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October 1998

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Stratasoft Unveils Predictive Dialing System
Stratasoft has presented StrataDial, a predictive dialing system that offers extensive agent and supervisor functionality. Featuring an open-architecture design that allows for easy customization and integration with existing in-house systems and applications, StrataDial is designed to enable agents to do virtually anything from their desktops. For more information, call the company at 800-825-2669, ext. 2617 or 713-795-2670, or visit www.stratasoft.com.

PRC Offers InfiniteAccess
Teleservices provider Precision Response Corporation (PRC) has developed a system that integrates Internet communication with teleservices. Called InfiniteAccess, the system combines PRC's customer service skills with e-mail, fulfillment requests or "click-to-talk" applications through the Internet to provide clients and their customers the opportunity to communicate 24 hours a day through any medium. For more information, contact Martin H. Cohn at 305-626-4558 or visit www.prcnet.com.

Unisys Speeds Deployment Of Speech-Based Applications
Unisys Corporation has announced the Natural Language (NL) Speech Assistant Version 3.0, said to enable developers to design and test-drive a spoken-language application without programming. The NL Speech Assistant 3.0 features a Dialog Design Assistant (DDA) with a simulator that allows developers to rapidly prototype a spoken-language application, validate its "listen and feel" with a real-world test, and make changes - all before writing a line of code, or even before choosing a speech recognizer. For more information, contact Oliver L. Picher at 215-986-5367 or visit www.unisys.com.

IMA Releases EDGE 4.0
IMA, a provider of enterprisewide front-office customer interaction software (CIS) for call center automation, has introduced the newest version of EDGE. A call center solution used for sales, marketing and customer service, EDGE 4.0 offers such features for inbound and outbound call center environments as: software-based predictive dialing, year 2000 compliance, comprehensive support of a wide set of computer-telephony integration (CTI) interfaces and expanded currency and language functionality for international use. Its software-based predictive dialing solution is provided by a module called SoftDial Plug-In. For more information, contact Bob Ventresca at 203-925-6878 or visit www.imaedge.com.

TECHMAR Announces New Services
A new suite of services for sales lead development, called Developer, is being offered by TECHMAR, a provider of response management services. These services are designed to expand a client's database of decision-making contacts, and give a sales force the "inside advantage" over competitors. For more information, call Christine Dean at 781-821-8324, ext. 3304, or visit www.techmar.com.

Dialogic's Version Of ALTech's SpeechWorks
Dialogic Corporation, a provider of standards-based computer-telephony integration (CTI) components, has released SpeechWorks Host, a continuous speech-recognition solution for telephony applications. The product is a host-based version of SpeechWorks from Applied Language Technology (ALTech), a provider of conversational, over-the-telephone speech-recognition solutions. It enables developers to quickly and economically add the power of speech recognition to unified messaging, auto attendant and information retrieval. For more information, call the company at 973-993-3000 or visit www.dialogic.com.

New Version Of Artisofts's TeleVantage
Artisoft, Inc. has announced a new version of its intelligent PC-based phone system, TeleVantage 2.0. A flexible, upgradable software solution, TeleVantage operates on Windows NT systems and uses off-the-shelf computer, wiring and telephony hardware. When synchronized with networked desktop PCs, TeleVantage enables users to see and hear voice messages, graphically manage their own calls and integrate phone and e-mail messaging. For more information, contact Lorraine Anastasio at 617-354-0600, ext. 190, or visit www.artisoft.com.

SiteBridge Announces CustomerNow 1.1
SiteBridge Corporation has introduced the latest version of its enterprise-class, Web-based sales and customer-service software, CustomerNow 1.1. Built on the company's WorksEverywhere technology platform, it incorporates new features that enable live representatives to turn browsers into buyers. New enhancements to the product include active qualification of sales leads, one-click access to a customer's past session transcripts and e-mails, and the ability to automatically e-mail complete transcripts to a customer at the end of a session. For more information, contact Mark Cooper at 800-791-5057 or visit www.sitebridge.com.

Haworth Ushers In New Seating Line
A new seating line from Haworth, Inc., called TAS, encourages office workers to move and continuously change postures. TAS promotes movement by automatically adjusting to a variety of natural positions. It has a new torsional-motion feature that allows the chair's back - and the person sitting in the chair - to tilt not only forward and backward, but to the left and right as well. This the company calls "active sitting," where the best posture is the next posture. For more information, contact Nicole Tallman at 616-393-3819 or, for a free guide to office seating, call the company at 800-344-2600.

Soffront Software Releases New Help Desk Product
Soffront Software, Inc. has entered the call center industry with the release of a new help desk product called Track Knowledge Base (TRACK KB). TRACK KB offers an intuitive program that reduces training time for help desk personnel as it "learns" a company's product and service information for them by creating an available pool of information. For more information, contact Erin Patrick at 970-240-8888 or visit www.soffront.com.

Digital Voice Logging System Announced By ATIS
ATIS Digital USA has designed a low-cost Windows 95 digital recorder, the ATIS ADVANTAGE TSP Voice Logging Recorder, that runs on a Pentium processor and uses Truespeech voice compression. ATIS Truespeech is capable of 16:1 digital voice compression, allowing the TSP recorder to use inexpensive 100 MB zip drives for storage. For more information, contact Steve Hershey at 770-664-4744.

