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November 1999


As voice and data networks converge and the Internet changes the world of business, more people are looking for solutions to the problems that confront them: How can I take advantage of e-commerce? How will the Web affect my customer service? How can I use IP to lower my phone bills without surrendering reliability and service? Add in increasingly available broadband access and an increasingly mobile, wireless workforce, and your typical CTO doesn't know where his opportunities begin and his troubles end. Looking for some guidance— beacon to light your way? Then come to CTI™ EXPO FALL 1999. Learn about unified messaging, CRM, Internet telephony, wireless applications, and much more. And it's all in Las Vegas — can you think of a brighter city to keep you from losing your way?

Exhibitor Listing

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3Com Corporation (#1624)
P: 978-749-0000
The 3COM (NBX) 100 Communica-tions System is a multi-line business telephone system with full PBX functionality, built-in Voice Messaging/AA, built-in TAPI driver for TAPI 1.4 and 2.X applications, and support for Caller ID services. Contemporary telephone set with 10 preprogrammed and 18 programmable buttons. 3COM (NBX) delivers clear voice quality, scalable growth, and advanced features for small/mid-size businesses and satellite/ branch offices.

8x8, Inc. (#924)
P: 408-654-0848
The Audacity-T2 IP Telephone Processor is a new chip and firmware product designed to allow OEMs to build inexpensive IP telephones.

Aculab USA, Inc. (#2318)
P: 850-763-9281
CT Components for T1-E1-ISDN connectivity. MVIP-SCSA-H-100 compatible. ISA PCI support. DSP resource cards for speech processing, voice recognition, conferencing, text to speech.

Active Voice Corporation (#112)
P: 206-441-4700
Active Voice’s Unity, a Windows NT-based communications server, delivers unified messaging, voice mail, and fax functionality. Built for convergence, Unity integrates with traditional and IP telephone systems. Unity’s dedicated Exchange server, critical Microsoft BackOffice components, and full NT services provide superior performance and reliability

Acxiom Corporation (#1217)
P: 501-336-2903
Acxiom Corporation provides a spectrum of data products, integration services, mailing lists, data warehousing, and decision support services. InfoBase TeleSource Data, a telephone data product with a phone and reverse phone append feature, combines comprehensive coverage and highest match rates and when delivered via the Acxiom Data Network, offers a sub-second delivery of data.

Altitude Software (formerly Easyphone) (#1531)
P: 351-1-720-5050
More than 150 companies around the world are using Easyphone software to automate inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers. Easyphone provides a complete, integrated software solution that couples the power and reliability of the telephone switch with advances and innovation found in leading software applications. Easyphone’s component-based approach lets organizations leverage existing "best of breed" hardware and software investments or purchase a complete integrated solution.

ALVE Software, LLC (#436)
P: 512-327-3992
ALVE is a leading developer of telephony software.

American Power Conversion (#2117)
P: 401-789-5735
UPS — power protection products.

American ProImage (#447)
P: 714-736-9299
API provides integrated industrial computer solutions: 1U-8U chassis with server, network. RAID sub-storage and UPS. System integrations includes clustered passive backplane array with LCD display hot-swap kits. Support storage to multi terabytes RAID solutions. Server/Redundant subsystem groups address NLX/ATX/LPX/SBC format. Manufacturer-direct accessories make API one-stop solution provider.

Apropos Technology (#1627)
P: 630-575-7740
Apropos Technology develops and markets enterprise-class call center management applications. Apropos’s flagship product, Apropos Version 4, delivers industry leading Total Interaction Management. Apropos’s Total Interaction Management enables your call center to handle all interactions into your center through a single business rules driven interface.

Arise Computer, Inc. (#645)
P: 650-967-7168
Arise Computer specializes in the assembly and sales of custom configured Industrial Rack-Mount and Wall-Mount Computer Systems to Manufacturers and OEM’s in multiple industries.

Artisoft, Inc. (#2124)
P: 617-354-0600
Artisoft, Inc., provides CT, communications, and networking solutions designed for small and medium businesses. Its CT solutions include Visual Voice, Visual Fax, InfoFast, and TeleVantage. Artisoft’s products are renowned for their ease of use, affordability, and performance, and currently are sold worldwide through affiliated distributors and dealers.

Aspect Telecommunications (#1720)
P: 408-325-4170
Aspect Telecommunications creates total solutions for mission-critical call centers around the world. Aspect focuses exclusively on the call center, supplying solutions and services that help bring companies closer to their customers.

Audio Codes (#2120)
P: 408-577-0488
AudioCodes is a leading provider of VoIP voice, fax, and data compression boards for Internet Telephony, which are used by leading carrier-grade gateway manufacturers. The TrunkPack-VoIP series includes quad-trunk CompactPCI boards, single and dual trunk PCI boards, and four-line analog boards.

Austin Logistics (#254)
P/F: 512-651-5633/512-329-5625
Austin Logistics, Inc., Austin, TX, develops products and decision support systems for collections, telemarketing, and financial management operations. CallTech and ResponseTech are call center optimization software technologies that complement predictive dialing systems to enhance productivity, conduct user-defined call targeting and strategies, and test to determine optimum staffing.

AVT Corporation (#112)
P: 425-825-3397
AVT develops and markets a broad line of open systems-based advanced computer telephony products, specializing in unified messaging, call center solutions, network fax, and production fax. AVT is comprised of three software groups — CTI Software Group (unified messaging and call center solutions), RightFAX Software Group (high performance network fax servers), and CommercePath Software Group (high volume production fax servers).

