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November 1998

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Xantel Introduces Connex Version 2.4
Xantel Corporation has announced the latest version of its flagship product, Xantel Connex, an open-standards, object-oriented and Windows NT-based software platform that integrates in front of or behind the existing PC. The latest version, V2.4, is designed to enable customer service environments to rapidly deploy a highly personalized customer management solution, while preserving existing investments in communications infrastructure. Xantel Connex's knowledge-based routing combines with open database integration to optimize the customer information available at the point of contact. For more information, contact Kristen Beckman at 602-446-4036 or visit www.xantel.com.

Mode Office Systems Reengineers Its Apton Line
Mode Office Systems announced that it has completely reengineered its Apton line of one-inch panels and related furniture. The company's original furniture system line, Apton has been upgraded and simplified to provide call center operators and owners with a budget-priced alternative to Mode's flagship Profile80NXT line of panels and furniture. A notable part of the reengineering is the base-mounted cable raceway that can be accessed through large sliding doors, the size of which facilitates easy cable management; an optional, recessed module allows these connections to be made right at the work surface. For more information, call 800-497-9873 or visit www.modeoffice.com.

Fujitsu Meets Call Center Application Needs
Now available from Fujitsu Business Communication Systems, Inc. is IntelliSolve, a new professional service that offers customized computer-telephony integration (CTI), interactive voice response (IVR), fax and Web application development services. IntelliSolve is designed to provide call center customers with custom, self-service applications on the Edify Electronic Workforce platform, Fujitsu's TranSend messaging platform and other systems. In addition, it offers packaged CTI applications such as screen pops as well as other services such as project management, integration, testing, implementation and support. For more information, contact Patrick O'Rourke at 619-623-4301 or visit www.fbcs.fujitsu.com.

Edify Enhances Internet Banking Package
Edify Corporation has unveiled Electronic Banking System (EBS) Release 3, the latest version of its Internet banking system. EBS Release 3, designed as a complete bill presentment and payment solution, helps financial institutions enhance customer relationships by aggregating billing and payment information on behalf of their customer base. It consists of four software modules: a Bill Presentment Engine, Bill Payment Engine, Open Finance Server and CheckBook transaction register. Edify has also unveiled the Business Banking System (BBS) Release 3, which will be available as a separately purchased option to the EBS. The BBS Release 3 has been designed to address the challenges associated with delivering financial services to small business customers. It features cash management and information reporting modules, such as Balance Reporting, Payments & Collections, and Profiles, as well as several administration modules. For more information, contact Frank O'Mahony at 650-326-5501 or visit www.edify.com.

Switchview Solutions For Small-To-Medium Call Centers
Switchview has announced Right-On-Queue (ROQ) Lite, the latest addition to the ROQ family, designed for call centers with up to 25 agents. It provides call center managers with real-time monitoring, point-and-click configuration management and drill-down graphical reporting. ROQ Lite operates on Windows NT Workstation and uses real-time data, enabling call center managers to monitor agents and queues using accurate and up-to-date information. Switchview has also announced the addition of a call control application called Vterm to the Q-Master intelligent call-delivery system for small-to-medium-sized call centers. Using CTI technology, Q-Master provides a dynamic, real-time call routing environment to ensure callers receive quick attention. For more information, call the company at 905-602-8626 or visit www.switchview.com.

GWI Delivers New Customer Service Applications
GWI Software has introduced a Customer Management Suite with the availability of Force! for Lotus Notes Version 6.0, a Lotus Notes-based sales force automation application. GWI's Customer Management Suite includes Force!, as well as Help! for Lotus Notes Version 6.2 and WebHelp! Version 3.0. Together, these applications provide users with a complete solution that automates sales, support and service with software that allows each department to be more effective while increasing communication and collaboration between all departments. The new release of Force! for Lotus Notes integrates seamlessly with GWI's customer-support application, Help! for Lotus Notes Version 6.2, providing users with a common users interface and the necessary backend functionality. The newly released WebHelp! Version 3.0 provides small- and medium-sized businesses with support for the 3Com PalmPilot through the Web, advanced Internet search capabilities, as well as new navigation features that enable customers to solve their own problems online quickly and easily. For more information, call Al Hulaton at 360-397-1000 or visit www.gwi.com.

ALTech Introduces SpeechWorks 4.0
Applied Language Technologies, Inc. has unveiled a new version of its SpeechWorks software. The new SpeechWorks 4.0 release features ALTech's Tuning Tools that help customers analyze and improve the speech interface based on actual caller data. The tools include ShowCall, which uses system data and waveforms to recreate a call and analyze the user interactions, and AppStats, which generates detailed call statistics on a range of items, enabling developers and managers to get a realistic picture of call flows and system usage. Also provided by SpeechWorks 4.0 are: additional DialogModules, ALTech building blocks for rapid application development; support for multiple languages; and a Platform Integration Interface. For more information, contact Lauren Richman at 617-428-4444 or visit www.altech.com.

EIS Unveils Centenium XL
EIS International has announced the release of Centenium XL, a significantly enhanced version of EIS' Centenium call management system. The Centenium XL system provides full inbound and blending functionality on the Centenium server, plus inbound scripting functionality. It also offers expanded capabilities and features for system administrators, supervisors and agents, including increased reporting capabilities. The system's open client/server architecture makes it especially attractive to today's call center operator. It incorporates TCP/IP for stability on the network and ease in transmitting information between dissimilar networked computer systems. For more information, contact Roseanne Desmone at 703-326-6509 or visit www.sersolutions.com.

