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September 2000

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MyHelpDesk Launches Customized Self-Help Solution
MyHelpDesk, Inc., a self-help content provider delivering e-support infrastructure, announced FirstHELP, a custom technical support self-help offering for corporate customers. With live help desk support costs increasing, Web-based computer support is becoming an increasingly important alternative for corporations. Designed around the content and extensible architecture of the MyHelpdesk.com consumer site, FirstHELP is intended to deliver a Web-based solution with personalized self-help content and a simple interface that leads users to the most efficient resolution of their individual technical support situation. FirstHELP is designed to provide a single "first place to go" resource that streamlines technical support, making it more cost-effective for corporations and less frustrating for individual corporate users. Among its features are: Web-based directories, including vendor information, expert sites, FAQs, links to upgrades and patches and virus definitions; plug-and-play architecture; user session tracking; mass user registration; relevancy feedback (for tracking user activity in aggregate); prepackaged customization tools for helping with content and resource authoring and adding internal or external promotional content to the service; and universal log-in, providing access to all support services without additional passwords or information. FirstHELP's self-help content resides in an XML server that operates with corporate resources in a standards-based format. Corporate customers may either license selected product directories for integrating directly into an internal support portal or deploy under an ASP option in which MyHelpDesk hosts FirstHELP and manages the customer's support portal and the links into additional corporate support content and resources.
No. 510, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Cahoots Presents Interactive Web Site Solution
Cahoots Inc. launched Cahoots for Sites, a solution for live Web site-to-visitor interaction and online customer service developed to enable Web site staff to greet, talk to and assist visitors and customers in real-time as they browse or shop at a Web site. Providing access to the Cahoots Live Web-Wide Communications Network, Cahoots for Sites is designed as an affordable and easy-to-implement service that offers a combination of site-to-visitor communications, including voice over IP, threaded-text, instant messaging, information posting, discussion moderation, community management functions and guided Web tours. Deploying Cahoots for Sites requires no changes to Web sites. The company said the solution is intended as a less expensive alternative to traditional phone support and Web-based alternatives, such as an automated, self-service customer care model. It requires no coding or modifications to Web sites or IT systems that deploy the product. Site representatives and visitors/customers can utilize Cahoots communications over a 28.8Kbps (minimum) modem connection. Cahoots for Sites features a "Site Rep" icon that identifies the official Web site representatives to Cahoots users. Web sites that deploy the solution can give their customers and visitors real-time assistance using any of its communication tools as well as read, post and reply to notes in their site-specific Cahoots "Info Center." A Site Rep can simultaneously speak to several visitors in a group voice conversation while sending instant messages to other users and issuing broadcast announcements to all site visitors. Web site staff can interact with any site visitor using Cahoots free end-user software, Cahoots 1.5 for Windows PCs. Web sites can make it available via a Cahoots download button on their site. The software downloads and installs in minutes and allows Web users to communicate live with site representatives and other Cahoots end users at any site on the Web.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

KnowEx Launches CRM Solution For Online Business
KnowEx Solutions, Inc., an electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) solution provider for B2B and B2C e-commerce companies, announced the launch of KnowEx 2.5, an application designed to bring real-time, enterprise-level customer service to all customer-oriented businesses. KnowEx 2.5 engages customers in real-time conversations with instant answers and guidance in helping them purchase products or services. The solution is designed to make e-commerce user-friendly and provide a smart "updateable on-the-fly" database, allowing for customer or client interaction in real-time and the potential for immediate upsells. KnowEx 2.5 works with clients' existing databases and analyzes that information to fit the online customer. It offers secure text messaging, streaming audio/video and push technology capabilities. The technology is HTML-based and allows multimedia to be pushed directly to customers' desktops without the need for additional installations or downloads.

The company also unveiled KnowEx Wireless, what it terms a mobile CRM solution for the wireless Internet appliance market. The solution is meant to provide instant customer service and content streaming to any handheld device or mobile phone over the Internet. Communication consists of chat or the streaming of content, forms or images from handheld to handheld/non-handheld device (e.g., Palm-to-Palm, handheld to mobile phone) or handheld to desktop PC. KnowEx Wireless eliminates the incompatibilities between these devices, uses the Internet as a communication tool and intelligently detects the appropriate protocol and platform of the mobile device for seamlessly managing communication between them. The company said the solution has all of the features of KnowEx 2.5.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Quadstone Delivers Predictive Behavior Analysis Solution
Quadstone, a provider of customer behavior modeling and predictive marketing software and services, recently unveiled the Quadstone System 3.0 business-user software for predictive marketing. The Quadstone System is designed to enable marketers to deliver predictive analysis of customer behavior across all marketing channels and CRM systems. The release fully integrates all Quadstone software and applications into a single package to provide marketers and business analysts with a complete view of customer behavior across all online and offline channels. The Quadstone System allows users to develop strategic marketing campaigns to strengthen and grow their customer relationships and offers an easier to use alternative to highly technical or statistical systems that require specialized users and may be too slow or inflexible to support a rapid business change. Quadstone System 3.0 enhancements include cross-channel view of customer behavior, improved performance and scalability, Java-based client interfaces and XML, enhanced compression technology, customer behavior prediction applications and Web-specific analysis of online customers (including WebMaps to view online behavior on a map of the Web site).
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

GN Netcom Unveils Amplifier For Lucent Phones
GN Netcom, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of telephone headsets, voice input devices and related products, introduced its new L8464 amplifier, a line-powered amplifier designed exclusively for Lucent Technologies' 8400 and 6400 digital telephones. As the call center industry has moved from line-powered to digital telephony equipment, the new digital systems have typically lacked the necessary voltage to drive a headset amplifier. The L8464 amplifier achieves the same levels of performance as traditional AC and battery-powered amplifiers, is compatible with any GN Netcom brand headset and is equipped with an integrated "supervisor" cord that enables a manager to plug in a second headset whenever required. The new amplifier can be driven off digital network power (utilizing existing line voltage). The L8464 amplifier is available through GN Netcom distribution partners.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Davox Releases Ensemble 2.0
Davox Corporation, a developer of customer contact solutions, announced Ensemble 2.0, a multichannel customer interaction suite intended to help companies optimize customer interaction value. Besides integrated inbound and outbound telephone contact management, the latest release offers features including fully integrated e-mail response management; multimedia agent desktop; multimedia management reporting that provides single view, real-time activity monitoring; Web callback and multisite call management. Davox planned limited customer installations during the third quarter of this year, with greater availability in the fourth quarter. Ensemble's modular architecture is designed to allow companies to install only the functionality they need in the present and add additional functionality as required. Also, it is designed to integrate with other CRM technologies (ACDs, IVRs and front- and back-office automation applications).
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Avaya Launches CRM Desktop Software
Avaya, a provider of communications systems (and Lucent Technologies' former Enterprise Networks Group to be spun off later this year), introduced CRM Agent Access, part of its CRM Solutions offerings, which comprise systems software and professional services. The software solution includes a package of CTI-enabled capabilities designed to help customer contact agents provide more timely and efficient service. CRM Agent Access is available in three configurations, allowing enterprises to choose the features that fit their needs and provide for future migration to more sophisticated capabilities as their requirements grow. CRM Agent Access Basic delivers "screen pop" features for displaying customer information and a "soft phone" provision that provides telephone capabilities (such as sending, holding and transferring calls) through agents' computer screens. CRM Agent Access Expanded offers task automation features, expanded screen pop that allows data transfer along with voice calls and a choice of soft phone interfaces. CRM Agent Access Expanded can also automatically e-mail correspondence and surveys to customers based on outcomes of customer interactions. CRM Agent Access Routing, based on a range of information sources and business rules, makes call routing decisions. CRM Agent Access resides on a Microsoft Windows NT Server and works in conjunction with Avaya's DEFINITY Communications Server, CentreVu Computer Telephony Server and CONVERSANT Interactive Voice Response System. It supports application interfaces (including TCP/IP, DDE, MAPI, OLE and HTML) that help gather and present customer information from a variety of data sources.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

