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January 1999


3Com Voice Switch Extends Convergence Effort
3Com Corporation has announced a new networking solution for frame relay and IP-based WANs. The PathBuilder S200 voice access switch line is designed to enable users to add voice to existing, router-based, wide-area data networks for more efficient use of expensive wide-area bandwidth and a powerful alternative to traditional, separate voice solutions. With the PathBuilder S200 switch, customers can flexibly incorporate voice into their data networks using VoFR and/or VoIP, based on application requirements and business objectives. The switch is designed to deliver a highly scalable solution for large-scale deployments. The product is a result of a new relationship with Motorola's Internet and Networking Group (ING). For more information, visit 3Com's Web site at www.3com.com.

GRIC Debuts Convergent Services
GRIC Communications, Inc., has introduced GRIC CSP (Convergent Services Platform), one of the first commercially available software platforms designed to offer ISPs and carriers a single solution for multiple, IP-based services such as roaming, fax, and phone. With GRIC CSP, service providers can offer customers these services through a single account and one bill. GRIC CSP is an intelligent software platform designed to allow global networks to seamlessly interoperate and enable carriers/content providers to offer Internet-based services immediately while increasing revenues and customer satisfaction. GRIC CSP consists of five components, including an authentication server, settlement, routing, billing, and GRIC-ready protocol. In addition, GRIC has introduced GRICbilling 3.0, a JAVA-based, next-generation convergent billing and provisioning system designed to support multiple operating and database systems. For more information, contact GRIC at 408-955-1920.

Big Planet, Aplio Expand Internet Services
Big Planet has expanded its line of Internet services with the addition of the Aplio/Phone, an Internet telephony appliance developed by Aplio, Inc. Big Planet plans to sell Aplio/Phone through its national network of Independent Representatives. Aplio/Phone is designed as a standalone appliance to work without a PC; it connects to a regular phone for significant long-distance savings, using the Internet without drawing any additional charges except for the ISP connection. Aplio users can save more than 95 percent savings over conventional costs. Users dial the other party and then press the "APLIO" button to reroute the call over the Internet to avoid long-distance lines. The expected result is superior audio quality. For more information, contact Big Planet at 801-345-7000.

Trillium, QNX Develop Interface
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc., and QNX Software Systems Ltd. have cooperated on the development of an interface - to be offered by QNX - that is designed to allow fast integration of Trillium's communications software products with the QNX RTOS. The effort is expected to allow manufacturers of telecom and datacom equipment to quickly combine Trillium's field-proven software solutions - including protocol stacks for SS7, ATM, H.323, V5, ISDN, frame relay, and X.25/X.75 - with the highly robust Universal Process Model (UPM) architecture of the QNX RTOS. With UPM, the QNX RTOS can extend full-memory protection to system-level services and drivers for reducing downtime and enabling software upgrades on live telecom/datacom systems. Support for Trillium's software products will be available from QNX for both the QNX 4 and QNX/Neutrino RTOSs. For more information, visit Trillium's Web site at www.trillium.com.

WebLine, MCI WorldCom Integrate Software
WebLine Communications announced that MCI WorldCom has incorporated WebLine's advanced Web collaboration software into the latest version of the carrier's electronic commerce-enabling Click'N Connect service. Visitors to subscribing companies' Web sites can click an icon to establish a voice connection and collaboratively browse the Web with a company representative to receive timely, integrated, verbal and visual assistance during their Web site visit. The new Click'N Connect service targets companies looking to provide Web site visitors unparalleled sales and service assistance with a new InfoShare feature - designed to allow visitors the option of establishing an instant VoIP connection with a company rep while simultaneously co-browsing the Web. The WebLine Collaboration Server is engineered to enable users to collaboratively browse the Web, as well as share application screens, interactively complete shared Web-based forms, and exchange files using nothing more than a common Web browser. For more information, contact WebLine at 781-272-9979.

Hypercom Offers Upgraded Voice Compression Software
Hypercom Network Systems has released Version 2.0 of its IP-switching and voice compression software, for the company's IP.tel Internet Telephony Gateways, allowing carriers to provide true voice/data convergence using the public Internet to transport corporate users' LAN, SNA, and other legacy data along with voice and video. The release is part of an effort to expand definitions of "convergence" and "VPNs" with a two-tiered IP migration strategy designed to extend corporations' investments in existing data systems, while allowing them to take advantage of cost-cutting managed services from Internet telephony providers. Currently available, IP.tel Version 2.0 offers enhanced encryption capabilities and can ensure top voice quality via the company's QoS techniques to Internet telephony applications. IP.tel is designed to alleviate the burden of upgrading to converged networks by supporting frame relay, IP, ISDN, ATM, and the PSTN in the same hardware devices and under the same management system. For more information, contact Hypercom at 602-504-5000.

