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Reality Check
May 2000


We've Rounded Up 42 Of The Hottest Next-Generation Switching Platforms

The original title of this roundup was "Voice/Data Switches & IP-PBXs." But as we began to collect information on the plethora of equipment that may be classified under that heading, we realized that using only two phrases to describe these products would be limiting to their manufacturers, and to the industry as a whole. The next-gen network is a valuable investment for service providers and carriers, and the many components that enable analog voice to be packetized for even part of its transport journey are crucial elements in building this infrastructure.

When putting together this lengthy roundup, we looked at standard Internet telephony gateways, softswitches, edge access devices, and even the peripherals that allow these devices to perform their switching tasks. The majority of the products can certainly be classified as voice/data switches and IP-PBXs, but whether they sit at the customer premise, in the central office, or somewhere on the edge of the public network cloud, they all perform data conversion and transport functions that are critical to the success of the next-gen network.
-- Laura Guevin

Next-Gen Switching Platforms

NETNEX Enterprise CopperEdge 200 DSL Concentrator DEFINITY IP Solutions, Phase 2
G-Phone InternetPBX Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) 1.3
SecurPBX IVX20 Plus GSX9000
OmniPCX 4400 F9600 PBXs HiNet RC3000, Version 2.0
USX1000 IPeria Service Node ERX-700/1400
Clarent Siemens Atea VPN-IP ControlSwitch Universal Services Suite
WebSwitch 100 VoiceMedia 2000 Fusion 4/CG6000C
iVANi APA III-1 Broadband Services System
Integrated Convergence Switch (ICS2000) Ipera 2000 Voice Services Call Agent
Virtual Voice Services (VVS) Praxon Phone Data Exchange (PDX) TB200
Wisper (Wire-Speed Edge Router) Tenor Multipath Gateway Telephony Services Platform (TSP)
TSR Terabit Switch Router ORCA GX-21 Open Compact
PBXgateway Subscriber Management System (SMS) Salix ETX 5000
NBX 100 Communications System, Release 2 Memotec (CX950) eNterprise 2000


NETNEX Enterprise
ATM Switches
NEC America, Inc.
Corporate Networks Group
1555 Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038

  • The NETNEX family of switches features the 8550 model, for a 2.5 Gbps fabric, the 8800 model, for a five Gbps fabric, and the 8900 model, for a 10 Gbps fabric. The switches support voice over data through ATM circuit emulation, which offers full-featured, transparent, PBX-to-PBX networking.
  • The 8800 and 8900 models offer full redundancy for the switch fabric, processors and controllers, and power.

1135 Kern Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

  • These VoIP gateways, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, can be installed at the customer premises or may be hosted at a Broadmedia Network Operations Center. They simply convert analog to IP to enable Broadmedia's freeTone phone-to-phone calling services.
  • Focusing on low-port density of 12 to 24 ports, the gateways work with other G-Phone gateways on the receiving end. Services included with freeTone include QoS monitoring, upgrading, and usage monitoring.

1900 City Park Dr., Ste. 204
Gloucester, ON Canada K1J1A3

  • This integrated telephony security product offers remote access security to long-distance trunks, voice mail, maintenance, IVR, modem pools, and data and modem ports. Users are authenticated using voice biometrics technology, and/or SecurID tokens. User access can also be restricted to a specific CLID, as well as a certain number of calls per person on certain days and times.
  • All calls are logged for detailed report generation, and the product is designed to prevent toll fraud and to eliminate unauthorized callers and calling abuse.

