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July 1999

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SpeechWorks Intros SAP R/3 Solutions
SpeechWorks has announced the first and only automated speech recognition applications for customers using SAP’s Sales and Distribution, HR Employee Self-Service, and Customer Interaction Center modules. These new software building blocks, known as SpeechWorks for SAP/R3, allow customers, suppliers, and employees of corporations using SAP/R3 to access information and complete transactions automatically, 24 hours a day, simply by speaking naturally over the telephone.
No. 500, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Memotec Ships CX950 Access Switch
Memotec Communications has announced that its CX950 Access Switch, currently shipping, is a multiservice access solution that reaches the market with support for ISDN/QSIG over a BRI interface supporting transparent Common Channel Signaling over Frame Relay, IP, and ATM. With the CX950, this digital voice feature is available for the first time to remote site offices — particularly with the ISDN-centric European marketplace — with 100 percent CCS transparency over a converged network.
No. 501, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Hypercom Expands IP Telephony Capabilities
Hypercom Network System is expanding the IP telephony capabilities of its Integrated Enterprise Network (IEN) family of branch access products. The expansion is to help the company’s customers capitalize on the growing dominance and increasing use of IP as the emerging multi-service network protocol and technology. The IEN capabilities enable the seamless convergence of voice, fax, and data over IP networks that brings significant benefits to users.
No. 502, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

GFI Launches FAXmaker For Networks
GFI FAX & VOICE has launched the new version of FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 7.0. FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 7.0 is a fax server that integrates with Microsoft Outlook without requiring Exchange server. Users can choose the business fax field from a contact in their contact list to send a fax, enabling them to keep one central address book for all contacts. FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 7.0 includes an SMTP/POP3 fax gateway, allowing fax integration with all popular SMTP/POP3 servers, as well as Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise.
No. 503, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

AMTELCO XDS Announces Enhanced MC-3 Multi-Chassis
AMTELCO XDS has announced that its Enhanced MC-3 Multi-Chassis is fully H.100 compliant. It utilizes OC-3 fiber cables for connection between chassis in either a straight configuration or loop configuration for system fallback insurance. The enhanced XDS MC-3 provides seamless integration between chassis and provides for full switching of any port to any port in any chassis. The Enhanced MC-3 Multi-Chassis includes 128 ports of conferencing, provided in two blocks of 64 conferencing ports. Conferences can be provided for three to 64 conference attendants and additional listening ports can be added.
No. 504, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Rave Computer Intros RM-2UAXi
Rave Computer Association has announced Rave Systems RackMout-2UAXi (RM-2UAXi). The RM-2UAXi takes advantage of Sun Microsystems’ Ultra AXi motherboard which features upgradable UltraSPARC-IIi processor modules with current processing speeds of up to 360 MHz, integrated dual-channel UltraWide SCSI, two 33MHz/32-bitPCI slots, and integrated 10/100 MB Ethernet. The RM-2UAXi comes with a 1.44MB floppy drive and has one exposed 5.25-inch half height slot for CD-ROM, tape, or removable disk drive.
No. 505, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Announces Click-To-Dial Web Services
Lucent Technologies has announced software for providing Internet-based dialing services and advanced voice and calling services for data networks. The new IP/IN offerings, based on Bell Labs-designed technology, include Web TeleCommand, a suite of Internet-based calling services, which allow users to simply point on Web pages to automatically dial phone numbers, send faxes, or manage teleconference calls with multiple participants. Lucent’s IN Services for Packet Networks software enables traditional IN services and advanced services to be added to network applications such as VoATM and VoIP.
No. 506, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

visitalk.com Announces Communications Portal
visitalk.com has announced the operation of its global communications portal. visitalk.com’s global switchboard and permanent directory for real-time PC-to-PC communications enables users of voice, video, and data conferencing software programs to call each other with the ease of placing a regular telephone call. visitalk.com’s system is compatible with White Pine Software’s CU-SeeMe, Microsoft NetMeeting, and other industry standard H.323 software programs/clients such as Intel’s Create & Share, Netscape’s Communicator, and IBM/Lotus’s Farsight.
No. 507, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

