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C@LL CENTER Solutions'
Who's Who 1998 Teleservices Agency Roundup

State Listings, A-H

Information Management Consultants Inc. (IMC)
Tim J. Michael
P: 800-627-4IMC; F: 334-434-6413
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Ellen Martig
P: 800-570-3200; F: 602-212-1960
Web/E-mail: ellen @inficad.com

Steve Pittendrigm
P: 602-470-2500; F: 602-470-2501

Capitol Communications, Inc.
Bill Tierney
P: 602-969-9902; F: 602-969-9931
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Communication Services Group, Inc.
Randy Warren
P: 800-387-2850; F: 602-606-0189

Direct Marketing Services (DMS)
Steve Singer
P: 602-994-9900
Web/E-mail: www.calldms.com

Excell Customer Care
Jon Delnegro
P: 602-808-1511; F: 602-929-0812
Web/E-mail: www.excellcustomercare.com

Executive Industries Ltd.
Anthony L. Constantino
P: 602-277-9850; F: 602-277-6542
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Financial Management Control of Arizona, Inc.
Stacy R. Bagal
P: 602-843-9362; F: 602-843-1397
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Lori Fentem
P: 800-933-0233; F: 602-941-2380
Web/E-mail: www.irdccorp.com

LTD Direct Marketing, Inc.
Eric Kerrin
P: 520-888-7733; F: 520-690-6940

ProMark One (An IDRC Company)
Lori Fentem
P: 800-933-0233; F: 602-941-2380
Web/E-mail: www.promarkone.com

800 Direct, Inc.
Charles Ciarlo
P: 818-713-1092; F: 818-713-8426
Web/E-mail: www.800direct.com

ACP Interactive LLC
Camille Wehner
P: 415-357-5100; F: 415-357-5110
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Action Marketing LLC
J. Derek Farren
P: 310-578-1558; F: 310-578-1586
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Alert Communications
David Kissell
P: 213-254-7171; F: 213-254-6802
Web/E-mail: www.alertcom.com

Allan Pilger Telemarketing
Allan Pilger
P: 714-582-2603; F: 714-582-0624

Call Masters
Kathy Masi
P: 805-984-9759; F: 805-984-2759
Web/E-mail: kmasi.wolonline.net

CAS Systems, Inc.
Barry Hanson
P: 415-356-3100; F: 415-356-3104
Web/E-mail: www.cassys.com

Concorde Communications
Seasone Zachary
P: 310-854-4411; F: 310-854-0551
Web/E-mail: www.clcenter.com

Contact America
Kathleen Staley
P: 619-459-8438; F: 619-459-4043

Direct Communications
John Salazar
P: 619-268-1606; F: 619-462-9964
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Direct Marketing Partners
Debra Da Costa
P: 916-920-5102; F: 916-974-6974
Web/E-mail: www.dmpdirectmarketing.com

Direct Marketing Partners
Debra Da Costa
P: 916-920-5102; F: 916-974-6974
Web/E-mail: www.dmpdirectmarketing.com

DirectLine Technologies, Inc.
Lori Wing
P: 800-448-1200; F: 209-526-0328
Web/E-mail: www.directline-tech.com

Echo Communications
Douglas Parent
P: 888-638-7808; F: 805-963-1644
Web/E-mail: www.echocomm.com

Edge Teleservices, Inc.
Bill Bryce
P: 800-266-7800, ext. 251; F: 818-551-7210
Web/E-mail: www.edgeteleservices.com

First Class Marketing, inc.
Serena Ramirez
P: 760-438-2727; F: 760-438-5134
Web/E-mail: www.f-c-m.com

Fulfillment Services, Inc.
Christina Batts
P: 213-939-0102; F: 213-939-3228
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Goodman Communications West
Howard Goodman
P: 818-734-2700; F: 818-734-2799
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

InfoPlex Corp.
Gordon Viggiano
P: 510-732-5000; F: 510-732-5070
Web/E-mail: www.infoplexcorp.com

Kathy Sisk Enterprises
Jodi Nazaroff
P: 800-477-1278; F: 209-323-9151
Web/E-mail: www.telenews.com

Kathy Sisk Enterprises
Jodi Nazaroff
P: 800-477-1278; F: 209-323-9151
Web/E-mail: www.telenews.com

KCET/DIMAC Communications
Tony Loren
P: 800-523-8788; F: 818-637-5290

Shirlene O'Brien-Bower
P: 714-364-1669; F: 714-364-1664
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Network & Energy Resources
Roberto J. Ancis
P: 310-470-2786; F: 310-470-2907
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Network Omni -- Multi-Lingual Communications
Annette Kart
P: 805-379-1099; F: 805-379-2467
Web/E-mail: www.networkomni.com

