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February 1999



Copia Offers Support For Commetrex Boards
Copia International, Ltd., has announced that its FaxFacts Fax Server for Windows NT now can support the Commetrex PowerFax M-series fax boards. All Commetrex M-Series 4- , 8- , and 24-port models are designed to offer 14,000 bps fax send and receive capabilities at a fraction of the cost of competitive boards for customers with moderate to high-volume faxing requirements. The Commetrex PowerFax M-T1 can offer FaxFacts users an integrated T1 digital trunk, six 50 MIPs DSPs, an onboard 386 processor, and an MVIP-compliant telephony interface.
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Wildfire, Compaq Announce Integrated Platform Deployment
Wildfire Communications, Inc., and Compaq Computer Corporation have announced that Pacific Bell Wireless (PBW - formerly Pacific Bell Mobile Services) is one of the first U.S. carriers to commercially offer the Wildfire "Here I Am" electronic personal assistant. After extensive performance reliability testing, PBW chose to deploy the service based on industry-standard Compaq ProLiant servers installed in its central office. The solution comprises Compaq ProLiant 6500 servers running SCO UnixWare and Wildfire software, directly connected to PBW's mobile switching center and SS7 network.
No. 501, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Bellcore Rolls Out Unified Messaging
Bellcore has announced that Manitoba Telecom Services, Inc., (MTS) is trialing Bellcore's next-generation unified messaging solution - the data collected during the trial is expected to allow MTS officials to plan a commercial rollout of the service to its subscribers. The Bellcore Unified Messaging solution is designed to allow users to direct all pages and all voice, e-mail, and fax messages to one central location, enabling the users to manage both internal and external communications more efficiently. The solution can allow a sender's medium of choice to be different from the recipient's medium of retrieving the message.
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IDT Launches Upgraded PC-To-Phone Service
IDT's Net2Phone has unveiled its completely redesigned version of Net2Phone, one of the first PC-to-phone services. The new 32-bit version - Net2Phone 9.0 - is designed to download 30 percent faster, install considerably more quickly, and occupy less space in the computer than its predecessor. Some new features include a compact GUI, Web page push from the customer service center, faster performance, and the ability to recharge a Net2Phone account directly from the client. In addition, the new version also enables improved speech quality and a streamlined user interface, with a cell phone-like appearance.
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Dialogic Announces T.37 Compliance
Dialogic Corporation has announced that its computer-based fax platforms are T.37 standards-compliant to allow store-and-forward faxing over IP networks. The entire line of Dialogic CP fax boards can support the T.37 standard and help develop Internet fax applications, such as LAN fax servers, or interoperate with Internet-enabled fax machines. Dialogic T.37-compliant products have been implemented in, and are supported by, many leading Internet fax solutions. T.37 is the new standard for store-and-forward Internet fax, determined by the IETF and ITU.
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Saratoga Offers CRM Software
Saratoga Systems has announced AvenueService, a new business solution designed to enable customer service, telemarketing, sales, and customer support departments to access and share critical customer data quickly and efficiently. AvenueService can deliver robust telephony capabilities - such as screen pops, auto dialing, conferencing, and other call-data coordinated actions - with AvenueCTI, another new product. From initial Web inquiries through sales, customer service, and relationship management, AvenueService can integrate an organization's customer interaction process across the front office and throughout the enterprise. The product is used in conjunction with Saratoga's Avenue CRM system.
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Amtel Intros Video/Audio Codec
Amtel Corporation has released its high-performance video and audio codec chip - VisionTel - designed to meet the H.263 and G.723 ITU standards and target video conferencing applications over a variety of data communications channels, ranging from PSTNs (33.6 Kbps) to LANs (1.5 Mbps). Amtel plans to license several TV set-top videophone reference designs, which can monitor the effective transfer rates of the communication lines and amount of motion in the transmitted video. VisionTel can support PIP display and still-image compression/transmission.
No. 506, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

