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February 2000


TI Intros New Members Of DSP Platform
Texas Instruments introduced two new power-efficient digital signal processors (DSPs) able to deliver up to four T1-spans (96 channels), or voice, fax, and modem data in one square inch of board space. The new TMS320VC5421 and TMS 320VC5441, containing two and four DSP cores respectively, can process voice, fax, and modem data in less board space and with less power-per-channel than other competitive DSPs on the market. These code-compatible, programmable DSPs, further expand the scope of the C54 DSP generation, which has shipped more than 250 million units to date. The C5421 and C5441 are designed to enable telecommunications equipment manufacturers to dramatically increase the number of communications channels that can be supported within existing equipment racks.
No. 501, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Announces IP ExchangeComm
Lucent Technologies has announced the availability of IP ExhangeComm, the first system in its IP Exchange Systems (IPES) family of Internet telephony communications systems. The system gives businesses a new way to move voice, data, and fax communications over local and wide area networks, eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks, and enabling converged applications that can make enterprises more responsive to customers while reducing operating costs. Developed as part of Lucent's Real World Networks - Voice Over IP for Enterprise architecture, IP ExchangeComm is based on a software platform developed by Bell Labs called Mantra. The system's architecture allows businesses to share resources across multiple locations, eliminating the need to buy, maintain, and administer a server at each site.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

D2 Technologies Announces vCore
D2 Technologies announced vCore, an integrated software product that provides voice processing for a variety of converged network products such as DSL Integrated Access Devices, Packet Cable voice terminals, wireless PBX, IP phones, LAN PBX, and high density Carrier Gateways. vCore is a complete and open DSP software solution that provides the basic voice processing functions for a VoIP gateway or a computer telephony server. It also includes a set of options such as voice coders, fax, caller ID, switching, conferencing, and speakerphone. vCore's modular design enables the customer to build a wide variety of cost-effective circuit and packet switched network solutions by adding or removing software modules. Its open architecture also allows customers to port their DSP software to different hardware platforms, as well as integrate DSP software modules from different software vendors.
No. 503, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RadiSys Announces Latest SBC
RadiSys has announced the availability of its Pentium III single board computer (SBC) with Intel's new 500 MHz Mobile Pentium III processor. RadiSys's Pentium III SBC answers customers' demands for a Pentium III processor at the 500 MHz speed, thus continuing to enhance the RadiSys line of SBCs. Intel's latest process will increase the SBC's speed, performance, and power, thereby increasing the OEM's productivity in all aspects of embedded, telecom, and Internet applications. RadiSys's latest SBC, the PB3000BX-SVE, was developed for the PCI/ISA market. It is based on the Intel 440BX and PIIX4E chipset. The highly integrated SBC features a wide variety of on-board peripherals, including Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI; AGP Video 4 MB VRAM; 10/100 baseTx Ethernet; and dual EIDE.
No. 504, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

DST Innovis Allies With Ceon
DST Innovis, formerly CableData, and Ceon announced an alliance to deliver flow-through provisioning of residential and complex business telephony services as an integrated part of DST Innovis' Intelecable - a customer management and billing system for multiple service operators (MSO). The alliance will enable Intelecable users to access the Ceon NetExpress federation server, a fulfillment platform that allows telecommunications and cable providers a higher degree of flexibility for bundling, provisioning, and managing voice, video, and data services. "n this era of convergence, we are continually increasing our scope of services for our customers," said Bob McKenzie, senior vice president of strategic marketing, DST Innovis. "Integrating Intelecable with the Ceon NetExpress platform will allow us to service a broader range of customers."
No. 505, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Tundo Announces IP Telephony-Based Boundless PBX Solution
Tundo has announced the availability of its Boundless PBX solutions. Based on Tundo's Network Telephony System (NTS), the Boundless PBX technology integrates the customer's existing legacy investments with an IP-based system to provide a clear, cost-effective migration path from traditional circuit switched networks to reliable, scalable packet-based telephony. This solution will enable customers to utilize the features and functionality of the PBX, while enjoying the cost and business benefits of the IP network. As part of a phased evolution, Sybase has implemented Tundo's Boundless PBX solution in four locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, providing employees with access to a single VoIP infrastructure for voice and data.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