Network Telephone Services, Inc.
Garrett L. Passon
P: 818-992-4300; F: 818-883-0527
Web/E-mail: www.nettel.com

Paramount Marketing Services Group, Inc.
John May II
P: 800-700-5398; F: 760-804-8544

Proxy Communications, Inc.
Patricia O'Neill
P: 800-776-9980; F: 415-468-1222
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Republic International Marketing
Shaun Garrett
P: 714-978-9996; F: 714-978-9992
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

RightSide Up
Jay Catlin
P: 888-778-5575; F: 818-785-0464
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Sonoma Connections
Sanford Zimmerman
P: 800-938-4344
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

South Coast Sales Inc.
Ken Gharib
P: 714-378-2841; F: 714-378-2844
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

State of the Art: The Hispanic Call Center
Roberto Perez
P: 800-998-4848; F: 213-782-7696
Web/E-mail: www.hispaniccallcenter.com

Strategic Marketing & Research Technologies, Inc.
G. Gregory Saer
P: 415-477-2450; F: 415-362-4933
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Superior Call Centers, Inc.
Greg Nelson
P: 619-444-8503; F: 619-444-6348
Web/E-mail: www.superiorcallcenters.com

Tactical Telemarketing Solutions
Laura Hylton
P: 415-788-8808; F: 415-788-8848
Web/E-mail: www.tts-sf.com

Team Results, Inc.
Jim Burke
P: 916-632-0800
Web/E-mail: www.teamresults.com

TMW Marketing
Jody Martinez
P: 714-879-7900; F: 714-879-9900
Web/E-mail: www.tmwmarketing.com

TRA Communications
Carl Levitetz
P: 800-729-8454; F: 619-226-0815
Web/E-mail: www.tracomm.com

Weiser & Assocs.
Paul Weiser
P: 626-791-2229; F: 626-791-9808
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Zacson Corp.
Bill McLaughlin
P: 800-478-6584; F: 510-463-7321
Web/E-mail: www.zacson.com

800 Club, The
Mary Canino
P: 800-258-2669; F: 303-825-9151
Web/E-mail: www.answeramerica.com

Black Ink Sales Implementation Services
Paul S. Smith
P: 303-436-1091; F: 303-436-1306
Web/E-mail: www.bisis.com

Centrobe -- An EDS Company
Beth Bica
P: 800-999-1666
Web/E-mail: www.centrobe.com

FutureCall Telemarketing
Sid O. Scott
P: 888-FUTURE-1; F: 719-591-0133
Web/E-mail: www.futurecallinc.com

Innovative Services of America
Stephen T. Rockwood
P: 303-279-2900; F: 303-279-9701

Intek Information Inc.
Timothy S. Hardin
P: 303-357-3000; F: 303-405-8420
Web/E-mail: www.intekinfo.com

Mainstream Marketing Services, Inc.
Vic Weese
P: 303-415-9830; F: 303-415-9025
Web/E-mail: www.mainstream-mktg.com

Product Line, Inc., The
Herb Martini
P: 800-343-4717; F: 303-696-7300

TeleTech Customer Care Management
Virginia Parker
P: 303-894-4000; F: 303-813-4610
Web/E-mail: www.teletech.com

TeleTech Holding
Jean Wagner
P: 303-894-4000; F: 303-894-4204
Web/E-mail: www.teletechusa.com

Vertical Marketing, Inc.
Stacy Turner
P: 303-755-1390; F: 303-755-1815
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Ameritel Marketing Services
Jim Bierfeldt
P: 888-835-3772; F: 203-597-6889
Web/E-mail: www.usco.com

Equality Plus Business Services, Inc.
Shelley Naser
P: 203-284-1511; F: 203-949-0097

Info Solutions, Inc.
Michael Traynor
P: 888-474-1978; F: 860-437-8446
Web/E-mail: www.infosol.com

Susan Limoncelli
P: 203-921-4400; F: 203-921-4488
Web/E-mail: www.leadmasters.com

Lester Telemarketing, Inc.
Joan Marcus
P: 203-488-5265; F: 203-483-0408
Web/E-mail: www.lester-telemarketing.com

MBS Communications
Vince Mulhall
P: 203-271-4900; F: 203-271-4970
Web/E-mail: www.mbscomm.com

Ron Weber and Assocs., Inc.
Jim Loveless
P: 800-835-6584; F: 203-882-9998
Web/E-mail: www.telethinking.com