TEAC Unveils Call Retrieval System
TEAC has introduced the Windows NT-compatible Playback Access System (PAS), designed to place up to 300,000 channel hours of call recording online - accessible in moments without requiring retrieval by a third party. The automated system can store and load the desired disk on demand, and recording can be simultaneously accessed by up to 12 users. Stored calls can also be attached to e-mail messages or saved on the workstation HDD. Every system is designed to support up to 255 computer connections and is secured to ensure privacy and eliminate unauthorized access to recordings.
No. 507, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

TCS Launches Global Service Bureau
TCS, Inc., has announced availability of its enhanced international service bureau, designed to enable communications providers to speed value-added services to market without heavy capital costs of owning and maintaining an enhanced services platform. TCS has deployed a global network of enhanced programmable switching platforms, allowing each carrier to offer its full menu of services in any market with a local node. Enhanced services include pre- and postpaid calling cards; unified messaging; personal numbering service; virtual international, toll-free services; and other virtual office solutions.
No. 508, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Nortel Networks Integrates USB With Speech Rec
Nortel Networks has announced the integration of the Meridian 9617 USB telephone with Personal Voice Dialer (PVD), an advanced speech recognition application. Expected results are users' ability to "dial" the Meridian 9617 USB phone just by speaking a name. PVD uses Nortel Networks' OpenSpeech Recognition technology and is speaker-independent. The integration is designed to use the power of a PC to offer users advanced call management and convenient access to CT applications.
No. 509, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Iridium Activates Global Paging/Messaging
Iridium, LLC, has announced activation of one of the world's first global paging and messaging networks. Iridium World Page service, featuring pagers manufactured by U.S.-based Motorola and Japan-based Kyocera, is planned to allow customers to receive alphanumeric messages of up to 20 characters, virtually anywhere on the planet. The system can act either as a standalone service or as a complement to Iridium voice and short messaging services. Iridium has designed its system to accept messages from many popular input methods, including operator dispatch centers, touchtone telephones, e-mail, and the Web.
No. 510, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

ComponentSource Offers ActiveX Product
ComponentSource has announced that it is distributing Message-Master Developer Suite V1.1, by Derdack Software Engineering, from its Web site - www.componentsource.com. The new product is a 32-bit ActiveX component for sending alphanumeric messages to mobile phones or pagers through modem and ISDN connections. Message-Master can support TAP and UCP for worldwide use and offers features such as scheduled delivery, transmission notification, resend ability, single and group transmission, automatic splitting of large messages, and more. The developer can also define services for local carriers with Message-Master.
No. 511, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

UMAX Intros Ethernet PC Card
UMAX Technologies, Inc., has announced the UmaxLink-250TX 32-bit CardBus 10/100M Fast Ethernet PC Card, designed to deliver maximum network throughput for high-bandwidth network and client/server applications, including graphics, multimedia, Internet, and database applications. The product features fast, seamless operation, along with real-time bandwidth auto-sensing and switching, 32-bit bus mastering, full-duplex capabilities for doubled network connecting speed, and power management for better notebook battery performance.
No. 512, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

L&H Releases Speech Utility Suite
Lernout & Hauspie has introduced its Now You're Talking Deluxe suite of speech-enabled accessories, designed to make searching the Internet, scheduling meetings, and calculating numbers by voice easy and fun. The suite can allow users easy voice access to their most commonly used desktop functions, through an intuitive, simplified user interface and spoken hotkeys. The suite uses the company's Voice Xpress continuous speech recognition engine and can support Microsoft Office 95 and 97 applications. The suite also includes text-to-speech technology.
No. 513, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Cross Country Forms Internet Support Venture
The Cross Country Group announced that it has formed a new company - eSupportNow - designed to provide Internet-based sales support and customer service programs to leading e-commerce companies. These services are planned to be offered as a value-added option via ISPs and Web integrators. Electronic customer response services include 24 x 7 x 365 "NetRep" online response, intelligent prompt e-mail handling, proactive chat interaction, and complete support for Internet telephony communications - all expected to enable Web sites to serve as true e-commerce gateways and offer real-time customer support and interaction with site visitors.
No. 514, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

