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May 2000


Industry News

BroadSoft Intros Service Delivery And Creation Product Suite
BroadSoft has announced a complete service delivery and creation system designed to enable integrated communications providers (ICPs) to offer their customers a rich set of user-friendly enhanced telephony services. BroadWorks can interoperate with both the legacy circuit-switched PSTN, as well as packet-based networks including IP and ATM. BroadWorks service delivery system includes a rich set of business options such as call waiting, voice mail, conferencing, auto-attendant, and follow-me services that can allow service providers to quickly enter new markets. Its service creation system is an open, standards-based service creation platform that enables the development of custom services which can be created by BroadSoft, the service provider, or even third-party developers.
No. 501, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analogic Delivers Linux SDKs For VoIP Apps
Analogic has announced Linux versions of its TAP-800 Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for use with its TAP-800 family of DSP resource cards, which are integrated into high-performance VoIP applications worldwide. The new Linux SDK works with the PCI-based TAP-804 and -806 and the CompactPCI-based TAP-810 cards. "Linux is a great choice for so many reasons. The system's flexibility and performance create an ideal fit with the high performance VoIP boards we design and manufacture. And the cost-effectiveness of Linux, with its complete development environment, affords our customers the opportunity to quickly develop VoIP applications and bring those projects to completion at record speed," said Chappell Cory, VP and GM of Analogic's computer design and applications division.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

AudioCodes Launches Media Gateway PMC Modules
AudioCodes has announced that the "AudioCoded" Media Gateway Modules that enable VoDSL, Softswitch, and Mediation markets. The high density and mult-protocol Module Product Family is targeted for integration into proprietary OEM designed platforms. The "AudioCoded" Module and product family consists of high-density and integrated media gateways. These modules connect as PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) size daughter cards onto proprietary OEM designed carrier boards. The "AudioCoded" modules convert PCM into low bit rate packetized voice over IP or VTOA (Voice Trunking Over ATM). The modules also performs gateway functions such as packetization, streaming, protocol processing, and control functions.
No. 503, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Inter-Tel's IP Telephony Enters Full Production
Inter-Tel has announced that its IP key telephone, known as IP Phone+, along with the IP single-line adapter and axxess IP keyset card have entered full production. These three products when deployed in conjunction with Inter-Tel's award-winning AXXESS PBX, transform the AXXESS system into an IP-PBX that works over IP data networks such as a company's LAN, WAN, or the Internet. An IP-PBX permits phones on a PBX system to connect to a data network along with a company's personal computers. By running your telephone network over your data network, the need for a separate telephony network is eliminated, reducing wiring requirements to the desktop and associated administrative costs of maintaining two networks.
No. 504, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NTT-ME Selects iBasis As Internet Telephony Carrier
iBasis has announced that NTT-ME (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph - Multimedia and Engineering) has selected iBasis as its first Internet telephony service provider. Under the terms of the agreement, NTT-ME will be able to route international voice and fax traffic from its 29 million customers over iBasis' global IP network and provide termination services for iBasis traffic into Japan. This service agreement with iBasis enables NTT-ME to more efficiently route its international traffic and extend its global footprint. The agreement will enhance iBasis' termination footprint in the major metropolitan centers of Japan and increase traffic over the iBasis network.
No. 505, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Blue Wave Announces ComStruct Modules
Blue Wave Systems announced the latest member of the ComStruct family of building blocks for communications processing - the PMC/C5421, which is set to have an impact on vendors looking to add open-standards based voice/data/fax over IP capability to existing and new equipment designs. The new module will provide processing power to handle up to 192 channels of voice/fax over packet processing.PCI mezzanine cards (PMC) are designed for developers seeking to provide technology insertions to existing or custom equipment, taking advantage of the PMC capability to allow system evolution within a proprietary form factor. The PMC/C5421 is a single-slot PMC module that can be used to bringa DSP-based voice and data processing resource to a system with PMC expansion capability.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Equant Launches Worldwide Voice And Data Over IP
Equant has launched a global, fully-integrated voice and data over IP that enables them to make phone calls, fax, transfer files, stream live or stored video, and performa data conferencing - all simultaneously over the same network connection. The new 50-country service, which uses modular multi-service routers and VoIP technology from Cisco Systems, is part of Equant's portfolio of integrated voice and data products. "Equant and Cisco have designed and tested a service that efficiently prioritizes and allocates bandwidth for voice and data at a level of reliability, quality, and security that cannot be duplicated on a legacy network," said Didier Delepine, Equant's president and CEO.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ziatech Releases High Performance CompactPCI
Ziatech has released a high performance, cost-effective single board computer solution for customer system application developers. The ZT 5550 Redundant System Slot Single Board Computer for fault tolerant applications offers leading-edge performance to designers for carrier-grade environments. Standard configuration includes a 500 MHz Intel Pentium III processor and up to 256 MB of ECC SDRAM and dual CompactPCI buses, combined with an extensive set of embedded features and software choices. This single board computer is designed for mission-critical applications where dual redundancy is required for fault-tolerant system availability and scalability. Switchover time from active master to the standby master CPU is less than 20 milliseconds, providing OEM system developers with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf CPU source for applications requiring five-nines availability.
No. 508, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Unisphere Solutions Teams With HP
Unisphere Solutions has announced that it has formed an alliance with Hewlett-Packard. HP Smart Internet Usage (SIU) will be combined with the Unisphere Management Center's service creation, delivery, and assurance tools to give service providers the flexibility to deploy and mill for converged services. The addition of HP SIU and UMC is a key component of Unisphere's strategy to give service providers the solutions they need to build out next-gen services. Unisphere will offer flexible mediation capabilities of HP SIU custoemrs as an optional powerful metering tool to collect usage information from multi-vendor network elements.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Santera Systems Announces SuperClass Concept
Santera Systems has announced its SuperClass concept for the future of public network switching products and said it would brink to market a fully functional SuperClass product in the summer of 2000. Santera is targeting the enhanced Class 5 market with a hyper-dense, data-centric switch architecture that will offer many benefits over existing products. As the market demand for high-speed Internet and data services continues to rise dramatically, service providers are increasingly seeing network switching equipment that allows them to efficiently deliver integrated services to their customers and be competitive in a constantly changing network environment.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

