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August 1999

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PriceInteractive Launches Anti-Slamming Service
PriceInteractive has introduced a third-party verification solution that "double checks" a customer's carrier change order. This enhanced verification service combines both advanced speech recognition and human verification at a lower cost of currently available services, according to the company. Third-party verification was designed to resolve the longstanding slamming issues and reduce additional cost to carriers, consumers and stockholders. The requirement for third-party verification is projected to increase exponentially for the local, cable and public utility markets as deregulation potentially brings slamming to these other industries.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Centralized Marketing Company Introduces Web-Based Training Packages
Centralized Marketing Company (CMC) has launched a new video-assisted and Web-based training program for call center employees. The new packages introduce Performance Maximization Training for Reps and Web-Based Training for Performance Proficiency, a family of compatible products that features "Genie & the Phone Phanatics," a New York-based comedy team performing as fictional call center reps in need of training assistance. By combining entertaining and engaging classroom training with a technology-based certification tool, these interactive products are designed to enable companies to experience triple retention: learning retention beyond that of conventional training, employee retention and customer retention.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

TeleSystems Announces Data Base Marketing Tool
TeleSystems Marketing, a provider of client notification services, has announced the Ultimate Sales Strategy, a solution for database marketing. By using a customized combination of client notification services such as fax broadcasting, e-mail broadcasting, voice broadcasting and live telemarketing, TeleSystems Marketing can help maximize the exposure of a company's products or services to the public in the least amount of time. TeleSystems can analyze a client's database and target markets as well as custom build the Ultimate Sales Strategy that fits a particular market. TeleSystems also specializes in building databases for clients that do not have one of their own. The company will contact persons or companies that fit within the client's universe of contacts and get information such as the proper contact person, extensions, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Franklin Telecom Introduces New Data Voice Gateway
Franklin Telecom has introduced the Breeze Data Voice Gateway (DVG) product, a new two-port addition to Franklin's Bell Weather Gateway family. Like the Tempest Data Voice Gateway, the Breeze offers advanced voice compression, T.38 relay fax features, as well as a Windows-based graphical user interface to enable rapid installation and configuration. The Breeze, which is smaller than a typical desktop modem, can accommodate either telephone company central office lines, single line telephone sets, fax machines, PBX extensions or any combination of these lines and devices. The product bundles a WAN connection, basic rate interface or Ethernet port with an internal router, eliminating external add-on routers.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

LeFort Group Launches Furniture Rental Service
LeFort Group, Inc. has introduced its new service, Station Rent. Station Rent allows clients to rent call center furniture for six, twelve or twenty-four months depending on need. The program was designed for smaller start-up companies faced with staffing and technology costs and larger companies implementing short-terms projects and applications.
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Computer Network Technology Announces Enterprise/Access 2000
Computer Network Technology (CNT) has introduced Enterprise/Access 2000, the next generation of the company's EAI server that links legacy enterprise applications with new customer relationship management, e-commerce and enterprise resource planning applications. Whether these newly deployed systems are custom or packaged, Enterprise/Access extends their reach to a variety of host-based systems. Enterprise/Access 2000 embraces Java and includes a new "zero coding" legacy systems modeling tool that sets a new standard in legacy EAI, an area that has typically involved significant programming investment.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

prairieFyre Introduces CyberACD
prairieFyre has announced availability of its newest product, CyberACD, a Web-based call center management product for the Mitel SX-2000 and SX-200. CyberACD leverages the benefits of the Microsoft Distributed Internet Applications (DNA) architecture. The product allows call center managers to generate reports, view real-time displays of agents and call processing, perform forecasting and workforce management functions and control reader boards from anywhere in the world. Security is performed under the standard Windows NT domain. As each product is a network version with unlimited clients, there are no extra costs involved when a call center requires more supervisors to administer the call center.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Judy Lanier Training & Consulting Offers Training Series
Judy Lanier Training & Consulting has engineered a new training service that can be tailored to call centers entitled "Lunch & Learn Series." Research conducted by the company has evidenced that adult learners respond better to a 45 to 90 minute session than a full day of training. The Lunch & Learn series was designed to provide companies with an easy and cost-effective way to train employees with relevant content in an attention-holding manner. The series contains PowerPoint slides, teaching modules, participant handouts, audience activities and supplemental resources. Modules can be customized to fit a company's business needs.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

OneLink Announces Business Intelligence Enhanced Service
OneLink Communications, Inc. has announced TeleSmart Packaged, a service designed and priced as a competitive differentiating customer acquisition and retention offering for telecom providers to integrate with existing enhanced services. TeleSmart Packaged is an outsourced, value-added service that carriers can bring to the business market. It converts customers' raw telecom data into business intelligence for enhancing customer service, improving operational efficiencies and increasing profits. The service provides businesses with detailed, visual reports that provide analysis of business trends and show where and when calls are received geographically, when a busy signal is received, if calls go unanswered and more.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Advanced Internet Messaging Product Marks Company's Debut
OfficeDomain, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based startup, has brought to market an Internet messaging portal to compete with traditional portals, telephone companies and other communications providers. MessageASAP, the company's first product, targets e-mail, voice mail and fax messaging in conjunction with Internet access. The product, a software and Internet service combination, is a free product available at www.OfficeDomain.com. The product is designed to be especially useful for mobile, small office and home office professionals needing fast access to messages. It was designed to offer an efficient and cost-effective way to review and respond to messages via any PC with Internet access or by telephone. Portal access allows registered users to execute a variety of message management functions from any location without changing any current message access elements.
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Compaq Targets Network Services With New Integrated Program
Compaq Computer Corporation has added another component to its NonStop eBusiness Solutions strategy. Called Integrity .4.net Solutions, the program integrates and extends Compaq's capabilities for delivering network-based solutions, particularly those that converge voice and data on Internet-based networks. Communications service providers, cable operators, network equipment providers, Internet service providers, value-added resellers and independent software vendors can all benefit from the solutions-oriented approach. Products under the Integrity .4.net Solutions banner include the Intelligent Network Server (INS) Toolset, Integrity Internet Enhanced Services Platform and the Integrity XC Reliable Signaling Element for SS7 solutions.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

