing PBX or key telephony system. The company broke ground recently by offering the product to qualified companies for a free, no-risk evaluation period. Companies can install and trial the gateway for 30 days, with no obligation to buy it. Oki is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., based in Japan. The company manufactures telecommunications and information systems, as well as electronic devices. For additional information, call Oki at 408-935-3331, or visit their Web site at www.okint.com.

PakNetX Corporation
The PNX ACD software solution from PakNetX offers the functionality of a traditional ACD in an Internet solution. Users can process PSTN, video, and data transmissions as a single contact using H.323 and the T.120 fax protocol using the software, ideal for electronic commerce transactions. The PNX ACD offers online assistants and management tools for monitoring Internet transactions, and users can place calls or transmissions on hold, transfer, conference, route to a supervisor, or re-route to another group. The software includes features of the PakNetX Internet telephone switch, as well as CTI features. For more information, call PakNetX at 603-890-6616, or visit the company’s Web site at www.paknetx.com

Praxon Phone Data eXchange (T1 module)
Praxon’s new T1 module for its Phone Data eXchange (PDX) brings integrated business communications to customers by combining voice and data on a single T1 line. The new T1 module for the Praxon PDX supports up to 24 voice/data channels. Each channel can be independently assigned to carry either voice or data traffic, based on the needs of the specific site. Protocol support includes frame relay, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), and SNMP. The PDX is a scalable and modular solution that combines a fully featured voice PBX with a full complement of networking, messaging, and Internet functions, and easy administration. For more information, contact Praxon at 408-871-1600, or visit the company’s Web site at www.praxon.com.

Quicknet Technologies
Internet SwitchBoard
Quicknet Technologies’ Internet SwitchBoard H.323 Internet telephony gateway software was on display at CTI Expo in Washington, DC. The Internet SwitchBoard takes advantage of Quicknet’s Internet PhoneJACK Desktop Internet telephony card and Internet LineJACK Internet telephony gateway card by allowing full H.323 support for the company’s two hardware solutions. Perhaps one of the more amazing features of Internet SwitchBoard is its price: Internet SwitchBoard is available for only $29.95 to users of PhoneJACK, and is included at no charge with LineJACK. Other features include touch-tone transfer for voice mail support; enhanced IDT Net2Phone support, and ICQ dialing support. For more information, contact Quicknet at 415-864-5225 or visit the company’s Web site at www.quicknet.net.

ShelCad Communications, Ltd.
Extending their Hi-Phone family of Internet and Intranet voice communication products, ShelCad offers the Hi-Phone PCMCIA for laptop connectivity. The device connects a laptop computer to any analog phone for calling over data networks, and can also connect with standard PSTN lines or PBXs through ShelCad’s Way2Call software. The Hi-Phone PCMCIA offers dial tone, on/off hook capabilities, call progress, and DTMFs, as well as CTI functionality like call holding, conference calling, recording, and queuing. On-board voice processing provides low latency, and an open architecture allows OEMs and developers the ability to produce a variety of applications. For more information, call ShelCad at 972-4-821-0844, or visit their Web site at www.shelcad.com.

Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Inc.
MX Email
This turnkey application from Siemens enables companies to easily add e-mail to their call center media sets. MX Email lets call centers track and monitor e-mail correspondence, checks incoming e-mails for key words, and will route e-mail to the most appropriate place based on the content. An express version of the application is also available for smaller businesses. MX Email can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, and offers easy remote access using TCP/IP. Other features include detailed reporting of message activity, and the ability to manage alias e-mail and Web-based inquiries. For additional information, call Siemens at 800-765-6123, or visit the company’s Web site at www.icn.siemens.com.

TEK DigiTel
V-Server iGATE
TEK DigiTel’s V-Server iGATE allows conventional telephony devices (analog phones, key systems, PBXs) to be connected via the Internet. In basic operation, it performs a gateway function, converting analog voice traffic to packet IP-based traffic, enabling transport over IP-based networks. In addition, fax machines connected to the same voice ports will be automatically detected and their output will also be converted to IP.

The V-Server iGATE supports standard voice encoding schemes G.723, G.729a, G.711 and G.723.1. In addition, support for H.323 v2 provides for connections to other entities using H.323 gatekeepers. For more information, contact TEK DigiTel at 301-428-9798 or visit the company’s Web site at www.tekdigitel.com.

Tornado Development
TEMS Unified Messaging Engine
The Tornado Electronic Messaging System Unified Messaging Engine is being marketed to telcos and ISPs seeking to add unified messaging to their existing networks. The system offers message retrieval through e-mail, fax, voice mail, and paging, in addition to scheduling capabilities. With built-in text-to-speech functionality, e-mail may be retrieved and responded to by phone, pager, or fax. Voice mail messages may also be retrieved via e-mail as audio attachments, and faxing may be controlled through a telephone or browser. Scheduling features include automatic message prioritizing and filtering, and pre-set transmission based on date, time, or day of the week. Contact Tornado by phone at 310-546-6319, or via their Web site at www.tems.com.

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