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C@LL CENTER Solutions'
Who's Who 1998 Teleservices Agency Roundup

State Listings, I-M

Americall Corp.
Susan Best
P: 630-955-9100; F: 630-955-9955

APAC TeleServices, Inc.
Tamara Lyman
P: 800-OUTSOURCE; F: 319-399-2413
Web/E-mail: www.apacteleservices.com

Call Station Inc.
Susan Diamond
P: 847-480-6804; F: 847-480-7032

Celebrate Communications, L.L.C.
Migdalia Colon
P: 309-797-4274; F: 309-797-6470
Web/E-mail: www.celebratecom.com

Cellular Linking
Barry Zoob
P: 800-590-1690; F: 402-431-1526
Web/E-mail: bzoobatclcaol.com

Consolidated Market Response Inc.
Paul Bunting
P: 800-500-6006; F: 217-348-7060
Web/E-mail: www.telemkt.com/consolidated

Conversational Voice Technologies Corp.
P: 847-249-5560; F: 847-249-9773
Web/E-mail: www.cvtc.com

CTC Teleservices
Guy J. Scarpelli
2021 Midwest Rd., Ste. 205
Oak Brook, IL 60523
P: 630-953-2827; F: 630-953-6183
[email protected]
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b, b-to-c, interactive
Specialization: Clubs and continuity, Publishing, Telecommunications
A Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions magazine 1997 Rising Star Winner, CTC is a full-service inbound/outbound telemarketing agency providing customized outsourced telemarketing solutions to clients. Niche markets include: publishing, clubs and continuity, insurance, seminar registrations, and membership services.

Customer Teleservice Solutions, Inc.
Don Forney
P: 630-268-0404; F: 630-268-0579

Datanet Technologies, Inc.
Catherine Coambes
P: 800-77-LEADS; F: 618-656-0891
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Direct Response Corp.
Laura Hansen
P: 800-288-8000; F: 847-699-3400
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

DWG Assocs. Inc.
Dennis W. George
P: 847-451-6300; F: 847-451-0233

EMBA, Inc.
Elliott Black
P: 847-272-2884; F: 847-272-3551
Web/E-mail: www.embaine.com

Executive Teleservices
Sheila Greenblatt
P: 773-283-9590; F: 773-794-5249
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

General Tele-Communications Inc.
Teddie Cheopelas
P: 800-613-8008; F: 847-966-6226
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Global Telemarketing, Inc.
John R. Kus
P: 630-668-0836; F: 630-668-3618
Web/E-mail: www.globaltelemarketing.com

Henry M. Greene & Assocs., Inc.
Henry M. Greene
P: 800-356-1300; F: 847-816-0576
Web/E-mail: www.greeneassoc.com

Market USA
Bart Zeller
P: 847-803-1933; F: 847-803-1825
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

National Support Center
Ron Janusz
P: 630-778-4100; F: 630-778-2145
Web/E-mail: www.nsc-support.com

On-Line Interpreters Inc.
Lance Lindeen
P: 800-307-1001; F: 847-825-6610
Web/E-mail: www.imagetown.com/online

ORC Protel, Inc.
David Katz
P: 708-418-0600; F: 708-895-3549

Prima Circulation & Mailing Services
Steve Amelia, Jr.
P: 847-647-0111, ext. 24; F: 847-647-5955

Prima Circulation/Telemarketing Services
Steve Amella
P: 847-647-0111; F: 847-647-5955
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Programmers Investment Corp.
Kip Caldwell
P: 847-299-2300; F: 847-299-8286

Pronto Connections Inc.
Michele M. Ringwood
P: 312-649-3600; F: 312-649-3627

PSI Telemarketing
Michael Baker
P: 773-878-0800; F: 773-878-4219
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Quality Customer Service & Sales (QCSS)
Catherine Karabetsos
P: 888-229-7046; F: 847-229-7047
Web/E-mail: members.aol.com/QCSSinc/qcss.html

Signature Telemarketing
Tim Tully
P: 847-605-3140
Web/E-mail: www.sigg.com/html/tele.html

SPS TeleServices
Ed Kisman
P: 800-473-3390; F: 847-405-4856
Web/E-mail: www.spspay.com