CommercePath Offers Fax Server Upgrade
CommercePath, a wholly owned subsidiary of AVT Corporation, has announced CommercePath 2.0, the latest version of the Windows NT-based fax server. The CommercePath line of scalable production fax servers and modules is designed to offer simultaneous, high-volume fax services to mainframes and mid-range LANs, as well as EDI translators and e-mail applications. The new version can enable ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle and is back-ended with the Microsoft SQL Server. CommercePath 2.0 also features a browser-based interface and remote fax tracking/server administration applications.
No. 515, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Centrepoint Extends Phone System
Centrepoint Technologies is introducing ScanSend, a new feature enhancement for Version 3.10 of the Concero Switchboard, designed to convert digital copies of paper documents (scanned in through a fax machine) to PDF, activate e-mail software, open a new message, and automatically insert the file as an e-mail attachment. ScanSend can allow for convenience and cost savings, helping eliminate the long-distance charges associated with traditional faxing. ScanSend is planned to be included in all Concero Versions 3.10 and higher. Concero is an advanced phone system designed to integrate existing phones, fax machines, modems, PCs, and other office equipment into one easily managed system.
No. 516, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

CastleNet Adds Framework To Portfolio
CastleNet, LLC, has announced CastleNet Framework, an integrated product suite designed to allow any business enterprise to develop, deploy, and distribute interactive content across any combination of extranets, intranets, and the Internet. It is expected to serve as the foundation of all new product development at the company. The CastleNet Framework can enable applications to be set up centrally or by authorized users, and information can be customized so that each user gets only the interactive content desired, delivered to the desktop in real-time. Utility Server and Studio features can, respectively, offer automatic administration of app-controlled paging, faxing, and e-mail; and allow developers to design, test, and integrate new app logic.
No. 517, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

AudioCodes Unveils FoIP/VoIP Board
AudioCodes has announced the TrunkPack-VoIP/04, a new four-port PCI analog VoIP/FoIP board for Internet telephony, designed to offer small Internet telephony gateways, VPN networks, and enterprise sites the ability to take advantage of AudioCodes' technology. The short PCI form factor baseboard includes AudioCodes' recently announced AC48104A-C audio compression DSP, which can perform compression, echo cancellation, in-band signaling, call progress detection and generation, and T.38 fax relay supporting up to five-second delay. Two dual-line interface daughter cards can also be installed to create various combinations of FXS, FXO, and E&M solutions. Supportive Windows drivers are designed to be compatible with the digital TrunkPack series' APIs and drivers, so the same gateway application can utilize both analog and digital boards.
No. 531, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

PICMG Launches Field Test For NT 5.0
The PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) has just launched a field test of hot-swap infrastructure software for Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 - developed by Pigeon Point Systems - among its executive and associate membership. The Hot Swap Software Infrastructure Project was commissioned by PICMG to implement key components of the hot-swap software architectural framework defined in the group's hot-swap specification. Key components in the field test distribution include a hot-swap test facility, a primary kernel mode driver, platform miniports, and a white paper on ACPI and its relationship to hot swap. "At the conclusion of the project, PICMG members and others will be able to add hot-swap awareness to their NT 5.0-based platforms by combining the output of the project with small, platform-specific modules," said PICMG Vice President for Technology Richard Somes.
No. 532, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