Axiom Technology (#528)
P: 626-934-1199
Axiom Technology, Inc., is one of the major providers of computer-based industrial automation solutions for various applications. Products for the CTI EXPO this year include Dual Pentium II SBC, Pentium II SBC with VGA, SCSI, Pentium SBC with VGA/SCSI/LAN, 1U/2U industrial computer chassis, and 5U and 8U fault-resilient computer telephony servers.

Blue Pumpkin Software (#112)
P: 650-429-6369
Blue Pumpkin delivers a family of easy-to-use, robust solutions to maximize customer service through effective call forecasting and workforce scheduling. Our flexible products adapt to your business, allowing you to rapidly create practical solutions for your call center.

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Capital One (#1915)
P: 804-934-7847
One of the largest issuers of Visa and MasterCard, Capital One employs over 11,000 associates worldwide. Recently named #41 on Fortune Magazine’s top 100 Companies to Work For and #15 on Business Week’s top S&P performers, Capital One is looking for strong leaders to join our team. We will have recruiters and key decision makers at our booth available to provide information about career opportunities with Capital One.

Carlo Gavazzi (#744)
P: 508-588-6160
Carlo Gavazzi, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of standard and custom computer systems. CGI provides a full line of high performance I/O and CPU boards for the PC and CompactPCI marketplace. An experienced team of engineering professionals works with customers in the design of integration systems packaging that meets specific application needs for the telecom, military, industrial, and medical markets.

CC News (#547)
P: 207-846-0600
CC News is the only newspaper for call center and customer care professionals. Service News is the only newspaper for IT Support professionals. Launching in February 1999, it will feature monthly departments on inbound call centers, outbound call centers, blended centers, and call center technology. Sign up for a free subscription at the CC News and Service News booth.

CCS TrexCom (#637)
P: 770-441-3114
FirstLine Encore is the power of call center management in a true 32-bit multitasking operating system, as CCS releases its Windows NT-based next-generation product.

CellIT (#124)
P: 305-639-2259
The award winning CCPRO product suite provides comprehensive call center functionality including blended inbound ACD and outbound predictive dialing, IVR, call logging, and unified SQL reporting. CCPRO replaces the numerous and disparate systems required by today’s advanced call center with one distributed solution delivering multimedia to the desktop over a single broadband interface.

CellIT Live Multimedia Call Center (#124)

Cisco Systems (#731)
P: 972-813-5090
Cisco Systems, Inc., is a worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions so that individuals, companies, and countries have seamless access to information regardless of differences in time and place. News and information are available at www.cisco.com.

City Of Clovis (#154)
P: 559-297-2496
Municipal government offering assistance to call center operations and suppliers in locating their operation in California. Clovis is centrally located, seismically stable, and affordable.

Comdial Corporation (#524)
P: 804-978-2523
Comdial Corporation engineers, manufactures, and markets a complete line of business telecommunications systems and CT-enabled products. Comdial employs a workforce of 900 with headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and a support network of more than 1,500 qualified resellers in communities all over North America.

Computer Protocol(M) SDN BHD (#437)
P: 603-241-5232
PC-based voice over IP gateway which allows voice and fax transmissions via IP networks. The gateway hardware supports FXS, FXO, and T1/E1 interface. It also supports H.323/G.723.1 standard for low bit rate voice compression over the Internet. Optional software enhancement includes gatekeeper, subscriber and pre-paid phone card billing software.

Concannon Technology, Inc. (#1439)
P: 877-CTI-5789
Seamless communications — anytime, anywhere.

Connex International (#650)
P: 203-778-7218
Connex International offers a complete line of teleconferencing services, which include audio, video, and Internet conferencing. Connex Presents is an Internet presentation tool that augments teleconferences with live, real-time slide presentation via the Internet. By fourth quarter, Connex will be offering streaming to their full line of teleconferencing services.

Copia International (#649)
P: 630-778-8898
Copia International Ltd. produces innovative fax software. Its product, FaxFacts Fax Server, offers a total fax solution for Windows NT. FaxFacts is a full-featured product providing outbound broadcasting, desktop faxing, and inbound fax mail for any size company. Load balancing, call routing , and intelligent retires.

Coresoft Technologies (#1239)
P: 801-431-0070
OEM software developer of voice and unified messaging solutions for providers of computer telephony products. The solutions can be customized and seamlessly integrated with Coresoft CenterPoint Add-ons to satisfy specific end-user needs. These solutions and add-ons offer integration of auto attendants, IVR, ACD, VoIP, fax, and many other custom applications.

Crystal Group, Inc. (#717)
P: 319-378-1636
Crystal Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade fault-tolerant computers for the fast-paced networking and communications market. Crystal’s computers occupy as little as one-sixth the space of traditional offerings while maximizing flexibility, reliability, serviceability, and space efficiency.

CTL, Inc. (#112)
P: 203-925-4266
VoiceSupport NT incorporates Windows NT Server 4.0 UnifiedSupport allows users to views their messages from their computer’s workstation on any TCP/IP LAN. Users can choose between Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Inbox or VoiceSupport NT’s GUI. Fax Server allows desktop users to fax documents from their computer and also includes automated attendant speech recognition from Registry Magic.

CurtCo Publishing (#512)
P: 212-314-7628
CurtCo Freedom Group is proud to sponsor CTI EXPO’s "Networked Home Pavilion," a centralized exhibition of today’s manufacturers and service providers specializing in home networking products and services, including PC telephony solutions providers, home phone line and wireless network manufacturers, and structured wiring option providers. As the traditional call center applications of CTI and Internet telephony technologies become more affordable and applicable to other office settings, more and more companies — even home offices — can benefit from the tremendous cost efficiencies that these innovations make possible. You’ll find these products and services demonstrated in this multi-vendor booth on the exhibit floor featuring industry products geared toward SOHO (small office/home office) technologies. The Pavilion will be sponsored by three of CurtCo’s publications: Home Office Computing, Sales & Field Force Automation, and Small Business Computing magazines.

