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July 1999

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CommercePath 2.5 Introduced By AVT CommercePath Software Group
AVT CommercePath Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of AVT Corporation and a developer of production fax solutions, has introduced CommercePath 2.5, the latest version of its Year 2000-compliant, Windows NT-based CommercePath fax server. Through its Web-based tracking monitor application, CommercePath 2.5 offers enhanced administration features and individual user fax monitoring. Also, back-ended by Microsoft?s newly released version 7.0 of its SQL server database, CommercePath 2.5 offers corporate organizations greater high-volume fax capabilities than previous releases. In addition, the new version offers enhancements to inbound routing.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

GN Netcom Announces The Addition Of Three New Headsets
As a follow-up to the acquisition of ACS Wireless, GN Netcom, Inc. has announced that its ACS headsets will now be compatible with GN Netcom amplifiers. New to the brand lineup are the Orator-G, Stratus Ultra-G and Contour LX-G for GN Netcom customers who would like to use an ACS-designed headset top with their GN Netcom amplifier. The Orator-G is the company's premium headset and is designed for the heavy use of the call center. The Stratus Ultra-G is a value headset for professionals who want versatility at a lower cost. The Contour LX-G conforms to in-the-ear wearing. All three headsets feature noise-canceling microphones.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

iFace.com Releases Version 2.0 Of USS-I Switching Software
iFace.com, a subsidiary of Rare Medium Group, Inc., an Internet communications company that provides software and solutions for voice-over IP, has announced the general release of version 2.0 of USS-I switching software, a platform-independent application suite. Version 2.0 adds voice-over IP, voice-over ATM, support for the oracle DBMS and a number of new features, including Post Call Taxing. These additions enhance the functionality of the iFace.com middleware and application suite that include static and dynamic LCR, multiple rate table and reseller support. The application suite currently features pre- and post-paid calling cards, tandem switching, ICB, 1+ and click-to-talk. The release supports up to 20 spans of T1 or E1 telephony in a single open systems platform. Multiple platforms can be linked together with ATM to create a system of unlimited size. An integrated browser-based billing, customer care and switch administration package is also available.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Oracle CRM 3i Ships
Oracle Corporation has announced availability of Oracle CRM 3i, the fourth release of Oracle’s customer relationship management (CRM) products. This release delivers 100 percent Internet marketing, sales and service applications for managing all aspects of customer relations necessary for an effective e-business. These applications manage customer interactions through channels including the Web, direct sales forces and call centers. Oracle CRM 3i advances CRM by combining traditional CRM activities such as sales, marketing, service and call center with electronic commerce activities such as buying and selling over the Web. This allows companies to offer multiple, coordinated channels for customer interactions that enable companies to leverage knowledge of every customer interaction to improve decision making and enhance all facets of customer relationship management.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Phonetic Systems Announces DirectoryAssistant
Phonetic Systems has announced the availability of Phonetic Systems DirectoryAssistant, a special edition of its flagship product PhoneticOperator. Phonetic Systems DirectoryAssistant is capable of searching a million records using a single, flat directory database. This capability is unlike other technology, which must subdivide database searches beyond 20,000 names. The sophisticated software product platform of Phonetic Systems DirectoryAssistant provides speech-enabled directory assistance and operator service solutions for telephone companies, service providers and large call centers. DirectoryAssistant uses a conversational-style search order to best qualify the information necessary to guarantee the caller will receive the correct phone number or that the call will be routed to the proper destination.
No. 531, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Black Ice Announces Impact Voice Mail Server For Windows NT
Black Ice Software has introduced a new release of its Impact Voice Mail Server for Windows NT. The new release offers advanced features, including enterprise-strength voice mail designed for easy set up, administration and use in both small offices and large enterprises. Impact Voice Mail delivers a network-based system that is scalable and integrates with most telephone systems. The server’s open architecture ensures affordable upgrades. The voice to e-mail feature allows a user to send, receive or forward messages anytime from a PC or laptop. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Inbox saves training time by using one familiar tool to handle all messages.
No. 527, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

TeleDirect Introduces LIBERATION 6000
TeleDirect International has released LIBERATION 6000, a call center solution designed to enable companies to drive more revenue opportunities through their call centers while protecting their investments in business resources. LIBERATION 6000 is a Windows-NT-based teleservices campaign solution designed to boost call center capacity and campaign effectiveness by intensifying agent call rates and increasing earnings per call. It combines predictive dialing technology with a GUI application development environment, giving call center managers real-time campaign and call management control over the agent’s desktop. The solution is based on an open systems platform that supports the emerging CT standards of S.100 and H.100. It is built on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database, Intel’s Pentium II processors and Dialogic’s CT Media software and telephony hardware.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Vitel Announces New Enterprise Management Tool For Lucent PBX Systems
Vitel Software, Inc. has introduced a new management tool for the Lucent Technologies G3 PBX platform. Vitel’s PBX Measurements program provides administrators with the ability to download traffic and other performance statistics from multiple G3 PBXs into a central system. Among the features of this new tool is a threshold monitor function which acts as an automated watchdog, sending e-mail notification to administrators when user-established threshold limits are exceeded for trunk, attendant and other traffic elements. Automatic alarm reporting is also included. PBX Measurements contains trending reports that allow administrators to gauge system usage and determine if trunks are underused or if more trunks need to be added, and analyze statistics such as speed of service. The software produces more than 30 management reports and graphs that report on system performance, busy hour, grade of service, processor occupancy and others.
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Proxima Systems Launches Mystral
Proxima Systems Ltd. has released Mystral, an integrated customer management and billing software solution for multiple service operators. Mystral uses state-of-the-art object-oriented technology to support multiple combinations of telephony, cable and Internet products and services. It features an open, customer-centric architecture within a modular approach that enables telecommunications operators to adapt the software to their current or future business processes, improve customer service and expand business lines in order to remain competitive. The software is year-2000-compliant and available in a single internationally localized version with support for multiple languages and currencies, as well as local formats, laws and regulations.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