CITEL Launches Integrated Messaging Platform
CITEL Technologies, a UK developer of desktop CTI solutions sold through PBX vendors, has launched IMP, a call processing and unified messaging solution. This range of products has been developed and tested throughout the United States before the launch by CITEL into the UK market. IMP has been developed to deliver call processing and unified messaging solutions, which will integrate seamlessly with existing and future telephone and computer networks. It is available on both IntegraEnterprise and IntegraBusiness server platforms.
No. 508, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Sun Targets Real-Time Comms Apps With RTOS Support
Sun Microsystems has announced a real-time operating system (RTOS) capability for its SPARCengine family of CompactCPI board products. The company will offer customers high-performance OEM solutions incorporating Sun’s own ChorusOS RTOS or VxWorks, the RTOS component of the Tornado development environment from Wind River Systems. Both RTOS options will enable system designers to rapidly develop and deploy powerful 64-bit UltraSPARC and 32-bit microSPARC processor-based applications for telecommunications infrastructure and enterprise telephony needs.
No. 509, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Sys Technology Debuts AMD-K6 III System
Sys Technology has announced its new Sys Performance 450A, which is powered by a 450MHz AMD-K6 III processor. Features include a 256 full speed L2 cache on the CPU and a 512K L3 cache on the motherboard, along with 3Dnow! technology and the Super7 platform with high-speed 100MHz processor bus that supports an accelerated graphic port. It also includes a 56K V.90 WinModem with voice for faxing and Internet telephony.
No. 510, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Diversified Technology Announces FTX950 Fault Tolerant System
Diversified Technology has announced the release of the new FTX950 fault tolerant system. The FTX950 is a 19-inch rackmountable quadruple XEON computer chassis with a large power supply, fault tolerance/serviceability, diagnostic features, cooling, slot count, and a large storage capacity. The FTX950 memory board can store up to eight gigabytes of memory and can be accessed through the top of the unit.
No. 511, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Dialogic Expands JumpStart Services
Dialogic has announced the availability of new JumpStart service packages for the CT Connect product family. The new JumpStart offerings, based on the CT Connect product family of CTI software, include sessions tailored to specific applications features and development environments. These hands-on consulting services assist application developers as they add CT call management capabilities to their applications. The new CT Connect JumpStart service packages, available through the company’s Synapse Group, include access to Dialogic’s CT lab and discounted licenses for the necessary CT Connect products.
No. 512, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Polycom, RealNetworks Announce Polycom StreamStation
Polycom and RealNetworks have announced the new Polycom StreamStation, which incorporates RealNetworks’ RealSystem G2 streaming media technology to stream point-to-point or multipoint video conferences using the Polycom ViewStation to the Web. Using StreamStation, real-time or on-demand video conferences can be broadcast to any PC with a RealPlay G2, enabling meeting participants to join video conferences from the desktop. Participants can submit text questions or remarks to presenters during meetings via their Web browser. Using StreamStation, meetings can also be stored for future on-demand viewing.
No. 513, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Funk Software Ships Proxy Remote Control Gateway
Funk Software has introduced Proxy Remote Control Gateway, a remote control, screen monitoring, and screen recording system. Its screen monitoring capabilities let call center supervisors closely observe what’s happening on each agent’s screen and monitor the quality of service they’re providing. With Proxy Remote Control Gateway, a call center supervisor can take over and operate any agent’s PC screen at the click of a button. It also includes screen record and playback abilities which allows a supervisor to capture any agent’s activity for performance evaluation and training.
No. 514, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

FastComm Intros GlobalView
FastComm has introduced GlobalView, a network management tool for SNMP-enabled devices. GlobalView automates the collection, interpretation, and presentation of WAN/LAN user, data, and voice port service level management information. Vital statistics such as circuits up/down and packet counts are among the many parameters that are available. GlobalView can be distributed to clients running HP OpenView on the Web, Microsoft Windows NT, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris without changes. Any network component can be imported into any other FastComm product and use GlobalView screens, formulas, and graphs.
No. 515, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Telephony Experts Announces Integrated Dialogic VoIP Solution
Telephony Experts has announced the integration of Dialogic DM3 IPLink voice hardware into their distributed switching and billing solution, Talking NT Enterprise SQL. Talking NT Enterprise SQL, which already supports seamless mix and match integration with worldwide protocols using Dialogic’s Globalcall, adds same-chassis Dialogic DM3 IPLink hardware support for Voice over IP (VoIP) using today’s most widely accepted coders and call handling protocols, including H.323, G.711, G.723.1, G.729a, GSM, and MS GSM.
No. 516, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