IntelliNet Announces SS7oIP Gateway
IntelliNet Technologies has released a fully developed, tested, and deployed SS7oIP Gateway. The introduction of this significant application for transmitting TCAP, SCCP, and ISUP messages over an IP Network promises to legitimize the Wireless Office environment. While the primary functionality of the SS7oIP Gateway is to provide message routing between the SS7 and IP network, other benefits include: reduced costs, network isolation, transport flexibility, and data security. "SS7 connectivity to Wireless Office nodes can be prohibitively expensive," said IntelliNet's president, Anjan Ghosal. "Our SS7oIP Gateway helps reduce these associated costs by allowing TCAP messages to be transmitted from multiple Wireless Office facilities via a low cost IP transport to an SS7oIP Gateway for routing to the macro cellular network.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Motorola Computer Group Launches Linux Offering
Motorola Computer Group (MCG) has announced its advanced high-availability Linux (HA Linux) offering. MCG's HA Linux - with hot swap capability and support for both Intel and PowerPC-based system platforms - offers carrier-grade networking, wireless, and Internet applications that require 99.999 percent (five-nines) availability. According to John Hughes, vice president and director, Telecommunications Business Unit, MCG, "HA Linux is proof that Linux is ready for deployment in applications needing 99.999 percent reliability in the telecom infrastructure. This advance, high-availability Linux solution, coupled witho ur CPX8000's HA arctecture, will help network operators achieve the reliability, performance, and scalability they require to compete in the new telecommunications market."
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Crystal Group Intros RIA
Crystal Group has announced the addition of the RIA Rackmount Integrated Applications computer, a development platform for high-density Internet and telephony applications. RIA has the compact size, power, and flexibility to meet many development needs. For appliance-based needs, RIA can be pre-loaded with Linux, Apache, SendMail, and Crystal's exclusive Web Utility, which allows browser control of systems settings, management of users and virtual sites, as well as programming the faceplate LCD. The RIA computer allows up to 52 individual units to be placed in a standard 7'0" rack, which equates to .87 U of rack space being occupied per computer. RIA features a three-slot ISA or ISA/PCI passive backplane with options such as Intel's latest processors, two expansion slots, non-volatile and drive storage, a programmable LCD, and a USB front port.
No. 513, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Spring Tide Earns NEBS Level 3 For IP Service Switch
Spring Tide Networks announced its IP Service Switch 5000 has passed the Level 3 requirements of the Network Equipment Building System specifications known as NEBS. The testing certifies the IP Service Switch 5000 is ready for deployment into any service providers' network. NEBS certification verifies that the Spring Tide IP Service Switch 5000 is optically, electrically, and physcially compatible wiath new and existing network environments, and can operate as intended under electrical and physical stresses without posing a thread to services or personnel. NEBS testing also ensures that Spring Tide's equipment meets industry standards for high and low temperature thresholds, fire resistance, earthquake and office vibrations, transportation and handling, acousitic noise and illumination, electrical protection, and grounding.
No. 514, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Launches Next Gen Carrier Class Access Switch
Lucent has announced the new APX 8000 Multiservice Access Switch helps ISPs and other carriers capitalize on fast-growing markets for dial acess, voice or fax over the Internet and VPNs. The APX 8000 also makes it easy for ISPs to resell or lease ports to other ISPs. New NavisAccess 5.0 network management software, also recently introduced, gives network operators a business-level view of their networks, helping them manage the services they provide to their customers, not just the devices in the network.
No. 515, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