Ostream Software Connects Mobile Workers
Ostream Software, Inc. has announced Ostream Mobile, a product that enables mobile workers to cost-effectively access information stored on the Remedy Action Request (AR) System when they do not have dedicated access to their corporate network. Ostream Mobile lets Remedy AR System users take their AR System application into the field, update it on location, and easily synchronize it back to the corporate AR System server. For more information, contact Joan Fisher at 425-204-9510.

UniTel Enhances PrimeVoice Messaging System
UniTel announced that new PrimeVoice SQL database access capabilities have been added to its unified messaging system. The PrimeVoice system now enables users to design scripts that offer a virtually unlimited set of online options, such as accessing account information, performing transactions and passing on data entered by callers to call center management systems. For more information, contact Jackie Rosenzveig at +972-3-634-0035, ext. 328 or visit www.unitel-inc.com.

One-Stop Shopping For Call Center Support Needs
Technology Solutions Corporation (TSC) has announced a suite of new support services designed to provide call centers and customer service organizations with one source for their technical support, ongoing maintenance, operations assistance and performance measurement needs. TSC is initially providing extended technical support services that will eliminate a company's need to call multiple vendors to solve its technical problems. When a problem arises, a company under contract with TSC can call an 800 number, explain the situation and TSC will take on the resolution management. TSC will then work with the different vendors whose products are involved in the problem, including CTI, IVR, ACD and customer information systems, to manage the resolution process and ensure a timely solution. TSC will also support a company's integration work, including custom code and applications developed in-house. For more information, contact Ellice Uffer at 603-436-6690 or visit www.techsol.com.

POINT Extends Reach Of TeamPOINT
Through the introduction of WebPOINT, POINT Information Systems has extended the reach of its TeamPOINT Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solution to the World Wide Web. A customizable component of TeamPOINT software, WebPOINT is designed to help organizations reduce costs and improve customer service by providing an unassisted Internet-based channel directly to centralized sales, marketing and customer-care groups. For more information, call David Hammond at 781-416-7908 or visit www.pointinfo.com.

Syscom Unveils E-Mail Notification Tool
Syscom, Inc., a training management software developer, has announced E-Mail Ranger, a Web server-based utility designed to automatically deliver important training and HR notifications and messages electronically. E-Mail Ranger, which can be customized or used straight off-the-shelf, operates in conjunction with TrainingServer and TrainingServer@Online, Syscom's LAN/WAN and Web-based training management programs. For more information, contact Chris Moore at 410-539-3737 or visit www.syscom-inc.com

Y2K-Compliant CPS Upgrade From EIS
EIS International, Inc., a provider of call center technology, has announced the availability of a year 2000-compliant version of its Call Processing System (CPS) software. CPS combines call management software with advanced predictive dialing, voice detection and switching technologies. The upgraded call management system, CPS Release 5.0, includes a new feature, an Area Code And Time Zone Table Editor. For more information, contact Rosanne Desmone at 703-326-6509 or visit www.sersolutions.com.

Internet Magic Presents Internet-Enabled Fax System
Internet Magic, a provider of Internet-enabled fax processing and office automation equipment, has unveiled its new Legacy 2000 Internet fax server. This compact, stand-alone device is designed to convert any fax machine into an Internet fax server, thereby facilitating the electronic distribution of incoming/outgoing faxes via a user's e-mail account. For more information, contact Rick Ono at 619-824-0500 or visit www.internetmagic.com.

GWI Announces WebHelp! Version 2.5
GWI Software, a provider of groupware-based client/server and native Web customer service solutions, has released a turnkey customer-service and support solution for e-commerce, WebHelp! Version 2.5. WebHelp! is an updated version of GWI's Help! for the Web suite. WebHelp! focuses on adding knowledge management features, including a new single-query/multiknowledge source search. For more information, contact Al Hulaton at 360-693-6944 or visit www.gwisoft.com.

Mustang Provides Automated E-Mail Management
Mustang Software, Inc. has announced the Internet Message Center (IMC) AutoAgent, an engine for the implementation of custom automation strategies for the company's IMC e-mail management solution. To offload repetitive e-mail management tasks from live CSRs, IMC AutoAgent automates this function through integration with existing databases and business applications. For more information, call 805-873-2500 or visit www.mustang.com.

Consumer Data Enhancement By Acxiom
Acxiom Corporation has introduced the Acxiom Data Network (ADN), designed to provide both large and small businesses with Internet access to the company's InfoBase consumer data enhancement packages directly from their desktop for file enhancement and market research. InfoBase Enhancement via ADN enables businesses to respond to market changes and opportunities with on-demand, around-the-clock consumer data enhancement from a comprehensive consumer database. For more information, contact Marice Gardner at 501-336-1264 or see www.acxiom.com.

NEC America Increases NEAX Expansion Capabilities
NEC America, Inc. announced new expansion capabilities for two members in its PBX family of products, the NEAX 1000 IVS/VSP and the NEAX 2000 IVS/SP. The new 48-port Expansion Package now available for the NEAX 1000 IVS/VSP (very small platform) doubles its capacity to 96 ports. The capabilities of the 72-port NEAX 200 IVS/SP (small platform) have been expanded so that it can be configured for upgrading to the NEAX 2000 IVS/MP (medium platform) and the NEAX 2000/LP (large platform). For more information, contact Patricia Williams at 972-518-5595 or visit www.cng.nec.com.