CustomerAssistance.com Offers eCRM On ASP Model
CustomerAssistance.com, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of APAC Customer Services, Inc., announced it has entered the Application Service Provider (ASP) marketplace, providing its base of outsourced electronic customer relationship management and traditional clients with additional customer care options. Under the new model, CustomerAssistance.com will offer its multimedia-based eCRM platform, e.PAC, as a stand-alone solution. e.PAC is a multichannel integrated platform that provides clients with a suite of interaction capabilities, such as telephony, e-mail, IVRU, collaboration, form sharing, Web chat, voice over IP, Web personalization, self-service, CRM and case management. Through the ASP model, CustomerAssistance.com allows companies to deploy a fully featured customer interaction center without the costs associated with development, maintenance and support of a comprehensive integrated technology solution, and as an alternative to an outsourced customer interaction center. The company has built a pipeline for similar ASP business solutions across numerous vertical sectors, including financial, business-to-business and retail.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

MessageMedia Presents MessageCenter 2.0
MessageMedia Inc., a furnisher of strategic messaging solutions and services, announced the release of MessageCenter 2.0, a Web-based messaging foundation designed to standardize access to features and functions for MessageMedia messaging clients. MessageCenter 2.0 provides a new architecture, easy-to-use Web interface, campaign management support and a suite of robust reporting capabilities. The interface allows users to easily control user access and permissions, create and edit messages, select target audiences, define response-tracking parameters, perform test mailings, schedule mailing events for release and view activity reports from any Internet-connected computer. MessageCenter 2.0 supports result reporting using an enterprise information portal that provides dynamic, self-service access to messaging information. The enterprise information portal allows MessageMedia to create a flexible, secure infrastructure for personalized, self-service access to the wide-range of structured and unstructured information required by users. MessageCenter 2.0 is available now to users of MessageMedia's outsourced messaging services. Additional features and functionality will be added as released.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Pipkins Releases Vantage Point Customized Interface
Pipkins, Inc., a supplier of workforce management software, announced Vantage Point, an enhancement to the company's Maxima Advantage workforce management product. Vantage Point, a fully integrated feature of Maxima Advantage, is available as an upgrade for existing Maxima Advantage customers. It is geared to enable companies to tailor Maxima Advantage's feature set to each user's unique set of recurring tasks. Users see only the custom features that have been configured for them, making the application match their job description. Instead of the traditional toolbar, the user sees a personalized "task" bar consisting of icons that represent only the tasks defined by (or for) the user. Vantage Point "memorizes" the sequence of commands for recurring tasks, enabling the user to enter only variable data, such as dates. The icons call the related functions in the software, releasing the user from having to navigate through a complicated series of steps each time a recurring task is performed. Maxima Advantage's security module enables the product to "follow" the user's log-on I.D., so they can access their customized interface at any workstation location. Rather than have to learn a complete software package, the new user simply becomes familiar with the graphical task set of the previous user (their Vantage Point). Pipkins has designed Vantage Point to allow for detailed descriptive labels to be assigned to each icon. These labels can tell the user not only what the assigned task is, but also why it is done and when to do it.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Dialogic Launches Reciprix Messaging
Dialogic Communications Corporation, a call processing and interactive notification technology provider, recently launched Reciprix, a corporate messaging system designed to allow users to send electronic messages to various devices, immediately receive replies and capture responses into a database for analysis. Reciprix allows managers to survey employees, conduct customer satisfaction polls and relay important information to personnel or other groups. The message recipient can be reached via cell phone, voice phone, PC, pager or fax and respond instantly via e-mail, Web or phone. The recipient chooses how to receive messages based on his or her schedule and available communication devices. DCC has worked closely with its partner, Microsoft Corporation, to develop the messaging system. Reciprix is based upon the Microsoft BackOffice family and is used by enterprise-level organizations that utilize Microsoft Outlook 2000 on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. A typical configuration of Reciprix involves four servers: the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 as the core messaging platform, the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 as a central data store, the Reciprix Server for routing and converting messages to the appropriate media and the communications server with Reciprix Event Server software providing fax, page and voice gateways.
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

AliMed Issues Ergonomics Catalog, Enhances Online Store
AliMed, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic and medical products, recently published the second edition of its Ergonomics Catalog. The 148-page catalog features keyboards and trays, workstations, chairs, office accessories and ergonomic tools. It includes two special sections: one offers products aimed at compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the other features personal comfort solutions. The company also announced that it has doubled the online offerings at its alimed.com Web site and reconfigured the site to streamline users' searches. Products can be searched by product category, body symptom and by keyword. The site features a new Computer Ergonomics store that offers hundreds of computer workstation accessories. AliMed launched three additional stores at the site: Industrial Health and Safety, ADA Accommodation and Home Office Comfort. Over 1,200 products from more than 200 manufacturers are offered. Products range from office ergonomics to diagnostic imaging equipment.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

AttiTubes For Attitude Enhancement
Plantronics, Inc., a provider of communications headsets, announced a new line of accessory color voice tubes, called AttiTubes, for Plantronics call center headsets. AttiTubes are available in five colors: Outrageous Orange, Serene Green, Passion Pink, Cool Blue and Peaceful Purple. Color-coded voice tubes also provide agents with a reminder to regularly change and replace their voice tubes. Plantronics recommends that voice tubes be changed every six months to ensure optimum performance. AttiTubes are available in two sizes for compatibility with Plantronics' most popular voice tube-equipped headsets. The familiar clear voice tubes are also still available.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

