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May 1999

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Luminate Announces Luminate ServiceDesk For SAP R/3
Luminate Software Corporation, a provider of application-management software for planning, implementing and operating SAP R/3, has announced the availability of Luminate ServiceDesk. A new member of the Luminate for SAP R/3 product family, Luminate ServiceDesk enables help desk personnel to use detailed performance information to analyze SAP R/3 service-level problems rapidly. ServiceDesk allows help desk personnel to respond quickly to business user issues, improving the lines of communication within IT groups and between IT and the business user. As a result, the help desk can solve R/3 performance problems with the first call, increasing end user satisfaction and making the help desk more effective.
No. 409, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Vodavi Introduces Discovery ACD Product Line
Vodavi Technology, Inc. has announced the introduction of Discovery ACD+ and Discovery ACD, two new automatic call distribution (ACD) products for users of Vodavi's STARPLUS Triad and Infinite digital key telephone systems. Designed for growing call centers, both these Windows-based software packages distribute real-time information to supervisors via client/server architecture to offer better customer service, improve agent productivity, increase revenues and reduce overall costs.
No. 410, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

VocalTec Introduces Surf&Call
VocalTec Communications Ltd. has introduced two new products: VocalTec Surf&Call Center and the Surf&Call Center Pro. Based on the VocalTec Ensemble architecture and incorporating advancements in voice and media quality over the Internet, these Surf&Call Center suites are designed for the carrier and call center markets to extend customer service to e-commerce. Surf&Call Center enables online shoppers to easily make toll-free calls directly from a Web site to any telephone or formal call center. Online shoppers can speak over the Internet to call center agents as well as jointly surf Web pages and fill out online forms in a secure environment.
No. 411, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Vantive Delivers Solution For E-Customer Relationship Management
The Vantive Corporation has unveiled Vantive's e-customer framework, a blueprint for extending customer relationship management (CRM) to the Web. The framework brings together Vantive's architecture, applications and complementary offerings from Vantive's product and technology partners to provide companies with a comprehensive e-customer solution. Vantive has also announced relationships with several partners who endorse Vantive's e-customer framework. These companies will work with Vantive in building end-to-end e-business solutions for customers.
No. 412, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Syntellect Announces New Release Of Vista
Syntellect Inc. has released a new version of its Vista open standards-based software platform. This release of Vista provides new capabilities that improve flexibility and can result in increased user productivity and lower cost of ownership, including faster and easier deployment, a second, more economical speech recognition option and additional telephony and host support.
No. 413, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Stonehouse Announces Option Pack
Stonehouse Communications has announced the release of the Option Pack for their Adaptive Dialer product. The Adaptive Dialer is a user installable hardware and software package that turns a PC running a traditional contact manager, such as ACT! or GoldMine, into a telemarketing workstation. The Option Pack adds additional capabilities to the Adaptive Dialer such as the ability to recognize an answering machine or voice mail and then leave a prerecorded message automatically. This can be done with an agent controlling the Adaptive Dialer and speaking live with consumers who answer or as a completely unmanned station. The Option Pack turns the Adaptive Dialer into a two-phone-line auto-dialer or a two-phone-line auto-message delivery system.
No. 414, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Silknet Introduces eCommerce
Silknet Software has introduced eCommerce, a Web-based application that integrates e-commerce transactions with customer service capabilities. This application gives companies a more complete electronic business solution to handle customer interactions across the extended enterprise and makes it easier for customers to do business with companies online. Silknet eCommerce is designed to link transaction processing with service and support -- all on the Web -- resulting in a more positive e-commerce experience. Companies can manage the entire customer relationship, from initial point of interest, to shopping and buying to support and service, to personalized promotion, to follow-up on purchases.
No. 415, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

SAP And Siemens Unveil Front-Office Call Center
SAP has teamed with fellow German IT vendor Siemens AG to introduce a new call center application. Customer Interaction Center (CIC) builds on Siemens' computer-telephony integration technology and links into SAP's R/3 enterprise applications. It can connect to Siemens Information and Communication Network Group's call-center software through an expanded application interface. CIC will provide SAP users call center functions such as caller recognition, conference calls and call forwarding. R/3 transactions can be initiated using caller data stored in the system and SAP data can be fed automatically to the call center so that users have a better sense of a customer's interactions with the company.
No. 416, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Right Now Introduces PowerFAQ
Right Now Technologies has announced PowerFAQ, a customer support software product for Webmasters. The software allows Webmasters to add dynamic FAQ (frequently asked questions) publishing and a searchable knowledgebase to their Web sites, providing visitors with automated self-help access to customer support information. PowerFAQ is distributed free for personal use, making it available to the personal home pages of millions of computer users. Later this year, Right Now will develop a version of PowerFAQ that the major personal Web site hosting firms can offer to their customers.
No. 417, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

ProAmerica Releases Connect-Care
ProAmerica has announced the release of Connect-Care SMB, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed with a feature set specific to the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. Connect-Care SMB offers rapid deployment and user-friendly features, enabling Novell customers to immediately leverage the Oracle8 database included in the box with NetWare 5. Connect-Care SMB provides organizations with easy access to contact management, sales and customer support information. It facilitates the ability to capture or retrieve prospect and customer intelligence from everyday interactions and puts sales and customer support managers in a position to analyze, streamline and improve business processes.
No. 418, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

New SolutionSeries WebPack From Primus Offers Fast Implementation
Primus has announced a new product offering designed to help companies create a knowledgebase and publish it on the Internet with natural language search capabilities for customer self-service. SolutionSeries WebPack offers businesses a fast and cost-effective way to create solutions to companies' most frequently asked questions, including answers to complex technical problems, accessible on their Web site for customer self-service 24 hours per day, seven days per week. SolutionSeries WebPack is a robust knowledge-management application that can be rapidly implemented to reduce support call volumes immediately and can be scaled to accommodate enterprisewide requirements in the future.
No. 419, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Prairie Systems Conducts Enhanced IVR Survey
Prairie Systems has announced general availability of its new enhanced IVR Survey service, designed to speed up and simplify the task of collecting information for surveys, lead generation campaigns, testing applications and polling projects. Prairie's IVR Survey allows users to collect a wide variety of both voice captured and touch-tone entered data via telephone, then quickly retrieve results by e-mail or fax. Results may be received as pure data or formatted files ready for importing into most standard desktop spreadsheet programs.
No. 420, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel Networks Enhances Symposium Agent Software
Nortel Networks has announced enhancements to its Symposium Agent call center software to help agents provide better customer service and be more productive. Symposium Agent software offers the next generation of agent-productivity tools for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT environments. It is designed to improve productivity and the agent-customer interaction by delivering more information to agents and guiding them through the call process. Symposium Agent further automates call centers with customized call scripts tailored to various situations. The product integrates multiple sources of information at the agents' desktops and enables them to view the information simultaneously.
No. 421, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