Nortel Introduces Symposium Messenger 4.0
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has announced the latest version of Symposium Messenger 4.0, a unified messaging product in the company's Meridian portfolio. This release adds new fax messaging capabilities to a Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes e-mail inbox, providing users with the ability to view and print a fax, create a fax broadcast distribution list and send a fax without the cost of a dedicated fax line. For more information, contact Kris Hoover at 972-685-5393 or visit www.nortel.com.

Noise Cancellation Technologies Ushers In NoiseBuster Headsets
The new NoiseBuster telephone headset has been designed by Noise Cancellation Technologies to improve the clarity and intelligibility of received communications. The product features active noise cancellation technology that electronically reduces ambient low-frequency background noise. For more information, contact Joanna Lipper at 203-961-0500, ext. 386 or visit www.nct.active.com.

Rockwell's Expansion Into The Mid-Range Call Center Market
Rockwell Electronic Commerce has added a new model of the Spectrum Integrated Call Center to the mid-range call center market. Featuring the mission-critical Spectrum automatic call distributor (ACD) software (Release 6), the new model has been designed for smaller call centers with between 50 and 150 agents. For more information, call Mike Collyer at 630-227-8212 or visit www.ec.rockwell.com.

Virtual Hold Introduces ACD Enhancement
Virtual Hold Technologies has developed Virtual Hold, an automatic call distributor (ACD) enhancement billed as a call-back application capable of maintaining First-In First Out (FIFO) call integrity. Virtual Hold is said to eliminate hold time by creating a "virtual queue" for call centers; the virtual queue does not require a line connection to the caller, yet still keeps his or her place in line. Since it eliminates the line connection, Virtual Hold reduces hold time, toll costs and customer frustration. For more information, contact Charles Feuer at 330-666-1181 or visit www.virtualhold.com.

Business Insight 5.0 Launched
Business Resource Software, Inc. (BRS) has released the new version of Business Insight 5.0, a tool for creating and analyzing marketing strategies. Business 5.0 is designed to allow the user to obtain answers to difficult marketing questions, and address issues directly affecting the bottom line - to understand the interactions between your company, your competitors, your prospects and customers, and your suppliers. For more information, contact Lynn Bennett at 512-251-7541 or 800-423-1228, or visit www.BRS-Inc.com.

Apropos Presents New Version Of Call Link
Just released by Apropos Technology is the latest version of Call Link: Apropos Version 4. A suite of software technologies designed to integrate with ease into an organization's current client/server-based LAN, Call Link provides: intelligent call distribution, interactive voice response, desktop computer-telephony, voice/fax/e-mail messaging, and real-time, detailed management reporting. For more information, call the company at 630-472-9600 or visit www.apropos.com.

SoftLinx Upgrades Replix dominoFAX
SoftLinx, Inc., a provider fax messaging integration with Lotus Notes and Domino, has introduced the Replix dominoFAX Version 4.2a, designed to deliver transparent fax integration by allowing users to send and receive faxes through the familiar Notes Mail interface. Replix dominoFAX 4.2a utilizes the Lotus Notes address book - but instead of just an e-mail alias for the fax address, users of Replix FaxMemo can now use the fax number field of a "Person Document" in the Notes Name and Address book to specify a fax destination. For more information, contact Heather Howland at 978-392-0001, ext. 312, or visit www.softlinx.com.

Dictaphone's Symphony CTI System Enhanced
Dictaphone Corporation has introduced a new 32-bit playback station for its Symphony CTI recording system that will improve the ability of call centers and trading floors to retrieve and review recorded voice conversations. The system's user interface has a Microsoft Windows Explorer look and feel, presenting information in a logical, hierarchical format. Users can quickly retrieve specific voice recordings by simply clicking on descriptive fields in a criteria selection view window. For more information, call 800-447-7749 or visit www.dictaphone.com.

DEFINITY Extender Available From Lucent
Lucent Technologies has released a voice and data solution that extends the capabilities of a company's central communications system. The new DEFINITY Extender gives employees working away from their main office access to all the voice features of their company's DEFINITY communications system, as well as the company's data networks, over a single telephone line. Branch office workers, remote call center agents and telecommuters can be more productive by using features such as conferencing, voice mail, call transferring and speed dialing. For more information, contact Mitch Montagna at 908-953-5707 or Marianne Carlton at 908-953-7520, or visit www.lucent.com.

Professional Teledata Announces Outbound Product
Professional Teledata has introduced ProDial, an outbound campaign database manager designed to operate with the company's PI-2000 Inbound Processing System. ProDial allows agents to conduct outbound campaigns either in a preview mode or interfaced with automatic predictive dialers. It is a module that enhances existing inbound stations utilizing power scripting and database management capabilities. For more information, contact John Volmars at 800-344-9944 or visit www.proteledata.com.