CAS Expands Phone Appending Services
CAS Inc., a provider eCRM services and tools and fulfillment and marketing services, announced it has expanded and improved its phone number and reverse phone number appending product lines. The company has enhanced its proprietary confidence level matching algorithms to work on business phone numbers as well. Clients can send their business files to CAS and receive back detailed analysis that shows the quality of each phone number matched. Also, CAS can append necessary demographics to each record (SIC codes, sales volume, employee count, etc.). CAS said it has improved overall match rates in its existing consumer phone appending services by 15 to 20 percent by combining two leading compiled consumer files into one master file called ConsumerVision. This has enabled CAS to expand the product from household only matches into individual by individual matching; a new method of processing that has shown consistently higher match rates.
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Philips Introduces SpeechMania 2000
Philips Speech Processing, a supplier of speech recognition, natural dialog and language understanding technologies, announced the availability of SpeechMania 2000, the company's advanced speech recognition platform. Based on Philips' TrueDialog technology, SpeechMania is designed to allow callers to speak naturally, ask questions and express themselves in their own words without being limited by a system's script. The product supports mixed-initiative dialogs in which the caller, not the system, controls the dialog: the caller can make a simple request and the system will prompt for more details, or the caller can make a complete, complex request in one statement or question. SpeechMania 2000 includes an improved recognizer that incorporates improved tone recognition for the support of Asian languages like Mandarin and Cantonese. Other features include support of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarming for network platform management in large-scale installations, a SAPI-compliant text-to-speech interface, evaluation support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and compatibility with all SpeechMania99 applications.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

InterVoice-Brite's InnerView Global Debuts
InterVoice-Brite, Inc., a furnisher of value-added solutions for enterprises and telecommunications service providers, introduced InnerView Global, a graphical reporting tool designed to collect and summarize statistics on all call activity of InterVoice-Brite interactive voice response (IVR) systems. The next generation in the InnerView product line, it can track activity on multiple network systems and generate individual, regional or companywide reports on any user-defined basis. InnerView Global's features include Web-based access for remote users, scheduled distribution of reports via e-mail and an event reporting option that enables flexible, customized tracking of activities related to calls handled by the IVR. Event reports include summaries of caller account numbers, after-hours calls and calling card usage. The product is equipped with text-based standard report formats. Collected data can also be presented as custom, user-defined graphical charts or exported as electronic files. The company also offers InnerView Local, designed for companies with smaller IVR systems.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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Altitude Software, Inc. named Steve Holmes vice president of sales for North America. Holmes was previously vice president of global sales and service for Rockwell Electronic Commerce.

Market USA, Inc. named Dennis Yanez as vice president of e-commerce, sales and marketing. Yanez will focus on transforming Market USA's operations from a traditional call center into a multimedia customer care provider in the e-commerce arena. Yanez comes to the company from The Faneuil Group, where he oversaw the management of customer satisfaction and consumer affairs programs for its clients.

Avaya Inc., formerly Lucent Technologies' Enterprise Networks Group, announced key senior executives and leadership team. Henry B. Schacht, former chairman and CEO of Lucent Technologies, was named chairman of the new company. Donald K. Peterson, previously executive vice president and CFO of Lucent, is president and chief executive officer. Homa Firouztash was appointed chief operating officer. He was most recently president of worldwide sales for Lucent's microelectronics group. Karyn Mashima, of Lucent's Enterprise Networks Group, assumes responsibilities as vice president of global strategy and technology. Ravi Sethi, former senior vice president of communications science research at Bell Labs, was named vice president of research. Garry K. McGuire was appointed chief financial officer. McGuire was previously president and chief executive officer of Williams Communications Solutions, LLC. David P. Johnson, former vice president of international sales with Lucent's Enterprise Networks group, will serve as vice president of worldwide sales. Dana Becker Dunn was named vice president of transition operations and leads the transition planning in preparation of the spin off from Lucent. Michael A. Dennis is vice president of U.S. services, with responsibilities for overall services business, including installation, maintenance and service offerings. Pamela F. Craven was named vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. Craven was previously vice president of law and corporate secretary at Lucent. Maryanne DiMarzo was appointed vice president of human resources. She was formerly vice president of Lucent's corporate center's human resources. Steve Aaronson becomes vice president of Communications. His most recent position was vice president of provider networks public relations with Lucent.

Hipbone, Inc., a provider of real-time Web interaction solutions, announced the appointment of Robert Ehlers to the position of vice president of technology operations. Ehlers joins Hipbone from Inktomi, where he served as vice president of information technology.

CyberRep.com, a supplier of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) services, named Linda Bailie as senior vice president of business development. Bailie will concentrate primarily on opportunities within the e-commerce and financial services markets. She was most recently with Optima Direct, Inc.

ASC Telecom, L.P., a provider of digital recording and communications solutions, announced that Richard D'Aprix has joined the company as director of global alliances. He was most recently with Pitney Bowes Management Services where he promoted outsourced facilities management and applied value solutions.

Ken Rowen was appointed vice president of sales for Pathnet, a provider of competitive local access services and high-capacity digital transport services. Rowen will lead the team responsible for integrating CLECs, Regional Bell Operating Companies and independent telephone companies into the Pathnet network in under-served regions of the United States. Most recently, Rowen was a senior executive with Citizens Communications. Terry Sonderup, formerly director of project management, was promoted to vice president of construction for the company.

Shoreline Communications, a supplier of enterprise-class IP voice communication systems, announced the appointment of Cosmo L. Nista as chief financial officer and vice president of finance. He was most recently controller of IBM Global Services in Asia.

NetSat Express, a provider of Internet services via satellite and a subsidiary of Globecomm Systems Inc., announced that Steven Sweeney has joined the company as vice president of content delivery services. Sweeney, formerly with Cidera, Inc. and Loral Space & Communications Ltd., was an early-stage pioneer in the evolution of content delivery networks over satellite and setting up the industry's first international caching network.

Samuel Morris, Jr. was appointed senior vice president and general counsel of Digital Access, Inc., a broadband digital communications company. Morris was previously senior vice president and general counsel for Lenfest Communications Inc. Josephine Young was named chief technology officer of the company. Young was most recently vice president of IT applications, development and integration at Nextlink.

BTI, a provider of integrated communications services, promoted Liz Crabill to vice president and associate general counsel. Prior to joining BTI in 1997, Crabill practiced law with the Raleigh, North Carolina office of Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey and Leonard, LLP.