OmniPCX 4400
26801 W. Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, Calif. 91301

  • This IP-based enterprise voice networking system features scalability for 50 to 50,000 users, and comes with the company's Reflexes telephone handsets. Features of the system include quality of service (QoS) management, unified messaging capability, one-number mobility, and integrated voice and data network management.
  • Based on a client/server UNIX architecture, the system offers an open architecture for easy integration with application technologies and other networking infrastructures. The system is part of the OmniSolutions for Enterprise initiative, which also features the OmniSwitch, OmniStack, and OmniCore data networking families.

empowerTel Networks, Inc.
2345 North First St.
San Jose, CA 95131

  • This carrier-class switching system enables conversion of PSTN voice over packet data networks using the open, distributed Unified Media Architecture. Featuring up to 8,064 voice ports per shelf and up to 32,256 voice ports per cabinet, the USX features support for the H.323, MGCP, MEGACO, SIP, RTP, and MPLS protocols.
  • Sub-systems include the Unified Call Exchange (distributed call agent and media gateway controller), Unified Services Gateway (high-performance, high-density media gateway), Unified Management System (services-based management system architecture supporting SNMP and CORBA interfaces), and the Unified Application Server, an enhanced services delivery platform.

Clarent Siemens Atea VPN-IP
Clarent Corporation
700 Chesapeake Dr.
Redwood City, CA 94063

  • This joint solution from Clarent and Siemens Atea enables transparent PBX networking over IP-based networks. Features like callback, calling name display, network-wide call pickup, and central attendant are enabled over IP networks with the solution, which allows a single, IP-based communications network to transmit inter-PBX signaling information along with voice conversations, over the same network.
  • A benefit of the solution will be the flexibility to replace private-line, point-to-point signaling connections in the enterprise network with IP-based, point-to-multipoint solutions. Overall, the solution can increase functionality and reduce costs for corporate users, speeding up implementation of IP telephony in an enterprise.

WebSwitch 100
Ericsson Webcom, Inc.
1931 Old Middlefield Way, Z
Mountain View, CA 94043

  • The WebSwitch 100 is a desktop VoIP gateway that acts as a virtual remote PBX, integrating remote users with corporate networks. It offers access to the company operator, voice mail system, and other advanced resources, all through a 10Base-T connection. Product varieties include an IP Extension Gateway (G4 platform) for integration with a company's PBX or key system, and a Phone Gateway (P2/P4), which sits at the home or remote office.
  • The G4 offers four ports for VoIP, and four channels for voice and fax, as well as an FX0 interface. The P2/P4 provides two- and four-port analog telephone access and features an FXS loop start interface, and two or four channels of voice and fax.

NexTone Communications, Inc.
9700 Great Seneca Hwy.
Rockville, MD 20850

  • NexTone's integrated value-added networks over the Internet (iVANi) solution offers universal IP-based transport for voice, data, and fax using xDSL, wireless, or cable modems. It blends customer premise equipment (CPE), mobile software products, and network management into one solution for communications, services, and applications.
  • The company offers a partnership program, All For ONE, to help service providers and CLECs evolve into Integrated Communications Providers (ICPs). By partnering with these companies, NexTone's solution can be bundled with broadband access and applications like unified messaging, virtual PBX, and telecommuting.

Integrated Convergence Switch (ICS2000)
Convergent Networks
900 Chelmsford St., Tower Three
Lowell, MA 01851

  • This second-generation convergence switch offers internetworking and adaptation among traditional TDM and packet-based networks for switching multi-service voice and data traffic. Using Convergent's centralized Service Management Gateway intelligence for switching, the ICS2000 offers a 20-slot chassis and a 10-gigabit ATM switch fabric with dedicated bandwidth for each slot.
  • Two slots are reserved for the redundant switch fabric and control processor, and the remaining slots are OC-3 capable. A midplane offers rear connection slots, and increases the system's flexibility. A single chassis can switch more than 36,000 DS-0s, and the platform can scale to more than 320,000 non-blocking DS-0s.

Virtual Voice Services (VVS)
2860 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

  • Comprised of the Telecommunication Service Portal (TSP) and CSX 2100 Class 4/5 switching platform, the VVS architecture allows service providers to create and deliver voice-over-IP networks. The TSP call control server may be used for circuit-switched and packet-based networks, and enables features to be developed and delivered over any network transport protocol.
  • It uses the patented call policy markup language, an extension of XML, to allow service providers to easily create features. It is an object-oriented language, which reduces the risk of breaking existing functionality when new features are added.