Astea Releases New Version Of Customer Management Software
Astea International has introduced a new version of Abalon CMS, its customer management solution. Abalon CMS offers dynamic new capabilities such as software agents, more Internet utilities and the ability to use multiple currencies extensively. Abalon's software "agents" are small entities that perform tasks proactively for the user by following predefined business processes to enact user-initiated tasks, for example: informing sales executives when a window of opportunity is closing or alerting users that database items have been changed or added. For more information, call the company at 215-682-2500 or visit www.astea.com.

New Training Programs Announced By Video Arts
Video Arts, Inc., a provider of video and interactive multimedia learning courses for the desktop and distance learning, has released two new titles. The Interview Program is an interactive self-study program for desktop learning demonstrating positive behavior and creating opportunities for interviewers and interviewees to practice essential skills. On the Receiving End is a practical and engaging video for agents in call centers, focusing on the skills required for inbound call center work and providing real-world tools needed to deal with difficult customers. The videos feature actors John Cleese, Hugh Laurie, Dawn French, Denis Lill and Andy Taylor. For more information, call the company at 800-553-0091 or visit www.videoarts.com.

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Hewlett-Packard And EIS Target Customer-Service Contact Centers
Hewlett-Packard Company and EIS International, Inc. have announced an alliance to integrate HP's Customer Contact Manager (CCM) with EIS's Gateway, thereby adding predictive dialing capability to HP's Smart Contact. The Gateway is a CTI middleware predictive dialer from EIS. Customer Contact Manager from HP is CTI middleware that provides a seamless operating environment by managing and integrating customer communication channels and the contact center's networking infrastructure, including applications, databases and desktops.

Pegasystems And GeoTel To Integrate Solutions
Pegasystems, Inc., a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and GeoTel Communications Corporation, a provider of customer-interaction software solutions for mission-critical call center applications, have announced that they will jointly integrate and promote their product lines. The new alliance sees the companies integrating GeoTel's enterprisewide CTI software with Pegasystems' customer process management technology. The interface will link GeoTel's Intelligent CallRouter and Pegasystems' contact center applications to provide a comprehensive front office/back office solution.

AAC Unit And xPECT Technologies Announce Reseller Agreement
Call Center Systems, an AAC Corporation company, has become a reseller of xPECT Technologies' products. Under terms of the agreement, Call Center Systems will distribute xPECT software and consulting services in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The companies will integrate certain features of their products to provide a seamless user interface: call center managers who use Call Center Systems' AgentView and AgentLink products in concert with xPECTS's Expectations and Perceptions software will be able to display on agent and supervisor screens vital data about employee performance against established key success factors.

Sun Joins Forces With MCS
Sun Microsystems has partnered with MCS Marketing Communication Systems, Inc. to expand MCS's Marketing Data Warehouse (MDW) services. As Sun has designated MCS as a "Proprietary Value-Added Reseller," the two companies' sales, marketing and technical personnel will jointly introduce MCS's MDW Outsourcing Service to key Sun accounts nationally and internationally.

PulsePoint Signs Licensing Agreement With Lernout & Hauspie
PulsePoint Communications has announced a multiyear licensing agreement with Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products (L&H). L&H is a provider of speech and linguistic technologies, products and services. PulsePoint Communications will license L&H software technology for integration onto the PulsePoint Enhanced Application Platform for use with its Communication-Management Suite of Applications and any third-party application that resides on the platform.

e2 Software And IBM Announce eCommerce Initiative
e2 Software Corporation has announced that it is working with IBM to co-market e2 SalesOffice, e2 Software's Internet sales and eMarketing solution. e2 Software will integrate e2 SalesOffice with IBM's Net.Commerce powered by DB2 Universal Database to provide businesses with advanced eCommerce solutions designed to turn Web-site visitors into buyers and long-term customers.

Genesys Reaches CTI Agreements
Barclays Bank has chosen Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a provider of enterprise CTI software, as its strategic partner for the delivery of CTI solutions across its U.K. call centers. The five-year corporate enterprisewide agreement will allow for the intelligent delivery of calls and associated data, based on parameters such as skill, language, call statistics and customer profiles, in a single or multi-call center environment. Through an agreement with Dictaphone, a limited-function version of Genesys's T-Server Framework software will be provided with Dictaphone's CTI voice recording solutions for call centers.

Broadbase Partnerships Address Analytical Applications
Broadbase Information Systems, Inc., a provider of turnkey data mart platforms optimized for analytic applications, has announced two strategic relationships involving its new CRMperform software, an application built on the company's turnkey data mart platform. Broadbase has teamed with Clarify, Inc., a provider of integrated front office solutions to integrate CRMperform with Clarify's FrontOffice 98. The new offering, called CRMperform, Clarify Edition, is designed to analyze customer-centric data, measure performance and optimize the process of acquiring and retaining customers. Broadbase will also integrate CRMperform with the Vantive Enterprise, an integrated suite of Web-enabled software applications from Vantive Corporation that automates sales, marketing, call center and field service operations.

Telstra R&D Licenses Siemens And NetSpeak
Telstra's R&D management arm, Telstra Research & Development Management Pty Ltd (TRDM), has licensed Siemens and NetSpeak to commercialize Internet telephony (IT) hardware and software developed by TRL. The new agreement builds on an earlier agreement between TRDM and U.S.-based NetSpeak, a provider of software for IT services. Siemens and Telstra Research Laboratories will set up a joint development team in Australia for transfer of TRL's IT technology to Siemens for ongoing collaborative R&D activities.