TCSI Unveils Catalant Network Management
TCSI Corporation has unveiled Catalant, a network management product specifically designed to deliver management solutions for next generation network products. The product allows telecom equipment vendors to preconfigure different management functions for each new network component on a common platform and at a reduced investment than that needed by traditional OSS development efforts. Catalant has a plug-and-play architecture, prebuilt application components and a rapid deployment program called QuickStart. The product allows users to focus on their core business by providing a comprehensive, out-of-the-box feature set including fault, configuration, provisioning and performance management, all designed to integrate into the carrier's operations support systems.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

telecom technologies Announces Availability Of INtelligentACD
telecom technologies has announced the availability of INtelligentACD, a carrier-centric automatic call distribution system for operator services and large, network-based call center applications. The product was designed to be suitable for emerging and incumbent carriers as well as vendors seeking a cost-effective automatic call routing system that enables providers to offer value-added services to customers. INtelligentACD can be configured for an application with as few as 20 operator positions to one that has more than 1,000. Some features include release link trunk capability, call detail recording, as well as flexible, skills-based agent queuing and routing.
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Teradyne Launches 4TEL II UserLink Platform
To further support the advancement of local exchange carriers' network operations, Teradyne, Inc. has introduced UserLink, the third platform of its 4TEL III Access Network Maintenance System. UserLink is a software and hardware platform using expert systems technology to increase the effectiveness of interactions between calling customers and call center representatives for voice and data (Internet/bandwidth) calls. The first application of the UserLink platform is Advisor for Guided Fault Isolation and Guided Repair on ISDN and POTS voice services. Through this application, UserLink guides customer service representatives to isolate faults in the access network and determine the appropriate next steps while online and interacting with the calling customer.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Vodavi Delivers STARPLUS 2700
Vodavi has announced the introduction of its STARPLUS 2700 series of business telephones. The 2700 Series, comprised of five separate telephone models, provides businesses looking for affordable one- and two-line commercial telephones with a newer, compact design. The successor to the STARPLUS 2600 series, the 2700 series is compatible with nearly any key telephone system, PBX or Centrex service. Features of the new series include handset volume button, single data jack, message wait lamp, 48-digit redial button, flash button, desk/wall mount options and ringer control switch.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Mosaix Launches High Security Into The Call Center
Mosaix, Inc. has announced the launch of its Mosaix Predictive Dialing System version 11.0. The system was designed to offer large outbound call centers a C2 secure, CRM-enabled predictive dialing system. The system includes a "trusted" C2-level security compliance. A designation of C-2-level trusted means the system meets or exceeds the government security standards initially developed for military computer systems. To achieve this level of security, the system provides individual user identification, prevention of deleted object recovery or reuse, administrative audit trail, object and process protection and complete documentation.
No. 526, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

pc-plus Management Information System Offers New Reporting Features
pc-plus developers have created an updated version of their Management Information System (MIS). The new software provides statistics to support billing, invoice verification, workforce management and service quality maintenance. The updated MIS 5.20 system offers inbound and outbound traffic gateway statistics, which provides telcos the necessary information needed to bill companies for use of their databases and proof invoices received for accessing external databases. The MIS also includes a CTI statistic package which submits figures regarding all services connected with CTI switch technology, including total program usage and customer wait and handling times. A transaction statistic package is also included in the program.
No. 527, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Great Elk Introduces Hosted Internet-Based CRM Service
The Great Elk Company has announced the launch of splash-net, a new division offering a fully functional, Web-based CRM solution for less than the monthly cost of running a cell phone. splashnet was designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized companies unable to invest the financial and technical resources normally required to implement serious CRM solutions. splashnet allows corporations to lease space on the Web, connect all of their CRM users and begin building a comprehensive, secure "information asset." The information provided and collected can include all customer contacts, opportunities, forecasts, problem reports and task management.
No. 528, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Viking Introduces New Automated Attendant
Viking Electronics has introduced an affordable, user-friendly automated attendant that answers incoming calls and allows the caller to self-direct his or her call to the desired extension or department using a touch-tone phone. Viking Model ACA-1A was designed to increase call-processing capacity by answering on, or during, the first ring. It will automatically adjust the announcement cycle to the message length and provide instant "rewind" for the next announcement. The ACA-1A is a single-port auto attendant with a user-recordable digital voice announcer and non-volatile memory. It will answer up to four inbound calls per minute, allowing callers to reach up to nine departments by entering in a single-digit speed dial access number. Units may be stacked for larger capacity needs.
No. 529, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

