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October 1999

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ISC To Unveil Call Center Workforce Management Solution
ISC, a consulting and software development firm, has released Irene, a scalable, browser-based forecasting and scheduling software solution for call centers. Irene was designed to meet the needs of all types and sizes of call centers through its Internet-enabled “one-click scheduling” and “one-click forecasting” capabilities. The solution is built on the ISC Optimization Engine, a “smart” software engine which forecasts demand and optimally schedules resources to meet it. Features of Irene include adaptive algorithms, which learn the patterns and characteristics of a call center in order to produce schedules; demand-driven tools, which give call center managers better control in determining requirements; and Internet-based architecture.
No. 510, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

KnowDev Announces Online Learning Solution
KnowDev has created a new technology called Scheduled Learning to deliver an online learning solution to call centers. The product suite, called KnowDev Enterprise 5.0, can make it possible for call centers to train their employees at their workstations without disrupting the flow of calls. The suite consists of four software tools: Builder for creating online learning courses and tests, Manager for assigning courses to users and groups, Student for taking courses and tests, and Reports for tracking usage and test scores. The product was designed to enable users to create online courses which can be deployed directly to agents’ desktops, helping call centers avoid downtime.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo�

Dictaphone’s Symphony CTI Tested Siemens Ready
Dictaphone Corporation has announced that its Symphony CTI advanced communications management system has completed testing in Siemens Information and Communication Networks’ Siemens Ready developer support program for seamless operation with the company’s Hicom 300E version 6.4 and 9751 communications servers. Symphony CTI is a communications management system designed to record calls and help call centers and trading floors manage their communications more productively and cost effectively. It uses real-time data passed by the switch to facilitate finding calls. With Siemens communications servers, Symphony CTI’s Advanced Call Retrieval System (ACRS) can capture a variety of data, including the agent I.D. and extension, the time and date of call, the phone number of the caller and the number dialed (DNIS). The data is stored in a relational database on a server in the call center’s client/server network.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Spectrum Releases Ultra-Link II Software
Spectrum Corporation has announced the release of Ultra-Link II, a real-time data acquisition and alert system that collects ACD data from a switch/ACD and allows this information to be modified and transmitted instantly to wallboards, screen pops, monitors, pagers, e-mail and audio communication devices. Using simple calculations, new data items can be created that are shown on the spreadsheet, but also can be sent to other devices. The new data items are color-coded to be easily distinguished from data acquired by the switch/ACD.
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

CCS TrexCom Announces FirstLine Encore Version 6.2
CCS TrexCom Inc. has announced general availability of FirstLine Encore Version 6.2, which now supports an interactive PeopleSoft interface. The PeopleSoft interface will allow instant updates to changes as soon as a user makes a call or accesses the system via the Web. CCS and EPOS Corporation, a value-added reseller of the FirstLine Encore product, worked in partnership to extend the availability of the PeopleSoft interface to higher education institutions. CCS developed the PeopleSoft interface for Encore. FirstLine Encore is CCS TrexCom’s latest Web-enabled transaction server system designed to provide customers and employees 24 x 7 secured access to selected data. When callers access Encore via the Web or touch-tone telephone to make changes to their profiles, the changes are automatically made to the PeopleSoft database.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Speedware Launches Visionyze.com
Visionyze.com (formerly known as Visionyze) has been formally launched by Speedware Corp. Visionyze.com’s applications, Telco Analyzer, Customer Service Analyzer and Healthcare Analyzer are now available in Web versions to complement their current desktop applications. Visionyze.com’s applications provide analysis of historical and real-time data derived from disparate data sources. Each application displays an “intelligent dashboard” with drill-down capabilities. It places business-critical data on the manager’s desktop anywhere in the world via the Web. The drill-down feature allows reporting metrics to be viewed in-depth, down to specific details. Hard copy reports can be delivered on demand.
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Touchstar Introduces New CT Server
Touchstar Software Corporation has introduced an open-architecture CT server designed for small and medium-sized call centers. Features found on the new product include predictive dialing; inbound, outbound and blended call processing; IVR; ACD; intelligent call routing; coaching; monitoring and recording; and call transferring. It is Windows NT-based, uses Dialogic telephony boards and is designed to interface with Buffalo International’s Object Telephony Server. The server, designed for 12- to 96-seat call centers, is comprised of modular components and can integrate with a legacy PBX or stand alone.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