Daktronics (#337)
P: 605-697-4492
Daktronics manufactures the Galaxy Call Center Display System for communicating critical real-time ACD information and updates to your call center agents. Daktronics offers the widest range of standard LED display products of any manufacturer. Nova9000 software gathers real-time statistics and allows supervisors to compose messages to update agents.

Database Systems (#2317)
P: 602-265-5968
TELEMATION is a comprehensive call center management software solution supporting sales, marketing, customer service, and help desk client. TELEMATION provides complete CTI functionality including ACD and predictive dialing plus Internet support. DSC has developed a PC-based predictive dialer/telephone switch using Dialogic components.

Data-Tel Info Solutions (#238)
P : 480-844-5154
Come see Data-Tel Info Solutions’ xSELLerator 4.0, the most cost-effective, full-featured predictive dialer on the market. Inbound/Outbound call blending, Branch Scripting, Digital Recording, Online CC Authorization. Five DELL Stations/16 Outbound Lines – $22,468, and 24 DELL Stations/48 Outbound Lines – $51,814.

Davox Corporation (#912)
P: 972-997-8439
Davox Corporation provides complete Allbound solutions to mission-critical contact centers through superior and proven enabling technologies, services, and customer support. These solutions combine inbound call handling, outbound call management, call blending, robust reporting, and multi-media on a single, flexible technology platform.

Digisoft Computers (#439)
P: 212-687-1810
Telescript is call center management software that handles multiple inbound, outbound, and blended projects simultaneously. On inbound calls, Telescript instantly pops the screen with the incoming project and record, while on outbound calls, Super or predictive dialing can double productivity. Telescript’s advanced reporting and new scripting capabilities enable both managers and agents to excel.

Digital Asset Management (#647)
P: 303-651-6778
Think411SDK is a software developers kit that provides developers of call center/IVR systems the ability to embed real-time reverse-append consumer and business data into their applications. Solutions providers now have instant access to over 110 million records cutting costly data entry at the operators level.

Dispatch Central (#1939)
P: 610-941-3000
Dispatch Central is a complete information management system that runs your business giving you the control of the company. Highlights include customer inventory, total inventory control, service calls and dispatching, billing/collections tracking, maintenance contracts, Accounting integrates, Job/Product casting and profitability, and Contact./Bidding Quote facilities.

Divaris Real Estate (#449)
P: 813-621-7575
Divaris Real Estate is representing Netpark Tampa Bay, America’s first corporate super center. Netpark Tampa Bay is the total workplace environment for the next millennium. Please stop by for an update on the multimillion-dollar renovation.

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eGain Communications (#1331)
P: 408-737-7400
eGain’s products and services help companies manage high volumes of customer communications through e-mail, real-time Web collaboration and self-service. eGain solutions are available through onsite deployments or through the eGain Hosted Network, a hosted network for e-commerce customer service. Companies use eGain solutions to build customer loyalty, to convert online visitors to online buyers, and to leverage customer information.

eHNC Software (#1437)
P: 619-646-0101
eHNC, a division of HNC Software, is the first e-commerce service provider to assist each member of the "transaction triad"— buyers, sellers, and financial institutions — at every stage of the online buying cycle. By delivering real-time recommendation streams through simple interfaces, eHNC helps each participant control transaction risk, build relationships and enjoy the online experience.

EIS International (#1337)
P: 703-326-8319
EIS International, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions and services for outbound and integrated inbound/outbound call centers, provides systems for telemarketing, customer service, fund raising, market research, and collections to improve productivity, operational efficiency, and agent effectiveness.

Envox US Ltd. (#2331)
P: 941-793-0863
Envox CT-Studio 3.0 is an easy way to use native 32 bit NT Drag-n-Drop CTI/IVR tool kit. The CTI Studio 3.0 can create application, like UN PBX/ Commserver. IP telephony call centers, voicemail and much more.

Ericsson WebCom, Inc. (#2329)
P: 650-843-1850
Ericsson WebCom is focused on converged voice/data communications systems for the enterprise. The WebSwitch family of IPBXs and VoIP gateways can be networked across the LAN, the WAN or the Internet to provide integrated IP-based and traditional telephony services for small and mid-sized businesses.

e-Voice Communications (#654)
P: 408-991-9988
e-Voice Communications, Inc. is demonstrating its new evoice3000 Communication Server, a PC-based PBX, and its award-winning evoice2000 CT Application Server, including voice mail and auto attendant with database screen pops, caller ID, basic IVR, e-mail integration, unified messaging, and more. Its products are specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies at an affordable price.

Exacom, Inc. (#2327 )
P: 603-228-0706
Exacom is a manufacturer of microprocessor-based telecommunications products, systems and peripherals — featuring a comprehensive line of digital call recorders, telecom interfaces for DID, E&M, and PBX integration, plus telephone call accounting for international applications. Exacom is positioned to serve global telecommunications industry.

Excel Switching Corporation (#354)
P: 508-862-8432
Excel Switching Corporation is a provider of open voice and data switching platforms for telecommunications networks worldwide. Excel designs, manufactures, and delivers a family of open, programmable, carrier-class voice and data switches and gateways that address the infrastructure and enhanced-services needs of network providers. It’s robust switching products and Partner-based business model bring total solutions to telecommunications networks worldwide.