Cellular Linking Launches New Dialing Service For Wireless Communication
JEMAN Technologies, the R&D affiliate of Cellular Linking, has been granted the exclusive patent for, among other things, providing specialized dialing through wireless communication for promotional purposes. The patent covers all specialized dialing from wireless phone, including voice recognition and abbreviated dialing, for promotional purposes. JEMAN Technologies has further claims and patents on related technology.

The patent license gives Cellular Linking the exclusive right to offer wireless phone users a free and easy method of responding to advertising offers. The specialized dialing method is easy to use because it requires fewer digits to connect to advertisers, e.g., #822.

To use the product, advertisers prompt wireless phone users to call a specialized dialing code to which Cellular Linking has exclusive access about an offer advertised on radio, outdoor or other media. The advertiser's call-to-action on the promotion is to call # plus three digits, toll-free and airtime-free. All calls generated through this abbreviated dialing channel are received by Cellular Linking's "concierge", who sources the call to the advertiser. Calls are then routed to the advertiser's call center or Cellular Linking's concierge can handle them.

Today, Cellular Linking is available to wireless users on cellular systems in many of the top 100 markets, including New York, Detroit, Miami and St. Louis.

JEMAN Technologies' exclusive patent on specialized response and promotional dialing through wireless phones means current "barter" arrangements that many radio stations have in force with local cellular carriers would be covered under this patent. Stations use the abbreviated dialing codes to increase response on Talk Radio formats or for other information services such as traffic and news updates. According to James Malackowski, co-founder of Cellular Linking and co-inventor of the patent, "We are not looking to prosecute carriers for these kinds of infringements on our patent, but rather look to partner with them to provide us access for our response channel. This is a great revenue opportunity for the carriers." For more information, contact Barry Zoob at 402-431-1511.

Nortel Delivers New IVR And ACD Products
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has announced the availability of the Norstar Healthcare Receptionist, a prepacakaged IVR application for health care providers. It offers inbound call management features to alleviate high-traffic volume into the clinic. The automated call-answering function is a patient-friendly system that directs the majority of the incoming phone calls. It also detects incoming faxes and automatically routes them to the fax machine. Nortel also announced a new call center solution called Norstar Flash ACD (automatic call distribution). It is designed as an affordable and flexible entry-level call-handling solution for the smallest formal call center and informal call center markets. For more information, contact Elizabeth Lindsey at 919-992-0262 or visit www.nortel.com.

Systems Modeling Introduces Tempo 10.0
Systems Modeling Corporation has announced a new version of its Tempo finite-capacity scheduling software featuring bottleneck scheduling, new reporting options and better integration capabilities with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). These new features help manufacturers better manage production and allow for tighter integration with other software in the enterprise. Tempo interfaces with a company's existing MRP, ERP and MES systems to download new manufacturing orders, control schedule changes, test new production sequences and generate real-time reports on order status. For more information, contact Eric Brahney at 412-741-3727 or visit www.tempo.com.

GFI Releases New Exchange Server Add-On
GFI Fax & Voice has introduced a new exchange server utility: POP2Exchange, a routing utility that allows companies to retrieve e-mail from POP3 mailboxes and distribute the mail among multiple mailboxes in Exchange Server. The utility is especially useful for companies that want to keep using POP3 mailboxes and avoid having to set up a mail "connection" and/or leased line with their Internet service provider. For more information, contact Deborah Galea at +44-171-226-28-66 or visit www.gficomms.com.

New Telecommunications System From Arial Systems
Arial Systems Corporation has unveiled an internal telecommunications system designed to help call centers increase "first call satisfaction" performance by automatically locating staff members anywhere in the facility and forwarding their calls. The new ArialView Awareness system locates people by means of a series of small "Awareness Nodes" that are mounted throughout the facility's ceiling. These Nodes are actually microprocessors that send a signal over standard CAT 5 cable to a computer system server called the Awareness Engine. They pick up signals broadcast by a transmitter embedded in a badge worn by each call center employee. For more information, contact Jim Alland at 847-573-9925 or visit www.arialsystems.com.

M&I Data Services' New Workstation Enhances Trust Relationships
M&I Data Services announces the release of TrustDesk for Windows, an application that provides trust administrators and investment professionals with easy access to customer and asset information in summary, detail and graphical format. Intuitive and user-friendly, this 32-bit application offers such functions as: account management and account activity, full transaction initiation and entry, and trade execution management; investment management; full allocation management to efficiently add and maintain investment models; portfolio analysis; and flexible form downloads. For more information, contact Michael E. Touhey at 800-236-3282, ext. 4-6001 or visit www.midata.com.

Cincom Presents Customer Relationship Management Solution
New from Cincom Systems, Inc. is Cincom Encompass, a suite of integrated components for next-generation call centers. To provide customer relationship management capabilities, Cincom Encompass utilizes computer-telephony integration (CTI), contact and campaign management, workflow routing, document creation and archiving, and knowledge-based product and service configuration. For more information, contact Dan Dyer at 513-612-2182 or visit www.cincom.com/encompass.

GN Netcom Announces New Headsets
GN Netcom, Inc. brings to market two new headset products, the Mobility Series and the GN Express. The Mobility Series is a complete line of telephone headsets designed to meet the needs of mobile professionals who require hands-free convenience while moving about the work environment. It can also be used with cordless, cellular and PCS telephones. The GN Express telephone headset, targeted to OEMs, complements the Mobility Series. It is designed to provide mobile, cellular and PCS telephone users hands-free safety and convenience, exceptional sound quality, comfort and durability. For more information, contact Martha Boissonneault at 800-826-4656, ext. 730 or visit www.gnnetcom.com.