OnSite Access Introduces Virtual Private Network Services
OnSite Access, a communications provider of high-speed Internet and advanced communications services, has announced the nationwide launch of its Data Connections Virtual Private Network services designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses to establish secure, transparent data links across the Internet to business partners and remote branch offices. Employing SonicWALL’s VPN “black box” technology at the customer premises, OnSite’s Secure VPN provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications services creating a private wide area network with cost-effective access to the Internet. The technology also provides businesses the benefits of private networking.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

TelSoft Releases MegaSync
TelSoft Solutions Inc. has announced the release of MegaSync, an optional module for its MegaWare suite of call accounting software that simplifies moves, adds and changes in a company’s call accounting database by automatically synchronizing itself with other systems. The module was designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the call accounting database despite constant changes to a company’s phone system. MegaSync can receive moves, additions and change updates from various sources, such as phone switches, switch management systems, human resources databases and other systems. It extracts the necessary information from any of these sources and automatically reconciles changes to the master call accounting database, keeping it up-to-date. Database changes can be synchronized to occur on demand or at user-defined intervals. The product can be purchased with the MegaCall call accounting software or added to an existing MegaCall system.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Advanced Systems Concepts Adds Sun Solaris Support To RemoteSHADOW
Advanced Systems Concepts has announced that its RemoteSHADOW solution has been expanded to support the Sun Solaris platform. RemoteSHADOW, an application transparent software solution, has immediate recovery capability in the event of a system or site failure. RemoteSHADOW continually protects an organization’s business information by providing it with updated access to today’s data at an alternate location. The addition of Sun Solaris support makes RemoteSHADOW available to a wider market of companies in need of back-up.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Telrad Announces ACD I.Q. Management Information System
Telrad Telecommunications, Inc., a provider of commercial telecommunications systems and equipment, has announced the release of its new ACD I.Q. management information and statistical reporting system for Windows NT. ACD I.Q. is a client/server application designed to provide real-time and historical reporting and data analysis tools for Telrad’s automatic call distribution system. ACD I.Q. integrates with the Telrad Digital systems and is designed to provide a scalable, cost-effective solution for the small, informal call center or the dedicated, large-scale call center environment. The product’s reporting features include agent, group and trunk statistics; predefined report templates; a custom report generator; online help; a wallboard interface; and remote maintenance and administration on server systems.
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

SAI Releases Updated Virtual Telemanagement System
SAI, a telemanagement applications service provider, has announced the release of its Sierra Gold Virtual TeleManagement System version 8.1.4. The new version provides enterprisewide call accounting capabilities with customized Web pages for instant report access via the Internet or corporate Intranet. Enterprise Reporting is designed for companies with departments and divisions located across multiple sites who desire a consolidated station report summarizing and detailing the rated calls for all stations within their organizations, across all sites. Customized Web pages are automatically created to match the company’s Intranet site identity. Additional components in this release include ease-of-use enhancements and increased general ledger capabilities.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Locus Dialogue Offers Spanish Version Of Liaison
Locus Dialogue has begun marketing a Spanish version of its Liaison speech portal designed to enhance an organization’s call handling capabilities. The software can accept and respond to voice commands or inquiries simultaneously in multiple languages. The Liaison speech portal helps enable companies to offer callers access to information and individuals by using natural speech. Various applications include automated call direction, call center routing, corporate and personal speech-activated dialing and the ability to provide self-service information to users.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Metro Tel Modem Line Tester Brought To Market
Metro Tel Corp. has announced its new model MLT560 hand-held, portable modem line tester, which is designed to allow local service providers and network installers to qualify standard dial-up telephone lines for modem use. The battery-powered tester qualifies modem speeds up to 56 kbps and modem data throughput up to 115.2 kbps with built-in data compression. Problems affecting throughput due to bandwidth limitations can be quickly identified. MLT560 functionality includes loop-back testing with BERT when used in conjunction with a separate MLT561 CO plug-in card. Also included is a built-in 511 and 2047 test pattern generator and receiver.
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Motorola Introduces The SLX Series Of Platforms
Motorola Computer Group (MCG), a supplier of embedded computing platforms for telecommunications original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), has introduced the SLX Series, a new family of Linux-based embedded platforms for Internet networking applications such as Web access, Web security, Web caching and virtual private networks. The product was developed as a result of MCG’s unified strategy, also announced recently, which will provide the company’s telecom OEM customers with a selection of Linux-based platforms, open source software, service and support, training and integration services. The series is targeted at telecom OEMs building networking solutions for the growing number of Internet service providers, government and business organizations, workgroups and telecommuters requiring cost-effective access to the Internet.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