EIS Introduces New Customer Relationship Management Tool
EIS International, a provider of call center technology, has introduced its newest customer relationship management tool for the credit and recovery market, the Centenium XL Collections call management system. The client/server-based system enhances agent productivity and improves control over delinquencies and recovery rates, enabling users to achieve their collections goals. Features of Centenium XL include advanced predictive dialing technology; dynamic blending capabilities; answering machine detection; multiple database access; user-friendly administrator, supervisor and agent interfaces and flexible scripting using Visual Basic 5.0.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

ServiceWare Ships e-tech
ServiceWare Corporation, a provider of equipment-centric CRM systems, has begun shipping e-tech, its new browser-based application. Designed specifically to streamline the functions of technical employees, ServiceWare’s e-tech is a Web-based, thin-client application that provides direct access to ServicePlus modules and is fully compliant with the current ServicePlus family of products. A live version of e-tech is available for trial at www.serviceplus.com/demo/etech. e-tech allows for reduced turnaround time from call closure to invoice, reduction in clerical errors, improved inventory management and reduced repair times, providing for both short- and long-term return on investment.
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel Expands Wide Area Networking Interface On Norstar Platform
Nortel Networks has announced the Norstar Data Interface to offer customers increased interoperability by providing businesses with a local and wide area networking interface. Businesses with small sites and branch offices will be able to use the Norstar business communication system to consolidate voice and data traffic into a common network connection, which can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of equipment procurement and lower operational and management costs. The Norstar Data Interface is an external peripheral that integrates the Norstar Modular Integrated Communication System (MICS) with a customer’s existing Nortel Networks Baystack router or other third-party data networking equipment.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Witness Systems Unveils Solution For Measuring Contact Center Performance
Witness Systems, Inc. has introduced a new performance analysis application, the Performance Analyzer, which combines quality, productivity, personnel and adherence information into a single application, providing analysis for measuring performance against goals. Targeted at customer interaction centers and distributed enterprises, Performance Analyzer helps organizations gauge agent, team and call center performance against the targets they define. Call center directors can use Performance Analyzer to help ensure consistency in agent coaching techniques, as well as see trends for the entire call center.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Epoeffect Announces Voice Broadcasting Service
Epoeffect has announced its Epo-Call Voice Broadcast Service, a proprietary group of services that enables users to leave personalized voice messages for thousands of contacts simultaneously. The user can record one personalized voice message using Epoeffect and deliver it to multiple voice mail or answering machines. If the system detects a live person, it is programmed to discontinue the call or deliver a different message. Messages can be saved for repeat use and calls may be scheduled months in advance.
No. 537, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

CCS TrexCom Announces FirstLine Encore 6.1
CCS TrexCom Inc., a provider of automated self-service solutions, has announced general availability of FirstLine Encore version 6.1. The new version supports a text-to-speech engine developed by Fonix Corp. FirstLine Encore is TrexCom’s latest Web-enabled transaction server system used to provide customers and employees round-the-clock secured access to selected data. FirstLine Encore 6.1 can support multiple languages and dialects simultaneously via the Microsoft SAPI (speech application program interface). The new version features additional enhancements, including the ability to load software updates automatically to ROAM and the CCS TrexCom software tool that allows customers to administer their IVR/Web applications from remote locations through an Internet connection. Users can also access HTML-based online help.
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Brite Enhances BriteConnect IVR Solution
Brite Voice Systems has announced enhancements to its BriteConnect interactive voice response (IVR) solution that will increase the processing speed, port capacity and number of message hours available. It will also provide customers with a new set of utilities that offer complete control over the operations, administration and maintenance of the system. Brite-Connect is an open, scalable platform that delivers a range of multimedia, interactive processing services. Enhancements currently available or scheduled to be released soon include centralized operation, administration and maintenance utilities; faster CPUs; an increased number of compatible databases; an increased number of CTI vendor integrations; increased speech and port capacity; a recording solution that enables service providers to create and store voice prompts and a new graphical report writer.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