ELAN INFORMATIQUE Adds To Its Text-To-Speech Product Line
ELAN INFORMATIQUE, a French provider of text-to-speech technology, has recently launched two new products: Dagmar, its new German voice, and a new Brazilian Portuguese version. Both systems allow for the development of applications for e-mail reading over the phone, talking Web pages, vehicle navigation systems and other applications. ELAN TTS translates any text into speech, reading IT-generated texts aloud with the flexibility of natural-sounding speech. Dagmar was created in connection with ETeX, the company's partner and distributor in Germany. The Brazilian Portuguese TTS, when combined with the company's Spanish version, gives the user access to all the countries of Latin America. It was created through a collaboration between ELAN and the CPqD Foundation.
No. 530, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Locus Dialogue Launches Directory Interface Feature For Liaison
Locus Dialogue, Inc. has announced its Directory Interface feature for Liaison, The Corporate Speech Recognition Solution, that is designed to increase knowledge workers' productivity by offering callers speech-enabled access to information and individuals. The option can help companies simplify voice-activated dialing as well as reduce system administration by automating updates to corporate as well as personal directories. To support this feature, Locus is launching a directory interface certification program. The company will certify key suppliers of directory and contact management software to implement interfaces with the Liaison Directory. The Liaison Directory Interface will be offered in two options: The Liaison Corporate Directory, which offers an open standard for connecting with corporate telecom management software, and The Liaison Personal Directory option, which provides a way to synchronize an individual's contact lists with their private voice-activated dialers.
No. 531, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

EMS Introduces SpeechACCESS
Enterprise Messaging Services, Inc. has announced SpeechACCESS, a new IVR speech recognition system that enables two-way telephone communication between people and computers using natural language. SpeechACCESS is a Windows-based system that provides continuous conversational human speech, making it possible for organizations to communicate more easily and efficiently with their customers and employees. The product is speaker-independent, has an extensive vocabulary potential and can perform complex voice interactions. SpeechACCESS can also serve as a front-end application for calls requiring human intervention, gathering preliminary information and then fielding the call to the appropriate sales or customer service representatives.
No. 532, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Iwatsu Releases AccuCall Pro Call Accounting Program
Iwatsu America has announced the release of AccuCall Pro, a call accounting system for the ADIX platform of digital telecommunications systems. AccuCall Pro uses call activity information from the ADIX to monitor system usage and create reports that show call costs, system abuse or any abandoned calls. AccuCall Pro's real-time monitoring feature displays call activity on-screen as it occurs. Information such as station extensions, department groups, trunks, abandoned calls and call costs is automatically saved in a database every 15 minutes. The database can be accessed at any time to create summary or detailed reports on call activity.
No. 533, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

Information Advantage Releases MyEureka! For Remedy
Information Advantage, Inc. has announced the availability of MyEureka! For Remedy, a portal-based reporting solution for users of Remedy's Action Request System (AR System). The solution combines reporting software and a trained consulting staff to assist organizations with the deployment. MyEureka! For Remedy is the second in a series of application-specific reporting solutions that Information Advantage plans to release throughout 1999 and is an approved reporting solution for Remedy's AR System, an adaptable enterprise solution that serves as the foundation for all of Remedy's applications, including its Remedy Help Desk application. The solution includes a series of custom report templates designed to make it easy for non-technical users to report on important customer service metrics like average resolution time, average response time to inquiries, first call closure rates and tracking against service level agreements.
No. 534, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo 

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Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing has announced the promotion of Leslie Archey to vice president of retail sales. Archey will be responsible for new business development and act as the primary liaison between the company's retail sales organization in Cincinnati and its creative agency, Harte-Hanks Direct, located in New York City.

Williams Communications Solutions has named Patti Schmigle executive president and chief operations officer. Schmigle will oversee field operations and customer services and the company's national technical resource center at its Houston headquarters. Additionally, Williams has appointed Dan Miller vice president of finance and administration and chief financial officer. Miller was formerly corporate controller at Ericsson Inc.

Roy Wilkens has joined the board of Williams Communications Group, Inc., a unit of Williams. Wilkens was the first president of WilTel (formerly Williams Telecommunications, Inc.) and served on the National Security Telecommunications Advisory council, to which he was appointed by President George Bush. He also served as chairman of the Competitive Telecommunications Association and of the National Telecommunications Network. Additionally, Williams Communications Group, Inc. has appointed Scott Schubert senior vice president and chief financial officer. Schubert joins the company from BP Amoco.

Easyphone has announced the promotion of Peter Kenyon to chief operating officer and the appointment of Kelly Bevan to vice president, global marketing. Kenyon formerly served as president of North American operations. Bevan most recently served as vice president of marketing at Melita International.

NightFire Software has named Jerry Rudisin president and CEO. Rudisin joins NightFire from Rational Software Corporation, a supplier of software development solutions.

Witness Systems has announced the appointment of Doug Gisby as chief technical officer. Gisby will manage all product development initiatives for the organization. He joins the company from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.

Unisource Network Services, Inc. has hired Dale Chellis as regional vice president for its Chicago office. In his new position, Chellis will be responsible for overseeing the technology staff, developing and implementing overall corporate strategy and managing client relations and sales to provide Midwest entities with implementation of consulting services.