Mercom Introduces RODNI
Mercom Systems, Inc. has released its new Record-On-Demand via Network Interface, called RODNI, which is the latest addition to the Audiolog line of voice logging server solutions. Audiolog is an open-architecture CTI server built upon the Windows NT operating system with its control API based upon Microsoft ActiveX technology. RODNI allows an agent to control when their call, or part of their call, will be recorded by Audiolog. For more information, contact Bob Jagendorf at 201-507-8800, ext 101.

Lightbridge To Offer Self-Service Activation
Lightbridge, Inc. has announced plans to develop a self-service activation system based on Unwired Planet's UP.Link Platform for wireless information access. Unwired Planet (UP) provides software platforms that allow the rapid development and deployment of value-added telephony applications and information services, for live interactive access from mobile phones via the Internet. This new joint solution will empower mobile phone subscribers to directly and instantly activate new services using their mobile phone's built-in microbrowser from UP. For more information, contact Karen Gobler at 781-359-4705 or visit www.lightbridge.com.

New Furniture System From Marvel
Marvel Group, Inc. has announced Elevations, a LAN and technical-support furniture system designed to improve the organization, safety and accessibility of computer room equipment and associates. Built around a steel frame with a rated weight capacity of over 3,500 pounds, Elevations can carry the heaviest servers, UPS, battery packs, monitors and printers on any level shelf. It also features a "posi-lock" fastener designed to eliminate costly and dangerous spills should the underside of the shelf be bumped. For more information, contact Joseph P. Fortin at 773-843-2964 or visit www.marvelgroup.com.

Stonehouse Releases ISDN Adaptive Dialer
Stonehouse Communications has released its ISDN Adaptive Dialer for Windows, a new device that allows business-to-business telemarketers the same kind of increased efficiency long enjoyed by business-to-consumer telemarketers using a predictive dialer. The package comes as a card and software for use with Goldmine, ACT! or Maximizer contact management software. It is designed to reduce training costs by using standard off-the-shelf contact managers as its interface, as well as reduce agent costs by allowing each agent to contact more customers in the same amount of time. For more information, call 201-505-9647.

Telecorp Introduces Observation Recording
New from Telecorp Products, Inc. is Observation Recording, a low-cost digital agent monitoring system that monitors, records and archives agent conversations directly to a hard drive on voice files. Menu-driven, password-protected options enable the user to easily choose the sessions they wish to observe, record or play back. Designed to work in conjunction with Telecorp's Agent Window and Agent Window Client, Observation Recording allows file access throughout a LAN from host or client workstations. For more information, call 888-223-6299 or visit www.telecorpproducts.com.

Davox Upgrades Smart Management Center
Davox Corporation has introduced a PC version of its Smart Management Center technology called Resource & Performance Manager (RPM). RPM enables call center supervisors to effectively manage agents in real-time in a Windows 95 or NT operating system environment. It was designed with international call center customers in mind, allowing distributors to quickly translate English screens into local language screens, including Japanese. For more information, contact Jennifer Cyrs at 978-952-0882 or visit www.davox.com.

Teknekron's On Demand For Voice Server Platform
Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation has announced that On Demand, its customer recording product, is available on a voice server platform. On Demand equips call centers with application- or agent-initiated recording capability. The system allows agents to tag calls with data such as account number, caller ID and date for identification and retrieval. It also supports remote verification and automatic archiving of recordings. For more information, contact Katherine Kirkpatrick at 817-262-3118 or visit www.teknekron.com.

Mustang Updates E-Mail Management Solution
Now shipping from Mustang Software is the version 2.2 update to its Internet Message Center (IMC) e-mail management solution. Version 2.2 enhances the IMC Agent client application by improving message and customer history, message resolution and standard response library functions. Customer service representatives are presented with a customer's entire message history as well as previews of standard response templates. For more information, call 805-873-2500 or visit www.mustang.com.

[email protected] Delivers Selection Advantage
[email protected], a division of Kaplan Educational Centers, has launched Selection Advantage, an interactive CD-ROM designed to help companies identify candidates who will be successful in telephone service positions and thereby streamline the hiring process. The product places candidates in a dynamic, interactive virtual call center environment and asks them to respond to a variety of customer service situations. It runs on most multimedia PCs. For more information, call 888-872-0905 or visit www.kaplan.com.

GeoTel Launches CTI Developers' Toolkit
GeoTel Communications Corporation has announced the availability of a CTI developers' toolkit designed to help customers, system integrators and third-party software developers quickly and effectively integrate applications with the GeoTel Intelligent CallRouter (ICR). The toolkit includes programming examples and documentation for both screen pop and soft phone applications. Source files, header files and resource files are also provided. For more information, contact Nancy Pieretti at 978-275-5149 or visit www.geotel.com.

Small-Office Centrex Solution From Digital Workshop
Digital Workshop has designed a small-office telephony solution that combines an auto-attendant and CTI servers to enhance the capabilities of Centrex services. Called TinaTels CTX, the utility runs on software that uses low-cost Dialogic and Rhetorex voice processing cards; it features automated attendant, contact managers, call forwarding, call coverage and directory assistance. While TinaTels CTX requires the installation of Dialogic and Rhetorex voice cards in a spare computer, it also offers compensatory cost savings over a traditional PBX/auto-attendant combination. For more information, contact Peter Nett at 281-890-8025, ext. 103 or visit www.digitalworkshop.com.