TellSoft Releases Version 2.0 Of The iTalk Server
TellSoft Technologies, Inc. has introduced the iTalk Server version 2.0 release. Release 2.0 provides enhancements to TellSoft’s line of enterprise-class software solutions for telephone to Internet communications. The iTalk Server 2.0 enhances live audio broadcasts over the Internet by offering compatibility with RealNetworks’ G2 servers and players, and Dialogic’s DNA 3.1 releases, resulting in increased quality, reliability and scalability. TellSoft’s integration with Real-Networks’ SureStream single-media files delivers quality audio to users at all connection rates, resulting in improved quality of service for enterprise applications, teleconferencing and Web hosting. TellSoft’s iTalk and iTalk Live Encoding (LE) servers convert audio feeds from any touch-tone phone into live audio streams and channel them directly to a Web site in real-time.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Toshiba Introduces Call Center Solution With The Release Of Insight DK System
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Telecommunications Systems Division (TAIS TSD) has announced Insight DK and Insight DK Plus � full-featured, cost-effective management information system packages providing a total call center solution for Toshiba customers. Designed to complement Toshiba’s Strata DK424 business telephone system, Insight DK and Insight DK Plus provide call center supervisors with the necessary tools to manage incoming call workload and automatic call distribution (ACD) agent resources. Insight DK packages meet the needs of single or multiple supervisor terminal applications for supervisors requiring extensive custom display and reporting capabilities.
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

SPEX Introduces Evaluation Kit Of Customer Service Software Packages
SPEX has begun offering a new evaluation kit of customer service software packages. SPEX is an IT market research firm that conducts hands-on evaluations of enterprise software packages and provides detailed side-by-side comparisons to help companies quickly select critical applications. SPEX has evaluated products from IMA, Pivotal, Applix, Epicor, Quintus, Siebel, Oracle and Vantive. Evaluations for Onyx and Clarify products are forthcoming. SPEX kits are also available for other CRM topics such as help desk, sales force automation, Web integration and push technologies, database marketing and marketing automation and electronic commerce.
No. 526, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

ADTRAN’s Safe-T-Net Provides Disaster Recovery For Frame Relay
ADTRAN, Inc. has introduced Safe-T-Net, a technology that provides a complete disaster recovery solution for frame relay networks. Safe-T-Net, when deployed through the ADTRAN ATLAS system, allows end users to be proactive in their disaster recovery plans by designing a complete dial-around-the-cloud solution. The ATLAS integrated access system is a modular, highly scalable platform installed at the enterprise host site to support voice and data applications over frame relay. With ATLAS’ multiple PRI support and the new Safe-T-Net technology, up to 96 sites can be restored simultaneously at 64 kbps.
No. 528, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

InTelegy Introduces InTelegent Performance Management Software
InTelegy Corporation, a call center staffing and on-site performance management firm, has announced the introduction of InTelegent Performance (IP), an employee development software program for improving and tracking call center effectiveness. IP simplifies online monitoring and scoring, daily attendance tracking, productivity and performance reporting and employee training development. With InTelegy’s IP software, paper-intensive processes of monitoring and tracking performance can now be performed electronically for faster, simpler call center assessments. By ensuring that representatives receive accurate feedback on the service they provide to customers, IP promotes skills development and goal-setting, which increases overall call center performance.
No. 529, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

DGI Designs Digital Trunk Interface Card For International Markets
DGI Technologies, a supplier of long-distance and cellular switching products, has announced the availability of the DTI-3200 Digital Trunk Interface Card for E1 networks. Designed for international markets, the DTI-3200 allows users of Motorola EMX switching systems, originally manufactured by Alcatel USA (formerly DSC Communi-cations), to use the latest digital techniques to upgrade their systems at a reduced cost. The DTI-3200 card is based on DGI’s DTI card technology. It offers complete forward and backward compatibility for use in all Motorola and DSC standard E1 DTF shelves and frames, as well as all DGI E1 shelves and frames, which simplifies installation and maintenance functions. This compatibility, in tandem with the additional features, allows the DTI-3200 to prolong the life of a customer’s existing equipment. The DTI-3200 also lowers operating costs and expenses by reducing power consumption and heat dissipation.
No. 530, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

MUSIC Telecom Releases StationMaster Hardware Series
MUSIC Telecom has announced the release of its new StationMaster Series product line and the new MT-80 Station Board. The StationMaster is designed to manage and control agent stations and/or desktop telephones with station-to-station as well as station-to-trunk functionality. The MT-80 board provides 8-channel support and is compatible with normal analog telephones; it supports Windows NT drivers and comes with both na�ve as well as TAPI API software kits. Telephony developers can use the MT-80 hardware platform to design powerful PC-PBX, call center, help desk, inbound/outbound telemarketing, audiotex, ACD and operator services applications that are both full-featured and affordable. The MT-80 integrates with all of MUSIC Telecom’s DSP-based voice boards.
No. 532, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Metrix Launches Metrix 4
Metrix, Inc., a provider of software solutions designed to automate service operations, has announced Metrix 4, the company’s integrated component architecture service solution. Combining deeper functionality with a component-based n-tier architecture, Metrix 4 enables service organizations to achieve better performance and scalability, improved productivity, increased revenue opportunities and reduced implementation times. Metrix 4 uses object-based technology to provide advanced notification of capabilities via pager, e-mail and screen pops, while adding more sophisticated functionality, including integrated self-service via the Web and a configurable schedule board.
No. 534, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