Executone Information Systems (#112)
P: 203-882-6255
Executone Information Systems, Inc., presents the award-winning Sentinel (CTI magazine 1998 Product of the Year, call center workforce management category) call center management software application. It provides ACD supervisors with real-time access and historical reporting for optimum call center performance. Its computer telephony platform is flexible, scalable, and easily configured to manage any size call center.

Eyretel, Inc. (#138)
P: 301-586-1900
Eyretel is a leading supplier of recording systems, providing advanced solutions for the delivery, capture, and analysis of voice and data. Our products have evolved from standalone voice loggers to sophisticated open architecture Computer-Telephony Integration systems. The diverse markets that we support include call centers, financial trading rooms, emergency services, and transportation, among others.

Figment Technologies, Inc. (#745)
P: 416-225-7913
Figment Technologies, Inc.’s Uni-Exchange is a scalable, unified messaging product integrating e-mail, voice, fax, and media mail servers into one. UniExchange offers remote administration over the Internet on Windows NT or 95. It is fully compliant with IP and stores all messages using MIME.

First Sierra Financial (#448)
P: 908-722-1992
The industry leader in call center equipment and software financing. From 10K–500K. Same day approval up to 150K. Simple one-page application. Fifteen years of CTI financing experience. Dialers, computers, recorders, voice recognition, data storage, PBX, and furniture.

Flexion (#112)
P: 650 378 1306
Flexion empowers forward thinking small businesses to succeed in today’s ever-changing business landscape by delivering an all-in-one solution with advanced telephony, computer, fax, and Internet capabilities along with built-in one-stop support services. Thus enhancing competitiveness, increasing profitability, reducing costs, and strengthening customer relationships.

Genesys (#112, 737)
P: 415-437-1104
Genesys Telecommunications Lab-oratories, Inc., combines computer and telephone systems to improve company/customer interactions. Head-quartered in San Francisco, Genesys serves 200 customers in the North American, European, Asian-Pacific, and Latin American regions directly from 27 sales offices.

Genoa Technology (#646)
P: 805-531-9030
Genoa Technology, Inc., provides a suite of comprehensive test solutions for CT, facsimile, printer, scanner, and local connectivity technologies. These test solutions help customers bring their products to market faster, reduce development costs, and improve product reliability.

GeoTel (now Cisco-GeoTel) (#1127)
P: 978-275-5165
GeoTel provides customer interaction software for call centers. The company’s CTI products create an enterprisewide call and data distribution platform by integrating multi-vendor networks, ACDs, IVR, desktop applications, Web servers, and other resources. Solutions are provided for single-site, multi-site and network service provider deployments.

Gordon Kapes (#336)
P: 847-676-1750
Gordon Kapes, Inc., will be displaying their digital Telephony Simulator. Designed to address the needs of the CTI application developer, the product offers robust T1 (RBS), T1 ISDN, and E1 ISDN simulation capabilities, with data analysis and scriptable bulk call generation provided "in-skin" as a bonus.

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Hammer Technologies (#937)
P: 978-694-9959
Hammer Technologies will be demonstrating the easiest to use bulk call generator in the industry. The Hammer Integrated Stress Generator (ISGII) now includes an intuitive user interface for load test generation and reporting. Also on display is the industry leading VoIP Test System from Hammer. Other product demonstrations available include CallMaster, which automatically generates a robust set of Hammer test scripts from a call flow diagram, dramatically reducing both time and skill level required for script development.

Hypercom Network Systems (#149)
P: 602-504-5196
Hypercom Network Systems’ IP.tel Internet Telephony Gateways provide infrastructures to telephone carriers and Internet Service Providers to deliver phone, fax, and data communications services over the Internet (IP) or Frame Relay.

I-Bus, Inc. (#527)
P: 619-974-8426
I-Bus, Inc., provides complete industrial computer needs for those in Pittsburgh or Paris, Sydney or Singapore. I-Bus offers CPU boards, backplanes, system enclosures, and fault-tolerant platforms based on passive backplane and CompactPCI architectures.

IBM Corporation (#917)
P: 561-443-9037
IBM Corporation, helping to lead information technology, will feature its new Small Business Computer Telephony Solution combining a PC server adapter card with telephony switching, advanced call control, and voice mail software. The IBM CT-618 adapter will be shown running on IBM’s latest lineup of Netfinity and telephony servers.

ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) (#724)
P: 619-677-0877
ICS Advent, formerly Industrial Computer Source, is expected to announce the first in a new line of highly fault-resilient, robust, multi-processor system platforms. Models will offer a choice of PCI and ISA slot configurations, SNMP with dual Xeon processors, high-power redundant hot swap power supplies, CompactPCI sub-rack, enhanced drive capability, and 20 usable full-length slots. Also being shown, the company’s first true e-commerce product, the recently introduced Celeron-based C4ATX Series.

Identitech (#114)
P: 770-645-5228
With FYI, Identitech gives you the guts to compete. FYI is a tool for integrating imaging, document management and workflow functionality into your workgroup or enterprise-wide solution. Our solutions offer the capability to store, retrieve, display, manipulate, and route all types of data (including computer files, scanned documents, photos, audio tracks, full-motion video, multimedia, and more).

IEX Corporation (#1336)
P: 972-301-4847
IEX provides a complete call center solution that manages multiple agent groups in separate locations as if they were a single center. Our Virtual Call Center combines the power of the TotalNet Call Routing with TotalView Workforce Management and CTI Desktop Automation to create an integrated unmatched in the industry.

IMA (#720)
P: 949-622-6200
IMA is a global provider of call center software and services that enhance the quality of your customer interactions. The company’s EDGE client/server solution integrates technologies and data across an organization to efficiently automate all inbound and outbound applications, from telemarketing and telesales to customer support and account management.