NEC Unveils New NEAX Express PBX
NEC America, Inc. Corporate Networks Group (NEC) has introduced the NEAX Express. The NEAX Express server-based, integrated IP communication solution fuses the reliability, accessibility and feature package of the traditional NEAX PBX with the openness of an NEC server platform. The NEAX Express delivers a suite of sophisticated features, functionality and IP networking capability to the small office and branch office environments. Features of the NEAX Express include PC attendant, interactive voice response (IVR), voice mail, auto attendant and unified messaging.
No. 422, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Mustang Software Updates Internet Message Center
Mustang Software, Inc. has announced Internet Message Center (IMC) version 2.4. The latest release of IMC includes several optimizations and introduces an enhanced IMC Monitor with built-in IMC Agent capabilities. In addition, the IMC Enterprise Edition includes real-time and historical service level adherence in both the IMC Monitor and IMC Reports clients. With version 2.4, Mustang has blended the capabilities of the IMC Agent directly into the IMC Monitor supervisory tool. Supervisors can now request messages, either singly or in groups, directly from the IMC Monitor without having to run the IMC Agent client separately. In addition, several minor changes and updates have been made to the user interface, allowing supervisors to save their preferred column size and position and sort columns more easily.
No. 423, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

MobileWord Introduces HotLeads
MobileWord Communications, LLC has announced HotLeads, a sales lead capture and distribution system. HotLeads is the first Web-based application that converts fax-on-demand requests into sales leads that are automatically routed to salespeople via the Web. Fax-on-demand allows customers and prospects to automatically order fax documents. Using a touch-tone phone, customers can select some or all of the sponsor's documents to be faxed back to them immediately. HotLeads can be integrated into any existing fax-on-demand system. Fax-on-demand callers are prompted to identify themselves in a brief voice message, after which the HotLeads system converts the recording to text and integrates the information with systems data to form a complete record of the call. Records are then cross-referenced against customer and historical call data to further enhance lead information.
No. 424, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Merritt Communications To Carry Inovonics Headset
Merritt Communications has announced it will be carrying the new Comset SuperLight 900 MHz cordless headset by Inovonics. The headset is lightweight and allows the user to answer the phone while away from the desk and terminate a call remotely. Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, but powerful enough to enable clear phone conversations up to 100 feet or more from the base station, the new product operates with most Plantronics and GN Netcom headsets, so users have a wide selection of headset styles to choose from.
No. 425, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Mercom Enhances Its Audiolog Call Recording Software
Mercom Systems Inc. has announced enhancements to its Audiolog Call Recording software, enabling custom integration and control by third-party developers using Microsoft, Unix, Mini and Mainframe computing platforms. Call centers can now use their desktop or centralized custom applications to decide which calls (or parts of calls) are to be recorded, and to add call-specific database indexing information for each recording. With the introduction of its RAPI-X 2.30 and Socket Server 2.30 upgrades for the Audiolog server, Mercom provides open, customizable transaction recording solutions for computer-telephony VARs and their customers.
No. 426, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Enhances Internet-Based Call Center Solutions
Lucent Technologies has announced new features for CentreVu Internet Solutions, its suite of offers enabling companies to deliver superior customer service through multiple channels such as Internet text chat, voice-over IP, e-mail and fax. CentreVu allows customers to browse a business' Web site while simultaneously speaking to agents using "text chat" or voice, all on a single phone line. CentreVu also helps companies handle incoming e-mail and fax messages from customers. It routes these messages to agents as part of a call center's general operations, enabling companies to handle electronic mail and fax contacts with the same level of care as they handle traditional voice calls.
No. 427, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Intell-A-Check Offers Integrated Online Payment Solution
Intell-A-Check Corporation, a provider of electronic payment solutions, has announced that its flagship product, Intell-A-Check! fully supports, and can be integrated with, Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition for Windows NT Server platform. Intell-A-Check! now allows merchants using electronic commerce systems such as the Microsoft Site Server to accept check payments over the Internet. Intell-A-Check! is a Microsoft Windows-based, back-office certified electronic check writing application. It currently enables companies to accept check payments over the phone, fax, voice response unit (VRU), Internet and direct debit programs.
No. 428, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Hello Direct Unveils Newest Telephone Headset
Hello Direct, Inc. has announced the launch of Solo II. This new over-the-ear style headset features an ergonomically contoured flexible backbone the user can customize for a comfortable fit. Over-the-ear headsets are the choice of many telephone-intensive professionals because there is no uncomfortable headband or pad.
No. 429, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Harris Corporation Introduces ClearView
Harris Corporation has introduced ClearView, a next-generation computer platform for call centers. ClearView offers a feature set designed to give businesses a single, powerful solution for all call center and back-office needs. Featuring a fully integrated ACD (automatic call distributor) and IVR/VRU (interactive voice response/voice response unit) applications, ClearView simplifies call center administration. The ACD and IVR/VRU share the same call scripting, reports, real-time displays and multimedia transaction support. With ClearView, a call center manager uses a single interface for building the script and eliminates the need to patch together call scripts for the ACD and the IVR/VRU. This integrated approach also enables a call center manager to view call flow through the center with unified reporting, instead of piecing together separate reports for the ACD and the IVR/VRU.
No. 430, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Genesys Adds Internet Chat Functionality To Call/Contact Center Portfolio
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a provider of customer interaction and computer-telephony solutions, has announced the addition of Genesys Chat to the Genesys Suite. For customers who prefer to interact via the Internet, Genesys Chat affords the convenience of communicating with call/contact center agents via chat sessions through a Java interface dynamically downloaded free to a Web user's computer. Genesys Chat is designed to address customers' growing interest in contacting companies through Web-based technology and eliminate the drawback of disconnecting from a site to use a standard telephone line to interact with call center agents. Additionally, the new feature enables companies to communicate with customers in the media they prefer, enhancing customer interaction and relationship management.
No. 431, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