TI, Blue Wave Systems Selected by Avtec To Supply VoIP-Based Dispatch Platform
Texas Instruments and Blue Wave Systems announced that the ComStruct VoIP solution has been selected for Avtec's next-gen communications dispatch systems, DSPatchNET. Avtex is a leading supplier of advanced digital voice processing systems for time critical dispatch operations. Avtec's new DSPatchNet advanced digital switching system integrated IP networking, telephone, and radio resources into a single user-friendly workstation. Designed to support from 32 to 2,048 ports, DSPatchNET's distributed architecture ensures real-time system responses - a key element in the time-critical dispatch operations of public safety, utility, airline, and other transporations service organizations.
No. 516, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Sun Announces High Availability Program
Sun Microsystems has introduced the CP2000 High Availability (HA) program that will enable communication equipment providers to build highly availble, carrier-grade systems for public networks. This program - based on Sun's board-level products - offers a standards-based approach for those equipment providers to rapidly develop scalable platforms that help carriers keep pace with traffic generated over the Internet. This comprehensive, collaborative program gives customers the technology, products, and services to build HA systems.
No. 517, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NMS Unveils PacketMedia Strategic Solutions
Natural MicroSystems has announced PacketMedia, a standards-based, carrier-class IP media server solution. PacketMedia offers support for enhanced services applications with real-time media streaming with simultaneous play and record for carrier-grade sound quality and functionality. PacketMedia enables communications equipment providers to rapidly deliver to new carriers new hardware/software platforms capable of supporting a wide range of next-gen IP-based applications and enhanced services. PacketMedia is designed to support media streaming on existing and future NMS platforms.
No. 540, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Intel To Acquire VTG
Intel has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Voice Technologies Group in a cash transaction. The acquisition provides Intel and its Dialogic subsidiary with leading edge capabilities and feature to enable most leading PBX systems sold worldwide to work with Dialogic's computer telephony server systems and IP gateways (equipment used to link to the Internet). In addition, VTG will help expand Dialogic's current portfolio of PBX products. The VTG acquisition will further Dialogic's objective of helping to enable the integration of sophisticated applications - such as IP telephony, unified messaging, speech-based auto attendant and call center applications - with PBX systems. Intel and Dialogic will gain access to VTG product lines, intellectual property, technology, expert engineers, and facilities in order to enable new products that accelerate the convergence of PBX and Internet technologies.
No. 541, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Toshiba Announces Integrated VoIP Card
Toshiba America Information Systems Telecommunications Systems Division (TAIS TSD) has announced its new VoIP card for the Strat DK424 and DK40i business telephony systems. The VoIP Card is an IP solution that offers seamless integrated voice and fax Internet transmission from a Toshiba Strata DK424 or DK40i business telephone system. "The new VoIP card allows users of Toshiba's Strata DK424 and DK40i systems to seamlessly bridge their voice and fax communications over any digital TCP/IP network, maximizing communication capabilities, without incurring large cash outlays," said Dave Mandeville, vice president marketing at Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division.
No. 542, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Dialogic Intros New DS3 Offering
Intel and its Dialogic Subsidiary announced its availability of the DS3 high-end network interface card used by developers for building robust public network applications. The DS3 joins a complete family of Dialogic CompactPCI products and solutions for the public network, including QuadSpan voice processing products, SS7, ATM, and IP telephony products. The combination of CompactPCI and DS3 gives developers high density, allowing them to cut costs by building smaller-footprint solutions.
No. 543, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