TeleDirect Announces Campaign/Predictive Dialing System
TeleDirect International, Inc., has announced the launch of LIBERATION 6000, designed as a standards-based campaign management and predictive dialing system that can dramatically streamline the campaign creation process while offering unprecedented dialing flexibility. The solution runs on a Windows NT platform, relies on Dialogic boards and can leverage the Microsoft SQL Server and support H.100 and S.100 standards. Able to support from 4 to 96 agents and 8 to 192 analog or digital trunks, the solution features Campaign Builder, an integrated element designed to offer supervisors a convenient way to create and track campaigns. In addition, Application Builder is another wizard tool designed to streamline development of agent applications and scripting while providing a simple way to integrate the applications with any back-end system.
No. 546, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

MIND CTI Billing Announced Interoperable With Gateways
MIND CTI has announced that its MIND-iPhonEX billing system works concurrently with ITXC's network and the Lucent and VocalTec gateways. MIND CTI is providing ITXC with the billing package for its wholesale accounting and billing of voice and fax communications. ITXC is one of the first Internet telephony exchange carriers to offer commercial service across two leading Internet telephony platforms in a revenue-generating environment. The MIND-iPhonEX system is reported to be one of the first billing systems to work in this new interoperable environment. "MIND CTI is first out of the starting gate with a billing solution, which takes advantage of the interoperability planned by ITXC, of VocalTec and Lucent gateways," said ITXC Chairman and CEO Tom Evslin.
No. 543, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Artisoft Releases New System, Ships ActiveX Kit
Artisoft, Inc., has released the new TeleVantage 2.1 phone system and is shipping Visual Voice 5.0. TeleVantage 2.1 is designed to allow businesses to customize their call handling by creating small call centers. The new version offers added features such as ACD, international support, and integration with TAPI-compliant applications (including contact management systems), as well as enhanced Centrex telephony and pager support, and integration with Artisoft's Visual Voice Pro telephony SDK. TeleVantage 2.1 can support T1 trunks and scale up to 48 analog trunk lines and 144 extensions. Visual Voice 5.0 is designed to offer developers the tools to create global telephony applications, ranging from IVR to large, Web-enabled call centers. With the toolkit, developers can create applications - including VoIP applications - that span multiple computers over LANs, intranets, and the Internet.
No. 530, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

NetDIVE Delivers Java Client/Server
NetDIVE has announced the release of CallSite, designed as a Java client/server system for Web-based call center and customer service. CallSite can enable visitors to a Web site to call for instant communication with company staff no matter where staff is located. Visitors do not need to download or install a plug-in before engaging in voice communication. CallSite is also designed to work across all Java-enabled browsers and operating systems and can help increase sales or general customer satisfaction while significantly reducing communications costs for the company. The solution offers a Secure Communication mode (so visitors/customers can provide sensitive information), as well as call routing, call forwarding, document sharing, an open API for connection, and other features.
No. 534, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Dialogic Initiates Developer Program
Dialogic Corporation has announced the launch of the GetConnected support program for its CT-Connect family of CT software components. The new program is designed to assist application developers and integrators in successfully delivering application solutions. The program offers technical and marketing assistance, along with both free and for-fee services, designed to provide the information, tools, and development environments solution providers need to rapidly implement and market CTI-based applications. The program is open to any solution provider interested in using CT-Connect software components and highlights free product seminars, expanded CTI lab services, a beta trial program, cooperative marketing services, and a GetConnected newsletter.
No. 527, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