SNET Call Center Services
Paul White
P: 203-615-6700; F: 203-362-0531
Web/E-mail: www.snet.com

Teleplan Inc.
Barbara C. Manley
P: 203-661-4312
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

TCIM Services, Inc.
Bill Thompson
P: 302-633-3000; F: 302-633-3039
Web/E-mail: www.tcim.com

National Telecommunications Services, Inc.
C. Mac Hansbrough
P: 202-638-4500; F: 202-638-7070
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Smith Company, The
Bill Radunovich
P: 202-895-0900; F: 202-895-0910
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Bryan Sykes
P: 888-550-2255; F: 813-655-2468
Web/E-mail: www.atlantic1.com

Atlas Marketing
Salvador Arce
P: 817-545-8304; F: 817-545-2920
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Communication Service Centers
Wendy Shooster-Leuchter
777 S. State Rd. 7
Margate, FL 33068
P: 800-537-8000; F: 954-969-2407
Web/E-mail: www.globalresponse.com
Services: inbound, outbound, call center services and fulfillment.
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese
Specialization: Internet Services: E-commerce, Web hosting, Web Call Center (TM) via CTI to any Internet Web page.
A full service call center serving a wide variety of small to large companies in all industries. Celebrating 25 years in the call center business, with experience in direct response sales, lead generation, market research, appointment setting and verification projects. A Microsoft Solution Provider delivering advanced computer and communications technology with the human touch.

Gail Becker Assocs. of Florida, Inc.
Michael Roby
4839 S.W. 148th Ave., Ste. 506
Davie, FL 33330
P: 954-680-8952; F: 954-680-6273
Web/E-mail: www.gbafl.com
Services: inbound, b-to-c, consumer e-mail & Web call response, order and fulfillment services
Specialization: Health & Nutrition, Food, Registered dietitians and traditional CSRs.
GBA services include customer care, consumer information, inquiry and complaint handling, product information/availability, mail order processing/credit card verification, customer surveys, brochure and product fulfillment, account and database management, and consulting services.

Evergreen Sales & Marketing Services, Inc.
Pat Bishop
P: 904-258-2400; F: 904-258-3475

Hancock Information Group
Ana Handshuh
P: 800-749-1556; F: 407-682-0025
Web/E-mail: www.hancockinfo.com

Human Resource Management Center, Inc.
Ron Selewach
P: 813-879-4200; F: 813-870-1883
Web/E-mail: www.hrmc.com

Inktel Marketing Corp.
Ed Arriola
13975 NW 58 Ct.
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
P: 888-446-5835; F: 305-827-0341
Web/E-mail: www.inktel.com
Services: inbound, outbound
Languages: Multilingual
Specialization: Hispanic Marketing, Loyalty programs.
Inktel is a national, single source for marketing services helping clients be more successful by implementing marketing-based business solutions. Inktel's marketing services include inbound/outbound teleservices, fulfillment, direct marketing and database management. Proven success servicing Fortune 500 companies.

Scott Molitor
P: 407-631-8852; F: 407-633-6711
Web/E-mail: www.iocom1.com

Patty Mansfield
P: 800-700-3033; F: 954-484-0818
Web/E-mail: www.callcenter.com

MarCom Technologies, Inc.
David Burton
P: 800-725-0900; F: 954-741-1329

Chris Miller/Jim O'Malley
P: 813-572-8585; F: 813-573-3028
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Candyce Preston
P: 800-818-7083; F: 305-873-2480
Web/E-mail: www.oasiscorp.com

Oasis Reservations Services, Inc.
Candyce Preston
P: 305-873-3643; F: 305-873-2480
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Operators Standing By…
Dan Sullivan
P: 941-906-9000; F: 941-906-9099
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

PCE & Assocs.
Paul J. Emery
P: 407-366-8208; F: 407-366-3343
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Phase V, Inc.
Jeffrey G. Welch
P: 800-660-3479; F: 941-768-9792
Web/E-mail: www.phasev.com

Precision Response Corp.
Martin Cohn
P: 305-626-4600; F: 305-626-4650
Web/E-mail: www.prcnet.com

Response Management Services, Inc.
Frank Craig
P: 407-660-8606; F: 407-660-8657
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Results Telemarketing
Robert Rapp
P: 954-921-2400; F: 954-927-7823

ROI Webservicing, Inc.
Jim Moylan
P: 954-921-0556
Web/E-mail: www.teleservicing.com