AudioCodes Intros Quad Trunk Digital Media Gateway OEM Platform
AudioCodes announced the introduction of the MP-200 Digital Media Gateway Platform. The MP-200 is a quad trunk digital media gateway OEM platform, and is MGCP controlled. The new product is the latest addition to AudioCodes' expanding series of media gateway platforms for OEMs announced earlier. The MP-200 provides superior voice quality, optimized packet streaming and advanced silence suppression for up to four E1/T1 digital trunks in a compact 19-inch 1U enclosure. It enables users to make domestic and international telephone or fax calls using existing bandwidth consumption and first-grade voice quality. The MP-200 is designed for service providers in small- and medium-sized points of presence, as well as large enterprises and is suited to provide branch office solutions.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Trenton Technology Intros Intel 820 AGPset Pentium III SBC
Trenton Technology announced its new 820S1 Pentium II processor-based SBC using Intel's 820 AGPset. The new 820S1 features Intel's faster 133 MHz system/memory bus, providing an ultra high-bandwidth path for transferring data between main memory/chipset and the microprocessor. The 820S1 also doubles IDE bandwidth, increasing performance of the I/0 subsystem using the 820 AGPset's ATA/66 interface. Completing the new features of this next-gen performance SBC is an Ultra2 SCSI interface supporting fast 80 MB transfer rates.
No. 508, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Net to Net Develops Plug-And-Play, Entry-Level DSLAM
Net to Net Technologies has announced the IP DSL Access Multiplexer 4000. Designed for entry-level DSL Service Providers, the IPD 4000 further lowers the costs and complexity of offering DSL service. The IPD4000 is truly a plug and play solution, requiring no configuration at the customer premise or at the DSLAM itself. For more advanced applications, IP filtering, 802.1Q VLAN support, and other advanced features of the IPD4000 are easily configured using an embedded Web management system. With the capability to daisy chain the IPD4000 to other IPD4000 or IPD120000 DSLAMs, new subscribers can easily be added without disrupting the Internet backhaul or adding new high-speed uplinks. The IPD4000 also utilizes the same Access Modules and Uplink Modules as the IPD 120000, making it easy to upgrade to the higher-density IPD12000 DSLAM.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ridgeway Systems Announces VX-Series
Ridgeway Systems & Software has announced its VX-Series multimedia applications platforms. Designed for telecommunications companies, service providers, and large corporations, the VX-Series supports multimedia-enabled calling services to anyone with a telephone, a PC, and an Internet connection. The platform architecture overcomes the design limitations of IP telephony gateway and video servers to make multimedia both feasible and affordable for any business communication. The VX-Series is an open platform on which a range of emerging multimedia applications and services can be hosted. Service providers and large enterprises alike can develop and deploy services with high quality real-time and streaming content, including voice, video, and data.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Vertical Networks Delivers InstantOffice 2.0
Vertical Networks announced a new software release that provide native multiprotocol voice over IP (VoIP) gateway functionality for its InstantOffice Integrated Communications Platform. With release 2.0, Vertical networks will offer packet switching, circuit switching, IP voice, traditional voice, secure Internet connectivity, and open applications support in a single integrated solution. InstantOffice offers branch offices and small businesses a best-of-breed platform for today's communications needs and provides enduring support for their converged network plans of the future. The InstantOffice integrated VoIP gateway allows branch offices to create "virtual tie line" IP voice connectivity between sites to lower the cost of interoffice calling and to conserve bandwidth for other applications.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

WTL To Market With Integrated SS7/IP Solution
World Telecom Labs (WTL) announced a new solution combing IP and SS7 protocols on its carrier-grade computer telephony switch, then INX. While IP is recognized as the transport protocol of the future, it was traditionally designed for data applications, which can survive long network failures. This has posed challenges for telephony applications, where call control and reliability are mission critical. Based on a proprietary ISUP (ISDN User Part) stack, WTL has developed an innovative solutions which combines a dual (hence, redundant) IP infrastructure with SS7 layers, replacing data-oriented TCP layers. OLA Internet, an emerging ISP in Spain, will use WTL's new technology to interconnect with the incumbent carrier, Telefonica.
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RADCOM Enhances WireSpeed 
RADCOM has announced the first release of major enhancements to the WireSpeed POS 622/155 Mbps analyzer. The new software version 2.60 is a complete POS network development and support solution. It adds critical online analysis, PPP link negotiation, and new online filters and triggers to its existing full line rate capture, 350+ protocol support, and wire speed generation capabilities. More than traditional full-rate traffic generation, the WireSpeed offers flexible TCP/IP packet building and accurate timestamp. It also provides simultaneous line-rate analysis of top applications, IP talkers and listeners, as well as frame size distribution, and IP and HDLC statistics.
No. 513, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