Cell-Loc Inc., developer of the Cellocate family of wireless location products, announced several appointments to its management team. Lew Turnquist, currently executive vice president, was named chief operating officer. Peter Allen was appointed vice president of business development and sales. Prior to joining Cell-Loc, Allen was a founder of Saraide Inc. and served as its vice president of services marketing. Claudio Rodrigues was appointed vice president of marketing. Rodrigues brings 12 years of marketing and consumer brand-building experience to the company. Jim George, Cell-Loc's vice president of business development, was named vice president of geomatics, where he will be responsible for developing new and innovative wireless positioning techniques. Ned Benner, acting vice president of deployment, was made vice president of deployment. Prior to joining Cell-Loc in January 2000, Benner was with TELUS Mobility Inc. Ora Zabloski, formerly vice president of people and corporate resources at FutureLink, was appointed vice president of people.

Artisoft Inc., a developer of software-based phone systems, announced that its board of directors has appointed Steve Manson as president and chief executive officer (CEO). Manson was formerly Artisoft's general manager and senior vice president.

ECI Telecom Ltd., a provider of integrated network solutions for digital communications and data transmission systems, announced the appointment of Hezy Lapid to president and CEO of its wholly owned subsidiary, InnoWave ECI Wireless Systems Ltd. He returns to ECI Telecom following a brief interval as general manager of Mer Industries Ltd. Lapid has been with ECI Telecom since 1991, and was formerly corporate vice president and general manager of the network systems strategic business unit.

APAC Customer Services, Inc., a provider of customer relationship management solutions, announced three appointments. Jack Johnsey was named vice president of customer care sales. Johnsey was most recently senior sales director at Hyperion Solutions. Dennis Robinson joins as vice president of its wholly owned subsidiary, CustomerAssistance.com, where he will lead the development and expansion of the company's eCRM Customer Interaction Center's software and data products. Prior to his appointment, Robinson was vice president of engineering at eSHARE Technologies. Lori Stimac was named director of sales for CustomerAssistance.com. Stimac comes to APAC from Compuware, where she held senior sales and management positions.

Servicesoft, Inc., a provider of intelligent eService solutions, announced that Massood Zarrabian was named president and chief executive officer. Zarrabian, formerly Servicesoft's executive vice president of product operations, replaces Christopher Butler who will be leaving Servicesoft.

Motivation Online, a provider of Internet-based performance management and improvement, announced the appointment of Richard Blabolil to the position of vice president of sales. Blabolil was most recently executive vice president of Marketing Innovators International, Inc. Donna Chrobak was named director of client services, She previously was with catalog retailer Spiegel where she managed its corporate incentive business. James Purdy joins as vice president of redemption services. Previously, Purdy was a senior vice president at SHC Venture LLC and a senior vice president with S&H Citadel/Carlson Marketing Group. Bruce Holding was appointed to the post of director of performance services. He was previously director of business development at Carlson Marketing Group.

Communications solutions provider Alliance Systems, Inc. appointed Hans-Joachim Adler as vice president of European operations. Adler will oversee Alliance's marketing and business development in Europe. Prior to joining Alliance, Adler was an IT director and senior consultant with Deutsche Bank.

MessageMedia Inc., a leading provider of e-messaging solutions and services, named Prabhuling Patel general manager of its strategic messaging services business. Patel most recently served as president of telecommunications energy and cable group for Experian.

WebTelecom, an application service provider (ASP) that offers Web-based live contact service, announced the appointment of Roger Rydinski to vice president of operations. Rydinski was most recently senior manager of IT development at Nextel Communications. John Graves was named director of business operations. His prior position was project engineer and senior business analyst with Cargill, Inc.

Ten Square, a telecommunications provider that broadcasts interactive content through its Ten Square Digital Network, announced that Gary L. Grant was named vice president of sales for the southern region of the U.S. Prior to joining Ten Square, Grant served as senior vice president of sales and client relations at IVI Checkmate.

Solant, Inc. (formerly Novazen), a provider of interactive customer care and electronic bill presentment and payment solutions, announced the appointment of Robert Ford as vice president of business development. Prior to joining Solant, Ford was vice president of business development-Europe, for MediaOne International, where he was responsible for cable/telephony and wireless communications development activities.

CenturyTel, Inc., an integrated communications services provider, appointed Karen Puckett executive vice president and chief operating officer. Puckett joins CenturyTel from BroadStream Communications.

Daleen Technologies, a provider of e-business solutions, announced an expansion to its management team. Steve Wagman, Daleen's executive vice president of corporate development and corporate secretary, was named CFO and treasurer. Rick Schell was appointed executive vice president, overseeing investor relations and business development activities. Schell joined the company in 1994 as chief financial officer. Jean Prayther has joined the company as vice president of accounting. She was most recently with KPMG LLP and serves on the board of the Technology Forum of South Florida. Lazarus Rothstein was appointed general counsel and vice president of legal affairs. Rothstein brings to the post 17 years of experience in the areas of licensing, intellectual property protection, SEC compliance and mergers and acquisitions

IdentityNow, an outsourced provider of programs for corporate branded merchandise and promotional products, appointed Donald B. Berryman chief executive officer. Berryman's most recent position was senior vice president of APAC Customer Services. The company also named George M. Hare as chief financial officer. Hare was a vice president of ADT Security Services and is a partner with Tatum Partners, LLP.

Call Sciences, Inc., a unified telecommunications management service provider, named Rajan Mathews chief financial officer. Prior to joining Call Sciences, Mathews was president and CEO of AT&T's cellular joint venture in India.

Informix Software Corporation, a provider of software infrastructure solutions for the Internet, announced that Informix board member Peter Gyenes was appointed chief executive officer. Gyenes was chairman, president and CEO of Ardent Software, Inc. prior to Informix's acquisition of Ardent in March 2000. Gyenes succeeds Jean-Yves Dexmier.

Vroom Technologies, Inc., a software developer of sales and marketing solutions for the telecommunications industry, announced the addition of three executive positions. William Goodison joined the company as senior vice president of sales and implementation. Goodison comes to Vroom Technologies from J.D. Edwards & Company where he was group vice president, industry sales and marketing. Wendy Larson was named vice president of marketing. Larson was most recently vice president of product management for connectivity and data center services for Verio Inc. Valerie Finberg was appointed vice president of business development. Finberg joins Vroom Technologies from The Management Network Group where she served as director of market research and product development. Lois Ellison, a company founder who has been vice president for both marketing and product development areas, will concentrate her efforts in product management and development. She reports to company president and COO, Vic Ahmed.

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Comverse To Acquire Exalink And SYBORG
Comverse Technology, Inc., a supplier of software and systems for enabling network-based enhanced services, announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Exalink Ltd., a privately held firm specializing in router-based WAP gateways and applications software for the delivery of Internet-based services to wireless devices. Comverse said that it views wireless Internet services as the largest growth area for the next several years and that Exalink's router-based WAP gateway architecture holds significant advantages over current proxy server designs. It said that the router-based approach enables interoperability with other vendors' WAP gateways, giving carriers the ability to offer enhanced mobile Internet service without having to immediately abandon legacy, proxy server-based WAP gateways. Comverse also announced an agreement to acquire SYBORG Informationsystem GmbH, a developer of software-based digital voice and Internet recording and workforce management systems for the German market. The acquisition is part of its strategy to expand its business and presence in both the German and Central European markets.

