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September 1999


Proginet Introduces Internet E-Business Solution
Proginet Corporation has introduced CyberFusion, an Internet file transfer software product for moving mass quantities of information across the Internet with reliability and security. CyberFusion combines the characteristics of high-end enterprise file transfer systems with Internet features designed for ease of deployment and use. CyberFusion is intended to provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to leased lines for internal file transfers. It provides the capability for reliable and secure inter-company file transfer, a growing need among e-businesses. The product was designed specifically for large-scale, high-volume usage, but can also be used for smaller applications with a need for recurrent, unattended, secure operations across the Internet.
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FaceTime Releases Update Of Message Exchange
FaceTime Communications, Inc. has announced version 2.5 of its FaceTime Message Exchange product, which is designed to enable e-commerce sites to reach online customers faster, easier and with more security. New features include integration with America Online (AOL) Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Pager for instant customer communication on e-commerce sites. By integrating with AOL and Yahoo! instant communicators, FaceTime intends to bring to e-commerce the same popular and familiar instant messaging interface to customers accustomed to dealing with these services. E-tailers can communicate instantly and directly with consumers on the AOL and Yahoo! paging networks. FaceTime's product helps ensure that a customer's instant messages are routed to the call center sales and service agent best suited to handling the question or comment. Additional new features to call centers include enhanced Web page interaction, enhanced security, the potential to increase call center productivity, consistent service and an enhanced data center infrastructure.
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Telestra Launches Click To Phone
Telestra, an integrated telecommunications carrier in the Asia-Pacific region, has introduced its new technology called Click to Phone. Click to Phone is designed to offer the convenience and immediacy of initiating a phone call while browsing on the Web. Telestra intends to target large companies that want to enhance their Internet presence and speed up the growth of their e-commerce business. Click to Phone will help provide businesses with an additional channel for call generation, the opportunity to value-add customer services and the ability to segment customer requirements.
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The Limit Software Introduces Small Business Log File Analyzer
The Limit Software, Inc. has released iAnalyst version 1.0, a log file analyzer targeted to small businesses and individual Web site owners' needs. iAnalyst offers Webmasters report data in a point-and-click graphical interface. The product analyzes the data hidden in log files, revealing where visitors came from, how many there were and what browsers they used. In addition, the program tallies the total bandwidth used by visitor requests, as well as the site's most popular pages broken down by total number and percentage of hits. iAnalyst also performs reverse DNS lookups, converting numerical IP addresses into domain names for more accurate representation of where a visitor originated.
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RightPoint Delivers Marketing Services Portal
RightPoint Corporation has introduced the RightPoint.net Real-Time eMarketing Portal, an Internet subscription service designed to deliver real-time electronic marketing decisions to company Web sites. RightPoint.net is an Internet service, providing customers with personalized "e-marketing" without capital infrastructure outlays or the middleman requirements of an outsourced application. Customers can plug in to RightPoint's marketing service portal and receive real-time electronic marketing decisions as Internet transactions. The service is priced on a transaction-based basis. The service features marketing campaigns, recommendations, promotions and e-mail campaigns based on real-time customer profiling and RightPoint's self-learning analytics. It makes decisions based on sources of customer data such as clickstream data, surveys, corporate customer data, predictive models and demographic data.
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PeopleSupport.com To Provide Interactive Customer Service
PeopleSupport.com has launched a series of outsourced, in-house and co-sourced customer service solutions to help eliminate online shopper frustration by providing real-time, interactive customer service and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. PeopleSupport.com customer care agents ("eReps") are trained in each client's products and services and respond to a variety of customer queries from product availability to product and technical support assistance. The service implements a customized interface that maintains the shopping environment of each client's Web site. The "Live Help Now" link from the client's site connects customers to PeopleSupport.com's agents. Once connected, the agents engage in live conversations with customers and answer questions while leading them to relevant Web pages while the customer remains on the client's Web site.
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TotalTel Enters ISP Marketplace With Telunet
TotalTel USA Communications, Inc. has expanded into the Internet service provider (ISP) marketplace with the launch of Telunet, its new Internet access service dedicated to giving businesses fast access to the World Wide Web. Telunet, which provides direct access to the Internet, can access the Web faster than conventional remote connections, allowing users to download files in seconds rather than minutes. Internet access is provided through dedicated or LAN-based remote connections. Dedicated access can be tailored to meet the specific telecommunications needs of individual companies through the bundling of voice and Internet traffic on the same T1 or T3 with TotalTel's powerLine service. Channels for voice and Internet service are scalable from 56k, 128k, 256k, 384k, 512k, 768k to full T1 or T3 speeds. The company will concentrate its network from Boston to Washington, D.C.
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Mantiss Announces OEM Agreement With Sterling Commerce
Mantiss Information Corporation has forged an OEM agreement with Sterling Commerce, Inc., under which it will integrate Sterling Commerce's GENTRAN business process integration software with its CLECware suite products. Mantiss has integrated GENTRAN to offer its customers a seamless e-commerce solution that streamlines business processes and automates the supply chain between competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs). CLECware is an operational support system for electronic ordering/provisioning and OSS interconnection used by CLECs, Internet service providers and other telecommunications service providers. The CLECware suite of products allows CLECs to establish trading partnerships and exchange ordering and provisioning transactions with ILECs such as Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, US West, SBC, GTE and Bell South. By integrating GENTRAN business process automation software into its CLECware solutions, Mantiss will enable telecommunications service providers to use e-commerce and EDI to process customer service orders more efficiently and expeditiously.
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Adesso Joins Consortium For Electronic Bill Payment
Adesso Software has announced the formation of a high-tech consortium of software providers that will offer an integrated approach for electronic bill presentation and payment. The consortium's approach, which was designed to help corporations and consumers save billions of dollars in monthly billing costs, is led by Logica and includes Group 1 Software, edocs and Adesso. It was developed to offer an integrated approach for consumers to easily see and pay their monthly bills online. The solution is targeted for telecommunications, banking and credit card companies, and electric, natural gas and water utilities that typically mail out monthly bills in large volumes. Adesso has been archiving and presenting bills for the Web with its customer self-service module for the last 18 months. The Adesso integrated solution was designed to offer a complete approach, allowing full payment and customer service enhancements required for bill settlement over the Web.
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USA Global Link And CVF To Merge
USA Global Link, Inc. and CVF Technologies have announced a definitive agreement to merge and form Global Online, Inc. The two companies will combine personnel and sales agents and plan to be active in international telecommunications and Web-based global e-commerce. Global Online, Inc., the entity created by the merger, hopes to position itself to be the largest international e-commerce and v-commerce portal. It will be built upon a unique domain category structure comprised of 4,500 global domain names. The main homepage portal of Global Online features a large and navigable collection of business and lifestyle resources translated into 18 languages. Connections to 200 countries are supplied by the new company with international transactions facilitated in 29 currencies. The site features the company's voice-enabling Global Teleportal technology as well as 36,000 vertical product forums and service-specific message board communities. The portals offer free access to more than 250,000 merchant and service provider Web sites, along with access to e-commerce store-building tools, an Internet "price comparison engine" and 81 online auction sites.
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