CXR To Offer CB2000 Switcher/Concentrator
French company CXR has introduced its CB2000 switcher/concentrator designed for users, developers and resellers of telecommunications systems. The product consolidates up to 32 ISDN/BRI ports into one or two ISDN/PRI ports without reducing performance, which can result in significant savings in line rental charges. An expanded version also allows connection to PRI-compatible equipment (PABX, remote access servers, etc.) or the cascading of multiple units to distribute access across the site. By routing channels in a BRI channel bank and reconstituting individual signals, the unit can serve as an effective ISDN hub and allows existing communications installations to be used when changing primary rate access. Devices connected to the BRI ports can originate or answer data or voice calls to or from the ISDN public network. The system can handle up to 60 simultaneous calls, the maximum number of B channels available on the PRIs.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Comverse Infosys Introduces Quality Monitoring Solution
Comverse Infosys, Inc., a division of Comverse Technology, Inc. and a developer of digital recording technology, has announced the launch of Words&Pictures, a pre-configured, “plug-and-play” quality monitoring solution for small and mid-sized call centers. Words&Pictures provides an automated means to evaluate and coach agents using both voice and screen recording. The product is packaged with support materials to make it easier for call center managers to get started. An interactive computer-based training tool is provided with step-by-step instructions to help the novice understand the system. Words&Pictures includes an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) in a Windows environment. Available with voice and screen recording with synchronized playback for a comprehensive agent evaluation, Words&Pictures is scalable to 80 agents. Users can design their own evaluation forms or select one of the forms prepackaged with the system.
No. 526, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

TriPolar Technologies Releases LynkStation 1.5 For Web Sites
TriPolar Technologies, a Web site software developer, has released LynkStation 1.5, a new online marketing program designed to make promotion easier, faster and more affordable. The program operates from the Web site’s server and adds interactive features for banner ads, link site postings, safe e-mail lists and automated messaging. The product is comprised of two components: It is a Links Posting Engine, capable of handling thousands of entries daily and incorporating a filtration system, providing verification of sites and “red flags” for inappropriate subject matter. Second, it is a complete e-mail/links database that records all information entered, producing both itemized statistics of visitors and safe categorized e-mail lists to be used for future promotion. The database can dispatch automatic messages to these lists, not spamming, informing parties of current link status or other information the owner wishes to send. An Administrator Control Panel allows for manipulation of all features through a point-and-click interface.
No. 527, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Management Recruiters International Introduces Career Web Site
Management Recruiters Interna-tional, Inc. has announced the launch of its new career Web site, BrilliantPeople.com. The site offers job seekers direct contact with and advice from a network of 5,000 recruiters in 900 offices around the globe. BrilliantPeople.com offers a large site of candidates and jobs in the telecommunications industry and has garnered the support of MRI’s network of recruiters that specialize in the telecom field. Job candidates can set up a confidential personal account in minutes and create a profile of their skills, background and experience. Users then submit this profile and their resumes to “job agents,” or smart electronic utilities that e-mail the user opportunities that fit the submitted profile.
No. 528, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Fujitsu And SpectraLink Develop Digital Interface
SpectraLink Corporation has announced availability of its LinkPlus digital interface between the Link Wireless Telephone System (Link WTS) and Fujitsu Business Communication Systems’ flagship digital telephone switches. The new digital interface allows SpectraLink Wireless Telephones to emulate Fujitsu’s digital handsets, providing on-premises mobile workers with access to advanced features such as conference calling, call forward and transfer, multiple line appearances and automatic caller identification. Target markets for the new LinkPlus digital solution include education, financial services, government, health care and retail.
No. 529, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Esnatech And Iwatsu Announce Release Of Digital Business Telephone Systems
Iwatsu America, a provider of business telecommunications systems, and Esnatech, a developer of PC-based and Web-enabled voice processing solutions, have jointly announced the release of Telephony Office-LinX and Telephony Lan-LinX for ADIX, Iwatsu’s platform of digital business telephone systems. These two new products will add features ranging from basic voice mail to advanced unified messaging and call control solutions to the ADIX. Telephony Office-LinX is a Windows 95/98/NT-based voice processing and desktop call control/unified messaging server. It provides a direct connection between the ADIX digital telephone system and local area network. Once connected, the product processes and stores all voice, fax and e-mail messages. Telephony Lan-LinX is an optional component of Telephony Office-LinX. It provides visual mailbox management, visual call control, visual communications and visual messaging functionality from the PC desktop.
No. 530, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Managed Network Services From Comdisco
Comdisco, Inc. has announced Phase 1 of its Managed Network Services model, which will add new capabilities to its baseline network services. Comdisco presents a four-part life cycle of network development: the first stage of the service is planning, wherein Comdisco works with a customer to define network strategies that support business goals; the second stage is the design and building of the network services; the third stage is the management and maintenance of the network services; and the fourth stage is the capture of new services as changing business needs force the evolution of the network. Comdisco provides suites of capabilities designed for each stage of the managed network life cycle. The recently announced Phase 1 (Service Element Expansion) of Comdisco’s Managed Network Services will include Economic Analysis and Security Analysis in the planning part of the cycle; Security Management in the management and maintenance part of the cycle; and Security Audit and Capacity Planning in part four, the “network evolution” part of the cycle.
No. 531, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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Phonetic Systems, a provider of speech-enabled telephony-based directory search solutions, has appointed Sheldon L. Dinkes to president and chief executive officer. Dinkes will be responsible for directing all corporate activities and will focus his efforts on positioning the company to expand its products to the Internet, telephony and enterprise markets.