eShare Offers New Technology In NetAgent 2.1
eShare Technologies Inc. has announced its new NetAgent 2.1 solution, an online e-commerce customer support platform. This enhanced version of NetAgent offers live interaction, e-mail response and voice-over IP capabilities in one package. NetAgent 2.1 enables users to complement their existing customer support centers with the ability to conduct e-commerce support, deliver tutorials, answer customer questions and give pre-scripted assistance all with the click of a button. Customer support agents will have the ability to leverage all types of multimedia to provide comprehensive online customer support.
No. 432, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Envision Provides New Way To Leverage Efficiency Of The Web
Envision Telephony has announced a new way to publish call center data to leverage the efficiency of the Web. Using a Web browser interface, SoundByte Agent Express brings Envision's suite of call monitoring tools, SoundByte Enterprise, directly to agent desktops. By publishing data within the familiar computing environment of a browser, SoundByte Agent Express improves the call center quality monitoring process in several ways. Administrators save time on deployment by installing the agent application once on the server, instead of individually loading the application at agent desktops. Agents gain easier access to performance reviews and feedback with a simple URL address. Supervisors and auditors can provide complete feedback on a more consistent basis with the monitoring client application to publish verbal and written evaluations simultaneously with call recordings. These combined voice and data evaluations are also a valuable training tool for new agents.
No. 433, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

eGain Releases eGain EMS 2.0
eGain Communications Corp. has announced the availability of eGain E-mail Management System (EMS) 2.0, an expanded version of eGain's 100 percent Web-based online customer service solution. The enterprise-class solution enables businesses to rapidly deploy and scale the system and cost-effectively manage and respond to large volumes of online customer inquiries. The integration technology, the eGain eCommerce Bridge, allows enterprises to use "no programming" interaction tools to quickly leverage existing IT investments in customer databases, e-commerce systems, CTI systems and front-office applications. The addition of artificial intelligence strengthens the solution's ability to maximize customer service resources and increase customer satisfaction.
No. 434, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Easyphone 4.04 Available For Global Contact Centers
Easyphone, a provider of software solutions for contact centers, has announced the general availability of its 4.04 solution. Easyphone is an integrated contact center solution that couples the power and reliability of telephone switch technology with the advances of a pure software solution. The new version was designed to provide benefit to companies by increasing revenues through the contact center while simultaneously delivering customer satisfaction at the lowest possible operating costs. Easyphone 4.04 offers new features for blended contact centers, enabling companies to use one agent pool for both customer care and outbound, revenue-generating contacts. Additionally, new dialing capabilities allow contact center managers to increase the probability of successful contacts by fine-tuning contact lists.
No. 435, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Dictaphone Offers Benchmarking Service For da Vinci Customers
Dictaphone Corporation has introduced da Vinci QBS, a quality benchmarking service that lets companies compare their call centers' customer service with others in their market segment and overall. Da Vinci QBS is being offered to da Vinci customers in conjunction with Dictaphone's new surestart program, a combination of training seminars and consulting services designed to help call centers enhance customer interactions and cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. Da Vinci customers who attend the surestart training program at Dictaphone's training facility are eligible to subscribe to the service. As QBS subscribers, companies receive quarterly feedback from the Dictaphone QBS monitoring team on their call centers' handling of customer interactions.
No. 436, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Delta Three Launches Web-Based Agent Program
Delta Three, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of RSL Communications, Ltd., has introduced a real-time, completely automated Web-based program for agents to sell Delta Three services. With a few mouse clicks, agents can sign up, download promotional tools, track results and monitor commissions. The Delta Three Agent Program offers competitive commission rates to companies and individuals who promote Delta Three's PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-Phone services. Using the Web, Delta Three agents can place advertisements (banners) on their sites, which bring Web users to Delta Three's service offerings. The agents are compensated based on the number of customers who sign up to use the Delta Three service and customer usage.
No. 437, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Data-Tel Info Solutions Announces xSELLerator 4.0
Data-Tel Info Solutions has launched xSELLerator 4.0, a cost-effective full-featured predictive dialer. The new release features inbound/outbound call blending, easy-to-use branch scripting and an upgraded Windows interface. These features are additions to a feature set that already includes multiple programs, callbacks, real-time report capabilities, digital recording and online credit card verification. All workstations have also been upgraded to Dell computers; 32 MB SDRAM, 4.3 GB EIDE hard drive, P6 333 Celeron and Windows 98.
No. 438, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Corepoint Unveils Aggressive Verticalization Strategy
Corepoint Technologies, IBM's customer relationship management (CRM) software company, has executed an aggressive strategy to offer industry-specific solutions to the marketplace. Corepoint Banking Solutions is Corepoint's first verticalized application to enter the competitive CRM market. The application was designed specifically to provide companies in the banking and financial services industry a solution that will address the specific requirements their customers have, thereby increasing customer loyalty and enhancing financial success.
No. 439, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Clarify Introduces eFrontOffice
Clarify Inc. has introduced eFrontOffice, a comprehensive customer-facing solution which was designed to consolidate customer touch points through integrated queuing and routing, incorporate e-mail response management, personalize self-service and self-sales and initiate and retain relationships with prospects through Internet marketing. As a result, companies can deploy e-business sales, marketing and service initiatives for the first time with a single solution. This eliminates the need for companies to implement separate technologies and act as a general contractor, while ensuring interaction between Web sites, call centers and field sales and service teams.
No. 440, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

BroadQuest Updates Browser-Based Enterprise Application
BroadQuest, Inc. has announced general availability and new customer implementations of BroadQuest 2.0, a browser-based enterprise application that gives employees, partners and customers self-service access to live customer information. This single point of access is called a Customer Information Portal. The Customer Information Portal provides users with quick and easy access to information, allowing them to set up real-time alerts and personalized reports to capture information from front-office and back-office applications. BroadQuest's broker-based architecture gives thousands of users access to millions of live records with minimal impact on the source application system. BroadQuest guarantees efficient and cost-effective employment through its Rapid Success Package that gets the application up and running in about a month.
No. 441, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