InterVoice Announces Integration Voice-Over IP Capabilities
In a move to allow its customers to benefit from the convergence of voice and data networks, InterVoice, Inc. is delivering voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities for its call center and call processing platforms. InterVoice will provide native VoIP technologies for its OneVoice, AgentConnect and INControl platforms. For network service providers, InterVoice’s VoIP solution acts as an Internet protocol media server for enhanced services, including call card and debit card calls, messaging and network IVR solutions. Unlike enhanced service solutions embedded in IP gateways, InterVoice’s system allows network service providers to design inbound, outbound or switched applications that can transparently use either public switched telephone networks (PSTN) or IP networks.
No. 533, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Supportindustry.com Launches Web Site For Service And Support Professionals
Supportindustry.com has an-nounced the availability of a new informational Web site for service and support professionals. The site, www.supportindustry.com, gives visitors a wide range of information and tools to enable them to more effectively run their support operations or help desks. Visitors can view comprehensive news and data on the site, which is updated daily. In addition, visitors have the option of signing up for free membership to Supportindustry.com, which provides access to a vendor showcase, a peer connection bulletin board, Ask-The-Expert interactive sessions and Supportindustry.com’s e-newsletter.
No. 535, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Bluestone Introduces Sapphire/Web 6.1
Bluestone Software has announced Sapphire/Web 6.1, the latest release of its platform-independent, 100 percent pure Java application server for enterprise-class Internet commerce. Release 6.1 supports the JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0 specification and the Java Servlet API, two new components of Sun Microsystems’ Enterprise Java technologies. The Java Servlet API gives Java programmers a platform for Web applications while JSP technology provides a server-side scripting mechanism to broaden the reach of Web applications working with Java. While Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) remain as the back-end component strategy for complex, reusable business logic, Java Servlets and JSP technology will address the much wider market of developers building Web applications.
No. 536, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Tellabs Introduces Next-Generation Voice/Data Switch
Tellabs has announced a next-generation switching system that enables service providers to consolidate circuit-switched and variable bit-rate data services over a single broadband network. The AN2100 Gateway Exchange (GX) system routes circuit-switched, time-division multiplexed (TDM) traffic over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Internet protocol (IP) networks under signaling system seven (SS7) control. With the AN2100 GX system, data, voice and video services can be delivered over ATM or IP backbones. The system incorporates media adaptation, call processing, SS7 signaling and service creation functions into a flexible, scalable platform, which enables service providers to reduce costs and create revenue-generating services faster than traditional methods.
No. 538, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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Vialog Corporation has announced the appointment of Kim Mayyasi to the position of president and chief executive officer. Mayyasi joins Vialog from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc., an advertising agency. Additionally, the company has announced that Glenn Bolduc has resigned as president and CEO.

The Vantive Corporation has appointed Larry Westphal to vice president of North American sales. Westphal will oversee the North American sales organization of the company. Before joining Vantive, he served as regional vice president at Lucent Technologies’ Octel Messaging Division.

Patty Nghiem has joined netDialog, Inc. as vice president of worldwide marketing. She will play an integral role in intensifying the marketing program for netDialog’s Online Customer Management (OCM) System. Prior to her appointment at netDialog, Nghiem held management positions with Oracle, Business Objects, Edify and One Meaning.

Metrix, Inc. announced the appointment of Raymond V. Sozzi to its board of directors. Sozzi has served as president and chief executive officer for companies such as Magic Solutions International, Datalogix International, DataImage, Insci Corp., Northstar Technologies and Coral Networks.

TeleDirect has announced the executive appointment of Rita Dearing to vice president of marketing. Dearing will be responsible for leading the product marketing and marketing communications initiatives for the organization. She joined TeleDirect in 1998 after serving as manager of product marketing for Aspect Telecommunications.

GWI Software has announced two key appointments within the company. The first is Stephanie Fuhrman to president. She will be responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations within the company. The second appointment is that of Chris Johnston to vice president of sales. Johnston has been with the company for five years and will manage GWI’s sales department.

WhiteCap Development Corp. has announced that Michael Loeb has joined the company’s board of directors. Loeb is co-founder and current president and CEO of NewSub Services, Inc.

Eloquent, Inc. has announced that it has strengthened its management team with the appointment of three senior executives. Alan Atlas has accepted the position of vice president of engineering, Jane Beule has been appointed to vice president of marketing and Bob Kliger will serve as the company’s vice president of professional services.

Siebel Systems has broadened its management team with the appointments of Paul Wahl to president and chief operating officer; Jeremy P. Coote as vice president, North American Operations; Thomas E. Hogan to vice president, International Operations; Karen M. Riley to vice president, Global Services and Kirk Krappe to vice president, Industry Solutions Marketing.

BroadQuest, Inc. has promoted Wendy McCaw to vice president of services. In her new role, McCaw will be responsible for all technology transfer, software consulting and support services for BroadQuest products. McCaw previously served as the company’s director of engineering services.

Frank W. Richter and Richard A. Eychner have joined IRT as vice presidents. Richter previously held management positions with American Express/Travel Related Services. Eychner comes to IRT from Ameritech.