Locus Dialogue has appointed Mary Dunlop president and chief executive officer. Dunlop formerly served as vice president and general manager of Nortel Networks Global Call Center business.

Eloquent, Inc. has announced the appointment of John Curson to chief financial officer. Curson, who joins the company from Truevision, will play a role in management and guidance of Eloquent's finance and legal organizations.

Andrew "Flip" Filipowski, former founder, president, chairman and CEO of PLATINUM technology, inc., has joined Bluestone Software Inc.'s board of directors. Filipowski currently serves as president, chairman and CEO of divine interVentures.

Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. has announced the promotion of Brian K. Johnson to senior vice president and general manager of business markets. In his new role, Johnson will assume end-to-end responsibility over sales, installation and service of the company's business market offerings.

APAC Customer Services, a provider of outsourced customer care programs, has named Brad Harslem senior vice president and chief financial officer. Harslem joins the company from ITI Marketing Services, which merged with APAC in May 1998.

Joe Davis has been appointed vice president and general manager of Remedy's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) division. Davis will oversee all aspects of product development and marketing for the Remedy Customer Relationship Management Solutions product line.

Lante Corporation as announced the addition of Judith Hamilton, president and CEO of Classroom Connect, to its board. Hamilton has formerly served in executive management positions at Dataquest, Inc. and First Floor, Inc.

Naviant Technology Solutions has announced the expansion of its management team with the appointments of John Gregitis as vice president of sales and Geof Rochester as vice president of marketing. Gregitis, who will be responsible for Naviant's current and future partnerships as well as its direct sales initiatives, comes to the company from PTS Learning Systems. Rochester, who will spearhead Naviant's marketing efforts, was formerly senior vice president of sales and marketing at Comcast Cable Communicatons.

Mickey Diamond has been named executive vice president of TeleSTAR Marketing, Inc., an inbound/outbound teleservices company. Diamond formerly served as vice president of operations for the company.

Ivan Hodac, senior vice president and head of Time Warner's Europe office, was nominated chairman of FEDMA (Federation of European Direct Marketing) by the board. Hodac served two years as vice chair of FEDMA and was involved in the merger of EDMA and FEDIM, which led to FEDMA's creation in 1997. He has previously served as secretary general of IFMA/IMACE, a worldwide and EC trade association.

Kelly Campbell has assumed the role of president of Interface Technologies, Inc. Campbell succeeds Marshall Brain, who stepped down as president on July 1 1999. Campbell is a co-founder of Interface Technologies and formerly served as director of software development.

Quintus Corporation has announced the appointment of John Burke, former executive president of SAP America, to president of Quintus. Burke will assume direct responsibility for Quintus' worldwide sales, marketing, customer service and professional services activities.

Ericsson has announced the appointment of Kurt Hellstr�m as president of the company. Hellstr�m was formerly executive vice president, Asia Pacific, for the company. Additionally, Lars Ramqvuist, who is currently chairman of the board, has been appointed chief executive officer. The two appointments are in response to the resignation of Sven-Christer Nilsson, former president and CEO.

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Cerebellum Software Acquires OPSoft Technologies
Cerebellum Software, Inc., a developer and marketer of application development platforms based on data independence, has acquired Pittsburgh-based OPSoft Technologies to develop a channel sales group for marketing the Cerebellum product through strategic partnerships. OPSoft's president, Susan Parker, will lead Cerebellum's new department as vice president of channel sales and the company's employees will join those of Cerebellum at its Pittsburgh headquarters. Cerebellum announced its first strategic partnership with Keane, Inc. earlier in the year.

Unisys To Acquire PulsePoint Communication
Unisys Corporation and PulsePoint Communications have announced an agreement for Unisys to acquire PulsePoint, a developer of carrier-class enhanced services solutions for the communications industry, in a tax-free, stock-for-stock merger. PulsePoint has developed a "next generation" messaging platform based on Microsoft Windows NT Server and an open-standards architecture to provide carrier-class performance. Unisys will use the PulsePoint solutions as multimedia messaging solutions designed for new-breed communications services providers who are emerging as a result of telecommunications industry deregulation worldwide and leveraging the convergence of voice and data networking.

Euro909.com Acquires NetP@rtner Ltd.
Euro909.com, formerly known as Telepartner A/S, has acquired U.K.-based NetP@rtner, a domain name registrar and distributor of Internet and software solutions including the Net Nanny series of filtering products. Euro909.com is a Danish holding company which operates as an Internet solutions integrator, ISP and telecommunications company providing services and products to businesses and consumers in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. The intent of the acquisition is to enable Euro909.com to branch its market into greater Europe through the use of NetP@rtner's U.K.-based sales and marketing teams. NetP@rtner will be renamed Euro909.com but will remain based in the U.K.

ECI Telecom Signs Memo Of Understanding With Lipman Electronic
ECI Telecom Ltd. has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Israel-based Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd. to consolidate the transaction activities of the two companies. Under the terms of the MOU, ECI Telecom will receive 16 percent of Lipman shares in exchange for ECI Telecom's transaction transmission business, located primarily in Calabasas, California. The MOU includes an option for ECI to purchase up to 8.9 percent additional shares from Lipman upon execution of a definitive agreement by the companies, targeted 30 days from the date of the MOU. The companies will agree on ways and means of allowing Lipman to have use of ECI's worldwide offices and facilities in order to facilitate Lipman's marketing of its products.