SAC Companies, The
Jim Beckmann
P: 904-252-2202; F: 904-252-2214

Spectrum Business Services
Charlotte M. Romagna
P: 407-856-5828; F: 407-856-7902

Sprint Telecenters, Inc.
Randy Jurecka
P: 407-661-0205; F: 407-661-0974
Web/E-mail: www.sprint.com

Sunshine Communication Services
Peter Gross
P: 800-444-1011; F: 305-460-3500
Web/E-mail: www.sunshine1.com

Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
Glenda Fahey
P: 813-274-1000; F: 813-273-0148
Web/E-mail: www.sykes.com

Frank Oliva
P: 813-572-8662; F: 813-561-0185
Web/E-mail: www.paradigmonline.com

TYG Marketing, Inc.
Paula Smith
P: 954-968-1660; F: 954-968-3684
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

United TeleSolutions
Glenn W. Connelly
P: 904-743-7117; F: 904-743-7119

Willow Cyberagent Network
Bill Cutler
P: 305-867-3301; F: 305-864-9217

Aberdeen Marketing, Inc.
Emery Ellinger
P: 770-644-1850; F: 770-644-1865
Web/E-mail: www.aberdeenmarketing.com

All Pro Communications
Theresa Walker
P: 800-471-7911; F: 770-473-7560
Web/E-mail: www.allprocom.com

Business Marketing & Design Group, Inc. dba The Pinnacle Group
Barry Green
P: 770-422-8300; F: 770-422-2211
Web/E-mail: www.intricate.com/pinnacle/

Comptel Solutions Group
Ken Norris
P: 770-730-9674; F: 770-394-6142
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Direct Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Quinn Brall
P: 404-870-4500; F: 404-874-3723

Jack Jessen
P: 770-240-7400; F: 770-240-7474
Web/E-mail: www.entelechysystems.com

Enterprise Sales Solutions
Murray Kasmenn
P: 770-859-1980; F: 770-859-1970
Web/E-mail: www.es2-i.com

David Ellin
P: 770-717-2000; F: 770-717-2111
Web/E-mail: www.innotrac.com

JMS & Assocs.
Joe Staub
P: 770-935-9696; F: 770-935-9696
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Link Call Center Services
Keith Wine
180 Allen Rd., Ste. 207 South
Atlanta, GA 30328
P: 877-843-3838 (Toll Free); F: 404-256-1377
Web/E-mail: www.linkcallcenter.com
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b, b-to-c, startup, staffing, consulting, training and center management services. Specialization: Financial, High-tech, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation & Travel, Utilities.
Link is a single-source provider of value-added services specializing in customized solutions to the call center industry. This includes: customized employee searches, placement and staffing for all call center levels to work on a full- or part-time basis; site selection, design and implementation of new call centers.

MCI Call Center Services
Nancy Montgomery
P: 800-369-3660; F: 770-284-5979
Web/E-mail: [email protected]

Message Technologies, Inc.
Lori Strickland
P: 770-240-8000
Web/E-mail: www. messagetech.com

National Message Center, Inc.
Alyce Carson
P: 800-506-4041; F: 770-998-9348
Web/E-mail: www.nmcanswers.com

National Service Direct, Inc.
Chris Hodges
P: 404-256-4673; F: 404-250-9277
Web/E-mail: www.nsdi.com

Syntellect Interactive Services
Michael Longwell
1000 Holcomb Woods Pkwy., Bldg. 410A
Roswell, GA 30076
P: 800-347-9907; F: 770-998-6858
Web/E-mail: www.syntellect.com
Services: b-to-c, interactive
Languages: all major languages
Specialization: Cable, Catalog, Media response.
We are specialists in high-volume, automated IVR applications with remote host interfaces. Applications include: PPV order processing, direct response, benefit enrollment, surveys, locators, audiotext and broadcast faxing. Services include: transcription, direct mail and fulfillment. Featuring CyberStats, real-time Internet-based reporting.

UST, Inc., The Technology Marketing Group
Dennis Mario
5300 Oakbrook Pkwy., Bldg. 300, Ste. 368
Norcross, GA 30093
P: 800-944-3040; F: 770-921-2363
Web/E-mail: www.ust.com
Services: inbound, outbound, b-to-b
Specialization: High technology, Medical, Mechanical technology.
UST, Inc. offers customer management solutions specifically for the technology industry. Exclusively business-to-business, our services include: inbound/outbound telemarketing, telesales, sales order processing, response management, customer service, program development & maintenance, database development & maintenance, Web site development, maintenance and response management, direct mail, plus a full array of fulfillment services.


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