IMA has hired John A. Piontkowski as its new chief financial officer. Piontkowski, formerly of Price Waterhouse, will focus his efforts on the company’s newest venture, buyingedge.com, its reverse auction e-commerce initiative.

Edward D. Gil has been appointed chief operating officer of SBASoft, Inc., a Web site traffic statistics and back-end business applications provider. Gil will be responsible for new business development, working with clients such as The Walt Disney Company, CareerPath.com and SBC Communications (formerly South-western Bell).

TeleServices Direct has announced that Megan Wilson, vice president, has moved her focus and responsibilities from client services to overseeing the management information systems and sales quality verification departments. In response to this shift, Polly Krikorian has been promoted to vice president of client services.

Brooktrout Technology has named Michael Donoghue to the position of vice president and general manager of its IP and fax technology division. In this position, Donoghue will be responsible for the division’s day-to-day operations, including marketing, engineering and technical support. He formerly served as vice president of worldwide sales for the company.

WebLine Communications Corp., a provider of enterprise solutions for enabling interactive electronic commerce and Internet customer service, has announced that Tom Nephew has joined the company as vice president and general manager of services. He will be responsible for the development and growth of WebLine’s maintenance and support, training and professional services operations.

Andrew Priest has been appointed senior vice president of services for Brightware, Inc. He will oversee the company’s product services, education services and customer support organizations worldwide. He comes to Brightware from Red Brick Systems.

VillageFax.com, a provider of business-to-business Internet-enabled fax services, has announced the appointment of Fred J. Barnes to chief financial officer. Barnes will be instrumental in preparing the company for its public offering.

Smart World Technologies, a software and telecommunications company, has announced the appointment of Edward J. Wepprecht as vice president of sales. His responsibilities will include leading both the direct and indirect sales teams for the company.

@Link Networks, a data CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier), has announced the appointment of Alexander H. Good as its new chief executive officer. Good joins @Link from Bell Atlantic, where he was most recently executive vice president of strategy, corporate development and performance assurance.

Gabriel Communications has announced that John P. Denneen has been elected executive vice president, corporate development and legal affairs. Denneen will focus his attention on the company’s acquisition and capital-raising program and other strategic corporate transactions. In addition, he will direct the company’s legal and regulatory affairs.

Hewlett-Packard Company has announced that Olivier Helleboid has been named vice president and general manager of the Communications Industry Business Unit (CIBU). He succeeds Bernard Guidon, who was recently named general manager of the HP Consulting Group.

Registry Magic has announced it has hired John Falcone as vice president of development. He will hold overall responsibility for the company’s Virtual Operator solution, line extensions and new products.

Broadbase Software, Inc. has expanded its management team with the appointment of Anil Gupta to vice president of marketing. Gupta will drive the company’s market and product strategy and will assume responsibility for all of Broadbase’s marketing functions.

Russell Jackson has been named chief financial officer for ACI Telecentrics, Inc., a Minneapolis-based teleservices firm. Jackson previously served as the controller at the company.