Tele Business USA
Larry Kaplan
P: 800-228-8353; F: 847-480-6055
Web/E-mail: www.tbiz.com

Telemarketing Co., The
Mary Shanley
P: 800-777-6348; F: 847-966-9967
Web/E-mail: www.thetelemktgco.com

Trans-Action Database Marketing
Thomas F. Wogan
P: 708-857-5000; F: 708-857-5029
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Trase Miller TeleServices
James Quinn
P: 800-711-1771; F: 630-629-4456
Web/E-mail: www.trasemiller.com

U.S. Telefactors Corp.
Marcia Harter
P: 630-820-4000; F: 630-820-7186
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Insight Logistics
Ford Hebner
P: 317-867-1108; F: 317-867-0725

Manfred Schreyer & Assocs., Inc.
Joan Cones
P: 765-935-7889; F: 765-935-4252
Web/E-mail: www.roimark.com/msa/msa.html

Marikol Marketing Services, Inc.
Marilyn Rodman
P: 219-234-0724; F: 219-234-0724

TeleServices Direct
Patricia Totton
P: 317-216-2240; F: 317-216-2248

Total Response Inc.
Tom Owen
P: 800-368-6029, ext. 3209; F: 317-781-4609
Web/E-mail: www.totalresponse.com

Sandra Herman
11611 N. Meridian St., Ste. 800
Carmel, IN 46032
P: 317-571-3600; F: 317-571-3685
Web/E-mail: www.transcomusa.com
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b, b-to-c, interactive
Languages: 30+ languages, including common European languages
Specialization: Energy industry, Telecommunications, Mortgage lending
Transcom enhances relationships between companies and their customers. We build relationships that build business utilizing inbound and outbound calls, IVR, broadcast fax and the Internet. Transcom manages sales and customer service activities, including customer acquisition, customer care and order processing.

Access Direct Telemarketing, Inc.
Rachel Macha
P: 800-892-8276
Web/E-mail: www.accdir.com

AdTrack Corp., The
Mark McIntosh
P: 319-395-9777; F: 319-395-0059
Web/E-mail: www.adtrack.com

Advanced Data-Comm, Inc.
Michael J. Budde
P: 800-582-9501; F: 319-582-2003
Web/E-mail: www.advanced-data.com

Dan Lubell
P: 319-344-7846; F: 319-359-7824

Breda Telemarketing
Char Jacobsen
P: 712-673-4408; F: 712-673-2508

Dumont Communications
Roger Kregel
P: 515-857-6525; F: 515-857-6515
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

EI Telemarketing
Tommy Mullins
P: 319-678-2900; F: 319-678-2300

GECKO Communications Inc.
Mike Eakle
P: 515-334-9900; F: 515-334-9800
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Heartland TeleServices
Janet Buttz
P: 800-247-2000; F: 515-574-2107
Web/E-mail: www.hlipublishing.com

Integrated Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Chris A Abraham
P: 319-362-8926; F: 319-362-3989

MarketLink, Inc.
John Miksich
P: 515-285-3420; F: 515-285-3450

Prism Marketing Inc.
Jerry L. Schoemann
P: 800-455-4862; F: 712-275-4175
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

ProCom Inc.
Leanna R. Martin
P: 800-433-9893; F: 515-784-4100
Web/E-mail: www.procom-inc.com

Quality Assured Telemarketing
Pat Sullivan
P: 712-884-2348; F: 712-884-2250

Stratford Telemarketing, Inc.
P: 515-838-2700; F: 515-838-2701
Web/E-mail: www.stratti.com

Cathy Blanchard
P: 800-833-3311; F: 800-445-1353
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

ACCENT Marketing Services, Inc.
Kevin Callahan
P: 502-540-5000; F: 502-540-5574
Web/E-mail: www.accentonline.com

Jimmie O'Donley
P: 800-808-5222; F: 502-442-1800
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Infotel Direct Marketing, Inc.
W. S. Sheldon
P: 502-897-9933; F: 502-897-5773

Kerry Lauricella
P: 800-337-2477; F: 800-546-4224
Web/E-mail: www.800-repairs.com