Call Interactive And Nuance Partner To Deliver IVR Services
Call Interactive, Inc., a provider of 800-number interactive voice response (IVR) services and Nuance Communications, a provider of speech recognition applications for self-service transactions and network applications, announced they are partnering to provide natural language speech recognition-enabled IVR services for companies looking to outsource call center automation operations. The alliance combines Nuance 6 speech recognition and language understanding software and Nuance Verifier speaker verification software with Call Interactive's 800-number IVR service.

Mercom System Signs Distribution Agreement With Stancil
Mercom Systems and Stancil Corporation have announced an agreement covering design, manufacture, marketing, sales and service for Mercom's Audiolog, a call logging server. Mercom and Stancil will supply operating systems hardware, software and comprehensive system solutions to their customers worldwide.

IBM, ALTech Provide Telephony Solutions
IBM and Applied Language Technologies, Inc. (ALTech) have agreed to jointly deliver speech-driven telephony solutions to companies worldwide. IBM will use ALTech's SpeechWorks tool in combination with IBM's Via Voice Technology RunTime engine, and will offer customers access to ALTech's Professional Services. This combination of technologies will enable companies to build speech-activated telephone applications, initially on IBM's DirectTalk platform, that allow callers not only to retrieve information, but also to complete transactions without the help of an operator or touch-tone menus.

ServiceSoft And BayStone Partner
ServiceSoft, a provider of intelligent self-service software for the Web, has announced a marketing partnership with BayStone Software, a provider of customer interaction software solutions that automate customer support, quality assurance, and sales and marketing functions. BayStone and ServiceSoft will co-market Web Advisor. This joint effort will enable the companies to provide ServiceSoft's Web Advisor software as a powerful and easy-to-use support interface to businesses wishing to offer the customer management and tracking of BayStone's BaySupport solution along with its advanced self-service solutions.

Silknet Partnerships With Granitar Systems And Eggrock
Silknet Software, Inc., a developer of Internet-architected, customer-facing relationship management software for the extended enterprise, has partnered with Granitar Systems, a systems integrator focused on Internet solutions to improve customer, partner and supplier relationships. Granitar will provide systems integration and strategic consulting services in the North American market for Silknet's eService 98 customer service suite and for eRMA, Silknet's enterprise relationship management architecture. Silknet has also teamed with Eggrock Partners, provider of technology-enabled business solutions to capture and retain customers. Under this agreement, Eggrock will provide systems integration and strategic consulting services for eService 98 and eRMA.

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Applied Language Technologies (ALTech) announced that Richard Westelman has joined the company as chief financial officer, a newly created position. ALTech is a provider of conversational speech recognition technology and products for over-the-telephone customer service.

Call Interactive, provider of 800-number IVR services, has appointed Sue Riedman to the position of director of marketing. The company has also appointed John Berigan as director of sales.

Technology Solutions Company (TSC) announced that it has reorganized its operations to leverage its core competencies in three key service lines and made management appointments to oversee the resulting new units. Kelly Conway, executive vice president, heads the new unit handling ECM (enterprise customer management), Change and Learning Technologies, and SAP practices; Steve Scharkss, senior vice president and group executive, heads the PeopleSoft and ERP (enterprise resources planning) Europe practices; and Stan Strifler, senior vice president and group executive, heads the Baan and Oracle practices and OrTech Solutions subsidiary. TSC also announced the promotion of Tim Dimond to vice president of finance and chief accounting officer.

David Rasmussen has been appointed as the new chief information officer (CIO) of Brite Voice Systems, provider of enhanced telecommunications and interactive information systems.

Excell Global Services, provider of domestic and international call center solutions, has announced that Bernard A. Fried has joined its Excell Diversified Services LLC division as president.

Melita International has expanded the services of three long-term key executives. Bill Dumont has been promoted to senior vice president, Worldwide Sales; John Lamb is now vice president, Strategic Product Marketing; and Dan Lowring has been named chief financial officer (CFO) and vice president, Administration.

Syntellect, Inc., provider of comprehensive interactive communications management solutions, announced additions to its executive staff and Board of Directors. Peter Pamplin has been promoted from controller to CFO. Neal Miller, who had been serving as both CFO of Syntellect, Inc. and president of Syntellect Interactive Services (SIS) (the company's outsourcing business unit) will now devote his full time to the role of president of SIS. Joining Syntellect as vice president of its new professional services organization (now part of the company's Systems Business division) is Michael Talley. Additionally, Anthony V. Carollo, Jr., chairman and president of Xantel Corporation, has been elected to the Syntellect, Inc. Board of Directors.

InterVoice, Inc., a supplier of call automation systems, announced that M. Victor James has joined the company as vice president, Product Marketing, Network Services Line of Business.

IEX Corporation, which develops products for call centers, telecommunications carriers and private networks, announced that it has expanded its call center management team, naming Michael Lanham as strategic partnership manager.

Clarify, Inc., a provider of integrated front office solutions, has announced the appointment of Jeanne Urich as senior vice president of Worldwide Professional Services, a newly created position.