Carleton Corp. has named David Batt to the position of executive vice president of sales and business development. In his new position, Batt will have overall authority and responsibility for sales strategy and execution.�

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Comverse Technology Acquires InTouch Systems
Comverse Technology, a supplier of enhanced services platforms to wireless and wireline network operators, has announced the purchase of InTouch Systems, Inc., a developer of carrier-class speech processing software and middleware for the telecommunications industry. InTouch has developed a natural language speech application based on continuous, speaker-independent large vocabulary speech recognition technology. Called InFlection, InTouch’s interface enables wireline and wireless network operators and Internet service providers to attract new subscribers and reduce churn by offering subscribers a natural voice interface to more easily access and manage their enhanced services. Using their own voice from any telephone, subscribers are able to dial, check e-mail and voice mail messages, manage address books and calendars and surf the Internet. Subscribers may also have e-mail and fax messages read to them over the phone. The integration of InTouch’s voice technology applications and middleware with Comverse’s portfolio of messaging and information services is aimed to expand Comverse’s presence in enhanced services by providing customers with voice-activated services.

RadiSys Completes Acquisition Of Texas Micro
RadiSys Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of embedded computing solutions used by OEMs in the telecommunications, automation and other industries, has announced the completion of its stock-for-stock merger with Texas Micro, a provider of computer systems and single board computers for communications and industrial applications. Under the terms of the agreement, Texas Micro stockholders will receive one RadiSys share for every 4.96 Texas Micro shares. As a result, RadiSys fully diluted shares outstanding will increase to approximately 11.5 million shares. RadiSys will account for the merger as a pooling of interests.

Deutsche Telekom Acquires U.K. Mobile Phone Company
Bonn-based Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecom group, has acquired London-based mobile phone operator One-2-One as a cornerstone of a planned European cellular phone group. The acquisition, worth approximately U.S. $14 billion, is the German company’s first foothold in the U.K. market. One-2-One was previously jointly owned by Cable and Wireless of the U.K. and MediaOne of the U.S.

Genesys Conferencing To Acquire Williams Conferencing
Genesys S.A. has announced the acquisition of Denver-based Williams Conferencing. Genesys’ acquisition adds expanded audio, video, event and Internet conferencing capabilities to Genesys’ global services portfolio. The new North American headquarters, based in Denver, will serve to complement operations and service centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Genesys’ product portfolio, coupled with its services, allows customers to use a single conferencing source for all communications needs.

NCT Group To Acquire Pro Tech Communications
NCT Group has announced the signing of a letter of intent with Pro Tech Communications, Inc. Pursuant to the letter of intent, NCT’s subsidiary NCT Hearing Products, Inc., will acquire 60 percent of the common stock of Pro Tech, a seller of lightweight headsets, in exchange for rights to NCT technologies, including its NoiseBuster active noise reduction and the ClearSpeech noise and echo cancellation, for use in lightweight cellular, multimedia and telephony headsets. ProTech will be responsible for all product development, sales and marketing efforts in the designated markets. NCT Hearing will continue to develop technology and products for its other markets of interest, including consumer audio, safety, two-way radio and hearing aids.

ePHONE Acquires General Tel
ePHONE Telecom, Inc. has announced the acquisition of General Tel, Inc., a telecommunications systems integrator specializing in virtual private network, fixed-wire/wireless communications and Internet technologies. Additionally, the board of directors of ePHONE has announced that Charles C. Yang, president, CEO and founder of General Tel, has been appointed as president and COO of ePHONE. ePHONE will assume all of General Tel’s operations, offering its system integration team to clients worldwide where telco infrastructure and IP solutions are not well-established or are lacking. ePHONE’s team will guide clients throughout the system development life cycle: requirement study, planning, development, implementation and training.

Nortel Acquires Periphonics
Nortel Networks and Periphonics Corporation have announced a definitive merger agreement whereby Nortel will acquire Periphonics, a provider of interactive voice solutions used in call centers and other voice and data network applications. The acquisition is intended to cement Nortel’s strategy to deliver a new generation of networks that unify voice, data and the Internet. Periphonics’ self-service capabilities will help Nortel in its goal of unifying call centers with the Internet to create e-services that redefine customer care. Periphonics designs and supplies self-service voice response and Web-enabled systems for call centers and other network applications that allow customers to interact directly with a company’s databases and customer care professionals

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U.K.-Based Online Marketplace Expands To U.S. Market
mondus.com, a U.K.-based online business-to-business marketplace for small and medium-sized companies, has announced an investment from London-based Eden Capital that will allow the company to open offices in the U.S. and Germany and accelerate its worldwide marketing campaign. Suppliers and buyers of computer supplies, office equipment, courier services and printing services can sign up for free at www.mondus.com. Using the service, customers can place a purchase request for free containing the details of the product or service needed and can receive offers from various suppliers who bid on the order. The auction interface was designed to be simple and user-friendly to allow customers to easily follow the bidding process and proposal presentations. The company plans to offer nine additional categories by the end of the year, including advertising, promotional items, trade show equipment, business caterers, printing, Web design, mailing lists, ISPs and cleaning services.