Infinite Technologies (#653)
P: 800-678-1097
Infinite Voice — Listen to your e-mail from any touch tone telephone.

Interactive Intelligence (#920)
P: 317-872-3000
Interactive Intelligence, Inc., offers a total interaction management server — the Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC). The Internet-enabled EIC combines the functions of PBX, ACD, VRU, voice mail systems, fax server, CTI server, and more — all in one open Windows NT server.

Interactive Software Systems (#517)
P: 954-717-0192
Interactive Software Systems will be exhibiting e-Force, a powerful enterprise workforce management software suite. e-FORCE is uniquely designed to meet the workforce forecasting and scheduling needs of the enterprise and extended contact center, allowing organizations to respond efficiently to diverse customer demand sources including inbound and outbound telephone calls ,email, fax, and Web inquiries.

Interior Concepts (#1237)
P: 616-842-5550
Interior Concepts is a custom manufacturer of furniture for call centers. Our one-inch panel system, custom capabilities, and wire management system make us an industry leader.

Internet Device Builder, Penton Media, Inc. (#439)
P: 201-393-6204
Internet Device Builder offers information services and technical events for the engineers and developers of the next Internet revolution: smart, interactive devices that can be controlled over, gather information from, and distribute data via the Internet.

Intersis (#112)
P: 770-980-6615
VoiXX is a comprehensive and unified messaging solution for Microsoft Exchange that integrates seamlessly with your existing telephone and network environments. Among the many features of VoiXX are enhanced voice mail and auto attendant functionality, IVR scripting , text-to-speech, Web callback, and outbound message delivery.

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Kana Communications (#1637)
P: 650-325-9850
The Kana Customer Messaging System 3.0 (Kana CMS) enables call centers and CTI providers to respond quickly and personally to high-volume e-mail and initiate targeted communication with customers — all while reducing communication costs. Through a strategic alliance with Aspect Telecommunications, Kana provides a solutions package that strengthens the positions of both as call center and solution providers.

KnowledgeSource, Inc. (#1837)
P: 954-370-0960
A proven systems integrator, KnowledgeSource delivers customer care solutions to increase sales, enhance customer service, and improve customer loyalty. KnowledgeSource deploys enterprise customer management solutions ranging from call center computer-telephony integration to deployment of real-time integrated e-commerce systems.

Lance Gilman Commercial Real Estate (#2330)
P: 775-852-4700
Exclusive broker for South Meadows Business Park and Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. South Meadows is Northern Nevada’s largest master planned community. Tahoe-Reno is the world’s largest industrial center. Both properties have lots for sale, lease and build to suit.

Lead Year America (#249)
P: 281-580-2002
Switching power supplies for industrial, PC, telecommunication, and networking use.

Learning Tree International (#1339)
P: 703-925-7711
Learning Tree International is the leading worldwide vendor-independent provider of training for IT professionals, offering more than 150 courses in both instructor and computer based training (CBT) formats.

Lucent Technologies (#1324)
P: 800-221-1223
Lucent Technologies can help businesses make the communication choices that are right for them — from a ground-up network to a measured evolution from any installed network base. We believe that reliability, predictability, and revolution can go hand in hand, making customer care, Internet commerce, multimedia communications, and messaging a central part of everyday life around the world.

Macase Industrial Corporation (#136)
P: 770-840-8840
Macase is a manufacturer of industrial rackmount, server, RAID, and PC chassis.

Mastermind Technologies (#112)
P: 800-644-7605
We deliver innovative voice communications software products and turnkey solutions to the global telecommunications and data communications industries that bridge these industries’ respective technologies and are open, customizable, and cost effective.

MCK Communications (#652)
P: 617-454-6100
MCK’s provides off-premises workers with seamless connectivity to corporate voice and data networks, including 4-digit dialing, intercom, conferencing, transfer, voice mail signaling and full ACD features. MCK’s products
include ISDN and Analog single-user EXTenders, Branch Office EXTender, and the Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface for call logging/recording.

MediaPhonics (#112)
P: 214-321-5130
MediaPhonics is a leading provider of desktop telephony components that integrates Microsoft’s TAPI and Intel’s USB standards which are used for a foundation to a general purpose voice, Call data and image processing infrastructure. We want to maintain a leadership position is the area of integrating desktop PCs and communication devices.

Melita International (#531)
P: 770-239-4667
Melita International, established in 1983, is a leading provider of customer interaction and call management systems for call centers, enabling businesses to automate call center activities and enhance their telephony-based customer communication. Worldwide customers include leading organizations in the financial services, retail, media, and communications and service bureau industries.

Mercom Systems (#837)
P: 201-507-8800
Mercom Systems is a leading developer of advanced Windows-NT based multi-media recording solutions. Mercom’s Audiolog call recording server offers high-density digital telephony recording for a wide range of industries including call centers, government agencies, utilities, and financial markets.

Microsoft Corporation & Microsoft Partner Pavilion (#112)
P: 206-882-8080
Microsoft Corporation, a leader in personal computer software, offers a range of products and services for business and personal use, designed to make it easy and enjoyable for people to realize the power of personal computing every day.

MIND CTI (#345)
P: 972-4-993-6666
MIND CTI supplies industry high quality billing, accounting, and management software for all media (switches, Internet, datacom). Among our products are the real time MIND-iPhoneEX VoIP Billing system, PhonEX Call Manage-ment System, MultiSite PBX Network Management, Traffic Analysis, and Fraud detection systems

Mustang Software, Inc (#1537)
P: 805-873-2500
Mustang Software, Inc., delivers creative e-mail management solutions through a combination of the company’s unique products and services, its unparalleled e-mail management experience and expertise, and world-class alliance partnerships. Mustang’s Internet Message Center (IMC) is an intelligent e-mail management system that provides sophisticated capabilities for e-mail workflow management.