Bluestone Acquires Arjuna Solutions
Bluestone Software, Inc., a provider of business-to-Web and wireless technologies, announced the acquisition of Arjuna Solutions Limited of Newcastle, England. Arjuna specializes in standards-based, distributed transactional and workflow software, and developed a commercial transaction system using Java technology based on Sun Microsystems' Java Transaction Service (JTS). Bluestone expects the acquisition to bolster its Internet Operating Environment with an embedded, high-performance Java Transaction Service. The Arjuna technology functions with virtually any object request broker, Internet protocol, J2EE or EJB platform, operating system, Java Virtual Machine, and compiler. JTSArjuna is approved by the Object Management Group, an international software consortium responsible for establishing distributed computing specifications. Bluestone intends to also license this technology to third-party ISVs and systems integrators to expand access to transactioning systems for Internet and wireless applications.

BTI Buys Internet Solutions Firm
BTI, a facilities-based integrated communications provider, acquired Max Commerce, Inc. The firm specializes in Web site design and development, e-commerce integration, Internet marketing, business-to-business collaboration and general consulting. BTI expects the acquisition to strengthen its product set, bringing it closer to its goal of being a total solutions provider for integrated communications customers. The founders of Max Commerce, Steven B. Britton and Todd A. Bone, as well as partner P. Gene Allen, will operate the company as a business unit of BTI.

Heritage Completes Havenet Deal
Heritage Communications Corporation (HCC), a privately held company and provider of carrier services and telephony platforms, announced the acquisition of Havenet Internet Services, an Internet service provider and Web site developer. The value of the deal was not disclosed. The acquisition continues the diversification of HCC's service offerings and network expansion to include data and video transmission and emphasizing its voice over Internet Protocol network.

SBE, Inc., a supplier of specialized communications and networking processing solutions, announced it is acquiring LAN Media Corporation (LMC), a privately held firm specializing in high-performance wide area network connectivity products for high-end multiprotocol routers, switches and network servers. SBE said that LMC's technology is complementary to it high-performance connectivity solutions and LMC's customer base should provide many cross-selling opportunities. LMC founders Ron Crane and David Boggs are the named inventors on numerous patents issued in the area of networking systems. Dr. Boggs is the co-inventor (along with Bob Metcalfe) of Ethernet. Ron Crane was part of the 3Com start-up team designing many of 3Com's transmission system products. Ron Crane, as SBE's vice president of WAN engineering, will direct the ongoing development of new WAN connectivity technology.

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Lucent Spin-Off Launches As Avaya
The Enterprise Networks Group soon to be spun off from Lucent Technologies announced that it will be named Avaya, (pronounced uhv-EYE-uh) Inc. As announced in March, Lucent expects to complete the spin-off by the close of the fourth fiscal quarter of 2000. Avaya will focus on enabling enterprises to succeed in e-business by providing advanced communications hardware, software and solutions. The company said it starts out well positioned in messaging, structured cabling solutions, call centers and voice communications systems, and for capitalizing on the growing market for advanced enterprise communications products supporting e-business solutions. Avaya also announced its management team (see the People section for further information).

Rockwell Receives Patent For Web Callback Application
Rockwell Electronic Commerce, a provider of Web-enabled, multimedia customer contact technology, announced it has patented and holds exclusive rights to the underlying technology permitting Web-based customers to make direct contact with call center representatives over the Internet. When customers prefer to speak with a company representative, they click the Web site's "Call Me" button. A prompt then comes up, asking the customer to enter his or her name, phone number and a convenient time to receive the call. The message is transmitted over the Internet to an application that dials the customer's phone number at the requested time and connects a service representative or sales agent with the customer. Using a predictive dialer, if the application encounters a busy signal, it redials the customer's number until it connects. Rockwell Electronic Commerce is including the new patent in its patent-licensing program.

AVT Provides Support For Cisco CallManager
AVT Corporation, a provider of e-information exchange solutions, announced its CallXpress unified messaging solution now supports Cisco System's CallManager v3.01. CallXpress completed a comprehensive series of tests that resulted in the addition of the Cisco CallManager IP telephony solution to the company's portfolio of supported PBXs and IP telephony solutions. AVT said that support of Cisco's CallManager is an extension of its commitment to bring enhanced IP telephony applications to the market. This new support reduces the total cost of ownership for enterprises and brings the enhanced communications tools for mobile professionals to Cisco CallManager users.

Voice-Net Changes Name, Focus
Voice-Net announced its new identity as eGIX, a provider of integrated communication services to both wholesale and direct-to-customer markets. The name change reflects a transformation both for the company and the dynamic marketplace, where telecom providers are upgrading their services as convergent technologies strengthen and demand rises for unified messaging. The new name foreshadows several new product offerings from eGIX, in which messaging services (voice mail, fax and e-mail) converge with infrastructure, such as one-number phone connections, Internet services, high-speed DSL access, long-distance and local exchange services.

AT&T Invests In Speech Recognition Company
AT&T Corp. announced it has purchased a minority stake in SpeechWorks International Inc., a provider of voice recognition solutions. AT&T said that the investment is intended to improve its customer service and connect its business more closely to the Internet. The company has licensed SpeechWorks on a substantial number of its developing technologies with the goal of turning them into products for improving the customer experience. AT&T said it will also explore ways to incorporate its technologies into an Internet voice portal that delivers online content in voice rather than text.

Portal Connect Arises From EIS, Sets New Course
EIS International, Inc., a provider of telephony-based contact center technology, and parent company SER Systeme AG, a European supplier of document management systems and workflow solutions, announced a new corporate identity and strategic direction for EIS. The company name has been changed to Portal Connect, Inc. and will leverage EIS' telephony-based roots and SER's Internet, content analysis and process management technology to provide the market with turnkey business interaction portal (BIP) solutions. The new organization will be structured around two business units: the Portal Business Unit will spearhead the development of the organization's multichannel BIP solutions, while the Telephony Business Unit will enhance and support the organization's telephony-based contact center solutions. Portal Connect solutions will integrate the front office with the back office, and other enterprise systems, to expedite service and deliver a "one-call-does-it-all" transaction.