TalkVISUAL Uses Solectek's MP1100 Bridges
Solectek and TalkVISUAL are working together to develop services that deliver high-speed wireless video over IP solutions linking TalkVISUAL locations into a Virtual Private Internet Network. Moreover, Solectek and TalkVISUAL plan to take this relationship further in a joint effort to continue the development of video over IP wireless WAN services. Both companies feel that their combined expertise, products, and service offerings blend well to further develop this solution.
No. 544, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

PhoneFree.com Launches New Site And Software
PhoneFree.com has announced the launch of its new Web site and introduction of Version 6.1 of the company's software package. PhoneFree.com has introduced several improvements, including a new site design and Internet phone, expanded features, and a more user-friendly navigation. "At PhoneFree.com, we are letting freedom ring by providing consumers and companies with a new standard in worldwide multimedia communications which harnesses the power and the technology of the Internet to allow people to break free from the costs and hassles of traditional phone service.
No. 545, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Broadmedia Announces freeTone-Global
Broadmedia has announced the availability of freeTone-Global, a phone-to-phone Internet-based long distance service that enables businesses to call any worldwide destination at low rates. This service is designed for single-site corporations, SOHOs, and other business environments where a direct site-to-site Internet telephony connection (such as basic freeTone) isn't possible. With freeTone-Global service, customers do not need to purchase any new network or computer equipment. Broadmedia provides the Internet gateway hardware either on or off the customer premises as part of the freeTone-Global service.
No. 546, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RangeStar Expands Wireless Capabilities With Bluetooth
RangeStar Wireless has unveiled a Total Bluetooth Solution that will enable the simplification of interaction between people, as well as wireless devices. Leading industry manufacturers have attempted to speed the development of Bluetooth devices and applications. RangeStar's latest solution offers companies of all sizes and industries the ability to reduce development time, lower cost and integrate cutting-edge embedded (internal) antenna technology into Bluetooth applications.
No. 547, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ITXC Has Record 2 Million Minute Peak Day
On March 5, ITXC carried more than 2 million minutes of wholesale Internet telephony traffic on ITXC.net, ITXC's global infrastructure providing consistently high quality for real-time voice and voice-enabled e-commerce over the Internet. Increased volume came both from ITXC webtalkNOW! Service, and the company's core phone-to-phone service, WWeXchange Service. To facilitate ITXC's network expansion and new enhanced service products, ITXC opened its third Super PoP located in Jersey City, NJ. This and all other ITXC-owned Super PoPs feature SS7 capability to meet the requirements of the company's tier one customers.
No. 548, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Geoworks Extends Mobile Customer Service
Geoworks has launched Mobile ASP, Geoworks' mobile communications solution for enterprise clients. Mobile ASP is designed to provide companies with the technology and services necessary to extend their operations, communications, and customer service initiatives to the mobile medium and to achieve enhanced immediate business-to-consumer communications. "With Mobile ASP, Geoworks is scaling its patented server technology and mobile media expertise to make it easier for a wide variety of companies to meet the needs of their mobile customers," said Dave Grannan, CEO and president of Geoworks.
No. 549, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ipx Announces T-Portal