3Com Announces Packet-Switched CDMA Platform
3Com has announced a packet-switched wireless network platform that will deliver unprecedented wireless data access speeds and new network economies to service providers and their mobile subscribers. The 64-kbps wireless module for the 3Com Total Control multi-service access platform is scheduled to ship in Q4 1999 to wireless infrastructure OEMs, as well as to service providers who wish to offer wireless Internet/intranet access services to their customers. Their customers can use CDMA data connections for sending and receiving fax messages and e-mail, browsing the Internet, and accessing their corporate intranets.
No. 517, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Motorola Announces CPX1200 Series CompactPCI System
Motorola Computer Group has introduced the CPX1200 Series, a CompactPCI system that offers central office standards compliance in a 3U single-shelf format. This new offering provides greater flexibility to OEMs building telephony systems with distributed architectures, such as high-availability clustering. The CPX1200 series is factory compliant with Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) and European Telecom Standard Institute (ETSI) standards for safe and reliable operations. Other features include redundant fan modules, a 150 watt power supply, hot swappable I/O boards per CompactPCI Hot Swap Specification, and support for both front and back I/O access.
No. 518, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Trenton Technology Intros New GX Line
Trenton Technology has announced its new high-performance GX line of single and dual Pentium II/III processor-based SBCs using Intel’s 440 GX AGPset featuring 1 GB of SDRAM memory. The 440GX AGPset also supports the system/memory bus at 100MHz, providing an ultra high-speed bandwidth path for transferring data between main memory/chip set and the microprocessors. Both the P2GX and DP2GX feature on-board 10/100Base-T Ethernet, UltraWide SCSI, AGP SVGA interfaces, and Trenton’s flush-mounted processors that save backplane slots and allow use of all available standard PCI slots.
No. 519, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Siemens Selects Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion 3.0 For Next-Gen VoIP Solutions
Natural Microsystems has announced Fusion 3.0, its newest platform for voice and data convergence. Fusion 3.0 is a powerful, cost-effective building block for voice and fax over IP platforms. Siemens is one of the first companies to use Fusion 3.0 as the basis for new IP solutions. The next version of their Hicom Xpress Telephony Internet Server, a Windows NT-based gateway that enables voice and real-time fax calls over IP-based networks, will be built on Fusion 3.0. Natural MicroSystems supports industry standards such as H.323.1, MGCP, and SIP, and provides full engineering design and consulting services. Fusion 3.0 is available in the PCI and CompactPCI form factors, and supports the SPARC Solaris operating system.
No. 520, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

AltiGen’s Digital T1 Offering Expands Phone System Capacity For Businesses
AltiGen Communications has announced the availability of digital T1 for its NT-based AltiServe telephone system. Designed specifically for businesses demanding T1 service, the AltiWare OE R3.0 phone system provides increased capacity to support AltiGen’s new T1 board. Advantages include increased line capacity, high voice messaging capacity built-in, versatile trunk functionality, and a T1 PCI card. By offering digital T1 voice service support, AltiGen customers are able to lower their monthly telephone service expenses as a result of T1 service being more cost-effective than individual analog telephony lines. With the addition of T1, the capacity of the AltiServe has been increased to enable businesses with up to 160 users to take advantage of the telecommunications system.
No. 521, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Ziaatech Intros Pentium III Processor Support
CompactPCI founder Ziatech has introduced a CompactPCI single board computer to utilize the Intel Pentium III processor. Ziatech’s flagship CPU board, the ZT 5521, now offers the recently introduced Pentium III processor at speeds over 500 MHz. The addition of the Pentium III to the Ziatech CompactPCI processor family compliments Ziatech’s supply of Intel-based, CompactPCI single board computers. Based on the Intel 440BX chipset, the ZT 5521 bolsters its performance and functionality through a 100 MHz front side bus and dual on-board 64-bit bridges that allow it to drive up to 14 CompactPCI peripheral slots in a system.
No. 522, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