Andrea Electronics, iSight Incorporate DFTA
Andrea Electronics has announced that its Direction Finding and Tracking Array (DFTA) technology - developed by wholly owned subsidiary Lamar Signal Processing Ltd. - will be incorporated into iSight's new OmniSight video conferencing product. The OmniSight, containing multiple video cameras and a volume-metric microphone array incorporating DFTA technology, is designed to provide a full panoramic image of all participants at both ends of a video conferencing session while recognizing and zooming in on the current speaker for clear audio and visual communication - even in highly dynamic situations. DFTA, uniquely serving advanced needs of OmniSight, contains proprietary algorithms designed to detect the presence of an audio source, determine its direction, follow and track it when it moves, and provide the direction to the video conferencing system. DFTA also can steer a directional beam toward the audio source and activate an echo-canceling algorithm to eliminate feedback of the loud speaker sound through the audio system. For more information, visit Andrea Electronics' Web site at www.andreaelectronics.com.

Dialogic, Sun To Offer IP Gateway Solutions
Dialogic Corporation has announced a relationship with Sun Microsystems to provide IP gateway solutions for the telco market. Dialogic plans to support Sun's Solaris operating environment with the DM3 IPLink Internet telephony platform. The joint effort is expected to enable network service providers to deliver highly robust, standards-based Internet telephony gateways for the global communications marketplace. The Dialogic DM3 IPLink is supporting the full line of Sun UltraSPARC/Solaris-based SPARCengine motherboards. This support is expected to allow customers requiring UNIX solutions to speed time-to-market and offer the ability to easily add applications to this single-board solution. Joint marketing programs are also planned to ensure the availability of additional building blocks for the solutions. For more information, contact Dialogic at 973-993-3000.

Aptex Improves Customer Interaction Solution
Aptex Software, Inc., has announced a major upgrade of its SelectResponse solution, designed to enhance and automate responses to high volumes of call center and Internet-based customer inquiries. SelectResponse 3.0 can incorporate new functions serving as a virtual support team to improve the quality, personalization, and throughput of responses to real-time customer inquiries via e-mail, call centers, Web pages, and chat rooms. The upgrade also features an easy-to-use, JAVA-based interface and is designed to provide seamless integration with the Adante 2.0 e-mail workflow application from Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories, Inc. SelectResponse 3.0 includes an integrated GUI that can significantly improve ease of use for document response management, including new text detection, response category management, action management, and personalized response template creation. For more information, contact Aptex at 619-646-0144.

Telecom Italia, UP Trial Wireless Services
Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) and Unwired Planet, Inc., (UP) have recently reached an agreement (in cooperation with the CSELT research center) designed to allow TIM to implement a market trial of UP's wireless Internet technology on the TIM network. The Telecom Italia Mobile service plans to use the UP.Link Server open software platform. New applications are expected to first undergo trials in the field with the aim of facilitating the work of corporate sales forces. Combining the GSM network with the Internet, TIM and UP are following the approach defined by the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Forum to create a universe of new information services, such as the dispatch and receipt of electronic mail, business, and financial information. TIM is laying the foundation for planned, value-added services, including electronic customer care, Visual Voicemail, and call feature control. For more information, visit UP's Web site at www.uplanet.com.

Nortel Announces AT&T, Arris Cable Agreement
Nortel Networks announced that AT&T has signed a contract with ANTEC and Arris Interactive (a Nortel Networks/ANTEC joint venture) to purchase the Cornerstone cable telephony communications system to serve up to 2 million homes. Under the agreement, AT&T is expected to deploy Cornerstone over Tele-Communications, Inc.'s, (TCI) 17 million-plus home service network. The initial order for over $50 million of Cornerstone products begins shipping immediately to AT&T and represents the first step in an agreement, which ANTEC and Arris predict could result in sales of up to $900 million. The Cornerstone systems consists of a host digital terminal located at the cable headend, connected to voice ports in homes or businesses. The system is designed to convert voice into digital signals at the voice port for transmission over the cable operator's hybrid fiber/coax plant. For more information, visit Nortel's Web site at www.nortel.com.

3Com Delivers Cable Access System
3Com Corporation has announced the immediate availability of its bi-directional Cable Access system for delivery of broadband communications. The high-speed, cable-return Internet access system is designed to enable offices and homes to access the Internet via cable connections and receive multimedia information and entertainment at speeds up to 100 times faster than conventional analog modems. The system also plans to support future digital services such as Internet telephony and video conferencing and is scheduled for deployment by TCI. 3Com's release includes the company's Total Control Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) and network management software for the headend and the U.S. Robotics Cable Modem CMX for consumers. A CMX NIC kit is also available. The 3Com Cable Access system and modem family are designed to be compatible with all 3Com routers, switches, and NICs. For more information, visit 3Com's Web site at www.3com.com.

Cabletron Intros Guaranteed Network
Cabletron Systems has unveiled a major new marketing initiative to move the company toward a ROI value assessment strategy and address the needs of CIOs focused on the impact, efficiency, and effectiveness of IT solutions. The first step is a guarantee program designed to address built-in obsolescence of networks. The program includes expected guarantees for (1) product life cycle - for at least twice the life expectancy of all competitive products; (2) product ownership - for reduced costs by at least half of competitive products; (3) solution bandwidth - to increase available bandwidth three times that of any competitively priced product; solution operations -to require less than half the investment necessary to implement/operate than competitive products; and Smart Network management - to cost less than half of any comparative network. For more information, contact Cabletron at 603-332-9400.