IEX Implements Customer Advocate Program
IEX, a Tekelec company and a provider of call center products, announced the implementation of a new customer advocate program. IEX customer advocates proactively develop close working relationships with customers through regularly scheduled contacts. Customer advocates also offer customers an alternative point of contact when they are unsure with whom they need to speak about an issue. In addition to directing them to the appropriate person, the advocate continues to act as a facilitator and liaison, assisting the customer in working with other departments, helping to ensure a satisfactory result and strengthening customer relationships. Customer advocate reports are reviewed regularly by IEX top-level management providing valuable insight on customer satisfaction levels as well as many other aspects of the company's services and products.

Software911 Launches NASA Technology Into Cyberspace
Software911, Inc., a provider of Web-based communication and knowledge management solutions for e-business, has adapted NASA technology to replicate human dialog online, enhancing customer service and support. Software911's eService Portals serve as a self-help inquiry management tool, aiding online sales support and customer service by making expert knowledge accessible to Web site visitors and knowledge workers. Based on a complex language called CLIPS, a full-scale, rules-based system engine (WEXpert) is used as the foundation for Software911's SuperFAQ. Originally developed by Michael Compton, senior technologist at Software911, WEXpert is an interactive online advisor accessible via the Web to multiple users. Compton previously worked at the Artificial Intelligence branch at NASA's Ames Research Center. Compton explained that "(U)sing NASA's CLIPS as a starting point, I developed a new rules-based system for the Internet (and) created a new programming language for CLIPS, similar to English, that negated the need for cryptic code, which was originally required by NASA. I built a system capable of retaining multiple user statuses, which enables one inference engine to be simultaneously engaged in multiple consultation sessions on the same subject." Software911's eService Portals are designed to assist enterprises to alleviate heavy loads of incoming e-mail and telephone calls. The portals organize knowledge-based information into FAQs, documents, pictures, audio and video clips for easy retrieval. Also, Software911 technology tracks and routes e-mail inquiries, converts e-mail answers into new FAQs or documents and enables management to accurately document how visitors are using a company's Web-centric knowledge base.

Vision Changes Identity And Focuses On Wireless Market
Vision Software Inc., a producer of software solutions for the public safety industry, renamed itself VisionAIR Inc. Seeking to capitalize on the growing mobile commerce market, VisionAIR said it will build on the wireless infrastructure it has developed for agencies and centers that deliver mission-critical data to law enforcement officials and emergency response teams. The company is beta testing its systems in several industries employing mobile workforces. VisionAIR will focus on developing an Internet-based suite of applications that facilitates the intelligent delivery of information to interactive devices, including smart phones, handheld computers, laptops, two-way pagers and other wireless equipment, and is pursuing strategic alliances in a number of vertical markets. VisionAIR also announced that Russell Akins, former vice president of applications for BellSouth Corporation, has joined the company as its new chief technology officer.

internationalnews.gif (1342 bytes)

CD&R, Cisco Gain Majority Stake In Italtel
Telecom Italia, an international telecommunication company, announced that an investor group led by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc. (CD&R) and Cisco Systems will purchase approximately 80 percent of Italtel, Telecom Italia's telecommunications switching equipment subsidiary. The investor group also includes Advent International and Brera Capital. Italtel will be an independent supplier of converged voice/data and network technology to provide integrated multiservice solutions to customers. The new owners plan to combine CD&R's business transformation experience and operating skills, Cisco's Internet communications technology expertise and Italtel's proven voice switching technologies and system integration expertise to accelerate the development of Italtel into a leading provider of network solutions for the convergence of voice, data and video to meet growing global demand. The rapid increase in transmission of data over voice lines in Europe has strained capacity and increased consumer interest in voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. Upon completion of the transaction, Charles P. Pieper, a principal of CD&R, will become chairman of Italtel. Prior to joining CD&R, Pieper was president and chief executive officer of General Electric's GE Lighting Europe. Giovanni Barbieri, chief executive officer of Italtel, will continue in his position. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2000.

TDS Enters Joint Venture In Japan
TeleDevelopment Services, Inc. (TDS), a U.S.-based call center and customer contact center consulting, training and recruiting company, joined with Telemarketing Japan, Inc. (TMJ), an outsource provider of customer contact and management services, to form TDS - Asia Pacific, Inc. The joint venture will be headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and will provide call center and customer contact center management consulting and training services to both native Japanese corporations and multinational companies with operations in Japan. Jon E. Kaplan, TDS' president and CEO, cited the fact that the Japanese market presents many opportunities for growth as the telephone and the Internet are becoming widely accepted mediums for conducting business transactions and communicating in general. He said that the Internet is rapidly changing how this traditional market does business.

Marconi Uses Magic For Workflow Management
Magic Software Enterprises, a provider of state-of-the-art development technology and business solutions, announced it has signed a deal with Marconi Mobile to implement Magic eService, Magic's entirely Web-based, enterprise-level customer service management system. Magic is working with its U.K-based Magic Solutions Partner e-Carisma to customize and install the solution across three divisions and 14 sites at Marconi. Marconi Mobile, a Marconi plc business and a provider of high-performance communications solutions for public and private networks, specializes in the design, development and integration of private mobile and strategic communications solutions. Among the workflow management needs being addressed are the ability to prioritize service requests and direct them to problem experts, time and level of service monitoring and management. The resultant customization of the eService system is intended to provide a service solution that is easily implemented, will streamline workflow and ensure continued customer and employee satisfaction.

Artisoft Signs OEM Agreement For Distribution In Europe
Artisoft, Inc., a manufacturer of computer-telephony and communications software solutions for small-to medium-size businesses, announced that it has expanded its strategic partnership with ALR, Inc., a wholesaler of information technology components and provider of systems integration based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Under an OEM agreement, ALR will distribute Artisoft's TeleVantage software-PBX in the Swiss and German markets. Under the terms of the agreement, ALR will base its TeleVation product offering on Artisoft's TeleVantage, and will buy a significant initial volume purchase of licenses. ALR had previously sold the product under the TeleVantage brand name. ALR TeleVation, the first Windows-NT/2000 server-based phone system in Swiss and German markets, debuted in March of this year.

Lightning Rod Conducts Alliance In South Africa
Lightning Rod Software, Inc., a provider of real-time customer interaction solutions for e-businesses, announced a business alliance agreement with ATIO Corporation Pty LTD. Under the agreement, ATIO has the exclusive right to sell, upgrade and support Lightning Rod Interaction Manager in sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa. ATIO is an independent IT solutions and services provider based in South Africa with an exclusive focus on the African market. Among ATIO's client base are customers in the automotive, telecommunications and banking industries. Lightning Rod said that the partnership will enable it to address the increasing global demand for customer interaction solutions and help it gain a larger share of the customer interaction and loyalty markets.