Anserphone System, The
Kent M. Blasier
P: 800-872-8004; F: 504-867-1550
Web/E-mail: www.anserphone.com

Quality Resources, Inc.
Tim Morgan
P: 319-879-3900; F: 319-879-3904
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

New England 800 Co.
Cliff Lattin
P: 800-258-4100; F: 207-832-0802
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Anlon, Inc.
E. Hanlon Murphy
P: 410-825-0260; F: 410-337-0657

ATS Call Centers, TeleRep
Sandie Olson
P: 800-638-2000; F: 410-553-6268
Web/E-mail: www.telerep.com

C.R. Dynamics & Assocs., Inc.
Tom Osborne
P: 410-480-1550; F: 410-480-1557
Web/E-mail: www.crdynamics.com

CENTEL Communication
Hilary C. Whitfield
P: 301-419-0365; F: 301-419-0380
Web/E-mail: www.centel.net

Chesapeake TeleServices
Mike Bowling
P: 888-CHESTEL; F: 410-494-4043
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Custom Telemarketing Services
Rich Madzel
P: 800-379-2121; F: 410-964-3350
Web/E-mail: www.telemarketing.com

Cyntergy Corp.
Cortland K. Grey
P: 301-926-3400; F: 301-208-3900
Web/E-mail: www.cyntergy.com

Foundation Marketing Group
Randolph H. Lieberman
P: 301-424-0152; F: 301-424-8055

MCRB Service Bureau
Craig Collins
P: 410-579-6603; F: 410-579-6602
Web/E-mail: www.mcrb.com

Reliance TeleService
Ona Miller
P: 410-626-7100; F: 410-626-7102

Ed Gorman
P: 800-705-3978; F: 800-705-3979
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Sky Alland Telemarketing
Richard T. Hebert
P: 800-351-5055; F: 410-312-4970
Web/E-mail: www.skyalland.com

Sturner & Klein
Jerry Sturner
P: 800-678-4960; F: 301-881-3745

Tele Rep
Sandie Olson
P: 800-638-2000; F: 410-553-6268
Web/E-mail: www.telerep.com

Leonard A. Blacksbear
P: 410-841-6920; F: 410-841-6505
Web/E-mail: www.telesonic.com

XAct Telesolutions (formerly SynCap Management Group)
Dan Joseph
P: 410-792-8905; F: 410-792-8994
Web/E-mail: www.xactservices.com

Access Telemarket
Angelo L. Morales
P: 800-834-7370; F: 508-685-2551
Web/E-mail: www.accesstelemarket.com

Boston Communications Group, Inc.
Jerry Confer
P: 617-692-7000; F: 617-692-6209
Web/E-mail: www.bcgi.com

Faneuil Group, The
Daniel D. Mahoney
P: 617-742-4888; F: 617-742-3666
Web/E-mail: www.faneuil.com

Kowal Assocs., Inc.
Jay Williamson
P: 800-836-5750; F: 617-521-9010
Web/E-mail: www.kowalinc.com

Pike Communications
John P. Spellman
P: 978-524-8777; F: 978-524-8585
Web/E-mail: www.pikecommunications.com

Protocol Communications Services, Inc.
Dave Dearborn
P: 800-564-1444; F: 508-371-8709

Stream International
John Riley
P: 888-223-8880; F: 781-575-6999
Web/E-mail: www.stream.com

Telesales, Inc.
Jeanne Lambert
P: 978-694-4100; F: 978-694-4850
Web/E-mail: www.telesalesinc.com

W.A. Wilde Co.
Janis Worth
P: 508-429-5515; F: 508-429-1565
Web/E-mail: www.wilde.com

Advanced Telephone Promotions, Inc.
Suzanne Okur
P: 248-583-8070; F: 248-583-8077

Mary Ann Adams
P: 248-526-1200; F: 248-526-1250
Web/E-mail: www.affina.com

Dialogue Marketing
Roberta Black
P: 248-827-4700; F: 248-357-4583
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Howe Marketing
Todd Fouts
2725 Fairfield Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002
P: 800-968-HOWE; F: 800-968-1615
Web/E-mail: www.howemarketing.com
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b, b-to-c
Specialization: Telephone detailing and related services in health care, medical and pharmaceutical fields.
Howe Marketing has provided medical teleservices to the top pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years. The college-accredited training given to our representatives is the most rigorous in the industry, and their effectiveness in communicating with multiple physician specialists as well as other health care professionals is unsurpassed. Howe guarantees a positive return on investment with all projects.