MGC And Accelerated Networks Announce Integrated Broadband Access Network
MGC Communications has announced that it has initiated bundled voice and data services based on equipment from Accelerated Networks. This rollout is an ATM-based integrated access network able to deliver bundled voice and data services over local loops using xDSL technology. Accelerated’s products will be installed at customer locations, central office collocations, and regional host switch sites. Accelerated’s carrier-class AN-30 integrated access devices (IADs) and AN-3200 multi-service access platforms (MSAPs) will allow delivery of dial tone, data VPN, voice VPN, Internet access, and frame relay services over a single copper loop using xDSL technology or a conventional T1 access facility. Accelerated’s AccessPilot CORBA-compliant element management system (EMS) will interface with MGC’s existing OSS infrastructure.
No. 523, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

New Pentium Half-Size SBC Card Supports Intel, AMD Processors�
MiTAC Industrial Corp. has announced the immediate availability of the MSC-1500V Single Board Computer (SBC). This new and more powerful SBC supports a wide choice of CPUs, including Intel’s Pentium P54C/P55C (MMX), and K5/K6/K6-2, Cyrix M1/M2, an IDTC6/Winchip 2, with clock speeds from 75 to 450MHz. This half-size ISA bus card supports bus speeds from 66 to 100 MHz, has an on-board VGA/LCD controller (up to 1024 x 768 in hi-color), two serial ports, EIDE mode 4 controller with up to four drives, and two floppy drives. Engineered for rugged environments, the MSC-1500V is designed for hard industrial application requiring desktop processing power. The unit is available from stock and is priced from $536 with OEM volume discounts.
No. 524, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Inter-Tel InterPrise 400 Extends IP Telephony To Enterprise Networks
Inter-Tel has announced production release of the InterPrise 400 IP telephony gateway, the first in a new line of IP telephony products that transport voice, fax, and data communications across corporate IP or frame relay networks. The four-port InterPrise 400 provides network managers with a simple way to integrate multimedia communications among remote facilities, including smaller branch offices. An analog solution, the InterPrise 400 supports subscriber interfaces for standard telephones, fax machines, voice-band modems, PBX or PSTN looplines, and PBX E&M tie lines. Future InterPrise products planned for 1999 include 24-port analog and 32-port digital T1/E1 configurations designed for larger enterprise network applications
No. 525, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Ascend Adds ADSL Over ATM Solution To MultiSDL Line
Ascend Communications has unveiled its CellPipe 50A, a high-speed asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) over asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) router that utilizes the existing single-pair copper to combine data, voice, and video traffic over an ADSL line. The Ascend CellPipe is a customer premise equipment (CPE) router that integrates routing and bridging capabilities for deployment in service provider networks. The CellPipe joins the Ascend MultiDSL product portfolio by offering cost-efficient high-speed access for applications such as Internet, intranet, video conferencing, and Web hosting for telecommuting and small office/home office (SOHO) users in the customer premises.
No. 526, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