Telekom Austria Taps APEX/Cisco Solution To Improve Customer Service
APEX Voice Communications announced that Telekom Austria has chosen an APEX/Cisco solution for its Intelligent Multimedia IP (Internet Protocol) Contact Center. The solution, designed to allow the contact center to provide state-of-the-art directory assistance and improved customer care services, consists of APEX Switch Managers, the Cisco Network Applications Manager (NAM) component of the Cisco customer contact software platform and Cisco VCO/4K switches. Through its integration with Cisco NAM, the APEX Switch Manager will act as an Intelligent Peripheral/Network Interactive Voice Response (NIVR) system within the Telekom Austria network, providing network announcement services, network queuing, DTMF digit collection and toll-free call holding and switching.

KnowEx Netalone In Hong Kong
KnowEx Solutions, Inc., a supplier of advanced eCRM solutions, announced a partnership with Netalone.com Limited, a full-service ASP and manager of vertical e-commerce and content portals in Hong Kong. Netalone.com will offer KnowEx 2.5, an enterprise-level customer service application, to its e-commerce customers. KnowEx said this positions it to expand its solutions offerings in Asia.


CTS announced the spin-off of its call center/contact center division as CONNECTEL Communications. Concurrent to the spin-off, a new Web site has been launched at www.connectel.com containing detailed descriptions of CONNECTEL's various outsourced call center services, which include interactive media such as live chat, co-browsing, file and image sharing, white boarding and form sharing.

MessageMedia Opens Chicago Sales Office
MessageMedia Inc., a strategic messaging solutions and services provider, announced that it opened a sales and support office in Chicago to further strengthen its presence in the domestic marketplace and to better support its rapid sales growth in the Midwest. The company said a regional sales presence is an element of its domestic growth strategy. MessageMedia already has a regional office in New York and has plans to open a San Francisco regional office in the third quarter of 2000.

Convergys Occupies Ft. Pierce
Convergys Corporation, a furnisher of outsourced, integrated billing and customer care services, announced plans to open a contact center in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Convergys expects to create approximately 1,000 jobs and operate 500 Web-enabled workstations in the 56,000 square-foot facility scheduled to open this month. The majority of new jobs created in Ft. Pierce will be for technical support and customer service representatives to handle incoming telephone inquiries, troubleshoot hardware and software issues by telephone, provide e-mail support and manage customer relationships for a manufacturer of personal computers. This latest Florida site is in addition to the company's facilities in Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Orlando. Convergys operates 41 contact centers and two data centers throughout the U.S., Canada, Israel and in Europe.

TCIM Opens In Paris
TCIM, a provider of outsourced teleservices and direct marketing support services, recently opened its 13th call center. The Paris, Texas facility employs about 200 people with anticipated growth to 500 employees. Utilizing Lucent switching technology for inbound call processing and Genesys software technology for interactive customer support, the center offers outbound and inbound teleservices and customer service as well as Internet connectivity for e-mail handling and customer service.

strategicalliances.gif (1417 bytes)

Cisco, IBM Announce European Agreement
Cisco Systems, Inc. and IBM announced a European technology and services initiative to jointly provide a comprehensive eCRM infrastructure. The new infrastructure is expected to help businesses make effective use of IT capabilities to build, manage and improve customer relationships in an increasingly competitive e-business environment. The initiative further extends the IBM/Cisco strategic alliance and represents the first of a series of joint business ventures. A major part of the initiative is the integration of both companies' CRM software products and the combination of Cisco's infrastructure solutions and IBM's servers and middleware. IBM's Global Services team will manage the Cisco/IBM solution and will work with customers to design, manage and implement CRM projects. Additionally, a joint European CRM facility was created in Weybridge, U.K. The center demonstrates the companies' complementary skills and products, particularly IP-enabled converged business applications that allow customers to build contact centers based on Internet Protocol and facilitates increased productivity.

Sagent And ESRI Ally To Offer Real-Time Web Access To Customer Information
Sagent Technology Inc., a provider of real-time e-business intelligence solutions, announced a strategic partnership with ESRI, a supplier of geographic information systems (GIS) software, to deliver real-time access to third-party content using Centrus Real-Time, Sagent's Web-based information service. The integration of Sagent's service into ESRI's business applications is expected to enable ESRI's customers to improve customer service and reduce costs using accurate customer information to conduct precise market analysis. Sagent said it will also reduce the cost and time involved in "start-to-finish" GIS projects that use spatial components, such as street addresses, ZIP codes, product registration codes and geographic coordinates. This will enable ESRI customers to improve their cross-sell and upsell campaigns, one-to-one marketing and direct marketing programs. The Sagent solution allows businesses to collect and analyze customer and operational data from existing systems and to incorporate the most current geographic, business-to-business and demographic information from third-party content providers in real-time. This information is then made available over the Web via a secure connection to create one-to-one marketing campaigns, identify profitable sales opportunities and improve operational efficiencies.

Chordiant And MarketFirst Ink Partnership Agreement
Chordiant Software, Inc., a provider of e-business infrastructure software for customer interaction, has formed an alliance with MarketFirst, a Web-based e-marketing solutions provider. The goal of the agreement is to provide customers with the ability to combine customized interactive marketing campaigns with customer interaction activity across multiple communication channels, including the Web, e-mail, fax, telephone, retail point of purchase branches and WAP-enabled devices. Both companies believe that enterprises that implement their combined solution will be able to present more personalized offers, present offers more timely and deliver a unique selling proposition during each interaction. Both agree that this allows e-businesses to increase their opportunities to enhance customer loyalty and retention, and increase sales and improve customer lifetime value.

SBC Distributes Locus' SpeechPortal Platform
Locus Dialogue Inc., a developer of speech recognition solutions, signed an agreement with SBC Communications Inc., a provider of data communications, for distribution of the Liaison module of the Locus Dialogue SpeechPortal platform. A scalable and multilingual speech recognition solution, typical applications of the Liaison solution include 'front-end' automated call direction, speech-activated internal directories, call center routing, speech-activated dialing and the provision of self-service information. The solution is compatible with both digital and analog telephony systems. SBC's subsidiaries provide local and long-distance phone service, wireless and data communications, paging, high-speed Internet access and messaging, cable and satellite television, security services and telecommunications equipment, as well as directory advertising and publishing. The companies expect the partnership to enhance SBC's communications solutions to its business customers and provide Locus Dialogue with access and visibility in key U.S. markets.

Cell-Loc And InfoSpace Team For Location-Based Services
Cell-Loc Inc., a wireless location-based services provider, entered into an agreement with InfoSpace, Inc., an Internet information infrastructure services company. Under the agreement, the companies will integrate Cell-Loc's wireless location-sensitive technology with InfoSpace's integrated suite of e-commerce, communication and information services. The aim is to enable delivery of services that are customized to a wireless device user's exact geographical location, including traffic reports, directions, comparison shopping, promotions from local merchants and local news and information.