J Blenkarn Systems Ltd.
Crystal Watrous
P: 616-458-6611; F: 616-458-6258
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Milford Marketing
Dale R. Milford
P: 800-441-5512; F: 248-540-5440
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Phoenix Group
Scott W. Blackwell
P: 800-832-1935; F: 248-488-3696
Web/E-mail: www.phoenixgroup.com

Renkim Corp.
Wendy Davison
P: 734-374-8300; F: 734-374-8323

Telemarketing Services, Inc.
Helen Knochel
P: 517-496-3200; F: 517-496-0334
Web/E-mail: www.telemarketingservices.com

ACI Telecentrics, Inc.
Lois Dirkson
P: 612-928-4700; F: 612-928-4701
Web/E-mail: www.acitel.com

Anderberg Communications
Alexandra J. Perron
P: 612-374-4888; F: 612-374-9642

ARIA Communications Corp.
Charles N. Lucas
P: 800-955-9924; F: 320-259-4314
Web/E-mail: www.ariaready.com

David Dashow
P: 612-435-8000; F: 612-432-6987

Cannon Valley Marketing
Judi Haaland
P: 507-653-4470; F: 507-653-4465

Carroll Communications
Brian Carroll
P: 612-429-4400; F: 612-429-4499
Web/E-mail: www.carrollcom.com

Connection, The -- Inbound Telemarketing
Corey Kotlarz
P: 800-883-5777; F: 612-948-5498

Sarah Notton
P: 218-722-2800; F: 218-722-3287
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Gage Marketing Group
Joe Thomas
P: 888-333-1515; F: 612-595-5808
Web/E-mail: www.gage.com

Link to Success, Inc., The
Jim Daulton
P: 800-541-LINK; F: 612-404-1648
Web/E-mail: www.roimark.com/link/link

Meyer Assocs. Telemarketing
Scott D. Fujan
P: 800-676-9233; F: 320-259-4064
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Todd Porter
P: 612-946-7300; F: 612-942-6940
Web/E-mail: www.performark.com

Strategic Telecommunications, Inc.
Curt Herwers
P: 612-649-0404; F: 612-649-0424
Web/E-mail: www.strategictel.com

Telemarketing Concepts
Joseph C. Baron
P: 612-927-9014; F: 612-321-9159
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Volkart May & Assocs., Inc.
Janet M. May
P: 612-525-4900; F: 612-525-4910
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Young America Corp.
Mark Ninnemann
P: 800-533-4529; F: 612-467-1702
Web/E-mail: www.young-america.com

American TelePros, Inc.
Sheree Pool
P: 816-842-6200; F: 816-472-4488
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Patrick Lynch
P: 816-931-7002; F: 816-931-7464
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Business Response, Inc.
D. W. Cole
P: 800-920-6565; F: 314-216-3236
Web/E-mail: www.businessresponse.com

IDS, Inc.
Barry McWilliams
P: 314-531-8800; F: 314-205-1724
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

John Weigel
P: 314-344-1111; F: 314-298-9110
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

On Target Marketing, Inc.
Jim Brennan
P: 314-842-4150; F: 314-842-4267
Web/E-mail: www.ontarg.com

Sales Development Assocs., Inc.
Traniece Brown
P: 314-862-8828; F: 314-862-8829

Sterling TeleServices
David Shulman
P: 314-344-3380; F: 314-344-9966
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

TALX Corp.
Jackie Engel
P: 314-214-7000; F: 314-214-7588
Web/E-mail: www.talx.com

Thumbs-Up Telemarketing, Inc.
Greg Johnston
P: 314-821-8111; F: 314-821-1988
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

USA 800
David Doherty
P: 800-821-7539; F: 816-358-8845
Web/E-mail: www.usa800.com

Northern Rockies Teleservices
Janyce Haider
P: 406-252-9600; F: 406-252-0595
Web/E-mail: [email protected]


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