Wisper (Wire-Speed Edge Router)
Entridia Corporation
131 Theory, Ste. 150
Irvine, CA 92612

  • This wire-speed IP router chip is geared toward high-performance regional and central office routers in enterprise networks. It offers 6.4 Gbps of bandwidth with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, as well as connectivity to gigabit Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 packet-over-SONET links. This is achieved through the OptiStream interface.
  • The chip also supports T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, and broadband cable connectivity through the EdgeStream interface. Other features include non-blocking wire-speed performance of 10 million packets per second, eight ms of ingress to egress latency, and a 64 entry on-chip flow table with Layer 4 port ranges and full wire-speed firewall functionality.

TSR Terabit Switch Router
Avici Systems, Inc.
101 Billerica Ave.
North Billerica, MA 01862-1256

  • Able to handle up to 560 OC-192/STM-64 ports, this carrier class switch/router provides an aggregated switched bandwidth of 5.6 terabits per second through the Velociti switching fabric. The TSR offers coupled layer trunking using MPLS-based traffic engineering, and offers a distributed routing architecture for separation of routing and packet forwarding.
  • Additional features include packet over wavelengths optical integration, which reduces the amount of equipment needed to use dense wave division multiplexing. Class of service support is also featured, which can manage DiffServ, weighted fair queuing, and random early detection.

MCK Communications, Inc.
313 Washington St.
Newton, MA 02458

  • This high-performance gateway sits at the corporate voice system and can terminate up to 12 remote users through MCK's compatible remote VoIP products. The unit allows remote workers to access the features of a corporate PBX, extending those features over an IP network. It can be configured to operate in a managed network or in a point-to-point WAN environment over a traditional network.
  • Features include the ability to mix and match client modules, and the gateway may be configured to run in Layer 2, 3, or traditional circuit-switched environments. Remote employees may then have access to voice mail, call accounting systems, ACDs, and unified messaging.

NBX 100 Communications System, Release 2
3Com Corporation
5400 Bayfront Plaza
P.O. Box 58145
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8145

  • The latest release of 3Com's Internet telephony communications system offers scalability up to 200 ports as well as a new NBX Digital Line card for integration with T1 lines. Analog Terminal cards also support analog phones and faxes, and new software offers functionality for managing enterprise inbound call centers.
  • Enhanced hardware and software components offer advanced auto attendant abilities, and administration through the NetSet management system. Additional software features include call center routing and queuing, and advanced call handling services. A new automatic route selection feature offers cost savings, and IGMP services allow Layer 3 IP multicasting.

CopperEdge 200 DSL Concentrator
Copper Mountain Networks, Inc.
2470 Embarcadero Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303

  • The CopperEdge allows carriers and service providers to offer data and voice services over DSL connections. The concentrator is installed in a central office or multi-tenant building, and leverages the existing copper wire infrastructure to provide frame relay, VPN, VoDSL, PBX extension, and POTS services.
  • The CopperEdge offers high-speed capability, high port density, and low power consumption. It is managed, along with a companion CPE, through the SNMP-based CopperView network management tools, which enable troubleshooting of the entire network from a single location. Features include selectable speeds of 64 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps, and up to 12 Mbps using inverse multiplexing technology.

P.O. Box 1090
Del Mar, CA 92014-1090

  • With scalability of more than 144 ports per server and more than 1,440 ports per standard 19" rack, this communications server offers users local and remote access through dialup lines and Internet connections.
  • The InternetPBX can integrate with Microsoft BackOffice and Microsoft Exchange Server, and runs on Windows NT. Features include unified messaging for integration of voice mail, e-mail, and faxes, text-to-speech translation for reading e-mails to callers via telephone, conference bridging, integration with digital phone systems, and an auto attendant with speech recognition.

IVX20 Plus
Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI)
2601 Summit Ave.
Plano, TX 75074

  • Designed for smaller offices looking for affordable telephony features, the IVX20 Plus is a complete digital phone system offering caller ID, live call recording and screening, programmable feature keys, and TAPI support. It also offers auto attendant, message transfer to off-premises locations, cascade paging and information mailboxes, and an alphabetical directory.
  • ESI's Esi-Access software offers on-site and remote installation, configuration, and maintenance through a simple, menu-driven programming tool. Esi-Access can run in Windows 95/98 environments, and programming may be done through a serial port or remote modem connection, or offline for pre-installation configuration.