Staffing Firm To Open Call Center In Scotland
Milwaukee-based Manpower Inc., a staffing firm which specializes in temporary staffing, contract services and employee training, has announced plans to open a call center in Selkirk, Scotland. The new facility is expected to create 60 new jobs by the end of the year with the potential for up to 250 new jobs in the near future. The use of call center personnel, particularly for customer service and help desk functions, is an area of rapid growth for Manpower. The company currently has two other call centers in Scotland.

Citigroup To Open Center In Barcelona
Citigroup has announced it has chosen Barcelona, Spain as a site for its new customer service call center for all of Southern Europe. The center is expected to create 1,000 jobs by the year 2003. The new facility will be dedicated to over-the-phone services for all Citigroup’s clients in south and east Europe. The planned facility will complement the company’s existing European call center, located in Ireland.

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Center Partners And Orcom Solutions Announce Partnership
Center Partners, an integrated outsourced customer relationship management provider, and Orcom Solutions, a provider of customer information systems for the utility and energy services industry, have announced a partnership to deliver customized solutions to utilities and energy service companies facing a deregulated marketplace. The two companies plan to deliver an integrated marketing, customer care and billing solution that involves one bill and one point of contact. Center Partners will handle customer service, product and sales support for Orcom’s utilities and energy service clients.

Global Messaging Solutions Signs Network Agreement With Qwest
Global Messaging Solutions Inc., an electronic messaging solutions provider, has announced it has signed an agreement with Qwest Communications International Inc. to use Qwest’s nationwide fiberoptic network in the delivery of electronic messaging solutions for businesses. GMSI plans to offer Internet-based communications services, such as e-mail, to small and medium-sized businesses later in 1999. Qwest has completed 18,500 miles of its U.S. fiber optic network and now is offering advanced Internet-based services such as managed Web hosting, e-commerce and virtual private networking, as well as long-distance services.

NICE Systems And Melita To Deliver Enhanced Call Center Solutions
NICE Systems has announced that it has completed a development initiative with Melita International that combines NICE’s voice and screen recording technologies with Melita’s call management solutions. The integrated solutions will be designed to provide call centers with performance monitoring for voice and screen, order verification and/or continuous logging of calls generated by Melita’s technology. A previously signed NICE/Melita co-marketing agreement allows customers to integrate call management with NICE’s family of recording solutions. These include the NiceUniverse quality management system for voice and screen recording; and the NiceLog and NiceCLS solutions for full-time recording, selective recording and recording on demand. The interface enables Melita’s server to provide agent information such as I.D., position and agent status as well as call details to NICE’s call logging system (NiceCLS). Voice and screen recordings can be based on the real-time data provided by the Melita server or by other screen events. For transaction verification using full-time, selective or recording on demand, the NICE system uses the call information provided by Melita for searching and retrieving recorded calls.

Registry Magic Announces International Distribution Agreements
Registry Magic Incorporated has announced distribution agreements for the Virtual Operator, the company’s speech recognition call processing system, with telecom distributors in South America and the Pacific Rim. The distributors will market the international versions of the system. VMS Technology, of Malaysia, will additionally use the Virtual Operator as a means to speech-enable its future communications server platform. VMS will private-label the system as “Cyber Operator” and will incorporate Virtual Operator into its next-generation unified messaging/VoIP platform. Additionally, STS de Argentina, a voice mail and phone systems distributor, will market the Virtual Operator in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile as “La Operadora Virtual.” InfoVox, an IVR distributor, will market the products in Colombia.