Teloquent Offers Extended Reporting Capabilities
Teloquent Communications has announced a new version of its Windows-based reporting software that complements Teloquent's Distributed Call Center solution. The new software, Desktop Reports for Windows 4.1, displays call activity in an easy-to-understand graphical manner and allows call center managers to quickly evaluate the center's call statistics and share a high-level overview with other business executives. It illustrates such variables as time analysis of agent activity, number of calls received, number of calls handled versus those abandoned, delay time of calls, and call volume by agent skill. For more information, contact Steve Guthrie at 978-436-2310 or visit www.teloquent.com.

ProAmerica Announces Connect-Care Version 6
ProAmerica has released Connect-Care Version 6, an enterprisewide sales, marketing, support and customer information management solution. (Connect-Care was formerly known as SCM.) Connect-Care Version 6 allows companies to provide quality support and analysis throughout the entire customer life cycle, from pre-sales events and individual marketing activities such as direct mail campaigns. The software also tracks campaign responses, leads generated and, ultimately, campaign effectiveness. For more information, contact Bruce Benesh at 972-680-6132 or visit www.proam.com.

Mosaix Unveils Call Management System 9.1
Mosaix has announced a new version of its Call Management System with advanced call blending capabilities for integrating inbound and outbound call center operations. The System also features new computer-telephony integration (CTI) links, year 2000 compliance and enhanced Campaign Analyst reporting software. The Campaign Analysis now allows supervisors to format time fields and add agent time allocations to campaign reports. For more information, contact Mark Alexieff at 425-558-8255 or visit www.mosaix.com.

Upgraded Telemonitoring System From CBSI
CBSI has introduced a newly upgraded Telemonitoring system designed to provide improved quality assurance to telemarketing campaigns. The modified system has been streamlined, limiting subjectivity while standardizing vendor and telemarketing service representative (TSR) scoring. Calls are evaluated based on such criteria as script adherence, smooth transitions, enunciation, courtesy, assertiveness and energy. For more information, contact Ken Kraetzer at 914-381-5353.

Brigade Launches Web-Based Customer Support Service
A new Internet-based customer support service has been announced by Brigade Solutions, Inc. This outsourced solution, using e-mail in place of the telephone to respond to customer support, technical support and sales support inquiries, is designed to reduce customer support costs by half. Brigade designs, implements and manages a company's Internet-based support solution, guaranteeing that customer inquiries are answered correctly within 24 hours. For more information, contact Rachael Ratcliff at 415-217-7560 or visit www.brigadesolutions.com.

Andrea Electronics Introduces New CTI Products
Andrea Electronics Corporation has announced three new products that take advantage of computer-telephony integration (CTI) applications: the Andrea ConnectSolutions Personal Computer/Telephone Headset Interface (PCTI), and the Andrea ProVoiceSolutions ANC-700 and ANC-750 headsets. The PCTI is a desktop device that connects headset users to the telephone, to the computer, or both, enabling them to alternately or simultaneously conduct telephone conversations and use speech recognition to enter data or dictate into the PC without having to pause or toggle between communications. The new Andrea ProVoice Solutions ANC-700 monaural and ANC-750 stereo headsets also enable and enhance CTI applications by improving the quality of voice communications with Andrea Active Noise Cancellation (AANC) microphone technology. For more information, call 800-PRO-INFO or visit www.andreaelectronics.com.

Digital Audio Marketing For On-Hold Messages
MetaSound has released the Webcaster, an intelligent message-on-hold device that "wakes up" at a pre-determined time to access a local Internet Service Provider, where it establishes a connection with MetaSound's Web site. Once connected to the Web site, WebCaster identifies the customer and downloads their customized audio content. Broadcast content may include customer-specific promotional messages, vendor advertising "audio banner," breaking news, business stories, life-style commentary and licensed music. Since the process is automatic and initiated by the WebCaster, downloading requires no human intervention and can occur at off hours. The WebCaster is a plug-and-play device that can be plugged into the music- or message-on-hold port of a telephone switch, ACD, Centrex or retail environment appropriately equipped with audio amplification. For more information, call 800-276-2322 or visit www.metasound.com.

Remedy AR System Goes Mobile With Add-On App From Ostream
Ostream Software, Inc. has announced its Ostream Mobile product has met the qualifications for acceptance into the Remedy Product Partners program. Ostream Mobile enables mobile workers without dedicated access to the corporate network to access corporate information stored on the Remedy Action Request (AR) System. The Ostream software automatically creates an offline local database and generates on-screen views to match the Remedy AR System views. There is no need to design and maintain a duplicate set of screen forms for field use, nor is there a need for additional database development or administration. Users can create new records and edit any field, including diary fields, in screens that look just like the Remedy application they're already used to. As entries are made, actual times are recorded for synchronization, achieved via a straight dial-up connection, with the corporate AR System database. For more information, call 800-450-5000 or visit www.ostream.com.

Online Problem Resolution From Primus
Primus has introduced its SolutionsSeries.com hosted online service that delivers problem resolution and knowledge management capabilities to customer support organizations for a monthly subscription fee. Subscribers get Web-based access to Primus' problem-resolution software. The SolutionSeries.com online service includes the Primus SolutionSeries application suite, remote hosting, training, implementation consulting and customer service. Subscribers own their knowledgebase and have the ability to capture, manage and share solution knowledge worldwide, just as if they owned the Primus software. For $195.00 a month per user for a one-year commitment or $245.00 a month per user for a six-month commitment, subscribers receive: the application suite, hosting, support, training and consulting services. For more information, call Sue Whitcomb at 206-292-1000, ext. 442 or visit www.primus.com.

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Melita International, provider of integrated customer interaction and intelligent call management solutions for call centers, announced that it has appointed Carl James Schaper to the position of president and chief operating officer.