NMS Provides Hot-Swap Platform
Natural MicroSystems (NMS) has announced the general availability of one of the industry's first hot-swap CompactPCI network interface and DSP resource boards for high-value voice processing and telecommunications switching solutions. The CompactPCI Alliance Generation Quad T1 and E1 boards can address the high-availability and reliability requirements for PSTN infrastructure equipment, while supporting standard application development tools available for the Windows NT and UNIX operating systems. The two boards are designed to enable development of ruggedized PC-based PBXs, IP gateways, and IN services based on NT and UNIX, and each can support four integrated digital trunk interfaces to offer 96 and 120 ports of advanced call processing in a single slot. These can leverage the PCI bus and support the ECTF H.110 specification.
No. 525, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Mosaix Releases Call Center Management Software
Mosaix, Inc., has announced general availability of Producer 1.1, an enhanced version of its application software designed to enable companies to quickly and easily manage call center operations, using the Mosaix Call Management System. With expanded management features and flexible configuration options, Producer 1.1 can enable call center managers to customize their predictive dialing applications to meet changing business needs. The new software is designed to allow customers to quickly add, delete, and modify calling list download and upload files to handle different types of campaigns - from telemarketing to collections applications. Also, the software can enable businesses to capitalize on revenue opportunities by offering tighter control over changes to calling list formats, automated messages, and inbound/outbound call wait queues. The software features a Windows-based interface to incorporate easy-to-use screens designed to allow for rapid system configuration changes without extensive programming expertise.
No. 537, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

8x8, NetSpeak, Motorola Announce Interoperability
8x8, Inc., NetSpeak Corporation, and Motorola, Inc., have announced the interoperability of their broadband Internet telephony technologies, which are based on a new protocol designed to bridge circuit-based PSTNs and IP-based networks. The SGCP specification is a component of the emerging PacketCable Interface Specification being defined by CableLabs. The technologies involve 8x8's Packet Gateway, Motorola's MTA-1, and NetSpeak's Call Agent. Phone calls can be placed between the 8x8 and Motorola gateways using standard touchtone phones, with the NetSpeak Call Agent routing the call across a broadband cable network. The 8x8 and Motorola gateways can compress the audio down to 6.3 Kbps to allow for the most efficient use of bandwidth without any sacrifice of quality.
No. 544, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

MCK, 3Com Achieve Remote Access Over Cable
MCK Communications, Inc., and 3Com Corporation announced they have achieved remote voice access to the PBX over a cable network, utilizing MCK's IP EXTender technology and a 3Com DOCSIS-compliant cable modem to access a remote PBX over MSO-provided business IP service. The achievement reflects the companies' commitment to offering value-added applications such as remote voice technology over either circuit or packet networks. The applications are expected to be available soon to any user on any network, allowing remote workers seamless access to their PBX, key, or ACD system. The technology means that a telecommuter can now use the same deskset employed in the office, with all its supported telephony features (such as four-digit dialing, transferring, conferencing, voice mail signaling, paging, and ACD and call accounting features).
No. 540, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

ECTF Offers S.100 Revision
The Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF) has announced the immediate availability of S.100 Revision 2, a major update to the S.100 Interoperability Agreement, which documents a framework and API specification for CT media services. The release - available for download off the organization's site, www.ectf.org - is designed to upgrade S.100 with enhancements to further expand its appeal to developers of CT server implementations, telephony resources, and applications. Improvements include those in the client/server framework, in the behavior of objects defined by the specification, and in the functionality and capabilities of resources available to S.100 client applications.
No. 520, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

FlexMedia Releases Voice/Web Platform
FlexMedia has announced the availability of FlexWire, a scalable telecommunications platform designed to allow wireless and wireline carriers to integrate Internet applications with their voice networks and back office systems. FlexWire can make it easier for carriers to use the Web to offer their customers traditional enhanced voice network applications such as voice mail, unified messaging, and calling cards, as well as new personalized Internet services, including e-commerce, and search services. The solution can allow carriers to turn their voice networks into a unique Internet portal for customers. In addition, FlexWire can offer open component technology, which provides access to the basic building blocks of the platform, so carriers and service providers can integrate new technologies quickly and cost-effectively and develop their own custom applications, which leverage existing infrastructure.
No. 529, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Tadiran Intros New Speech Rec Product
Tadiran Telecom's Public Switching Systems Division is unveiling its premier telecom speech recognition product - VoiceWay - expected to become one of the most accurate, friendly, and secure, continuous speech recognition products on the market. VoiceWay is expected to simplify the way people make telephone calls from office phones, cellular phones, and payphones, only requiring users to speak the names or numbers they wish to reach. VoiceWay's Voice Activated Dialing system can quickly process the call. In addition, the VoiceWay Navigator can enable callers to verbally access any automated information system using touchtone input. Calling card users can enjoy a VoiceWay Card, designed to identify callers' voices and call the appropriate destination - with no operator assistance required.
No. 538, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