M&I Data Services Forms Alliances With Csi And UPI
M&I Data Services, a provider of financial services and software, has formed alliances with two electronic forms vendors, Compliance Systems Inc. (Csi) and Universal Pensions Inc. (UPI). These alliances were formed to allow M&I Data Services to provide a complete electronic form document preparation solution to its financial institution customers. Integrated into the M&I Data Services BankerInsight product, the integration will offer a library of state and federally compliant electronic forms. BakerInsight is a Windows-based sales and service software application that gives branch and call center employees access to information on a customer’s entire relationship with the financial institution

Hello Direct And PORT Announce Strategic OEM Agreement
Hello Direct, Inc., a developer and direct marketer of telephone productivity tools, and PORT, a Targus Group International Company and a provider of notebook computer accessories, have announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic OEM reseller agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, PORT will sell the Hello Direct-built digital adapter product under the name PORT SmartConnect. Hello Direct’s smart adapter technology allows mobile computers to connect to the Internet from any type of phone system, digital or analog. The SmartConnect product, custom built for PORT, contains the Hello Direct-developed LearnIt smart interface chip. The technology enables both voice and data products to adapt themselves automatically to the diverse nonstandard handset ports found on today’s digital telephones, without requiring the user to configure switches manually or purchase phone-specific adapters.

CCS TrexCom Announces Support For Con Edison’s Outage Notification Device
CCS TrexCom Inc., a provider of automated self-service solutions, has announced that its FirstLine IVR system will handle call routing for a new power outage notification device that Con Edison, a large New York-based utility company, is testing for possible future commercial introduction next year. Called Power Sentry, the device plugs into a standard wall electric outlet and a telephone line and informs Con Edison when a customer’s power is off for more than 60 seconds by automatically calling the company’s toll-free emergency phone number. From there, the CCS platform distinguishes the device from a customer’s call with a special touch-tone signal. The CCS system then sends an acknowledgment to the device, after which the device uses touch-tone signaling to transmit the customer account number and indicates whether the power is out or is restored before ending the call.

Norstan To Incorporate Comverse Products
Comverse Infosys, Inc., a division of Comverse Technology, Inc. and a provider of digital recording technology, announced that Norstan, Inc. will incorporate Comverse Infosys’ ULTRA and Mentor products and applications under its call center solutions umbrella. Norstan is a value-added solutions provider of call center platforms for Siemens Information and Communications Networks and Aspect Telecommunications. Norstan’s call center business is focused on combining best-of-breed products and technologies with consulting and integration services. Comverse Infosys develops customer, agent and transaction monitoring for call centers that measure agent quality and performance as well as the customer’s experience across the enterprise. Norstan’s call center offerings include customer contact solutions for mission-critical environments, interactive voice response, workforce management, quality monitoring, preview and predictive dialing, data consolidation, data warehousing, Internet telephony and video call centers.

Arial Systems And Interactive Intelligence Form Marketing Alliance
Arial Systems Corporation, a provider of e-service collaboration tools, and Interactive Intelligence, developer of the Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC), a communications server solution, have announced a marketing alliance that will allow the integration of technologies to help improve customer communications and collaboration within the organization. The agreement will also allow mutual access to sales distribution channels and provide joint Web site hyperlinks. EIC currently offers organizations a unified communications solution by replacing PBXs, ACDs, IVR, voice mail systems, fax servers, voice loggers, Web gateways and CTI middleware systems. Both the Arial products and EIC are Windows NT-based, so companies also can benefit from integration with other software applications and hardware devices. This integration has been beta tested using the ArialView solution, which harnesses Interactive Intelligence employee information and locations in an internal directory.

BDO Seidman Announces Alliance With Onyx Software
BDO Seidman, LLP and Onyx Software Corporation have announced a strategic alliance whereby BDO will deliver implementation services for the full suite of Onyx Software customer relationship management solutions. BDO Seidman provides consulting services to businesses. BDO will implement Onyx Front Office, including Onyx Enterprise Portal, a 100 percent Web-based product that consolidates customer relationship management functionality, third-party applications and relevant Internet content into a single, digital workplace personalized for each individual. Onyx solutions are designed to help increase customer loyalty by supporting customer-centric processes across the enterprise from sales and marketing to customer service, quality assurance, partner management and other areas.

Tellabs Collaborates With Tekelec
Tellabs has announced it intends to deliver new call control, signaling and service control capabilities on its AN2100 Gateway Exchange (GX) next-generation switching system. These capabilities will help enable service providers to reduce costs and create revenue-generating services over a mixture of time-division multiplexed (TDM), asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and IP-based networks. Tellabs has signed agreements with Tekelec for elements of this call control and signaling solution. Tekelec’s Network Switching Division will supply elements of an SS7/IP signaling front-end to Tellabs’ AN2100 GX system, which will provide gateway screening, SS7 link concentration and access to local number portability. Tekelec’s IEX Division also will supply elements of the AN2100 system’s new call control and service control point software designed to enable providers to deploy debit, credit and calling card services.

eLoyalty And DST Systems Introduce Solution
eLoyalty and DST Systems have jointly announced a new solution to help companies in the financial services and insurance industries more effectively manage all aspects of their customer relationships. By extending DST’s AWD suite of customer service solutions with eLoyalty’s toolkit, users can more easily implement a solution within the constraints of their existing technology environment. The solution is designed to help companies improve customer satisfaction by providing service representatives with easy access from their desktops to all customer information. Specifically, components of the eLoyalty toolkit will be used in AWD/Contact, DST’s customer management application, and AWD/Voice, DST’s answer for workflow-enabled CTI and call record/playback.