Rhythms, Cisco To Deliver DSL Network
Rhythms NetConnections and Cisco Systems, Inc., have announced a new co-development relationship to rapidly and effectively deliver next-generation network performance for remote workers. Rhythms plans to implement these enhancements over an end-to-end, Cisco-powered, DSL-based, nationwide network. Rhythms' Cisco-Powered Network implementation is designed to deliver improved functionality and end-to-end security features throughout Rhythms' IP and ATM core network architectures. The relationship extends Rhythms' use of Cisco core technology to include Cisco's 675, 6100, 6400, 6510, BPX 8600, and 7000 series carrier-grade routers, multiplexers, access concentrators, switches, and terminating units, respectively, in Rhythms' fully managed end-user, DSL services. New feature sets are planned to occur in the areas of Cisco Directory-Enabled Networking (DEN), integration of VoIP, and dynamic service selection. For more information, contact Rhythms at 303-476-4200.

MIL 3 Offers Design Tool To Ascend
MIL 3, Inc., has announced the introduction of its Wizard Design Tool for Ascend Communications, Inc. The Wizard application is designed to extend Ascend's professional services capabilities by fully automating the complex, time-intensive process of generating customer solutions. Taken by Ascend Global Integration Services consultants (GIS) to the customer site, the Wizard Design Tool can rapidly construct potential network topologies based on existing customer requirements, identify and graphically display the most appropriate hardware solutions, determine configuration parameters, and identify component bill of materials. Wizard's core technologies are derived from MIL 3's OPNET line of network modeling software, designed to offer modeling, advanced visualization, and automation techniques to bring sophisticated networking to the field professional services consultants in a user-friendly, comprehensive package. For more information, contact MIL 3 at 202-364-4700.

GN Netcom Designs PC Headset
GN Netcom, Inc., has announced the GN Express-PC headset, designed for PC communications users to offer high-quality sound for maximized performance with continuous dictation speech recognition, computer telephony, and video conferencing applications. The GN Express-PC is a full-featured headset, which can receive sound through a high-performance speaker and which has two interchangeable wearing styles for customized comfort. The headset features a low-distortion microphone in a specially tuned housing. In addition, it can deliver the flat and extended frequency response and noise cancellation characteristics required for continuous dictation software developed by such companies as Dragon Systems, IBM, and Lernout and Hauspie. Both the cord and microphone are shielded from RF interference so monitors, phones, and radios do not degrade performance. GN Express-PC is designed to be compatible with most soundcards using the standard 3.5 mm phono jack. For more information, contact GN Netcom at 800-826-4656.

TellSoft Enhances Encoding Server
TellSoft Technologies, Inc., has released an upgrade to its iTalk technology - the iTalk Live Encoding (LE) Server. The LE Server is now designed to add the ability to easily broadcast a live audio feed from any telephone in real time, via the Internet or company intranet, as RealAudio streams. The server features a highly-scalable architecture equipped to easily support more than 10 independent, live audio channels on a single, Pentium-class PC. The LE Server, depending on configuration, can also support both standard analog and digital (T1) telephony lines. The server can convert audio feeds from any touchtone phone into live audio streams and channel them directly to a Web site in real time. The iTalk LE Server sells for $4,495 for the two-line based, entry-level iTalk Server Starter/2 with the LE Server option; and $7,795 for the iTalk Server Bundle/4 with the LE Server option. For more information, contact TellSoft at 719-534-0281.

Homenet Uses C-SPEC Wireless Router
Homenet is supplying high bandwidth, 1.9 Mbps wireless Internet access with C-SPEC's OverLAN RF-2 Wireless Bridge/IP Router to address high ISDN, T1, frame relay, and telco tariff charges. The C-SPEC OverLAN RF-2 is designed to enable Homenet to exceed its 99 percent reliability guarantee for its wireless Internet service and to ensure ironclad security, as well as an extended coverage range of 10 km from the company's 365' tower site. Using proven, spread-spectrum radio technology for reliable, high-speed data transmission, the OverLAN RF-2 is designed to offer a high-speed, license-free wireless link between two or more remote LANs up to 10 m apart. The router is designed to operate at two Mbps and up to 40 percent faster than expensive, leased-line T1 circuits. Homenet reports attributing their selection of the RF-2 to three main criteria - power, capability, and security of the product's remote access, as well as the product's expandability and flexibility. For more information, contact C-SPEC at 937-439-2882.

ZipLink Releases Dial-Up Internet Service
ZipLink has designed its currently available DialNet service to allow local and regional ISPs the ability to take advantage of a national Internet backbone infrastructure by transparently connecting their users to ZipLink's network. The connection is expected to help smaller ISPs expand their coverage and obtain new customers nationwide without the added costs of installing and maintaining new POPs, switches, and access lines. Without any commitment levels required, an ISP's users can dial into hundreds of ZipLink's local access points, while the ISP appears to be the only access provider. "This service is a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to building and maintaining a high-performance TCP/IP network," said ZipLink President Christopher Jenkins. For more information, contact ZipLink at 888-947-5465.