F9600 PBXs
Fujitsu Ltd.
733 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10017

  • The F9600 line of PBXs offers IP functionality for the enterprise market, and features call handling, internal IP trunking, and IP networking and telephony solutions. It offers seamless migration for 40 to 9,600 voice lines, and enables TSAPI, TAPI, VoFR, VoIP, as well as IVR-to-live agent data exchange.
  • It provides PRI compatibility with interexchange carrier services, and also offers station-side PRI resources for support of H0-switched 384 Kbps data connections for high-quality video. Station-side BRI is also enabled, as is non-facility associated signaling (NFAS), which is used to support switched 1.544 Mbps channel capabilities for high-speed data networking applications.

IPeria Service Node
77 South Bedford St.
Burlington, MA 01803

  • This network-based, carrier-class platform supports real-time voice, voice messaging, video, fax, and e-mail communications on IP and PSTN networks. Media conversion enables access to accounts through landline phones, wireless, Web browsers, e-mail, pagers, and PDAs. The solution is designed for rapid growth, and can scale from a single platform to POP or central office installations serving millions of subscribers.
  • Features include data-centric enhanced services applications, and patented software for rapid service deployment and changes in the network. Service capabilities include media streaming, real-time text-to-speech conversion, data access, and automatic speech recognition.

ipVerse, Inc.
490 De Guigne Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

  • This software-based switch lets service providers deploy new, revenue-generating services while offering a smooth migration path between existing voice networks and data networks. An open architecture and simple, Web-based tools let service providers and third-party developers create, deploy, and customize services.
  • A multi-protocol call control system, the ControlSwitch offers transparent traffic exchange within or among service provider networks. It also enables infrastructure expansion utilizing different hardware vendors, while supporting existing systems. It is made up of five layers: User services, augmented services, base services, media control services, and transport services.

VoiceMedia 2000
Picazo Communications, Inc.
61 Daggett Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134

  •  Supporting TAPI, MAPI, and SAPI, this communications platform offers an open architecture for scalability to hundreds of users and robust PBX functionality -- using only a few slots in a standard server. Telephony features include voice mail, ACD, conferencing, paging, unified messaging, and call control.
  • The platform is configured on a Compaq Proliant 1600R server, and can also act as a snap-in module for the Microsoft Management Console, for managing telephony systems along with computing and networking systems. Additional features include LAN-based messaging, caller ID, the DP200 digital display phone, and pop-up screens for looking up database information.

Mediatrix Peripherals, Inc.
4229 Garlock St.
Sherbrooke, QC Canada J1L 2C8

  • A software-configurable telecommunications device providing full-duplex voice/fax over IP networks, the APA III-1 is intended for analog phones and G3 fax machines. It works with the H.323, MGCP, and SIP protocols, and supports industry-standard vocoders. The device can act as a gateway by setting up a single link between PSTN and IP networks.
  • The APA III-1 leverages existing phones, networks, PBXs, modems, key systems and fax machines, and also offers user-friendly administration and remote management. Software may be updated and features may be added using TFTP.

Ipera 2000
Mitel Corporation
350 Legget Dr.
Kanata, ON Canada K2K 2W7

  • Designed for use in small- and medium-sized businesses and extended enterprise offices, this IP communications solution offers PBX functionality as well as 99.999 percent reliable call control. The solution easily integrates with a legacy network, and uses QSIG networking and the DPNSS protocol to facilitate networking.
  • Based on Mitel's open Data Integrated Voice Applications (DIVA) architecture, the Ipera offers 384 ports in a single-server, Windows NT-based platform. Features include call control, analog and digital trunking including T1/E1 and ISDN, call center routing, and management including LDAP and SNMP support. Unified messaging functionality is also included, and the server supports up to 240 IP users.