New Mobile Module SBXs Offer Easy Upgrade To Pentium II Power
Industrial Computer Source has announced its new MS686BX Series of Embedded Systems Pentium II Single-Board Computers. The three models in the series offer an initial choice of 233, 266, or 300MHz processor; low power consumption; and the latest peripheral support in a compact, low profile assembly. Designed for embedded system applications in computer-telephony integration, telecommunications and industrial automation, the SM686BX Series allows system expansion using both ISA and PC/104 bus cards. Backward compatible with earlier ISA only systems, the SM686BX Series provides an easy upgrade path to Pentium II power and performance for 80386 through Pentium-powered passive-backplane systems. The board may even be used without a backplane by bringing power directly to the onboard connector.
No. 527, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Dragon Systems Announces USB Solutions To Enhance Speech Rec Accuracy
Dragon Systems has announced a commercially available speech input system with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector. The new Dragon NaturallyClear USB System H100 consists of a microphone and sound input system that is optimized to reproduce high quality speech input for speech recognition software. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred USB contains Dragon Naturally-Speaking Preferred software in retail bundles with the H100. The NaturallyClear USB System H100 consists of a headset microphone that attaches to a small black pod that connects to a PC via a cable to the USB port. Once connected, a Windows 98 PC automatically detects the H100. There is no need for a user to open the PC or replace any components.
No. 528, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Analogic’s New Family Of CompactPCI NAC Includes DS-3
Analogic announced the launch of their Network Access Card (NAC) family for CompactPCI platforms. The new family includes DS-3, quad, and octal T1/E1 cards. All three cards are 6U, hot-swap compliant, and include the H.110 protocol telephony bus. The quad NAC-120 and the octal NAC-240 cards feature a software-selectable T1/E1 interface, Primary Rate ISDN, and a passive back card. The NAC-672 DS-3 card features 672 channels, all of which can be switched to any of the 4096 time slots on the H.110 interface. The product is designed for large-scale call center, CTI, and voice over IP applications.
No. 529, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Sphere Ships Sphericall Media Gateways For Enterprise Voice Solutions
Sphere Communications has announced the shipment of its latest version of Sphericall that includes support for its most recent hardware innovation, Sphericall VBX Media Gateways. Using VBX or Virtual Branch eXhange products, connections to the PSTN and to client phones are made through modular, network-attached hubs rather than through hardware components in PBX or PC platforms. Media gateways provide exceptional voice quality on packet-based networks by loading voice directly into Layer 2 for end-to-end support. Sphere’s unique conversion of voice into standard ATM data cells allows the Sphericall Media Gateways to transport voice on a common, shared network.
No. 530, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Alcatel’s INfusion STP Enables Service Providers to Deliver SS7 Signaling Over IP
Alcatel has announced that its SS7 signaling platform, the INfusion STP, offers new features that facilitate SS7 signaling over Internet Protocol (IP) networks to meet network operators’ switching requirements. INfusion is a standards-based solution delivering multiple applications to facilitate the STP-to-Internet connection. Service providers seeking to exploit IP networks for sending and receiving SS7 message traffic can implement these applications to route telephony traffic over the Internet. Alcatel’s solution supports standardization work from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and their Signaling Transport (SigTran) working group.
No. 531, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

MUSIC Telecom Announces New StationMaster Hardware Series�
MUSIC Telecom has announced the release of its new StationMaster Series product line and the new MT-80 Station Board. The StationMaster MT-80 product is designed to manage and control agent station and/or desktop telephones with station-to-station, as well as station-to-trunk switching functionality. The MT-80 board provides eight-channel support and is compatible with normal analog telephones. It supports Windows NT drivers and comes with both native API and Microsoft TAPI software kits. MT-80 supports eight telephones per card, uses the MVIP bus for switching, and requires no additional switching board. Having no shared resources ensures fast response time and performance.
No. 532, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

3Com Adds Tunneling To CDMA Data Networks
3Com has announced that it has enhanced its multi-service network infrastructure equipment to enable the deployment of wireless virtual private network (VPN) services. The Interworking Function (IWF) within 3Com’s Total Control multi-service access platform now supports the IETF-standard Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and the Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. Secure tunneling support in the IWF enables wireless service providers running Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)-based data networks to expand the reach of business customers’ wired VPNs to mobile workers who need to access remote data at times when there is no phone jack nearby.
No. 533, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

OZ.COM and Ericsson Introduce iPulse
OZ.COM and Ericsson have introduced iPulse, an IP service application that instantly connects users to each other by computer, phone, pager, or mobile phone through a simple point-and-click menu. It also allows users to customize their communications by setting up individual profiles that indicate when, by whom, and how they want to be reached. iPulse allows service providers to leverage their existing communications networks while tapping into the power of the Internet and new forms of voice and data communications. iPulse is the result of a close collaboration effort over the last two years that brings together OZ.COM’s Internet expertise and Ericsson’s telecom experience.
No. 534, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Cisco Unveils High-End VPN Router
Cisco Systems has announced the Cisco 7100 Series of integrated virtual private network (VPN) routers — secure, scalable VPN platforms that provide enterprise customers with a comprehensive solution for cost-effective remote access, intranet and extranet connectivity using public data services. The Cisco 7100 Series integrates high-speed routing with six key VPN components — tunneling, data encryption, security, firewall, advanced bandwidth management, and service level validation. As a result, the new family of VPN routers dramatically reduces network cost and complexity associated with deploying numerous single-purpose devices, while providing a combination of VPN services and embedded wide area network (WAN) and Fast Ethernet interfaces for a turnkey VPN routing solution.
No. 535, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