Intelect, RADVision Join In Full-Motion Video Effort
Both companies have announced that Intelect's video communications division, Intelect Visual Communications (IVC) plans to integrate RADVision's H.323 protocol stack into LANscape, for Version 2.4, in an attempt to make it the most versatile, cost-effective, full-motion video communications product available. RADVision President Michelle Blank said, "Now, by incorporating the RADVision H.323 stack, IVC has shown its determination to support ITU standards 100 percent," she said. "And, by using the RADVision H.323 protocol stack, they ensure interoperability with all major players in the video conferencing marketplace," she continued. LANscape is for desktop PCs and large-room systems and is designed to be conversant with all video standards and offer reliable video communications - including native ATM support - across all existing, standard LAN/WAN networks. For more information, visit Intelect's Web site at www.intelectcom.com.

XACCT, Kenan Team For Advanced IP Billing
XACCT Technologies, Inc., has announced its joint sales and marketing agreement with Kenan Systems Corp to integrate XACCTusage with Kenan's Arbor/Internet comprehensive billing and customer care solution. Together, XACCTusage and Arbor/Internet are expected to enable NSPs to generate accurate, usage-based bills for value-added services based on detailed information about applications, QoS, time of day, and other parameters. Arbor/Internet is designed to provide complete billing and customer care solutions for next-generation IP communications companies, allowing them to effectively and profitably bring new, IP-based products to market. XACCTusage is designed to offer the mediation interface with the IP network, collecting and aggregating accurate, detailed usage data from multiple network elements and applications to create XACCT Detail Records - the IP equivalent of telephone-switch CDRs. For more information, contact XACCT at 408-654-9900.

Level 3 Launches Network Facility
Level 3 Communications has announced plans to begin offering certain telecommunications services in San Francisco as part of its national city rollout. Level 3 is building one of the first international networks optimized for IP and designed to combine both local and long-distance networks to connect customers end to end across the United States and in Europe and Asia. The company expects to offer the service in 12-15 U.S. cities by year's end. Ultimately, Level 3 plans to offer local service capabilities over fiber facilities in 50 states, and it is currently building a 15,000-mile long-distance network. Initially, Level 3 expects to use leased network capacity and seamlessly switch customers to its own network, as its national IP-based network is completed. The first suite of products Level 3 is offering to business customers includes private lines and telephony and Web collocation. For more information, visit Level 3's Web site at www.level3.com.

RadioLAN Unveils Wireless Video Conferencing
RadioLAN has announced that users can now conduct wireless video conferences from anywhere in the organization with RadioLAN-equipped desktop and laptop video conferencing products and computers. The company's 10BaseRadio self-managing, wireless operating system - based on standard IEEE 802.3 10 Mbps Ethernet technology - is the foundation for the wireless video conferencing/video telephony solution. 10BaseRadio is designed to not only deliver the bandwidth required to transmit voice and 30-frame-per-second compressed video, but also to comply with all other related, standard products supporting H.261 and H.263 video, H.324 LAN/video, and G.711, G.722, G.723, and G.728 audio standards. Customers install 10 Mbps RadioLAN networking cards in their video conferencing PCs or laptops to implement the wireless capability. For more information, visit RadioLAN's Web site at www.radiolan.com.

Concentric, GRIC To Provide Internet Roaming
Concentric Network Corp. and GRIC Communications, Inc., have announced plans to offer Internet roaming and corporate remote access services to Concentric customers. In addition to Concentric's present dial coverage through Telemedia International, the company plans to offer international roaming, corporate remote access, and VPNs to customers through the GRIC Network. Subscribers to GRIC-member service providers are expected to gain additional access POPs in the United States and Canada from Concentric's network, and Concentric customers can receive international Internet access starting at 10 cents per minute. Initially, Concentric plans to offer standard Internet access and, in early 1999, a secure dial solution, along with competitively priced global access for its residential customer base. For more information, contact Concentric at 408-342-2885.

Cisco, VIP Calling Plan Global Services
VIP Calling, Inc., announced it has selected Cisco Systems, Inc., to provide Internet telephony solutions for The VIP Calling Network internationally. The scalable, end-to-end Cisco solution is expected to enable The VIP Calling Network to further expand the volume of minutes originating from both North America and VIP Calling's overseas partners. VIP Calling plans to purchase over $10 million in Cisco gateways and switches. For Cisco, the VIP Calling Network fully demonstrates the robust capabilities of its synergistic data and voice technologies for the rapidly emerging ITSP market. The Cisco AS5300 server is designed to support the growing volume of dial-in and voice connections to service providers and corporate networks. For more information, visit VIP Calling's Web site at www.vipcalling.com.