Invest in Sweden Agency, a site- selection promotion branch of the Swedish government, has announced that Mark Smedley has joined the company in the position of senior advisor, call center services.

Annuncio Software has announced that former PeopleSoft executive Chris McClain has joined the company as vice president of sales. McClain will oversee and direct all sales activity for the company’s Internet marketing automation solutions.

LivePerson, Inc. has announced the addition of four new executives to its management staff. Scott Cohen has been appointed to executive vice president of sales and strategic alliances, Larry Wasserman has accepted the position of vice president of marketing, Vince Beese will serve as vice president of sales and Kirk Shelton has been appointed chief operating officer.

Aegis Communications Group has elected John R. Birk to its board of directors. Birk will also serve as the chairman of the company and replaces Michael G. Santry and Paul G. Stern, who have resigned as co-chairman of the board. Santry and Stern will remain on Aegis’ board of directors.�

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Intel To Acquire Dialogic
Intel Corporation and Dialogic Corporation have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Intel would acquire Dialogic for $44 per share in an all-cash tender offer valued at approximately $780 million. The acquisition is aimed at expanding Intel’s standard-high-volume (SHV) server business in the multibillion-dollar networking and telecommunications market segment by providing industry vendors with standards-based hardware and software building blocks for integrated voice and data networks. Dialogic provides standards-based computer-telephony software, network interfaces and media processing boards that run on Intel-based servers. The company provides building blocks and technical services that industry manufacturers, application developers and service providers use to develop value-added solutions for combined voice and data networks. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, speech recognition, call center management, Internet protocol (IP) telephony and enhanced services applications in both enterprise and service provider market segments. Under the agreement, Dialogic will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, reporting within Intel’s Enterprise Server Group. Dialogic employees will continue as employees of the new subsidiary. The companies do not anticipate any immediate changes to their respective product lines and Dialogic intends to deliver products to customers under existing agreements and to continue its existing manufacturing relationships.

infoUSA To Purchase Donnelley Marketing
infoUSA, a provider of proprietary business and consumer databases and database processing services, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Donnelley Marketing, a division of First Data Corporation. In addition, infoUSA will enter into a long-term strategic relationship with First Data. As part of a series of long-term licenses, infoUSA will provide certain First Data Corporation subsidiaries with consumer and business database content and data processing services. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions, including Hart-Scott-Rodino antitrust clearance and receipt by infoUSA of bank financing

AboveNet Acquires Palo Alto Internet Exchange
AboveNet Communications, Inc., a provider of Internet connectivity and co-location solutions for high-bandwidth and business-critical applications, has announced it signed a definitive agreement to acquire the assets and liabilities of the Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX) from Compaq Computer Corporation. PAIX is a commercial Internet exchange (IX) point that operates with an open business policy that offers a choice of carriers and encourages direct connections between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) within the IX. PAIX will be operated as a separate corporation, retain its current management team and have its own board of directors.

Acxiom Acquires Computer Graphics Of Arizona, Inc.
Acxiom Corporation, a provider of data products, data integration services, mailing list services, modeling and analysis and information technology outsourcing, announced the completion of its acquisition of Computer Graphics of Arizona, Inc., a privately held enterprise which serves the financial services and credit collection industries. The acquisition is intended to expand Acxiom’s presence into the Western U.S.

Harte-Hanks, Inc. Acquires Direct Marketing Associates, Inc.
Harte-Hanks, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Direct Marketing Associates, Inc. (DMA), a provider of integrated direct marketing services to commercial, government and non profit organizations. Direct Marketing Associates will become a part of the Marketing Services Group of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing. Ken Boone, president and co-owner of DMA, and Terry Woods, vice-president and co-owner of DMA, will continue to run the company within the Harte-Hanks Marketing Services Group

Merger Creates CarbonMedia, LLC
Farcysystems, Inc.’s Internet division has expanded to the international marketplace by merging with CAID, Inc. to form CarbonMedia, LLC. New York-based Farcysystems is a full-service networking and telecommunications consulting firm. Also based in New York, CAID specializes in online international promotion, sales development and marketing campaigns. The new company has offices in London and Denver in addition to its New York headquarters. By combining Farcysystems’ technology and marketing expertise with CAID’s international experience, CarbonMedia intends to position itself to offer new opportunities and services to its customers.

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Comverse Announces The Creation Of Two Autonomous Operating Divisions
Comverse Technology, Inc. has announced the realignment of its primary operating divisions under two wholly owned U.S. subsidiaries, Comverse Network Systems, Inc. and Comverse Infosys, Inc. Comverse Network Systems, headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, is a provider of enhanced services platforms to wireless and wireline telecommunications network operators. Comverse Infosys, headquartered in Woodbury, New York, is a provider of multiple channel, multimedia digital monitoring and recording systems for call centers and law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As part of the realignment, certain assets of Comverse’s principal operating subsidiary in Israel, Efrat Future Technology Ltd., were transferred to a newly formed subsidiary of the Comverse Infosys division and Efrat’s name was changed to Comverse Network Systems Ltd.