DSPR Offers VoIP DSL Board
DSP Research has announced their VIPER-48 5420/cPCI, a DSP resource board that combines the speed of the H.110 CompactPCI (cPCI) bus with the power of 24 Texas Instruments 'C5420 DSPs to provide telecom systems integrators and OEMs with a robust and versatile DSP application board. Designed for computer telephony and telecom infrastructure applications such as voice over packet (VoP) gateways, the VIPER-48 increases channel density and reduces the cost of these applications. At 200 MIPS of performance (100 MIPS per core), the 'C5420 DSP allows for multiple channel or port assignments per DSP. Each 'C5420 on the VIPER-48 offers 200 kwords of on-chip RAM (100 kwords per core).
No. 514, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Unisphere Helps Carriers Create Next-Gen Services
Unisphere Solutions, a U.S.-based Siemens startup company, announced the introduction of a software-based switch, the Service Ready Switch-3000, designed to bridge the gap between telecommunications networks and the Internet, positioning the company as an early mover in the emerging market for next-gen networking equipment. Because these new services cross both existing and next-generation networks, the SRX-3000 brings together services running on different networks - IP, ATM, and TDM - through an open, standards-based design that breaks carrier dependence on equipment vendors for creating new service. This is a step towards completely open networks in which third-party developers and carriers can themselves create new applications and services.
No. 515, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Motorola Announces Two New Vanguard Multiservice Access Routers
Motorola's Internet and Networking Group announced the Vanguard 6435 and Vanguard 6455 multiservice access routers. These routers provide increased performance and high-speed interfaces to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth-intensive WAN applications. As part of the Vanguard 6400 series of networking solutions, the Vanguard 6435 and 6455 offer cost-effective implementation of multi-service data and voice integration, Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, and broadband services. The routers are designed to handle the efficient consolidation of multiple serial protocols with voice and LAN traffic over dedicated or switched connections.
No. 516, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

3Com Unveils Enhanced NBX 100 System
3Com unveiled the newest enhancements to its NBX 100 communications system that puts the power of IP telephony applications within the reach of businesses deploying a single network for voice and data communications. NBX 100 communications systems' Release 2 hardware and software has been designed to support larger organizations and more sophisticated workgroups because the system can be installed with up to 200 system ports. This enhanced capacity include a new NBX Digital Line card, allowing customers to take advantage for T1 services for high volume, low-cost connectivity to the local and long-distance telephone service provider. NBX Analog Terminal cards now support industry standard analog phones and faxes, increasing customers' flexibility to support diverse applications. Beyond additional capacity, new software services in Release 2 give the NBX 100 communications system the functionality necessary in managing enterprise inbound call centers and to minimize outbound calling costs.
No. 517, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Netrix And OpenROUTE Form Nx Networks, Unveil 3000 Series
NX Networks has rolled out its new 3000 Series, which delivers secure voice and data over virtually any network. The debut of the gateway router is the first step of NX Networks, which was formed by NETRIX and OpenROUTE. NX Networks has combined high quality IP voice and routing into a single end-to-end solution for secure voice and data communications. The Nx Networks 3000 Series is a modular Voice over Virtual Private Network (VoVPN) Gateway Router designed to provide companies with all the benefits of convergence with Internet security. This combined voice gateway and data router works over virtually any network and provides secure voice and data using industry standards such as IPSec and H.323.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

iBasis Launches Internet Telephony Hosting
iBasis has announced its new Internet telephony hosing services. With iBasis Internet Telephony Hosting, telephony service providers and international ISPs have access to a turnkey solution that enables them to quickly begin offering voice, fax, pre-paid calling, and other value-added VoIP services, with minimal capital investment. These new services include hosting of voice over IP (VoIP) equipment in iBasis Internet Central Offices, access to high quality Internet backbone and PSTN termination, and the OSS necessary for traffic management, reporting, and customer billing.
No. 519, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analogic Launches VoIPonline
Analogic has announced the launch of VoIPonline, a series of free online technical seminars discussing voice over IP (VoIP) trends and technical issues facing the telecom industry today. David Fridley, communications products marketing manager and product engineer at Analogic said, "Analogic designed the first commercially available DSP resource card for VoIP in 1995. Since then we have been helping many of the major players in the industry implement their VoIP gateways. We're creating an opportunity through the VoIPonline series to share secrets, review new technologies, and give technical tips that will help engineers get their products to market faster. The industry runs on 'Internet Time', so time to market and scalability are critical to product success."
No. 520, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MIND Announces Call Accounting Solution For Lucent IP ExchangeComm
MIND announced the availability of the MIND PhonEX Call Accounting system for use with IP ExchangeComm, the first product in Lucent Technologies IP Exchange Systems family of open, standards-based Internet telephony solutions. MIND PhonEX collects, records, and stores all call information in a customized database. Users are able to generate up-to-the-minute reports on their organizations' telephone use, allowing them to manage their telecom resources effectively. MIND PhoneEX has a powerful Query Generator, allowing users to instantly generate customized reports and graphs, and perform comparative call analysis. Reports cam be scheduled and automatically produced, distributed by e-mail, posted on the Web and printed.
No. 521, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Com21 And TdSoft Sign Agreement For Cable-Based V5.2 Telephony Solution
Com21 and Tdsoft signed an agreement to create next-generation cable-based telephony solutions based on the V5.2 PSTN standard for markets outside North America. The V5.2 standard specifies an open interface for access network systems and was approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the International Telecommunications Untion (ITU) for PSTN, ISDN, and leased lines, with concentration and protection feature. The alliance will enable cable operators to offer affordable, toll-quality voice and broadband data access as a single, integrated service, leveraging the existing PSTN infrastructure.
No. 522, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Actel Completes Integral Access PurePacket Field Trial
Integral Access announced that Actel Integrated Communications has successfully completed initial installation and the first field trials of the PurePacket platform. Upon successful completion of field testing, Actel will add PurePacket customer premise and Central Office/Local Exchange equipment to its suite of capabilities to cost-effectively deliver voice and broadband data services over DSL and DS-1 access links to customers throughout the Southeast. The addition of Integral Access PurePacket platform to Actel's equipment base will enable Actel to provide its business customers with an enhanced portfolio of services with efficient delivery of voice over DSL, high speed Internet access and LAN interconnection over existing access infrastructures.
No. 523, www.itmag.com/freeinfo 