American Technology Unveils FR Series
American Technology, Inc., has announced a new series of frame relay access products, called the Elements, designed to offer a solid foundation for reliable data transmission when sending voice, IP/IPX, or nonLAN data traffic. The first of the series, the Emerald is an IP/IPX router that can be installed in field or home offices, and that can, with RFC-1490 compliance, interoperate with other routers and frame relay access products supporting RFC-1490. The cost-effective feature is expected to eliminate the need for stand-alone routers. Available in V.35, DDS, or T1/FT1 WAN interface modules, the Emerald can auto-configure any built-in HTML 3.2-compliant Web browser user interface to match the access line and can self-configure the frame relay LMI interface to match your service provider.
No. 521, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

TeleSynergy Offers PC-Based PBX
TeleSynergy Research, Inc., has designed its TelePCX for small to mid-sized businesses with a PC-based, user-friendly interface to eliminate the inaccessible characteristic of a proprietary PBX. Integrated voice mail functions are designed to allow users management of messages from the desktop. Basic functions include auto-attendant/voice mail, desktop call processing, along with call distributor, screen pop, call logging, IVR, voice broadcasting, fax-on-demand, and fax broadcasting. The system's functions are based on the company's TeleSUITE Application Program Generator. The system is based on the company's 412 PBX Card (TX-412), which supports 4 ports/12 extensions and two-line voice processing. An added Switch Card (TS-1128/1256/1384) can enable TelePCX to support up to 32 ports and 96 extensions, allowing flexibility for different-sized environments.
No. 519, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

CCPU Launches Kit For Sun CompactPCI Boards
The Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) has announced the launch of one of the first Telco Starter Kits for Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC processor-based CompactPCI platform. The kit is designed specifically for the central office and contains features required by the CO environment such as redundant, dual-feed power supplies, remote power cycling, and a robust operating system. This system is designed to deliver high-quality telco applications to market quickly and cost-effectively. The kit is available in simplex and duplex and high-availability configurations. The systems include the SPARCengine CP 1500 processor, dual-feed, -48 VDC power, and an SCSI dual disk drive, as well as CCPU's proprietary hardware and software network, monitoring, and control technology for sophisticated system maintenance. Applications for the kit include the advanced Intelligent Network, operations systems support, and the Internet.
No. 535, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

InnoMedia Releases Gateway Starter Kit
InnoMedia, Inc., has announced the availability of a starter kit for its InfoGate IP Telephony Gateway, consisting of two InfoGate units and software priced at $6,495, 20 percent less than the single unit price. The low cost is expected to allow companies to affordably deploy an initial two-node, VoIP gateway and realize benefits of VoIP technology. The InfoGate system comprises a four-port analog card and Gateway and GateKeeper software engineered to provide voice quality, reliability, and scalability not previously available in an analog solution. The system ships with a fully integrated IVR system with a powerful GUI designed to allow for complete call-flow customization, plus support for prepaid calling cards through ODBC-compatible call detail records and real-time cutoff, based on minutes expiration. Dynamic bandwidth allocation is designed to automatically adjust audio parameters to optimize voice quality while maximizing the number of calls that can be supported over limited bandwidth.
No. 524, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Aculab Announces Card For Multichassis Systems
Aculab, plc., has announced the Aculab MC3 board. The MC3 is designed to enable developers and integrators to develop resilient, capable, high-density, highly scalable systems quickly and cost effectively. The MC3 backbone, as an interconnection between chassis in a multichassis system, consists of two 155 Mbps, counter-rotating rings for an expected benefit of total interconnectivity of a minimum 4846 full-duplex calls over the two fibers. Also, resilience and fault tolerance are possible during chassis/fiber segment failure, as routes from any one point to any other point within the system can be found over the remaining portion of the ring. With dual MVIP buses, the card is designed to allow traffic from more than 8 dual E1 trunk cards within a single chassis to be placed on an MC3 fiber backbone for termination elsewhere in a multichassis, interconnected system.
No. 518, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Nova CTI Announces Enhanced Call Center Suite
Nova CTI, Inc., has announced the release of the newest version of the NovaMAX Suite of Call Center Solutions - a bundled NovaMAX 4.0. The software package is designed to enhance the features and functionality of the NovaMAX Suite with the addition of enhanced NovaMAX IVR, multimedia contact routing, and NovaMAX Alert. NovaMAX 4.0 can augment PBX systems from Nortel, Lucent, and Siemens and also offer call centers management tools required to monitor, message, and report. NovaMAX 4.0 is bundled with, and deployed on, the NovaMAX Telephony Server, designed as an open, industry-standard client/server platform .
No. 541, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