Protocall Named Maryland Blue Chip Award Finalist
Protocall Communications, an outbound teleservices firm, has been named a Maryland state finalist for the Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative (BCEI) 1999 National Competition, co-sponsored by MassMutual, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Nation’s Business Magazine. The BCEI award recognizes small businesses that have effectively overcome adversity or created opportunities. Applicants represent a cross-section of the American economy and span across all businesses. Protocall was considered for the award when it changed corporate direction and became an exclusively outbound operation, while expanding its partnership and establishing a new high-tech call center to service primarily large business accounts.

Aegis Communications Participates In Project Vision
Project Vision, a nonprofit organization that provides training, counseling and employment to blind or visually impaired individuals, has begun a collaboration with Aegis Communications, Inc. Efforts by Project Vision have succeeded in helping Aegis commence training in November 1998. Two participants were trained as quality assurance monitors within Aegis. Aegis, pleased with the results, has hired a third blind employee since the beginning of the program. The blind employees were trained by Project Vision on “talking computers” to monitor Aegis employees. The monitors record the conversations, listen to them, fill out the prescribed form on the computer, save the file and e-mail the evaluation files at the end of each day. Both Aegis and Project Vision feel this is a new opportunity to use modern technology to enable employment of the blind in customer-service-related work.

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APEX Announces Korean Version Of OmniVox For Windows NT
APEX Voice Communications has announced OmniVox for Windows NT/Korean, a Korean version of its computer-telephony and call processing application development, runtime and management environment. This will allow Korean developers to create computer-telephony applications in their native language, compatible with local telephone standards. The Korean version of OmniVox for Windows NT implements the double-byte character set (DBCS) that allows for the use of Korean characters. OmniVox for Windows NT/Korean was created in conjunction with Locus Corporation, a software technology company and value-added distributor of APEX in Korea.

Digital Microwave Opens Philippines-Based Asia/Pacific Services Center
Digital Microwave Corporation has announced the opening of its new Asia Pacific Services Center in the Clark Special Economic Zone, Philippines. The center will serve as a centralized customer service facility for the company’s telecommunications customers in the Asia/Pacific region. Digital Microwave is launching the center with an aggressive plan for providing technical support to the installation and commissioning of Digital Microwave’s radio transmission systems, a centralized customer support call center and a fully equipped repair and return facility. The company also operates its Asia Pacific Regional headquarters in Singapore

PFS Europe To Provide Distribution Services For ISA International In Germany
Priority Fulfillment Services Europe B.V. (PFS Europe), which is owned by Daisytek International Corporation, has announced that it has secured an agreement from ISA International plc to serve ISA’s computer supplies business in Germany. Under the terms of the agreement, PFS Europe will provide fulfillment, logistics and distribution for ISA in Germany. ISA International supplies over 5,000 products to 60,000 customers in more than 50 countries. PFS Europe will commence overnight delivery of ISA’s orders to Germany this fall. The company is building a fully automated 150,000-square-foot distribution center near Li�ge, Belgium to support this and other logistics outsourcing contracts in Europe.

FastComm Enters Distribution Agreement With Policentro Of Brazil
FastComm has announced a multiyear agreement with Policentro-Consulprev Informatica Associados Ltda. to supply the Brazilian market with FastComm’s voice/fax/video and data networking and data center products. Policentro will represent FastComm’s entire line of equipment, including the ChanlComm Interconnect Controller for Mainframe networking, the GlobalStack-EX and MetroLAN VoIP and VoFR networking devices, the WebRouter Internet access device, the EtherFRAD and RingFRAD line and the new GlobalView GUI-interfaced SNMP network management system. Policentro focuses on systems applications and integration to include the sales of enterprise systems hardware, data warehousing, software development, LAN/WAN systems integration and training, installation and maintenance.

SITEL To Provide CRM Services For Compaq In Brazil
SITEL Corporation has signed a three-year agreement with Compaq Computer Brasil Ind. Ltda. to provide a broad range of telephone-based customer relationship management (CRM) service applications to Compaq’s corporate and consumer markets in Brazil. This announcement follows the December 1998 signing of an agreement between SITEL and Compaq Canada to provide telephone-based sales and customer service applications to various Compaq customers in Canada.

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HotData And Experian Integrate Business Profiles Into Desktop Software Via The Internet
HotData, Inc. and Experian have announced an agreement to integrate business data directly into desktop software via the Internet. HotData enables desktop software to add business data and other types of information to existing customer and prospect data in real-time. Users of HotData-enabled software can append SIC code, line of business description, key contacts, sales volume, number of employees, year established and several other data items to new or existing records in a customer database. The information from Experian’s data warehouse of over 13 million public and private U.S. companies is also used to complete, correct and standardize existing contact information, including telephone and fax numbers.

Registry Magic Signs Distribution Agreement With Tadiran Telecom
Registry Magic, a developer of speech recognition technologies, and Tadiran Telecommunications, Inc. (TTI), which specializes in a variety of telecommunications fields, have signed a definitive agreement to market and sell the Virtual Operator, a Registry Magic speech recognition telephony product. The agreement allows TTI to distribute the Virtual Operator through its extensive domestic and international network of distributors. TTI is currently merging with ECI Telecom Ltd.