WinStar, Lucent To Expand Broadband Network
Both companies announced they have entered into a long-term, strategic relationship to build out WinStar's fixed, wireless, broadband telecommunications network in major domestic and international markets. Lucent plans to provide world-class technology, network design, integration, and buildout services, along with the vast majority of the communications hardware and software for WinStar's global network. During the five-year agreement, Lucent also plans to offer up to $2 billion in equipment financing to fund the buildout of one of the world's first global, end-to-end, broadband networks. Through its Wireless Fiber services, WinStar's network is designed to allow customers a single, reliable source of local and long-distance phone service, as well as a full array of high-speed data, Internet, and information services. The resources gained in the agreement are expected to enable WinStar to increase the number of United States cities to which it will bring its network and build networks internationally. For more information, visit WinStar's Web page at www.winstar.com.

Telstra Supports Broadband Initiatives
Demonstrating its commitment to high-bandwidth, Telstra has announced it is working with Hewlett-Packard to upgrade the infrastructure of the cable network to ensure it can continue meeting the demands of the future. Other initiatives include working in partnership with content providers, developers, and corporations on efforts designed to take advantage of the rich, interactive experience provided by high bandwidth. These initiatives include the Telstra Broadband Developers' Program, launched to tap into the innovation and creativity skills of Australia's developer community to create market-focused, broadband applications. For more information, contact Telstra at 800-799-6283.

Spyglass, General Instrument Ally For Internet Cable
Spyglass and General Instrument (GI) have announced a new strategic partnership, which includes a minimum $20 million, three-year solutions agreement. The alliance calls for Spyglass to partner with GI to develop and integrate new Internet cable services and technologies. Both companies are establishing a Digital Software Integration Center, to be jointly owned by the companies. The center is an extension of GI's existing Horizon's Developers Program. The center is also expected to serve as a centralized location for third-party technology companies, as well as for GI's partners and customers, to come together to build services and applications for GI's digital cable platform. In addition, GI has purchased 700,000 (or five percent) shares of Spyglass' common stock and has the option to acquire another five percent. For more information, visit Spyglass' Web site at www.spyglass.com.

Telephony Experts Releases VocalTec Billing Solution
Telephony Experts has released an integrated, open, enterprise-grade prepaid/postpaid billing solution for the VocalTec Telephony Gateway and VocalTec Ensemble Architecture. The Telephony Gateway Billing Manager for VocalTec, based on the Windows NT operating system and enterprise-grade Microsoft SQL Server database, can be scaled from two gateways to hundreds of gateways. The SQL Server is designed to support millions of accounts, which can be billed on a prepaid/postpaid basis with call cutoff when a balance has been consumed or a credit limit has been reached. In addition, full call detail reporting and traffic analysis reports allow for settlement, account billing, and call summary reports. Available for $7,000, the two-gateway, unlimited accounts package offers intra- and interdomain billing, along with desktop-to-PSTN and PSTN-to-PSTN billing. There also is a Web-based interface option designed to bring all billing and reporting system control to the Web on a multilevel security basis. For more information, contact Telephony Experts at 800-838-8642.

ArelNet Offers VPN Support For Gateway
ArelNet Ltd. has announced a new VPN facility for its innovative i-Tone Voice/Fax IP Gateway solution, designed to give corporate users the benefit of an independent network without the cost implications of installing a dedicated infrastructure. The i-Tone VPN option is designed to allow individual numbering, dialing, and routing mechanisms on a shared network platform to provide significant cost savings without limitations on facilities. An expected, major benefit of the i-Tone VPN facility is the added business potential it can allow service providers, in terms of their ability to deliver value-added services to corporate users. Each company is expected to be able to set up its own routing and numbering plan, irrespective of other users' practices on the shared network. ArelNet's i-Tone Voice/Fax IP Gateway solution is designed to combine real-time voice, fax, and store-and-forward services, including PC-to-fax, e-mail-to-fax, fax broadcasting, and Web fax interface - all on a single platform. For more information, visit ArelNet's Web site at www.arelnet.com.

USA Global Link, Siemens To Build Platform
USA Global Link has chosen Siemens Information and Communications Networks, Inc., for network infrastructure central to USA Global Link's deployment of the Global InterNetwork - designed as a truly integrated SS7 and IP-based, global telecommunications network. USA Global Link recently signed an initial contract with Siemens for the purchase, finance, design, and deployment of five EWSD central office switches, Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36170 multiservice switches for ATM transport, and the InterXpress 2000 carrier-grade, Internet telephony solution. The products will serve as the hardware and software technology core of the Global InterNetwork's five ISCs in Denver, New York, London, Seattle, and Tokyo. The ISCs will serve as hubs for regional telecommunications traffic, routing international traffic to and from customers worldwide over the company's high-speed, fiber-optic backbone. The Siemens InterXpress 2000 platform is designed to allow USA Global Link to offer customers cost-effective communications via voice and fax over IP and includes full PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, and phone-to-phone Internet telephony support. For more information, contact USA Global Link at 515-472-1550.