BindView Reduces Help Desk Support Costs
BindView Development Corp. has announced an update to the BindView EMS NETinventory module, as well as a new remote control module, NETrc. The integration of NETrc with NETinventory provides users with the ability to take control over remote nodes right from within the familiar inventory user interface. Help desk personnel can significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve customer issues by viewing inventory details and remotely controlling an end-user desktop without switching from one application to another. The integration also allows administrators to automatically distribute the NETrc client software at log-in or any time audits are performed. Closely integrating the inventory with remote control puts significant power into the hands of the help desk personnel.
No. 442, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Acxiom Introduces Client Server Edition Of InfoBase Telephone Directories
Acxiom Corporation has announced the commercial availability of InfoBase Telephone Directories, Client Server Edition. The Client Server Edition is an extensive telephone directory packaged with a search engine and user interface. It provides users access to over 100 million U.S. and 14 million Canadian listings. The Client Server Edition is designed for Windows NT environments and uses the industry's most current and accurate telephone and address data. Acxiom collects and compiles telephone books published in every section of the U.S. and Canada -- over 4,000 books -- giving users the information they need to reach customers and prospects quickly and efficiently.
No. 443, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Aspect Announces Customer Relationship Solutions
Aspect Telecommunications Corporation has announced the availability of Aspect Customer Relationship Solutions, a comprehensive suite of software products which will provide companies with the tools to implement an end-to-end customer relationship strategy. Aspect Customer Relationship Solutions will provide an environment to integrate business functions, information, processes, technologies and people, so that companies can provide a consistent face to customers at multiple points of contact. Aspect's customer relationship solutions include Aspect Customer Relationship Management and Aspect Customer Self-Service. Aspect Customer Interaction and Aspect Customer DataMart will be introduced later this year.
No. 444, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

AfterMarket Solution Will Enhance Client Web Sites
The AfterMarket Company has announced that it will enhance client Web sites with live sales consultants that customers can see and hear over the Internet to answer questions and simplify online ordering. The service uses a new technology, named InstaVue.com, that delivers audio, video and two-way chat over the Internet directly to a standard Web browser. This proprietary technology allows an Internet user to access live audio and video without special software. Until now, streaming audio and video over the Internet has always required a "plug-in" or "player." With InstaVue.com, customers on a participating Web site can click a link and immediately see and hear the Online Sales Consultant (OSC). It is believed that this will be the first time that live audio-video customer service will be available over the Internet.
No. 445, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Account-A-Call Announces Distribution Of WinSAT
Account-A-Call has completed final beta testing of its new WinSAT call accounting software. WinSAT is a full-featured call accounting system that enables the capture, processing and analysis of both inbound and outbound phone call activity. The system includes many graphical reports and options to enable viewing of data in different formats as well as exportation to Excel. It features a "Wizard" function to simplify the maintenance tasks associated with database and PBX/ACD connectivity. Also contained in WinSAT is a "mapping" graphic that shows the tracking of calls and call concentration within geographical areas. The program is easy to install and run and includes full online help documentation. The 32-bit product runs in a Windows NT, 98 or 95 environment, is LAN-ready and works with all standard ACD/PBXs.
No. 446, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

The Haley Enterprise Releases Help!CPR
The Haley Enterprise has announced the release of Help!CPR version 3.0 for Windows. The low-priced version 3.0 extends the Case-based Problem Resolution (CPR) capabilities of earlier versions with additional emphasis on sales automation and information navigation for Intranet, Web-based and desktop decision support. Help!CPR has been designed for use by a broader audience of less technical business personnel. The product is a feature-rich knowledge management, automation and delivery solution based on rule- and case-based reasoning technologies. Workgroups of non-technical personnel can incrementally capture problems, questions and answers and other knowledge about products, Web pages or other documents.
No. 447, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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The Vantive Corporation has appointed Guy Dubois to the position of executive vice president and general manager of international. Dubois brings more than 20 years of experience to the newly created position, in which he will develop and manage all Vantive operations outside North America.

Daleen Technologies, Inc. has announced the appointment of David McTarnaghan as vice president of Global Services and Partner Management. In addition, Daleen has appointed Tim Moss as vice president of Professional Services.

VocalData, Inc. has announced that William J. Rich has joined the company as president and CEO. VocalData's founder and current president, Steve Bakke, will serve as the company's chief technology officer.

Sky Alland has announced that Jeanne Hoover has been named vice president in the company's new West Coast office in Laguna Hills, California. Hoover will be responsible for program strategy and design for several of the company's national accounts and for account development activities in the company's western region.

LHS Group has appointed Stefan Sieber to executive vice president and chief divisional officer, responsible for sales and integrations worldwide. In addition, he will become a member of the executive management team.

Applied Digital Access Inc. has named Donald L. Strohmeyer to the position of president and chief executive officer and member of the board of directors. Additionally, Peter P. Savage has been appointed chairman of the board of directors.

Prairie Systems, a provider of interactive voice response teleservices, has announced two new appointments. Jon Ishii has been named vice president of engineering and Michael Klein has been named vice president of sales and marketing.

Telect has appointed William McMillan to vice president, engineering and technology. McMillan was formerly Telect's director of engineering and technology. In addition, Susan Meyer was named vice president, human resources.

Steven Pizzagoni has been appointed to vice president of sales at TeleDirect International, Inc. Pizzagoni formerly served as western regional vice president for Davox Corporation. Additionally, M. Wayne Wisehard has been appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer. Wisehard was formerly chief executive officer of Price Communications Wireless Corp.

Aspect Telecommunications Corporation has announced the appointment of Rod Butters to vice president, product strategy and marketing. Butters was formerly with Oracle Corporation, where he was vice president of product and program management in the application server division.

Sophia W. Williams has been named vice president, national customer care centers, for Lucent Technologies' Business Communications Systems (BCS) division. She will be responsible for the division's four national customer care centers located in Atlanta, Georgia; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Parsippany, New Jersey and Tucson, Arizona.

ServiceWare, Inc. has announced the appointment of Steve McMahon to chief financial officer. Prior to joining ServiceWare, he was vice president of finance and administration, treasurer and corporate secretary for REVIVE Technologies Incorporated.

Unisource Network Services, Inc. has hired Steven A. John as vice president of strategic alliances. He will be responsible for forging new partnerships for the company with industry vendors and consulting firms specializing in complementary communications services.

HotData, Inc., a provider of value-added consumer and business information via the Internet, has appointed Johnny Anderson as president and CEO. Anderson was previously president and founder of e2 Software, a provider of Internet-based direct marketing solutions.

INFACT Technologies, Inc., a supplier of "Web-architected" problem resolution software for the customer support industry, has announced the appointment of Frank Richardson as chief executive officer. INFACT also appointed two new regional sales vice presidents, Brian Frank and Bruce Dawson.

Stephen Roberts has accepted the position of president of Cleartel Communications, a long-distance and operator services company. He was formerly vice president of sales and general manager of the company.

Rachelle Rees McCarthy has been appointed chief operating officer of Arbinet Communications. Before joining the company, she held senior level management positions at AT&T.