Praxon Phone Data Exchange (PDX)
Praxon, Inc.
1700 Dell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

  • This solution offers a multi-service edge device at the customer premise so carriers can maintain account control and reduce churn. It integrates voice, data networking, messaging, and Internet access within a single system.
  • A recent 32-port voice module addition doubles the port density and decreases the per port cost from the previous 16-port voice card. When the PDX is configured with two modules, it can support 64 on-premises users and an unlimited number of off-site virtual extensions. It may be mixed with the existing card in the same chassis for an incremental upgrade.

Tenor Multipath Gateway
Quintum Technologies, Inc.
14 Christopher Way
Eatontown, NJ 07724

  • Offering intelligent interconnection of an enterprise PBX, IP network, and the PSTN, the Tenor uses transparent auto-switch quality (TASQ) technology to channel voice traffic over IP or the PSTN while maintaining call quality. Calls may be switched from an IP network to the PSTN at any time during the call, if the Tenor senses potential for interference or voice degradation.
  • The gateway has a virtual backplane architecture for easy scalability, and multiple gateways may be stacked together via Ethernet, and configured and managed as one unit, while also providing redundancy.

Nuera Communications, Inc.
10445 Pacific Center Court
San Diego, CA 92121

  • This carrier-class gateway integrates VoFR with VoIP, allowing carriers to deliver new services over a worldwide communications infrastructure. New features recently announced include support for the MGCP and SIP protocols, allowing for call setup and tear-down through a softswitch. Other enhanced features that may now be deployed include intelligent call routing, and clearinghouse, billing, and unified messaging ability.
  • The ORCA GX-21 can handle more than 2,000 simultaneous calls from traditional interfaces, and can switch them over IP, ATM, frame relay, or leased-line networks. It features from four to 136 DSPs per gateway, operating at 1600 MIPS per DSP.

Subscriber Management System (SMS)
Redback Networks, Inc.
1310 Moffett Park Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

  • Products in the SMS line are intelligent networking devices meant to speed the deployment of broadband services, while providing a scalable operational model for managing subscribers. The system accepts data traffic from multiple DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs), cable modem termination systems, and wireless head-ends. It converts traffic to IP, relieving backbone routers of this translation.
  • The SMS may be deployed by carriers at a network access point (NAP), by service providers at a data center, or by MSOs at a cable head-end.

Memotec (CX950)
Memotec Communications, Inc.
600 McCaffrey St.
Montreal, QC Canada H4T 1N1

  • This access switch offers a multiservice solution for regional and central site enterprise networks. It acts as a multiservice access concentrator, converging data, voice, and video over IP, ATM, frame relay, and ISDN. The CX950 features an eight-slot chassis that can accommodate a wide variety of interface modules, and may be configured to support LAN applications from token ring or Ethernet modules, legacy protocols, and voice compression.
  • The switch can also accommodate integrated solutions like 56/64 Kbps connectivity, T1/E1, ISDN, CSU/DSU, and V.24 dial-backup modules. It offers easy remote SNMP management through Memotec's CXView, a distributed Java-based management system geared toward most platform architectures.

DEFINITY IP Solutions, Phase 2
Lucent Technologies
600 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ 07974

  • Acting as both an IP gateway and gatekeeper, this solutions set converts voice traffic to IP packets, while offering H.323 multimedia endpoints with secure access to the DEFINITY server. The endpoints allow PCs to connect to a switched Ethernet LAN, so they may be used as soft phones. Functionality includes call hold, forward, conference, transfer, speed dial, and multiple call appearances and displays.
  • The solutions set works on DEFINITY Release 8.2, and also provides messaging, remote access, and Q-Signaling (Q-Sig). The software and server are both open and standards-based, and support industry-standard APIs like TAPI, TSAPI, and JTAPI.

Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) 1.3
Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
8909 Purdue Rd., Ste. 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • This Windows-NT based communications server offers PBX, IVR, and ACD functionality, as well as unified messaging, Web services, screen pops, and a software phone interface. Optimized to reduce network traffic and server processing overhead, the latest version of EIC allows a processor configuration to handle higher call volumes, while optimization of Java enables a reduction of CPU utilization.
  • The new version also offers low-level audio processing, as well as support for ADSI phones for message waiting indicators and caller ID displays. The ability to transfer external participants in a conference call is also featured, as well as additional ACD functionality like estimated hold time announcements, place in queue announcements, whispers, and auto announcements.