Special Data Processing Corporation (SDP), a teleservices provider specializing in inbound and outbound telemarketing, including publishing, financial services and other programs, has announced that David W. Anderson has been promoted to president of the company.

WebLine Communications Corporation announced that Blair Wheeler has been appointed as director of business development for the company. WebLine Communications is a provider of "teleweb" solutions for Internet-enabled call centers and e-commerce Web sites.

Joseph Duryea has been promoted to senior vice president and general manager of North American Sales of SOFTBANK Services Group, provider of telephone-, Internet- and mail/fax-based technical support and customer service for clients in the high-technology marketplace.

Michigan-based teleservices agency Dialogue Marketing has announced three promotions and three new appointees to its executive and administrative staff. Jay Pepper has been promoted to senior vice president; Karen Black has been promoted to vice president, Administration; and Cathy Osminski has assumed the responsibilities of senior call center manager. New to Dialogue Marketing's staff are Richard Chalfin, appointed as vice president; Michael Rothenberg, director, Information Services; and Jim Ross, database administrator/programmer.

SITEL Corporation has announced the appointment of Michael Daley as senior vice president and general manager of the company's Financial Insurance Services, Inc. SITEL is a provider of outsourced telephone and Internet-based customer service and sales programs on behalf of corporations worldwide.

IET-Intelligent Electronics, provider of scheduling equipment for the service-driven enterprise, has announced that Carl Fusch is joining the company as vice president of Professional Services.

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Melita Announces Call Center Orders
Melita International has been awarded a $10 million order by Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. (CCSI) for installation of its intelligent call center management solutions and agent workstations in five U.S. CCSI call centers. Melita has also received an order from Dun & Bradstreet's Information Resources Division for the installation of its PhoneFrame Explorer and MAGELLAN software solution. Also announced by Melita: it has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Eyretel Ltd., a provider of multimedia solutions for mission-critical call centers, whereby the two companies will cooperate in providing integrated solutions for call centers with contact management offered by Melita's automated call center management systems.

Davox System Chosen By Commercial Financial Services
Davox Corporation announced that Commercial Financial Services (CFS), a U.S. buyer and collector of credit card debt, has purchased licenses for, and completed implementation of, 14 Unison call center management systems. The systems are being used in CFS's Tulsa- and Oklahoma City-based call centers. Unison is an open system, unified software solution that enables call centers to automate a wide range of mission-critical customer contact activities.

TECHMAR Grows Integrated Response Management Services
TECHMAR Communications, Inc., a provider of response management services, announced its purchase of telephony technology from Interactive Intelligence, Inc. The product is called Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC), client/server software that provides an all-in-one communications server combining PBX, IVR, ACD, unified messaging, Web services, CTI capabilities and software phone. TECHMAR also announced that it has been selected by Calico Technology, Inc., a provider of eSales software and services, for the provision of sales and marketing support. The agreement includes building and maintaining a marketing database, inbound and outbound telemarketing, sales lead management, and program analysis and reporting to advise Calico in making targeted marketing decisions.

Brite Voice Systems Selected For E-PASS Customers
The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) has chosen Brite Voice Systems to deliver telecommunications technology that will enable E-PASS customers to check their balance and complete other routine transactions automatically by phone, 24 hours a day.

The Info Group Announces Call Center Endeavors
The Info Group has announced an OEM initiative to meet changing market needs where customers are demanding "complete CTI solutions." The Info Group will combine its OutLook program with other CTI products to create a best-of-breed, fully integrated solution. The Info Group has also announced a strategic alliance with Voice Data Solutions, Inc. (VDS), whereby VDS will provide implementation, custom development and support services for The Info Group's OutLook product.

Lightbridge Gains Customers For Fraudbuster
Lightbridge, Inc. has announced several contracts for FraudBuster, the company's UNIX-based software product designed to identify usage trends and patterns to analyze fraud at the back-end (after activation). Centennial Wireless is using FraudBuster to detect and reduce both subscription and usage fraud. Also deploying Fraudbuster are Cedetel-Norcel, a division of Motorola and the third-largest phone company in Mexico, and KG Telecom.

New Jobs Lined Up For 800 Support
Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (AEPCO) and Legato Systems, Inc. have both hired 800 Support to provide technical support to their customers. For AEPCO, 800 Support's assistance will be round-the-clock, helping customers as they plug into the new Internet access services the utility and its distribution cooperatives are rolling out. For Legato Systems, 800 Support will provide technical assistance to enterprise organizations and business users of Legato's NetWorker for NetWare.

Chinatrust Selects Call Center Solution From Genesys
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. has been selected by Chinatrust Commercial Bank to provide its computer telephony (CT) software solution at the bank's new customer service centers in Taipei, one of Taiwan's first CT-enabled call centers. The Genesys Suite was determined to be the optimal solution for Chinatrust in its objective of enhancing competitiveness in the credit card market through improved customer service and increased agent productivity.

Wall Data Launches Lucent Service Center Solution
Wall Data Incorporated has announced that Lucent Technologies will provide it with a comprehensive, integrated voice and data customer service solution. Creating a "virtual" worldwide service center, Lucent's call center solution links Wall Data's headquarters in Kirkland with company service centers in Boston, and Dublin, Ireland. Wall Data's communications infrastructure combines its data network containing critical customer information with Lucent's telecommunications and network management technology. The three service centers will use Lucent's DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server (CMS), Centre Vu Call Center Management System (CMS) and Look Ahead Interflow to help administer, load-level and manage their call centers.