SimplyPhone Expands MSO To Full CTI Application
SimplyPhone for Microsoft Outlook (MSO), a new addition to the Siemens CTI product range, helps Microsoft users to enhance Microsoft Office’s organization and messaging environment with telephone and call management features. While Outlook enables users’s subscriber numbers to be selected on screen, SimplyPhone allows users to take full advantage of computer-integrated telephony in their own Microsoft environment. Features include caller ID; journals of all conducted telephone calls; and lists of incoming but unanswered calls with time, directory number and, if the caller is stored as an MSO contact, the subscriber’s name. SimplyPhone for Microsoft Outlook is a client application for the office environment using the Telas CTI server from Siemens on the Hicom 300 communication server.
No. 536, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

ADTRAN Intros Total Access 750 IAD For Emerging Carrier Market
ADTRAN has introduced its Total Access 750 product line designed primarily for the emerging competitive carrier market. Competitive carriers are now provided a cost-effective means to offer combined voice and data traffic over a single T1 line for small to medium-sized businesses. The Total Access 750 system feature delivery of up to 24 POTS, a V.35 port for high-speed data transmission, ISDN basic rate, a fractional T1 port for direct connection to a business’s PBX system, TR-08 signaling for compatibility with a carrier’s Central Office switch, and more. Its modular approach allows carriers the flexibility to easily mix voice and data units based on the specific requirements of each customer application.
No. 537, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo�

Comdial Integrates IP Capability Into Communications Server
Comdial Corp. has announced that its next-generation communications server, the Impact CT, will come equipped with IP telephony access integrated directly into its platform. This product will integrate IP access into the same Windows NT platform and allow it to co-exist and cooperate with other programs such as voice mail, ACD, IVR, and Comdial’s proprietary CTI software suite, Impact Call, Impact Group, and Impact Attendant. Building on the IP technology acquired when it purchased Array Telecom, Comdial has integrated IP access into its feature-rich Impact CT communications server. The company anticipates that the Impact CT communications platform will begin shipping in late summer.
No. 538, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Centigram Completes Interoperability Testing Of C-SMSC
Centrigram Communications Corp. has announced the completion of interoperability testing of its new Centigram Short Message Service Center (C-SMSC) in the Lucent Technologies’ Wireless Innovation Lab. The facility houses a telecommunications network for testing and fine-tuning new applications before they are deployed commercially. The C-SMSC is a software-only solution that enables carriers to cost-effectively deliver SMS-based mobile data services. It is used by wireless carriers and service providers to deliver Internet and real-time data such as e-mail, stock updates, message/fax notification, etc. directly to the mobile user’s handset. Unlike SMS systems that require dedicated hardware, C-SMSC works with Centigram’s Series 6 platform, enabling existing customers to offer SMS-based services through a software upgrade.
No. 539, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Hypercom Offers Turnkey Business And Technology Solution
Uniting its networking, electronic card payment, and e-commerce capabilities, Hypercom Corp. is offering a turnkey business and technology solution that lets Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other IP telephony carriers launch services faster, with reduced costs and interoperability issues. The new solution, e-Telephony, combines Hypercom’s IP.tel carrier-class voice gateway with the company’s electronic payment software, and its e-commerce based virtual pre-paid card server into a single system. With e-Telephony, ISPs, next-gen telcos, CLECs, and other carriers can launch a new service or build on existing ones in less time than it would take to piece together solutions on their own.
No. 542, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Mitel Expands Its Messaging Portfolio�
Mitel Corp. has introduced Mitel OnePoint Messenger, a unified messaging solution for mobile professionals and office workers. OnePoint Messenger, a Windows NT-based solution, integrates voice and fax into Microsoft Exchange to provide a single point of access and a single point of administration for all multimedia messaging. OnePoint Messenger provides user access to e-mail, voice mail, and fax from any telephone, Web browser, or Microsoft Outlook client. Messages can be accessed using a personal computer or telephone, regardless of the form in which the messages were created. Beyond integration with the Microsoft Exchange environment, One Point Messenger provides fiber optic integration to the Mitel SX2000 PBX using Mitel’s call control protocol, MiTAI.
No. 540, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo


Crossroads Systems and Tivoli Systems Tivoli will work with Crossroads on a series of SAN-related products designed to provide customers with a fast, efficient, and interoperable storage solution that will improve storage scalability and information ability.
www.tivoli.com and

Tekelec and IEX Corp. Tekelec has completed its acquisitions of IEX Corp., a privately held developer of solutions for intelligent networks, call centers, and other telecommunications markets.
and www.iex.com
LHS Group and Priority Call

LHS Group will acquire Priority Call for 5.2 million fully diluted shares which, based on LHS's closing price of $31.25 per share, represents a total consideration of $162 million.
www.lhsgroup.com and
Intel Corp. and Lernout &
Hauspie Speech Products
The companies will form a venture to develop e-commerce and telephony solutions using L&H's speech and language technolgies.
www.intel.com and
Digital Voice Systems and
Honeywell Commercial
Aviation Systems

Digital Voice Systems has licensed its voice compression technology via its Advanced Multi-Band Excitation Voice Compression Software to Honeywell Business & Commuter Aviation Systems for use in the Aero-I Mobile Satellite communications systems.  DC 50, and ReelTime products.
www.dvsinc.com and
IET-Intelligent Electronics
and Zamba
Zamba will take on a significant role in implementing IET's W-6 Service Scheduler in leading service organizations nationwide.
www.iet-w6.com and
IBM and SITEL Corp.
IBM and SITEL will provide outsourced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to major corporations.
www.ibm.com and
GeoTel Communications Corp.
and TeleQuery
GeoTel has announced its acquisition of certain assets of TeleQuery for cash and assumption of certain liabilities.
www.geotel.com and
Brooktrout Software and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories� Brooktrout has announced that Show N Tel Release 4.4 has been certified by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories to operate as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call center component with the Genesys T-Server Framework. 
www.brooktrout.com and
National Skill Standards Board and America's Learning eXchange

The NSSB has announced a strategic partnership with ALX through which the companies will share information about the technical knowledge and skills required to meed industry skill standards, thus enabling greater public access to information on certifications and skill standards.
www.nssb.org and
Telef�nica Internacional and Tyco International Ltd.
Telef�nica and Tyco announced the joint development of a $900 million South American undersea fiber optic cable project (SAm-I).
www.telefonica.es and


AnswerThink Consulting and Hammer Technologies AnswerThink and Hammer have formed an alliance through which the companies will help customers effecively deploy technology-enabled business solutions leveraging Hammer's testing products.
www.answerthink.com and
Convergent Communications and
Cisco Systems
Covergent Communications announced a memorandum of understanding with Cisco to deploy and support a nationwide, 50-market integrated data/voice services network.
www.converg.com and
Compaq Computer Corp. and GeoTel Communications Corp. GeoTel and Compaq have announced a four-year reseller agreement enabling Compaq to distribute GeoTel's full product suite and provide system integration services in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
www.compaq.com and
Dacon Electronics and
MCK Communications
Dacon Electronics has announced the availability of the Branch Office EXTender, a remote voice solution manufactured by MCK Communications.
www.dacon.com and
Excel Switching and RAScom Excel Switching announced that it has completed the acquisition of RAScom.
www.xl.com and

Ericsson and Vodafone Ericsson and Vodafone have announced that they will collaborate to develop and evaluate third generation wireless technologies that will introduce to users the benefits of mobile multimedia communications.
www.ericsson.com and
Cisco Sytems and
Amteva Technologies
Cisco has announced a definitive agreement to acquire AmtevaTechnologies
www.cisco.com and www.amteva.com

Deutsche Telekom and
Ascend Communications
Deutsche Telekom has selected Ascend's MAX TNT WAN access switch to expand their Internet service.
www.ascend.com and

Franklin Telecom and
Vodavi Technology
The companies have signed an agreement for Franklin Telecom to manufacture two, four, and eight port Data Voice Gateways to be sold under Vodavi's brand name.
www.vodavi.com and
Cellular One San Francisco and AG Communication Systems Cellular One San Francisco has signed a joint marketing agreement with AG communication Systems to Offer ROAMEO Wireless Office Telephone System.
www.cellone-sf.com and

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