ipx has announced the creation of T-Portal (Telecommunications Portal), a group of international telecommunications companies dedicated to advancing new technologies. T-Portal is a business and technological vehicle for creating and marketing advanced telecom applications. T-Portal is an industry-wide collaboration of hardware manufacturers, software providers, service providers, access providers, and applications providers into a unified effort to radically change the way Internet-related communication services are deployed around the world.
No. 550, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RealNetworks, Net2Phone Join Forces
RealNetworks and Net2Phone have agreed to utilize the distribution capabilities of the RealPlayer, providing more than 95 million unique registered RealPlayer users access to Net2Phone's PC-based Internet telephony software and services. Under the agreement, Net2Phone will gain valuable access to the vast RealPlayer user base, and the Net2Phone service will be promoted across the Real.com network of Web sites. RealPlayer users in the United States who download and register for Net2Phone will also receive 100 free minutes of domestic usage and a complimentary headset.
No. 551, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MIND-iPhonEX To Include Convergent IP Services Billing
MIND has announced that MIND-iPhonEX has been enhanced to support IP services billing. MIND-iPhonEX gives ISPs the key technological element required in supporting even the most ambitious business strategy. The new product developments furnish ISPs, ITSPs, and telcos with a convergent, real-time solution for billing diverse IP services. MIND-iPhonEX provides the means for rapid deployment of new services. The current billing and customer care solution from MIND provides real time, carrier grade IP telephony billing for major telcos and ITSPs worldwide.
No. 552, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

XACCT and TeleKnowledge Offer Billing, Customer Care
XACCT Technologies and TeleKnowledge have entered into an agreement under which the companies will integrate the XACCTusage platform with TeleKnowledge's Total-e value-based billing solution, allowing broadband service and content providers to deliver advanced billing and customer care solutions. As value-added services such as VPN, IP fax, IP telephony, and streaming multimedia emerge on the Internet, broadband providers are realizing that they must go beyond a flat-rate pricing model to design and execute innovative pricing models for services based on any combination of consumer-driven value metrics. The integration of XACCT usage and TeleKnowledge's Total-e solution enables customers to create flexible, usage- and value-based billing models for IP-based voice, video, and data services.
No. 553, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

iCall Announces Multi-Partner Consumer Service
iCall has announced a global, multi-partner consumer service, which delivers inexpensive, easy-to-use real time connection without the hassles of call backs, pre-registration, advanced purchase, or pre-approvals. This service is possible through the development and deployment of iCall's patent-pending VoIP platform. iCall combines proprietary patent-pending technology and solutions from IP telephony industry leaders to enable foreign and domestic telcos to offer low-cost international collect calling for their customers.
No. 554, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Natural MicroSystems Delivers NaturalConference
Natural MicroSystems has announced NaturalConference, a software solution that provides real-time, multi-party conferencing capabilities on the company's Alliance Generation family of IP telephony hardware. NaturalConference is designed for conferencing service provides who deliver highly-integrated, multi-feature conferencing systems to companies who are not equipped to deploy and maintain their own service. By utilizing DSP processing power and a standard telephony interface available on NMS's AG platform, NaturalConference is a highly integrated software solution that provides rapid conferencing service development and deployment.
No. 555, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

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