Sonus Networks, Inc.
5 Carlisle Rd.
Westford, MA 01886

  • This carrier-class open services switch offers complete redundancy of all system elements, interoperability with SS7 networks, toll-quality voice, NEBS compliance, and scalability to handle from 8,000 to hundreds of thousands of calls. Designed to meet public carrier standards, it is 99.999 percent reliable.
  • The switch offers low switch delays, high-quality voice coding, and G.168 echo cancellation. The unit also frees up floor space, as a few GSX9000 shelves can support the same number of calls as a full room of circuit-switching equipment, which also reduces cooling and power costs. Additional features include interoperability with H.323 terminals and gateways, and seamless integration into existing circuit-switched networks.

HiNet RC3000, Version 2.0
Siemens Information and Communication Networks
900 Broken Sound Pkwy.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

  • The latest version of this IP communications system provides increased scalability, functionality, and ease-of-use. This release can support 200 active users, with future plans to support 5,000 users per system. Version 2.0 enables links to be established with multiple offices using PRI gateways.
  • Features include a Web-based management interface, call status, comprehensive call records, integrated ACD, and direct access to the system's directory services facilities. It offers basic PBX functionality and can interoperate with legacy PBXs for a smooth migration to IP.

Unisphere Solutions, Inc.
200 Wheeler Rd.
Burlington, MA 01803

  • The ERX platform is geared toward edge networks, and offers wire-speed performance and sophisticated routing for all interfaces. It supports high-density connections including dialup, T1/E1, and T3/E3, as well as high speed uplinks like OC-3, OC-12, fast Ethernet, and gigabit Ethernet. Traffic may be routed to a service provider's Internet backbone, a CLEC or ISP partner, or a corporate VPN.
  • The platform also offers IP support for enabling QoS policies, IP VPNs, and IP SLAs. The 700 model features a seven-slot chassis, designed for smaller PoPs. The 1400 model features a 14-slot chassis, for high-density applications. Line and I/O modules will fit into either chassis, protecting hardware investments.

Universal Services Suite
Xybridge Technologies, Inc.
3400 Waterview Pkwy., Ste. 107
Richardson, TX 75080

  • This softswitch platform is scalable and offers an open API for quick service creation. It can run on Windows NT, Unix, Linux, and embedded platforms, and supports the MCCP, H.323, SIP, SS7, and NCS standards. It offers seamless connectivity to PSTN and IP-based networks for delivery of traditional telephony services as well as IP-based services.
  • Features include a call agent for call and connection control, as well as signaling and media control functions. The platform's media gateway framework offers building blocks for the creation of MGCP-compliant media gateways. It may also be used to create IP-PBXs for small- to medium-sized companies.

Fusion 4/CG6000C
Natural MicroSystems
100 Crossing Blvd.
Framingham, MA 01702

  • The new Fusion 4/CG6000C solution is an integrated development platform for constructing IP-PBX applications, VoIP gateways, and IP-based enhanced services applications. It offers 120 universal ports, which are expandable to 240 ports with an optional daughterboard. The CompactPCI system comes bundled with Fusion 4, the latest version of the NMS software development platform.
  • Features include dual redundant 100 MB Ethernet interfaces, standard vocoders, T.38 real-time fax support, and a media-streaming programming model for developing next-generation media-intensive applications. It also offers four trunk interfaces that may be switched from T1 to E1 via software.

Broadband Services System
Syndeo Corporation
20195 Stevens Creek Blvd., Ste. 120
Cupertino, CA 95014

  • This telco-grade, scalable software solution offers Class 5 functionality and IP enhanced voice services to business and residential subscribers. Services, including CLASS, Centrix, Lifeline, CALEA, unified messaging, and mobility, are offered over xDSL, cable, and fixed wireless local loops.
  • Softswitch benefits include interworking of SIP, MGCP, H.323, and SS7 elements. Other features include interfaces to billing, provisioning, and settlement systems, and JAIN and Corba interfaces to the BSS, which open the entire platform to third-party application integration and control of services.

