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C@LL CENTER Solutions'
Who's Who 1998 Teleservices Agency Roundup

State Listings, Q-Z

Connect Teleservices, LLC
Erwin Vahlsing, Jr.
F: 401-736-5454
Web/E-mail: www.connect-teleservices.com

Paragon Solutions
Darren Dather
P: 888-202-1180; F: 803-553-5355
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

L&S TeleServices
John Sievert
P: 800-894-7832; F: 605-338-8892
Web/E-mail: teleservices.l-s.com

Midco Communications
Mark Powell
P: 800-843-8800; F: 800-910-5655
Web/E-mail: comm.midco.net

Personal Group, Inc.
Dave Bonde
P: 605-224-1904; F: 605-224-9005
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

RMA, Inc.
Rick Bauermeister
P: 605-332-3386, ext. 18; F: 605-332-8722
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Advanced Direct Marketing, Inc.
Vakil Kuner
P: 615-399-1101; F: 615-399-1212
Web/E-mail: www.advanced-direct.com

Client Development Services, Inc.
Jim Glidewell
P: 901-363-7402; F: 901-363-8240
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

CMC, Inc.
Beverly Netusil
P: 901-751-4800; F: 901-751-4805
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Harrison Direct, Inc.
Debbie McSunas
P: 423-867-9081; F: 423-867-8233
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Wyer Creative Communications, Inc.
Judy Wallace
P: 615-242-9800; F: 615-242-7711
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

A Better Answer
Dolores Hawkins
P: 972-231-0842; F: 972-231-0436

Aegis Communications Group, Inc.
Doug Starr
P: 800-840-4243; F: 770-492-7739

American TeleDirect
Michael Kelly
P: 281-873-6200; F: 281-873-6220
Web/E-mail: www.mccluregroup.com

American Telemarketing Specialists Inc.
Randy Keylor
P: 940-565-9415; F: 940-383-1876
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

ASD Catalogs
Norman Peress
P: 214-348-7200, ext. 223; F: 214-343-2924
Web/E-mail: www.asdcatalogs.com

CenturyTel Telecommunications, Inc.
Greg Block
208 S. Guadalupe St.
San Marcos, TX 78666
P: 888-888-8757; F: 512-754-5678
Web/E-mail: www.cticallcenter.com
Services: inbound, b-to-b, b-to-c
Languages: Spanish
Specialization: Also provide operator services.
CenturyTel Telecommunications, Inc. (CTI) has provided call center services for nearly 100 years. Services include: third-party verification, customer service, operator services, inquiry handling, registrations, order entry, overflow services, level one help desk, surveys, customer retention programs, welcome calls and anniversary calls.

Chrysalis Group
Russell Young
P: 888-727-9963; F: 817-251-3501
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Continental Airlines
Jim Thistle
P: 800-346-3133; F: 281-985-1813
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Cornerstone Integrated Services
Lori Wright
P: 512-231-2400; F: 512-231-2494
Web/E-mail: www.cis-corp.com

EDM International
Bob Niland
P: 915-532-0097, ext. 200; F: 915-533-8615
Web/E-mail: www.edmi.com

ETS TeleServices
Roger Fuller
P: 817-265-6711; F: 817-548-7430
Web/E-mail: www.etstele.com

GC Services
Doug Arfmann
P: 713-777-4441
Web/E-mail: www.gcserv.com

General Telemarketing International
Mike Cole
P: 940-380-0900; F: 940-383-2957
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Gianni Teleservices
Michael Roberts
P: 713-688-1901; F: 713-688-6013

Guaranteed Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Howard Craig
P: 817-226-4467; F: 817-226-4480
Web/E-mail: www.gmscorporate.com

Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing
Jeanne Shaunessy
P: 800-456-9748; F: 512-244-9222
Web/E-mail: www.harte-hanks.com/rm

Innovative Marketing Solutions
Sue Shearer
P: 512-454-4467; F: 512-454-1213
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Innovative TeleSolutions
Rod Sanders
P: 800-825-6414; F: 817-338-0330
Web/E-mail: www.innovativetele.com

JCPenney Telemarketing, Inc.
Len Leininger
P: 800-323-4343

OSC Teleservices
Chris A. Bonner
P: 800-658-2143; F: 806-747-5047
Web/E-mail: www.osc.com

Prospect Lead Solutions Inc.
Mark Huntsman
P: 817-335-0898; F: 817-336-5570

Real Marketing Insights, Inc.
David Willis
P: 281-548-0143; F: 281-548-0243
Web/E-mail: www.realmarketing.com

Regency Communications, Inc.
David Robertson
P: 800-654-1986; F: 817-354-6076
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Savers Alliance Teleservices
Don Williams
P: 800-969-7283; F: 817-284-2753

Traci Curtsinger
P: 800-446-4488; F: 806-744-8684
Web/E-mail: www.stenocall.com

TeleQuest Teleservices
Stephany Simone
P: 800-833-4443; F: 817-258-6505
Web/E-mail: www.telequest.com

