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July 1999


Taqua Announces Open Compact Exchange
Taqua Systems has announced the Open Compact Exchange (OCX), a Class 5 access switch for merging voice and data communications networks. The OCX is a scalable, next-generation Class 4/5 switch offering fault tolerance, remote diagnostics, BORSCHT functionality (Battery, Overvoltage protection, Ringing, Supervision, Coding, Hybrid, and Test), SS7 and ISDN-PRI capabilities, and an open programmable API. Taqua's OCX will satisfy the expanding infrastructure needs and voice/data convergence requirements of CLECs, ILECs, enhanced service providers and wireless service providers. The OCX can be deployed in a number of applications, including a Class 5 End Office, Class 4 Tandem office, Edge Office Gateway, Enhanced Services Platform, and in Wireless Local Access deployments.
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White Pine Software Unveils CU-SeeMe World
White Pine Software has announced CU-SeeMe World, a visual communications portal Web site on the Internet. While current portal sites provide a conduit for information, CU-SeeMe World is the first site on the Internet to focus exclusively on video communication, both between the individual users and as a directory for content-oriented chat sites. As part of the CU-SeeMe World announcement, the company also unveiled plans to embrace the existing CU-SeeMe user community and make CU-SeeMe software even more widely available to new users. Registered membership in CU-SeeMe World is free and citizens have access to a number of communications-based services. Users will be able to find and connect to other individual users through directory services from a recently announced partnership with visitalk.com.
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Telephony Experts, Dialogic Integrate VoIP And PSTN Enhanced Services Product
Telephony Experts have announced the integration of Dialogic DM3 IPLink voice hardware into their distributed switching and billing product, Talking NT Enterprise SQL, which already supports seamless mix-and-match integration with worldwide protocols using Dialogic's Globecall. Talking NT Enterprise SQL adds same-chassis Dialogic DM3 IPLink hardware support for VoIP using today's most widely accepted coders and call handling protocols including H.323, G.711, G.732.1, G.729a, GSM, and MS GSM. The DM3 IPLink hardware allows calls to originate over any supported telco medium and terminate via the Internet and vice versa. PC-to-phone, phone-to-phone, phone-to-PC, and PC-to-PC calling is a natural extension of the platform's comprehensive switching, billing, and enhanced services.
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Nokia To Move Wireless LAN Products Toward Mass Market
Nokia has launched a portfolio of standards-based wireless LAN products, designed to provide broadband wireless connectivity for mobile professionals, and which form a key component of the recently announced family of Nokia Mobility solutions. Nokia Wireless LAN portfolio combines mobility with high data rates. The wireless LAN portfolio includes the Nokia Wireless LAN Access Point, Nokia Wireless LAN PC Card, and software and utilities to make installation, use, and management a seamless extension to a wired network. The Nokia C020/C021 Wireless LAN Card is based on the IEEE 802.11 industry standard and initially provides a two Mbps wireless connection. Nokia A020 Wireless LAN Access Point provides initially up to a two Mbps wireless connection, upgradeable to the IEEE 802.11 High Rate versions, as they become available.
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VIPswitch Intros 36-Port, Layer 5 QoS Ethernet Switch
VIPswitch has announced the VIPswitch 3240, a 36-port, Layer 5 QoS Ethernet switch that enables network users to seamlessly connect throughout the network in real time. The VIPswitch 3240 provides the convenience of having a greater number of available ports in one box. This 32 x 10 Mbps and 4 x 100 Mbps QoS Ethernet switch offers greater accessibility at a lower cost per port. The VIPswitch 3240 can configure the uplinks with link aggregation from 100?400 Mbps, in full duplex with QoS on all 32 ports. The non-block-ing architecture increases overall throughput to 100 percent. This plug-and-play scalable enterprise switch integrates with the different H.323 gateways and gatekeepers on the market, and is fully compatible with existing software, hardware, and networks by Cisco, Nortel, 3Com, and Lucent.