NetSpeak, Motorola Announce VoIP Effort
NetSpeak Corporation and Motorola, Inc., have announced a three-part strategy to expand functionality and interoperability between the two companies' VoIP products. The strategy is designed to allow interoperability between products and to enhance functionality for Motorola's Vanguard platform. The first phase expects to extend Vanguard's connection reach by providing telephone-to-IP address translation and call routing capabilities, while the second can extend access to the NetSpeak Connection Server, an enhanced H.323 gatekeeper, to allow for the management of Vanguard user accounts - providing authentication and verification for debit card and billing applications. In addition, plans also allow Vanguard to become interoperable with the NetSpeak Gateway Exchange so the Vanguard network can include Gateway Exchanges that provide port capacities to 96 T1 or 120 E1 ports. For more information, visit Motorola's Web site at www.mot.com.

Concord Begins Service Provider Program
Concord Technologies, Inc., has announced the launch of its Service Provider Partner Program, designed for telecommunication carriers and ISPs seeking to offer unified messaging and Internet fax as a way to expand their service offering, increase revenue, and improve customer retention. The program is expected to allow service providers to offer services through a single service bureau and to take advantage of Concord's carrier-grade, Internet telephony platforms and networks for immediate services, without capital investment. Services include Concord Universal Mailbox - a voice, fax, e-mail, and paging messaging solution designed to offer convenience of the widest array of message retrieval options of any unified messaging service on the market; and Concord Internet Fax - designed to let Internet-connected users with either WinFax PRO or Concord's free fax software to send faxes to any fax number, worldwide, via Concord's fax platforms and worldwide networks. For more information, contact Concord at 206-256-7535.

Cisco Reaches Another Phase Toward Integration
Cisco Systems, Inc., has announced it is delivering the fourth phase of its data, voice, and video integration strategy - multiservice networking - for bringing robust voice and video onto campus and branch office data infrastructures. Cisco plans to offer network PBX system capabilities and expanded campus, WAN, and branch connectivity to allow the enterprise to build a single communications infrastructure. The fourth of five phases includes extensive QoS enhancements across IP and ATM technologies - delivered within Cisco IOS software - to support enterprisewide telephony. This highlights the emergence of voice as another network application using policy networking under the CiscoAssure initiative. New product capabilities in the rollout include VoIP modules for the AS5300 access concentrator series and multiservice extensions for the 7200 series routers. For more information, visit Cisco's Web site at www.cisco.com.

Nuera, Tellabs Extend Voice Compression Pact
Nuera Communications and Tellabs, Inc., wholly owned subsidiary - Tellabs Operations, Inc. - have announced signing an amendment to their Development and Technology Supply agreement, through which both companies plan to develop and deliver valuable new voiceband data support features for carriers, using the MartisDXX platform in voice/data networking applications. Arndt Bickhoff, group manager of product marketing planning, said the company expects the developments to allow Tellabs a technical edge and, the MartisDXX, the ability to better address the needs of carriers building infrastructure in developing countries. "Nuera's voice technology, combined with the Tellabs MartisDXX scalable networking platform and advanced network management, delivers solutions to carriers who want to use bandwidth efficiently while maintaining complete transparency to voice, fax, and data applications across their networks," he said. For more information, contact Nuera at 619-625-2400.

ECI Telecom, Bezeq Collaborate On Network
ECI Telecom Ltd. has announced it was chosen by Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunications Company, to provide its SDH solutions for the country's new backbone network. The Backbone 2000 network was contracted by Bezeq to ECI Telecom to enhance the capabilities and traffic capacity of Bezeq's domestic telecommunications infrastructure. Contract terms call for ECI Telecom to supply its SDM-16, 2.5 Gbps add/drop multiplexers and 10 Gbps solutions to Bezeq. The new Bezeq Backbone 2000 network is expected to be managed by ECI Telecom's eNM, high-level, central management system. The new network, stretching the length of Israel, is planned to be configured in a multiring topology to carry traffic between cities and towns. For more information, visit ECI Telecom's Web site at www.ecitele.com.

Crystal Group Revamps Systems
Crystal Group, Inc., has announced enhancements and additions to its now extensive line of fault-resilient computing systems. The company has completely revised its computer chassis with single- and dual-speed Pentium II processors, larger hard drives, and more dense voice/data cards to dissipate more heat to prolong the life of the application. Resistors have been added to each passive backplane to meet voltage requirements of the cards. The company has developed the HD-500 and OSM Disk Array by Unisys as high-performance disk storage systems for critical-demand applications and also has introduced the GX embedded CPU card - occupying only one slot over its entire length - to make higher density telephony solutions easier. In addition, Crystal computers are currently in the NEBS testing and certification process. Crystal also reports improved air flow characteristics to eliminate hot spots, and installed higher capacity TAC-monitored cooling fans. For more information, contact Crystal Group at 800-378-1636.