BoldFish And Banter Offer Online Communications Solution
BoldFish, Inc., a developer of an outbound software platform for high-volume e-mail distribution, and Banter Inc., a provider of online customer care systems, announced a partnership offering an online communications solution for outbound and inbound customer communications. The partnership combines complementary solutions offering customers a channel for personalized, large-volume communication without overwhelming customer service groups. The combined solutions are designed to address the transmission of personalized messages that are merged with customer data that typically overloads SMTP servers and routing inbound traffic quickly and precisely when customer response is high or includes a free-form request. The companies said their solution will enable large companies to reply to individual responses automatically or route to the right person so that customers will get the information they need more quickly and accurately.

FirePond And Cognos Partner For Interactive Selling Platform
FirePond, Inc., a vendor of integrated e-business solutions for multichannel selling, announced a partnership with Cognos Inc., a provider of business intelligence solutions and services. The partnership expects to furnish joint customers with a comprehensive interactive selling platform for business-to-business e-commerce, incorporating end-to-end enterprise business intelligence capabilities and supporting multichannel sales and marketing strategies. FirePond's Application Suite is used to create a personalized experience for each online customer and share the information gathered from that interaction throughout the company. Cognos' business intelligence solutions are used to coordinate decisions across the extended enterprise. The companies said their complementary technologies are intended to enable companies to implement and better manage e-business initiatives across both e-commerce and traditional sales channels.

WhiteCross, British Telecom Reach Accord For Data Analysis
WhiteCross Systems, a provider of large-scale data analysis via the application service provider (ASP) model, announced a two-year agreement with British Telecommunications plc (BT) in which WhiteCross will leverage its WX/ASP Service to host BT's data analysis and perform a regular series of ongoing, complex analyses. WhiteCross will help BT identify and address business challenges in areas such as pricing and market segmentation. The WX/ASP is a complete service that provides software, servers and services to perform extremely fast recalculation on detailed historical usage data.

Naviant Converges With Convergys For Enhanced CRM
Naviant Marketing Solutions, Inc., a provider of marketing solutions to Web advertisers, Web publishers and consumer marketers, and Convergys Corporation, a provider of outsourced, integrated, billing and customer care services, entered into a contract and alliance. Under the agreement Naviant will provide additional capabilities in the development of Convergys' CRM suite of services and products. Convergys will also offer other Naviant-targeted Internet solutions to its clients, such as its suite of list services and targeting products, providing Naviant with a new channel of distribution for its products and services. Naviant is now supporting Convergys' Smart Contact System that customizes the end user's experience within both traditional teleservices and customer service call center channels as well as Internet channels. Through a Smart Contact Data Warehouse designed and built by Naviant, Convergys will be able to predict and profile customer behaviors, identify their propensity to buy and target individual treatment of each customer when they communicate with the contact center. As a result, Convergys is transforming its 41 call centers into customer relationship-driven contact centers.

Artisoft, Hall-Mark, Compaq And Dialogic Team For CTI Solution
Artisoft, Inc. and Hall-Mark Integrated Solutions (HMIS), an electronic components and computer product distribution company, announced a marketing alliance with Dialogic, an Intel Company, and Compaq Computer Corporation to deliver an integrated, channel-ready computer-telephony solution for small- to medium-sized businesses and corporate branch offices. This solution combines the intelligence of Artisoft's TeleVantage software-based phone system, open system hardware components from Dialogic and the strength and reliability of Compaq's ProLiant family of Windows NT/2000-based servers. The agreement is intended for providing resellers and customers with a turnkey computer-telephony solution that is easy to install, maintain, upgrade and integrate with other business communications solutions. The bundled solution will be available this quarter through Hall-Mark's network of value-added resellers (VARs) as well as existing TeleVantage and Compaq dealers. The four companies will provide joint channel development, technical training, high-level system integration services and financial and marketing programs designed to help data networking and telephony VARs grow their businesses. By bundling TeleVantage's open, standards-based architecture with Compaq's ProLiant servers, VARs can offer their customers a complete solution with the advantages of low total cost of ownership, increased flexibility and scalability, and simplified training and support.

GoAmerica With Plan B For Wireless Internet Services
Plan B Communications, a provider of integrated voice, data and Internet services for business customers, announced an agreement with GoAmerica Communications to offer wireless services and products to corporate customers. The alliance marks Plan B Communications' entry into the wireless arena and will allow the company to add remote Internet access capabilities to the comprehensive suite of communications services and management tools it offers to small and medium-sized businesses. Corporate customers who sign on for wireless service will be able to receive and respond to e-mail, browse the Web and access corporate data remotely, using a variety of hand-held devices such as two-way pagers and PDAs. GoAmerica's Go.Web technology compresses Internet data, giving users real-time access to corporate e-mail, business information and Web content including financial news, sports, weather and travel updates.

Apropos And Primus Deliver Multichannel eCRM Solution
Apropos Technology Inc., a supplier of multimedia interaction management solutions for e-business applications, and Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc., a provider of eCRM software, announced a strategic alliance agreement under which the companies will jointly market each other's products. Apropos' Total Interaction Management solution combined with Primus eServer and Primus eSupport are expected to provide a solution that furnishes customers with accurate and timely self-service options, and enables businesses to effectively manage "assisted service" customer interactions across multiple communication channels through a single visual multimedia queue.

Kovair Clicks On NaviSite For Hosting Customer Relationship Platform
Kovair Inc., a maker of Web-based CRM solutions for mid- to large-size companies, announced an alliance with NaviSite, Inc., a provider of managed application hosting services. Kovair will leverage NaviSite's hosting services to offer its comprehensive, Web-based business-to-business relationship management platform, VIPCenter. The solution is meant to provide one-stop access for strategic accounts and partners to conduct business. Kovair said that, by delivering the solution through NaviSite's ASP services, companies need not rely on an IT department to set up the customer Extranet; a sales account representative can set one up in a few minutes. It said that the Web-optimized technology enables this level of simplicity and offers its clients an almost immediate time-to-market.

BROKAT And Nortel Ally For Joint Solutions Offering
BROKAT Infosystems AG, a leading supplier of software solutions for secure e-banking and e-business, and Nortel Networks Inc., a provider of telephony, data, e-business and wireless solutions for the Internet, signed a strategic agreement. The companies will provide joint solutions, including BROKAT's Twister e-services platform and Nortel Networks' Periphonics Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, for integrating the telephone with the Internet for Web-based customer self-service. By implementing the solutions on one platform, the companies aim to make it possible to apply common application logic for both service channels. This should result in high flexibility and savings in the deployment and maintenance of the application. The alliance is expected to allow both companies to leverage existing relationships to pursue broader business opportunities, given the complementary technologies involved, and provide comprehensive, customer-centric e-business solutions.

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