The American Telemarketing Association (ATA) has announced the appointment of J. Scott Thornton, CAE, as the society's first executive vice president and chief executive officer. ATA, a nonprofit trade association representing more than 2,000 members from various industries in the U.S. and numerous other countries, recommends the highest standard of quality for the teleservices industry and protects consumers' rights.

Call Interactive, Inc., a provider of 800-number interactive voice response (IVR) services, announced several new appointments. Steve Grandfield was named vice president, technology; Donna Walsh was appointed vice president, sales; and Barry Lockard was appointed director of sales.

ProMark One, a provider of outsourced teleservices solutions with IDRC USA's Outbound unit, has announced that Clint Sesow was recently promoted to senior business development manager for IDRC USA.

Intecom, a call center/PBX solutions provider, has named Loris Johnson as vice president, call center solutions. Many of Intecom's solutions incorporate computer-telephony integration (CTI).

Witness Systems, Inc., a developer and supplier of customer interaction recording solutions for contact centers, has announced the addition of two key senior management personnel: vice president of operations, Jeff Ford, and vice president of North American sales, Alain Livernoche.

Regency Communications, a telephone fund-raising center near Dallas, has announced the appointment of Dick Weinhold to the position of vice president of marketing and the acquisition of his direct marketing company, Master Response. Regency Communications was a recipient of last year's [email protected] CENTER Solutions MVP Quality Award.

Julie Griffin has been promoted to vice president of business marketing, and Eric R. Nagel to senior vice president of international operations, of ALLTEL's telecommunication services business. ALLTEL is a customer-focused, information technology company that provides wireline and wireless communications and information services.

Inference Corporation has announced that John Katsaros, president of Collaborative Marketing, has joined Inference's board of directors and that Anthony Sun of Venrock Associates and Thomas Davenport of Andersen Consulting have resigned from the board. Inference develops and markets advanced knowledge-based customer-service solutions for Internet self-service and call centers.

The Sutherland Group, Ltd., a provider of outsourced technology and customer service management services, has announced the appointment of Ronald B. Knight to the position of chief operating officer.

InfoPlex Corporation, a provider of business-to-business teleservices, has appointed Patrick Weaver to the Program Management Department as a marketing programs manager. Also joining InfoPlex are Linda Maes as call center manager and Ziba Marashi as marketing programs manager.

Provider of outsourced technical support services, Stream International, Inc. has expanded its European management team. Stream has hired Jacques Pitel as site director for Stream France/Velizy and Kevin Houston as site director for Stream UK/Londonderry. In other activity at Stream, Robert T. Deehart was promoted to vice president of sales for North America.

Teleservices provider UST, Inc., The Technology Marketing Group, has added Carrie Douglas as chief technology and information officer.

Millennium Teleservices has named Richard LeVine as director of Client Services. Millennium ranked tenth in [email protected] CENTER Solutions magazine's outbound service ranking.

TeleSpectrum Worldwide, Inc. announced that it has expanded its board of directors by two members, appointing Michael E. Julian and David L. Kriegel to fill the new slots. TeleSpectrum Worldwide provides direct marketing and customer care services to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries.

Customer Access has named Timothy P. Heidel group vice president of sales and marketing. Customer Access is a high-tech call center company providing inbound and outbound teleservices.

Teleservices firm Interactive Teleservices Corporation has announced the appointment of Nick Jiwa as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Interactive Teleservices was among [email protected] CENTER Solutions magazine's Rising Stars in 1996 and 1998.

Primus, a provider of problem resolution and knowledge management software and services for customer-support organizations, announced it has appointed Elizabeth J. Huebner vice president and chief financial officer.

ICT Group, Inc. announced that Vincent Paccapaniccia, who has been the company's vice president of finance since 1996, has been named chief financial officer. ICT Group is a U.S.-based multinational provider of call center teleservices for sales, marketing and customer care.

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First Virtual Acquires Distributed Bits
First Virtual Holdings, Inc., provider of advanced messaging systems for Internet commerce, announced that it has signed a nonbinding letter of intent to acquire Chicago-based Distributed Bits, LLC, developer of customer e-mail management products and solutions. Its ResponseNow, an integrated e-mail management system, will complement First Virtual's Interactive Messaging Platform, an e-mail-based messaging system that processes incoming customer replies that result from targeted e-mail communications.

Onex Corp. Acquires SOFTBANK Services Group
SOFTBANK Services Group (SSG), a provider of outsourced customer service solutions to high-technology and consumer services companies, announced that it has been acquired by Onex Corporation, a Toronto-based conglomerate that is Canada's ninth largest company. The transaction follows Onex's April purchase of North Direct Response (NDR), a Canadian outsourced customer service provider. The newly formed company will focus on product offerings that provide a continuum of services to help clients acquire new customers, retain existing customers and maximize profitable customer relationships.

Teknekron Purchases ISI Technology
Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation, a global provider of performance management solutions for world-class call centers, has announced the asset acquisition of InfoBase Services, Inc. (ISI) of West Palm Beach, Florida. ISI, a provider of CTI-enabled voice, screen and data management solutions, has been involved in CTI for more than 10 years and has in-depth experience with many of the leading ACD switching platforms.

ATS And Mutare Join Forces
ATS, Inc. of Minneapolis has acquired Mutare CTS of Milwaukee and St. Louis. This merger of two providers of computer-telephony integration (CTI) solutions will operate as AVTEX, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. AVTEX has a staff of software developers, systems engineers, network engineers, system design consultants, project managers, customer support and field technicians that are trained, certified and specialized in CTI.

Merger Of Aon Subsidiaries
Independent Dealer Service (IDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aon Warranty Group, and Innovative Services International, LLC, a subsidiary of Aon Corporation, have joined to form a new unit, Aon Innovative Solutions, Inc. The new company will provide such services as customer care management, warranty administration, and inbound and outbound telemarketing to industry-leading clients.