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Natural MicroSystems & Natural MicroSystems Partner Pavilion (#117)
P: 508-271-1339
Natural MicroSystems is a leading provider of open CT platforms, or Open Telecommunications solutions. Its technology enables its partners to shorten time-to-market for high-value CT systems, integrated voice response (IVR) systems, and call centers integrated with Web sites.

NEC America (#1927)
P: 972-518-4991
NEC America’s Corporate Networks Group provides CTI/OAI-based integrated solutions to meet sophisticated business and contact center integration challenges. NEC’s integrated products will make your business more productive by providing the information and automation you need to be competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

Noble Systems (#1037)
P: 404-851-1331
Predictive dialing, inbound and blended call systems and solutions, including customized screens, real-time reporting, remote agent management, digital recording, internal/external call transfer, and more. Open database design can integrate within your network or stand alone. Unix, Informix, and Dialogic. SCSA compliant.

Nortel Networks (#1131)
P: 919-231-6830
Nortel Networks delivers value to customers around the world through Unified Networks solutions, spanning mission-critical telephony and IP-optimized networks. Nortel Networks offers solutions based on Nortel Networks’ Internet Telephony Architecture (Inca) that will be optimized for the customer’s business and ready at the customer’s speed. Nortel works with customers worldwide to design, build and deliver telecommunications and IP-optimized networks.

North Dakota Economic Development & Finance (#1238)
P: 701-328-5300

Nuance Communications (#739)
P: 650-847-7723
Nuance Communications develops advanced technology for speech recognition, language understanding, and speaker verification software to automate access to information and services over the phone. Nuance’s products enable a user to speak to a computer over the telephone in everyday, conversational language. Nuance delivers products and services to customers in travel, financial services, and telecommunications industries.

Nuera Communications, Inc. (#445)
P: 619-625-2400
Nuera is a leading provider of high-quality, low-delay voice compression systems which improve communications capabilities and reduce costs in carrier and high-demand corporate satellite, TDM, Frame Relay, and IP network applications.

Odin TeleSystems Inc. (#1024)
P: 972-664-0100
Odin will exhibit its OTX (Odin Telecom frameworX) CT development platform consisting of a modular adapter family for PCC/H.110 systems as well as of a variety of protocol stacks and DSP software modules. OTX enables rapid implementation of a variety of CT applications, such as voice over IP systems.

OnLine Interpreters, Inc. (#651)
P: 888-922-3582
Providing multilingual services, including over-the-phone interpretation, in-language teleservicing, e-mail, and fax translations, from English into 150 languages or vice versa, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PakNetX (#1639)
P: 603-890-6616
The PakNetX Integrated Contact Center system connects businesses with customers through the Internet or telephone. Based on PakNetX’s Diverse Media Switch technology, the ICC solution provides contact centers with call queuing distribution, management for telephone, chat, email, VoIP, Web call back, and IP-based multimedia contact.

Paramax (#239)
P: 714-755-5600
Paramax is an Internet telephony manufacturer that produces a plug-&-play hardware with high quality telephone sound. The company also produces a software telephony product. The software comes with features such as voice mail, e-mail, and more for a fraction of the normal cost

PaylinX (#139)
P: 314-692-0929
PaylinX Corporation is an e-commerce technology innovator and the leader in enterprise payment server solutions. Field proven in business-to-business and business-to-customer direct marketing environments, the PaylinX family of secure payment servers reliably perform the real-time authorization, settlement, and back office management functions for conventional credit, corporate, and GSA purchasing card transaction processing.

Phonetic Systems (#537)
P: 781-229-5823
Phonetic Systems is the leader in the innovation, development, and deployment of state-of-the-art, speech-enabled, telephony-based directory search solutions. Phonetic Systems’ breakthrough software provides superior speed and accuracy in directory searches and is scalable to more than 250,00 records. Phonetic Systems’ solutions include automated attendant, directory assistance, information retrieval, and transaction-oriented applications.

Picazo Communications (#112)
P: 972-866-2000
Picazo Communications, Inc., a leading provider of computer telephony solutions, will demonstrate the industry’s first Windows 2000-based communications server technology which will deliver robust PBX features, LAN-based messaging, auto attendants, voice mail, Caller-ID routing, and a suite of advanced call control applications

Plants Sites & Parks (#546)
P: 615-321-1500
BPI Communications is a global media company. It produces specialized publications, electronically delivered data, and marketing services in entertainment, media and arts, and design to businesses and consumers. BPI Communications publishes 26 magazines and 33 annual directories. It operates seven computer-based communications and information services.

POINT Information Systems (#1924)
P: 770-551-1950
POINT Information Systems provides TeamPOINT, an advanced customer relationship management software solution. TeamPOINT optimizes sales, marketing, and customer service interactions across multiple channels, including call centers. Interact Assistant technology offers scripts, workflows, and intelligent software agents — all designed graphically without programming. TeamPOINT helps companies improve customer loyalty and sales.

Praxon, Inc. (#1137)
P: 408-871-1600
Praxon leads the worldwide Integrated Business Communications market. Its Phone Data eXchange (PDX) integrates voice, networking, messaging, and Internet access into a single solution for small/medium businesses and remote offices.