Voice Services Call Agent
VocalData, Inc.
1701 N. Greenville Ave. #304
Richardson, TX 75081

  • Located in the service provider network, the Call Agent offers PBX/Centrex functionality in an IP environment. Software runs on a pair of UNIX servers, and multiple pairs may provide phone service for up to tens of thousands of customers. The agent works with VocalData's IP-Ethernet Telephones, installed on the customer premise. These full-featured digital business phones plug directly into a LAN and convert voice to IP at the desktop.
  • Additional features of the call agent include call hold, transfer, conference, forward, park, and auto attendant. It can support up to 1,000 end-user partitions per pair of servers, and thousands of IP-Ethernet phones.

TollBridge Technologies
3121 Jay St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054-3308

  • A carrier-class local exchange gateway, the TB200 connects to a Class 5 switch using GR-303 over DS1 lines, and connects to broadband data networks using ATM over DS3. Circuit-switched voice is packetized and sent to a TB50 integrated access device (IAD) on the customer premises. The TB200 appears as a digital loop carrier to the Class 5 switch, and transparently delivers all Class 5 services.
  • Signaling and services are also passed transparently through the TB200, including caller ID, tones, message waiting indication, flash hooks, and line state information. The gateway chassis is a 17-slot shelf featuring a passive, midplane design with four redundant buses, two star-wired ATM data buses, a shared H.110 TDM bus, and a power bus.

Telephony Services Platform (TSP)
Voiceware Systems, Inc.
1109 Okeechobee Rd., Ste. 11
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

  • The TSP offers a fault tolerant architecture, supporting prepaid calling cards, postpaid calling cards, prepaid wireless, and prepaid local customized call processing applications. Features include voice mail services, with the ability to receive messages on DID and retrieve them by callback or toll-free call. Fax mail and conference calling are also available with additional hardware.
  • A One-Call feature offers a single point of contact for the subscriber, and once the one-call number is triggered, the TSP asks callers for their names, and then dials each of the subscriber's contact numbers. The subscriber can accept the call or direct it to voice mail. Other features include fax message notification, and customizable voice prompts, menus, and database access.

Open Compact
Exchange (OCX)
Taqua Systems, Inc.
75 Attucks Lane
Hyannis, MA 02601

  • This Class 5 switching system is based on a scalable, open architecture hardware and software model. The system offers single-card switching, and Taqua's line trunk cards and trunk interface cards provide all the switching power needed. The cards may be fitted into any of the system's 20 slots.
  • Other features include a 19" rack-mountable chassis using 2,048 TDM busses with support for 8,192 ports. It also supports analog lines and digital trunks, and CLASS and Centrex services. A programmable API allows new service creation, and embedded system engine (ISE) software lets carriers develop services quickly.

Salix ETX 5000
Tellabs Operations, Inc.
4951 Indiana Ave.
Lisle, IL 60532-1698

  • This class-independent telephony switch offers voice and data switching for high-quality voice, fax, and VPNs. It provides high network availability through fully redundant equipment, robust management, and hot-swap support for all universal service modules. Connectivity to TDM voice networks is provided through OC-3 or OC-12 SONET optical interfaces, or through DS-3, E3, or STS-1 electrical interfaces.
  • Data network interfaces include 100Base-T Ethernet, as well as OC-3c and OC-12c SONET for ATM and packet-over-SONET transmissions. Voice processing functions include compression, silence suppression, comfort noise generation, and echo cancellation, with support for industry-standard codecs.

eNterprise 2000
eOn Communications Corp.
4119 Willow Lake Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38118

  • This Linux-based private communications exchange platform enables consolidation of voice, data, and Web applications on a single server. The system starts at 48 ports and may be scaled to accommodate 62 T1 lines and 2,000 ports. An open architecture enables interoperability with other servers and client-side applications based on Windows 95/98/NT.
  • A 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection offers full support for TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, and IBM Call Path protocols. Other features include Intel Pentium processors and multi-site network capability. Full PBX functionality includes voice, e-mail, and person-to-person Web contact routing, as well as integrated reporting, Web callback, and of course, 32 channels for VoIP.


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