Cortelco Systems Announces Merger With BCS Technologies
Cortelco Systems has announced that it has merged with BCS Technologies. As of the completion of the merger, the new enterprise is operating under the name of Cortelco Systems, Inc. The company offers a range of voice telephony products to provide comprehensive, cost-effective communications capabilities for small- and medium-sized installations in selected vertical markets. Cortelco designs and develops the Millennium Digital Communications Platform, a flexible communications system that provides traditional PBX functions with inherent ACD capabilities, as well as performs data, IP and wireless telephony applications. BCS Technologies, will continue to design and develop the DSP Series digital switching platform as a subsidiary of Cortelco Systems. The DSP Series performs ACD operations with full PBX capabilities and is sold directly to call center users with up to 500 agents. It supports a suite of CTI applications and customer call center management and reporting packages, as well as routing parameters, skills-based routing and intelligent announcements.

Harte-Hanks Acquires LYNQS Newmedia
Harte-Hanks, Inc. has announced the acquisition of LYNQS Newmedia, a developer of Internet and Intranet applications for the financial services, pharmaceutical and other industries. LYNQS will become part of Harte-Hanks Interactive, a full-service interactive division formed by Harte-Hanks in April 1999. LYNQS' operations will remain in the Kansas City area and eventually move to Harte-Hanks' new facility in Lenexa, Kansas. Harte-Hanks is an international direct marketing company that provides coordinated and integrated direct marketing services including response management, database marketing and marketing services. The acquisition of LYNQS will allow Harte-Hanks to provide services to its customers at the Internet/Intranet levels.

Tellabs To Acquire NetCore Systems
Tellabs and NetCore Systems have announced an agreement under which Tellabs will acquire NetCore, a developer of carrier-class IP routing and ATM switching solutions for the new public network. The acquisition of the privately held NetCore will accelerate Tellabs' ability to help service providers build the new public network � a next-generation, multiservice network that integrates data, voice and video. NetCore's Everest Integrated Switch combines IP routing and ATM switching into a single multilayer device. The intent is a reduction of cost and complexity to enable carriers to provide Internet, virtual private network (VPN) and other services on a single platform. NetCore's technology will complement Tellabs' line of optical networking, managed access and transport systems to accelerate delivery of a range of multiservice IP- and ATM-based solutions.

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Periphonics Joins Sun Microsystems' Java Initiative
Periphonics Corporation has joined the Java APIs for Integrated Networks (JAIN) initiative led by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Periphonics, whose Voice Processing Series is built on a Sun-based platform that supports a suite of Periphonics-developed GUI tools designed with the Solaris operating environment, has joined the consortium in support of Sun's development of standardized Java interfaces for third-party service creation of integrated PSTN packet (e.g., IP or ATM) and wireless networks. JAIN is a telecom industry framework, based on Sun's JavaBeans component architecture, designed to support telecom services blending Internet, packet network and intelligent network technologies to drive convergence between traditional voice networks (wireline and wireless) and IP-based data networks and to enable service portability, allowing service providers to provide the same telephony services across different networks and delivery platforms.

Blue Pumpkin Announces Workforce Management Advisory Board
Blue Pumpkin has announced the establishment of the WorldWide Workforce Management Advisory Board. Formed to identify future trends within customer care and workforce management and to guide future development of Blue Pumpkin's workforce management solutions, the advisory board will provide an interactive forum for experts from other companies to discuss the competitive customer care landscape and to forecast future industry trends. Members of the newly formed board include technical support and service directors from such companies as Lucent, Capital One, Parametric Technologies and Airborne Express.

Sento Deploys "Phoneless" Customer Service Center
Sento Corporation has developed an internal end-to-end, Internet-based customer contact center solution that replaces the traditional telephone call center. The new technology, which uses a variety of components from companies such as Cisco and Genesys, transmits voice and data through a data network and intelligently routes all incoming inquiries (voice, fax, e-mail, Web callbacks, text chat and voice mail) to an agent qualified to answer a customer's queries. When the customer communication arrives at an agent's computer, customer relationship management software provides the agent with specific account information and history. Sento developed the Web-enabled customer relationship management tools. Sento's "phoneless" system allows agents to answer more than 850 calls per day. Currently, 25 agents use the new system. This summer, Sento will begin rolling out the technology and Web-enabled customer relationship management tools to the remainder of its 200-person call center in American Fork, Utah.

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ntl To Establish Northern Ireland Call Center
ntl Inc., an international communications company, is investing $32 million to establish a new customer call center operation in Northern Ireland. The new call center will provide service and support to ntl's customer base in Europe. ntl's executives credit Northern Ireland's well-educated workforce, good communications infrastructure and pro-business climate as primary factors in the company's decision to locate the new call center in the region. New York-based ntl, one of the U.K.'s largest cable companies, provides Internet access, TV programming and telephone service to two million business and residential customers in the U.K. and Ireland. The company also provides radio and TV broadcast transmission services and wholesale network access to telecommunications operators, cable operators and Internet service providers.