Syntellect Nets Call Center Contracts
Syntellect, Inc. announced that it has been awarded contracts in excess of $1.7 million from health-care institutions, including Health Net, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Sherman Health System and a health-care system in Northern Virginia. These companies have selected Syntellect's Vista Interactive Communications Management (ICM) software for implementation in their enterprise call centers. Syntellect also announced an order from existing client British Sky Broadcasting valued at $1 million. British Sky Broadcasting is expanding its current call center as well as upgrading its existing systems.

Microsoft And ServiceWare Combine Knowledge Bases
Microsoft Corp. and ServiceWare, Inc. announced that they will engage in a unique "knowledge exchange" program to provide customers of Microsoft products with a wider range of technical information and problem-solving techniques. ServiceWare will use information from Microsoft's online technical support site, including the Microsoft knowledge base, to enhance its Knowledge-Pak knowledge bases, which are comprehensive collections of technical support solutions and information. In addition, information from the Knowledge-Paks will be used to supplement Microsoft's extensive Support Online Web site.

SCO Selected By Chrysalis
SCO announced that Chrysalis Software has chosen to offer SCO's Tarantella Application Broker as part of its call center solution. The addition of Tarantella allows Chrysalis Software to provide access to any application, whether it be call center or business-based, for both onsite and remote users.

Tech Data Selects Clarify FrontOffice 98
Clarify, Inc., a provider of integrated front office solutions, has announced a multimillion-dollar sales contract with Tech Data Corp. Tech Data will implement the comprehensive Clarify front office suite as part of a companywide initiative to enhance its reseller services as well as support and improve internal help desk services.

CSI Taps Vantive For Front-Office Automation System
The Vantive Corporation's front-office automation software has been chosen by Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI), a developer and producer of predictive maintenance hardware and software. CSI has implemented Vantive Sales, Vantive Support and Vantive FieldService for its enterprisewide sales and customer support system.

American Airlines Taps Periphonics And Nuance
American Airlines has introduced a speech-recognition-based application for customers using technology from Periphonics and Nuance Communications. This application will allow American's Advantage Executive Platinum members to complete travel arrangements more conveniently and efficiently. Using VPS/is IVR (interactive voice response) systems from Periphonics with speech recognition and natural language understanding software from Nuance Communications, the new application replaces an existing service limited to touch-tone and supported by PC-based IVR systems from another vendor.

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Intelemedia Announces Second Data Center
Intelemedia Communications, an outsourced services provider that integrates multiple communications technologies to enhance the flow of information, has announced the construction of a second data center in Dallas, Texas. The new data center, which is located on a geographically separate power grid from the original center in Richardson, Texas, should improve Intelemedia's uptime performance by providing insurance against service outages caused by tornado, fire and lightening, as well as uninterrupted, 24 x 7 accessibility to data.

TECHMAR Expands Silicon Valley Operation
TECHMAR Communications, provider of response management services, is relocating its Palo Alto, California, operation to south San Jose. Located minutes from the center of Silicon Valley, the new facility provides marketing support services to such companies as Trilogy Corporation, Pinpoint Software, Network Associates and Xerox. Built to accommodate 150 workstations, the facility features telephony technology from Interactive Intelligence Corp. that integrates telephone, fax, e-mail and Web communications with TECHMAR's response management application, KARMA.

Dictaphone Establishes New Division
Dictaphone Corporation announced that it has formed a Government Markets sales division within its Communications Recording Systems (CRS) group to service its federal, state and local government customers, including public safety operations, correctional facilities and other government agencies. The new division will work closely with the company's strategic partners in the government systems area.

TeleSTAR Announces New Call Center
TeleSTAR Marketing, Inc. has opened another call center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, TeleSTAR is an inbound/outbound teleservices agency handling business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs.

IMA Expands Customer Care Operations
IMA, provider of enterprisewide front office customer interaction software (CIS) for call center automation, has announced an expanded "follow the sun" customer support program for worldwide clients designed to enable access to unlimited product support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The opening of a full-service help desk in London will augment the current capabilities of the Irvine, California, center.

Genesis Communications Opens New Sales Office
Genesis Communications International, a provider of local and long-distance telecommunications services, is expanding its sales staff with the opening of an additional office in Coachella, California. Officially opened August 10, this new office will employ over 30 people who will focus on selling long-distance telephone service to residential and small business customers in the western U.S.

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Audiomax Relocates To Accommodate Growth
Audiomax, provider of corporate audio messaging products, has relocated to the Philadelphia suburb of Blue Bell. This move marks the steady growth of its customer base and expansion of services offered over the past 15 years.

Applied Voice Technology Becomes AVT
Applied Voice Technology, a player within the CTI, messaging and call center arena, has shortened its name to AVT. The name change reflects the company's evolution: since its inception 15 years ago, it has come to represent much more than just "voice" to the marketplace. In addition to its traditional voice messaging offerings, AVT delivers robust, scalable NT-based solutions for enterprise faxing, high-volume production fax, integration with electronic commerce solutions, call center management applications and unified messaging.