Quintum Offers 100 Percent Call Connection Commitment
Quintum Technologies is offering customers a written commitment guaranteeing that IP voice calls made over its new Tenor MultiPath VoIP Gateway will go through to completion. The Tenor Gateway allows a low-risk, easy, and affordable implementation of VoIP into an enterprise's existing network infrastructure, without a trade-off in voice quality or reliability. Its technology provides businesses the same reliability and voice clarity that users receive from their traditional phone service, using existing bandwidth from the corporate intranet. The Tenor MultiPath Gateway monitors voice quality, where lost packets can produce voice quality below that of the PSTN.
No. 524, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Tekelec Opens TALI SS7/IP Source Code to Industry
Tekelc announced that the TALI (transport adapter layer interface) protocol's source code implementation for open-system platforms is now available as a free download from its web site, www.tekelec.com/tali. TALI is being made available to the telecommunications and Internet industries as part of Tekelec's ongoing effort to promote an open network convergence solution featuring open interfaces. TALI facilitates migration from traditional circuit-switched and wireless networks to next-generation packet networks, including IP telephony networks, by enabling signaling between voice and packet networks. It is the middleware protocol that allows operators to support call set-up and tear-down, access full-featured service platforms, and perform diagnostics and monitoring in SS7 or IP networks.
No. 525, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Galileo Unveils GalNet-3 Architecture Family
Galileo Technology announced the GalNet-3 architecture of converged voice/data network switch processors. The first products in the family support wire speed switching of vice and data traffic over Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Packet-over-SONET. These products will enable the creation of advanced Layer 3/4/5 voice and data switches for the enterprise, workgroup, backbone, and the Internet. The GalNet-3 family of converged voice/data switch processors represents an entirely new class of network switching ICs designed to handle the needs of mission critical converged voice/data networks. By providing each type of traffic with dedicated switching bandwidth, GalNet-3 based systems can enable true converged networks without compromise.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Madge.Connect Eases Implementation Of IP Apps
Madge.Connect, part of Madge Networks N.V., has unveiled a new Third Layer Services (TLS) Module to help customers that are implementing IP applications in their Token Ring networks. The module provides Layer 3 connectivity within the switch and improved control for IP broadcasts on Token Ring. This new module reduces unnecessary network traffic and frees network resources to handle business critical applications. With multimedia applications that utilize voice, video, and data becoming more prevalent, the amount of intensive IP traffic on the network, requiring processing at protocol layers about Layer 2 switching, is rapidly increasing. Operating at Layer 3, the Smart Ringswitch TLS module from Madge.connect processes inter-subnet traffic within Smart Ringswitch switches, reducing traffic in and out of existing routers, freeing up bandwidth on the network, and optimizing the paths between subnets.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

XACCT And Proxima Integrate IP Mediation With Convergent Billing
Proxima Systems and XACCT Technologies announced a strategic alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, Mystral - Proxima's flexible, open, and integrated customer management and billing solution for telecommunications operators - will be integrated with XACCTusage, XACCT's mediation solution for IP networks. The integration of the two products enables service providers worldwide to create flexible usage-based pricing models for IP-based services such as voice, video, and data. "Mystral and XACCTusage together provide Proxima's customers with the competitive advantage of rapidly supporting new pricing models that reflect quality of service, variable bandwidth, content category, and service level," said Anil Uberoi, vice president of marketing at XACCT.
No. 528, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

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