Interactive Intelligence And Cyber Engineering Form Partnership
Interactive Intelligence Inc. has announced a partnership with Cyber Engineering & Services Pte Ltd to offer interaction management solutions to enterprises, call centers and service providers throughout Singapore. Interactive Intelligence's Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) product is a unified, software-based solution designed to take the place of proprietary devices such as PBXs, IVRs, ACDs, voice mail systems, fax servers, Web gateways and CTI middleware systems. As a reseller and systems integrator specializing in networking and computer telephony technologies, Cyber Engineering will offer EIC to its customers to help them improve customer service, increase productivity and decrease cost.

Deutsche Telekom Offers Electronic Billing Solutions Using Amdocs Technology
Deutsche Telekom AG, a European telecommunications operator, and Amdocs have announced the completion of an electronic billing presentment project. Deutsche Telekom is offering the new service to its 40 million residential and small business customers in Germany who have Internet capabilities. The system, which is now in live production, is based on Amdocs' www.welf.service product, which is part of the Ensemble set of customer care and billing products for the telecom industry. The new system will allow all residential and small business subscribers to sign up for Internet access to their billing records and have access to bill viewing and the ability to analyze bill information online through the Internet.

Apropos Announces Entry Into The German And South African Call Center Markets
Apropos Technology has announced its entry into the German marketplace, securing its first German distributor agreement with Begin AG, a systems integrator. Apropos' Total Interaction Management solution will be sold through Begin AG's Customer Relationship Management division in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, targeting the financial, manufacturing and retail market sectors. Additionally, the company has announced a distribution agreement with Software Futures, a South African systems integrator. The agreement will enable Software Futures' Future Call Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) Group to provide Apropos' Total Interaction Management solution to its customers.

Witness Signs Datapoint As A Software Distributor
Witness Systems has signed a software distribution agreement with Datapoint (UK) Ltd, a specialist call center systems integrator. The agreement will widen the channel for Witness and allow Datapoint to expand its existing portfolio of call center products. Witness Systems is a developer and supplier of customer interaction recording solutions for contact centers and is highlighted by its flagship WITNESS client/server quality monitoring application. Datapoint (UK) Ltd serves the call center environment, offering pan-European solutions, applications and associated independent consultancy and professional services, partnering call center product suppliers.

Janna Systems Announces CRM Initiatives In The U.K.
Janna Systems Inc. has announced the opening of its first direct sales office in the United Kingdom, at the World Business Centre in London. Janna also announced the signing of two more partners, Centurion and Targetfour Limited, as value-added resellers for Janna Contact Enterprise across the U.K. Janna Contact Enterprise is a scalable, customer-centric application for managing customer relationships. The new London office will enable Janna to better service its existing clients while providing opportunity and support for future business for Janna and its new U.K. partners.

LHS And Alcatel To Deliver Billing And Customer Care Solution In Egypt
LHS Group Inc. has announced that it has teamed with Alcatel Telecom Software & Services, Paris, to deliver a comprehensive customer care and billing system to The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (MobiNil), Cairo. With support from LHS, Alcatel is currently migrating the operator's approximately 400,000 subscribers from an earlier BSCS installation to the latest release of the software, BSCS version 5.21. MobiNil is partially owned by an investment consortium led by France Telecom Mobiles International (FTMI). FTMI assumed control of the Egyptian state-owned mobile network in May 1998. Since then, MobiNil's subscriber base has expanded from 80,000 to approximately 400,000.

AVA Confirmed As Davox Distributor For Holland
Davox Corporation, a developer of customer contact solutions, has announced that AVA, Advanced Voice Applications bv, will be distributing Davox's inbound software product line, Concerto, with a focus on providing solutions to inbound contact center operations throughout the Netherlands. AVA, a call center supplier, is also a distributor for Lucent Technologies.

Swisscom North America To Offer International Call Center Service
Swisscom North America (SCNA) has announced the offering of a new international call center service that collects and routes outbound calls to overseas call center locations. The service has been inaugurated by the JANUS Foundation, a Swiss-based non-profit organization. The company's international call routing can be designed to the requirements of the customer. SCNA obtains the customer's toll-free number in the United States, collects incoming calls and then routes them to specified overseas locations that can change based on the time of day. The latter feature allows customers to provide continuous services across multiple time zones.

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LHS And XACCT Form Strategic Alliance
LHS Group Inc. and XACCT Technologies, Inc. have announced an alliance to develop usage-based IP billing solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, LHS and XACCT will integrate LHS' Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) software, BSCS and XACCTusage. The integration of the two companies' products is intended to enable service providers to create accurate, usage-based bills based on a wide range of parameters. LHS' flagship product, BSCS, is a scaleable, modular client/server billing and customer care system. XACCTusage provides a single point of interface between the IP network infrastructure and the CC&B application for usage data collection as well as automated service provisioning.

Template Software Forms Alliance With Visual Edge
Template Software, Inc., a supplier of enterprise integration products and services, has announced the availability of an SAP R/3 connector to the company's Enterprise Integration Template (EIT) product in conjunction with the formation of a strategic alliance with Visual Edge Software, a provider of integration software applications. Additionally, Template announced it intends to offer EIT connectors to other ERP applications, including PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials, later this year. Template will integrate Visual Edge's SAP R/3 connector into EIT, allowing SAP R/3 connectivity for EIT customers who use a variety of industry-standard interfaces, including COM/DCOM and CORBA. The alliance also calls for the two companies to work together in joint development, marketing, sales and support activities.