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Beckman-Coulter Selects Vantive Solutions
The Vantive Corporation announced that Beckman Coulter, Inc., a supplier of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes, has selected Vantive Field Service, Support and Sales solutions for its enterprisewide customer service and sales systems. Beckman Coulter will also implement Vantive's mobile technology, Vantive On-The-Go, giving service and sales representatives working in the field complete, easy access to the Vantive System.

Edify Open Enrollment Solution Implemented By Republic Industries
Edify Corporation announced that it has successfully implemented an open enrollment solution at Republic Industries, a diversified Fortune 200 company and automobile retailer. The implementation, deployed in 90 days, is based on Edify's Windows NT-based Employee Service System software and consists of two components: a bilingual (Spanish and English) interactive voice response (IVR) application that enables employees to self-enroll in benefits programs over the telephone, and an integrated Web-based application for use by Human Resources call center representatives.

Line One Goes With Davox Call Center System
Davox Corporation announced that Line One Teleservices has completed implementation of its Unison Call Center Management System and LYRICall browser-based scripting software for use in its New Rochelle, New York-based call center. Line One, which provides outsourced telephone-based marketing services to the mortgage industry, was recently recognized as the number-one fastest-growing teleservices company in the U.S. by [email protected] CENTER Solutions magazine.

Lexus Call Center Installs Clarify FrontOffice System
Clarify, Inc. and Lexus, a division of Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), have announced the successful implementation of the Clarify FrontOffice system in Lexus' call center. The new installation provides the technology foundation for a broad TMS initiative to improve customer retention and increase sales by providing proactive, personalized service to customers.

NEXTLINK Interactive Provides FedEx Automated Phone System
Federal Express Corp. is using an interactive-voice response system from NEXTLINK Interactive to provide toll-free callers with the three closest FedEx locations. While customers enjoy easier access to location information, the number of requests made of customer service representatives for drop-off sites has dropped significantly compared to a year ago, allowing FedEx CSRs to redirect their attention to more complex activities.

Pyderion Enters Joint Marketing Agreement With Mitel
Pyderion Contact Technologies, Inc. and Mitel Corporation have announced a joint marketing agreement for the packaging of Pyderion's TraxSuite Starter Pack with each Mitel MediaPath software package in North America. The TraxSuite Starter Pack is a scaled-down version of the ACD, CTI screen pop, real-time monitoring, historical reporting and help desk software developed for MediaPath. MediaPath is a software-based telecom server that integrates voice and data applications running on open, industry-standard Microsoft NT-based LANs.

Philips Electronics Selects Advantage kbs Dialogue Support
Advantage kbs, Inc. announced that its IQSupport Application Suite has been selected by Philips Electronics to automate its customer-support operations worldwide. Philips, active in the areas of semiconductors and components, consumer products, professional products and systems, lighting, and software and services, is using the IQSupport Application suite to build a framework for its customer service representatives and customers to distribute and share knowledge and thus to solve problems at the earliest stage in the support chain.

MicroWarehouse To Deploy @Once Express
Business Evolution has announced that MicroWarehouse will deploy its @Once Express customer support software. With @Once Express, all queries to the MicroWarehouse site will be prioritized according to several metrics and assigned a service margin and then be routed accordingly to either e-mail or live messaging queues. @Once Express software comes in Java and HTML versions, making it accessible to all Web users.

Net Effect Systems Chosen For Web-Based Support Applications
Net Effect Systems, Inc. announced that both Stream International and SBC Internet Services have selected its NEware software suite of applications for Web-based support. NEware is an enterprisewide, scalable, online customer support solution that allows companies to provide real-time, text-based customer support with one-to-one interaction.

InterVoice Purchases DC Systems' Call Center Product Suite
InterVoice, Inc. has announced the acquisition of DC Systems' computer-telephony integration (CTI) and call center software suite under an asset purchase agreement. Through an earlier-announced OEM relationship, InterVoice is reselling these suites as subsystems within AgentConnect, the company's integrated call center automation package.

ICT Group Announces Contracts
ICT Group, Inc. announced the signing of a contract to provide customer-care billing inquiry services for Integretel, a privately owned company that provides billing services to the telecommunications industry. The ICT Group will now manage Integretel customer-care calls, and to handle the expected volume of inbound billing is opening, in Lakeland, Florida, what will be its largest call center. ICT has also signed a contract with TantaComm Systems, a digital voice recording solutions provider for the call center teleservices industry. The TantaComm digital recording system is utilized to provide digital recording of ICT Group's outbound telesales applications.

CadreSoft Signs OEM Agreement With PROMODEL
CadreSoft Corporation, a provider of decision support tools for call centers, announced that it has reached an OEM agreement with PROMODEL Corporation to use PROMODEL's proprietary simulation and optimization technologies with Call Center Wizard, a product developed and supported by CadreSoft for call center design and optimization. Call Center Wizard is a simulation-based software solution designed specifically for call centers, to allow planners and managers to determine their staffing and technology needs, evaluate various call routing strategies and achieve their desired service level at minimum cost.

Call Center Contracts Won By ALLTEL
ALLTEL has announced that during the first months of 1998 it signed contracts for call center services with nine companies in the financial services, telecommunications and consumer products industries. These solutions include: call center consulting, implementation and refinement for United Companies Lending, Provident Bank and Riverway Bank; consolidation services for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and Banorte; business and technology assessment for Banco Popular, S.C. Johnson Wax and BankPlus; and customer service outsourcing for Old Kent Mortgage Services, Inc. For the Old Kent deal, ALLTEL has formed a strategic alliance with ICT Group whereby the companies will manage overflow and after-hours telephone customer service for Old Kent's 175,000 mortgage loans.