Pronexus (#112)
P: 613-271-8989
Pronexus, Inc., is an innovator in computer telephony application development software and custom solutions. Pronexus manufactures rapid application development tools for Windows open client-server architectures, including the award-winning VBVoice, VBFax, and Announce! The company also provides application development services for customized IVR or CTI Solutions.

PROTECH Communications (#839)
P: 800-468-8371
Pro Tech is an engineering and manufacturing company of headsets. Established by Keith Larkin (founder of Plantronics) Pro Tech has over 30 years of experience in the light weight headset industry. We’re looking to capitalize on this edge with the introduction of a new line of advanced headsets this spring.

Protocol Communications (#1937)
P: 504-867-1585
At Protocol High Performance Integrated Marketing Services utilizes the principals of one-to-one marketing through its 24 call centers to deliver integrated marketing services, telesales, Internet, voice mail, e-mail, and market intelligence programs. Protocol is able to provide these programs in a dedicated, shared, variable-dedicated, live, automated, or interactive environment.

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Quicknet Technologies (#1520)
P: 415-864-5225
Quicknet Technologies’ products enable high quality, low cost Internet telephony for small business and are in use today in over 160 countries worldwide. Drop by our booth to preview our latest products including PCMCIA, PCI, and USB versions of our award winning Internet PhoneJACK/Line JACKS.

Quiescent Telecommunications (#548)
P: 602-604-4443
Quiescent’s Interhold product makes a quantum leap from traditional on-hold advertising solutions. Now one-to-one on-hold marketing solutions for call centers are available. The product provides an interactive on-hold solution that plays individual advertisements, accurately targeting unique customers. Call centers and PBX systems will be able to harness converging technologies with database-driven on-hold advertising.

Quintum Technologies, Inc. (#539)
P: 732-460-9000
Quintum Technologies, Inc. is a provider of VoIP equipment to businesses. Quintum is dedicated to providing reliable VoIP solutions that offer high quality voice and are easy to install, maintain, and use.

Quintus Corporation (#1220)
P: 510-624-2883
Quintus Corporation delivers complete call center solutions that combine business consulting with proven computer-telephony integration (CTI) and desktop application software. Quintus’s award-winning products help businesses increase customer loyalty by integrating sales, service, and marketing functions across all electronic media.

Racal Recorders, Inc. (#1717)
P: 703-375-7657
Wordnet digital recording system for message archiving and replay featuring RecorderLink98, integration software to provide ANI/ALI searching and a clipboard of scenario reconstruction.

Registry Magic (#545)
P: 561-367-0408
Registry Magic, Inc., provides businesses with conversational speech recognition technologies, products, and services on a worldwide basis. The company is a leader in developing realistic speech recognition applications that listen, understand, and respond to the user.

Rockwell Electronic Commerce Division (#1919)
P: 630-227-7419
Rockwell Electronic Commerce is a leading supplier of mission-critical call center systems, CTI middleware, and electronic commerce solutions that enable businesses to manage customer relationships and conduct transactions over the telephone and Internet.

Romak Office Systems (#1328)
P: 719-391-1991
Romak Office Systems, an established systems furniture manufacturer, is located in Colorado Springs and serves the entire United States and Canada region. Romak specializes in developing panel systems that incorporate features unique to specific industry applications. It sells, delivers, and installs factory direct to ensure better value and customer success.

Samsung Telecommunications (1237)
P: 305-592-2900
From its Dallas office, Samsung Telecommunications (STA) researches, develops, and markets products throughout North America, including handheld wireless phones, wireless communications infrastructure systems, network products, printers, and multi-function products. The Miami office of STA researches, develops, and markets business communications products throughout North America, including analog and digital key phone systems.

SBS Technologies (#236)
P: 760-438-6900
SBS Technologies Industrial Compu-ters is the leader in providing fast, low-priced custom industrial PC and compact PC designs and integration solutions for mission critical applications where quality and performance come first. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Seagull Software (#639)
P: 770-521-1445
Use Seagull’s WinJa and JWalk tool kits to isolate specific processes in foundation applications, integrate them with new or existing functionality, and deploy them to the Web — all with a precoded solution and no changes to the host application. WinJa and JWalk include developers tools, server software, and user software.

Shelcad Communications Ltd. (#337)
P: 972-4-8210344
The company designs, develops, and markets Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products that offer open-system low-density solutions. ShelCad’s Hi-Phone desktop and portable computer Hi-Phone PCMCIA products enable users to place calls via the Internet, network, or the PSTN using their telephone sets.

Spectrum Corporation (#2332)
P: 713-944-6200
Spectrum Wallboards are used in a wide array of applications for a single purpose: to communicate important and concise information instantly. Leading the way is ULTRA-Link Real-Time ACD Software featuring automatic color updates, user programmable messages, and ACD Stats/Help Desk Alerts. Spectrum also has over 20 standard models of LED wallboards (color and monochrome).

SpeechWorks (#1539)
P: 617-428-4444
SpeechWorks enables people to talk to computers over the telephone in a natural way, simplifying and speeding the development of speech-activated services for information delivery and e-commerce. The company provides compre-
hensive system integration and support services to clients and distributes its solution through an unparalleled network of resellers and integrators worldwide. To experience the power of SpeechWorks, please call toll-free: 1.888.SAY.DEMO.

Stancil Corporation (#348)
P: 714-546-2002
Audiolog, Windows NT voice logger, records analog or T1/E1/ISDN, at the trunk side or concentrated behind the switch. Options: IRIS Automatic Scheduler, CTI/SMDR Integration, Record-On-Demand, ActiveX Controls & SDK, DCOM remote live monitor, ANI, DNIS, Caller ID. GWC 8.99

Symon Communications, Inc. (#554)
P: 281-240-5555
SYMON Visual Communications products for call centers.