SoftLinx Releases Y2K Fax Upgrade
SoftLinx, Inc., has announced the release of its Year 2000-compliant Replix unixFAX Version 4.3 for Solaris, designed to ensure the system will function properly in the Year 2000 and beyond. The new version is designed to offer multiple, enhanced fax features. Now, users can fax documents directly from their application over the company network, and inbound faxes can be viewed and managed right in their e-mail boxes with any standard image viewer. Replix unixFAX is designed to offer powerful, Internet/intranet fax messaging capabilities, which not only can ensure seamless interoperability with an application over the corporate network, but also provide integration of e-mail for companies constructing their unified messaging strategies. Currently, Replix unixFAX is designed to be fully scalable and customizable to fit the needs of corporations of all sizes.
No. 528, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

I-Bus Intros Highly Integrated CPU
I-Bus has announced the introduction of MantaRay - a highly integrated, Pentium II passive backplane CPU board - designed to use Intel's latest 440BX chipset to support processor speeds of up to 450 MHz with a 100 MHz external clock, and up to 333 MHz with a 66-MHz external clock. Options include an onboard Ethernet, SCSI, and video. These features can allow the customer to both use the add-in slots for application boards with no worry about the availability of peripheral boards and to create more dense systems in a smaller footprint while increasing the focus on the application and added value. MantaRay is based on the standard for PCI in passive backplanes, established by PICMG. It can support up to 1 GB SDRAM, and it contains its own internal Level II cache embedded in the Pentium II CPU module.
No. 522, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

SBS Micro Intros CompactPCI Rackmount Unit
SBS Micro Alliance has announced the Model CP8000 industrial rackmount, CompactPCI enclosure, designed to be used in a variety of applications such as telecommunications and wireless communications. The CP8000 features an eight-slot CompactPCI backplane for 6U cards and can accept special telephony backplanes. In addition, the 9U-high enclosure is designed to accept a wide spectrum of plug-in, CompactPCI CPU cards from the PowerPC to the Pentium II processor. Dual 250-watt, hot-swappable power supplies can allow the system to continue operation if one supply malfunctions. The control panel consists of a recessed power and reset switch with power-on and hard drive LEDs.
No. 526, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

TouchWave Intros Enhanced IP Phone System
TouchWave has designed its new WebSwitch 2000 to offer Internet telephony alongside traditional service and save companies and organizations long-distance and international phone costs. New voice compression technologies are designed to allow the WebSwitch to provide high-quality service over IP networks such as the Internet. The WebSwitch hooks into a company's IP network allowing free voice traffic. Employees across the country can phone each other and speak for free, for an unlimited time, simply by dialing each others' extensions. TouchWave's PhoneLink, a companywide PC-based directory, can allow users to optionally dial extensions directly from their PCs. WebSwitch's installation involves plugging in phone lines and connecting the WebSwitch's Ethernet port to the network.
No. 539, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