DATA RACE Gains ISO 9002 Certification
DATA RACE announced that it has attained ISO 9002 certification of its quality management systems for manufacturing and servicing. DATA RACE designs, manufactures and markets a line of communications products for remote access to the corporate environment. Its client/server product, the Be There! Remote Access System, gives teleworkers access to all elements of the corporate communications networks.

New Name For Customer Insight
Customer Insight Company, a supplier of customer-centric marketing solutions, announced that it has changed its name to Experian Database Marketing Solutions. This change reflects the March 1998 acquisition of the company by Great Universal Stores (GUS), which has integrated Customer Insight with its information solutions division, Experian North America. Experian helps its customers identify and reach targeted audiences, utilizing its comprehensive consumer database, as well as providing database marketing software and related services.

Patent Goes To Davox Software
Davox Corporation, a developer of integrated call center management solutions, announced that it has been granted a U.S. patent for software pertaining to the grouping of call center agents for management and reporting purposes. The technology covered by this patent (Patent No. 5,784,452) allows the workforce, including supervisor, to be organized into independent teams.

InterVoice Passes Fifth ISO 9001 Audit
InterVoice, Inc., a supplier of call automation systems, has announced that the results of a recently completed ISO 9001 surveillance audit reflected a perfect score, with zero noncompliances. The audit was the fifth since certification was granted in January 1998. InterVoice's products include enhanced network-based services for telecommunications service providers and IVR systems.

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Telstra Invests In Alcatel Technology
Australia's Telstra Corporation Limited, a full-service domestic and international telecommunications provider and a major carrier in the Asia Pacific region, has selected Alcatel to provide the latest intelligent network capabilities, which customers rely on for toll-free calls, dial-up expert advice and placing orders with their closest business outlet. These capabilities will support Telstra's Priority One3, Freecall 1800, Priority 1300, and InfoCall 190 products. As part of the Telstra contract, Alcatel will establish a new Australian technology center that will boost opportunities for local intelligent network and software professionals.

Call Center Operations Expand In Britain
The Invest In Britain Bureau has announced the expansion of two call centers in Britain. Topline Call Centre and Marketing, a British firm owned by Schible Associates of Cresco, Pennsylvania, is expanding its operations at Gateshead in North East England after winning a major contract from the consumer benefits company, DVQ-Net. Lands' End Direct Merchants, a mail order company from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, has opened a new European phone and distribution center in Oakham in the East Midlands county of Rutland.

BBC Creates New Jobs In Belfast
Belfast is to be the home of a new Customer Service Centre to handle calls from BBC viewers and listeners across the U.K. Developed with an external partner and assisted by the Northern Ireland Industrial Development Board, it is expected to create about 100 jobs over the next three years. Based in BBC Northern Ireland's premises at Blackstaff House, the Customer Service Centre will offer viewers and listeners who contact the BBC a more responsive service supported by modern call center techniques.

TCS Opens Branch In Singapore
TCS Management Group, Inc. (TCS), a provider of work force management solutions, has further expanded its international presence with the opening of a branch office in Singapore. TCS determined that a regional office would be needed to address the workforce management needs of call centers located in this part of the world. It will offer product training and post-installation support to call centers in the Asia-Pacific region from its new Singapore location.

Lucent Technologies' Call Center Solution In Australia
Lucent Technologies' call center solution has spurred the growth of Capital Finance's Australian operations. Incoming calls to Capital Finance are said to have jumped 180 percent in 12 months, from 7,000 to nearly 20,000 calls per month. The operations of Capital Finance largely revolve around its Lucent Technologies' DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) call center solution.

SITEL Signs Contract With Telecom New Zealand
SITEL Corporation, a teleservices provider, announced that it has entered into a contract with Telecom New Zealand to provide all of its Operator Services across three sites: Auckland, Christchurch and Palmerston North. This five-year contract will see the two organizations sharing responsibility through a co-sourcing arrangement, whereby SITEL will provide the Operator Services and Telecom New Zealand will continue to provide the technology.

Witness Opens New Office In The United Kingdom
Witness Systems, Inc., a developer of supplier and customer interaction recording solutions for contact, has announced that it has opened a new office in Leeds. As part of a new strategy of expansion into the growing international call center market, the Leeds office will direct its initiatives in the U.K.

Blue Pumpkin Announces Worldwide Availability Of PrimeTime Products
Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc., a provider of solutions for work force management, has announced distribution agreements that will make its PrimeTime product line internationally available. To be distributed by Premier Technologies, Softech Telecom, Princeton Consulting, and Voice Technologies, Blue Pumpkin's workforce management software will reach across the geographies of Europe and Australia.

Rockwell-Ericsson Team Awarded Australian Contract
Rockwell Electronic Commerce and Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd. have jointly announced that RSL Com, an international telecom carrier and network operator, has selected the Rockwell Spectrum ACD call center system for its Sydney-based customer service operations. Ericsson is a Rockwell authorized sales and service distributor for Australia and New Zealand. RSL Com's new 160-agent call center is now the primary customer interface for customer service, billing and inquiries for both its local and international markets, including Japan.


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