Syntellect, Inc. (#727)
Syntellect, Inc., offers both inbound and outbound call center systems, as well as a professional service bureau to meet outsourcing needs of any size or complexity. Syntellect fosters self-service with its Virtual Access product, enabling organizations to transact business with customers using a wide range communication devices.

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Tapestry ISI (#454)
P: 314-344-0066
Tapestry Integration Specialists, Inc., is a consulting and systems integration firm who developed a suite of CT development tools called Simple*CT. These products allow telecommunications managers or software developers to easily add TAPI and TSAPI-based third-party call control telephony functions to new and existing Windows applications.

TargetVision (#339)
P: 716-248-0550
TargetVision, Inc., provides an exciting way to impact productivity and improve morale using televisions to update associates on switch activity and workplace news. Build loyalty and community within your organization on your in-house television network. Messages come alive and motivate with employee photos, company logos, and graphics.

TDK Systems (#939)
P: 530-478-8288
TDK Systems was founded in 1992 to design, develop, manufacture, and market peripheral products for the domestic and global portable computing marketplace. Today, TDK Systems is developing a rapidly growing family of PC card (PCMCIA) products, offering end users increased functionality and performance combined with quality at competitive prices.

TelAthena Systems (#927)
P: 888-777-7565
A pioneer in the development of CATI systems, TelAthena is a versatile and time-tested call center tool. A single TelAthena script can be run from a dumb terminal, Windows PC, or a Web browser on the Net, simultaneously and in any combination.

TeleDirect International, Inc. (#2127)
P: 480-585-6464
TeleDirect is a leading supplier of predictive dialing and campaign management systems for teleservices organizations. LIBERATION is a Windows NT-based suite of products that provides unsurpassed predictive dialing, sophisticated campaign management tools, GUI agent application generator, inbound/outbound campaign blending, and full database management capabilities.

Telekol (#112)
P: 781-487-7100
Telekol’s IntegraX is an NT-based multimedia, multi-application communications server that supports advanced computer-telephony solutions including unified messaging, voice mail, call processing, IVR, and fax processing. It is designed to support current technologies and networks, as well as next-generation networks that merge voice and data.

Teleperformance International (#638)
P: 011-331-557-64080
With more than 100 call centers in 29 countries worldwide, Teleperformance draws upon 20 years of experience to provide global telemarketing and teleservice solutions to many of the world’s leading corporations.

Teltone Corporation (#237)
P: 425-487-1515
Telecommunications test and simulation equipment for sales/tradeshow demonstration and engineering/production test applications. New: Telecom Simulation Platform (TSP) simulates T1 and POTS networks. Increasingly popular: Telephone Line Emulator (TLE) emulates North American and International POTS networks, and simulates echo, noise, and satellite delays.

Tundo (#113)
P: 617-598-0511
Established in 1997, Tundo is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with sales in both the U.S. and the U.K. and over 45 developers based in Israel. Based on the H.323 standard, Tundo’s solution provides enterprise customers with highly reliable, open scalable voice over IP. Tundo’s low cost, computer telephony solution transforms voice into an application, while retaining all the qualities and functionality expected in conventional telephony.

Tygart (#112)
P: 304-363-6855
PRISM/Look PRO is the only application to embed desktop call control: dial, answer, hold, transfer, record, and conference within Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. Using Exchange data sources — global address lists, address books, calendars, journal, and contact folders — PRISM/LOOK PRO provides a corporate knowledge management solution.

Ubiquity Software (#1739)
P: 631-271-2027
Focused on Next-Generation Carriers and Application Service Providers, Ubiquity’s Helmsman Server and Service Creation Environment facilitate a carrier-scale soft-switch architecture. Enhanced carriers can use these offerings to rapidly build and deploy next-generation revenue generating services over IP networks. Helmsman Desktop allows for the integration of popular end-to-end next generation e-commerce, telephony and desktop offerings that increase customer network usage and loyalty.

VoCAL Technologies (#137)
P: 716-688-4675
VoCAL Technologies, Ltd., is a single stop for complete modern/facsimile/telephony/voice/video communications source code. Support for the latest standards includes voice over IP, V.90, V.34FAX, T38 real-time fax, H.323, MGCP/SIP/SDP, and G.723/G.729A. VoCAL’s software can be executed as a separate task allowing a DSP to be used for concurrent customer applications as ADSL and ATM.

Vocalcom (#1831)
P: 331-553-7307
Product Hermes Pro Solution global PCBX for CTI.

VoiceTelligence (#1739)
P: 310-641-6611
VoiceTelligence builds custom and turnkey voice solutions for IVR, call center, and other call processing requirements.

Voiceware Systems (#648)
P: 561-655-1770
Voiceware Systems manufactures the telephony services platform (TSP), PC-based tandem switching platform for prepaid calling cards, prepaid wireless and prepaid local service, resale, and call back.

Vovida Networks (#1139)
P: 408-941-1740
Vovida Networks — the world’s first Linux-based, mission-critical communications system provider. Our core product, freeBX, is the first open-source code, IP-based voice-video-data system embedded on the Linux operating system capable of sending packetized voice, video, and data communications traffic over converged datacom and telecom networks.

Witness Systems (#1737)
P: 770-754-1959
Witness Systems is a leading developer of client/server monitoring software for call centers and is a pioneer of voice and data synchronization with its WITNESS quality coaching application. WITNESS enhances enterprise quality, agent efficiency, and supervisor productivity. WITNESS is designed to allow organizations to monitor, record, and review voice interaction between a call center agent internally logged into the ACD and an outside caller.

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