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Sun Targets Real-Time Communications Apps With RTOS Support On CompactPCI
Sun Microsystems has announced robust real-time operating system (RTOS) capability for its SPARC-engine family of CompactPCI board products. The company will offer customers high-performance OEM solutions supporting Sun Microsys-tem?s ChorusOS RTOS or VxWorks, the RTOS component of the Tornado development environment from Wind River Systems. Both RTOS options will enable system designers to rapidly develop and deploy 64-bit UltraSPARC and 32-bit microSPARC processor-based applications for telecommunications infrastructure and enterprise telephony needs. Additionally, the Ultra-SPARC-II 64-bit, scalable architecture will provide system designers the flexibility to significantly optimize either operating system for high performance. The RTOS solutions, now available for the UltraSPARC processor-based SPARCengine CP 1500 CompactPCI board, will be phased in to support the entire CompactPCI board product line by the end of the year.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Unveils Single Chip For Internet Phones
Lucent Technologies said that it has distilled the functions of five computer chips into a single chip for telephones that carry voice on Internet networks. Phone-On-A-Chip will be marketed sometime next year. According to Lucent, the chip should cut the electronics cost of the specialized phones by 30 percent. The technology requires the use of specially designed phones, which currently sell for approximately $250 each. Internet telephones typically require several chips to perform multiple functions, while Lucent has 13 functions including core processing, analog-to-digital conversion, and amplification packed into the new design. Lucent plans to offer a two-chip product by the fourth quarter of this year, priced at less than $30 for quantities of 100,000.
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Memotec Ships Multiservice Solution With BRI QSIG Support Over Frame Relay, IP, ATM
Memotec Communications has announced that its CX950 Access Switch, currently shipping, is the first multiservice access product to reach the market with support for ISDN/QSIG over a BRI interface supporting transparent Common Channel Signaling (CCS) over Frame Relay, IP, and ATM. With the CX950, this strategic digital voice feature is available for the first time to remote site offices  particularly with the ISDN-centric European marketplace  with 100 percent CCS transparency over a converged network. Now, smaller branch offices can take advantage of the BRI interface connectivity and support ISDN and QSIG transparently to a central site location using Memotec's CX1000e Multi-Port Access Switch.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analogic's New Family Of CompactPCI NACs Includes DS-3
Analogic Corp. announced the launch of their Network Access Card (NAC) for CompactPCI platforms. The new family includes DS-3 and quad and octal T1/E1 cards. All three cards are 6U, hot swap compliant, and include the H.110 protocol telephony bus. The quad NAC-120 and the octal NAC-240 cards feature a software-selectable T1/E1 interface, Primary Rate ISDN, and a passive backplane. For data networking applications, they also feature a 10 Mb Ethernet interface, a Motorola MPC860 processor with VxWorks, and either 128 or 256 channels of HDLC. These boards are designed for VoIP trunking, VoIP gateway, remote access server, call center, and ISDN router applications. Available in Q3 1999, the NAC-120 and the NAC-240 cards are priced at $4,495 and $6,995 respectively. OEM quantity discounts are available.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NetSpeak And Motorola Raise Stakes In VoIP Marketplace
NetSpeak Corp. and Motorola have raised the stakes in the voice over IP (VoIP) marketplace, jointly unveiling the next phase of the companies' interoperability program. Central to this next phase is the high-level interoperability now available between NetSpeak's H.323v2-compatible gatekeeper, and Motorola?s family of Vanguard VoIP telephony gateways. NetSpeak's new gatekeeper not only controls network access and aggregates information associated with network endpoints, but also provides access to back-end services from a centralized location, such as billing, routing, and call detail recording. The NetSpeak gatekeeper's solution scripts ensure uniform call flow behavior across the multiple gateways and IP telephony devices deployed in the network. The flexible and extensible scripts drive NetSpeak's suite of solutions and create value-added VoIP service offering.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ariel's PowerPOP Architecture Transforms ISP Infrastructure
Ariel Corp. has announced the PowerPOP architecture, a new way of building and scaling Internet Service Provider (ISP) infrastructure. The new PowerPOP architecture, which utilizes open systems platforms running Windows NT and Linux, enables ISPs to reduce equipment cost while increasing flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. The PowerPOP architecture provides an alternative to the dedicated servers and dumb remote access concentrators that ISPs currently use to build network operations centers (NOCs) and add new points of presence (POPs). The baseline PowerPOP platform combines a PC running Linux or Windows NT with one or more high-density Ariel RS2000 remote access plug-in cards, a LAN card, and a router. ISPs can add Linux or Windows NT-based software components to this platform.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Trenton Technology Intros 1 GB SDRAM Pentium II/III Processor-Based SBC
Trenton Technology, a designer and manufacturer of single board computers (SBCs), announced its new high-performance GX line of single and dual Pentium II/III processor-based SBCs using Intel's 440GX AGPset featuring 1 GB of SDRAM memory. The 440GX AGPset also supports the system/memory bus at 100MHz, providing an ultra high-speed bandwidth path for transferring data between main memory/chip set and the microprocessors. Both the P2GX
and DP2GX feature on-board 10/100Base-T Ethernet, ultra-wide SCSI, and AGP SVGA interfaces and Trenton's innovative, flush-mounted processors that save valuable backplane slots and allow use of all available standard PCI slots.