Siemens Releases System For Voice/Data/Multimedia
Siemens Information and Communication Networks has announced the availability of the HiNet RC 3000 real-time communications system - designed to converge data, voice, and multimedia on an existing LAN network. The system is designed to leverage all the capabilities of a standard telephone system, including hold, call forwarding, and transferring. With this type of system, customers are expected to benefit from increased productivity their workers experience through more efficient communication. The HiNet RC 3000 can allow customers to utilize one networking infrastructure for data, voice, and video applications over existing data networking infrastructures such as Ethernet/Fast Ethernet. The product also offers feature enhancement to readily available applications such as MS NetMeeting. In addition, the HiNet RC 3000 features a Web-based, system management user interface and consists of an open, Windows-based platform and add-on modules. For more information, contact Siemens at 408-492-2000.

RADVision Ships Multipoint Conferencing Unit
RADVision is now shipping its new MCU-323 conferencing product as part of its 323 product line. The release is designed to support H.261 video protocol and G.711 audio protocol, as well as implement video switching and audio mixing. Available at the suggested price of $17,940 as a nine-ports unit, the MCU-323 includes the company's built-in Gatekeeper designed to provide virtual PBX call control and system management. Users dial the conference number, and the MCU-323 handles the rest by automatically setting up the conference. All conference participants can monitor the conference and perform certain actions with a simple browser interface. Designed for simple installation and facilitated use, the MCU-323 allows a maximum nine simultaneous participants for a single, nine-party conference or two/three separate conferences. For more information, visit RADVision's Web site at www.radvision.com.

General Micro Unveils CPU Board With SMP
General Micro Systems has announced the V255, one of the first dual-Pentium-embedded VMEbus CPU boards with SMP capability. The V255 is designed to offer 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, an Ultra Wide SCSI interface, and a pair of PMC expansion ports, along with 512 KB of L2 cache, 256 MB of L2 cache, and 64-bitBLT graphics The board leverages the symmetric multiprocessing facilities built into Windows NT. SMP support is designed to enable both V255 Pentium processors to work concurrently on the same program, utilizing a common high-speed local bus and I/O bus to access shared resources. In addition, the board utilizes the complete Intel Embedded Chip Set - its all-embedded design carrying a five-year support guarantee from Intel. The V255 runs Windows NT and Solaris X86, as well as the VxWorks and QNX real-time operating systems. For more information, contact General Micro at 909-980-4863.

Saratoga Offers CRM Software
Saratoga Systems has announced AvenueService, a new business solution designed to enable customer service, telemarketing, sales, and customer support departments to access and share critical customer data quickly and efficiently. From initial Web inquiries through sales, customer service, and relationship management, AvenueService can integrate an organization's customer interaction process across the front office and throughout the enterprise. The product is used in conjunction with Saratoga's Avenue CRM system. The software is designed to utilize Avenue's Dynamic Data Definition architecture to offer a customer service solution for easy adaption to business processes and rapid deployment within the framework of an organization's unique sales and service models. Also, AvenueService can deliver robust telephony capabilities - such as screen pops, auto dialing, conferencing, and other call-data coordinated actions - with AvenueCTI, another new product. For more information, contact Saratoga at 408-371-9330.

NETRIX, Commerce Dept. Announce Testing Results
NETRIX Corporation and the United States Commerce Department have announced the completion of subjective conversation testing, which compared the voice quality of the NETRIX Network Exchange 2200 using 8K ACELP voice compression with the PSTN. The companies report that telephone users in quiet, acoustically isolated rooms were unable to distinguish between a NETRIX 8K voice compression circuit and a circuit provided by the local PSTN. Under the terms of the five-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, the testing was performed at the department's Subjective Multimedia Testing Laboratory in Boulder County, Colorado. The test procedure and laboratory facilities conformed to the guidance provided in ITU-T Recommendation P.800 and included a picture sorting task to stimulate phone conversations between pairs of subjects located in acoustically isolated rooms. For more information, contact NETRIX at 800-949-2737.

Force Unveils First In Server Line
Force Computers, a Solectron subsidiary, has introduced the first member of its Centellis CO server family, the Centellis CO 16723 - designed to meet Bellcore NEBS Level 3 criteria. The new product is designed as a high-performance, premium-reliability platform for mission-critical applications. Telco central offices requiring platforms that support continuous operations can utilize Centellis CO's advanced features, including IN applications, such as intelligent peripherals, service nodes, service control points, and adjunct processors. The Centellis CO is equipped to combine the robustness of the CompactPCI architecture with a high-performance 233 MHz Pentium processor and Windows NT flexibility for ease of development. For more information, visit Force's Web site at www.forcecomputers.com.

Merge Releases Central Office Emulation System
Merge Technologies Group has announced the DSL 5000 Central Office Emulation System, designed as a complete central office in a box to provide multiprotocol emulation - targeting developers, manufacturers, and demonstrators of broadband computer telephony equipment using T1, Primary Rate ISDN, and other DSL formats, as they become available. The DSL 5000 system includes a power supply, CompactPCI bus and Pentium computer in a cabinet structured to accept a family of emulators. The open architecture can provide for additions and upgrades as needs and technologies change. In addition, the DSL 5000 features three expansion slots - each capable of handling two emulation modules. The initial offering of the product is expected to provide a T1 Primary Rate emulation module - each module offering individual configuration control and two T1 interfaces. For more information, contact Merge at 707-252-6686.