ClientLogic Corporation has promoted Cliff Ruden to the position of vice president of sales, vertical markets. Prior to joining ClientLogic, Ruden held positions at West Teleservices, Neodata, Federal Express and Emery Worldwide.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has elected six new board members. They are Leigh Belden, president of Verilink Corporation; Van Cullens, president, communications sector of Harris Corporation; Bill Doyle, president, Interdigital Communications Corporation; Olli Kallasvuo, president, Nokia Inc.; Shawn Osborne, president of DGM&S Telecom; and Jim Pentecost, president of Power & Telephone Supply. In addition, Mike Kennedy, corporate vice president and director of global telecom policy for Motorola and C.J. Phillips, president of Alcatel NA Cable Systems, Inc. were appointed to unfulfilled board terms.

The AB&C Group has announced that Elaine P. Looney has been promoted to chief operating officer. Looney will be responsible for all production and operational divisions and departments of AB&C.

Nelson Campelo has been appointed to vice president, sales and integrations and delegate manager of LHS do Brazil Ltda., LHS' Brazilian subsidiary. Campelo will be responsible for LHS' activities in the Brazilian market.

TotalTel Communications USA, Inc. has announced that it has hired Dennis J. Spina as president. Spina's duties will include leading the company into the Internet and local telephone service markets.

RSL Communications, Ltd. has appointed Mark Hirschhorn to chief financial officer of Delta Three, the company's Internet telephony subsidiary. In addition, Jim Magrone has been appointed to vice president, investor relations and treasury.

Richard K. Freed has been appointed vice president of enterprise services for Molloy Group. Freed will manage the professional services and customer support operations of the company.

Ericsson has named David Arkles as executive vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Solutions U.S. market unit, a newly created business unit that will provide enterprises consulting expertise to complement Ericsson's established product portfolio.

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Lucent To Acquire Mosaix
Lucent Technologies has announced that it will acquire Mosaix, Inc., a maker of customer-relationship management software for linking front- and back-office systems. The deal is scheduled to close by the end of the second quarter of 1999. Mosaix's ViewStar workflow software automates and streamlines information about customer requests and the tasks required to fulfill the requests. The software creates records of customer transactions, preferences and buying patterns, allowing service representatives to tailor offerings based on that information. Lucent intends to integrate Mosaix into its CentreVu line of customer care solutions.

Comverse Acquires Amarex Technology
Comverse Technology, Inc. has announced the acquisition of privately held Amarex Technology, Inc. Amarex develops software-based intelligent peripherals and service nodes for telecommunications network operators, including British Telecommunications plc and MCI WorldCom, Inc., which enable interactive voice response-based services. Amarex also develops software for call-center-based customer service applications. Comverse's acquisition will bring to the company a range of interactive voice response-based enhanced services for network operators, such as virtual private network services, 800 services, network announcement services, customer service/customer care services, operator-free collect calling, call forwarding services and directory services.

ClientLogic Reports Purchase Of LCS Industries
ClientLogic Corporation, the company comprised of the former SOFTBANK Services Group and North Direct Response, Inc., has reported the finalization of a tender offer to purchase LCS Industries, Inc., a direct marketing and database management company headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey. The LCS acquisition is intended to improve ClientLogic's capability to more broadly serve its clients' marketing needs by enhancing the scope, quality and global reach of its services. News of the LCS acquisition follows ClientLogic's recent announcement of the opening of a new 450-seat call center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The new facility is ClientLogic's ninth North American call center facility and its eleventh worldwide.

Quintus Divests Business Consulting Practice To AnswerThink
Quintus Corporation, a provider of complete call center software solutions, is divesting its call center business consulting practice (formerly known as Call Center Enterprises, or CCE) to AnswerThink Consulting Group, a knowledge-based consulting and e-business technology implementation company. Quintus will continue to provide deployment services for its software through its Qsolutions organization. Ongoing business consulting engagements will be satisfied by AnswerThink. Quintus and AnswerThink are entering a strategic alliance, enabling AnswerThink to provide consulting and systems integration services in support of Quintus' eContact product set. As a result, AnswerThink will become a systems integrator for Quintus.

NASME Joins Forces With SME
Members of the National Alliance of Sales and Marketing Executives (NASME) merged operations with Sales and Marketing Executives-International (SME), a worldwide association for sales and marketing management. Effective March 1, 1999, members of the NASME-Manhattan chapter have become affiliated with SME-New York, while members of NASME-Long Island will become Long Island SME, both affiliated chapters of SME-International. SME-International's membership consists of CEOs, managers and executives who meet for the exchange of ideas, a channel for new techniques in sales and marketing, as well as an opportunity to develop skills through informational seminars, workshops, conferences and round table discussions.

GWI Software Acquires Lotus Notes And Domino Consulting Firm
GWI Software, a provider of Lotus Notes/Domino and Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, has announced the acquisition of Lotus business partner Frontier Technologies, Inc., a Lotus Notes and Domino consulting and training company. The acquisition strengthens GWI's position as a provider of CRM solutions for the small-to-midsize business market. Alex Wilson, Frontier Technologies president and owner, will work for GWI in the capacity of east region technical manager. Frontier Technologies' Manassas, Virginia office will now provide GWI's east coast customer base with continued responsive technical services.

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Survey Reveals Reasons For Job Changes In Tight Employment Market
A recent survey conducted by Lucas Group, a recruitment agency with a specialty in telecommunications, has revealed that the balance between work and home life is becoming a major factor for telecommunications professionals who are considering career decisions. The top reason candidates seek job changes is a desire for more balance between personal and professional demands, followed closely by higher salary considerations and relocation issues. With unemployment reaching record lows, companies must seek to differentiate themselves from competitors to attract better qualified candidates. Providing better benefits and more flexible hours, reducing business travel and providing more vacation time are ways companies can remain competitive in attracting employees.