No. 520, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Obvious Technology Rolls Out OBVIOUS Media Manager
Obvious Technology has announced the OBVIOUS Media Manager, a video asset management tool that reduces the cost of digital content management, speeds up the production process, and makes video easy to use on a network. The OBVIOUS Media Manager enables content creators, such as movie, multimedia, and TV producers, to quickly view and comment on dailies, production clips, and multimedia content via a network connection. Users can also locate, review, retrieve, and purchase multimedia files from stock footage sources via the Internet, as well as distribute and deliver rich multimedia across a variety of networks and platforms.
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Dialogic Connects Internet Telephony And CTI
Dialogic Corp. has announced a versatile interface between Internet telephony and computer-telephony integration (CTI) applications. This gatekeeper-based technology will extend the capabilities of Dialogic's CT Connect call control software by allowing applications to monitor and control IP telephony calls in the same way they currently do in traditional telephone environments. This new technology will allow CTI applications to operate within IP telephony environments as easily as in a traditional PBX. This transparency between IP telephony and traditional PBXs means that CTI developers will be able to market their applications for use in IP telephony environments with little or no change. Customers will then be able to use IP telephony in conjunction with contact management, customer service, and support applications.
No. 522, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Atlas Adds Integrated Voice/Data Over DSL To Diamond Internetworking System
Atlas Communication Engines has announced the introduction of a new voice/data-over-DSL application for its Diamond Internetworking System. To further expand the WAN options for its OEM customers, Atlas has created two additional modules for the Diamond Internetworking Systems, a POTS module, and an SDSL module. The POTS module supports up to eight analog voice interfaces, and the SDSL module supports a single pair 2B1Q interfaces at data rates up to 2.3 Mbps, allowing high-speed data transfer over standard telephone lines. By configuring the Diamond with Ethernet, POTS, and SDSL modules, and utilizing Atlas Communications Operating System, OEM customers can create a flexible and feature-rich Integrated Access Device tailored for a variety of DSL services, including voice over DSL.
No. 523, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Praxon Announces New T1 Connectivity Module For Its PDX
Praxon has announced a new T1 module for its Phone Data eXchange (PDX). With both voice and data on a single T1 line, the Praxon Phone Data eXchange gives small to medium-sized business customers and remote offices an easily deployed solution that reduces costs by eliminating the need for multiple phone lines. The new T1 module supports up to 24 voice/data channels. Each channel can be independently assigned to carry either voice or data traffic, based on the needs of the specific site. Protocol support includes frame relay, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), and SNMP. The T1 trunk module also includes an integrated CSU/DSU and support for Direct Inward Dial (DID).
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SpectraLink Unveils VoIP For Wireless LANs
SpectraLink Corp. has announced the NetLink Wireless Telephone System (NetLink WTS). Combining voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless LAN technologies, it allows mobile workers to make and receive telephone calls over a shared wireless infrastructure. The NetLink WTS is the industry?s first IEEE 802.11-compliant workplace wireless telephone system to deliver voice quality, desktop telephone features, and durable handset design. Compliance with the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LANs permits businesses to leverage their new or existing wireless LAN infrastructure by adding high-quality voice communications, allowing enterprises to deploy and manage voice and data over a single wireless backbone. NetLink WTS is available the third quarter of 1999.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

FORE Systems' ESX-3000 Delivers Flexible Fusion Of Ethernet, ATM To LAN Edge
FORE Systems has unveiled the ESX-3000 High Density LAN Edge Switch, combining FORE's acclaimed asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology with application-aware Ethernet innovations. With this flexible fusion of Ethernet and ATM, the ESX-3000 enables business-critical IP LANs and converged networks to reach new heights of versatility, scalability, and performance. Expanding FORE's industry-leading family of ESX switches, the ESX-3000 provides a new level of bandwidth control for business-critical, delay sensitive applications at the network edge. The ESX-3000 is a modular solution offering a high combined density of Ethernet and ATM LAN ports, yielding the option of implementing ATM or Ethernet, or a mixture of both without requiring different backplane versions.