Spanlink Agreement With Lucent Technologies
Spanlink Communications, Inc. has announced the extension of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Lucent Technologies to distribute the next version of Customer Assist Care Center. Version 7, in addition to providing improved functionality, will interface with Spanlink's FastCall Enterprise, which integrates voice processing functionality within the same platform as computer-telephony integration (CTI) to streamline calls sent to a live agent.

Utility Companies Select Syntellect Software
Syntellect, Inc. announced that New Century Energies and Boston Gas have selected Sytellect's Interactive Communications Management (ICM) enterprise call center software. Featuring an open-standards architecture, Syntellect's Vista software is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for interactive voice response (IVR), interactive Web response (IWR), predictive dialing and computer-telephony integration (CTI), as well as fax-on-demand and speech recognition.

SPS Extends Contract With PRODIGY
SPS Payment Systems, Inc. has announced the extension of a contract to provide customer-support solutions for members of PRODIGY Internet and Prodigy Classic services. SPS provides PRODIGY subscribers with membership services such as handling billing inquiries, e-mail support, chat room moderator support and bulletin board billing account inquiries

Virtual Hold Technology Becomes A CallPath OEM
Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) announced that it has signed an OEM software agreement for IBM's CallPath, an open computer-telephony integration (CTI) platform used in call centers to communicate with the company PBX telephone systems and computers. VHT is the developer of Virtual Hold, a patented ACD enhancement that eliminates hold time by setting up a virtual queue. As an OEM, VHT is backed by the resources and support of IBM in applications utilizing CallPath software and other IBM telephony platforms.

New Clients For Adrian Miller
Adrian Miller Direct Marketing (AMDM), a teleservices consulting firm, announced the signing of three new clients. AMDM is now providing in-house telemarketing consulting support and skills training for ADT Security Services, Misonix and New England Engine Parts.

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NorthWest Telemarketing Opens Iowa Call Center
NorthWest Direct Teleservices, Inc., parent company of NorthWest Telemarketing, has announced the opening of an 8,000-square-foot call center in northeast Iowa. The new 100-seat facility will create 150 new jobs and will also house the company's technology and data processing departments.

NICE Launches New Division
NICE Systems, Ltd., provider of digital recording solutions to the call center industry, has formally introduced its new Professional Services Division. The division, comprised of Integration Services, Training, and Quality and Performance Consulting Services, will ensure that NICE's core product lines - NiceUniverse, NiceLog, NiceCLS and NiceCall - are optimized in each call center's unique environment.

Reese Brothers Announces New Subsidiary
Communications & Commerce Corporation, a new subsidiary of Reese Brothers, Inc., has opened its inbound customer care center in Salt Lake City, Utah. From its state-of-the-art facility, Communications & Commerce will provide high-quality customer service and support through the use of expertly trained customer-care specialists navigating intelligent scripts driven by relational databases and automation technology, including interactive voice response (IVR) and the Internet.

CNS Rolls Out Expanded Services
Catalog Network Services (CNS) launched a newly expanded menu of services to the catalog industry on September 15. CNS specializes in supporting the catalog industry with outsourced catalog telemarketing, mail order processing services and customer care from its facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Boca Raton, Florida. The new services include e-mail order processing, enhanced customer care, sales recovery and customer satisfaction monitoring.

Easyphone Continues North American Expansion
Easyphone, an international provider of call center software solutions, announced that as part of its North American expansion strategy, it has opened a sales and technical support office in Dallas, Texas. This represents Easyphone's first direct operation in the U.S. market. Together with Easyphone Canada, Inc., its mission is to provide support to the growing North American customer base. The Dallas sales and support office is centrally located in a growing telecommunications area, offering a workforce strong in telecommunications and software skills.

Impact Telemarketing Announces Nebraska Call Center
Impact Telemarketing Group, Inc. has opened a new call center in Fremont, Nebraska. With over 100 outbound stations, the new Nebraska facility will accommodate the growing needs of Impact's expanded clientele for additional teleservices support and will provide over 225 new jobs to the Freemont area. The center was opened as a joint venture with Agtel, Inc.

TSC Expands Its Spectrum Of Services
Technology Solutions Company (TSC) announced that it has expanded its Enterprise Customer Management (ECM) practice to incorporate a new sales force automation proficiency, providing companies with one source for their front office needs. TSC's ECM practice helps companies develop strategies and design integrated enterprise customer management technology solutions that help them build stronger relationships with their customers. TSC will now provide companies with sales force automation expertise, technology and best practices to help them tie their sales and marketing departments into their overall customer management system.

Second National Customer Care Center For Omnipoint
GSM wireless provider Omnipoint Communications has officially opened, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, its second national Customer Care Center, creating 350 new jobs. The new facility, together with the company's other national Customer Care site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, handles all customer-related issues for both consumer and corporate clients including activation of service, education about products and pricing plans as well as technical support.

Sutherland Launches New Division
The Sutherland Group, Ltd., provider of outsourced technology and customer-management services, announced that it has established a new division dedicated to providing innovative assessment and training services to Sutherland employees and leading corporations around the world. The new Professional Development Services division offers over 100 interactive and challenging technical, customer service and leadership courses, and provides strategic planning, performance management, custom software solutions (including Sutherland AutoCoach), recruiting, behavior profiling and leadership assessment services.