Siemens Introduces Advanced Application Integration Services
Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Inc. has introduced a new professional services organization to help companies design, implement and support integrated end-to-end communications solutions. The Advanced Customer Solutions (ACS) Group's charter is to help companies maximize the value of their knowledge resources, improve communication with customers and increase workforce effectiveness. ACS leverages the experience from Siemens' ProCenter professional services group with Siemens' data networking and enhanced customer care consulting services. These combined resources allow customers to work with a single vendor, Siemens, to design, integrate and support communications solutions featuring best-of-breed voice, data and mixed-media applications, whether developed by Siemens or one of its business partners. The ACS group consists of applications architects, system designers, consultants and project managers located across the U.S.
No. 447, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Octane Software Is Founded
Octane Software, Inc. has announced the official launch of its company, founded with the mission to develop a new generation of customer care applications built for the "Digital 1000" -- today's rapidly growing cadre of e-business leaders. Led by a team of former Scopus Technologies (Siebel Systems) executives and backed by high-tech investors Greylock, Sigma Partners and Lucent Venture Partners, Octane intends to focus its front-office products exclusively on the requirements of the "Digital 1000" for real-time, interactive and personalized customer care capabilities. Octane began shipping its first products in March, 1999.
No. 448, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Apropos Launches Global Alliance Program
Apropos Technology, a provider of enterprise call center applications, has announced the formal launch of its worldwide partnership program, The Apropos Global Alliance Program. The program is geared to facilitate strategic marketing and distribution alliances with best-of-breed providers in the expanding call center market. Apropos has established the alliance program in order to facilitate and offer customers the best call center solutions by combining complementary technologies and delivering turnkey products and services that leverage and enhance the long-term value of customer technology investments.
No. 449, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Study Shows Telecommuting Can Benefit Businesses
A new study, jointly released in Ireland by the National Advisory on Teleworking, The Dublin Transport Organization and Telecom Eireann, has concluded that implementing telecommuting could significantly lower employer overhead, increase potential employee attraction and reduce employee turnover rates. The study also concluded that although 39 percent of companies considered their business suitable for telecommuting, only 19 percent would offer the option to their employees. The study does show, however, that the high-tech industry as a whole is more willing than companies in other industries to implement telecommuting programs, probably due to the fact that telecommuting requires advanced technologies and the IT industry is comfortable implementing and using these technologies.

New Identity For VCS' Call Routing Solutions
Voice Request Corporation has been announced as the new name for Voice Control Systems' independent subsidiary formed to market Pure ReQuest!, a speech-driven call routing system. PureReQuest! is a whole-product application of VCS' speech recognition technology. It automatically routes telephone calls by prompting callers to speak the name of the person or department they are trying to reach. Before the formation of the new division, the product was sold through a direct sales organization.

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Comverse Selected By B-Band Operators In Brazil
Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology, Inc., a supplier of enhanced service platforms to wireless and wireline network operators, has been selected by BCP Telecommunicacoes (BCP) and BSE Telecommunicacoes (BSE) of Brazil. Comverse will provide enhanced services platforms for deployment in BCP's and BSE's digital wireless networks, which serve over 69 million POPs in Sao Paulo and the northeast regions of Brazil. Comverse's enhanced services platform enables BCP and BSE to provide messaging services, such as call answering and short text messaging. When a subscriber is unavailable or busy, callers can deposit a voice message into the subscriber's personal mailbox. The subscribers can then be notified that they have messages waiting for them via a brief text message on their wireless handsets.

Americom To Enter Joint Venture To Operate In Nigeria
Americom Networks International, Inc. has concluded a joint venture agreement with ISS Networks Limited to provide Internet and enhanced telecommunications services in Nigeria. The service, using wireless modem and dial-up access, will be made available to businesses and consumers during the second half of 1999. ISS Networks Limited has been awarded VSAT and Internet service provider licenses from the Nigerian Communications Commission for the joint venture. Americom's Internet access and high-speed communications systems will benefit agriculture in Nigeria by providing access to information such as pest control, farm practices and drought management. Other beneficiaries will include Nigeria's education system, medical community and business community at large.

Foreign Investment In France Reaches 10-Year High In 1998
Foreign investment in France reached a 10-year peak in 1998 when 445 projects were announced, up 23 percent from 1997. These investment operations will create or preserve a total of 29,411 jobs in the next three years, 21.5 percent more than in 1997, continuing an uninterrupted rise since 1992. These results suggest France's strong appeal to North American companies seeking an educated workforce and an increasingly dynamic business environment, state-of-the-art science and technology centers and excellent telecommunications and transportation infrastructures.

SpeechDat II Generates Data For Extending Speech Recognition To Major European Languages
The recent completion of a pan-European research project has resulted in one of the largest, most wide-ranging databases of spoken language yet produced. The project, SpeechDat II, has involved nearly 20 of Europe's technology companies, academic centers and research institutes. As one of the primary participants, Vocalis, a speech recognition telephony company, now has access to all the data generated. These data are expected to be of great value in Vocalis' development of future advanced speech recognition (ASR) systems. The data collected by SpeechDat II covers all 11 official European languages, including alternative dialects.

Globix To Establish European Base In London
Internet provider Globix Corporation has announced that it will establish a European base in London to coincide with the launch of its data center operations in New York City and Santa Clara, California. The new premises will cover 34,000 square feet in New Oxford Street, central London, and will be open by June 30, 1999. The center will hire 100 employees by the end of the year.

BT To Acquire Stake In Latin American Telecommunications Company
British Telecommunications has announced plans to acquire a 20 percent stake in ImpSat, a telecommunications company in Latin America. ImpSat, which has networks in key cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela, will also become a likely distributor of Concert, BT's global services company. ImpSat has established itself as a player across Latin America, providing corporate customers with a range of voice, data, Internet and e-commerce services. The proposed agreement will extend Concert's global reach and provide a potential springboard for further activity for BT in Latin America.

Aspect Telecommunications Awarded Major Contract From Deutsche Telekom
Aspect Telecommunications Corporation has announced the receipt of a multisystem order from Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest telecommunications company and the third largest carrier worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement, Aspect will install more than 100 customer relationship management application suites, which include their ACD server, with Aspect ACD Software Release 7 throughout Germany over the next year. Deutsche Telekom's customer contact centers will then support more than 15,000 agents in the company's sales and service divisions.

VarTec Opens Base In Britain
VarTec, a Lancaster, Texas-based telecommunications company, has opened a new European headquarters at Northampton in the East Midlands of England. The company, which is looking to expand across Europe, chose the site because of the local accent, educated employment pool, access by rail and road and proximity to London. VarTec has recruited 100 employees thus far for call center, marketing and finance functions and eventually expects to employ a total of 300 people.

Comcel Chooses CGI And LHS To Deliver Customer Care And Billing Solution
LHS Group, Inc. has announced that Comcel Comunicacion Cellular S.A. of Colombia has licensed LHS' client/server-based customer care and billing system, BSCS, to support Comcel's TDMA-based wireless service for up to one million subscribers. Comcel licensed BSCS to replace its existing customer care and billing system. LHS partner CGI Group, Inc. also signed an agreement with Comcel to provide an integrated customer care and billing solution using BSCS. CGI, with support from LHS, will act as the system integrator, responsible for the customization and implementation of BSCS version 5.2 software, to provide Comcel with an integrated customer care and billing solution.