InTouch Announces Agreement With IBM
InTouch Systems has forged an agreement with IBM to use the IBM ViaVoice speech and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies in the InTouch voice portal software platform, InFlection. The InTouch solution will enable wireless, wireline and Internet service providers (ISPs) to offer remote and mobile workers the ability to manage telephone calls, e-mail, voice mail, faxes, address book and calendar, as well as gain access to essential Internet and corporate database information through the telephone � all by voice.

Vantive And Genesys Partner To Provide Relationship Management Solution
The Vantive Corporation, a player in the customer relationship management software market, has selected Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a provider of enterprise interaction management solutions, as a key partner in the development of Vantive’s e-customer relationship management (e-CRM) solution. Vantive plans to integrate both Genesys’ T-Server Framework and Internet Suite with its front-office software, The Vantive Enterprise. The combined solution will enable customers to interact with companies in the media they select � voice, e-mail or the Internet � all while receiving a consistent level of customer service.

Hyperion And Paragren Team To Deliver Marketing Analytic Applications
Paragren, a provider of marketing automation software, and Hyperion recently announced an agreement to provide mutual clients with customer relationship management analytic applications. Paragren will integrate and resell Hyperion Essbase OLAP (online analytical processing) server, a cross-platform enterprise OLAP server, with its One-By-One enterprise marketing software platform to provide an integrated analytic application solution that enables marketers to quickly develop and deploy marketing strategies that positively affect their company’s bottom line

V-SPAN And Bell Atlantic Join Forces
V-SPAN, a videoconferencing network management and gateway service provider, and Bell Atlantic Data Solutions Group (DSG) have formed a preferred service provider agreement. In this co-marketing partnership, Bell Atlantic will direct all customers in its 13-state territory to V-SPAN for multipoint videoconferencing and gateway services. The collaboration will offer customers a single source for hardware, network procurement, installation and maintenance, multipoint videoconferencing, network management and gateway services. DSG’s front-end service coupled with the back-end videoconferencing service and support from V-SPAN enables Bell Atlantic customers to fully benefit from a comprehensive communication solution.N

NetManage And Troika Software Announce Reseller Agreement
NetManage and Troika Software have formed a reseller agreement that enables Troika Software to resell NetManage’s SupportNow. Troika Software will provide advanced integration of SupportNow with their service desk solution, Resolve It! This integration will make it easier for customers to monitor, record and manage their problem resolution environment to ensure the fastest possible support responses. The combination of SupportNow and Resolve It! will allow users to offer real-time support and keep a log of each support call, along with a description and recording of its solution. This integrated approach will allow help desks to monitor their work and build a library of support solutions, reducing the cost of repetitive, time-consuming support.

Ameritech Adds ACS To Portfolio Of Call Center Services
In a move that strengthens its systems integration service for call centers, Ameritech has announced it will team with Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., a provider of professional call center services, to offer customers more robust systems integration capabilities. With Ameritech systems integration, customers can improve their call center’s performance, add to its capabilities and at the same time protect the investments they have already made in the call center industry. Ameritech manages systems integration projects from start to finish. After analyzing a company’s business objectives, Ameritech recommends, installs and integrates solutions to improve the call center. Once installed, Ameritech oversees and maintains the solution through its customer support help desk. In addition to systems integration support, ACS adds e-commerce and customer workplace application expertise to Ameritech’s portfolio of professional call center services.

Naviant And Carleton Form Strategic Alliance
Naviant Technology Solutions and Carleton Corporation have formed a partnership to enable rapid deployment of customer-centric, “closed-loop” marketing systems that empower organizations to fully capitalize on the benefits of enterprise CRM solutions. Naviant helps organizations design and implement CRM systems that integrate all sales channels and customer touch-points, specializing in solutions for electronic commerce, financial services, telecommunications enterprises and other emerging channels. Carleton’s PureView customer data management product suite is designed to enable CRM and customer analytical applications by integrating customer data from across an enterprise and delivering accurate, consolidated customer profiles. The strategic partnership includes joint marketing, selling, training, services and technical support.

ESRI And GDT Deliver Telecom Solutions
Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of map databases, announced that it has formed a partnership with ESRI to deliver GIS telecommunications solutions combining GDT data products and ESRI mapping software. GDT’s Dynamap/Telecommunications product line offers up-to-date telecommunications geography products with information on wire centers, exchanges, calling areas and area codes. The telecom data bundles GDT’s Wire Center Basic, Local Access Transport Area (LATA) Boundaries, Local Exchange Company (LEC) Boundaries and Number Planning Area (NPA) Boundaries with ESRI’s ArcView GIS mapping software and MapObjects development software. The new telecom bundle is an extension of joint projects leveraging the two companies’ GIS expertise and premier data and software products for telecommunications solutions developed by ESRI business partners such as CADTEL Systems, Inc. and Mesa Solutions, Inc. Working with CADTEL Systems, GDT and ESRI combined wire center data and Spatial Database Engine (SDE) software with CADTEL software and consulting services to target competitive local exchange companie

Trans National Communications Forms Partnership With WAN Technologies
Trans National Communications International Inc. (TNCI) announced that is has entered into a strategic partnership with WAN Technologies, Inc. The partnership is dedicated to providing TNCI customers a complete package of telecommunications products and services required for improving existing, and building new, wide area networks for voice and data communications. Internet connectivity, frame relay services, voice-over frame relay and voice-over IP are a few of the communications products that TNCI will be selling to corporate customers within the confines of this new partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, TNCI will provide the voice, data and Internet circuits and WAN Technologies will provide the engineering, equipment and management services to keep the circuits in use.