Remedy Announces Service Suite For Oracle Applications
Remedy Corporation, a provider of consolidated IT service desk solutions, has announced the Remedy Strategic Service Suite for Oracle Applications. The suite was designed to allow data synchronization, business process synchronization, employee efficiency optimization and systems management integration between Oracle Applications and the Strategic Service Suite, Remedy's consolidated service desk applications. The new suite includes interfaces between the two enterprise application solutions to ensure support of business-critical systems and directly reduce operating costs. It was designed to offer customers the infrastructural resource management support required to keep their ERP systems at peak efficiency and the means of resolving end-user requests for help in using these applications.

Locus Announces Distribution Agreement With Williams
Locus Dialogue Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Williams Communications Solutions, a provider of integrated enterprise network solutions. Williams will become the largest North American distributor of Locus' advanced speech recognition product, Liaison. Liaison is a stand-alone ASR application system that answers, transfers and dials incoming, outgoing and internal calls.

TeleCommute Solutions Allies With Enron
TeleCommute Solutions (TCS), a network service provider for corporate telecommuting programs, has announced it will deliver application services and streaming rich media to the desktop via its IP network (NetWorX) through Enron Communications' Intelligent Network (EIN). EIN and the ePowered application services it delivers can bolster the value of TCS' NetWorX offering by delivering collaborative computing tools to the desktops of remote and office workers. Access to these services can further enhance workplace productivity by reducing business travel time and costs while magnifying distributed teamwork efforts via real-time collaboration tools. The Enron Intelligent Network is embedded with InterAgent software, an intelligent messaging technology that enables Enron's existing Pure IP fiber-optic network to deliver rich media application services.

I-Bus Announces Program With Hammer Technologies
I-Bus, Inc. has announced it has entered into an agreement with Hammer Technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, I-Bus will supply integrated PC platforms for Hammer's advanced test system load simulator, including the VoIP test suite. Hammer Technologies provides solutions for testing of integrated telecommunications systems and services. Hammer's systems are used by developers of computer telephony, advanced switching and enhanced services systems. I-Bus is an ISO 9001 certified company which designs, manufactures and supports CPU boards, backplanes and enclosures based on passive backplane and CompactPCI technology for industrial-grade computer systems. I-Bus offers customized services focused on meeting the needs of OEMs, including purchasing partnerships, stable supply, configuration control, complete system integration and test services.

Bluestone Enlists Merisel As Distributor
Bluestone Software, Inc. and Merisel Inc. have announced a strategic partnership that establishes Merisel as a top-tier distributor of Bluestone Application Server products. Merisel will actively inventory all Bluestone products, including Sapphire/Web and Bluestone XML Suite. As a result of the partnership, Bluestone taps into Merisel's established network of value-added resellers and systems integrators, all of whom can potentially develop and deploy enterprise solutions based on Sapphire/Web and XML Suite.

EsupportNow And Delphi Forums Collaborate
EsupportNow (eSN), an outsource provider of Internet-based customer service and e-commerce sales and support solutions, has announced it will collaborate with Delphi Forums to offer members live online customer service. Delphi Forums is a provider of interactive discussion forums for both individuals and major destination sites on the Internet. By outsourcing interactive customer support through eSN, Delphi Forums is attempting to simplify its online experience while increasing members' comfort with the site. To accommodate new users registering daily on the Delphi Forums site, eSN's reps are available throughout the day for live assistance. eSN trains NowReps, specialized Internet customer service professionals, to answer questions
that arise. NowReps assist Delphi Forum members in new member registration, member log-in and creation of new forums. NowReps will also manage inbound and outbound e-mail.

Telemac And Motorola Announce Prepaid Technology License
Telemac Corporation and Motorola, Inc. have announced they have entered into a licensing agreement to integrate Telemac's prepaid software into Motorola's analog and digital phone handsets. Telemac Prepaid Technology reduces an operator's cost of offering a prepaid program by eliminating most hardware and software, as well as the traffic associated with requests for updated billing information. Prepaid Technology offers multiple tariffs and roaming capabilities. Under the arrangement, Telemac and Motorola will initially integrate Telemac's IMA Module into select Motorola GSM phone handsets as well as potential future wireless Motorola handsets.

The Signature Group Selects IRT's Rapid Cycle Testing Laboratory
IRT, a provider of direct marketing and contact marketing services, has announced that The Signature Group has selected IRT's Rapid Cycle Testing Laboratory to handle customer retention program launches and campaign testing for its membership and continuity programs. Rapid Cycle Testing Laboratory is an environment that combines contact center technology with program design, training, call handling, reporting and analysis to help clients maximize the value of their customer relationships. The Signature Group will test multiple inbound retention scenarios in support of their clubs and insurance programs.

EDS' Centrobe Joins Forces With Call Interactive
Centrobe, the Enterprise Customer Management (ECM) component of the new EDS E-Business Solutions unit, has teamed with Call Interactive to provide stand-alone interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities. Clients will have a single resource for integrated ECM solutions, particularly when automated call processing can serve a role. Under the terms of the agreement, Centrobe sales and account executives may include Call Interactive in appropriate customer care solutions for Centrobe clients. Centrobe will provide sales leads to Call Interactive, coordinating efforts when appropriate, and subcontracting Call Interactive when needed.