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New Identity For MediaExpress
Media Express Telemarketing Corporation has officially launched its new corporate identity: it is now MediaExpress. This name is more appropriate, says the company, since it is no longer only in the telemarketing business, it is now a customer contact center, offering outbound teleservices (business-to-business, business-to-consumer), inbound teleservices (help desk, order taking, dealer locator, complaint handling, customer service, fulfillment services, e-mail management, Internet services), consulting and training.

From Mall To Corporate Supercenter
Eastlake Square Mall is being renovated and transformed into [email protected], a one-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art commercial property that is expected to be a boon to economic development in Tampa, Florida, owner John Hancock Real Estate Investment Group announced. The new design is said to be the U.S.'s first corporate supercenter for call centers, back office and high-tech research and development companies. It is expected that more than 6,000 employees will find [email protected] the most desirable working environment in Tampa Bay. It is to offer such amenities as in-house child care, a food court and possibly a health club.

Harris Corp. Unveils New Logo
Harris Corporation has launched a comprehensive branding campaign - including a new logo - to raise the awareness of the company's broad range of product, system and service solutions for customers worldwide. The campaign features a new company vision, the new logo, redesigned collateral materials and a more coordinated communications approach for each of the company's four businesses. The company's new vision statement, "next level solutions," represents its focus on providing an advanced range of solutions to help customers grow their businesses.

DMA Telephone Marketing Council Changes Its Name
The DMA Telephone Marketing Council has changed its name to The DMA Teleservices Council, as of August 25. The council voted overwhelmingly to change the name because "teleservices" better reflects the broad range of the industry that the council represents, which encompasses all telephone disciplines including customer care, acquisition, retention and the technological tools now used to support more advanced applications.

I.C. System Celebrates 60th Anniversary, Reorganizes
I.C. System, Inc., a provider of data-oriented business solutions, has announced a milestone: this year marks the 60th anniversary of I.C. System's corporate career serving the direct marketing and accounts receivable industries. The company looks forward to its ever-increasing role within these industries. In response to the market's demand for a single-source provider that can effectively respond to the needs of the marketplace, I.C. System is reorganizing its structure to enable it to more efficiently provide single-source service. The company is consolidating two previously separate entities - Direct Marketing Services (DMS) and Accounts Receivable Services (ARS), thus bringing together its diverse resources to create a single force in the marketplace. With this reorganization, additional responsibilities have been assumed by the management team.

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IIBB Launches European Site Selection Approach
The Northern Development Company has launched in Boston, Massachusetts a "Risk-Based Approach To SMART Overseas Investment." The launch was carried out in partnership with the U.K.'s Invest In Britain Bureau, and the program will be rolled out in a number of seminars in the U.K., U.S. and Canada. The approach is a direct response to current readjustment in the world markets and demonstrates the benefits of the North of England as possibly the lowest-risk location for companies investing in Europe.

BA Expands Telephone Sales Center In Belfast
British Airways (BA) will double the size of its Belfast telephone sales center, creating 65 new jobs over the next two years, announced Bruce Robinson, Industrial Development Board (IDB) Northern Ireland chief executive. In addition to bringing new jobs, the IDB-backed investment will enable the airline to install the latest telephone and computer technology as part of its ongoing global call center development program.

Ontario Welcomes U.S. Call Centers
The Ottawa Economic Development Corporation and Call Ontario team have welcomed Telemark Incorporated and BankOne International to Ottawa, the location chosen to expand their North American operations. Telemark Incorporated is a high-tech, client-centered teleservices company specializing in services for Fortune 500 clients throughout Canada and the U.S. BankOne International is opening a new Credit Card Services Center.

ICT Group Expands Operations In Canada
ICT Group, Inc. has expanded its international teleservices operations with the opening of two new Canadian call centers in Sydney, Nova Scotia and Riverview, New Brunswick. ICT Group's Sydney center, a 14,000-square-foot facility initially housing 120 workstations, was opened on August 31, 1998. The 12,000-square-foot New Brunswick center, specializing in inbound and outbound customer care, will house 150 workstations.

Witness Systems Opens New Office In The U.K.
Witness Systems, Inc., developer and supplier of customer-interaction recording solutions for contact centers, has opened an office in Leeds, England to drive sales, installation and customer support for its WITNESS client/server quality monitoring software applications. One reason the company chose Leeds as its U.K. base for operations is because the city is at the center of an already established and continuously growing installed base of call center operations.

Telstra Launches Travel Service In Australia
Telstra Big Pond Home has established a comprehensive and convenient online travel booking and information service in Australia. Big Pond Travel gives customers direct access to 472 airlines, 45,300 hotels, 54 car rental companies, the latest travel deals, daily travel news and information on destinations. Telstra Big Pond will work with leading Australian travel companies, such as Jet Set and Global Vision.

ALTech Opens Singapore Office
Applied Language Technologies (ALTech) announced that it has opened an office in Singapore and formed a partnership with Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), an applied research and development organization based in Singapore. The partnership will provide ALTech with access to Asia's most experienced speech scientists to adapt its SpeechWorks speech recognition solution to the special characteristics of Asia-Pacific languages. The new office and KRDL partnership support ALTech's entry into the international market for speech recognition.

Periphonics IVR System Implemented By Multienlace
Periphonics Corporation has announced the implementation of multiple VPS/is systems at Multienlace SA, a call center teleservices agency based in Medellin, Colombia. Multienlace needed technologies that could integrate with diverse IT equipment linked by a nationwide network and be controlled from a central locations. Periphonics' IVR technology was chosen for its high-capacity hardware architecture, scalability, centralized network monitoring tools (PeriView), user-friendly development environment and capacity to accommodate new Internet and speech recognition technologies.



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