Harte-Hanks And Communiqu� Direct Announce Alliance
Harte-Hanks Response Management has entered into a strategic alliance with Communiqu� Direct, an Australian high-tech direct response company. Communiqu� Direct will market Harte-Hanks Response Management's services to shared and new clients in Australia and New Zealand. Dell Computer Australia is one of the first companies to take advantage of the new alliance by gaining an improved sales lead management system. Harte-Hanks Response Management can now supply its clients with response management expertise in Australia and New Zealand and Communiqu� Direct will gain access to Harte-Hanks Response Management resources such as Web-based campaign planning and delivery tools, including the Comprehensive Advanced Lead Management (CALM) system.

Celo Communications Merges With DEH Information Systems
Celo Communications has announced its merger with DEH Information Systems, a German technology company that develops a range of security products with an emphasis on smart card support. For Celo, a provider of security products for Internet commerce and communication, the cooperation between the two companies will provide reinforcement from DEH's development team and their knowledge about smart card technology. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for Celo to enter the German market.

Nuance Adapts Nuance 6 For Canadian French And Swedish
Nuance Communications, a provider of natural language speech recognition software, has announced the availability of Nuance 6 for both Canadian French and Swedish. Nuance has signed a partnership agreement with PRIMA, a Canadian company which creates computerized telephony products. PRIMA will resell Nuance products and plans to integrate Nuance 6 with its OPUS Maestro development environment. Additionally, Nuance has partnered with Telia, a provider of telecommunications in the Nordic/Baltic region, to deploy the first Swedish natural language speech recognition system. Currently, the new system is handling calls for the National Road Traffic Registry, a division of the Swedish National Road Administration.

Sykes Opens Second Call Center In Sweden
Invest in Sweden Agency, a site-selection promotion branch of the Swedish government, has announced that Sykes Enterprises, Inc., an information technology and call center service agency based in Tampa, Florida, will open its second call center facility in Dals-Ed, Sweden. The new center will have a total capacity of 432 seats and will increase support to the highly computerized Scandinavian region. Sykes' first Swedish site in Sveg, northern Sweden, consists of a 324 seat technical call support center which serves mostly international computer manufacturers and software publishers.

strategicalliances.gif (1417 bytes)

WhiteCap Announces Two Strategic Alliances
WhiteCap Development Corp. has announced a one-year strategic alliance with POINT Information Systems, Inc. to market WhiteCap call center software with POINT's TeamPOINT customer relationship management software solution. The two NT-based product suites will together create a computer-telephony-enabled customer relationship management environment for sharing information about customers and interacting with them in the customers' choice of media. Additionally, WhiteCap and Vertical Networks, Inc. have forged a partnership to jointly market Vertical Networks' InstantOffice system, an integrated communications platform, and WhiteCap multimedia call center software. The integrated system will offer branch offices and small businesses a turnkey multimedia call center, complete with all hardware and software necessary for a feature-rich call center solution.

TCS Forms Alliances
TCS Management Group, Inc. has announced the development of a co-marketing alliance with Comverse Infosys Inc. The alliance will focus on promoting the integration of TCS's software, a resource planning system for call centers, with Comverse's quality monitoring program in relation to scheduled call recording. The integration allows Comverse to import assigned agent work schedules from TCS' workforce management software, SeriesFive, in order to validate times for quality monitoring. Additionally, TCS and Interactive Intelligence have announced that they have developed an interface for feeding historical call information from Interactive Intelligence's Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) to the TCS workforce management system. Integration of TCS software and EIC allows call centers to schedule the right number of agents to answer the phones at any point in time in order to avoid the high personnel costs associated with overstaffing and the agent turnover and low service levels caused by understaffing. Mutual customers of TCS and Interactive Intelligence can use these companies' products together to answer calls efficiently and cost-effectively.

Silknet And Calico Announce Alliance
Calico Technology, Inc., a provider of e-commerce software and services, and Silknet Software, Inc., a provider of e-business applications, have announced a strategic alliance to offer a complete solution for managing guided, personalized interactions through the customer lifecycle. The combination of Silknet and Calico enables companies to provide their customers with a more integrated and efficient customer experience. The alliance will enable Silknet to extend its ability to provide customer-efficient e-business solutions through Calico's eSales Suite of interactive selling applications. Calico's eSales Suite will add value to Silknet's eBusiness applications by enabling simple, interactive buying and selling of complex products and services across all sales channels.

Sequent Ensures Performance Guarantee For Siebel 99 On NUMACenter
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc. has announced that it is offering a performance guarantee for customers deploying large-scale Siebel 99 call center applications on Sequent's NUMACenter systems. The guarantee is a contractual option backing aggressive performance level targets with up to $5 million in products and services. This performance guarantee, along with the integration of Sequent's Contact Advantage customer relationship management (CRM) solution, provides a commitment to customer success in call center deployment. As part of the guarantee, Sequent will take responsibility for system response time to call center agent queries and other key performance metrics.

eGain And Remedy Integrate Help Desk And E-Commerce Customer Service Applications
eGain Communications Corp. and Remedy Corp. have announced that they have integrated their flagship products: the eGain Email Management System (EMS) and Remedy Action Request System (AR System). This strategic integration creates a customer service solution for a blended customer support center, giving customer support agents a single, easy-to-use interface to view information. As a member of the Remedy Product Partners Program, eGain ensures that this integration will be developed, maintained and supported over time. Customers using the Remedy AR System can take advantage of this partnership to integrate an online customer service solution into their service organizations.

Nortel And Clarify Integrate Symposium Call Centers With Clarify FrontOffice
Nortel Networks and Clarify Inc. have announced an integration package that enables customer service professionals to more effectively use Nortel Networks' Symposium Agent and Clarify FrontOffice software to provide front-office services. Using a caller's telephone or account number, the Clarify FrontOffice AgentTrigger software automatically searches the Clarify system and displays the customer's historical information on the agent's screen. Customers can modify the application to their specific needs.

Netscape And Net2Phone Sign Global Distribution Agreement
Netscape Communications Corporation and IDT's Net2Phone subsidiary have signed a multi-year global distribution agreement under which Net2Phone's PC-to-Phone service will be bundled with Netscape's Internet browser, Netscape Communicator, and will be featured as a button on the browser's personal toolbar. In addition, the Net2Phone service is scheduled to be prominently featured on Netscape's Internet portal, Netscape Netcenter, enabling customers to place telephone calls directly from their computers to any telephone in the world. The companies also announced that Net2Phone plans to use Netscape's line of e-commerce software to serve as the engine for future Net2Phone e-commerce solutions including Click2Talk, Click2Call Me, easysurf.com and the Net2Phone Web site.