No. 525, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

GTE And Solect Provide Outsourced Service, Help ISPs Solve Customer Care Issues
GTE Data Services, a unit of GTE Corp., and Solect Technology Group have formed an alliance to provide an outsourced, hosted, billing and customer care application to local and regional Internet service providers (ISPs). The new service, NETime, is designed to help ISPs quickly deploy and bill for new services and rapidly add new customers, all within a secure environment at a lower cost than many current billing systems, all while maintaining their corporate brand. Targeted to ISPs seeking a cost-effective alternative to in-house billing and customer care solutions, or for whom a site licensed-based arrangement is too costly, NETime will be jointly marketed, sold, and implemented by GTE and Solect.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ennovate Drives Transition To The New Corporate WAN
Ennovate Networks has delivered a solution for enabling Network Service Providers to quickly and cost-effectively provide network-based IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to their corporate customers. Representing the foundation for the new corporate WAN, network-based IP VPNs are the platform on which a new class of business-critical IP services will be provisioned. These IP VPNs are independent of, but fully leverage, existing infrastructure investments in carrier and enterprise networks. Ennovate's solution includes the Ennovate Envoy VPN21000 Service Provisioning System, and Envoy 1600 IP services switch, which are cornerstones of the company's IP Service Creation Architecture.
No. 528, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ADC And MIND CTI Join To Provide OSS For VoIP Solutions
ADC Telecommunications and MIND CTI, Ltd. have signed an agreement by which ADC will supply MIND-iPhonEX IP telephony billing and customer care, and associated professional services which will complement ADC's ability to deliver full VoIP solutions to the marketplace. MIND-iPhoneEX provides a fully redundant solution including a fail-over mechanism, database replication, and no single point of failure to insure highly reliable service to customers. The system handles both prepaid and post-paid billing, creation and management of prepaid calling cards, real-time cut-off of calls, individualized customer rate tables, and flexible fax charge options. MIND-iPhonEX support systems provide call management reports, traffic analysis, and keep track of excessive use, including fraud alarms. Web-based customer care, and subscriber verification of real-time balance and call details are also available.
No. 531, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Inter-Tel InterPrise 400 Extends IP Telephony To Enterprise Networks
Inter-Tel announced production release of the InterPrise 400 IP telephony gateway, the first in a new line of IP telephony products that transports voice, fax, and data communications across corporate IP or frame relay networks. The four-port InterPrise 400 provides network managers with a simple way to integrate multimedia communications among remote facilities, including smaller branch offices. The InterPrise 400 is an analog product that supports subscriber interfaces for standard telephones, fax machines, voice-band modems, PBX or PSTN loop lines (FXO), and PBX E&M tie lines. Future InterPrise products planned for 1999 include 24-port analog and 32-port digital T1/E1 configuration designed for larger enterprise network applications.
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New IP Phone From Siemens
Siemens Information and Communication Networks has introduced the HiNet LP 5100 IP telephone, a high-featured business telephone with a built-in Ethernet network adapter for connection to a company’s local-area network (LAN). The HiNet LP 5100 enhances communication, enabling calls between the HiNet LP 5100 and other IP telephones, classic PSTN phones, and H.323-standard-compatible PC clients. The HiNet LP 5100 offers Siemens’ OptiGuide interface, which allows users to access and set up phone features by scrolling through a menu and selecting the desired option from the phone’s 24-character LCD display. Other features include automatic redial, on-hook dialing, hands-free operation, 16 programmable speed dial numbers, and a date and time display.
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