Ameritec Intros VoIP-Enhanced Solutions
Ameritec has announced feature additions to its AM2 Niagara, AM2S Squirt, and Crescendo Call Generators to add the ability to test voice over packet, including voice over IP, applications. The addition of the test capability is possible through upgrading unit software, scripts, and protocols. Ameritec's Call Generators have been enhanced to include tools to confirm the ability of the packet data network to carry voice. The Call Generators are designed to perform voice quality testing once a call has been answered. The enhancement can allow users to create tests to determine the number of packet losses, as well as measure delay within the packet network. The inclusion of voice over packet testing into Ameritec's product line reflects the company's continuing commitment to offer contemporary Call Generator test solutions to its existing customers and an expanding group of new customers. For more information, contact Ameritec at 626-915-5441.

VIPswitch Launches QoS Ethernet Switch
VIPswitch, Inc., launched a QoS IP Ethernet switch designed to prioritize video and voice to the desktop and to be fully compatible with any existing networks. The VIPswitch 360 can enable network users to benefit from desktop video and voice applications over their existing Ethernet network, allowing delay-sensitive traffic to pass by - assigning priority to voice and video on a "send me first" basis. In addition, VIPswitch 360 is designed to be fully compatible with networking hardware and software, including various H.323 gateways and gatekeepers from companies such as PictureTel, RADVision, and VideoServer. The product serves as a performance enhancer to Intel ProShare, VCON EscortPro, Microsoft NetMeeting, and all other H.323 systems. The VIPswitch 360 is designed to permit a full availability, nonblocking QoS switch architecture. For more information, contact VIPswitch at 450-923-4040.

Telogy Adds T.38 Interoperability To Software
Telogy Networks has announced it will enhance its Golden Gateway Fax over IP embedded software product with T.38-standard UDP/IP and TCP/IP interoperability. Telogy expects to offer the UDP/IP protocol support at the end of Q1 1999, and TCP/IP protocol support, early in Q2. T.38 is the internationally recognized standard to support real-time fax over IP interoperability across all types of fax machines. Telogy's Golden Gateway Voice and Fax over IP product line is designed to address the effects of delay through IP networks, minimize effects of jitter, and compensate for lost packets. Golden Gateway features T.30 spoofing advances, which promote interoperability with the wide variety of fax machines in use today, as well as advanced local processing. It can support fax relay at speeds up to 14,400 bps (V.17). For more information, visit Telogy's Web site at www.telogy.com.

VCON Deploys Video Conferencing To Schools
VCON has announced widespread deployment of desktop and group video conferencing systems in Texas K-12 schools. The company reports that more than 120 IP-enabled systems are now in use by various educational regions. In addition, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has funded an advanced placement pilot program, where students are learning different subjects via H.320 and H.323 video links. These programs will work in conjunction with ESCONETT, the Education Service Centers' (ESC) T1-based, statewide intranet with a DS3 backbone to the Internet. VCON reports it was able to offer a high-performance, yet affordable, solution to exploit the ESCONETT IP network backbone. For more information, contact VCON at 972-735-9001.

Madge Reveals Distance Learning Video Products
Madge Networks has designed its H.320 WAN AccessSwitchT and H.323 Madge LAN Video Gateway families to, together, allow scalable, hybrid LAN-WAN video networks. The Madge AccessSwitch is designed to combine a modular WAN access and switching architecture to aggregate video, data, and voice to minimize lifecycle network access costs and provide reliable and scalable solutions for global, hybrid networks. The Madge LAN Video Gateway is designed to allow network managers to deploy video conferencing, without the need for ISDN lines, to the desktop or conference room. In addition to distance learning networks, Madge video networking products are extensively deployed for use within corporate networks for remote meetings and workplace collaboration. For more information, contact Madge at 732-389-5700.

Multi-Tech Offers Internet Telephony Gateway
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., has announced its first Internet telephony product - the MultiVOIP (Model number MVP200) - designed to allow users to send voice and/or fax traffic over their existing IP networks. The simple, easy-to-install, two-voice channel unit can allow users to reduce long-distance phone charges between locations anywhere in the world, where static IP address nodes exist. The MultiVOIP is an inexpensive, standalone VoIP gateway, which connects a headquarter's PBX to a remote office PBX or key telephone system, via IP networks. For basic voice operation, one MultiVOIP is installed between a user's PBX telephone equipment and an existing user IP router located on a corporate Ethernet LAN, and a second MultiVOIP is installed at another location between its phone equipment and existing IP router. For a voice/fax call, a user at the corporate end dials one MultiVOIP extension and then dials the second, while the remote caller dials the desired MultiVOIP and it automatically connects to the remote MultiVOIP, providing a dial tone through its PBX. The product ships with the international G.723 voice compression standard to provide extremely high voice quality. For more information, contact Multi-Tech at 800-328-9717.

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