One Stop Unveils Integrated I/O
One Stop Systems has announced the introduction of its integrated I/O backplane for CompactPCI-architecture computers. The 6U, eight-slot backplane is designed to incorporate the rear I/O of the Teknor series of Pentium and Pentium II CPU boards through the backplane. I/O signals from the CPU board's J3, J4, and J5 connectors - routed to headers on the backplane - can easily be cabled to internal I/O such as disk drives or to a bulkhead on the front or rear of the enclosure. Expected results are reduced costs of the CompactPCI system by eliminating the CPU's transition module and reducing the related hardware and enclosure requirements.
No. 545, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

CSS Intros Rackmount Systems
CSS Laboratories, Inc., has introduced two models of rackmount systems for budget-conscious users, designed for industrial automation, computer telephony, data acquisition, and systems integration. The ProRACK 2000ATX and ProRACK 4500ATX are built to offer the same top-quality components as CSS' high-end industrial systems. Designed to withstand the harsh environment of the factory floor, both models feature rugged, industrial-hardened chassis of 16-gauge steel to minimize EMI/RFI interference, as well as a positive pressure filtration system to protect against dust, dirt, and heat. The models also feature an externally switchable, 250-watt power supply and can deliver the processing power of a CSS Pentium II, processor-based ATX motherboard, with processor speeds of 350 to 450 MHz.
No. 536, www.ctimag.com/freeinfo

Mercom Releases API For Voice Server
Mercom Systems, Inc., has announced the availability of RAPI-X, designed as an advanced recorder control API, based on Microsoft's ActiveX technology, to tightly integrate the core functions of an Audiolog Server into the customer's primary business applications. RAPI-X can enable call centers to dynamically control the start and stop of recording on each channel and to attach call-specific data to each recording. Through RAPI-X, agent and supervisor desktop applications can be enabled to query the Audiolog Server's Catalog database and can initiate playback of stored audio. Other supported functions include agent log-on and log-off, remote live monitoring, remote diagnostics, and time synchronization. Audiolog now can support passive recording of voice channels on T1 and E1 digital circuits, including ISDN Primary Rate and Euro-ISDN30. The Audiolog server can integrate readily with PABX, ACD, and CAD systems, as well as call center, help desk, and other mission-critical facility software and standard corporate databases.
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Brooktrout Offers High-Density Fax/Voice Boards
Brooktrout Technology, Inc., has announced high-density versions of its broad line of PCI TR114 Series fax and voice boards. Brooktrout has added two 16-channel PCI boards - one with an MVIP interface, and one with an SCbus interface. In addition, Brooktrout is now shipping an eight-channel PCI board with an MVIP interface and an eight-channel PCI board with an MVIP and T1 network interface. Brooktrout's TR114 intelligent fax boards are designed for mission-critical applications and can provide several, advanced fax features such as superior interoperability (T.30), accurate call progress reporting, on-the-fly image handling, and lower-power consumption and heat generation per port. These features are expected to result in shorter call duration, better connectivity rates, more system uptime, and up to 60 percent reductions in fax phone bills.
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TMSI Delivers CTI Call Center Suite
TMSI Incorporated has announced the general availability of version 4.3 of its InterLYNX CTI call center product suite. InterLYNX CTI version 4.3 is designed to add several new features to the robust CTI middleware product, which include InterLYNX EasyReach (an automated outbound dialing solution), InterLYNX ScreenPhone (a desktop, PC-based telephony product), and InterLYNX WebLink (a powerful solution designed to integrate customer Web sites into their customer contact centers). InterLYNX CTI is a Windows NT-based product, built to offer a software bridge between computers and telephone systems in call center environments. Available applications include screen pops, coordinated call-data transfer for single and multisite call center environments, PC-based telephony, IVR integration, workforce schedule enforcement, and automated outbound dialing.
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