Teleservice Resources
David Jannings
P: 800-233-9188; F: 817-355-8599
Web/E-mail: www.amrtsr.com

Telesystems Marketing, Inc.
Mike Burns
P: 800-622-0190; F: 713-780-5931
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

All West Communications
Phil Marchant
P: 800-532-5255; F: 435-783-4928
Web/E-mail: www.allwest.net/marketing

Marketing Ally Teleservices
David Moore
P: 801-374-8709; F: 801-374-0779
Web/E-mail: www.marketingally.com

O'Currance Marketing Communication Services
Roger T. Muir
P: 801-736-0500; F: 801-736-0510

Q Comm
Andrew Wells
P: 801-226-4222; F: 801-222-9555
Web/E-mail: www.qcomm.com

Teleperformance USA
Rob Hardesty
P: 801-359-6843; F: 801-359-6855
Web/E-mail: www.tpusa.com

Teltrust Teleservices, Inc.
Martin Senn
P: 800-530-3222; F: 801-595-7971
Web/E-mail: www.teleservices.com

RVS Enterprises
Ronnie J. Sweet II
P: 802-879-7000; F: 802-879-2831
Web/E-mail: www.rvsenterprises.com

AB&C Group
Art Libby
P: 703-827-8377; F: 703-827-8385
Web/E-mail: www.abcgroup.com

Abacus Communications L.P.
Terry Healy
4452 Corporation Ln., Ste. 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
P: 800-866-2004; F: 757-671-7248
Web/E-mail: www.callabacus.com
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b, b-to-c
Languages: Spanish, Russian, French
Specialization: Manufacturing, Financial services, Utilities, Hospitality, Telecommunications.
Abacus Communications, one of the fastest-growing, full-service call centers in the United States, is poised to initiate, design and implement strategies that provide its clients market share and exceptional return on investment.

Cultural Access Worldwide/TelAc Teleservices
Christopher Purdy
P: 703-528-7000; F: 703-528-7117

Huntsinger & Jeffer, Inc.
Jim Desborough
P: 804-266-2499; F: 804-264-7414

InService America
Carl Townsend
P: 804-832-7400; F: 804-832-7418
Web/E-mail: www.inserviceamerica,com

Issues & Answers Network, Inc.
Peter McGuinness
P: 757-456-1100; F: 757-456-0377
Web/E-mail: www.issans.com

National Electronics Warranty Corp.
Fred Schaufeld
P: 703-318-7700; F: 703-810-8889

NTS Marketing, Inc.
Charles E. Judd
P: 804-947-0000; F: 804-947-0003
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

PriceInteractive, Inc.
Terry Saeger
P: 800-341-7800; F: 703-758-7108
Web/E-mail: www.priceinteractive.com

Q7 Group, Inc., The
Richard Drake
P: 703-802-0159; F: 703-815-8597
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

SITEL Corp. -- Technology & Media Services Group
Bill Vance
P: 703-925-2900; F: 703-925-0980
Web/E-mail: www.sitel.com

Total Marketing Outbound, Inc.
Randy Davila
P: 703-490-8115; F: 703-490-8172
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Unitel Corp.
Michael Ebhardt
P: 800-425-0000; F: 703-917-1556
Web/E-mail: www.unitelcorp.com

Washington Marketing Group, Inc.
Jim Paton
P: 800-488-4609; F: 360-794-4929

American Telemarketing Services
Scott Kosteretz
P: 414-354-5333; F: 414-354-5333

AmeriTel Corp.
Stephen M. Borden
P: 888-886-6100; F: 920-727-9954
Web/E-mail: www.ameritelnet.com

An-ser Services
Irene Larson
P: 800-723-0000; F: 800-236-3290
Web/E-mail: www.anser.com

Cybertel Marketing
Jackie Trudell
P: 920-739-0836; F: 920-739-5456

FAR Systems, Inc.
Helen M. Rose
P: 800-805-0082; F: 920-563-1865
Web/E-mail: www.farsystems.com

Great Lakes Communications, Inc.
Steve Weingrod
P: 414-963-2800, ext. 212; F: 414-963-2803
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Internet, Inc.
Bill Lueble
P: 800-274-3820; F: 414-274-3823
Web/E-mail: www.internetusa.com

Market Motivators Inc.
Lawrence A. Pentter
P: 414-578-3901

PRISM Marketing Services, Inc.
James Wendt
P: 888-477-4761; F: 920-380-2399
Web/E-mail: www.prism-mktg.com

Spectrum Communications
Cyndi Washington
P: 414-821-5100; F: 414-821-1492
Web/E-mail: www.spectrumcomm.com

Tel Mark Sales, Inc.
John Gillen
P: 920-954-2900; F: 920-993-4947
Web/E-mail: www.telmarksales.com

TELCO of Wisconsin
Cheryl Arndt
P: 920-682-6161; F: 920-682-3399

Tele Resources Inc.
Jack L. Keenan
P: 715-395-2740; F: 715-395-2750
Web/E-mail: [email protected]


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