NICE Announces Co-Marketing Agreement With GeoTel
NICE Systems, a provider of digital recording and quality management solutions for call centers, has announced a co-marketing agreement with GeoTel Communications Corporation, a provider of customer interaction software solutions. Under this agreement, the two companies will cooperate in providing integrated solutions for call centers that require quality management for voice and screen, order verification or continuous logging of calls managed by GeoTel's call distribution technology. Recently, NICE has successfully integrated its products with GeoTel products for customers in the financial, insurance and business services sectors. NICE will further develop additional functionality to meet specific needs of the market.

Lucent Extends OEM Agreement With Spanlink
Spanlink Communications, Inc. has announced that Lucent Technologies has extended its original equipment manufacturer agreement with the company to distribute FastCall Agent Version 3.0. Version 3.0 is a new product based on FastCall technology. Spanlink redesigned the 32-bit software to expand capabilities with a focus on making agents more productive on each call. The new release features a rules-based workflow automation capability that can automatically control calls, automate tasks or launch third-party applications. These actions can be performed on incoming calls, during calls or after calls. A flexible user interface, including task buttons, enables agents to control many of these features from their desktops. This enhancement reduces after-call work time so agents can respond quicker to caller needs.

AFFINA Opens Multilingual Call Center
AFFINA Corporation has announced the June 7 opening of its new multilingual call customer service "Intelligent Call Center" in Montr�al, Qu�bec. The company opened the new call center to serve the marketing needs of its international clients who market and distribute goods and services in Canada. AFFINA provides integrated marketing services including call center services, database marketing, market research, customized technology solutions, closed-loop lead management, fulfillment and Internet services. The new call center will provide inbound and outbound call handling teleservices, including technical support, order taking and customer relations.

AVT Corporation Announces Expansion Of European Operations
AVT Corporation has announced it has expanded its European operations by adding sales and technical support staff, in addition to establishing a professional development center to offer technical certification training classes. Additionally, AVT has named Michael "Corey" Freebairn to European managing director. Freebairn will remain senior vice president of international; however, with his new role he will lead a combined effort to supply the CTI Software Group, RightFAX Software Group and CommercePath Software Group product lines to the European marketplace.

IDT Launches Co-Location Internet Facility
IDT Corporation has announced the launch of its new co-location facility at its headquarters in Hackensack, New Jersey. By offering co-location, IDT enables companies to outsource management and day-to-day operations of their Web sites. With round-the-clock monitoring and hourly reports available directly from the Web to monitor traffic analysis, IDT's co-location facility provides companies with solutions to expand their reach without investing in infrastructure and network costs. Co-location offers the flexibility to place equipment in IDT's secure backbone node facility. Companies can choose rack space and network connectivity depending on their business needs. Enterprises can also choose to co-locate voice servers alongside data servers, enabling companies to host their full communications services at IDT's site.

V-SPAN Opens New Network Operations Center
V-SPAN, a videoconferencing network management and gateway service solutions provider, has announced the completion of their new 30,000+ square foot network facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The new corporate headquarters will allow V-SPAN to further support its client base, expand its broadband gateway network and continue the development of conferencing automation. The new center includes V-SPAN's management network, a proprietary enterprise system developed by V-SPAN that provides an automated service platform for account management, scheduling, billing, conference management and client notifications.

ICT Group Announces Expansions
ICT Group, Inc. has announced that it relocated its initial Eurotel call center to a larger facility in Dublin, Ireland. The center is part of ICT Eurotel and provides pan-European, telephone-based direct marketing, information research and call center management services. ICT Eurotel also operates an inbound and outbound call center in London, England. Additionally, ICT has also announced that it will relocate its ICT Spantel teleservices call center to a larger facility in Miami, Florida. ICT Spantel provides teleservices to the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America. ICT Group currently manages 35 call centers in nine U.S. states, Europe and Canada, from which it supports inbound and outbound calling for domestic and multinational corporations and institutions primarily in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, information media, energy and hospitality industries.

Aegis Expands Client Service Center In West Virginia
Aegis Communications Group, Inc. has announced the expansion of its client service center in Fairmont, West Virginia. The center was enlarged to accommodate the inbound customer care and service needs of AT&T. Since opening in 1997, the Fairmont facility has more than doubled the original building size. Over 27,000 square feet have been added to accommodate an additional 250 workstations and the total employee base has expanded to 700. Aegis offers clients integrated marketing services including customer acquisition, customer care and marketing research.

Telerx To Open Corporate Operations Center
Telerx, a specialty teleservices bureau that provides call center solutions for customer care, will open a new corporate operations center this summer. The 13,000-square foot office suite, which is being designed to accommodate the needs of the data entry, fulfillment and quality assurance departments, will be located near Telerx's headquarters facility in Horsham, Pennsylvania and will support both sides of the company's Allentown, Pennsylvania call center.

TeleServices Direct Opens Third Call Center
TeleServices Direct, a collegiate marketing company, has opened a third call center in Bloomington, Indiana. The new center will initially have 100 stations and increase TeleServices Direct's total capacity to 350 stations featuring inbound/outbound call-blending capabilities. Two hundred and fifty employees have been added to the staff as a result of the opening of the new facility, which occupies over 8,000 square feet.

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