OpenCon Systems Partners With ObjectSwitch
OpenCon Systems, Inc., a communication software and hardware company specializing in transmission and access, network management and communication systems solutions, announced that it has partnered with ObjectSwitch Corp. to develop a billing mediation and customer care system for the telecommunications and networking industries. Additionally, the two companies will jointly service customers with multinetwork service solution requirements. OCS’ Billing Mediation Platform (BMP) meets the demand for carrier and network offerings that migrate the business model from “data carrying” to “data services.” These service solutions will be based upon the recently announced ObjectSwitch 3 server software platform, which provides OCS with key technology in the total solution framework. By deploying OCS’ BMP, carrier and network customers will be able to evolve service offerings and integrate previously isolated “islands” of customer data into total network service offerings.

EDS’ Centrobe Joins Forces With Call Interactive
Centrobe, the enterprise customer management (ECM) component of the new EDS E-Business Solutions unit, has teamed with Call Interactive to provide stand-alone interactive voice response (IVR) automated call processing and front-end support for live operator services. The agreement expands Centrobe’s solution offerings to include Call Interactive’s high-volume IVR capabilities. Clients will benefit by having a single resource for integrated ECM solutions, particularly when automated call processing is involved. Under the agreement, Centrobe sales and account executives may include Call Interactive in appropriate customer care solutions for Centrobe clients. Centrobe will provide sales to Call Interactive, coordinating efforts when appropriate, and subcontracting Call Interactive when

HP, Nortel, Microsoft And Intel Form Alliance For The Enterprise Market
Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Intel and Microsoft have formed an alliance to develop integrated, server-based voice and data messaging solutions for the enterprise market. This collaborative announcement marked a milestone in the convergence of voice and data communications, showing strong industry support for the development of open systems solutions. HP’s newly formed Business Communications Systems Unit has recently unveiled the delivery and distribution strategy for the first unified messaging solution resulting from the partnership � the HP Business Communications Server system. Targeted for small- to medium-sized businesses, the system integrates Nortel communications components and business applications (voice mail, call centers, IP telephony and Microsoft’s Small Business server) into a single Windows NT server.


Voice Integrators Opens New Offices
Voice Integrators, Inc. has announced the opening of new offices located in Howard County, Maryland, expanding their services offered to the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas, as well as the Federal Government. Voice Integrators, Inc. supplies e-commerce call centers and self-service software solutions to large corporations worldwide. It provides specialized solutions created for human resources (cross-industry), as well as specific applications created for the finance, utilities, health care, insurance and banking industries.

Telerx To Open Third Call Center
Telerx, a specialty teleservices bureau which provides call center solutions for customer care, will open its third site later this year. The new call center will be located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The 40,000-square-foot call center, which is currently under construction, will house 300 customer service representatives and 50 support staff members. Additionally, the facility will allow future expansion of up to 40,000 additional square feet.

Convergys To Open New Call Center
Convergys Corporation has announced plans to open a call center in Pocatello, Idaho. Convergys expects to create 425 new jobs and build approximately 250 workstations. The new facility will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and is scheduled to open in September 1999. The majority of jobs created by the new facility are expected to be for customer service representatives handling inbound telephone inquiries and managing customer relationships for Convergys’ clients.

ARC Canada Opens New Location In Ottawa
Alternative Resources Corporation, a technology management and staffing company, has announced the opening of a new location in Ottawa to service clients and technical employees within the “Silicon Valley North” region. The office will offer a full range of ARC’s services: technology deployment, IT project staffing, component outsourcing and consulting. Currently, ARC has offices in Toronto and Montreal to service its Canadian client base.

MultiLink Moves To New Corporate Headquarters
MultiLink Incorporated, a player in the audioconferencing solutions market, has moved to a new corporate headquarters location to accommodate the company’s growth and expansion needs. The company is now located in Andover, Massachusetts. The new location features state-of-the-art testing facilities, executive offices and conference rooms to meet the company’s engineering and development needs, while reserving additional space for anticipated future expansion.

AG Communication Systems Finalizes Agreement With Rogers Cantel Inc.
AG Communications Systems, a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, has announced the finalization of an agreement with Rogers Cantel Inc. to jointly market wireless office telephone systems based on time division multiple access (TDMA) technology. The agreement follows a letter of intent signed in August 1997 between the two companies. Marketed in Canada under the brand name of Cantel AT&T Wireless Office Service, the service integrates the mobility of wireless communications with the functionality of a company’s office telephone system. AG Communications Systems will provide equipment for the WOS under its ROAMEO label and also provide sales, installation and maintenance support for Cantel AT&T customers directly through Accord Communications Inc., a distributor for AG Communications. Rogers Cantel will serve as the customers’ point of contact for this product in Canada as well as all other Cantel AT&T wireless products.�

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