Watergate Software’s Technology Integrated Into Dell Software
Watergate Software Inc., a developer of hardware diagnostic and system information tools, has announced that its technology has been incorporated into a new Dell systems management and product support software solution called Dell OpenManage Resolution Assistant. Watergate’s technology in the Resolution Assistant provides administrators with detailed hardware diagnostics that can help prevent Dell PowerEdge server difficulties or easily identify them once they have occurred. Should a problem occur, this technology helps analyze the cause and suggests a solution. If needed, the Dell OpenManage Resolution Assistant can quickly send the diagnostic data to a support technician at the server, at an internal help desk or to Dell Technical Support.


TotalTel Opens New York Area Offices
TotalTel USA Communications, Inc., a regional provider of voice, data and Internet services to customers in the Northeast, has announced that the company has opened a new sales office in Long Island and the company’s second office in New York City. TotalTel also announced that the company has established new points of presence (POPs) in Westchester, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Garden City, Long Island, New York; and Allentown, Pennsylvania. TotalTel concentrates its network to serve customers along the Boston-to-Washington, D.C. corridor. Dennis Spina, president and CEO of TotalTel, said TotalTel’s customers are looking for quality and leading-edge solutions. He emphasized TotalTel’s customer service as a plus, saying of its customers, “We hold their hands” in guiding them to the best possible solution. TotalTel also provides teleconferencing, fax services and directory assistance.

Young America Announces Facilities Plans
Young America Corporation has announced the merger of two of its Minnesota facilities, and plans for a new facility to be built in Chanhassen, Minnesota. To increase operational efficiencies, the company’s Winthrop and Glencoe facilities will merge into a stand-alone inventory and packaging facility at Glencoe. The move is expected to lower operating costs over the next five years and at press time, was scheduled to be completed by October 1999. Employees currently working in Winthrop will be encouraged to transfer to the Glencoe facility. Additionally, the company has signed a letter of intent with CSM Corporation to lease a new client service facility in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The move will allow better accessibility to clients visiting from out-of-state, as well as to better serve clients on a daily basis. The building will be a new construction and is expected to be ready in January 2000.

ACI Announces New Call Center
ACI Telecentrics, Inc., a Min-neapolis-based teleservices firm, has announced the opening of an outbound call center in Redding, California. This call center will be ACI’s tenth call center and will increase the company’s overall call center capacity by 22 percent. The center opened in early September with an initial staff of 150 workers. When fully staffed, the center expects to employ about 250 people. The choice of Redding, California was intended to diversify calling hours and provide better services for the company’s West Coast clients. The center has implemented 100 calling stations, initially employing 150 agents, and has the potential to expand up to 150 calling stations on as as-needed basis.

infoUSA To Expand Its VideoYellowPagesUSA.com Service
VideoYellowPagesUSA.com, a division of infoUSA, has announced that due to success with its test market in Omaha, Nebraska, it has decided to expand its service to the San Francisco Bay area. The expansion became effective in August, 1999. VideoYellowPagesUSA.com is a multimedia yellow page directory service which includes listings for every business in the U.S. and currently features videos of nearly 700 advertisers in Omaha. These video clips allow the business owners to demo products and services, give tours and introduce staff. Traffic to the site has grown to more than 10,000 page views per day in July, a four-fold increase since the beginning of the year. infoUSA is a provider of business and consumer information products and database marketing services.

ICT Group To Open New Call Center In Arkansas
ICT Group, Inc., a telesolutions company, has announced it will open a new customer care inbound call center in Morrilton, Arkansas. The center is being implemented to serve the needs of the company’s U.S. banking clients. The new center will initially have 250 universal workstations and employ up to 350 people within a year. The company expects to expand the facility to 500 workstations and employ up to 620 employees in Morrilton. One of the primary reasons for choosing the site was ICT Group’s existing strategic alliance with the Arkansas-based ALLTEL Corp. The two companies jointly market call center products and services to financial services companies.�

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