Molloy Group And Business Objects To Partner
Business Objects and Molloy Group, Inc. have announced that Molloy Group is bundling Business Objects' decision support software with Knowledge Bridge, Molloy Group's knowledge management application. As a result, Molloy Group will be able to offer enterprise-deployable, Web-enabled business intelligence solutions for call centers, help desks and other customer-focused operations. Molloy Group, which will resell Business Objects' products called BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence under an application provider agreement, has also jointed the Business Objects Alliance Partner Program.

HP And Rubric Form Alliance
In a move that is expected to help drive e-commerce, Hewlett-Packard Company and Rubric, Inc. have announced that they have formed an alliance that will help companies integrate their telemarketing centers into Internet marketing campaigns. As part of the alliance, Rubric's enterprise marketing automation (EMA) capabilities will be integrated with HP Customer Contact Manager (CCM) computer-telephony integration (CTI) software to enable a real-time, personalized interactive experience for the customer. By using this combination, companies can enhance their overall customer relationship management programs and improve customer loyalty.

eShare Forms Two Partnerships
eShare Technologies Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Line4 (formerly Aristacom International). As a result of the partnership, eShare will integrate its NetAgent customer interaction solution with Line4's LiveTouch product, which links a firm's Web site to its call center, applications and databases. The combined technologies enable companies to integrate all of their information resources to produce the maximum efficiency from their online businesses. eShare has formed a second alliance with EIS International, Inc. The partnership gives EIS rights to resell NetAgent to EIS customers, who will have access to eShare's Internet-based human interaction system.

Davox And IEX Announce Joint Product Partnership
Davox Corporation and IEX Corporation have forged a joint product partnership that will allow both companies to offer a comprehensive virtual call center solution. The alliance will integrate Davox's recently introduced call center management solution, Ensemble, and IEX's Totalnet call routing software to create an enterprisewide customer interaction platform. Using this platform, geographically distributed call centers will be able to integrate resources from multiple vendors, such as automatic call distributors (ACDs), interactive voice response systems (IVRs), workforce management, Web servers, databases and desktop applications.

Calista And Iwatsu Announce Cooperation
Calista and Iwatsu have announced that Calista's PBXoverIP telephone extenders now support Iwatsu's ADIX APS and ACD. With Calista's PBXoverIP products, telecommuters and work-at-home agents can now use an Iwatsu ADIX phone remotely -- over a private IP network, the Internet or the public telephone network (PSTN). Calista's PBXoverIP products use the latest voice-over IP technology to relocate any supported PBX telephone to a remote site, without changing or upgrading the current PBX infrastructure. PBXoverIP connects directly to Ethernet and works with a variety of network technologies such as DSL, ISDN or cable modems.

expansions.gif (1060 bytes)

Millennium Opens New Call Centers
Millennium Teleservices has announced the opening of its 22nd, 23rd and 24th call centers. The new Canton, Ohio call center, which employs 215 agents, opened January 11, 1999. The second new center, located in Bluefield, West Virginia, opened January 21, 1999 and employs 200 TSRs. The third center, which opened March 6, 1999, is located in Morgantown, West Virginia and will employ 250 agents when hiring is completed. In addition, Millennium has announced plans to expand an existing call center into a new building in an urban renewal center in Albany, New York. The new building will house a state-of-the-art call center that will train and provide approximately 400 jobs in accordance with the U.S. Government's "Welfare To Work" initiative.

Contact Solutions Group Locates Call Center In Qu�bec
Contact Solutions Group, a provider of teleservices solutions, has announced the opening of a new call center in Qu�bec, Canada. The new facility is located in downtown Montr�al and became fully functional in April, 1999. The call center will have 220 workstations and should create 552 new jobs.

Convergys Expands Operations With New Call Centers
Convergys Corporation has announced the opening of a new call center in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The center, located in the suburb of Hazelwood, will create up to 1,000 new jobs and has the potential to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Additionally, Convergys has announced its intention to locate a new call center in Killeen, Texas. The new center is slated to open in June, 1999 and will create approximately 600 new jobs.

Answer America Locates New Call Center In Albany
Answer America has opened a new call center in Albany, New York. The new facility will be the home of The 800 Club, Answer America's inbound telemarketing and order-entry call center, which was previously located in Denver, Colorado. The new call center will continue to manage customer inquiries, including order processing, customer service, dealer locator, fulfillment and upselling and cross-selling products.

Paragren Launches Data Management Division
Paragren has announced the launch of its new Data Management Division, which will develop, manage and support turnkey customer relationship marketing (CRM) programs for Paragren clients. In addition to building in-house expertise, the Data Management Division will develop strategic alliances with industry players to offer Paragren clients best-of-breed CRM programs, including data capture, database creation and management, list management, campaign management and marketing services, mail processing, list management, e-commerce, telemarketing and fulfillment.

Ericsson Expands Scope Of Enterprise Market Unit
Ericsson has announced that it will be expanding the scope of its enterprise market unit, formerly known as Enterprise Networks. This expanded focus is reflected in the new name of the business unit, Enterprise Solutions. Ericsson Enterprise Solutions is a total solutions provider, offering enterprises consulting expertise to complement its established product portfolio. Enterprise Solutions is comprised of three areas: Business Consulting, Enterprise Systems and Wireless Office, each with its own focus on delivering competitive solutions to the enterprise consumer.

Call Center Activity Up 400 Percent In Five Years In Maine
MBNA America Bank, ICT Group and Sitel Corporation are among the companies that have joined L.L. Bean to make the call center industry one of Maine's fastest-growing employment sectors: over 11,000 jobs currently, with another 2,000 to follow. Additionally, EnvisioNet Computer Services, Inc., a provider of technical support to Internet service providers and software and hardware vendors, is expanding into new facilities in Brunswick, Maine, creating 500 new jobs in the next two to three years.

Texas Micro Opens Two International Offices
Texas Micro Inc., a manufacturer specializing in the design, production and integration of open system computing platforms for telecommunications, has expanded with the announcement of two new international office locations. The first office, Texas Micro Bureau France, located in Versailles, France, has been established to handle the company's growing business in that country. The second office, Texas Micro Bureau Israel, will be located in Rehovot, Israel and will service accounts in Israel, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

West Telemarketing Expands In Alabama
West Telemarketing has announced plans to open a new business-to-business marketing center in Dothan, Alabama. The new call center will create approximately 250 new jobs and will provide a full range of telecommunications-based services to business clients on an outsourced basis, including outbound operator services, automated voice response services and outbound direct teleservices.

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